Don't Judge Book by ItsWe all know the rule (that no one actually listens to) Don’t judge a book by its cover. I have been guilty of that, of course. But I have also been guilty of a somewhat stranger crime against books: Judging them by their title. Yes, I have done this, apparently more often than I thought. Val and Holly were discussing a book that they liked,  I then jumped in with “oh, yeah, I was afraid to read that one, because birds”.

My friends reacting to me on the regular. 

See, this is not the first time I haven’t read books because I thought they were about birds. Or the woods, or some other weird thing. So I decided it was high time to see what my malfunction was, and I went through all the books that I had left off my TBR or not read, at least for awhile, because I didn’t like the sound of the title.

Some books I added on my TBR, because I realized they weren’t about the weird crap I came up with:


Seriously, what is my malfunction with birds!? But also… why are so many book names about birds?

And the books I have read after being assured that they aren’t about birds and cooking shows and such…


Yes guys, that’s right- I didn’t want to read The Hunger Games because I assumed it was some weird food thing. Can you even!? This is why I need to be stopped.

But in the spirit of positivity, I figured I could at least share some books whose titles made me add them and/or read them, because I thought they were so fabulous! Some I have read and liked, some not so much, and some are still on the ol’ TBR, but the titles are all favorites!


So. Have you ever been guilty of this? Or am I actually insane? Do titles have any bearing over whether you’ll pick up a book? Let’s discuss! 

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108 responses to “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Title: A Cautionary Tale

  1. Huh, I never thought about the titles in this way. I mean, some titles are super catchy, they just make me want to pick a book up, but I don’t think I’ve ever let go of a fiction book based on the title. … Oh, no, wait. Romances sometimes have ABSURD titles (like The Cowboy Daddy) but it’s the whole package with the cowboy cover and the ridiculous synopsis that turns me away in those cases.

    I’m much more likely to judge a book by its cover, I’m shallow that way. Great post! 🙂

  2. I feel like we’re all guilty of this at some point. xD Some of these are hilarious though. xD One at the end pops out at me because I read it recently & loved it and that’s Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. It’s weird and unique and I loved it! 😀

  3. Hahaha! You are hilarious! Also, your fright for birds is legit. Have you ever watched Hitchcock’s BIRDS? Fucking terrifying and it has scarred me for life.
    I don’t think I’ve ever given so much thought to titles, but I’m getting tired of all these fantasy titles all sounding the same. Give me some interesting titles! Walk on Earth A Stranger is definitely a very captivating title. And Smelly House. How can you NOT want to read that book with a title like that?
    Fun post, you! 😉

    • Okay, secret time! I am not even afraid of birds. That would at least make sense, right? Nope, I just think birds are fucking BORING ?

      And DUDE. The fantasy titles are ridiculous. It’s like Noun of Adjective Noun. Or Noun of Noun and Noun. ENOUGHHHHHH. I swear, we should do Mad-Libs for this! (Actually, this would be a PERFECT POST IDEA. We should collaborate!)

  4. I never realized SO many books had bird references in the titles!! But Titles are totally things i judge. I love a cool sounding title like– Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. But I hate blah generic titles that I’ll never remember like The Story of You or The Sound of Us. I’ll end up being like — remember that one book about those people?? AND I almost wrote that Sarah Ockler book off because of Mermaids. Like I thought it was going to be about a super secret mermaid… and I’m not usually about that.

    • I feel like the bird obsession I have is weird, but also, there ARE a lot of books with bird titles- especially ones that don’t need to HAVE bird titles.

