For a long time, I went back and forth about whether I was a perfectionist, or a disaster. You’d think it would be easy to tell, as those are opposite ends of the spectrum. But, as it turns out, what I am is a Part Time Perfectionist. What’s that? Well, apparently (and we’re only using me as an example for now, we’ll get to you!) it’s someone who can be insanely dedicated and devoted to some things, and give exactly zero fucks about others. I shall parlay this into a blogging discussion, but trust that this sums up my life in general.

Things I am a perfectionist about:

  • Random Design Junk. I mean, sure, I am picky about all the design stuff, but I let a professional handle that.  I mean little, highly insignificant stuff like header fonts, or which widget should be above the other. No one but me likely cares, but I spend literally hours making sure I like my dumb fonts. Don’t even get me started on graphics.
  • Reviews/Posts posting at midnight. I don’t know why, every other time just seems wrong, okay? And no, it isn’t because “It Starts at Midnight”, it’s just because I happen to be strange like that.
  • Finishing ARCs on time. I know this is probably a good one, but I am kind of over the top about it. Nori had been disappointed by my insanely huge spring over-arcing spree, but she was also (I hope!) quite impressed that I read Every. Single. One. Because if I am asking for it, I am reading it. (I likely don’t have to be this strict about it, but I guess it’s not a bad thing!)
  • Commenting back. It may take me a few days, but I cannot even explain how badly I feel if I realize I have missed someone. I should probably calm down about this too, because people understand that stuff happens! But I DO love visiting everyone so… I assume I will continue to be ridiculous about this one!haymitch

Things I am “meh” about:

  • Bookshelf organization. I try, guys, I really do. And my immediate TBR shelf is actually usually good. But my long-term TBR and my read shelves? A mess. Blame Bookstagram, okay?
  • Scheduling. Basically, I have no such thing. A schedule? How about “scheduling” posts two minutes before midnight, because 99% of the time, that’s my half-assed plan.
  • Reviewing books that aren’t review books. Sometimes I get to them, sometimes I don’t, and I really could not care less! 201308230943_1377268998.2011488

Time to take the quiz and see where you fall!

What sayeth the quiz? Do you think it is accurate? How do you see yourself?

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75 responses to “Part-Time Perfectionist?

  1. I absolutely agree about the ARC thing. It’s a no-go for me to ask for an essentially free book and then don’t even make the effort to read it?? WTF?? I read ARCs usually the second they come in the mail and even put other non-ARC books aside for them. I queue the posts sometimes months in advance and I think that’s the only way. As long as the book review is up on time. I can’t believe she said she was surprised that you read every single one… are there people that don’t even read the ARCs they get??! Wow.

    • Exactly! I am like, ridiculous about it even though no one expects that I will read EVERY single one in time. But I DO put non-ARCs aside- maybe even too often! And noooo she is also very, VERY insistent that they all get read- which was why she was mad that I had requested so many 😉 She’s big on organizing your ARCs !

    • Jen they maybe unsolicited ARC’s not one that the blogger requested…I think! I couldn’t imagine requesting for a book and just not bothering to read it, why request for it to begin with. Granted I’ve had a learn moment about this same topic.

      Jen can you please share with me and/or other commenters how your organisation technique is when it comes to blogging? I would love to be scheduled months in advance, but I’m just happy with even 2 weeks-1 month in advance, I’d love to hear of tips from someone that it works on!

      • Bless your reply notification system, Shannon 😉 I would’ve never seen this without it.

        Mh, maybe I should make a blog post about this to explain the whole process in detail..
        I’m a very impulsive person and I have creative moods. I’m talking days where I spent HOURS organizing a thing following months of doing nothing. I use these creative rushes to schedule posts, basically. With memes it’s super easy, because you can prepare 99% of them in advance. If you feel like writing posts, write until you’d rather shoot yourself than write another post.

        I’m in a creative slump right now that even made me contemplate quitting blogging altogether. I know it’s just a mood, like always, and luckily my blog is scheduled until September and I still have a lot of post drafts that I could use in an emergency. It’s all about a blogging cushion!

