Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us a chance to share with readers what we bought, borrowed, swapped, won or got for review each week. Because I love books, and you love books, so let’s see the books!

The Books: For Review


Val insists that she be given credit for helping with this picture. She did. (Help, that is.)

Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray Won, thanks to Rachel @ Fiktshun

Summer of Sloane by Erin L. Schneider Won (with amazing swag!), thanks to  author Erin Schneider and YA Buccaneers

Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith won, thanks to Brittany @ Please Feed the Bookworm

Half in Love with Death by Emily Ross thanks to Merit Press

How to Be Brave by E. Katherine Kottaras won, thanks to Hazel @ Stay Bookish and St. Martin’s


via Edelweiss & Netgalley, thanks to Simon & Schuster and Macmillan!

Weekly Shenanigans

I read four books! Which I must say is quite impressive considering that I did nothing else really, and didn’t have much time.


1st-place Catching Fire, obviously. Ha. Otherwise, Come Back to Me 


Posts this Week:

(Yeah, I brought it back. I felt bad for not considering my mobile-using friends.)

Blogosphere Bulletin

An abbreviated version this week, for reasons (see below, if curiosity gets the best of you)

Random Musings:

This has been a really, really rough week for me. Things have been rough personally, and my aunt passed away, and basically this week has been a complete fail. I fell behind on blogging, commenting, my NaNo word count… it is my goal over Thanksgiving to make this all up. So I promise binge comments and such- and maybe cross your fingers or something that things go a bit better this week!

Things we need to talk about this week:

        • Mockingjay’s end broke my heart. I seriously don’t know what to do, which seems really dumb, because it’s just a movie. But… I can’t help it. 
        • I had promised a birthday giveaway, which didn’t happen because I was a mess. There will be a better giveaway in its place. I shall find a reason 😉 
        • Poll time:

          Which book shall I review next week? (It may end up in a mini review, who knows, really)

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        • Have you seen Mockingjay? I may have seen it twice already. If so, PLEASE, share thoughts with me!!!! 

Have a fabulous week, loves!

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36 responses to “This Week At Midnight (88)

  1. Four books…NICE! I need to get back on track with my reading. I did see Mockingjay last night and I loved it. Those mutts were scary! I jumped out of my seat! They did a great job with the whole series. Enjoy all of your new books and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

  2. AWWW. *SENDS YOU HUGS AND CAKE AND THINGS* I’m so sad this week sucked for you. :((( But seriously don’t beat yourself up over being behind in blogging! Things happen, right!?!? I hope some awesome things happen for you this week. I DO.
    And ahhhhhh, I don’t wanna see Mockingjay. I MEAN I DO??? BUT I DON’T???? I’m sure you understand how that makes perfect sense.
    I did find out Illuminae is becoming a movie!! AND I’M rEALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT.

  3. I have a Mockingjay ticket and will see it next week! (Although I’m wondering … what’s your record for semi-unrelated mentions of Hunger Games in a post? It should be quite high XD XD) And ooh, you’re doing NaNo? I somehow completely missed that — what are you writing? *sends you takeout and chocolate to cheer you up and keep you writing* (And thank you so much for the shout out!)

  4. I won a copy of Dreamstrider this week also, so I hope we both enjoy it. I’m going to see MJ tomorrow and am not looking forward to the ending. I cried with the book, so I know the visual with be the same. I didn’t like how the book ended in the romance aspect either so.. Ugh! Anyways, happy reading!

  5. I’m sorry you had a rough week. Hugs! Don’t worry about blogging when you’re sad. It’s hard to be excited about books at a time like that. I understand, it’s like saying goodbye to characters you’ve loved. Now it’s all over. I hope you have a better week. 🙂

  6. I AM AT SHANNONS. I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER BLOGGING PROCESS. I EVEN TOOK PICTURES. And yes I did help with that photo aka I put up the background. SO MUCH WORK.

    Hi Shannon. I would comment more, but I could also say it to your face hahahah. Except that you’re sleeping now.

  7. Shannon, I’m so sorry to hear about your week. You and your family are in my thoughts. Remember to take a few moments for yourself. HUGS! I haven’t seen Mockingjay because I haven’t read the book. My librarian was a little miffed at me that I couldn’t go with her to the early-release showing of it in our area because I want to read the book first.

  8. You got Ten Thousand Skies above you and Dreamstrider! Can’t wait to hear what you think! I watched Mockingjay and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. The ending was kind of bittersweet you know? Have a lovely week ahead Shannon!

  9. Aww, Shannon. I am sorry to hear this week wasn’t the best for you in terms of blogging, but everyone needs a bit of a break once in a while, right? Honestly, I’m impressed that you’ve even been able to comment or blog at all with NaNo going on. ❤

    I haven’t seen Mockingjay yet (my schedule has just been crazy recently!), but I am so, so excited for it. (And by excited I mean extremely scared for my heart to be broken into a million pieces. Obviously).

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope next week is better for you!

