The 100 Episode 7×08: Anaconda

It’s finally time for the prequel backdoor pilot, Anaconda!! I quite enjoyed it and really hope the series gets picked up, because I will 100% be watching it! That said, this is going to be a weird one to recap because the characters are all new, and I am not completely sure how to tackle it. This will likely be shorter than usual, but I’ll do my best! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 


Bill is going to go ahead and give our faves a bedtime story set in a fairly timely hellscape (did you know that Jason predicts the future? He does, it’s true, I don’t make the rules) to explain why he’s on Bardo, and why he cares so much about the Flame. We’ll get to that part more later, but we open with Callie and her best bud Lucy getting pretty banged up by… wait for it…. police in riot gear attacking peaceful protesters (seriously, I told you). Callie’s mom pops in to say dear ol’ dad is on the holo (clearly tech that we need) but Callie isn’t exactly in the mood. And you know why? Cause “Dad” is Bill Cadogan and frankly I’d hang up on him too.

I mean, if your ex-wife thinks you’re kidding about the end of the world, you’re probably a real asshole.

But whoops, we have an errant bestie who hasn’t reached Level 12 status and so there’s no room for her at the inn. Look, I do not fully blame Callie here. She’s shell-shocked and isn’t fully aware of what is even going down. And I want to be mad at Grace, but I also know that she was right that knocking Lucy out was the most merciful. So who are we really going to be mad at? Bill Fucking Cadogan, who couldn’t even make space in a doomsday bunker for his daughter’s closest pal. Anyway, time to get to the chopper.

This just in: No good news.

Bunkerside, Callie catches up with her brother, Reese, who seems to be Dad’s right-hand-man. Which must mean we’re going to be salty with him in the next few minutes. Already, people are panicking about loved ones left beyond the bunker doors, and what their futures inside the bunker will look like. But Bill is totally calm because he has a secret stolen artifact hanging out in his office! Unfortunately for Bill, he hasn’t a clue how to make it take him to new worlds.

Two years pass, presumably with Bill screaming at the Stone and Reese’s head growing a few sizes larger, and some of the gang heads out to scavenge. That might be super depressing, but looks like Callie got some good deals at the mall. Anyway, we know what happens next- Becca flies on down from just killing a few more folks (she didn’t mean it okay?) on Polaris, and steps out of the wreckage.

Everyone’s favorite Savior-Slash-Destroyer of Worlds.

Callie’s like a kid on Christmas Day, meeting her childhood (and current, let’s be real) hero. Becca is all set to make everyone a Nightblood and get the hell out of this bunker, but Bill has other plans, especially once he finds out that Becca can “hear” the Stone. Bill’s on the biggest power trip since Sheidheda and wants to be sure he is the savior of mankind, so when Becca takes a little side trip through the Stone, he’s none too pleased.

“Judgement Day” just means that Billy sees an opportunity for a bigass pitcher of Kool-Aid.

She begs him to not use the Stone. She found some sort of… situation on the other side- this trip was white, not green, and it didn’t lead to Bardo, but some sort of “Judgement Day”. Well, don’t like the sound of that! But Bill still refuses, and tells Becca that if she doesn’t tell him the code to get back to Judgement Day (no seriously, who in their right mind would be hankering for that trip?) he’s going to lock her up.

An egomaniacal fool who is apt to wipe out humanity, sounds familiar. 

Only that isn’t good enough, so he’s gonna kill her for the info on the Flame. Cool, cool, sounds legit. Dude, if she is willing to die so you don’t go there… maybe don’t fucking go there. So he burns her at the stake, which is a perfectly reasonable way to execute a genius who just doesn’t want you to make terrible life choices.

How very dare you, William.

Reese goes along with it, and takes it a step further, procuring the Flame from Becca’s corpse. But Callie is done with this. She stages a coup, and I am proud. She challenges Reese to… Idk a prequel to a Wonkru gladiator battle and he is so smug. He thinks she’s not as strong as him or some such nonsense.

But she’s definitely smarter.

I guess no one ever told Reese not to bring a knife to a gun fight, and fool gets shot. I feel zero percent bad for him, especially since she only wounded him. She grabs the flame and Tree Crew (yes, this is what they have dubbed themselves, even pre-bombs though they don’t say exactly why, assuming an environmental thing) heads for the door. They’re all Nightbloods so they’ll be okay, but they have to get out. And guess who doesn’t want any of his flock to leave?