        • Awww Jen! I really don’t hope you quit, I would miss you 🙁 I have been in a creative slump myself lately, but I am trying realllly hard to get out of it. I actually think I may post the new ARC schedule thing I came up with later this week.

          A blogging cushion would be HEAVEN. My problem is TIME. I barely have enough time to keep myself afloat day to day, and while I would kill for time to write some of those cushion posts… there is just mathematically NOT time.

          I would LOVE to hear your take on the whole thing though!

    • Haha, sorry to interrupt, but I just want to clarify one thing. The reason why I said that I was surprised Shannon was able to keep up with her pile is that it is HUGE and I thought that she was going to get overwhelmed haha. Also, yes, there are some bloggers that don’t read all of the ARCs that they get, just because they get “click happy”. Okay, I’m going to go disappear now. <3

  2. “A dirty t-shirt on the floor won’t kill anyone, promise!” <— HAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING? No. it will kill everyone. IT WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING. *picks up shirt and panics until floor is clean* XD Okay, I am a perfectionist. I like to have everything just so and I panic if it gets out of my control. But my room is kind of a mess. So I think I’m only a perfectionist about things I care uber much about?!
    And to your scheduling-ness. That is me, too. If it’s not scheduled for 7:00pm, I don’t post.

    • Bwhahhaha. My clothes- ironically, clean ones, NOT dirty ones- litter my floor to the point that I have to wash them AGAIN because I have stepped on them so many times. It’s bad, Cait. You need to come over and help me. Support group/Cleaning person?

      And YESS- I am only ridiculous about stuff when I really care about it. I was the same way with swimming, and now… blogging, I suppose! 😀

      • Shannon that’s my Hubby and it drives me insane! Not to mention he doesn’t put his clothes in the cupboards e.g. hung and folded he just has it thrown into those litre clear containers with lids. I don’t know if that’s a good thing but he can’t have it neatly folded because as soon as he needs clothes to wear or he’s looking for a particular piece of clothing, he just goes through it, in a way that afterwards, each and every time with no doubt, looks like a hurricane had happened right there, and that’s no joke!

        I have folded his clothes like a million times and hung some for him but he just can’t do it! I know that the folding thing is hard so I’m thinking now of just trying to have ALL his clothes hung, maybe that would be easier for him to maintain.

        • Bwhahaha I love it! I don’t bother folding my husband’s clothes (mainly because I don’t really care about his clothes in general) because he lives out of hampers. I… am just a mess. I used to be good about it… until kids. Now, all bets are off 😉

  3. Quiz says i am part-time perfectionist. Makes sense really 😀 I schedule stuff for 10 am usually unless I get inspired and want to post asap. I want to my blog to look nice but I can’t afford custom design for now. So it is what it is. Anyway, Happy reading to you! 😀

  4. Hi I’m Grace and I am a part-time perfectionist. This is so me. Some things I am nuts about and others whatevs. I have a schedule for my posts, how I comment/comment back/reply to comments. Also, I have a notebook where I have all my eARCs, when they come out, when I will read and try really hard to stick to that and fit in my books around it. Then there is the blog and now that it is set I kinda leave it because if not I will be sucked in and never stop – GREAT post!

    • Oh my goodness, I have that notebook too! That is too funny! I do the exact same thing! And I am like that too- it’s like going down the rabbit hole- once you START messing with it…. well one thing leads to another and BAM, you’ve spent 12 hours sitting in one spot obsessing about whether 11pt or 12pt is best 😉

  5. I keep changing the things I obsess about. I don’t think I am a perfectionist, maybe I am a part time fickle perfectionist. I go through spurts where things have to be just so and then I move on to something else. I used to stress about post times, but now I am more worried about posting every single day and also posting all the reviews before (maybe just minutes) the pub date.

