Welcome to September’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight!

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  Also, covers all link to Goodreads, because I am awesome. As always, I link up with the Wrap Up Round Up, too! 

The Books

For Review/From Publishers: 

Nothing this month! 


Huge thanks to the publishers for these lovelies! I am so excited for all of them! I feel like I am growing as a person, this is less bad than usual! 


Too tired to link! 


Nothing this month!

Thanks to no one ♥♥ (heh) 

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 14 books this month. I started the month on fire, but then time. Still, not bad! 

This has to be one of the best reading months I have ever had. At least 4 five-stars, and several more 4.5s. And not a crappy one in the bunch, woo! 

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month!

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

Pretty covers are pretty. 

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • Guys I need help! This seems to be happening to me on several WordPress blogs (I reached out to Sam about it, as I thought maybe it was just hers, but then the same thing just happened to me on Marie’s cool zodiac signs post!), but when I try to comment, I get an error that says “nonce verification failed”. From my (ridiculously intensive) Googling, I… don’t know that there is anything I can do on my end? I have cleared cookies and caches, logged out and back in, tried private browsers, different browsers, different devices, hell, I have even gone to my mom’s house to use a whole different IP address! But nothing seems to work! I did see some mention of Jetpack potentially causing the issue, but who knows. Anyway please know that if you have a WP comment system and use the native WP commenting… well, I am very likely trying to comment but can’t and am sorry! If you have any ideas, do share with the class, please and thank you! 
  •  We need more vacations and holidays. Like a month into school and I am so desperately in need of a break, my goodness. The US really has to cut the crap with the “we hate PTO” nonsense, honestly.   
  • There’s only 6 weeks til the elections! And pretty much no matter where you live (though some places more than others of course), this is some important shit. Especially in my lovely garbage heap state of Pennsylvania,  the outcome of these races could simply not be more critical. Will we still have any rights come November 9th? That is literally how terrifying it is here. (Seriously- if you are unaware, check out this comparison, and you’ll see why I am terrified.) But the ramifications for the whole country exist, no question. Yes, I am telling you early to remember to check your registration status, because if I wait until next month, it will be too late for nearly everyone. So go here, see when your deadline is, and double check your status. It will take you 30 seconds, but could quite literally make a world of difference in your future. 

Have a great October, loves! Let me know how your month was! Looking forward to anything coming up?

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27 responses to “Monthly Minutes at Midnight: September 2022

  1. I have also had that comment error pop up, and I think it comes from that person’s blog, not you. It is frustrating. My biggest frustration right now is bloggers who don’t offer any kind of follow option, or the follow option isn’t working (don’t get me started on Bloglovin’ and Follow It) I really want to leave comments but I can’t if I don’t know you have a new post! Grrr. Anyway, sorry I went off topic. Glad you had a fantastic month! I can’t wait to read Station Eternity, Wrath and Lute😁

    • Well I have to say, I am kind of glad that it isn’t my fault, but also, that means I can never fix it 😂 Oooooh yes yes I agree! I have a few blogger friends that I have been telling to get email follow for YEARS! I I like to follow my absolute favorites by email, because like you said, I will miss posts otherwise!

      I LOVED all three of those books, so I really hope you do too!

  2. I have a couple days off in November and I am HERE FOR IT!
    I’m also just really glad it’s October. It’ll probably be a busy month, but more fun things, whereas September was more stressful things. LOL
    I live in KY so I hear you about election day being a BIG deal. I really just hope we get some change…like seriously.


    • Dude I NEED the November days off tbh. I mean, Thanksgiving is what I am living for at this point 😂 Hopefully we both make it til then!

      It is crazy because you want change, and I want NOT change hahah. Our governor has been pretty good, but his time is up, so we either get level-headed, reasonable man or… complete honest-to-goodness psychopath who will destroy our lives. My fingers are crossed for both of our states!

  3. Fall is such a busy time. Just when we feel like curling up with a good book, there is so much going on! After watching Station Eleven, I am very tempted to read the book. I have heard great things about it. Also think the American Royals series sounds fun. Have a great October!