Rhymes with Swill…

Grace goes for the door and uses her body to close it so they can open the airlock. That’s my girl! I adore her. Know who doesn’t so much? Her ex-husband. So he shoves her (sans nightblood, even though there was totally time for Callie to have injected her but that’s another story) out the door. I mean good, she just has to find Callie and get all Natblida-ed up. Reese has the wherewithal to appear a little forlorn, but he’s still gonna try to find Callie and hijack the Flame, so I guess he still hasn’t learned his lesson. And then the Shepherd guides his flock to Bardo. Because of course he does.

Callie and what I suppose becomes Trikru head out into the great unknown, and there’s an awesome song, Into the Black by Chromatics playing, so I just made a clip so you can listen and see the end of the world!

Back on Bardo

First, the gang must gain control of the room, and figure out what’s happening. Raven is about to crack after hearing the news about Bellamy. Clarke can tell, but she reminds Raven that they have to do this for Bellamy, and their family. It’s a sad moment, or it would be if Bellamy was actually dead.

Clarke is confused to see Cadogan, because she’s only seen him via a Jaha YouTube video like 200 years ago. Cryo is for everyone, Clarke. She’s extra shocked to hear him understanding her and Niylah’s Trig conversation.

Ah, a more innocent time when I didn’t totally abhor this man and was just mildly salty about the eavesdropping

He then informs them that this is great news, Callie must have survived because her language did! Interesting that Callie made up Trig, is it not? Regardless, Clarke makes a big show of telling him that indeed, Calliope is “in here” which is cute considering she isn’t, but she’s clearly playing up Gabriel’s unspoken suggestion. But then she tells him just kidding this isn’t a thing.

And look, I do not blame her at all here. Cadogan hasn’t exactly been helpful to Earthkru like, ever. He killed Becca, he is a douchey cult leader, and he clearly did his entire family dirty. And unbeknownst to Clarke & Co, he is trying to open some kind of plane that Becca unequivocally begged him not to. So it’s a good call. Only when Clarke asks for her friends…

Brainwashed soldiers, or really awesome at pretending to be? 

Random Thoughts:

  • People are mad about the “best friend” line but I think it was perfect. I mean. That is what Bellamy is to Clarke, right? What’s she gonna say? “The dude who I am secretly in love with who is also secretly in love with me maybe but is now dead and also has this girlfriend that you probably are holding captive”? No no, “best friend” is good. 
  • Are Echo, Octavia, and Diyoza brainwashed and part of the Disciples for realsies?? Just acting and putting on a good show? Why is Gabriel seemingly himself? Is it cause they need his mind intact? I have a million questions. 
  • Speaking of those badasses, where the hell is Hope?  Is it because no one there knows Hope exists? You’d think Gabriel would be worried, but okay 🤷‍♀️
  • Gabriel over here proving he’s still on Team Clarke makes my heart happy. Our dude is over here giving Clarke hints about “her” implant, and following along with “Caliope is in here”, she sure is William, Sir! Love it. He also doesn’t even think about leaving when Bill tells his people to go, he stays with Clarke & Co. Gabriel’s people. I swoon.
  • Kill Bill, Justice for Becca, right? Homie has to go. You can’t just kill Becca Franko and get away with it. You. Cannot. Also, you were very rude to your ex-wife who I am a big fan of, and Callie who I am a big fan of, and you gave Anders the power to abuse our friends just… Bill bye.
  • So many mixed feelings on Callie inventing Trig. Because on one hand, it’s kind of cute. On the other… I had always figured it was a way for the clans to talk without people like Mt Weather understanding what they were saying, so it was kind of disappointing that it came from one person? (I discussed it more in depth with Beth on Twitter and I think she is madder than me hah.)
  • Where’d Bill move the Stone to? It can’t still be in the bunker, right? Octavia may have been a little bloodthirsty but I don’t think she and 1200 other folks would have overlooked a large, glowing stone. I figure, Bill knew that Callie and Grace (now his “enemies” 🙄) knew where it was, and he wouldn’t have wanted to risk them getting hold of it (especially since Callie has the Flame). Maybe we’ll see when we get to Earth. Where Bellamy is. (Was I able to Beetlejuice it into existence yet?) 
  • Miller’s response to Bellamy’s “death” may have hurt me the most tbh. I mean sure Clarke and Raven are upset and understandably so, but Jarod really delivered on Miller’s response, his voice cracking, the shock and sadness in his eyes. I teared up watching him. 

