Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker! Today, I shall share a playlist that I came up with to go with the book, and a few little thoughts of my own about it- so that you get where the playlist is coming from, of course! Plus, I like to share. 

The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker
Series: The Ones #1
Published by Imprint on September 6th 2016
Pages: 304

Cody has always been proud of being a One. She and her boyfriend James were two of the lucky babies from the 1% of the U.S. population that were randomly selected to benefit from genetic engineering. Now, she and the rest of The Ones are excelling. They are healthy, beautiful, and talented. They aren't otherworldly, just perfect. And to some, that's not fair. The Equality Movement, capitalizing on the growing fear and jealousy, gains political traction and actually outlaws their existence. Society shows its darker side as The Ones are marginalized. The line between right and wrong blurs in the face of injustice and Cody becomes closer to a group of radical Ones intent on fighting back. James begins to fear just how far she is willing to go for the cause.

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Look, this book had me from “dystopia”. You know I love it. Can’t get enough of it. So obviously I needed to read it! It’s actually set not that far in the future, and is crazy plausible.  “Designer babies” are already a thing that happens, so this isn’t really that hard to imagine. Nor is it hard to imagine that anyone feeling threatened by the new crop of genetically modified folks would be up in arms, especially as they reached adulthood and started competing in colleges, the job market, etc.

The story follows Cody and her boyfriend James, who have been quite successful (though also hardworking) in academics and athletics. When the backlash against The Ones begins, they have very different strategies on how to deal with it. James wants to keep his head down and just keep doing his thing while trying to ignore those who want to oppress him. Cody, meanwhile, will take none of this lying down. She’s a fighter, it’s clear. James is mostly just worried about Cody doing something that will hurt her, and his escalating problems with his family.

I really felt for them both- on one hand, as much I would want to say I’d be like Cody, fighting for what is right… how many of us really do? The quietly oppressed like James would likely be the majority. They were both great characters, and I felt for their plights equally.

This story was incredibly readable, quick, and full of action. I breezed through it, eager to know what was happening, and why it was happening. There are a few things that I felt were a bit unbelievable, even in a technologically advanced society. Some of the science seemed a little too convenient for the plot, but that was really the only issue I had with the book.

The main thing I took away from this is that it is quite easy to compare it to so many different groups’ struggles in our own society. With all the current turmoil in our present-day country, this book is timelier than you can imagine. The parallels to things happening right now are uncanny, and I loved how it is all mirrored in the issues facing Cody, James, the other Ones, and society at large who has to decide: What will their legacy be? What will they stand for?

Bottom Line: The Ones is a past faced, thought-provoking debut that has an eerie basis in our current societal landscape. Add to it some relatable characters, and great twists, and it makes a book I didn’t want to put down!


About Daniel Sweren-Becker

Daniel Sweren-Becker is an author, television writer and playwright living in Los Angeles. He has written for ABC, USA, MTV and Nickelodeon, and his play Stress Positions premiered in New York at the SoHo Playhouse. He grew up in Manhattan, before attending Wesleyan University and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Nowadays he tries to get to the beach as often as possible, hopes to sample every ice cream sandwich in LA, and teaches creative writing at 826LA's community center. The Ones is his debut novel.

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Do you like books that, even though they aren’t set in contemporary society, manage to have very relevant messages? What is the last book you’ve read like that?

And hey, do you like any of these songs? This is my very first bookish playlist (not including the ones I make in my head for The 100), so I am excited about it! 

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25 responses to “The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker Blog Tour

  1. I hadn’t heard of this book before but I’m intrigued now. I haven’t read a dystopian book in a while since they all tend to be very similar, but this one sounds really different! I really want to know more about aspects of the book that are similar to today’s society and the technology. Thank you for putting this book on my radar!

  2. I am one of those people who is NOT sick of dystopians lol and this one sounds good. Yeah I can see it happening too. I’m always into stuff like this, whether it’s genetic engineering or cloning or whatever, sign me up. Sometimes the tech does seem a little convenient, like I need this to happen so hey science did it, lol but otherwise it sounds great. The different way they have towards addressing the problem would be fun to read about. And I imagine it’s very relevant to stuff happening today.

    I love that cover too. Adding this one!

    • Yeah I think that the relevance really hit home, it was pretty scary how well it mirrored a lot of the issues happening now in the country. The science stuff was kind of annoying, but I also figure I’ll reserve judgment until its full scope is revealed!

  3. Oh yes yes I like this kind of book immensely! Like in Disruption y Jessica Shirvington?!? It’s like the future but not THAT far into the future and you can totally see it happening. *nods* I SHALL KEEP MY EYEBALLS PEELED FOR THIS ONE.

  4. The best dystopias are so easy to imagine, and this one certainly is. Designer babies are in our future, whether we like it or not. I love that you were able to connect this with our reality. That’s also what makes a good novel, dystopian or otherwise. Great review!

  5. Hahah you know me and Amber’s thoughts on this. But it’s nice to draw a parallel between this dystopia and the real world (I mean I am not even surprised that I was able to write out that sentence and have it make sense lol) Also I am listening to the Spotify playlist RIGHT NOW. It seems like you have to have Spotify open to play it, just an FYI. Which is nice because I pay for it hahah.

  6. Thanks for leaving this link on my site. I only recently heard about this book, and hadn’t had the chance to read much about it yet. This definitely sounds like something I might be interested in.

  7. I understand what you mean and it’s pretty cool that it shows both sides of the story. Those that fight back and also those who kind of remain oppressed. Because in a fifty fifty chance, I think a lot of us who like to think we will speak up actually wouldn’t!

  8. Embarrassingly I heard about this one at a publisher preview, blogged about how I was excited for it. And promptly forgot to actually read it. Fail. Time to go make sure it’s in my library’s collection and put it on hold since I know it lived up to the hype!

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