      But I feel you with the generic titles! There are so many “The Story of You” books coming out that when people mention them I can’t even remember if it is one of the ones I want to read! So I’ll be like “oh yeah, I am SO excited for that!” but really no, I hate that one, I wanted a different generically titled book ? Glad I am not the only one who was NOT about to read the weird mermaid thing 😉

  5. I judge books by just about EVERYTHING EVER so I totally get this!! ? Although I’m laughing over your anti-bird-ness…omg I hate birds. I loathe them with every non-feather of my being…but somehow I always still pick up birdy books?!? (By the way, Bird by Crystal Chan is amazing and will probably ruin you. #Justsayin’ Definitely read it. *nods*) But I tend to judge books more by their covers, which still is ridiculous because author’s don’t even have CHOICES over covers, but I’ll be like “Eh, that is too ugly for my delicate eyes” and skip it.
    ALTHOUGH. I distinctly remember being angry at 100 Days of Cake for not having as much cake as the title promised and also thinking that The Knife of Never Letting Go was going to be about someone with stabby issues. Tbh, I still have no idea what the significance behind that title is???? I’m SUCH A DELUDED PINEAPPLE OMG.

    • I know, why do you think I BOUGHT Bird by Crystal Chan!? YOUR REVIEW ? Even though I did side eye it because BIRD. Agreed about 100 Days of Cake. How about… 100 Days of Being Pissy in a Downtrodden Fish Store? I think I like it, let’s do it!

      The Knife of Never Letting Go… I feel like there is a reason. The only reason I do is because I was researching a LOT for Bookish Games, and I think I stumbled across SOME reason? I’ll Google and let you know! It DOES sound quite stabby though.

    • So this is basically the “reason”, via the wiki: “After a few days, the Mayor’s son, Prentiss Jr., finds them. After a brief struggle that ends up with Viola electrocuting Prentiss Jr. (with a device that allows the people on her ship know where she is on the planet), Todd is going to finish him off with a knife. However Viola does not allow this and reminds Todd of his humanity, and how the army will get what they originally wanted if Todd becomes a killer.”

  6. Oh my god this post. I LOVE THIS POST. “It sounded like a level in Sonic the Hedgehog”. <— I haven't thought about Sonic in a really long time so thanks for bringing me back to my youth. The bird references are quite frequent and I had no idea really. Also, why wouldn't you want to read a book about a cooking /food competition?? I am all for that book. The Smell of Other People's Houses is one title that makes me want to read it because of how weird it sounds. GREAT POST!!

  7. Ha! I am so guilty of this one myself. I have quite a few that I just refuse to read because of weird covers ant titles. I have most of these on my TBR or have already read them. And OMG, The Law of Moses is one of my favorite books. I went through a few Kleenex with that one.

    • I have heard SUCH great things about Moses, so I mean, I bought it of course hahah. BUT I wasn’t going to because I expected some kind of Bible lessons, even though I KNEW it was not that kind of book! I don’t know why I can’t separate titles- and covers too, of course!- from the book!

    • I don’t ANYTHING birds, basically ? Like, birds bore me. Therefore, I worry the BOOK will bore me, I guess? Because who wants to read about birds, other than like, bird enthusiasts!? And I feel you with too mushy- or too cutesy! I have almost rejected a LOT of books because they sounded too cheesy, when they weren’t at ALL!

  8. I haven’t ever not read a book because of its title, but somehow I have gotten the entirely wrong idea about what a book was about.

    There are also several books I thought I wouldn’t like based on the descriptions, but when I eventually decided to read them I loved them! (Percy Jackson, Cinder, Chronicles of Nick, and Mortal Instruments)

    I hope you find some more lovely books you’d overlooked! (So many bird books, who knew?)

    • Yes, yes, I have too! Like The Raven Boys ? I agree with Cinder. And actually, Percy Jackson. I haven’t decided TO read those, but I avoided them because of it. And thanks,hopefullyy none of them end up being ACTUAL bird books. ::Shudder::

  9. Tammy V

    I just read A Madness So Discreet and Stolen Songbird. Loved both of them and they had very unique stories. The first has a great realationship between Grace and Thornhollow. The second is a different take on trolls, yes, trolls. I was unsure of it before starting it but ended up devouring it. How about the title of The Forest of Hands and Teeth? 😉

    • I agree, I LOVED A Madness So Discreet! Anything Mindy writes is basically golden! And TROLLS!? That’s even worse that birds! ? No, but I will give it a try! And OMG good one! That one actually intrigued me more than turned me off soooo I don’t know what that says about me? Birds are a no-go, but please, forests that will kill me, apparently are fine ?

