Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)

So, here we have 10 facts about ME- only I am lazy, and trying not to just list 10 random things, so instead, I found GIFs that tell you something about me as a person! Because who doesn’t love a GIF, amirite?

(P.S.- Finding 10 self-describing GIFs was not easy at all, so in the future, don’t tell yourself that using GIFs are the easy way out. Just a helpful tip. #TheMoreYouKnow)


gif1 (1)

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. There it is. Not a clue. And it isn’t like I am a teenager asking herself these questions (though I totally was then too).

gif2 (1)

I have two small humans named Lena and Sammy, and I spend a lot of time with them. I love the little nuggets. 

gif3 (1)

Seriously, who decided that being up at dawn was a good idea? Sure maybe back in the day, before electricity, when people were farming and shit this made sense. But spoiler alert: It no longer does, so let’s put the kibosh on this as a society, please and thank you.

Sincerely, all night owls. 

gif4 (1)

Truth: Pants are evil. 

gif5 (1)

Well.. I was? I will still save your ass if you’re drowning? I was a competitive swimmer for about 183 years, and I love it and I miss it and I want to do it again forever and ever. 

gif6 (1)

Not like I try to hide it, I suppose 😂 Because you know, own your crazy! 

gif7 (1)

This needs no further explanation. Clearly.

gif8 (1)

So in actual human longevity terms, I am not old. Because 33 isn’t that old is it? (If it is, just lie and tell an old lady that it isn’t.) But around here? I am ancient

gif9 (1)

I am just the sort of human who has a lot of emotions. Like, I cry a ton. And I am okay with it. I cry over happy things and sad things and things that probably no one else ever cried over but that’s okay. And of course, books

gif10 (1)

What did I do before coffee? I literally don’t know! I didn’t start drinking it until after college, so like… what did I consume and how did I stay awake!? Also, iced coffee is superior. Just saying.

So. if you had to share you in a GIF… which GIF would it be? Any of these surprising? I kind of doubt it 😉 

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  1. Shannon, as usual, this post is GOLD. I love how you put your unique spin on it with .gifs (why didn’t I think of this!? :D). I always find it difficult to put together a “fact” post, but this would have been LOTS more fun. 🙂

  2. I have a little human too!! And I totally agree with you about waking up early! My son seems to think it is a great idea to get up at 5:30 every morning and, being a bookworm who has no qualms reading all night, I die a little inside when he does!! 😂

  3. I love your list! I have no idea how to adult and apparently I’ve been one for over a decade. I don’t know what I want to do with my life but I’m trying to enjoy the now. Pants are horrible. I had to give up coffee. It was causing me all sorts of problems and I went cold turkey. It was horrible. I can completely understand people who love it. I still love it even if it didn’t love me.

  4. Amen to #3 I am not a morning person. I need to be able to work at night or something my natural rhythms are not conducive to this 8-5 nonsense. And while we’re at it I need like the European vacation plan, where they go on holiday for like a month… America needs that. 🙂

    I’m late to the whole coffee thing too… didn’t really drink it til my 20’s. And #1 ha ha- not sure I’ve figured that one out yet either. 🙂

    Love how you did this in GIF’s. 🙂 And Zoeey!!

  5. Pffft, you’re not ancient! You are wise and knowledgable and experienced. 😉 And we all love you. I love this gif thing! I sometimes really relate to gifs. Especially when it comes to Chandler Bing and Nick Miller.

  6. I LOVE THIS. Gifs are fantastic! I’m also a night owl, every night I’m like “You are going to go to bed early tonight. YOU CAN DO THIS” and then I look at the time and it’s past midnight and I’m like, I SHALL TRY TOMORROW. I also love food, enjoy swimming (although I haven’t swam in ages!) and I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS.

