Snark From the Ark: Episode 2.10 “Survival of the Fittest”


Welcome to this week’s Snark From the Ark! Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight are mildly obsessed with “The 100″, and need to flail and fangirl after every episode. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the fun! As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So either watch the episode, or use this to catch up! Did you miss last week’s chat? Find it here!

SERIOUSLY… ALL the Spoilers Ahead. DO NOT READ THIS until you watch, or unless you’re cool with spoilers. You’ve been warned! 


I actually really enjoyed that episode! Until the end.  



UkCcbP0R_400x400 Yeah, the end was basically awful and horrible and wrong.



hollyLincoln, my poor baby. AND BELLAMY.

Did you watch next week’s trailer?

I’m dying. This show is going to kill me. 


shannonI did! I was not any less horrified by that.

It probably made things worse.

And like, yes, Bellamy will likely be okay, but Lincoln!?

How could he do that!?



That shit that the Mount Weather people shoot up the

Reapers with is like a drug, right?

So he’s addicted. And now he’s relapsed.




Yes. I had hoped he’d be free of it after the whole “killing him” thing,

but I guess he still craves it?

He should not have gone then! 

It’s like an alcoholic going to a big, free bar.



I just, oh gosh, I don’t wanna see him as a Reaper again.

Literally do not!

Or see Octavia’s reaction to it again!

Speaking of, what a badass warrior princess we have here.




Ugh NO. I can’t. No thank you.

Especially when we have to watch Bellamy be drained in the process!

And RIGHT!? I LOVE HER. Also, pretty sure she thinks she IS a Grounder, no?

Do you think she’s going to turn on the Arkians completely?

And is that why what’s-her-face is training her?




She’s basically a Grounder, Shannon.She’s one of them.

But the funny thing is, the Grounders call Lincoln one of the Sky people.

 Octavia’s my favorite female character on this show. I adore her so much..



Is that why what’s-her-face is training her? To try to use Octavia as a weapon?

She’s made no secret of her hate toward the “sky people”  




When that guy went after Murphy I was like: oh boy, here we go again.   




Hahah yep! Why was Murphy invited to THAT party?

I mean, he was there and did not stop the massacre! Great call as usual, Arkians.   




And he antagonized the dude and threw the first punch. I mean really.   




shannonThat is because Murphy is an absolute failure at life.  





Okay, but can we seriously talk about the freaking gorilla?!?!?!   





YAY I was waiting for this!

 I mean, I get that he was from a zoo… but how has he lived ALONE for so long?

Gorillas die too. 



I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. I think I was in shock. IT WAS A FUCKING GORILLA.

Maybe he was born after it all happened?  



Well yeah, but where the hell are the other gorillas that spawned Greg?

(I named him Greg, by the way.)



hollyI don’t know. But that reminded me so much of Lost,

which is why I was laughing and couldn’t really take it seriously.

There was a polar bear on a tropical island in Lost. It was hilarious.



Oh, I haven’t seen Lost.

But just the fact that there was a damn gorilla in a VERY nearby zoo that no one,

including the people who’d lived there forever, had ever stumbled upon before

made me not take the Greg situation seriously. 

And seriously, is Jaha on drugs?

OH and we need to discuss my FAVORITE line from the show:

Murphy saying to Jaha “Camp You is that way”



Wtf is Jaha doing? And now he’s going to the City of Light? Like what?

Is he turning into this spiritual priest who wants to save everyone’s souls?

Murphy’s going with him, right??



Yep, Murphy was like “eh, what the hell” and followed along.

It’s like Murphy, Jaha, and a bunch of old Arkians.

On a journey to a potentially non-existent place.


hollyeh, I don’t really care about that story-line at the moment.

I’m more interested in my Bellamy being carried off into danger.

Shirtless, by the way, which was suuuuch a nice bonus. #shamelessogling

 I’m so scared for him. He will not die. He will not die. He will not die.

I would cry. And then refuse to watch, probably.


shannonI think a lot of people would. Don’t worry, it won’t happen. I promise!





hollyDo you also promise that Monty will live?  




shannonWell, if they start killing off characters…

Monty would definitely be an option. People like him, so it would resonate,

but not enough that people would completely freak out.


hollyWay to be, Shannon. I just don’t want anyone I love to die.




shannonIt might be Jasper who goes, maybe that’s why they’ve decreased his likability.

