Bud, Buddy, & Bathroom Lunches by Juanita Bidet: A Turnt Up 21ers Post


While I am obviously super excited about the current crop of debuts (I will be joining Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books’s Meet the Newbies event, which starts today!), Val @ The Innocent Smiley and I are super excited to be the first stops on the tour of the Turnt-Up 21ers!! These debut authors just got word that their books will publish in 2021, and we cannot wait to read them! First up is a pretty fabulous sounding debut from author Juanita Bidet about a young woman who eats her lunch in the bathroom- until she finds comfort in a janitor, his dog, and an even unlikelier source!

Bud, Buddy, & Bathroom Lunches by Juanita Bidet: A Turnt Up 21ers Post Bud, Buddy, and Bathroom Lunches by Juanita Bidet
Series: Bathroom Lunches #1
Published by ShadyHouse Books on February 29, 2021
Pages: 401

Suki Stellosphere's life has been hard since her big bro Sebastian made it big in Hollywood and her family is always off to movie premieres. Now all the kids at school are evil for no reason, and she's taken to eating her lunch in the girls' bathroom.

That is, until she comes upon the old, blind school janitor named Bud, and his old, equally blind dog Buddy. They end up forming a strong friendship that lifts Suki out of her fog- until she stumbles across the school hunk/bad boy/real doucheface Jared Tonka, who has crashed his motorcycle along an icy road. With his family touring around the country with the circus, Suki is his only hope.

Will Jared and Suki be able to overcome their demons will help from Bud and Buddy? Or will they revert back to their old ways once they return to school and homecoming queen/cheerleader Ashlee Maybelline wants Suki out of the picture?

Q&A with Juanita!

Q: Juanita, I must ask the obvious: What inspired you to write about a girl who eats lunch in the bathroom?

A: Well, this happened to me during my school years, because the cool girls did not like me. They slut-shamed me for having sexual intercourse with one of their boyfriends, and I would just cry thinking about getting a lunch table. So I ate in the bathroom, like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, only this was before Mean Girls, so I am kind of side-eyeing Ms. Tina Fey. 

Q: Did a janitor like Bud save you?

A: Nope. Bud was half my imagination, half the janitor from Boy Meets Worldth (23)

Q: Did you find love in an unlikely place as Suki did?

A: Nah. I never did get married or anything. Suki’s life was kind of #goals for me. I wanted to have kids, but that didn’t happen either. I live in a small apartment with my seven cats, all named after the Seven Deadly Sins. My favorite is lust, for the obvious reasons.

Q: What is the best thing about being a debut so far?

A: Honestly, it’s stressful. What if my editor hates something? And these interviews are starting already? It’s going to be a long five years.

Q: Are you working on anything else at the moment that you can discuss?

A: Yes, it hasn’t been bought yet, but my agent sees promise. It’s a book about thirteenth century weredragons and their ability to sniff the plague out of unsuspecting commoners. They then proceed to eat them, and this is why the plague didn’t totally destroy earth.

About Juanita Bidet

Juanita lives in eastern Oregon in an exceptionally small apartment with her seven cats and a pretty serious hoarding problem. She loves writing, reading, and feline cuddles. She abhors social media, but you can email her at Juanita.Bidet.Author@gmail.com



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  1. What a great giveaway. Our family is full of teachers, and between us all, we have thousands of books. We as a family have read a lot if these books and know of the authors. Good luck everyone!

  2. Wait, The Hungrier Games? I can’t wait!!! At first, I thought this whole event was just dumb – I mean, books about girls who eat in bathrooms and befriend blind dogs don’t really need any promotion at all – they sell themselves. But then I saw that you’re going to be promoting Suzanne Collins’ newest book and I’m totally on board!!

  3. I love this more and more every time I read it. I love the Mean Girls gif since that was obviously my first thought when you mentioned eating lunch in the bathroom, ha. And of course Bud from BMW <3

  4. *sigh* I expected this from Val, but you too Shannon??? I’m joking, I loved this so much! The dedication you guys have for this was awesome. “school hunk/bad boy/real doucheface” I can’t stop laughing. And then the author having seven cats named for the seven deadly sins. Genius.

    Also, obviously I’m most looking forward to A Rush of Snow & Ashes because of Val, the innocent centaur…I’m not sure I believe she’s so innocent though. Guess I’ll have to wait for 2021 to find out.

    • ??? Hahhahah I had to get in on this! The best part is that we came up with it AND put it together in like, a day!

      We’ll give you a call when ARCs come in in about 4 years, and you can fill out a form. It asks your blog stats, social media followers, DNA profile, blood type, latest eye exam results, and a lock of your hair- right from the scalp. 😉

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