I was tagged by the lovely Cait @ Paper Fury to do this fun tag!!

This reminds me of the defunct Secret Life of the American Teenager, in which we were first forced to watch introduced to Shailene Woodley.  The show was a train wreck, but I literally couldn’t stop watching it. Obviously, we will be using as many Secret Life gifs as possible. And other Shailene-inspired gifs when I inevitably come up empty. You’re welcome.

1.How long have you been a blogger?

I blogged about my small humans for awhile before I started book blogging. Actually, small human, because the second one wasn’t around yet.  Anyway, a quick check said about 4 years ago that nonsense began. I started this piece of work in October of 2013, the day before Small Human #2 was born, because clearly I excel at timing.


2.At what point do you think you will stop?

 Bite your tongue! I don’t like even thinking about this. Basically, here’s how it will inevitably go down: My blogger friends will all move on to greener pastures, and I will cling to it until no one even reads blogs anymore. Then I will cry. I am bad at stopping stuff.


3.What is the best thing?

Um, you guys, obviously! What would even be the point without all of you to flail with me over books? We get mad at books together, we get excited about books together, we ship characters together… you get the idea. I like the togetherness, okay?


4.What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

 My own stress. I know that exactly zero other people care if I have X amounts of posts a week, or if a discussion goes up at the exact moment I intended it to, or whatever. But I am hardest on myself, and I know that I need to change that. I know you won’t hate me if I take a few days to comment back, or even if I forget once or twice. I know a publisher doesn’t care if my review goes up on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. No one knows that I can’t find the “perfect” graphic. It’s all stuff I make up in my own head. It’s useless, and I am working on it.


Along those lines, envy, wrath, coveting thy neighbor’s ARC.. you know, any seven deadly bookish sins. And to make that okay? I keep my mouth shut 😉

5.How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use?

 I coined the term Gifficulties™ for this very reason. You should see me at this actual moment trying to find Secret Life gifs. I spend a lot of time making graphics too, and probably deluding myself into thinking they’ll someday look legit 😉


6.Who is your book crush?

 Can’t use a Secret Life gif for this, now can we?


7.What author would you like to have on your blog?

 All of them? Come on over, we’ll have a big old party!


8.What do you wear when you write your blog posts?

 Clothes, every time. I promise. Generally the same pajamas that I have spent the entire day in, if you must know. If I am cold, I wear socks. ezgif-891335898Shailene is funny, I don’t own any jeans!!

9.How long does it take you to prepare?

 Prepare what exactly? Tea? If it’s tea, I don’t know. I don’t really prepare tea. An omelette? Nope, don’t know how to do that either. I really don’t have much to offer you if you came here for refreshments really…


Does one really “prepare” to blog? If so, I will need to know what that process entails, please and thank you.

10.How do you feel about the book blogger community?

 99.999% of the time, it makes me super happy. I think in general, this community is the best. Supportive, friendly, welcoming, I love it all.

giphy (8)

11.What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

 I’ve never claimed to be an expert at this topic, and as such, I haven’t really ever answered it before. But I’ll try, I guess?

  1. I have basically no idea. If I had these answers, I would have used them by now, I assume?
  2. I’d probably suggest being yourself, but that seems like a cop-out answer. Be the best version of you, maybe? I mean, this is public, so remember that, but also… don’t filter yourself too much, because frankly, that’s not fun.
  3. Be nice. Kindness goes a long, long way. Playing well with others will make them much more likely to come to your blog. Not being nice to others brings shame to your family or something? I don’t know, just don’t be rude, make some friends, you’ll find your niche.
  4. Don’t throw in the towel. These things take time, little blogger. Keep up the good work!ezgif-4185497530

12.Who do you tag?



So… do you have any blogging secrets we should know about?

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35 responses to “The Secret Life of the American Blogger

    • Hahah I have mixed feelings about her to be honest, but I will say this- her acting has gotten infinitely better. Like, I now 100% blame the writers of that awful show, and NOT Shailene, because she does have the chops! And thanks so much 😀

  1. You don’t own jeans!? What do you wear!? I literally LIVE in my 5000 pairs of jeans. But it’s good to hear that you wear clothes while blogging though. 😉

    The ARC envy thing seems to seriously scarred a lot of people but I am so happy to say that I was never involved in that. In fact. I’ve barely seen any of the “bad” things that scare the bookish community. A few trolls on some review, but I am lucky – it seems – to have had a fantastic experience. Everyone’s been so nice! <3

    And boo, Gale for life! XD

    • I wear umm crappy clothes. Sweatpants, things of that nature. Basically, there are two choices for me: looking like a hobo, or one of my 3 “real” outfits.