    • Hhahah I love that! I am the same way- I go through spurts too. And YESSSS I have the same issue with posting before the pub date! I had been VERY ridiculous about every day posting, but I am trying to calm down about that now. I am trying to cut myself some slack 😉

  6. I got Slacking Sloth, lol. But actually what I see myself as is a lazy perfectionist. Which means that I have all those plans how to make everything right, but when the time comes to actually do those things, my laziness somehow always prevails and I usually end up hanging out with my friends, or I have some last minute thing that I have to do for my university, so it’s mostly my blog that suffers. But when it comes to my room it’s always super clean, same as my bookshelf. All the books are organized by size etc. Also whenever I leave the house my clothes and make-up are there. I really have to start making more effort for my blog.

    • Bwhahah I LOVE that! I am the opposite- I WANT to do things but then I cannot figure out how, or what… and eventually I just throw in the towel 😉

      I think we are EXACT opposites- my blog is always taken care of but my room (and house in general)… not so much! And I literally wear makeup like, once a year. If I have a wedding to go to or something. Hahhaha

  7. Surprise, surprise, I’m totally a slacking sloth. Like I needed your quiz to figure that out, pssh. I’ve got Slacking Sloth down to a T! 😉 Although I do have tons of posts scheduled now! But, you know… I did take two months off…

  8. YES I AM A PART TIME PERFECTIONIST HAHAHAH. It’s just that I do want things to be perfect, but if I don’t have the ability to make them perfect, then I’m not gonna do it mostly because I AM LAZY. I was supposed to paint my second bookshelf weeks ago, and I just haven’t because the first one took forever. Gah.

    Also, I can’t believe you finished reading all those ARCs.

    • Valerie I’m exactly like you I won’t do something unless I can do it perfectly. So I wont clean the bathroom unless I can do the whole floor and wall and ceiling scrubbing, but what ends up happening is NOTHING gets done and it gets filthier and filthier.

      I then started doing this Flylady website/group and it teaches you that it’s ok for things to not be perfect because regardless SOMETHING’s getting done which is true. So now when I’m brushing my teeth, washing my face I quickly spray the sink and mirror, wipe those down, and swish the toilet bowl and I rarely have to be a big clean on the weekends cos I do something little each day. Now I accept that it doesn’t have to be done perfectly, cos a little bit un perfect is better than not doing anything at all.

      Hope what I just garbled about makes some sense LOL

  9. I got A+ Achiever lol WHAT A CUTE QUIZ. I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to commenting on blogs, my blog design, my bookshelves and my room mainly except I don’t care about my closet xD I’m really organized most of the time.

  10. I wish I had your dedication! My TBR shelf is a mess! I also rarely if ever review non-review books. I am trying to get better about scheduling and about ARCs by calendaring and having a reading plan for every week but I know I still need improvement. BUT! Thank you for commenting back — that is one thing I am diligent about and it makes a huge difference!

  11. Yes, I am a part time perfectionist! And yes, I obsess about my blog all the time. So nobody cares? So what!

    I also try to comment back. If it’s a meme and I don’t really have anything to say bout their post, I try to find another post to comment on… 🙂

    • Zeee that’s a lesson I learnt to, before I would just comment because I feel bad but then I thought to myself “you don’t even KNOW the books being mentioned!” so I would then just move on. I think it’s better to get a good sincere comment than one that is generic cos they’ve got nothing to say. That’s what I think anyway.

    • Ah, you sound JUST like me! I do that too- I literally will go searching through blogs to find something, because I want them to know I care. I have TRIED to be a little less.. obsessive about it, because you know, time. But still… I give it a shot! 😀


    “I struggle with my laziness, I’m like, “Should I sit down and do nothing or lie down and do nothing?” “SLACKING SLOTH”Oh my gosh, too close to home! Hold back next time. 😉 #NoButReally #HoldBack

    But I have a high stress life despite my excellent procrastination skills! Haha. I love this. I am a perfectionist when I want something to look right. I will obsess over it, check it over a million times, and then still probably change something.

    I’m terrible at reading and reviewing arcs. 🙁 They all get read though! Eventually…I mean, so I still have a few from April not read. And last month. And I haven’t touched June except for two arcs. I WILL READ THEM ALL ONE DAY AND THE PUBLISHERS WILL LOVE ME.