  7. THIS IS THE BEST VERSION OF THE PROMPT OMG. Your posts are always so wondrously entertaining. THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE, SHANNON. Just sayin’. <3 Also gifing perfection. And heck yes gifs are actually quite hard to find, especially when you need really specific ones hahaha.
    Okay but we need to talk about getting up at dawn, because IT IS FUN AND YOU’RE MISSING OUT. I get up before dawn and go for a run with the sunrise. :’) It’s glorious. And freaking cold in winter and my parentals keep questioning whether I’ve lost my mind. Even my DOG refuses to come with me. HE’S A DOG FOR GOODNESS SAKES HE HAS TOO MANY OPINIONS. I am totally rambling. ahem. but what’s new? I always tend to ramble in your comment section.😂 #noregrets

  8. This is such a fun way to do this week TTT! 😀 I still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, but I still have a few years to think about it I guess. And yes, no pants is the best pants 😀

    • I was supposed to go out with the family today and then remembered an appointment, so I got to stay home–and here I sit looking exactly like what you just described! *cackles with delight*

  9. I’m 36 if it makes you feel better! I’m right with you about the whole morning thing. I’m not a fan. My youngest went to a private kindergarten which didn’t start till 9 and we could usually make that work. In August he’s starting at another school that starts at 7:45. I just want to cry. And yes just send me vats of coffee.

  10. Crying a ton is completely acceptable! I mean, there’s just so many sad things to cry about (especially in books) and then lots of really happy things that are just so beautiful you have to cry over them too. I feel you for sure. And 33 is still young ;P

  11. First of all, I love GIFs, so yesssssss!! I adore this post!!! 🙂 I agree.. pants are totally overrated. And just as you and Chandler feel, I also have no idea what I’m doing with my life. LOL OH! And I’m older than you, so… 😛

  12. Mariela

    I live for coffee! I have to have a cup a day at least! I wish I could sleep til super late everyday, but works call and when I am off guess who calls? My kids! There is not way they can see mommy sleeping mom have to be there for them all the time! 24/ hahaha, it is OK I will wait till next mother’s day to sleep in. haha
    My TTT.

  13. Your 10 fun facts are hilarious with those GIFs! HAHAHA! I love food too, totally can’t live without it, and oh, I’m just slightly younger than you, whoops!

  14. This is so completely adorable! And I’ve got over a decade on you–I’m a veritable CRONE in this world. I also told myself, “Oooh, go make another cup of coffee” when I hit that gif. Also not a morning person–my kids get all their screen time while their dad and I sleep in. I like to think of it as a win-win, rather than lazy parenting.

  15. Larissa @ Life as Larissa

    Hey Shannon <33 I love reading your top ten Tuesday posts cause they always have the best creative/unique spins on them 🙂 And you're such a genuinely relatable and cool person so when the theme for the posts are about you? My curious self loves it haha. I love how you did this post with gifs (gifs are kinda my fave things ever and they're surprisingly descriptive as seen though this post lol), tbh I'm very much tempted to steal this idea and do it on my blog. LOL I'll be even more of a rebel and not do it on a Tuesday [;

    I feel you so hard on waking up early omfg. Who in the world decided that the 'normal' working day should start so early?? Cause no. Of course a part of me thinks this is attributed to be my own fault with my tendency to go to bed so late. BUT STILL, even if I go to bed early I'll still be tired if I have to get up at dawn. Clearly there are some bigger forces at hand lol [;

    Love this and you and miss you bunches <33

  16. Mornings are the worst and they shouldn’t exist. My family is full of early birds, so they don’t understand my night owl tendencies, such as sleeping until 10 or 11. And coffee is what keeps me alive. I think I have more caffeine running in my veins than blood. That’s great that you’re a good swimmer because I’ll need someone to save me the moment I get into a pool. Seriously, I can’t swim at all. Pants are also terrible.

