The 100 Episode 7×06: Nakara

Another winner! This episode was full of all kinds of high stakes shenanigans, and puts pretty much every one of our loves in peril. Whoopsie! Let’s get to it! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Seeking a Leader on Sanctum

Without Clarke to lead, who is going to vie for the power and leadership of Sanctum? Obviously, Sheidheda is. And Indra would adore for Wonkru to still be in charge. The Faithful can’t figure out how to change a lightbulb without setting themselves on fire, so they’re probably out of the running. Gabe’s Kids are still… there. And we have a new faction emerging, led by Nikki and the Eligius Prisoners.

Sheidheda’s Plan

Let’s start with Sheidy, since his grab for power is the most obvious. He’s trying to make friends with whoever he can from Wonkru. And look, it’s smart! But Indra is smarter and that is just a fact. Penn shows up- remember Penn from Season 2? He fights with Murphy at Arkadia? (Hell it was probs still Camp Jaha back then, ah memories.) Anyway, he’s back, we’ll just call him S7’s Bree. Indra gives explicit instructions for no one to speak to Sheids. She also doesn’t have an ounce of time for Nelson’s nonsense, because who does? “Death to Primes!” and there aren’t even any Primes, Nelson. Find a new hobby.

This won’t at all bum Nelson out so much that he seeks solace from Sheidheda.

So, Nelson goes to find a new hobby kill “Russell”.  Only Russell isn’t Russell, and he also has the training of a Commander, so he takes Nelson down pretty (embarrassingly) quickly. But ever the charmer, Sheidy isn’t one to brag.

“Okay, Dad.” –Nelson, accepting his new role model unquestioningly. 

Clever as always, Sheidy proceeds to explain to Nelson that he is not Russell but if Nelson doesn’t sit down for a game of chess, he’s going to get a knight where the sun doesn’t shine. (Seriously, Sheidheda is fine with the attempted murder, but not so much the chess hesitation, go figure.) So they have a talk during which Sheids appeals to Nelson’s need for justice, claiming that in order to get justice, he first must have power. And somehow that involves… killing Clarke? Idk but Nelson will clearly follow any dumb plan and follow it until it no longer makes any sense, so this doesn’t seem great for Earthkru.

Unbreaking Wonkru & Nikki’s Move

We open on a big ol’ problem: Someone has stolen the entire cache of guns. This merits some questions. Like, why did you have all your weapons in one spot? Why wasn’t it guarded? Why wasn’t it locked? And on and on. Anyway. Indra seeks some help from her new bestie, Murphy, which I wholly approve of.

Honestly Raven couldn’t you have killed someone with a less unhinged wife? 🤷‍♀️

Indra knows she needs Wonkru back. But without half the leaders (Miller, Gaia, and Niylah are all gone at this point, and Madi is of course Not-Heda), she isn’t sure how to pull it off. So she figures since there are precious few other options, she should try to pull Madi back into the fray. Only, Madi is busy drawing Anomaly Stone sketches and flirting with Nulls. It’s adorable and magical and cements the Heda/Stone connection.

“Don’t mind me, just drawing something I have absolutely no logical reason to know about…”– Madi, I guess.

Sadly, she is forced to abandon her new soccer-playing buds to “save her people”. Gosh, inconvenient timing much, Indra? Madi agrees, but very, very reluctantly. Because Madi doesn’t want to be Heda. Doesn’t even really know how without the Flame, and after all the trauma associated with Sheidheda taking over and wreaking havoc. But Indra schedules a meeting of all the clans, and Madi is all suited up. But she’s clearly having a panic attack and wants to do this about as much as she wants a root canal. Murphy, Emori, and Jackson refuse to let this happen, and Madi runs away in terror. Jackson goes after her, leaving Murphy and Emori to talk Indra down. She’s at such a loss at this point, it’s clear to see how afraid she is of losing her people. I am living for this vulnerable side of Indra. Living. And thanks to her new posse, they remind her that she doesn’t need to wait for a new leader to come along.

Their leader has been here all along.

And by god, they’re so right. They remind Indra that even though Octavia was the face of Wonkru, so much of the behind the scenes was Indra’s doing. That she is, always was, and always will be the leader of Wonkru. It’s so moving, watching Indra herself realize this, realize that she can save her people, she can be the answer they’ve been looking for.

I absolutely swear fealty to Indra kom Trikru.