  10. Hey! This is something I was just thinking about a few days ago because I totally judge books by their titles! For me, it’s not that I avoid them most the time because of a title but that the title makes me buy them… Like I don’t even have to read a synopsis to add it to my TBR if has an intriguing title! Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything I’ve decided NOT to read because of a title but I think… I definitely put off Raven Boys because the title is just strange and the description not better but I did pick that up eventually (and never looked back!). And Daughter Of Smoke & Bone, one reason I put off reading that for a while was the strange title. I don’t know what i thought it was about but you know, a person made of smoke maybe? I don’t know. Oh and I totally also thought Hunger Games was going to be about food at first…. =)

    Shannon! WHY DON”T YOU LIKE BIRDS!?!?!?! What did birds ever do to you!? Your weird reasons are way too amusing, by the way. “Legit thought homegirl talked to falcons” and “it sounds like a level in Sonic the Hedgehog” are my favorites. Haha.

    Anyway, I definitely think whether or not a book has an intriguing title influences whether I pick something up or not, and I mean some titles turn me off like titles that sound like a million other titles things with “queen” and “crown” is it just me or does every fantasy book have this in it’s title anymore!?!?! But, especially when requesting books and especially with contemporaries, if they have some amazing title (Aristotle and Dante! READ IT SHANNON!) or something simple (like Fangirl) or just something that sounds pretty (I’ll Give You The Sun) then I’m more likely to click on it and at least see what it’s about. Sometimes I’ll impulse buy or request because of a title… =D
    LOVELY POST as always. 😉

    • I don’t NOT like birds, basically… I just think they’re kind of boring. Plus like, why birds?! Why not, say, cows, or sheep, or iguanas, marmots? The Marmot Boys. The Weight of Marmots. Stolen Songmarmot. The Marmotter. This works.

      And YESSS why are ALL the fantasy books Face Card of Noun and Noun. Literally, it’s mad libs. Sub in a face card (King, Queen, hell, Jack and Ace will probs be there soon enough) and then add ANY NOUNS. Queen of Marmots and Iguanas. King of Fluffernutters and Old Spice. ANYTHING. It is so stupid. Crown of Dermatitis and Linguini. Make it staahhhhhp.

      I am also a sucker for a pretty title 😉

  11. “it sounded rude to call people ugly” – hilarious. This whole post makes my life. As a person with a very real life fear of birds (I use my friends and BF as human shields when pigeons come near me) all these book avoidance from birds is pretty funny. Birds are terrifying. They are things that fly over you and then swoop down when they feel like it and peck you. And avoiding books based on them is legit.

    I don’t think I judge books on titles? But then I do lose respect for any book that takes the names of the two main characters. Like Gena and Finn or Elanor and Park, etc. etc. it seems to scream ‘I’m a contemporary romance and you fantasy girl, will not like me.’

    • Bwahahah thank you 😀 Like… I don’t like birds. I am not as afraid as you are, but I mean, I would totally run away from them. BUt also, they’re boring, as a concept too.

      The two name title is SO BORING. I do not like. And I am sure it isn’t even the authors’ faults most of the time, but YAWN. I can’t keep them all straight!

  12. If I hadn’t read a review on The Serpent King I would have thought it was about snakes or people that could turn in to snakes or something like that so I definitely see what you mean by judging a book by it’s title.
    When I first saw Aristotle and Dante I thought it was too much of a mouthful to say and type and it sounded like a ridiculously philosophical book so I have it a pass at first. Now that I know otherwise I’ll definitely be picking up the book ASAP. 😀

    • Bwhahah SAME! At first I didn’t request that one because I was like “hard pass on the snake book”, but I am SO glad people talked sense into me 😉 I need to read Aristotle and Dante too- I have heard amazing things- but seriously, the title was too much!