    I hope!

    You’re amazing for reading all your arcs. And on time. <3

    • BWAHAHHAHA. I can say it because I totally am one too 😀 I am the same way with how stuff looks- I don’t even know why, because NO ONE else cares!

      Amber. Get to your June ones, my dear, for it is almost JULY! Luckily, there aren’t many July books in general, so maybe you’ll survive 😉

  13. I THINK YOU JUST DESCRIBED ME IN THIS POST. Did you read my mind???

    Sidebar widgets make me REALLY scratchy. I have to think AGES about which widgets I want readers to see first, but also which are more CONVENIENT to them… Decisions, decisions!

    I also push myself to get through all my (requested) ARCs. I’m actually done with my June/July ones and I’m onto reading for August now. 😀 Except for that one book I requested late and is coming out next month, I’m good to go. 🙂

    YES TO THE COMMENTING BACK THING, UGH. If the top post of the person ins’t too interesting to me, I have to make sure to bookmark their page so I can go back to comment on another day! It’s so hard wanting to love everyone!

    I organize my shelves probably once or twice a year. I just organized it in May and right now it’s still okay, but I have a few books strewn in random places (and on the floor). Totally bookstagram’s fault.

    BUT I review all the books. I have so many feelings and I need to get them all out, haha. Maybe just mini reviews for some non-review books, though. 🙂

    • I do the SAME THING! I mean, would they prefer email subscription first, or search bar? Are they going to be stabby that my archives are in the footer? But they crowd up the sidebar!

      I am onto my August ones now too! We are such twinsies! And I do the same thing with the commenting thing- I will just leave their blog open and refresh it when I remember, that way, I don’t even have to look back.

      I am (thanks to UBB v3!) going to be doing a LOT more mini-reviews for books I own- like you said, just to get all the thoughts out, plus sometimes people will ask me about certain books a LOT and I want to have somewhere to refer them to 😀

  14. Oh yes, I am a part time perfectionist for sure. One thing I am such a perfectionist about is ARC’s. Granted, there have been a couple that I have to DNF because they just aren’t working but that is rare. Not only that, but I feel like I HAVE to read and review them by the publication date. It can make for some intense pressure (all of it self created of course). I also agree about books that aren’t review copies. I have quite a few books that I have read this year, but haven’t reviewed. Sometimes I review them and sometimes I don’t. But I read really quickly. If I were to review every single book I read, then that is the only thing I would probably post. Ha

    • Yes, I am the same way- the pub date is like a freaking DEATH DATE for me- it has to be read, reviewed, and submitted, under penalty of death, by that date. Otherwise…. well, nothing actually happens, but in my head, it does 😉

      And that’s how I feel- if I reviewed ALL the books I read… well, that would just be a LOOOT of reviews!

  15. I love how the book blogging community is starting to use so many quizzes! I should make a couple for my own blog too, because I absolutely love playing them. I actually post at 8:30 PM my time, because it’s morning for most of the US people and I figure people normally read blog posts in the morning? But posting at midnight does make sense for you.

    I’m an A+ Achiever, which is quite accurate. I mean, I slack off when I run out of things I actually want to do. And I want to do many productive things, so there. I also comment back like crazy, and I’ve actually reorganised my bookshelf according to so many random criteria, so yeah it does fit. But I don’t care about maths, so I guess that’s something. I review so few books though — that may be because none are review copies, but it just takes so much creative energy out of me to write a coherent review.

    • I totally got the idea from Cait! Well, not the IDEA, but the platform- I didn’t know I even COULD create my own. I gave her massive shoutouts the first couple of quizzes, of course 😀

      That’s such a random time to post and I love it! See, I read posts super late at night, which is probably why I like to post at midnight- and I bet pretty much all bloggers like to post whenever they actually read blogs too- we should do a poll!

      Dude, math is horrible. That does not make you any less of an A+ in my book 😀

  16. Ooh, I did the quiz and ended up with part-time perfectionist…saw that coming.
    I totally understand the need to post at a certain time…though I prefer 9am.
    No idea why.
    Though my bookshelf is so beautifully organised it makes me cry.

