This Week At Midnight (65)


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us a chance to share with readers what we bought, borrowed, swapped, won or got for review each week. I also decided that since I do a weekly recap, it really is just good sense to link up with The Sunday Post, hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewerbecause that is such a fun link up as well!

The Books:
IMG_4553 IMG_4557

The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas Because I am reading Crown of Midnight, and I knew I would need it, obviously!

Silent Alarm by Jennifer Banash Thanks to Meredith @ Pandora’s Books and author Jennifer Banash

For Review: (Pictures link to Goodreads)


Thanks to Macmillan, HarperTeen, Sky Pony Press, and Flux!!  

Kindle on the Cheap


Um, The Queen of the Tearling cover that is actually on my Kindle is ugly and red and ugly. (Yes, double the ugly, okay?) So I left the pretty, original one, for the sake of your eyes. I am nice like that.

Weekly Shenanigans

would have read three books this week, but I DNFed one. Actually, let’s add it into the mix. I won’t tell you which one I didn’t finish, but I bet you can guess. I will tell you next week either way 😉

Untitled-41819020813132816 (1)

Wow, this was a really rough week, reading-wise. I was sure I was in a slump, but Emmy & Oliver got me out of it, yay!

On the Blog:


Fun in the Blogosphere (LOTS to share this week!!):

Up Next? I obviously don’t know, but expect some mini-reviews, a much needed discussion (of a topic I haven’t thought up yet, obviously), the June giveaway and… perhaps a special giveaway? I have a feeling it will be coming up soon! I have also contemplated posting #booksfortrade, but I don’t know. I am so, so bad at the haggling part because I hate saying no. Have any of you posted books? (I have only traded for stuff other people have posted!)

OH I almost forgot to post this! Aimee @ Deadly Darlings reminded me! HOW could I forget the Mockingjay Part 2 trailer?! GUYS. Have you not seen it? HAVE you seen it? If you have, you should really just watch it again, okay?

Tell me about your weeks! Anything new and exciting? Were you lucky enough to read a great book this week? (If so, do share kindly!) And most importantly, will you be seeing Mockingjay Part 2 when it comes out? On the night of my birthday, as though it is fate?

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  1. Nice haul! I still haven’t read Queen of the Tearling. I bought it a long time ago. I have the original pretty hardcover…the paperback is ugly, isn’t it? I’m hoping your DNF wasn’t The Witch Hunter, I’m going to start it soon. Enjoy your new books and have a great weekend!

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

    • Ummmmm. My DNF was The Witch Hunter. But some people really liked it! And seriously, what is with the ugly paperback?! WHO would change that!? I seriously wish I could have been a fly on the wall in THAT meeting: “See, these pretty gold and black covers, they are making people TOO interested in this book. I say we fug it up, make it red with some weird colors and fonts, and hope that people never want to read it again”. Seriously, marketing genius :/

  2. You got great books. Rules for 50/50 Chances looks so good. I really enjoyed Law of Moses but I really like all the books I read from Amy Harmon. I’m glad Emmy &Oliver got you out of your slump – I can’t wait until it comes out because I feel like everyone has been saying good things. Enjoy your books!!

  3. Did you leave off the list that you redecorated your blog? It looks beautiful, I love the new header. Thanks for all the interesting links, they’ll keep me busy all weekend.

    • Aw thanks! Actually, no, I ended up getting an email about it at like, 3am! (So, after I’d posted this!) Since the designer is in a (very) different time zone, I ended up having her install it then, and by the time it was done, it was about 6am, and I just couldn’t be bothered to update the post 😉 And you are quite welcome, hope you found a few interesting ones 😀

  4. I hate DNF’g books. It’s the worst feeling in the world. I love the redecoration of your blog. It looks nice. You got some interesting books. I have to start the Tearling series at some point. Now that I have both books in hardcover. Have a lovely weekend Shannon.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    • Aw thank you so much! I agree with you, I HATE DNFing. This is only my THIRD official DNF of all time. But I just could not force myself anymore, I was making no progress! I need to get the pretty Queen of the Tearling, and get the red monstrosity off my Kindle 😉

  5. I keep meaning to read “The Queen of the Tearling” but I haven’t found the time yet. I know DNFing can be hard and I do it sparingly. I only review them if they inspired RAGE. Otherwise I just remove them from Goodreads and call it a day. Happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  6. Oh my gosh! I’m LOVING the new blog design, Shannon! SO PRETTY *stares at the beautifulness* I got Hardwired last week, I think, and I can’t wait to read it, I absolutely loved Creed so I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing! I really need to take a little trip to EW because THE LIES ABOUT TRUTH :O.

    • Aww thank you! It is still a work in progress (at least, on my end- Hazel has done her job well, I am the ridiculous person who cannot get the fonts the way she wants them 😉 ) ANd YAY! I am excited about Hardwired too, I love those authors, I cannot get enough!

    • YAYYY! I am so excited about it too- I seriously don’t know WHAT to do when it is over though. I mean, I feel like the past FOUR years has been spent fangirling about the movies and now… it’s over. Thanks so much, and I hope you have a great week too 😀

  7. Oh yes, The assassin’s blade will be quite useful if you read Crown of midnight, a few references are made – references that won’t keep you from enjoying the book if you haven’t read it first, but it would be best 😉 Enjoy and thanks for sharing !

  8. Am off to catch up with your ‘must reads for the rest of 2015’ post. I really don’t plan that far ahead and now enough on top of news to know what’s coming out, so I’m very impressed!


  9. I thought the Mockingjay trailer looks pretty good… definitely looking forward to that one. And I still need to read the Maas books. Your new books look good, and thanks for the links. I see several I want to catch up on. Lots of good stuff last week!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. QUEEN OF THE TEARLING continues to sit on my Book pile but I probably will not read it before I die. I get a lot of those. I think a beach read is a book you either get so absorbed in you don’t get distracted or one that isn’t so deep that distractions, like people walking around you, won’t bother you.

  11. I like your new blog design, so different in colours than you had before. I especially like the triangle shaped social media buttons, they are adorable! I also had a DNF this week, they always make me sad, but better to DNF than keep strugglign through a book you don’t enjoy. I’ll have to check out a few of the posts you linked to next! Have a great week and enjoy your new books!

  12. Lovely new blog design. I keep thinking of doing something with mine, then I chicken out. LOL I have several of the same books. Looks like we’ll both be relaxing with some fun ones:)

  13. I’m SO excited for The Lies About Truth!! I wanted to wait until closer to its release date to read it, but I have a feeling I’m going to give in and read it very soon. 🙂 Just finished Emmy & Oliver and… OMG!! So adorable!! I simply adored that book. <3 Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  14. First, I love the new layout of your blog. It never ceases to amaze me how versatile the Tweak Me theme is. Yours looks nothing like mine, and ours look nothing like anyone else’s. So cool! Thanks for the info about Queen of the Tearling. I’ve been wanting to read that one for a while. Too bad the new cover sucks! I loved the original one.

  15. Will I see Mockingjay Part II. WILL I EVER. It’s so fitting that it comes out on your birthday though! I’M MUCHO EXCITED. November cannot come soon enough (actually it can, the year is flying by as it is, but the MOVIE cannot come soon enough).

    Thanks for the linkage. 🙂

  16. Lies about the Truth is a book we have in common which I am looking forward to trying and knowing what you think of it! I also think that The Fix sounds promising but I haven’t heard too much about it yet…

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