  13. Ali

    Ha! I loved this post. I think you should do this regularly (unless you already do and this is the first time I’m seeing this post???)! I judge books by their cover ALL OF THE TIME. I don’t care how many people tell me a book is good – if its cover sucks I won’t touch it.

    • AW thanks! No, this is the first time! I could probably scrounge up more! Or find some other weird nonsense that I think about regarding books (I am certain that this is NOT my only idiosyncrasy ?) And I feel you with the covers. A bad cover can ruin EVERYTHING.

  14. Shannon, thanks for the laugh! Your reasons for not reading books are amazing.
    Although I have to agree, that my first thoughts about Aristotle & Dante were also about Greeks. Not that it keeps me off the book. I just overall am not interested in that particular book. At least for now. 😀
    But really, what is it about your aversion to birds?
    Amazing post!

  15. I kind of love that you have a weird aversion to bird titles. But no, I totally get what you mean! Certain titles just make me think of things sometimes and that’s not always a good thing! Sometimes it can be though! I mean, I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at Anna and the French Kiss if it weren’t for all the glowing blog reviews.


  16. Your bird thing cracks me up. I don’t think I’m that bad, but I know I judge covers that seem too contemporary, or NA-y, or look like they’re going to be a shallow romance-centric teen plot line. I’m almost afraid to dig into the ones I’ve avoided based on that, in case it turns out they’re amazing.

    • Bwhahah thanks! And I DEFINITELY judge those covers too- and I have absolutely almost missed some gems because of it, and I assume I am missing more. But hey, we can’t read all the books anyway, so I guess birds are a good a reason as any to skip a few ?

  17. I didn’t know you had a thing about birds, but your weird reasons are cracking me up lol. I think this would also be, like, a great PSA for authors and publishers on titling their books. As in, don’t name your books random things that people are going to associate with other things.

    I’ve actually wondered about this though. I feel like it’s almost always a combination of cover and title that either draw me in or push me away. And I so rarely only see the titles that I haven’t been able to really separate the two and figure out which one has more impact on me. But I do know there are some books that definitely did draw me in because I liked their titles. So I probably have avoided some books based on titles too. Oh, but apparently no one seems to know what Bird Box is about except the people who have read it. It’s like some weird phenomenon I’ve noticed with that book in particular lol.

    • Here’s the thing though- I don’t! I don’t care about birds at ALL. I just feel apathetic about them- they bore me! Which is why I think I don’t want to read the bird books? Maybe? Why am I psychoanalyzing this? ?

      I actually bought Bird Box, when it was a Kindle deal, so maybe we’ll find out one day! And I agree- it IS a combo of cover and title for me too, though like you said, it is often swayed more by one or the other. I feel like it’s mostly a subconscious thing we do, only I am insane enough to actually realize I am doing it? Bwhahah.

  18. I’ve never thought about title before, but when I read your post, I realize that I have judged a book by its title! When I first heard about The Raven Boys, I thought it was about boys who could turn into ravens xD That’s why I’m never interested to read it. Also when I read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, I thought there will be an actual mermaid show up soon (thankfully, there aren’t any). Anyway, this is such a hilarious post, Shannon! 😀

  19. Yep, we all judge covers. I love that you are fun enough to make fun of yourself! That Sandra Bullock GIF is right on! I feel like that all the time, that people are looking at me like that. I can’t recall a specific title I turned down because of the title, but I know that I have. I don’t only judge by the cover and title, though, if I’m unsure about the book I always read the synopsis. And usually that in combination with the title turn me away.

    My two favorites were:
    It sounds like a level in Sonic the Hedgehog — right? Ahhh, what a game.
    Legit thought homegirl talked to falcons — homegirl needs a different hobby? haha

    • Aw thanks! 😀 I should read the synopsis, that’d be the logical plan, I know. But even when I do… my initial impression kind of sticks?