    • It is so funny, I feel like everyone has a preference, but no one really knows why, myself included! I think for me, I just feel… unsettled, maybe, if I don’t post at 00:00. So strange. But… I am kind of strange 😉 TOTALLY jealous of your bookshelf though!

  17. I got a part time perfectionist. It’s kinda true. I go though phrases. Lol I always schedule posts for midnight any other time seems silly. My bookshelves have to be a certain way but am the only one who can understand my thinking on where books go LOL.

  18. Turns out that according to the quiz I am a part time perfectionist! Like you I love commenting back and try to read about two to three blogs a day, which can be hard to keep up with sometimes as well as commenting back >.> I wish I was a perfectionist at staying on top of review copies though, because I am terrible at that DD:

  19. My result: Part-Time Perfectionist. No shocker, there.

    I read your post and was like, “OMG, Shannon is my sister from another mister!” I can be downright obnoxious/obsessive about stuff that is important to me. The rest… eh, I can let it go. Some things I *want* to be more perfect, specifically blog design, but alas my talents lie elsewhere and I’ve done all I can do on my own. I’m kicking around seeking outside help but it would have to be truly hands-on. I can’t have someone provide me with bits and pieces and then expect me to know what to do with it. LOL

    • Hahhaha I love this! You nailed it- if it is important to me, it MUST be perfect. If it is the dishes… meh 😉 If you need some help with design stuff, let me know! I actually did a LOT of crap to mine when I was on Blogger (which I see you are!) so if you need any advice.. I mean, I am NOT a professional, but if you needed some non-professional help, I’d be glad to try! When I bought my design on Etsy, it was only $20, and it was REALLY easy for me to go in and paste in the html (I then tweaked it a bit, but you wouldn’t have to do that!). That way, you have to do basically NOTHING yourself- just copy and paste!

      • Shannon! You are *so* sweet to offer! I so don’t want to take advantage of your time, so even just pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. If you say it’s easy to do, I’ll take your word for it. Though the very thought makes me nervous since messing around with HTML is so outside my comfort zone. Ack! 🙂 One of my main complaints is wanting to add things like star ratings (or any rating system) or a decorative divider or something and they all have the dreaded white box/background. Ugh! Looks so tacky/amateur-ish. I’ve tried a couple ways to remove the background but haven’t had any luck. This is where those perfectionist tendencies can drive me crazy! LOL

  20. Haha, posting and midnight doesn’t sound that weird to me, that’s usually when I do too, start of a new day and all, (although, right now it’s 1AM I post since daylight savings suck.) Dude, I am so impressed about finishing ARC’s on time, seriously, it is hard work, I’ve missed a few and gone over a few weeks, which makes me feel really bad.

    Two of my bookcases are a mess right now, I’ve been “organising” them for uhm, a month. But it’s like, “I’ll do it after I finish these review copies so everything’s nice and tidy” and then more review copies show up, cycle cycle.

    Aha! I am totally all over the scheduling. Seriously, I go nuts if I haven’t set up the next week on the weekend. I’m a little obsessive over it…

    I am a…part-time perfectionist, whoooo! I’m okay with that.

    • I wish I could be like you with scheduling! I really hope I can take some time this weekend and get scheduled out- ever since BEA, I cannot seem to catch up AT all! So wait- you don’t post at midnight during Daylight Savings time? Or do you guys not have it there? I get confused, because the whole time changing thing is stupid and pointless since it isn’t 1853 and we all have electricity.

      Also, your bookcase situation sounds exactly like mine! I plan on catching up on Bookstagram soon and then… maybe organize? Or you know, maybe not 😉

  21. Oh yes, the commenting back thing is something that I can totally relate to! I am paranoid about missing out posts, so much so that I keep on obsessively going through my previous commentors and continue to comment back, which is a good thing I guess. I’m the world’s biggest scheduler, definitely super pedantic about that. And all my posts have to go out at 6pm. LOL

    • OHH I feel you with the comments- and the worst is if I see one from weeks ago that I somehow missed and then I am wondering if it is weirder to reply, or let it go! I NEED to be a better scheduler. It is a life goal, really 😉

  22. I’m also a PT Perfectionist. There are some things I care absolutely nothing about, and then there are things I am OCD about and if one of those OCD things is not perfect, I go into freak out mode. It may only be internally, but I still freak out. Fonts, graphics, spacing. Spacing! I am mortified of mishaps, but I am happy (and proud?) to be a part time perfectionist.

