The Blog Most Likely to… (and Giveaway!)

When I was approached to do a Blog Superlative in celebration of the upcoming (August 18th!) release of The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick, I was definitely game! I love this kind of thing, and the My Life Next Door series sounds so fun as well! But, what would my superlative be? Obviously, it took me days to come up with it, but for that reason, I am sure you’ll find it all too fitting. I present, for your consideration….


I will now provide the following evidence to prove that I am absolutely the best candidate for this particular superlative:

1. I spent all weekend freaking out about coming up with a superlative.

Obviously, the freaking out is what led me to believe that I am the absolute best freak-outer in all the land. But it did take me a whole weekend to figure that out, which means I am clearly not the Blog Most Likely to be Intuitive.real-house-wives-you-should-know-gif

2. Remember Pre-BEA when I devoted half a post to a lanyard freak out? That happened.

And the best part was, the lanyard thing ended up not even mattering. You can’t get that time back, guys. (Though I’d wager a pretty big sum of money that I will have the same freak out next year.)

Wait you mean... this was never an actual problem anywhere ever? Oops.
Wait you mean… this was never an actual problem anywhere ever? Oops.

3. I had several actual posts under the heading “Blogger Anxiety”.

Yeah, I confessed my levels of daily freaking out freely! Truthfully, it was me rambling on for a good long while about all the things that made me freak out incessantly on the blog. I was not in any way a helpful source of guidance and/or tips. sorry

4. I could not bring myself to request so much as an eARC for almost a year.

Guys. The struggle was real. I couldn’t even press the little “request” button on Netgalley, for goodness sake! Even after a glass (or four) of wine- believe me, I tried!


Lest you think the freaking out is all bad….

5. I can do some serious freaking out over an amazing book.

Examples? Sure! These reviews were borderline incoherent with gushing: The Sin Eater’s Daughter, Made You Up, Rites of Passage… there are more, I am sure! Those are just… particularly gushy.fangirl-gif-tumblr-i18

6. Please don’t forget that I can freak out like nobody’s business over The Hunger Games

I have a Pinterest board for it. I may have had a mild stroke when the trailer for Mockingjay Part 2 came out. And you can bet that if they decide to show the movies back to back again at my theater this year, I will be therefreaking-out

7. But I can freak out about any new obsession, really!

Holly and I showed you just how much we can fangirlishly freak out over The 100 in our “Snark From the Ark” recaps. It was, to be honest, less snark, more flails. fangirling

So, as you see, I am really quite a pro at freaking out. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember, and you are lucky enough that I brought my shenanigans over to the bookish world 🙂


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You have to know my question: What would your superlative be?

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38 responses to “The Blog Most Likely to… (and Giveaway!)

  1. Oh. My. GOODNESS. You have a new design and it is BEAUTIFUL and ARGH. OMG. *flails* (Clearly I suffer from the same freak out tendency as you do. But seriousit is wonderful.) I freak out so much over every single book I enjoy, and will throw it in your faces way too much, but mostly I freak out over other online writers’ work because somehow, being that writer’s friend (even virtual friend) is so much more exciting. But I would definitely put myself up for most dark humour or most murder and magic blogger.

    • Awww thank you!! I am so glad you like it, it makes me happy 🙂 I was nervous, I must admit! Oh, I totally agree, when you are friends with an author, you want to absolutely shout about their success from the rooftops! I love that- murder and magic!

  2. Shannon, I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN! So beautiful :’) Haha. I freak out about almost EVERYTHING — whether they may be bookish or not. Sometimes I freak out to the point where I start getting awful anxiety 😛 And OMG I’m with you on the requesting thing. While I relied so much on requesting eARCs, though, it took me more than a year to gather up the courage to request actual ARCs from publishers themselves. I remember sending my first ARC email request to a publisher, and I was freaking out, wondering if they would ever see my e-mail or if I annoyed them by adding up to their insanely full inbox. HAHA. So there’s that 😛

    Everybody literally freaks out over their own books! As book bloggers and readers, we all do 🙂 Lovely post Shannon! I love this so much!

    • Aww thank you so much!! I feel you, I have terrible anxiety too- and you are right, not just with book stuff, just… life! And oh my goodness, I did the same thing when I first requested a physical ARC too! Only… I misspelled the lady’s NAME. BWHAHA. So… needless to say, I did not get that book 😉

  3. I thought the blog looked different the other day! It’s awesome! So I freak out too. Netgalley and Edelweiss don’t scare me so much but requesting actual ARCs or audiobook review copies still makes me feel anxiety (hence I haven’t done it yet 🙂 ) My other big freak out is Twitter, all of Twitter. I don’t tag authors or publishers because it freaks me out. I think my superlative would be most likely to be indecisive about everything. I have issues with that – Fun Post!!

    • Aw thank you so much! I have started to request (EW and NG of course, but also physical) and I have stopped majorly panicking… it’s just minor now 😉 I don’t GET the books 99% of the time but I don’t get like, an actual rejection either, so I can handle it 😉 Twitter freaks me out too! Especially if it is a “bigger” author and/or pub! Scary stuff!