      DUDE Sonic WAS the best! There’s this new free game on Amazon for his 25th birthday (yes, we can all feel old now) and my kids have been playing it, but it’s kind of too hard for them, so I “help” ?

  20. I love this post. :’D Now that you mention it, why the fuck ARE so many book titles about birds???? I, um, may not have read The Raven Boys yet because it just didn’t sound appealing (ravens? boys? what?) (and also because I didn’t love Shiver, so it’s not JUST that). I never thought about it, but yeah, of course the title influences my decision to read something. If something has a great title, I’m definitely more likely to pick it up. And let’s be honest some titles are VERY misleading and don’t help a book’s sales. Also, why WOULDN’T you want to read a book about a food competition? That sounds pretty awesome TBH. I also love that you eschewed Material Girls because it sounded like a Madonna/fashion thing, but put The Land of 10.000 Madonnas in the good, yes I’ll read that section. :’D

    I actually really liked This Savage Song for a title! It sounded… well, savage. 😀 I also like books with music in them, but they’re so exhausting because then I have to look up all the songs when I’m reading them. Walk on Earth a Stranger is a pretty cool title! I just had a scroll through my read books and I remembered that I read “Nervous Conditions” because I liked the title – it sounded like something I could relate to. 😀

    • RIGHT!? I mean even if you like birds, WHY!? Why so many!? No one knows. It doesn’t make any sense!

      Well if it were like, an EATING competition I am in, but COOKING is just dreadful. OH! I put The Land of 10,000 Madonnas in the YAY column, so that is perfect! I really want to read it! I own it too.

      See, I don’t “get” music, so I think that is why it scares me off. Like I don’t understand it, nor do I want to. Kind of like birds, come to think of it…

  21. LOL! Ok I love this post^^ I have weird pre-judgements about books ALL THE TIME. Titles, covers, whatever. Also, I used to be terrified of birds. I have since (mostly) gotten myself under control but man I could relate to your captions about the bird books XD

  22. Okay, this is one of the funniest posts I think I’ve ever read! You really do have a thing with birds. lol. I will admit that I have done the same with titles myself. Not that mine had anything to do with birds though. So funny. I actually have added book or wanted to read books if they had anything to do with dachshunds/wiener dogs, but then often found it wasn’t really my type of book, so I can’t always use that when picking books. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  23. I remember seeing Bird Box when that one was making the rounds and wondering what the #$%^? And it’s scary too (apparently??)? So yeah titles do turn me off books sometimes, or occasionally make me want to read something. Dark Metropolis lol so true. And Land of 10,000 Madonnas is another one- I remember thinking huh? 🙂

    And I have to say Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies has me SO curious. I need to break down and go see what it’s about just to satisfy my curiosity. And maybe that’s another topic- assuming that book is not really about just, um, rocks falling on people- how do you feel about titles that are symbolic/trying to be too clever by half/ etc? Hmm, I can see myself ranting about this at some point ha ha.

    • Yeah, I mean, I guess I’d be scared of a box of birds? I actually own it, despite the bird thing, so maybe one day I’ll read it and we’ll know ? OOOH The Land of 10,000 Madonnas actually makes me super curious! Also, own and must read! And I have actually heard REALLY good things about Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, so I guess it (hopefully!) lives up to the epic title!

      And PLEASE write that post! I will tell you how I feel right now, and then again when you write it: I DO NOT LIKE. I don’t “do” symbolism. I don’t like it, it makes me feel angry. I don’t want to have to analyze titles!

  24. So true!! We all judge by titles. I have avoided so many and then later I will find out a book is not what I thought it was. Did I ever read the summary though? Nope, just the title. Oops. LOL! Excellent post!

  25. This post made me laugh so hard and YES, I’ve totally done that! I’ll read a title of a book and assume it’s about something when it’s completely NOT about that and I’m like no thanks haha! I can’t think of an example right now but it’ll come to me XD Great post, Shannon!

