Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us a chance to share with readers what we bought, borrowed, swapped, won or got for review each week. Because I love books, and you love books, so let’s see the books!

The Books


 Queen by Aimee Carter

Sweet Madness by Lindsay Currie and Trisha Leaver from my mom- she won it, and she and my dad both adored it- now THAT is a book win, ladies! My mom let me keep it because it is signed and beautiful 🙂

The Hidden Twin by Adi Rule For review, thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin!


via Edelweiss, thanks to Sky Pony Press!

And huge thanks to my Secret Sister for the amazing box!!! You’re the best!! 🙂


Weekly Shenanigans

I only read one (1) book this week. Has that ever even happened before? I sob. I SOB.


Uhh at least I liked it?


Posts this Week:

(Yeah, I brought it back. I felt bad for not considering my mobile-using friends.)

Blogosphere Bulletin

A still abbreviated version this week, for reasons.

Random Musings:

I am so tired, guys. With only three days left, I am still more than 7500 words from winning NaNo. I am going to fall into unconsciousness soon. The good news is, either way, it will be over, and things will hopefully go back to normal here. I hate hate HATE that I have been missing out on stuff 🙁

Also, Val was here last weekend. We saw Mockingjay Part 2, and then she became besties with my female small human. They keep telling me that they miss each other, so there’s that. Pictures?


Things we need to talk about this week:

        • Have you finished NaNo? If so, I am both proud and jealous. 
        • If you live in the northern hemisphere, have you had snow? We’ve been lucky to escape with only a few flurries! Yay!
        • I am currently obsessed with Evie Seo’s Society6. OBSESSED. 
        • This has given you a whole second week to see Mockingjay… so have you?
        • How was your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate such a thing? Anyone go Black Friday shopping? Details, please! 

Have a fabulous week, loves!

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  1. November is nearly over and it sounds like you’ve been super productive with NaNo Shannon! I think it’s awesome that you and Val caught up over Mockingjay <3 Love the pics guys! Hope you have a fantastic weekend and happy thanksgiving! We don't celebrate in Australia, but it's a lovely holiday!

  2. OH OH OH YOU HAVE BEYOND THE RED. I’m seriously looking forward to this one so much — I beta-read one of Ava’s mss and was so blown away I swear I’ll read anything she writes. Looking forward to hearing what you think! (And I am watching Mockingjay Pt 2 this very afternoon EEEEK.) And thanks for the shout-out 😀

  3. AWK. I HEAR YA ON THAT CERTAIN DEATH IN THE HUNGER GAMES. Or just how about all of them??? Mockingjay was just full of sudden unexplained deaths that I’m 99% sure where just there to ensure all readers end up squalling messes. Omg. *collapses in a puddle of tears*
    OMG THAT SOCIETY 6 STORE IS GORGEOUS. *drools* When I am an amazing and famous author and rich (obviously) I shall buy all the nerdy geeky book things.
    Oh oh and good luck for finishing off your NaNo!!! YOU CAN DO THIS. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

  4. Yay for all your new book sand that awesome Secret Sister package. Dude sometimes you have a one book week – it’s ok. Especially this week with the holiday. I found it hard to get reading in. It is good that you liked it at least!!! Good luck with Nano – you can totally do this! And if you don’t you know what you still did awesome. So cool you got to hang with Val ! Love the pictures! No snow here. It was actually crazy warm Thursday and Friday. We were playing outside before we can’t anymore. Thanks for the link back! Have a great week!!

  5. It’s sad you only read one book! Happens to me all the time anymore. Next week will be better! I’ve rather decided NaNo isn’t for me. I just need to write regularly. Congrats on making it so far! I’m jealous Val got to come over! Looks like you guys had fun. I live in Michigan, so it’s no surprise that we’ve had snow. My Thanksgiving was nice. I hope yours was too! 🙂

  6. Hidden Twin looks amazing! And awww I’m glad both your parents loved it. Hopefully you will love it too 🙂 I’m also glad you had fun with Val and your daughter. Everyone is totally crushing on Evie’s store! I’m definitely buying something from there soon. And hey, once November ends you can breathe a little 🙂 I hope you have a good weekend!

  7. Awesome haul of books. I see that your small human and friend Val look like they are having a great time. When your parents give you a book, that’s fabulous.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  8. I’m seriously impressed by all your words. I wrote 20k in the first two weeks of NaNo and then just… stopped. Oops? I definitely want to keep writing, but my head is too full of other stuff at the moment, and I don’t feel up to it. I’m not in love with my story either, but at the same time I don’t want to start something else, because then I’ll never finish anything? IDEK, i’ll try to continue it during Camp NaNo or something! If I’m not, you know, writing my bachelor thesis then. I SHALL CONTINUE IT AT SOME POINT. We’ve had some snow, but not a lot. I don’t mind the cold, but the short days are getting to me a bit. It gets dark at like 5 pm. I’m going to watch Mockingjay on Monday! I roped some friends into it, and we’re going to a cinema that shows it in English, so I won’t have to suffer through the dubbed version. I hope you’re well and good luck for finishing NaNo!!!

