The 100 Season 3 Halfway Checkpoint


Welcome to the halfway point on this season’s The 100 episodes! So, to catch you up a bit in preparation for tonight’s big episode, I decided to share my Top Ten “What the Actual Fuck?” moments from this season so far! Remember, friends, spoilers are spoilery.

#10: Jasper’s Death Wish/Farm Station Revealed

I mean, he is smiling FFS! 

After this, we get the unfortunate introduction of Farm Station. I was so excited, like “aww look, it’s Monty’s mom, and Archduke Vladimir Pike!” but then they were the actual worst, so I need them to go back to Ice Nation. Or Iceland. Or the sky. I literally do not care, as long as they leave Arkadia.

The whole ten seconds that I enjoyed Monty’s mom as a character.

#9: The Evolution of Pillamy

These two make me want to barf. You know who else does? Mrs. Monty. She is annoying AF. I really hope she either sees the light and fades into a happy little Arkadian background character, or gets killed in the heat of battle. Either will do. Pike just needs to die. Sorry, but in this case, I’ll say it: Blood Must Have Blood. But only Pike’s will do. Jeez Bellamy, get your head out of your ass, okay?

Still no?

#8: Lexa Battles Roan


And instead of being defeated or killing Roan, Lexa just gets more and more epic. And does this to the awful Ice Queen.

#7: Rasper Versus JALIE@100

God, I hate The City of Light and everything about it. Even the mention of it makes me want to scream. But when Jasper and Raven teamed up and were able to beat ALIE and Jaha and their weird ass motives to erase all memories? Such a win. Now, if JALIE could just go away, please and thank you.

Finally! Can’t we just… lock JALIE in a vault or something now?

#6: Fun in a Jeep!

Because it is the only thing that happened this whole season, aside from the all-too-brief Clexa, that didn’t make me need to up my dosage of antidepressants.

#5: The Massacre/ Blood Must Not Have Blood

Pillamy sucks, guys. We know this. And the massacre gutted me. Even the thought of it made me physically ill, because WHY would this happen!? WHY, Pike? And then Octavia finding it, Clarke trying to make Bellamy realize how much this was not okay.  But most of all, Lexa being the bigger person than Pike, and declaring that Blood Must Not Have Blood. If only she knew she was dealing with a bunch of egomaniacs… 

#4: Clexa’s Brief Sail

MY. HEART. I cannot handle it. While I do ultimately love Bellarke, I think Clexa was perfect this season. And I wish they had gotten more time together- though I think it’s nice that the last memory Clarke will have (like, before Lexa’s death) will be a sweet and wonderful one. Off I go to sob now.

#3: Becca Kills Earth

Backstory for the win! If the two “holy crap” moments below hadn’t happened, obviously this would win, and it is huge. What even, Becca? She injected herself with ALIE2, basically killed the world with Red Dress ALIE, killed all of Polaris kind of on purpose, and jets down to become a Grounder commander?! WHAT EVEN?

Pshh, that’s what they all say.

#2: Kane’s Plot Foiled, Execution Ordered

I think we all knew that things with Pillamy would come to a head. And of course Kane is going to be in peril, because he is the ringleader of the three sane people left in freaking Arkadia. This, of course, is where we were left hanging three fucking weeks ago. 

#1: May We Meet Again.

I am basically counting the whole thing, because it is one thing, one event. Lexa’s death, and the Becca-ness that was pulled out of her neck. We don’t even know what it all will mean yet, but I absolutely bet it will be insane. Reshop, Heda.

What do you think is next for the show? What has been your most insane moment of the season? Did I leave any off that you liked? Let’s get excited about tonight, people!!

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  1. Yes. Mrs. Monty needs to go down- in a hail of bullets preferably. The only person I hate more than Pike is Jaha. He’s gotta go. I would even keep Pike if it meant we could lose J. Although after last night episode- hmmm. And I have to say, as nice as it was that Lexa turned the other cheek, I don’t think the Grounders would have stood for it. They’re jsut too used to blood must have blood.

    Clexa was nice, all 10 mins of it. Then bam. Way to go guys (sarcasm directed at writers lol). I honestly don’t know where this show goes next, and while I kinda like that I’m worried too. Are they gonna eff it up? And then of course last night happened. So… they’re kinda crazy at this point. 🙂

    • After this week I definitely hate Pike more. AND Mrs. Monty. My feelings are not okay.