  4. Yay for great reads (more 4+ stars > more books in total), but boo for commenting issues. I haven’t run across that yet, but will keep my ears open for you. Maybe that’s the Universe forcing you to have some more personal time? 😉

    I just got my vote-by-mail in the mail today….VA is very behind with that whole concept, so I’m *thrilled* to sit down and do my civic duty without having to be exposed to more COVID. Depending on who wins in PA, you know my door is always (metaphorically) open. <3
    And thanks for participating in Pirateathon, and for boosting the signal! I've booked myself on two readathons in Oct, one in Nov, and I'm sure I'll end up doing one in December as well because I'm a sucker for gamifying my reading *and* this makes me want to host a The 100 readathon now.

    • Aw thanks! And tbh if the universe wanted me to have personal time, it would ACCEPT THE COMMENTS THE FIRST TIME 😂

      Aw yay for VA catching up! We only got ours a few years ago, and literally every election cycle, some shitty GOP person is trying to undo mail-in voting. Because god forbid we help people to vote. I really hate it here ugh.

      A The 100 one would be fun! I also thought of a The 100 book tag, I saw some other show;s tag somewhere and that would be fun too!

      • Ohhh how would a The 100 book tag work? Like an Instagram book tag challenge for a few weeks or something, with related prompts? Cuz I’m all in. I’ll have to noodle on a The 100 readathon now. Maybe host it in April or May. Hrmmm….

  5. The one work around I do know is going through WP reader. I didn’t myself when I was getting that error on a few blogs. I just remember that, sorry. I don’t know about PA, but in these parts we refer to November as “no-school November”. Few days off there. And, did your district not get the high holidays? The schools were closed around here for that last week, and will be this upcoming week. On a happier note, glad to hear there were stinkers in September. I had a few DNFs, but I had a lot of hits too.

    • OH this is good to know! I shall try that, thank you!

      DAMN I like that! We just have Veteran’s Day and then Thanksgiving but I will take it! And no, I do not know what those holidays are? That is unfair, I want that! Glad you had a good reading month, too!

  6. I’ve had issues with several Word Press blogs too. And it is frustrating because I have Word Press now and I hope everyone can comment on mine! Looks like you had some good books last month. I’m with you on the school vacations. We have a professional development day the first Wednesday of October, no kids, but meetings all day. Then we have parent conferences later in the month, and because we have to stay late one night, we get that Friday off, so kind of a break, but not. And so I’m waiting for the full week in November that we get off for Thanksgiving. Oh well, hope your October is better!

    • It really is frustrating! All signs point to it being the WP commenting Jetpack thingy, which I do not have, so hopefully we’re good? I’ll let you nknow if I have problems!

      Yeah we had an inservice day too- but I had to be there 2 hours earlier than usual so even though there were no kids, it certainly wasn’t any better! We have… nothing until Veteran’s Day, womp womp. And you get a whole WEEK for Thanksgiving!? That is awesome! I feel like we get very few breaks compared to other areas, tbh!

  7. I have also encountered the “nonce verification failed” problem. I also Googled it and came up with nothing. So . . . I’m no help. I can relate to desperately needing a vacation, though. My work doesn’t give any PTO. We don’t get holidays off. Luckily, it’ll snow soon, and then my hours will get cut, so maybe I can sleep for more than 4 hours!

    • Well, it is good to know that it isn’t me, at least! So thanks for that! And seriously- it is SO bad. I feel you with the lack of PTO, but DAMN, not even a holiday off unpaid?! Do you work like, 5-day workweeks, or is it a rotating kind of thing? That is brutal. Do they let you like, take vacations? Because I am about to like, strike on your behalf hah. I am legit looking forward to snow days too! And I hope you can get some sleep soon toO!

  8. Looking at your beautiful e-ARCS and thinking to myself, “I have no clue what is coming out in the publishing world.” I need to catch up! =P The covers of Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame and Pieces of Me are sooo beautiful! I think I will be adding them to my wishlist because I cannot resit a pretty cover.

    We really need more holidays and vacations everywhere!!!!

    Happy readings!

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