The Impossible Choice of Book Favorites


Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Top Ten Books You Would Classify As ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS from the past 3 years (you can extend it to 5 if you need to).

This is hard. I think we all know how ridiculously hard this is, no? Great. It would almost be easier if they’d said “Favorite ONE Book” (which, fine, would negate all of the “Ten” shenanigans they are going for, but you know, shush), because ten favorites is hard. I was thinking about letting series count as one book, because I am so fond of cheating, but then when I got to 8 books and realized it would be easier to use 3 of the same series… well, it’s laziness instead of cheating, basically. Here we go! (Little banner things link to Goodreads!)


Percentage of people shocked to see this on my list? Zero percent. Unless this is your first time here, you just knew these bad boys were going to make an appearance. Because, obviously. My loves. 


Truth be told, this is my favorite of the series. If I had to choose, which isn’t nice, because that is like Sophie’s Choice. But the characters were all more fierce, the stakes were somehow even higher, and you know, more Everlark. Wins across the board. Oh, and the arena was in water. Such a win.


Some people weren’t a fan of this one but… I was, okay? It ended basically the way I wanted it to: with my heart in seven million pieces, but at the same time so happy I could do a jig. No, it wasn’t as captivating as the arena, but it was war for goodness sake! 


I loved the whole Chaos Walking trilogy, but this one blew the others away. So it won a spot on this list. Honestly, it was some of the most intense and nail-biting writing I have ever encountered. I plan to reread this series someday, because I adored it so much. 


Again, I loved the whole “dystology” (whatever that is- I mean, my spell check doesn’t even believe Neal that it is a real word!) but the first book kind of shocks and appalls you on a level that just cannot be recreated. Yes, the subsequent books were amazing, but reading about the world for the first time was just…. so freaking intense! 


THIS. BOOK. I need more of it, really. Who wants to help me flood Ms. Hensley with letters, begging for more? Don’t get me wrong, I was absolutely horrified by what Sam went through, but I could not put this book down, and Sam was just… amazing. She is such a hero. 


This book spoke to me in such a way that I had to put it down at times because I seriously felt that Rachel Wilson was IN MY HEAD. I would be shaking because her descriptions were so accurate of how I have felt, how I have struggled, and I fell in love with Caddie and her story. 


Another series finale here! The Apocalypsis series was a really good one in general, but man, I couldn’t get this last book out of my head for weeks. Maybe longer. Maybe it’s still there, okay? This series went in all kinds of twisty and amazing directions, and when it came time for the end, it was simply perfection. 


Listen up: If you haven’t read this yet, I implore you to do so. Then I dare you to tell me you didn’t love it, because I honestly don’t think it is possible. This book is exquisite, and important, and heartbreaking, and hopeful and life affirming, all rolled into one. Heather Demetrios knows how to write a story, and she sure as hell knows how to do justice to really important topics. 


Damn you, Green, just thinking of these crazy kids has my heart in knots. The book was beautiful, the movie was beautiful, I just… feels overload.


Because you just knew I wouldn’t follow the rules 😉  Muahahahha.

Tell me your favorites, my lovelies! 

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  1. Hunger Games would of made my list, but it’s been linger than 3 years since I read them!
    Catching Fire is wonderful, but Hunger Games was magical in how it sucked me in so fast and didn’t let go til I turned the last page.;)

  2. Haha, I grouped the series as one book. (Can you imagine including all the ASOIAF books? That would leave only half the list.) And definitely Catching Fire was great. Best of the movies, at least. Unwind is also another fabulous one, even though the style was a little too sparse for my taste. And I foresee that TFIOS will be on a lot of lists this time round XD

    • Hahahha yes, that is why I had considered grouping series as one but then… I got stuck. Because I couldn’t chose among the runner-ups, so… I got greedy 😉 I actually really liked the Mockingjay Part 1 movie! I was surprised, because I liked Catching Fire (book and movie) so much, and the first part of the Mockingjay book was a little “meh”, so I wasn’t expecting to love it but… I loved it! Maybe even more than CF, though there’s no Everlark kiss 🙁

  3. Oh, wow…I’ll Meet You There made this list. I’ve got to make time to read it! I forgot about Unwind! It’s definitely one of my favorite books. This really was hard. I would have included The Hunger Games, but it’s been more than 5 years since I read it. I read the ARC and had to wait what seemed like an eternity for it’s actual release. I guess I could have put Catching Fire and Mockingjay on my list, but it didn’t occur to me because the first book was outside of the timeline. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

    • Yes, I really loved it! Unwind is such an amazing (and unique and terrifying) book! This WAS really hard! WHOA- you read an ARC of THE HUNGER GAMES?! That is kind of the most amazing thing I have ever heard!

      • My Hunger Games ARC is sealed in plastic, and so is my Catching Fire ARC. Catching Fire is signed (not stamped, like most, I met her before she broke her arm and had to use a stamp for her appearances). I looked it up and the stamped ARCs are selling for $800-$1000. Mine is in pristine condition. I want to re-read them but I have to buy a new set because I’m afraid to touch the ARCs!

