Have a Spiffy, Gif-y Christmas!


You, yes you. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas or any other holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Random Thursday, whatever! I hope you all have a nice day off to spend with family, read, take a nap, do whatever you want. If you don’t, maybe some gifs will help. It’s okay if you’re this guy. I am this guy: tumblr_naiuw9wCBA1tiy2sbo2_500

And it’s even kind of okay if you want to be this guy (as long as you love, right?):the-office-michael-scott-secret-santa

Pretty sure we all know this guy:


So even if you have to put on this:


Or dress up like this:Ross-Geller-ross-and-monica-geller-31992707-500-292

I hope that you have a wonderful day with lots of love. And from the bottom of my heart, 82996-home-alone-gif-Merry-Christmas-TwJ8

Posted December 25, 2014 by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight in Funsies / 19 Comments

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    But yes I hope you had an amazing holiday ya filthy animal. I watched that movie on the 24th, hahahahah.


    • I love how you keep (fairly accurately) calling me a weirdo in my comments 😉 I feel the love, I do. I don’t think I have watched the movie in its entirety since like, whenever it actually came out. Oops? I have caught bits and pieces of course, since it is on all the time!

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