    • Hahha YEP! I freak out too- you should have seen me when my blog was down for a day for unknown reasons- I seriously nearly lost my mind. Like, actual tears happened! It’s so funny because so many things I do not care at ALL about, but things I have a passion for… yep, perfection is needed!

  23. I’m also a part-time perfectionist! <3 I think it's pretty accurate(and LOVE this post) but for me, it's not I'm a perfectionist about some things and not others, I'm a perfectionist some days and some days I'm just lazy and want to get through things as fast as possible which probably isn't the best method considering my writing, you can really notice a difference when I'm revising, WAY more mispelling and random snetences that I DON"T KNOW WHAT MEAN, from the lazy days. I'm sure you can notice it on my blog, those are the days I don't post… Haha, a little joke since I haven't been posting much and its killing me!

    Awesome post, Shannon! =)

    • Aww thanks! OOOH so you are LITERALLY a part-time perfectionist!? I had not thought of that, but that IS a thing, for sure!

      I am sorry you are feeling bad about not posting much 🙁 But I DO understand the struggle- there are days where I just want to NOT do anything, PLUS you are so busy with writing… it is just HARD. But just think, even if you are having a lazy writing day… maybe you’ll just end up having an awesome editing day in the future 😀

  24. I love the quizzes you make for us from time to time! I got A+. I am a spaz about anything others will see or experience, because I am very mentally critical of others, whether it’s what they’re wearing, haircut, blog design, writing style, anything. So I assume there’s at least one person like me in any group. get my ARCs read and reviewed on time, post at 1:00 AM, have my memes done well in advance. and visit/comment back. Although that part can get pretty discouraging. In general I am a spaz about many things and others I could care less.

    • Aw thanks! Also, now I am paranoid that there is one of you looking at ME bwhaah. I wear only comfortable clothes, NEVER makeup, hair always in a messy bun, etc. I could honestly not care less 😉 BUT- my blog is a different story! I want it to be friendly and happy and welcoming! I was the same way with swimming- I worked myself to the point of absolute exhaustion- the good news is, I feel NO regrets about it- I know I DID do my best and DID work my hardest. Same with blogging, I hope! I just wish I had more TIME to do the things you do- like schedule posts, etc. The time is what gets me down!

  25. Wow, after reading this post, I might actually be a part-time perfectionist, too! There are some things that I am anal about (like making sure formats are fine, or my drawings, or my designs, and other stuff), but there are some others that I just could not care less about! It could also just be that we’re just so passionate about the things we care about or give a lot of effort in 😀 I know I want to be perfect in the things I create because that reflects back to me as well. Commenting more is something that I definitely must work on more lately because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to comment to everyone at a timely manner! But I am getting there, though; I go through all my comments and go back to the blogs who have commented and make sure I say something in a post or two 😀

  26. Hahaha oh Shannon. I actually agree with you on almost all of your points. I always post my reviews at midnight! Also, if I request an ARC, I will ALWAYS finish it on time. It’s just my BEA books that might not all get read. *nervous laugh* But yes, I am VERY proud that you have managed to stay on top of all of the ARCs that you have requested. <3 I really wish that I was able to comment back on everyone's blogs, I really really do! But I just can't justify how much time. I try to leave meaningful comments (for the most part) and I just can't take 10 hours to comment back haha. SCHEDULING is a must for me- I didn't do it much at the beginning, but now, I try to do it as much as possible. I'm still not great, but I am working on it. 🙂 As far as books that aren't review books…yeah, I'm really bad at this (as you can see from my Make Me Read It post haha).

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