Hey, remember that time I was super scared to go to BEA? Yeah, that was unnecessary. BEA is kind of amazing, and I totally understand why people spend a crap ton of money and time to go. It is worth it. So if you were on the fence, this is your official invitation to get thyself off the fence and to BEA! 

For reference, during these posts, you will notice a lot of Val @ The Innocent Smiley and Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway. They were my lovely roommates, my wonderful friends, and surprisingly don’t seem to hate me even after spending four days with me. They win.

Two saintly beings (aka, Val and Holly), and the crazy person whose nonsense they put up with!
Two saintly beings (aka, Val and Holly), and the crazy person whose nonsense they put up with!

In the Beginning…

I didn’t have a great start to my BEA adventure. My bus was overbooked and therefore I had none. The last bus of the day was leaving in exactly twenty seconds, and I could get on it, if I paid the extra money in time (which, truth be told, does not seem fair, but whatever) and get myself and my bag to said bus. Luckily, I did, so huge shoutout to random lady at the Scranton bus station, who basically saved my ass by asking what we could do to get to New York.

Then I got there, and it was about 95°, which no one likes. I was in the middle of the bus station, unsure of where to go next. I obviously picked the wrong direction and my 15 minute walk to the hotel took 45. Oopsie? When I had gotten there, Val and Holly had gone to look for me. Sorry! Also, after my luggage haul in the heat, I am pretty sure they found me looking like this:d8712000-5465-11e4-b184-416072d913a2_giphy

Teen Author Carnival

We took a subway (my first ever ride in a New York City one, let the record show!) to this very lovely library and got to hear some amazing panels from some equally amazing authors. My favorite was, without a doubt, the one called “Hulk Smash of Emotions”, because those authors were freaking amazing. In fact, I am starting a petition that they be forced to travel in a pack, because they were just perfect together. I laughed a lot, and I teared up a bit, and I loved it.

You all come as a package now, sorry not sorry.
You all come as a package now, sorry not sorry.

The next panel was good too, but I think I had wanted to go to the other one. In my ridiculously overwhelmed state, I just followed Val and Holly blindly wherever they went. Then, the author signings happened in this super tight space and I basically lost my shit and ran away to an exit sign in the corner, which you may have seen me telling everyone on Twitter about. And by everyone, I mean Nori and Xander. I also met Grace from Books of Love but I was basically ready to cry, so she probably thought I was nuts. (I didn’t say she was wrong, okay?)

BEA Day 1: In Which Truthwitch and Uber Nearly Undid Us

Holly and I never professed to be early risers. In fact, we have professed the opposite. So when Val decided to go to the Javits Center at like, 3:00am, Holly and I didn’t. But… we slept a little later than we’d planned. And then our Uber got stuck in traffic. And we got to Javits right at 1:00, as it was opening. Of course, we still needed our badges… and Holly missed Truthwitch. I don’t know why (still don’t!) but I felt like it was my fault, and it made me sad. I didn’t really care about it for myself, but Holly wanted it! And then I somehow missed the Illuminae drop (don’t worry, it was the first of about 130 drops) and I was about to cry for real.

But then something happened and I got to my first signing with the lovely Amy Ewing and I felt better and then things just started to fall into place! I felt a lot better about it by the end of day one, and was getting really excited for the next few days!  It was some kind of BEA Sorcery, I tell you!mgc

What happened next? Please, that is what part two is for! But I will answer some questions that you might be thinking in the heads you possess! 

1. We stayed at Hotel St James. I can say this because BEA is not there next year. I think I just broke the Blogger Hotel Code. Also, there were no roaches or mice or hookers. That I knew of.

2. I have no idea which books I obtained on Day 1, except for The White Rose. And Apple and Rain, but that was just a #booksfortrade from Xander! I am going to assume that this was my smallest haul day, just because it was the shortest? I am also making that up.

3. I don’t think I met many people on Day 1, actually, except for the aforementioned ones. I did meet Octavia from Read.Sleep.Repeat., which is awesome, because I have been following her blog since before I started blogging! And she is absolutely as lovely in person- nay, lovelier!- as she is on her blog and Twitter!

4. Val and Holly didn’t seem to understand how important caffeine is to regular human functioning. Those two were always trying to deny me my vice.

5. The lanyards were not the issue I made them out to be. IMG_4403 (Copy)

6. I only panicked about clothing minimally. I am glad I brought backups though, since I decided I hated some of my outfits.

7. I only cried once! The first day, when I missed my small humans.

Stay tuned for….