  26. I can’t believe you felt like you didn’t need to read about a girl who stole books. LIKE WHAT THE HECK. SHe’s a BOOK LOVER. GAH. But anyways, it doesn’t matter now because you are definitely reading the Book Thief thanks to all my hard work. Anyways.

    YOU WOULD REALLY LIKE THE FALCONER. Why do you not like bird people again? Is it really JUST because of Magonia?

    • Yeah, yeah, I’ll read The Book Thief. And I also will read The Falconer, it is on my wishlist.

      And no, I hated bird people before Magonia! Magonia didn’t help anything, but no, I just… birds are boring, and bird people is NOT a realistic trope- even within a fantasy setting.

  27. I also never really interested in reading Aristotle and Dante because I thought it would be a sort of retelling of the greek philosopher… but it turns out to be a really touching book! I also took one look at the title and cover of The Serpent King and went “nope” because…. snakes! I hate them and I don’t even know what’s is about but it freaked me out. You really should read the Book Thief though, it’s amazing!

  28. Hahahaha This is so funny. I have never really judged a book by its title, but I do know that I have read books and have gotten confused because the title did not give a good idea of what the book was actually about. I actually forget where the Bird Box title came from because it’s been a while since I read the book. But I do remember that the book was hella good and super creepy. And The Law of Moses was beautiful!

  29. Lol I love this post because I judge by title (and cover) all the time! For the record, I love the title Hunger Games and it was the reason I picked up the book despite the cover – what does it say about me! I also picked up (and LOVED) The Smell of Other People’s Homes

  30. OMG, I am laughing my ass off over her! (Oh, if only that was really a thing…) I can’t believe how many bird books there are… and how many are on your list. Did you watch The Birds at an impressionable age? Get pecked as a small child? Were a raven in another life?

    To think you almost missed out on The Hunger Games because of the title! Horrors!

    I’m definitely guilty of judging by titles. Either being put off my a title or being intrigued enough by a title to look closer. I just don’t think any of them had birds… 🙂

    • HAHHAHA now you make me laugh! And no- I don’t even dislike birds I…. NOTHING birds! Total apathy. Which is probably why I am turned off from the books? And can you even IMAGINE if I’d never read THG!? We would not be talking right now! And no, I am sure I am the only one with the weird bird thing 😉

  31. Oh man, I judge all the time! I was the same way re: reluctant to start The Raven Boys (and now it’s one of my all time favorite series, go figure)! I was curious about The Law of Moses and The Summer of Chasing Mermaids too — I read both and didn’t love either but it’s so funny what you think a book might be about just based on title! Totally picked The Smell of Other People’s Houses up just based on the title ♥

  32. Okay – I definitely don’t get the bird thing, BUT I do get judging a book by its title. I don’t do it nearly as often as I judge by covers, but it happens for sure! Just with a quick glance through my recently read on Goodreads – Rebel of the Sands. I ignored this book for far too long because that title just sounded weird to me. What are we talking about here? Of course, when I finally read it, I loved it.

    • BWHAHA no one gets the bird thing, it is okay, just me being… well, me ? And I liked Rebel of the Sands as a title (and yes, later as the book!), but mostly because I was picturing a kid going rogue in a sandbox or something sooooo… 😀

  33. SHANNON READ THE SUMMER OF CHASING MERMAIDS IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY AND I WILL EAT YOU IF YOU DON’T. Also, let’s be honest, “Bird Box” really turns me off that book too. I think I tend to ignore books with really really long titles? For no reason? Maybe I just don’t want to type them over and over again.

    • I will read it, I promise! I own it, I just need some time hahah. Come watch my kids, I will have it done in 2 hours ? I also own Bird Box, so maybe we’ll get a verdict on that one day too bwhahah.

      I HAAAATE the super long ones. Especially when they’re just rambly for NO REASON.