Episode 7×09: The Flock

Apparently, there’s to be a break after this one. I am not thrilled? But if it drags out the season, I’m down. Also I don’t have a choice. 

  • I don’t like Indra’s case of the sads. She’s gonna think Gaia is dead, but sweetie she’s fine, she’s just filming Sabrina! This is going to be tough, Sad Indra breaks my damn heart.
  • Where are the ladies? New planet? Some weird outpost? Anders’ mancave? Is this all going to be flashback or are we gonna see some new junk?
  • Is it just gonna be Sanctum and whatever is happening in Past-Tense Bardo? Or are they hiding crap because spoilers? I really need Bellamy to come back now, and maybe someone can let us know where Gaia’s been thrown? (::Cough:: with Orlando.)

And just like that, we’re halfway through the end. What did you think of the prequel?  Let’s chat! 

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 7×08: Anaconda

  1. Yeah this was timely, huh? And wow was Cadogan even worse than we were expecting? He was for me. And Reese… ugh, we won’t go there, but you already know how I feel about him lol. Some nuance would have been nice rather than just “I do the most asshole-ish thing possible in any given situation”. I was surprisingly happy to see becca though, who I usually don’t like. I guess compared to Cadogan she seems nice?

    Burning at the stake seemed excessive. What was the point of that as a mode of execution? Other than, you know, Becca is a witch connotations. Weird.

    Into the Black was such a great way to end this… I totally didn’t know it was a cover, I thought that was the Neil Young version!

    • IT WAS! Race riots and plagues and environmental stuff, YEP Jason really predicted this apocalypse. I mean, good job? And YES Cadogan was sooooo much worse than I predicted! I assumed he’d be like, your friendly neighborhood cult leader- a little off his rocker, but mostly harmless. But NOPE he is the worst. I mean, nice of them to give us a really awful villain at the end? See I DO think Reese and Cadogan were nuanced! Like- as much as they could be in 40 minutes. Because look, Cadogan was NOT that power hungry at the start. He was genuinely concerned for his family and shit. Sure he was obviously a little thrilled with himself, but not to the extent that he was 2 years post-apoc. And the same with Reese, when they started he appeared genuinely upset at having to close the doors and such, but 2 years in, his head has grown five sizes too. I mean, we saw what crazy bunker choices did to O, I guess they had a bad effect on the Cadogan guys as well.

      I have NO idea what the deal with burning her was. It DID seem exessive and kind of stupid- they didn’t know the Flame could withhold a fire ffs! If someone possesses something in their head that you want to keep…. not lighting said head aflame is probably the way to go? I wonder if that will be explained any further. I feel like iit may, with the Sanctum connection, but we’ll see.

      And here I am not knowing that there WAS a Neil Young version 😂 Idk what that says about me as a person, but the angle I am going to take is “wow I am not as old as I thought!” and stick to it.

  2. Those news stories were too timely. 2052 is as dark as 2020! Overall, I loved the prequel. Callie makes a good protagonist. She and Clarke do have some similarities but I’m glad that Callie has a different personality and skillset. In spite of everything, I think Cadogan admires her and respects her conviction. That’s something that Reese doesn’t seem to have which may be why Cadogan favors Callie over him.

    Cadogan is a charismatic jerk. He seems humble at the start of the episode but as we learn more, we see that he’s a narcissist who believes that he is the only one with the solution to save mankind. I just remembered the fake bunker for the non-Level 12s so he didn’t even care about all of his followers. Becca could see right through the charm and deemed him especially not ready for whatever the Judgement Day code brings. I think burning her at the stake was like burning a heretic. Giving everyone nightblood and staying on Earth went against what he was telling his followers.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who believes in Gabriel! He could have told Anders that Clarke didn’t have the Key anymore but he didn’t. I could say the same for Octavia. I don’t think they’re 100% with the Disciples, they’re just playing along to survive. I’m hoping Levitt is still on Octavia’s side but he was looking brainwashed in the promo. The “sparkle” that was in his eyes when first met Octavia is gone. Echo’s probably planning her revenge even though Bellamy is most likely alive. I still think Earth is the offline planet so Bellamy is either stuck in the Anomaly or on the other planet we have yet to see.