  • The time I fought with a guy in line
  • The time I got all the books (and had to drag them home!)
  • The time I met all the amazing people
  • The time Holly and I vowed to kidnap Val to Chicago next year
  • The time I fangirled over Julianne Moore
  • The time I met Diana Nyad
  • The time I wish I was still BEAing…

Tell me you are planning to come to Chicago next year! Lack of money and time be damned! 😀 

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40 responses to “BEA Withdrawal: The Struggle is Real; The Cure is a Recap

  1. Aw, I loved this. And yay, a picture! The first picture I’ve seen of the three of you! Or maybe the second, I don’t know, ha. That is terrible about the bus. 🙁 Good thing you still managed to get on another one!

    Ooh, that is a lovely group of authors for the panel. Kody<3 They all sounded really good to me. I still can't believe Val woke up at like six or whatever and walked to Javits by herself! In New York, haha. Then again, I kind of can…

    And I'm sure it's okay about Truthwitch. 🙂 Val's lending it to her, so she'll live! It's totally okay.

    I can't wait for part two! And yes, you two should totally kidnap Val to Chicago. I mean, a commencement isn't even THAT big of a deal.

    • Val is a machine. She woke up early every day, as promised, and just walked the 30 minutes to Javits! Holly and I… did not. I know, I know, but she wanted to see Susan again. I think they may be having a secret tryst 😉

      And RIGHT!? Val needs to skip it. Books are more important than a long, boring ceremony! But more importantly, WE are more important than a long, boring ceremony 😉

  2. Wait! Wait, wait, wait. This is only PART of your recap!? I have to WAIT for the rest!? But I’m trying to live vicaruously through you!

    Hulk Smash Of Emotions, is first of all an epic name for a panel, and second of all sounds like it was really fun! Val sounds slightly crazy for getting up so early to walk over there! Sorry you had some bad luck with the bus and everything but I’m really happy it all worked out in the end! Can I have the rest of your recap now?

    I want to go so bad next year! But… It’s still pretty far away from me and I hate flying… Actually I’ve never been on a plane but I assume that I hate flying. Still, never say never! Kidnapping Val sounds like a good way to kick off next year though, hope you and Holly have a good plan! =)

    • Hahhah sorry (not really), but now you are no longer waiting since it took me eons to reply 😉

      Dude, you really should come. Especially since you are trying to be IN the industry and such, it would be good networking and such. Flying isn’t so bad! And maybe you can help us with the kidnapping plan, we will need all the help we can get, Val is quick!

      • Haha, this plan sounds like a lot of fun! But planes, they fly…through the air and you can plummet to your DEATH!

        Also, the whole networking thing is the exact reason I’m using to try to convince my mom to come with me(I obviously can’t fly alone! That’s asking to plummet to my death!). 😉

  3. Ooh, sounds like it was a difficult beginning for BEA. The most frightening parts of adulthood seem to be taxes, work, and transportation, so the NYC bus thing is freaking me out. Argh, I wish I could go and see all my fav authors in a place together already. Like. Authors need to have MORE collab books and stuff. And great info about the hotel and the lanyard — trust me, no one will kill you for it. (Or I’ll get to them first. Ha!) And ooh, those teasers make me so excited for Part 2!

    Bookmarking this post for BEA prep in the very, very far future!

    • Hahahhaha TRUTH. Don’t forget the mortgage, which will like, not be paid this month due to BEA 😉 But seriously, it wasn’t that bad, after the first debacle!

      And I DO hope you get to come one day, it is seriously fabulous! And worth it.

  4. Aww it looks like you had tons of fun, Shannon! <3 I just read Val's recap too. 🙂 Aw, so sorry Holly didn't get Truthwitch. D: But it's definitely not your fault for sure, lovely. I really hope I can go to Chicago next year to meet y'all. <3

    • I hope you can too! It will be so fun, because Chicago is amazing. I know I am from the east coast so maybe I am supposed to say I like New York but… I don’t really, and I LOVE Chicago! Fingers are crossed for you- it would be SO fun to meet 😀

    • Awww I know, it is really hard for all the overseas book lovers. Flights are awfully expensive. They should have a European one at the very least! And an Australian one! So many book lovers everywhere, each continent should do one!

  5. Sounds like so much fun! If anyone denied me my coffee it would be war!!! And it’s so hard leaving the little people isn’t it??? I would love to head to Chicago but I will have to wait until it’s back in NY or close by again. Can’t wait to hear more ( particularly the time you fought the guy in line – I assume you kicked his ass).