  34. This post is hysterical to me as a bird watcher/liker. That said, I was 100% with you on the fear of snakes in The Serpent King. (It was only Estelle’s consistent praise that got it on my TBR.)

  35. “don’t judge a book by its title” aka me in a nutshell

    AHH I hated Sarah Ockler’s mermaid book. Love Sarah Ockler’s & Bittersweet, though. Ooh, The Hunger Games. Didn’t expect to love it, but did obvsss. Bird books are kinda my calling because I have a miniature, slightly evil parakeet, so I’ve been dyiiiing to read Wild Swans & now that book simply called BIRD. THUS MY TBR OVERFLOWS.

    • Oh NO I am sorry that you hated it! I have heard good things, but I have been wary because of the aforementioned merpeople. And YEP same with THG! SO glad I gave that one a chance, of course 😀 AW that is cute about your parakeet! My mom had one too once. Also slightly evil, go figure. ? And Wild Swans was good, so you totally should! Hope you enjoy it!

  36. I am guilty of… both!!! Altho I am okay with birds, just that I haven’t tead much birdy or un-birdy books… but I know if a title really catches my eye, paired with an awesome cover, I tend to add it to my TBR…

    I do have a thing for SNAKES and I absolutely loathe these slithery creatures! (Shudders) I’m really, really scared of them….eeeeepppp!!! (Main reason why I haven’t read The Serpent King.. and I know it’s not about snakes.. hahahha)

    But I don’t judge you if you’re so judge-y (? XD) about your book80s….

  37. Even though a book may be really good on the inside, I judge their covers and titles all the time. It is the first impression, and if it isn’t good then I probably won’t pick it up (unless I am told by someone else it is really good). Great post. I hardcore relate.

  38. OMG you are SO funny! First of all, I love this post (your graphics are awesome too)! I think we all have that thing that makes us go “nah” on a book title. I never thought about it like you laid out in this post, but anything about “summer” I won’t pick up. I have just liked too many summers to think things can be so perfect/romantic/fucked-up/life changing. I am also really weary of anything with “god” or “rock-star” in the title, for obvious reasons (they are both overrated).

    • Aw Karen you are too sweet! OOOOH Summer, good call! I generally avoid those too, I assume they’ll be cheesy and/or cliche-y. And YES to the rock star/god. PASS. I definitely agree with these- someone needs to call whoever makes up book titles and let them know how we feel 😀

  39. I am sooooo guilty of doing both, judging a book by its cover AND title. Good to know that I’m not alone! Also, I was having a bit of a bad day but your post made me laugh so much. Thanks for cheering me up!

  40. I do the same jump to conclusions based on the cover, blurb, title or even the author sometimes. I really enjoyed reading your weird reasons for why you first thought you wouldn’t like this book. I didn’t realize Aristotle and Dante book was a contemporary romance book until i finally read a review for the book. I am still not sure if I want to read This Song Will Save your Life for that exact reason, it seemed too much music for me. I still am not sure where the Raven Boys are about. And yes sometimes I do add a book because of the title as well.

    • Dude, I have READ The Raven Boys and still am not sure ? It took me SO long with A&D- everyone I know wanted me to read it and I am like… hard pass at the space story hahah. And TSWSYL, even the cover has music- so it’s a double strike!

  41. Your “weird reasons” made me LOL. But I think we’re all guilty of prejudging books based on cover and/or title. A good title can make me want to pick up a book, just as a really good cover can. I mean, how can you turn down a book called “A Wrinkle in Time” or “Dragonsong” or “The Invisible Library” or “Ghost Talkers”? Or, for that matter, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”? 🙂

  42. LOL I love this post! It should be a TTT prompt. Books I haven’t read yet because of the title: The Witch Hunter (Hansel and Gretal’s revenge?), The Serpent King (um snakes…), Bone Gap (skeletons with holes?), The Goat Children (a herd of kids?), Ivory and Bone (dead elephants?)…

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