This Week At Midnight (78)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us a chance to share with readers what we bought, borrowed, swapped, won or got for review each week. I also decided that since I do a weekly recap, it really is just good sense to link up with The Sunday Post, hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewerbecause that is such a fun link up as well!

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Huge thanks to HarperTeen, author Trisha Leigh, Knopf, and the authors of Among the Shadows!!

Weekly Shenanigans

Remember how I said I was at peace with three books? I am decidedly not at peace with two. What even!? I was in a wedding, and then I was sick, but still. This saddens me greatly.


1st-placeThe Rest of Us Just Live Here. It isn’t even a close call.

I decided that I am not doing “On the Blog” anymore because you guys are smart and can look at the sidebar. 


Fun in the Blogosphere:

Random Musings:

Want to see a picture from my cousin’s wedding? Of course you do! She’s the bride, and you can see my head poking out of the top left 🙂


Things we need to talk about this week:

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  1. OMG ONLY EVER YOURS IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE?!??!?! HOW WILL I SURVIVE THAT?!?!? The book alone gave me a mental breakdown. D: 😀 Oh oh, but what is with Ascendant? Why not Allegiant Part 2? All the cool kids just say part 2…. ALLEGIANT IS TRYING TO BE HIPSTER. hehe
    I think you have perfectly good reasons to have only read 2 books this week. 😉 Don’t be too hard on yourself!!

    • YEP! How amazing will that be!? Like, so epic!! And awful, don’t forget awful. But in the best way! And seriously Allegiant, don’t be hipster. No one likes you already, and now you’re trying to be special? Just… stop, Allegiant. Unless a new name equals a new story line, then by all means 😉

  2. I so badly want to read The Rest of Us Just Live Here – IT LOOKS AMAZING! I love Patrick Ness! I read the first 2 Chaos Walking books and I desperately want to read the 3rd but I also don’t because painnnn.

    Also, Return Once More looks amazing and I’m in love with that cover! *_*

    • It was so good! And so is Monsters of Men! Seriously, yes the pain, but it is SOOOOO GOOD. It is worth the pain, IMO. It is absolutely one of the best books I have ever read. I love Patrick Ness too, he is amazing!

      And I agree, the cover is so pretty! I almost started reading it last night, but then I realized I was reading Illuminae and two space books would NOT work 😀

  3. I had a slow book week here too. Not cool man. Hope you had fun at the wedding – everyone looked fab! I am pro pumpkin but have, in my old age , come not to like my coffees sweet. So I bought the DD ground pumpkin coffee and make it at home. But I LOVE their pumpkin doughnuts. I make a mean pumpkin muffin too. Have a great week!!

    • Thanks! I actually had to end up leaving before dinner even happened because the kids were tired and cranky (my daughter was the flower girl!), so I hope it was fun for everyone else 🙂 I agree about sweet coffee! I used to love it and then… not so much. I love the pumpkin muffins! I could LIVE on pumpkin muffins. And then, you know, LOOK like a pumpkin muffin 😉

  4. I love pumpkin, mostly because I love the cinnamon and other spices in there, but I have a big issue with it being a “seasonal” flavor. How come blueberries and corn muffins aren’t seasonal? I want year-round pumpkin options in some things, especially muffins and pancakes, dammit!

  5. Shannon! You changed your blog layout! I was confused for 2.8 seconds when I went to your site. I’m so glad you liked The Rest of Us Just Live Here, because it’s been on my to-read list for a while now. And YAY WEDDING. I didn’t like the Divergent series much (yet I read all three books – I don’t even know), but even if I did I wouldn’t care about the name change. If they’re going to split the movie to make more money, they may at least pay someone to come up with something better than “Part 2”.

    • I changed it about 27 times over the weekend, so who even KNOWS what you stumbled upon 😉 It could have been one of the uglier attempts! And while I DO agree about the name change, I think someone should just change ALL of the third book. ALL. OF. IT. Just re-write that shit. BUT don’t do as bad a job as they’ve done with the first two movies. Have you seen them? Awful, really. Especially Insurgent.

      • I think I just meant that it went from displaying the posts with from top to bottom on the home page before to displaying them… errr… I don’t actually know what it’s called like in professional blogging terms. Just that it’s different when you go to the home page? I’m sure I’m making a lot of sense right now, so I’ll leave my explanation like that haha.

        DUDE. The third book was HORRIBLE. What even was that? It was just like oh yeah everything in the first two books is completely irrelevant, but instead we have this other plotline that’s a weaker version of the one before and completely repetitive. Also, this main character doesn’t just feel special and like she’s always right, she actually IS always right and she can withstand everything and is immune to 200399 things that affect other people because she’s sooo speshul. Sorry, I have a lot of feelings about this. I actually gave away my entire series recently, because it literally just pissed me off to even look at it EVEN THOUGH I bought all of them AND the versions fit. HMPH. And to add injury to insult, the movies were even worse. I watched the first one, but I honestly can’t remember a lot, and then we started the second one, but it was horrible and I instantly fell asleep and that was that.