    Jarod actually spoke out about Miller not doing much despite him being on the show from the beginning. He’s a great actor and it’s a shame that he wasn’t allowed to do more with Miller. I do wish Miller had a bigger role in the story.

    • Yes yes I agree completely! I was worried that Callie would be too Clarke-like as well, and was glad that she really wasn’t. And it’s funny because I think you’re right about the things Cadogan respects about Callie, but ironically, they’re the same things that make her his enemy by the end! Reese doesn’t inspire him, but is loyal to him, so it’s an interesting dynamic. And kind of sad, that Reese needs to prove himself so much to his own father (yet another reason that Cadogan sucks!)

      YEP YEP I think Cadogan probably always had those qualities, but they were brought out even more by the situation. And it’s such a parallel between when Monty offered O a solution and she burned it down, and Becca offered Cadogan a solution but HE needed to do it the way HE wanted to. I really am looking forward to his demise hahah.

      Absolutely, Gabriel is still with us! I think Anders probably thought that because Gabriel turned them in, and because he didn’t kill anyone, he’d be easier to manipulate, but I really think that is so untrue. As for Levitt, he broke through once, I have to hope he can break through again! I think Bellamy probably IS on Etherea, but then I also can;t help but wonder, because Gaia and Bellamy likely aren’t in the same place, right? Idk, the bomb could have somehow knocked Earth back online or something! (I KNOW I am grasping at straws but I really want to see Earth again!)

      Ugh I saw that today, about Jarod! It’s shitty, no question. I think he did an AMAZING job with what he had to work with though, I absolutely wish we’d seen more of him, more of his history, etc. I mean, WE all love him, so he did accomplish that!

  3. Beth W

    So….do they ever touch on how Bill knows to open the gate to Bardo, given that Becca is the only one who figure it out? Hrmm….

    I definitely and still disappointed that Trig isn’t a naturally created patois. I just feel like there’d be more unity and realism if it was, the way Creole, Pidgin, and countless other patois have sprung up when people speaking different languages gather. To be fair, though, I also keep forgetting that Becca/ALLIE destroyed the Earth only what, 100 years before The 100 landed? So maybe that’s only enough time for 2 or 3 generations to live. Still, if accents and patois can spring up within a year (or less!) then why can’t Trig? Also, it means that Callie was somehow a unanimous leader- why on Earth would she teach her 100 or so rebels Trig? Why would they need it, when everyone’s clearly been speaking perfect English for years? Gah!

    Yeah, my first reaction when the girls removed their helmets was “WHERE IS HOPE?!?!?” All three look very soldiery, not smiling, not relieved, not really even registering the presence of their friends (I get that reaction from Diyoza, but O and Echo not giving a damn? WTF). Very worried about what happened in the interim. From the promo, it looks like a lot of brainwashing maybe. :/

    Ah, I like the “best friend” line. You can be romantically involved with your best friend, and really, the best friendship is the heart of it. That’s the strength. I feel like Best Friend is more solid. Plus, it solidifies the inevitable Friends to Lovers moment when they find Bellamy alive and there’s a reunion moment and they kiss. Muahahaha.

    • Nope! Well, unless he was just paying close attention when she entered it the first time, when they decided to research it more or whatever. That is a possibility, though I am sure they’ll address it more.

      Did you see the thing from the Trig creator? I think I tweeted it to you but sometimes I forget stuff hah. Basically, it was only the general concept of Callie’s pre-Trig that was used, and so it’s kind of half-and-half. Also why Cadogan didn’t fully understand it.

      I am so worried that they are actually brainwashed ugh, but I am holding out hope that at least one of them is pretending. O, mostly. I mean we only have 8 episodes to un-brainwash them!

      EXACTLY I totally agree! The fact that out of ALL the people Clarke has loved along the way, HE is her best person says so much. I miss Bellamy too, I really hope he comes back soon.

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