      I have had ARC envy for sure, I just keep my mouth shut about it 😉 AND, I am legitimately happy for the blogger with the ARC- I just want one too hah. I am SO glad your experience has been so positive! Mine has too, knock on wood!

      AND NOOOOOOO to Gale. NO. I mean, he’s fine for someone else, but not Katniss, and more importantly, not ME 😉

  2. I totally stressed out over getting up so and so many posts a week before I realized no one cares haha. I can always tell when I haven’t blogged in a while though, because even though I’ve gotten more lax with it, after a couple of days I’ll still feel like NNNNNNGH I NEED TO BLOG. Especially not having replied to comments yet makes me feel uneasy because *I* know I’m still going to reply, but does everyone else? Then I have to remind myself no one probably even noticed. I think be nice and keep at it are VERY good tips!

    Thanks for the tag! 🙂

    • Bwhahah I love that- “no one cares”. I CARE, DAMNIT! 😉 I mean, half kidding! Oh the commenting thing KILLS ME. I want to reply immediately, but I can’t! I CAN’T, but I need to. You are right, no one probably does notice- I don’t notice if someone hasn’t responded to me- unless it’s like, a constant thing and they NEVER respond, then I am probably a bit peeved 😀

      • Okay maaaaybe some people care – I guess I care with the blogs I follow regularly, but it’s not like I obsessively check whether they’ve posted something new. Much. Oh yeah, I totally notice if I comment on a blog regularly and they NEVER reply or return the favor. In that case I’ll feel a bit ignored and probably won’t comment as much. Or ever haha (How to Adult with Vlora).

        • Dude, I would do the same thing. No one likes “that guy” who NEVER responds. Sure, no one expects a response to every post, but if you’re “that guy”… well, I am taking your How to Adult class too 😉

          I kind of notice when my top tier favorites don’t post. Like, not if they skip a few days, but if it’s been two weeks, I probably have a spidey sense that would go off like “where’d Vlora go? Was she eaten by a book?”, and then maybe do a little light Twitter stalking. As you do.

          • It’s a good class. Also on the agenda: looking busy at work when you’re actually replying to blog comments, signing up for various “fun” activities to make friends in a new city only to realize you liked your old ones much better, and – the classic – things to tell people you’ve been doing when you’ve actually spent the last three days curled up at home catching up on your tv shows.

            As you do hahaha. Indeed. Yeah, you’re right, I do notice that as well. Now I have a story of a people-eating book in my head. HMMM. 😀

  3. The ARC envy is real though 🙁 But I keep my mouth shut about it too hehe 😀 And also the pressure of putting every post on my blog. It’s not like anyone would care when I’m gone but I still want to update regularly. Lovely post, Shannon! I haven’t watched The Secret Life maybe because I was a kid when it was aired lol. But…but how come you don’t own jeans? Jeans are my life. Hahahaha 😀

    • Right? You have to just smile and nod, smile and not. Also, Secret Life was awful, be glad you missed it- the ending was completely open too, which was even worse- I suffered through that drivel for nothing!

      As for jeans, I don’t know, pants are hard. If I found jeans that were both comfortable AND fit nicely, I’d be all in. I have yet to find that elusive pair. Like, my stomach is bigger but I have no butt and jeans are not made for me- no one likes a saggy butt and a tight waist 😉

  4. What a fun tag. I totally watched that show for a time and then I just couldn’t handle it anymore it was so bad lol. Anyway your graphics always look legit and your gifs are always on point!!! I don’t understand not owning jeans. they are the only thing I wear. well ok I wear yoga pants too but when I want to look put together I put on jeans !!

    • Thanks! Dude, the show was BAD. Like, so bad. It didn’t get any better either, like you’d think it would. And thanks, you are too kind! As for jeans.. ugh, the struggle to find comfortable ones that fit is real. I basically look like a hobo 99% of the time 😉

  5. Love this because I was totally obsessed with this show & Shailene…even if it was one of the most awful shows after like season 2. I couldn’t handle it & that ending? What in the world was that awfulness. Anyway, great post, I absolutely love this.