    Check out my TTT
    Lizzie Big Books and Grande Lattes

  17. BAHAHA. This post – and the GIFs – are absolutely perfect Shannon! And ugh I feel you about being a night person. I do not understand for the life of me people who get up early in the morning. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

  18. Awww I love this 💕 You are the most wonderful brand of crazy out there, I assure you. Like you I will never grow up, if growing up means becoming cynical and judgemental of what teens do. Also, I spent all of last night catching Pokemon so I won’t qualify anyway 😂😂

  19. I feel like you and I are really similar, lol. The only thing I don’t have in common with you from this list is I have no little humans and I don’t drink coffee. Well, and I was never a competitive swimmer, but I LOVE the water, lol.

  20. I think I’d take tea over coffee any day, which is so typically British of me haha. That first gif basically summed me up in one. I’m just floating by right now and trying to piece together some idea of what I want to do but nothing comes to mind, well, except for reading of course. 😛

  21. Oh, this is a fun way of doing this TTT! I’m definitely quite crazy! That’s awesome you were a competitive swimmer. I like being in the pool but swimming would wear me out quick, I’m sure!


  22. You are NOT old, I am older than you and I refuse to believe the hype. People only guess my age when they hear I have so many spawn. I know you must be crazy because I like you, and I only want to hang out with crazy people. I have no idea how you even got through college WITHOUT coffee! That just sounds ludicrous.
    Great post Shannon!

  23. Love seeing everyone’s random facts this week! 🙂 We are sooo opposite on the waking up thing. I would drive you crazy. LOL I’m all woo hoo it’s 5:15 let’s get up! And by 9 pm… Tanya, out. LOL But we join forces on the food. My answer for food is always “please sir, can I have some more?” (in my best British waif accent). You are sooo not old. Because if you are then I *definitely* am and we can’t have that. So no… NOT old. No coffee… no, no coffe… hard pass.

  24. This is such a creatively smart idea! I am actually a morning person, and I feel like I waste most of the day if I sleep too late, but the rest of my family is late night people (sometimes my brother won’t get up until 2pm!) Pants are evil. I’m so glad someone else agrees. Most of the time I run around in spandex, but then realize I need to change into civilian clothes. EMBRACE THE CRAZZYYY!!! Haha, great post! Please go ask me a question for my TTT if you would like:

  25. I love your GIFs! How funny! Since I’ve been summering with the man, I stay in my PJs 24/7. I only change when I need to shower. I now grudge having to put on “real clothes.” I hate when I wear a dress and people make comments about what I’m so dressed up for. It’s not rocket science that it’s only one piece of clothing, but I explain anyway how I am being lazy by not wearing pants.

  26. Another brilliant post, Shannon!!! I find myself agreeing to most of this…because we are people! ALSO PLEASE DON’T SAY WE ARE ANCIENT!!! I’m a year younger than you…and I feel decrepit! XD

    OHHH and 8 am is still an ungodly hour. I literally drag myself out of bed every. freaking. time.


  27. You’re not allowed to be old! Because if you are old, that makes ME ancient! *laughs* I’m turning 39 this year and I refuse to ever grow up. Be Peter Pan with me! (That’s totally working btw, people keep thinking I’m late teens/early 20’s IRL!)

    I have no little humans, and don’t really want them. I like playing with kids and then sending them home again. But I have a cat! *laughs* And I am totally not a morning person. I will happily stay up until midnight or 1am, but refuse to get out of bed before 9-10am unless I have to.

  28. Now that preteens have solid klout in the blogosphere, it DOES feel like 33 is old. And yet- we’re a lot closer to retirement (a.k.a. forever vacation) than they are. I just try not to think about how, when I was their age, I had NONE of my shit together. And I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, either. But hey- COFFEE.

  29. These GIFs yo. Ahh, your babies have adorable names!! Lol I’m a horrid swimmer. in the rare chance I might be drowning (as in, I’ll accidentally encounter a bee or a moth) and I might jump in to “save myself” I’ll totally need you. hahah. Total night owl. It’s the time I get most of my blog hopping done ironically, then my mom will wake me and be like: “ITS 1PM” oh jeez. Iced coffee is so beautiful. My sister hates it idk. Shes a non-believer.

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