HiatusI think this is the first time ever that I am using the term “hiatus” without the words “is something I cannot bring myself to do” immediately following. It’s unsettling,  yet freeing.

So what does hiatus time mean for us? Well, for me it means…

  • Not posting. Except for,  you know, all those posts I have scheduled. Yesterday’s, today’s, who even knows how many more. (Hopefully none?)
  • No responding to comments.  Even though I am already behind.  Even though it’s already giving me palpitations.  Unless I do respond from time to time.  Fun surprise?
  • No commenting on other blogs.  I’ll just bookmark them all and go on a frantic spree later!
  • Coming back whenever I damn well please. Or until the guilt consumes me. Or I feel like I can’t handle my own silence. So basically, reasons.
  • General freaking out about the blogosphere forgetting that I ever existed.

What does it mean for you? Much of the same, of course! But also…

  • I will absolutely still be reading your comments! They shall make me feel as though maybe I won’t veer into oblivion,  and they shall calm and soothe me. And of course I shall do my best to respond ASAP.
  • You might miss me. Hell, you might not, I can’t predict your reaction. Either way I will probably pop on Twitter and bit in case you really are having withdrawal symptoms.  But let’s be real, I’m going to be the one missing you guys!
  • Perhaps there will be fun things when I return! Maybe you will like them! Again, maybe not, who can tell?

So what kind of stuff can you expect?

  • A giveaway of some kind of course! Who would go to BEA and taunt their friends with nothing in return?
  • A guide to How I Won Bookish Games.  Spoiler: it was not due to my awesome playing ability 😂
  • Reviews! Because I have read books, and you might want to know about them, as you do.
  • The finale recaps for The 100. And probably the complete destruction of my soul. Should be good times all around.
  • Eh, who knows, we all know that I mostly just wing it 😉

So, I hope you all have a great week! And if you are going to BEA and we don’t find each other,  that will be sad. So let me know where you are. I’ll be hiding in a corner by the exit sign 😚

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  1. Have an amazing time, Shannon! We will miss you around here, but we should survive it . Don’t stress too much about it (if you can help it), just relax and have fun!

  2. Enjoy your break, Shannon! Don’t worry, I SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU WHILE YOU’RE GONE. I can’t attend BEA (mainly because I’m a gazillion miles away from it) but I hope you’ll have fun! 😀

  3. GOOD LUCK AT BEA!!! And yay for hiatus! YOU GOT THIS, SHANNON. Be calm. We shall not forget you. :’) (And honestly, you don’t have to play catch up too, if you don’t want. 😉 Just putting it out there! Sometimes it’s okay just take an ENTIRE break and then come back and start again from wherever you left off. MENTAL SANITY IS VERY IMPORTANT. *nods*)
    Anyway. THIS ALL SOUNDS FUN. And I can’t wait to know how BEA goes!! *pretends not to be jealous* 😂 😂 😂 COLLECT GORGEOUS BOOKS! SQUEEEE.

  4. Have fun at BEA and do enjoy your blogging break ^^ It’s okay to go on hiatus occasionally. I thought I would never go on a hiatus of my own but life being what it is, I realized that it’s kind of happening anyway. I’m starting uni abroad so I figured it would be best to take some time off from the blog to focus on all that stuff. Looking forward to your future posts ^^

  5. Hey girl! I’m reading this a week late because… well, I’m behind, too. But I’m giving you a long distance fist bump for the hiatus. Here’s hoping you can stop stressing enough to actually enjoy it. LOL I had an impromptu hiatus myself. First vacay (planned) and then sickness (very much unplanned – and unwelcome). And when I took a look at my inbox after almost 2 weeks? Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. And I decided to give myself a break. Just thinking about going thru every blog post from every blog for two weeks – too much. So I got real, realized the world would not end if I started deleting update emails (saving only the ones from the half dozen blogs that are my absolute faves). My and that delete key became besties. I felt lighter, under no obligation, and the world really didn’t end. Sooo… take all the time you need, the world will keep on turning, and we’re here when you get back. 🙂

    • Aw thank you! And I feel you- I have been deleting crap too- I seriously just cannot. I am starting over, complete clean slate. And I am SO HAPPY about it. And if someone doesn’t like it… meh, their loss, you know? At least we know we will have each other 😀

    • Better to die because you are too smart than to live because Spackle things you’re the dumbest ever? And I will come back. Someday 😉

      Actually I am writing a review now, but that’s just because the book comes out next week. Otherwise… I wouldn’t be.

  6. Pffft, I’ve already forgotten you. Shannon who? I’m kidding, TAKE A BREAK (Hamilton reference intended). I worry people forget who I am when I disappear for another month, but so far it’s been okay haha. I hope you enjoy(ed??) BEA!!

  7. Enjoy the break, Shannon… but we’re always glad to see all of your awesomeness here at It Stars at Midnight. Just don’t go hiatus-ing forever. 🙂

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