  6. I like your new blog layout. Your cousin looks very pretty as do you. You got some great books this week. YAY For PUMPKIN SPICE being back. I hope you love all your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  7. vvb

    Placebo Junkies sounds like a good one. Thank for sharing the cute wedding pic. Coincidentally I’ve been watching Maroon 5’s Sugar video which is equally cute as the band wedding crash with their song.

  8. I just noticed you changed up the layout of the blog. I love it. Christy & I have been trying to work with this type of layout too, but it never really works out the way I want it to. It looks so good though! I was going to request Future Perfect, but I’m quite glad I didn’t. You seemed to be quite disappointed with it :/

    • DUDE this is my exact layout problem! I have changed it probably 10 more times since you were here- it just kept making me MAD. I kind of like it now though. It just lacks… something. I have been trying to figure out how to mess with the thumbnails on the main page using CSS, but my searches are leading me nowhere 🙁

      And yeah, Future Perfect wasn’t the best. I mean, the message was great, the execution was lacking.

  9. I’m really curious about The Rest of Us Just Live Here. Sorry you only read two books this week, but that’s still good in my books especially if you were in a wedding and THEN got sick. Ugh, hate being sick. I feel like there are a lot of weddings happening tonight around me. hah

    • Same! A good friend of mine is getting married this weekend, but I can’t go because I couldn’t find anyone to watch the kids. My brother was supposed to get married next week, but they broke up months ago (it was for the best). The Rest of Us Just Live Here is amazing, just like every single thing that Patrick Ness writes!

  10. As a general rule, i’m not good with change… so I’ll have to go with nay on the Title change. Why not just leave it alone? Maybe I’m missing something…

    Gorgeous picture!! Looks like you had a blast!

    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    • Oh, I am definitely not a fan of change either! I don’t get why they’re changing it either. I guess to be “unique”? But you know what is NOT unique? Doing a part 2 movie of a last in series book. Just saying. Plus, if they want to be accurate, they should just call it “Movie That No One Will See Because the Book Sucked”. Though that IS a bit wordy…

  11. HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF RETURN ONCE MORE?!? It looks absolutely perfect and perfect for me (anything called “The Historians #1” is definitely for me). I am excited to see what you think of it and to see if you think it’s any good (other than the cover which is 10/10).

  12. Oh! I signed up for the Return Once More tour just this morning. It is the first book that has been on tour for a while I have seen and really needed to read (okay, that’s not all true, just from that tour host). Now it seems like I am just following you, kinda how two part series-enders are all following Harry Potter! I will probably see that Ascendant movie either way. I like the girl who plays Tris, much to the frustration of my daughter, who can’t stand her for some reason.
    Thanks so much for the shout out. I really, really appreciate it. I would love it even MORE if you played along one week. It might be fun…maybe, think about it?
    Seriously, I cannot wait to read your review of The Rest of Us Just Live Here. Was it epic? Was it as good as it sounded? Hurry up and write the review, please.

    • I do hope you enjoy Return Once More! I have been staying away from tours lately, I have had two “meh” books, so I am being VERY cautious hahha.

      Tell your daughter that I am taking her side on this one- I can’t really handle Shailene either. I mean, she’s not Tris, in my mind. Also, she says some weird stuff, and that is a turn off for me.

      I DO want to play along! Every time I see your post, I think “aw CRAP I love that topic, and I missed it again!” One of these days I will absolutely get my act together and play! I LOVE the feature. Time and I haven’t been getting along, however 😉

      The Rest of Us Just Lived Here was SO good. I will have to review it soon! But here’s an indication: I usually put like, one, maybe two, paper tabs to mark a quote. The book is FILLED with tabs! It was just poignant, yet hilarious! Different from his other work, less heavy, but it worked perfectly!

  13. The Rest Of Us Just Lives Here just arrived on my doorstep this week and I am so excited I can barely think haha. Thank you so much for the linkup there are so many excellent discussions and I am so excited to start blog hopping!

  14. Great haul! All of those books are new to me, but I hope you love them! I don’t understand the whole Ascendant thing. That’s not the name of one of the books, so it’s really weird.

  15. I am SO EXCITED about Only Ever Yours as a movie!!! That is the best news EVER!!!!! I am kind of upset that Allegiant is even be split into two movies. There was no need for it.

    And I am one of those annoying people who like pumpkin spice everything (well . . . almost everything.) Today, I had pumpkin spice peanut butter and I made pumpkin spice muffins and pumpkin spice cashews. Ha.

    Thanks so much for the shout out. 🙂

    • RIGHT!? I am so excited!! And scared. But mostly excited 🙂 And seriously, there was no need for ANY of Allegiant, but man, how on earth will they stretch that to two movies?! It was boring enough as one book!

      I like pumpkin spice baked goods. I will stab someone for a pumpkin muffin. But I could live without the coffee. Also going to have to skip the cashews 😉

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