      Clexa should have been longer for sure- I think they were almost backed into a corner though with Alycia having the other show. I would have loved to see more of Clexa. Or Linctavia. I SOB. ? Like, do we even WANT to know what is going to happen next!? They are beheading CHILDREN for goodness sake!

      • Yeah Pike has to go. I was kinda hoping the whole Pike wouldn’t be all season long and that we would segue into something else, but it really looks like this is going to take up the whole season. A shame. I liked the Mt. Weather stuff more. And Clarke doesn’t interact with anyone from the Ark because she’s always away. And I’m still shocked about Lincoln. Did he leave for another show too? I just thought he was so important with his role as someone with a foot in both camps, and to do that… I just don’t know. Plus I still kinda feel like Bellamy is ruined by having him go all in with Pike, even if it was temporary.

        And… I thought Pike would have been infinitely more interesting if he had showed mercy at the last minute. More to him than just one dimensional. He’s like Kane and Jaha in season 1 floating someone every 5 mins. Dumb.

        • I agree, I hoped so too. Maybe now…?? But I doubt it. I am also SO SICK of ALIE.

          Yep, Ricky Whittle is going to be on American Gods, but I guess things also didn’t end well between him and the producer, and then Ricky’s MOM spoiled everyone on Twitter about his death/leaving the show. It SUCKS.

          And I agree with you 100%- the Pike story would have gone better if he DIDN’T start shooting friends of Arkadia willy-nilly. SO. STUPID. I am going to be typing up a double recap tonight or tomorrow, but all I had was RAGE at Lincoln’s death, so not much to day there.

          UGH I remember how much I HATED Kane and Jaha in Season 1 because of that nonsense. You are right, SO dumb.

          And Bellamy needs… well he needs to do a LOT to be even semi-human again. Ugh.

  2. ASJDÖLSAD I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW I CAN’T EVEN. I finally caved and caught up on all the episodes (I wanted to wait until the season’s over so I can binge watch but we all knew that plan would fail I mean it takes frickin’ AGES for an entire season to air, y’know) and then I came straight here, as I said I would. 😀 . I was shipping Clarke and Lexa so hard and I basically never even care about all the lovey dovey stuff but they were just so perfect together and ARGH. I mean I knew she was dead the moment there was an inkling of happiness (it’s what writers always do after all), but ngh. I just loved Lexa. I loved her even when everyone else hated her and I thought they handled it all really well this season and just grrrrrrr. Like, even if they weren’t together, I’d just appreciate her as a character. How effing badass was that fight scene? And then, to add insult to injury, Lincoln too! I was liking him a lot this season what with all his pacifism and nicely fitting clothes but NOPE just kill all of my favorites writers, why don’t you? OH WAIT THAT’S RIGHT YOU DID. And what the frickin’ heck does the chip mean Lexa was the AI or was she still her own person or was it a mix of both? I have to admit, evne though I’ve always liked that the writers aren’t pulling their punches on this show, I’m worried that it won’t be as good anymore without my favorites. Like, there must be SOME other way to have an emotional impact and show sacrifices than killing ALL of the characters? I mean they’ll leave some of the ones we like, right? HMPH.

    • OMG RIGHT!??! This is not okay! NONE OF THIS IS OKAY! I loved Lexa SO MUCH. NOt last season, because I was mad at her, but this season? OMG. LOOOOOOVE. And Clarke and Lexa just complimented each other perfectly. AS DID LINCTAVIA. I can’t, Vlora. I can’t. I loved them SO MUCH. I want to just cry and cry and never stop crying. WHY did they do this to us?! WHY did these actors have to be on other shows?! Don’t they understand we need them more!

      As for the AI, I think it was a mix of both. Before he offed himself, Titus said that it only “enhanced her true nature” or some nonsense, but that is why it will make Ontari worse? Who even knows with this stuff.

      And I seriously thought that- like they are going to have to calm down with the killing, or it’ll just be Clarke sitting alone in a field. HEY maybe THAT is the series endgame! Talk about a downer 😛

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