  9. I know you haven’t finished, but you should still be proud of your accomplishment with NaNoWriMo. I have been spending so much time on the blog and trying to get my tour company started that I haven’t done much writing. I don’t think I have even 7000 words. Pitiful! Maybe I will refocus myself and get writing done in December on my own.

  10. I live in the northern hemisphere, and no snow. It has been raining/misting constantly since Thursday night. We tried taking the dogs for a walk on Saturday before the police man went to work, but we could only do one round around the long streets of homes (about 1 mile) before having to come back home. It would be OK for a half block, then mist for two blocks, then mist harder, and start all over. Blech. Since then the pooches have been playing nursemaid to my fever and sore throat. They are not too shabby at it. With all this mess, there was no way I was braving Black Friday sales, but I have eaten so many Marie Callendar’s Thanksgiving leftovers that I now want to eat Mexican food and Wendy’s. Maybe at the same time.

  11. Keep writing, keep writing – you can DO it!! (Seriously, hope you’re happy with it – do I get to read it? Isn’t that some sort of challenge co-host privilege – if you write a book I get to read it? I’m pretty sure I put that in the fine print somewhere when I hoodwinked you into joining up with me.)

  12. Thanksgiving was okay – I don’t really like the holiday to be honest, and my dad was in the hospital so we visited him a lot. I did go out a bit for black friday but that was just to Target. Lots of good albums on sale. It’s pretty much the main time I buy music. haha

    Off to check out all these bookish item gift guides. I’m thinking of making one for my own blog for funsies!


  13. What your sister got you is perfect, love The Hunger Games, “may the odds be ever in your favor” so awesome.

    I only read one book this week, too, it happens! Buuuut, I’m glad you liked your book 🙂 that’s the best part. Better than reading five and hating them all.

  14. This has been the mildest Novemeber anyone in CT can remember. This is the first week we have seen temps in the 30’s and no snow yet! I think that is only fair since last winter we got hammered. I am kinda ready for it…oh, but once we move, not now!
    I only got one book ready this week as well. It was a holiday and all the kids were home, but then I was working more because it was a holiday. So yea, no real reading time for me.
    Evie’s Seo’s looks awesome, seriously thanks for pointing that out to me. Of course, I am getting a tattoo for Christmas, but I could just get a little something for myself, right? Right!

  15. I’ve had some weeks where I only got one book read, and I hate those weeks usually! Unless I’m off in the tropics somewhere or doing lots of sight seeing in a place I’ve never been. 🙂 You’ve got a great haul there. I really need to get that series by Aimee Carter started since I loved her Goddess Test series so much. You can check out my Sunday post in the link below.

  16. Congrats on your NaNoWriMo progress! I managed to finish, but just barely. I will need to edit SO FREAKING MUCH!! But right now, I am taking a break. Writing is EXHAUSTING! I admire the hell out of the authors who make it look so easy because I know it isn’t. I am glad you enjoyed Firsts. I will be reading that one at some point this month.

  17. So it seems like from your comment way at the beginning that both your parents are readers, too? That’s so great. I was born into a house of readers and I am forever grateful for that. Some of us read more than others, but all 5 of us read. My husband is a reader but it’s so weird when we go to NC and visit his brother and his wife. Neither of them read – ever. And they totally don’t get it. So sad. Sounds like you are kicking butt at NaNoWriMo! Color me impressed! I finally saw Mockingjay last week.. YES! Now *that’s* the way to adapt a book, people! Loved it. And I was not disappointed when my most anticipated line(s) came up: “You love me. Real or not real?” Oh, the feels!!!

  18. Sweet Madness is a book I know a lot of people have loved, so I hope you can as well! I loved Nanowrimo this month. I was behind for the majority of it but I actually got a writing buddy and that actually really motivated me and kept me going. We both ended up winning, so this is my fourth Nano conquered~ Thanks for the mention <3

  19. Oooooooh Queen by AImee Carter and The Hidden Twin by Adi Rule both sound interesting! Definitely let me know what you think of them when you get around to reading them! I LOVE your Blogosphere Bulletin (as usual). Awwwww why am I not surprised that Val became besties with your female small human? I agree- Evie Seo’s Society6 is INCREDIBLE. What are your favorite designs?

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