Shattering Stigmas 2: Call to Action!

Shattering (1)-nf

Last year, I was so, so nervous about bringing this little idea I had to life. When my friends encouraged me to proceed, I knew exactly who to ask to join me. Inge and Kayla were both fabulous ladies who I had gotten to know and had chatted with about mental health stuff in the past. I also knew that they had shared their struggles on their blogs, and I knew they’d have so much great insight to share. And they did! I was so humbled by the outpouring of participation and support, I cannot even begin to thank you all. 

So when it came time for round two, I knew I had to do this again. For all of you who supported it last year, and for those who have yet to find it but may really need something like it in their lives, for me to be able to put this out there into the world. And while I knew Inge was game, Kayla has since (sadly!) departed the blogging world for bigger things. (As a side note, I hope she is reading this and knows that we love and miss her around here!)

Luckily, Inge knew of the perfect person to ask- Topaz @ Six Impossible Things! If you haven’t visited her blog, trust me, you need to- her writing is absolutely stunning! And now that Inge has a shiny new blog, Of Wonderland, with her lovely co-blogger Aly, we have quite a team for this year! (But if you want to join the team… well, fill out the form 😉 )

And now, here is where you all come in! I am setting up a proper sign up form so that I can try to get a nice mix of topics and bloggers and stories and posts. (And authors of course, but not in this form haha.) And even if you just want to read along, feel free to anonymously submit your ideas- I have a space for that, too! And you can just make up a name where it asks- Val probably will anyway 😉

So, here’s the form! It’s short, I promise 😉

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So… are you excited for Shattering Stigmas, Round Two!?

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26 responses to “Shattering Stigmas 2: Call to Action!

  1. OMG I AM SO SO EXCITED!! Last time was amazing and encouraging and it was so so good to read about everyone’s experiences and just understand things better. I’m so glad you’re hosting this again!!!

  2. I am personally offended that you called the form “this bad boy”. 😀 Look, I would like to do an enemy review, but I don’t have any blogging enemies that I know of. 🙁 Should I get some before the event? HOW CAN I DO AN ENEMY REVIEW, SHANNON. You can’t just put it as an option and then not fix me up with an enemy I can argue over a book with. Hmph.

    • Also, I want to add that I am not 12 years old as indicated by the response I left for a name in your sign up form. But I’m not sorry either. 😀

    • Hey I’m down for doing an enemy review with anyone who actually liked Thirteen Reasons Why, because I HATE it and the mental health BS it propagates.

    • BWHAHAH should I have called it a girl? Idk, the form was giving me dude vibes I guess 😛 And you need to make a few enemies! ?

      But I LOOOOOVE Wendy’s idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Seriously- we should do that! Discussing different themes in books would be SO GOOD. So Vlora, did you happen to like that book? I could introduce you to Wendy, your new enemy? (Kidding, kidding, Wendy is awesome. Wendy, Vlora is also fabulous.)

      Wendy, I am going to find someone for you to do this with! I haven’t read the book, so I am useless, but I will go scour my Goodreads and find some people who loved it if Vlora isn’t that person!

  3. Well, I’ve already discussed this, but I decided I should “formally” sign up so I submitted the form! Your guys’ event was great last year and this year will be as well. I can’t wait.

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