    I am so with you on no jeans, they’re evil & just so uncomfortable.

    • The ending SUUUUCKED. The whole show did, but the ending, ugh. SO BAD. The actors were all kind of the worst, except the dad, who was freaking hilarious. Daren Kagasoff can’t act his way out of a paper bag in my opinion. Shailene… I don’t know how I feel about her, but at least her acting god better!

      AND THANK YOU! Jeans ARE the devil’s work! Bless your heart Erica. Everyone else thinks I am nuts 😀


    In any case, I don’t think I’ll be leaving the book blogging scene any time soon either. I mean, there may be times I’ll take breaks here and there but I feel like I’ll always come back to it. This is the place where I’ve actually found the ME that I’ve been restraining in real life, this is where I actually got the confidence that I hae now. And being the BEST version of you is a pretty good advice! Be the person who YOU want to be. The internet may be anonymous and shit like that, but I feel like it can be a good thing, too, because we don’t get to be scared to show the real us.

    • I would have but I’d sworn you’d already been tagged! I am sorry!!! 🙁 Next time, I WILL be tagging you, not to worry!

      I totally agree with you- I feel like book blogging helped me find myself, I’d been struggling for so long and then this came along! I hope we both cling on forever, because then at least we will have each other! 😀

    • Bwhahah that’s okay. Nope. I found one pair of jeans ever in my life that were comfortable. No matter what size I have been (even when I was a much smaller size 6) they all hurt my stomach terribly, I think because my stomach is my problem area. If I found comfortable jeans, I would buy ALL of them.

  7. Ha, i love these GIF’s. I watched that show at first, and you are right: such a train wreck. After a couple of seasons, I stopped watching. I actually thought Shailene Woodley was a bad actress because of that show. But maybe it was just the writing? She’s amazing in other stuff.


    Omg I just went to your 4fishes site because LITTLE HUMANS and I’m just stalking it and hehe baby Lena. And wow I didn’t know you wore clothes

  9. OH I LOVE THIS POST. YAY FOR THIS TAG, RIGHT!? It has some fun (although vague…like what is with the “how long does it take you to prepare question?!? agh) questions. 😀 And oh oh! I completely COMPLETELY understand #4. I AM THE SAME. Like I literally cannot post if I miss my 7:00pm deadline. I just can’t. And I fall into a heap if I have no discussions or too many reviews or vice versa. I have like a PLAN and I must stick to it. *flaps around sticking to things*

    Also I’M TOTALLY SHAILENE WOODELY WITH THE JEANS THING. I literally have 1 pair of jeans. Who needs to wash them though? Pfft. Surely one can go 6 months of winter in the same jeans.

    (*whispers * JOKING. JOKING. I AM CLEAN.)

    Anyway, this was highly wonderful and amusing and I’m seriously catching up on all our latest posts because I’ve been so slack lately. COMMENT DUMP FROM CAIT COMING RIIIIIGHT UP. 😀

    • YAYY comment dump! I like that this tag was weird, weird makes me happy 🙂

      I hate jeans. Shailene may be kind of weird, but she has the right idea about pants. Pants are awful. You’re lucky it’s almost spring there, I have to go back to pants soon Cait. PANTS. ::Sobs::

  10. Ha! Brilliant post! I am glad to see you indeed wear clothes whilst blogging, I prefer the whole PJ’s thing, comfort is a must when typing.

    I have never see the secret life of the…. should I watch it??!!

    I didn’t start as a book blog either, I was hoping to be a wonderful foodie blog, I very quickly decided that was maybe not the best idea!

    • OOOOH I should have specified- the clothes are absolutely pajamas! Goodness, most days I never even LEAVE pajamas 😉

      And thanks 😉 No- you should NOT watch The Secret Life- it is awful, ridiculous writing and terrible acting, but it was a train wreck that I couldn’t stop watching. Don’t get sucked down that hole with me 😉

      That’s so fun that we both didn’t start as book bloggers! I realized that writing a mom/family blog was awful because I was already spending all my free time actually BEING a mom 😀

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