  10. I’m very sorry about your aunt and personal troubles, Shannon. I hope you’re dealing and I’m sending you positive thoughts! I hope you don’t worry too much about commenting and NaNo and take some time for yourself if you need it!

  11. Aw, Val’s so helpful, you should just keep her. 😉

    Squee you got Underwater. I’ve been very curious about that one.

    I will be crossing my fingers that you have a better week. <3

    You're in such a movie hangover…type thing.


    One day.

  12. Oh gosh, Shannon. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. We all need a break every once in a while and I hope everything get better for you in the upcoming weeks. <3

    OMG BOOK STAIRS. (Obvs, I can't stop eying Summer of Sloane. It's so pretty and perfect and watercolor-y. AND UNDERWATER IS SO SO SO GOOD. Honestly, though, it's like magic. I'll be so looking forward to your review! I still haven't seen Mockingjay yet & hearing that about the ending makes me worried. Oh snap.

  13. I’m so excited for Underwater!! That is one I am anticipating a lot. I’m so happy to hear (read) that you liked Come Back to Me! I’ll be reading that one very soon 🙂
    I saw Mockingjay!!! That theater was so freaking packed from 3PM till after 9PM! I really enjoyed it. I didn’t read the book BUT I was skimming through it when I got home and there were various scenes in the movie that were exactly like the book, word for word! I was so happy about this. I can’t believe you saw it twice already! That’s crazy but hey, I won’t judge you. I saw Pitch Perfect 2 three times in the theater and I saw Paper Towns twice the same day hahaha (I went with a friend and then my boyfriend and our crew decided to go so I jumped on board as well)
    I am so sorry for your loss 🙁 I’ll be praying for you and your family hun. I hope this week is better for you and that you can be more relaxed.

  14. Lovely book haul! I feel like I seriously need to read ATPOY because my friend is also reading Ten Thousand Skies and she’s loving it! Not to mention the amazing book covers!

    I also saw Mockingjay yesterday which made me cry.

    Sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope everything’s okay. 🙂

  15. I can’t believe you’re saying you didn’t get much done and your lagging behind! Your update is amazing, and I could only wish I had so much done, haha 🙂

    So sorry to hear about your aunt passing away 🙁 But Chin up, everything will turn out good again soon 🙂 In the mean time, just bury your nose into some adventurous books and forget about reality just a little while!

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

  16. I am really excited about Come Back to Me. I just recently bought a physical copy of it based on the recommendation by a UK blogger/friend. I voted for that one because I’m interested to see what you thought of it. Since my husband is a veteran, I’m a sucker for a good military romance. I haven’t seen Mockingjay yet… I plan on going the evening of Thanksgiving. I am so ready.

    So sorry to hear it was such a hard week. Especially with the loss of your aunt. 🙁 I hope you’re doing okay and that the coming week is much better.

  17. I just saw Mockingjay Part Two today! I really enjoyed it. I just thought the pacing was a little slow in parts. I swear, when the monsters appeared in the tunnels, I jumped twenty feet in the air.

    I did vote for Instructions for the end of the world as your review book. I haven’t read it yet, but I will be starting it tomorrow. I am interested to see what you think.


    I’m going to see Mockingjay next week because my friend couldn’t go this week. I’m so excited and I’ve heard amazing things. I’ve also heard that I’m going to cry in the middle of it so I’m like “better bring my tissues!”

  19. I’m sorry to hear you had a rough week! I hope this coming week is much, much better. Getting four books done is seriously awesome though and I DID see Mockingjay. I loved it. It’s so sad though…I’m upset it’s over as well.

  20. I’m curious about what happends at the end of Mockingjay….
    Nick sent me your post on meme hate and I loved it. If people don’t like memes, then they dont have to do them. I will never understand the need to complain about them.
    I hope The Last Boy and Girl in the World is a good one!

  21. I didn’t do a lot of blogging this week either. I am SO SORRY to hear things are not great for you right now. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt. Death sucks.
    I am so curious about Instructions for the End of the World. I hope it is good, I will be reading that this week. I am so jealous you got to see Mockingjay 2. I need to see it. In truth we will probably wait til it comes to video. I haven’t been to the theater in so long.

  22. That’s an awesome pile of books you got there! Great haul! I went and saw Mockingjay 2 yesterday. I really liked it. You can check out my Sunday post in the link below!

  23. You got a great book haul this week, so many good sounding books. Dreamstrider sounds intriguing. I am so sorry to hear you had a rough week and I am sorry for your loss! I hope you can catch up on your word count next week. Have a great week!

  24. Fake comment: Dreamstrider was a book I loved so I hope you can enjoy it! I also really like dTen Thousand Skies Above You.

    Real comment: I am so, so sorry to hear about your aunt. Don’t feel to bad about falling behind in everything after that, because it really can be difficult. My grandfather recently passed away and well, I’m still behind in everything but it was good to have that time away to remember him and try to make the funeral a service which was worthy for his memory. I will be thinking of you <3

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