    • RIGHT!? Caffeine is like oxygen, especially when one has to wake up so early! It IS hard leaving the little people 🙁 That was the worst part for sure, because I was so afraid they they just wouldn’t understand. But they did very well without me (don’t know if I should be happy or sad hahha) And the guy in line… GR. Just… he makes me so mad, just thinking about him! I hope you get the chance to go to BEA soon! I am excited about Chicago, but it IS hard that it’s so far away.

  6. Aww, I’m glad that you still managed to have a good first day despite BEA not starting off so well! I am LOVING the sound of that author panel at TAC- based off of the picture, there were a ton of great authors there! 😀 There are just some authors that manage to WORK SO WELL together, and that always makes a panel better. 😉

    Boo to accidentally sleeping in, but hey, at least you got some sleep! That’s always important. And I’m sorry that you guys missed the Truthwitch and Illuminae drops, but in all honestly, those books will be coming out eventually, so you’ll always have the chance to read them later!!

    Lovely, lovely post! Can’t wait to read more! <3

    • The panel was seriously epic! I want them to just send me podcasts or something every day 😉

      And we DID end up getting Illuminae anyway- they were basically throwing them around the room by the end, I think 😉 And you are so right- we WILL get to read the books eventually!

  7. It looks like you had an amazing time at BEA! And you got some INCREDIBLE books! I hope you love, love, love them all! I have never been to BEA. Maybe next year will be when I finally get to go 🙂

    I hope you have a fantastic week 🙂 Happy Reading!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  8. So I had hell with the bus station to so let’s decided NEVER to do that again. How freakin gross was it?! I also cried the first day so it’s okay. Tiny humans really hook your heart, damn motherhood. My day 3 recap is going to be more or less about people since I can’t seem to recall what happened that day anyway. I will also be writing a paragraph on the people I “missed” the most and you are at the top of my list. Also how our stupid badge holder phobia was a waste since nothing fit anyway. 😉 one day we will meet friend… One day.

    • UGGH it was awful! My bus station was also gross and smelled SO BAD. I am flying for sure next year. Or driving, I have considered driving actually. But most likely flying.

      HOW did we miss each other? I am seriously so, so sad about this. Are you going to go to the event Nori set up in August? I plan to, maybe we can meet then! We live too close to never meet!

  9. SHANNON. NO! IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT; IT WAS NEW YORK’S FAULT. I am blaming all of the sucky day one shit on NY traffic. Plus I still get to read it soonish. (Even though seeing Susan again would have been amazing). YAYAYAY THAT PICTURE OF US TURNED OUT SO WELL. CAN’T WAIT FOR PART 2 (even though I know everything that happened because I was there).


    HAHAHAHHA. I can’t believe I had to put up with you. LOLJK. I love you guys and miss you and I don’t know what to say because I WAS THERE WITH YOU and I feel bad for Amber because you’re going to have the AC on to 50F and she will be freezing. Like me.

    <3 <3

  11. Uh-oh, sucky start (and yikes to the bus situation, that could have ruined everything) and no, definitely not fair. Haha! My hair goes totally crazy with the heat. Hulk Smash of Emotions! How perfect is that?
    Nooooooo about the signings, 🙁 You felt better as it went along though, right?
    Haha, Blogger Hotel Code broken!
    DUDE, YOU FOUGHT WITH A GUY IN LINE? 1) GO YOU. and 2) Can’t wait to hear more about that, which I will be, in like, one minute.

    I so wish I could go, if I wasn’t afraid of flying and had a passport, I would, haha.

    • The bus thing could have been SO bad. I mean, when would I have gotten there?! AHH. I did feel MUCH better as it went along, it was just all the crap from the first day and travel getting to me I think!

      And YESSS I fought with him, AND I tried to track him down (I think I talked about that in the next post!) because he is an ASS.

      Okay so step 1: Passport (how does one survive in Europe without one?!) Step 2: Take a short flight! Then… a longer one to Chicago 😉 True story: My flight to London was the LEAST awful flight I have taken. It’s pretty short, really!

      • Haha, yeah, I saw, and seriously, that dude was horrible.

        Right? I don’t know how I have, I’ve just never been out of my country. The furthest I’ve been is Scotland (and I wish I lived there), and I’d just have to take something to knock me out for the whole plane ride, haha.

  12. I’m glad that you had so much fun! I’m sorry not everything went well but good job not getting discouraged! I’d love to go to some think like this but I’m afraid of people. Were all of the books free or did you buy some too? I’m clueless, sorry.

    • Awww thanks! And seriously, do NOT let the fear of people stop you, and here’s why- there is enough room to just… walk away. I did it frequently, and just meandered around by myself for a few minutes to regroup. It is fabulous! Also, they were all free. Every. Single. One. Epic, if you ask me 😉

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