      OH indecision is also a friend of mine 😉

  4. Love you new design lady!! Super classy! The red and grey background is an amazing combo that not a ton of people have. You go girl!! My superlative is set for Friday!! Don’t want to give it away but I have 2! One for Wknterhaven Books & one for Please Feed a The Bookworm! Woo hoo!

  5. I’m glad you finally came up with a superlative, Shannon! I know how much that was bothering you all weekend. I can definitely see freaking out being something I could do too, but that’s because I freak out all of the time. I literally have four freak out sessions a day, so I’m with you on this. 🙂

  6. This is so perfect for you, I mean really. HAHAHAHA THAT LANYARD FREAK-OUT. ALSO THE 100 I MISS IT SO MUCH AND SNARKING, I MEAN FANGIRLING WITH YOU ABOUT IT. WHEN IS SEASON THREE AGAIN. Also I totally freaked out about the physical ARCs. I waited two years to request one. LOL whatevs. I’m more chill about all of this now. I think you’ll get to that point. Someday…

    • Hhahah thanks! Seriously, I NEED The 100 in my life. NOT UNTIL LIKE MARCH. We should read and snark the book too though, while we wait! And I am more chill about that now too, mostly because no one actually rejects you, you just… never get the book!

  7. HAHAHAHH THIS IS SO TRUE. Also I FINALLY see your new design. VERY NICE I LOVE IT. It finally matches your business cards 😉

    I loved how you freaked out about a lanyard. I don’t even know WHY ahhahaha. You guys both cracked me up with how worried you both were. THE THING YOU NEEDED TO WORRY ABOUT WAS DRAGGING THE SUITCASES BACK TO THE BUS STATION. But nope. My warnings were ignored.

    • Aww thank you! And indeed, it does! I am glad I used the weird arrow logo on the front of the business cards, no matter how silly Holly thinks they were 😉 ALSO- you should have SEEN the Twitter freak out about the lanyard- I was not alone! DUDE. The suitcase. The poor, dead suitcase. R.I.P.

      Also, I am not reading your Mosquitoland review yet because I want to go in blind. But I am cheering it on in spirit, and WILL read it when I am done!

  8. You just changed your whole blog design without a hitch! It looks awesome, although I will miss the blue. This is so light and fun looking.
    About this post, I think you are hilarious! I think it is bit funny you waited so long to request books. I was kinda like that when I started blogging, so it isn’t just you. Now you are telling others about books they just “have to” read. I think you are the blog most likely to make me giggle while reading a post, so add that to your skills!

    • Aww thanks! Hazel @ Stay Bookish gets credit for most of it! I just tweaked a bit here and there! I am so glad you said light and fun- because that is exactly, 100% what I was going for! I will have to tell Hazel that she captured it perfectly!

      And thank you, that is so sweet! You have pretty much made my day 😀 You’re the best!

  9. Love the Gifs. Heading over to check out your reviews now to watch the flailing in action 🙂

    Have you not read My Life Next Door? It was super cute.

    Secondly: I LOVE THAT YOU FREAK OUT. That feels odd to say, but seriously, you voice so many of my own freaking-out-ness topics that I just feel kindred spirits to you. I’m freaking out over so many things at the moment. Mostly fandoms. Mostly books and series I get too emotionally involved in and then realise I have to WAIT and WAIT MORE for answers and then I don’t like answers and more freaking out ensues.

    But srsly, what would I be known for? GAWSH. Making horrible puns? Mentioning cake in every post? Making people laugh because I say ridiculous things? Subtly ruling the internet? ALL OF THE ABOVE??!!!!

    • Aw thank you! And ummm. Saturday morning? Well, like, 5am on Saturday, here! Hazel finished probably at a normal hour, her time 😉

      GOODNESS YES. I agree about the answers. I am having that problem RIGHT NOW with a CERTAIN assassin.

      And YES- all of the above. Maybe forcing all the minions you lord over to BRING you cake? That could be your thing!

  11. I love this, Shannon! You poor thing! 🙂 I guess I’m the blog most likely to use bullet points – which is odd, since I’m not organized at all in life. I notice that I even use bullet points in my discussions sometimes – so weird! (I need to get more fun and use GIFs instead!)

  12. GIRL I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FREAK OUT. You’re so enthusiastic and your optimism is purely contagious. I would love to freak out with you when we meet IRL!

  13. Dude, we love it when you freak out (that sounds really weird, doesn’t it? I feel like a bad person, haha) but you’re always honest and it does make for some fun posts, and we all freak out about some things (especially books! The good freak outs.) but I so wish I had a little more anxiety over the request button when I first started out, I was a little too enthusiastic, ha.
    Hmmm. I have no idea, maybe the mostly likely to say haha (I seriously say this a lot) orrrrrr being a sarcastic bitch in DNF reviews?

  14. lol Shannon! I love your posts! you always make we smile BIG :):):) I even went back to reread your BEA post. Loved it too. The badges… for god sake! lol

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