My Favorite Ships


No, not the correct usage? Confession: When I first heard of “ships”, I thought everyone had gone on some kind of nautical kick. True and embarrassing story.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you like to live vicariously through pretend couples like I do, I have you covered with some of my all time favorites! (Images link to Goodreads- or you know, The CW.)











For the love of god, someone needs to make this happen already! For reasons. Like:tumblr_nf95heRz2d1rluzy1o2_250

And my #1 all time OTP, like you’re at all surprised:



Who are your favorite bookish couples of all time?

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  1. I love living vicariously through fictional characters! Also, how haven’t I watched the 100 yet!? This seems like something I need in my life!

    I love Violet and Fitch(sob), Juliette and Warner, Hazel and Gus(sob), and, of course, Peeta and Katniss! Some of my other favorite couples are Ronan and Adam(not technically a couple but I ship them!) from The Raven Cycle and Eleanor and Park. =)

    Awesome post, and, I know, “shipping” and “ship” can be so misleading!

    • Seriously, why do our favorite couples never get to be happy!? (Well, some of them anyway!)

      DUDE you need to watch The 100! Then, you can freak out with us after every episode! The first few episodes of season 1 are kind of rough… but then it gets SO GOOD. This season has been like, non-stop action and twists!

      I need to read The Raven Cycle and Eleanor and Park very soon!

      • Haha, I really want to watch it and I keep meaning to but the. I run out of time in a day. I love action and twists and EVERYBODY is talking about it and I want to understand what everyone is talking about! =)

        Also, you probably don’t want to read Eleanor and Park, it’s really not that good… And I’m not just saying that because I don’t want more people trying to hog Park… Pfft.

  2. Awww Hazel and Gus <3 That was one epic love story. Everyone's cheering for Clarke and Bellamy! I don't know how I feel about them but I'm excited to see where they'd go 🙂

    *ships obsessively*
    Oh wait. I have several ALL TIME otps, and another is Alyssa and Morpheus. HA. Of course. 😉 Also another of mine is Simon and Isabelle from City of Bones. *squishes them together*

    • If we’re being completely honest, I think I’d be better for Peeta than Katniss, but Suzanne Collins somehow forgot to add me to the plot. Oopsie, she didn’t mean it.

      Some of these ships are so depressing, no? I got sad just typing them!

  4. SHIPS! SHIPS! THE SHIPS ARE SAILING (or sunk in some cases, I’ll never forgive John Green, Jennifer Niven and Joy N Hensley for that.) (though with Rites of Passage I am totally pretending that they got together some way) But haha! I had no clue what OTP was when I first saw it, so had to google.

    Right, after my Serial Killer kick with the Jasper Dent series, I WILL read I’ll Meet You There, read like 4 reviews this week of it, and I NEED it in my life. BELLARKE NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I’ve only just finished watching S01E09, (I’m watching it waaaaaaay slow for some reason) so haven’t gotten to the hug yet but I’m squealing right now, haha.

    Is it bad I was totally on Team Gale in THG? BUT BUT, I converted to Team Peeta in Catching Fire.

    My #1 )h as to be Liz/Max from Roswell High, read them when I was 13, and then they became my first TV Ship too. But other book ones (apart from TFiOS, Rites of Passage and All the Bright Places)

    Romitri (Vampire Academy is still my favourite ‘Vampire’ book)
    Chaolaena (I’m really scared for Queen of Shadows)


    Main TV Ships, CAPTAIN SWAN. I am still obsessed with Once Upon a Time.
    BELLARKE, obviously. (IT WILL HAPPEN)
    Densi, Kensi and Deeks from NCIS: LA (MY SHIP IS SAILING)

    Now I really just want to go rewatch everything.

    • Oh, in my mind, Sam and Drill ARE together. Also, I still hold out hope that Joy will write a sequel some day. Because I need her too, and that is reason enough.

      Bellarke is necessary! Especially in Season 2, but you know they are not going to make this easy for us!

      I was Team Gale for like, 10 minutes. Well, at least the first few chapters, basically because I felt so bad for him, it was clear that he had feelings for her, and she was off to the Hunger Games for goodness sake! But then… Peeta. And my heart was won.


    I definitely live vicariously through fictional couples. *le sigh* LOVE Finch and Violet obviously, and Aria and Perry. Also, I learned the term “ship” many years ago but never actually understood it until I became a book blogger. It sounds weird, but I USE IT ALL THE TIME.

  6. The greatest thing about you is that you ship Everlark <3 (Okay there are MANY great things about you but this is a big one!)

    But yes HARDCORE shipping for Juliette and Warner. I still open up my books every once in a while for some swoons.

    And I promise to read I’ll Meet You There soon so I can meet Skylar and Josh and ship them to eternity 😉

    *whispers* I also promise to watch The 100.

    • I think my love for Peeta is one of the best things about me too 😉 AH, Juliette and Warner were amazing, I need to get physical copies of those books! And yesss, read I’ll Meet You There! So good!

      And watch The 100, just so you can flail with us 😉

  7. So, I had this whole reply planned for each of your ships (Aren’t Juliette and Warner the best?! <3) but I read you question about my favourite ship and all I could think was


  8. Bee

    Haha I love that you thought everyone was on a nautical kick! Im sorry but I think I have disagree on Katniss and Peeta. Not for me. Peeta just strikes me as kind of a dork and hes also named after bread… Im more of a Tris and Four shipper (Divergent). <3 Bee @ Bee Reads Books

  9. Totally the correct usage. 🙂

    I obviously agree with almost half of these, the only half I don’t agree with are from the half of these books I haven’t read (I’m a fan of TFIOS, IMYT, ATBP, RoP OTPs).

  10. Liesel and Rudy for the rest of my life. BUT OF COURSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK THIEF YOU POOOOO. But yeah, I love Violet and Finch too, but I have yet to find that couple that makes me ship them hard. I like Blue and Ganesy (READ THAT SERIES TOO) from The Raven Cycle, but I like the Raven Boys and Blue in general. I don’t really care if they’re together (don’t let Holly see this) shh…

    Ahh Peeta and Katniss, haah good choice.

    • I will, I will, I promise! I know I need to read The Book Thief, The Raven Cycle, and Throne of Glass before people start throwing things.

      Also, I love the name Liesel, so now I extra want to read it.

  11. Goodness, I have so many ships, I don’t even know where to start. There’s Katniss and Peeta, of course… I love them even more in the movies! There’s also Harry and Hermione (they’ll always be the ones who ended together in my head bahaha), and there’s also Simon and Meg from Anne Bishops’ Others series! ANd oh! OH OHHH~ Kate Daniels and Curran from Ilona Andrews’ UF hit ^_^

  12. Great list!I really love Juliette and Warner.Chapter 62 made sure of it!
    My OTP is Adrian and Sydney from Bloodlines.They have such a beautiful love and they always break my heart.
    I really want to watch The 100,atleast to see what the Bellark fuss is all about:)

    • Hahah exactly! Goodness, those two were steeeaammmy.

      You should definitely watch The 100! And Bellarke hasn’t *technically* happened yet, but it will, or hoardes of us will descend on The CW 😉

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to google what shipping was. I haven’t read most of these. I only got to like book 4 of Sookie and she wasn’t with Eric (yet) haha I liked Belamy with Clark from the beginning so it’s nice to see them at least friendly now. (I’m a bit behind on the show) Yep no surprise about Katniss and Peeta. I was actually team Gale. Still friends? 😉

    One of my favorite couples is Percy and Annabeth!

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