Plus, it’d be rude to kill off the only Asian dude.



hollyYou might be right. It’s like with Finn’s spiraling character.

Plus Monty’s lovable and a fan favorite.

Jasper is just… ugh.  That’s why he’s probably going to die.

As will Maya. Just like that random blonde lady did.



shannonIf Maya DOESN’T die the fandom will rage!

I kind of loved that. I was like “well, good riddance to YOU, lady we always hated.

Sorry about Greg.”


holly“Save yourself.” dies.

I still think Greg is too tame for this man-eating gorilla.


Greg, for reference.

shannonThat’s the irony of it, Holly.

It sounds nice. But Greg is not nice.

He’s vicious and he will eat you, Arkian OR Grounder.


hollyAnd of course King Kong was already taken.  




shannonWell, that too.

Maybe he’ll get Maya. 

Because then, we will cheer for Greg, Maybe he’ll become tamer.

Maybe Jaha will find a wife for him in the Las Vegas Zoo, and Greg will have a nice ending.

You don’t know. It’s bad that I care more about Greg’s story arc than Maya’s, right?



Las Vegas would just be so boring. I hope the City of Light is something else. 

I already care about Greg too. He seems like a lonely, albeit, aggressive gorilla.




Well sure! He has been trapped in the zoo for who knows how long.

Maybe this is the only way he knows how to meet people. Poor Greg. 




Poor Greg, indeed.

Okay. Predictions?  



shannonBellamy will NOT die. Promise!

He may even come close to death. Clarke will save him though.



hollyHe is clearly going to be tortured a bit. MY POOR BABY.

But we shall not worry, because Monty will be there for the rescue!

Whoa, okay, we’re clearly not thinking along the same lines.




Yeah isn’t Monty in a cage too though?

Well, either Clarke comes in and saves them all….

OR if they really want to beat this dead horse, Monty saves them.

But Clarke doesn’t know this, so she goes in, and then SHE is trapped. So Bellamy saves her. 

Actually, that’s my prediction, because that shit could last for the rest of the season..




Never question Monty, Shannon.

Yeah, but she’s got that plan with the cages.

She thinks Bellamy’s gonna be able to do this on his own. SHE WON’T BE THERE.

I still think there is NO WAY anyone is gonna get in. It’s all on Bellamy and the rest of the 46.



shannonWell yes, I agree. I think they will get out, but then Clarke, sick of waiting, will go IN. 

And she’ll be all on her high horse with “I have to save my people!”

And I’ll sing “Let My People Go”, which I do every time she says that.



hollyHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m just sitting here, picturing you singing that.



So, that was the episode! Half hilarity, half horror, but Greg so deserves an Emmy, no? What do you think is going to happen tonight? Did you love Greg as much as we did? Let us know!


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  1. Ha! This is so fun! This is the first time I’ve read this because I just caught up with the rest of the world on The 100. For the record, the leader of the Grounders (whatever her name is – I can’t think of it right now) did seem to know about Greg when he first showed up. I’m pretty sure she even had a name for him (though I don’t know what it was – pretty sure it wasn’t Greg). At least that was my understanding while I was watching it (I just got to it last night). Could be wrong.

    • His name is Greg! Come on now, don’t ruin it 😉 I kind of missed Lexa’s response because I was busy being really glad that Greg ate annoying blonde lady. Also, you clearly pay more attention than Holly and I do, so I am glad you are caught up with us!

  2. Love the banter as usual!

    Greg is a great name, if not the name the Grounders gave him, haha I love the irony as well. He thoroughly scared the crap out of me and I had to lower the volume couple notches. And he was SO the smoke monster from Lost, made me so nostalgic!

    I agree, Jaha is getting pretty annoying. In some ways this plot line for him and Murphy make sense after all they’ve been through, but ick.

    Also, Abby is getting SO annoying. She’s held on so tight to Clarke for all this time since the death of her husband, and she can’t bear to let go, but she has to. Between Jaha and Abby, only Marcus is acting somewhat level-headed — who could’ve predicted *that* at the beginning of the series? I love the character development on this show!!

    Also, Clarke is my favorite character and she only grows into a stronger and more capable leader every episode, it’s amazing to watch. Anya and Lexa are incredible.

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