        • STOP! I…. have no words. I mean, I am in awe, riddled with jealousy, and am in need of a time machine so I can join you in this meeting and signing! I have no words, except I can see why they’d go for $1K, because if I had money, I would pay that!

  4. I can’t wait to read I’ll Meet You There this month! It looks amazing! I am also really looking forward to Rites of Passage. Hopefully I’ll get to read them soon. Fantastic list! 🙂

  5. I AM A FAN OF MOCKINGJAY TOOOOOOO. Basically I love all the books and it mortifies me horrifically that I haven’t read Suzanne Collins’ MG books because I feel I’m failing my fangirling if I don’t. I WILL. I just. *glares at tbr* Soooon. And basically I need to finish the Walking Chaos trilogy. But I still haven’t forgiven Patrick Ness for Manchee. *Sobs wildly in the corner*

    • I know what you mean about her MG books. But, I tell myself that even though I am not excited to read MG, I WILL rewatch the two episodes of Clarissa Explains it All that she wrote. Same thing, right? Great. And noooo Manchee! My heart! It’s mean to break someone’s heart right before they go to bed, Cait! That series is so epic! I want to reread it sooooon. Or someday. Someday is more likely.

    • I loved your philosophical thoughts! Because really, it is so true! I did a best list ever too, honestly. Most of them were *around* 3 years, but some were a little further out (like THG). Oopsie?

  6. I’ve only read one of the books on your list *looks embarrassed*. I really need to read The Hunger Games trilogy as it seems to be making a lot of TTTs this week.

  7. *raises hand* I’ll help you with the letters to Ms. Hensley! I absolutely LOVED Rites of Passage! I’ll Meet You There is another favorite of mine, Josh and Skylar are amazing 🙂

    • Awww! I know what you mean, it is a hard series to read! But don’t you want to know what happens with the Gale-Peeta thing? And like, Snow being all mad at Katniss? DOOO ITTTT! 😉

  8. YES I AM EXCITED I’m going to start reading Don’t Touch this weekend. And HAHA THE HUNGER GAMES. Wow Shannon I had no idea you loved that series so much. Ha.

    I need to read Unwind. I have Challenger Deep by him, which I only requested because I knew he about his other books. Though I never read them 😛


    • YAY for Don’t Touch! And yeah, shocking, I know, since I never actually mentioned that I liked the books before. HA. And I cannot WAIT to read Challenger Deep! SO EXCITED! I have been making myself wait, but it is happening. SOON.

  9. I didn’t even try to stick to ten this week, I cheated a lot, but I couldn’t/didn’t want to narrow it down!

    Wow, really? Hunger Games is your favorite series? I had NO IDEA! Okay, I was going for sarcasm, don’t think it worked. =) I totally agree that Catching Fire is the best though, it’s also the one I’ve reread the most.

    I really need to read the Chaos Walking trilogy and the rest of the Unwind series and like four other books you mentioned and I haven’t read… =)

  10. Ahhh! Catching Fire’s my favorite book of the trilogy as well! SO MUCH LOVE FOR IT. I can’t count how many times that book made me cry. And bonus points since the movie was pretty brilliant!

    Unwind was really unique, interesting and definitely shocking, but personally I wasn’t a fan of the writing style. x_x Haven’t finished this whole series yet, though!

    Rites of Passage could have been a much better read for me if it weren’t for the romance. The plot was epic and I loved all the girl power, but the romance? Um…

    Don’t Touch was really good! Loved the story, and yay for theater! <3

    I NEED TO READ I'LL MEET YOU THERE AHH! (But our local bookstores don't carry it, so… Excuse me while I shove my face into a pillow and sob.)

    I loved the TFIOS movie, but the book was just okay. John Green's writing is just not my thing, personally, but he sure knows how to make a reader cry buckets.

    • I love Neal Shusterman’s writing style, but that is such a personal preference! And you didn’t LOVE Sam and Drill? Oh, I cannot get enough of them!

      It’s funny, because I thought I’d end up NOT liking Don’t Touch because of the theater stuff, but I was SO wrong! Nooooo your bookstores don’t have it!? They need to step it up! This is not okay!

      I kind of love John Green, but again, that’s such a preference issue! (And amen with the crying! That needs to stop 😉 )

  11. Rites of Passage was an incredible book! I’m honestly surprised more people haven’t read it, but I’m so glad to see it on your list. 🙂

  12. The Hunger Games will always be one of my favourite series as well.And I agree with you that Catching Fire was the best.Especially since Finnick was introduced:)
    The Fault in Our Stars is such a beautiful book.I didn’t like John Green’s other books,but TFIOS was perfect.And the movie is quite wonderful as well.Ansel was awesome as Augustus

  13. I love The Hunger Games, I’m not a huge fan of the romance but I do like Katniss and Peeta the most. Oh, I peep Rites of Passage and I’ll Meet You There in your list 😀 I loved them as well, great list overall!

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