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Welcome to my stop on the FFBC Blog Tour for The Edge of Forever by Melissa Hurst! I will be sharing my thoughts on the book, as well as a giveaway at the end. And make sure to check out the other stops along the way!! 

Review & Giveaway: The Edge of Forever by Melissa Hurst Blog Tour The Edge of Forever by Melissa Hurst LaneMelissa Hurst
Published by Sky Pony Press on June 2nd 2015
Pages: 256
Source:Copy provided by publisher for review, via Edelweiss

In 2013: Sixteen-year-old Alora is having blackouts. Each time she wakes up in a different place with no idea of how she got there. The one thing she is certain of? Someone is following her.

In 2146: Seventeen-year-old Bridger is one of a small number of people born with the ability to travel to the past. While on a routine school time trip, he sees the last person he expected—his dead father. The strangest part is that, according to the Department of Temporal Affairs, his father was never assigned to be in that time. Bridger’s even more stunned when he learns that his by-the-book father was there to break the most important rule of time travel—to prevent someone’s murder.
And that someone is named Alora.
Determined to discover why his father wanted to help a “ghost,” Bridger illegally shifts to 2013 and, along with Alora, races to solve the mystery surrounding her past and her connection to his father before the DTA finds him. If he can stop Alora’s death without altering the timeline, maybe he can save his father too.
I have to say, this was another pleasant surprise for me!  It started off a bit slow, and was kind of a little cookie-cutter time travel- at first, and that is quite important to note! While I did have a few issues in the beginning (nothing specific, it just felt a bit slower and formulaic), The Edge of Forever really took off, and went in a really great direction!
Let’s talk about these things I have enjoyed:
  • Yes, it was a time travel situation, but it was also a mystery. And I honestly didn’t know where this mystery was going to go, which is always fun! There were a lot of twists, most of which I did not see coming.
  • Alora and Bridger were good characters, and the romance was slow and not the focus of the book at all. I would have liked just a bit more character development, but overall it worked for the story, since there was a lot of other stuff going on!
  •  The time travel stuff was very unique and complex, but not confusing. This is huge for me, because a lot of times, I find time travel books to be either too simplistic, and therefore unbelievable, or too complicated and I end up just zoning out. This was refreshingly neither! There were multiple timelines, all kinds of rules, trust issues, and other stuff that might be spoilery, but through it all, I was able to keep up.
  • There’s going to be another book! I read this book thinking it was a standalone, but when I finished I thought it had tons of potential for a series. I wanted to find out what the deal was, so after a pretty good Twitter stalking session, I found out that the author is working on a sequel, which I will most definitely be reading, because this was a very fascinating world!
Bottom Line: The Edge of Forever was fast paced and fun, with the perfect amount of mystery and time travelling shenanigans to keep me very intrigued!4strs
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Melissa lives in the southern US with her husband and three kids. She writes YA science fiction and fantasy, which means she considers watching Star Trek and Firefly as research. She dreams of traveling around the world and maybe finding Atlantis one day. You can usually find her with a book in one hand and a Dr. Pepper in the other. Or consuming lots of chocolate.

THE EDGE OF FOREVER is her debut novel.

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13 responses to “Review & Giveaway: The Edge of Forever by Melissa Hurst Blog Tour

  1. It always makes me just the tiniest bit sad when I hear that books are fabulous but start off slow, because I know I judge books by their first pages all the time. (Unless people pressure me into reading it, which is why you fabulous book blogs exist.) (It also makes me the tiniest bit sad when giveaways are US-only.)

    But like this book cover is so interesting! I love covers that play with spacial perception. And oh wait, I think the names sound familiar! I swear I’ve read the query for this somewhere — probably on Suzie Townsend’s blog. Also, Melissa: watching Star Trek totally counts as research. Especially on the ability of Spock to raise an eyebrow properly.

    • I know what you mean, on both counts 😉 I always feel so bad that the tour giveaways always seem to be US only. Except if I plan to ENTER one, because then my chances are better 😉 Kidding, mostly!

      The book was REALLY good. Very well done, I loved that the scienc-y parts were like, reasonable sounding without confusing the holy hell out of me. SUCH a win.

  2. Kalani Grace

    I am so excited for all these books! I really don’t care what books it is, just a YA book and I have to get it! 🙂

  3. Amazing time-traveling shenanigans? Please, sign me up for that one! I’ve read a lot with time traveling that didn’t really mesh well because a.) confusing b.) weird explanations. Plus, I love it when a good cliché is full of mystery to keep the mind going!

  4. I can deal with it starting off slow knowing it starts off slow (really does make the difference, doesn’t it?) Mystery and time travel? YES. Now I’ll need to read it just to see if I can get the twists right. AND THANK YOU ROMANCE. Not the focus and more slow burn. 😀 D D My main problem with time travel ones is all the confusion mostly, especially if it’s info dumped, so it not being confusing? Big tick. This definitely feels like a me book now (which, it didn’t when I first read the synopsis).

    • That is always the worst for me with time travel too, the info dumps. But that’s not how this one went down at all. Parts of the time travel itself was part of the mystery, so things kind of got revealed as it went along. There was a *bit* of info-dump at the beginning, which is probably part of the slow start (and why I was wary), but that all got out of the way soon enough!

  5. I’m reading this right now! I agree I was unenthusiastic at first but it really picked up. I’m to the point where I can’t believe it can all be wrapped up in the limited pages I have left so I’m happy to hear it’s not to be continued. You’re right! Time travel is so hard to do right!

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