Now they will, together, face two very unscrupulous factions in Sheidheda and Eligius IV. Nikki will stop at nothing to avenge Hatch’s death (and like Murphy said, just cause general chaos), and Sheidheda will stop at nothing to gain power. Sheidy will also be able to get the COG and the Faithful behind him if he plays his cards right, and obviously EIV is armed and dangerous. Consider me terrified, but if anyone can do it, it’s Indra.

Seeking The Stone on Nakara

It’s clear from minute one on Nakara that the only goal is going to be getting the hell off Nakara. Their friends aren’t here, no one (save the dead- no seriously this is what Bardo does with their dead) is here, and the Stone is the only way out.

It’s located in some creepyass cave 2km away. As an ignorant American, I am only estimating how far that is, but it seems like a hike in summer gear on a frozen wasteland but no one asked me. They eventually reach the “cave”, which looks ominous as shit, and climb on in!

I am, just watching this.

This place is not inviting. It’s just not. It’s dark, and creepy, and then a giant alien spider thing attacks Raven and the precious helmet.

Um, no thank you?

And just when they think they’ve finally gotten to an open space, close to the Stone, they’re blocked by a wall. And then acid starts hitting folks. And then, they’re inexplicably separated. Of course, Raven figures out that this is not your typical cave.

I’mma call him Cal. Short for Cave-Alien, Cal. 

They also figure out that they’re probably next in line to be Cal’s lunch. Whoopsie? So Raven has a mental breakdown, as you do when you’re alone in an alien cave. Look, I’d have had one too Raven. I do not judge. But she’s more upset because she thinks it’s somehow karma for all the people they’ve killed. Clarke says that they had to, to save the people they love. Raven helpfully reminds her that the people they killed also loved people, which… fair point. Clarke has no real comeback other than to tell Raven she’s awesome, à la Season 1.

She’d still pick Raven first. Here for it. 

The B Squad on the other side of Cal’s intestinal wall starts to shoot the Space Spiders, and I guess that gives Cal a bit of indigestion because the tummy walls open, the band is back together, and the Stone is in sight! Raven’s just punching the secret code into the thing when Miller notices something that he did not expect to find on another damn planet:

Miller is finding Cadogan merch in the stomachs of alien beasts. Seems legit.  

And as Raven finishes up, the gang gets ready to blast off to worlds (probably) unknown! Because guys there is no way these fools picked Bardo! Oh, but what fun it would be if they end up on Skyring and only Raven remembers who they are. Regardless, it’s rude to make me wait a week to find out where in the universe is Earthkru.

Seeking Escape on Bardo

We open with someone who I think we can all agree we’ve missed fiercely, Charmaine Diyoza. As with the opening of two weeks ago, there’s too much awesome in it for me to describe, so here, have a clip of Diyoza being Diyoza:

Loved the song here too, Evil by Interpol

She’s throwing knives and kicking ass when she stabs someone she probably doesn’t want to.

It’s beautiful. She was just eating people’s jugulars and poppin’ out eyeballs, and she absolutely melts when she realizes that her baby girl and best friend are here. Honestly, this is the stuff I live for on this show. The characters are so multifaceted and just… human. Anyway, the reunion is short lived. When she asks what Echo’s malfunction is (good question, tbh), Octavia tells her that Bellamy is “dead”.

The love these women share… it’s powerful.

Sadly, they haven’t the time to mourn or comfort. They head to the Stone Room, but are stopped by Janitor Levitt. Octavia questions his role as a janitor, but he says they still need him to break codes. Idk, there’s something up here, and I hope against hope that Levitt isn’t betraying them because I love him too much. Anyway, so does Octavia and also why are they the cutest?!

Please don’t betray us. 🙏🙏🙏

So they head for the great outdoors. Only here on Bardo, they’re not-so-great, and by that I mean deadly. But the nice old man who Echo promptly kills says they can hang out for a little while before they’re destroyed, so sounds promising! You know who doesn’t think it sounds great? Gabriel, who tries to talk them out of it. The women are having none of his backtalk though, so he takes matters into his own hands.

Okay. This looks really harsh at first and I too was mad! But. Upon rewatching, when the gang leaves Levitt, Gabriel lingers. Looking at Levitt and the Stone Room, kind of like he is calculating something. And Gabriel is not going to lead Echo and Hope to their deaths over knowledge, I don’t care what anyone says, he is just not that guy. But he was sure that heading into the uninhabitable land would mean death. There is something more at play here, something Gabriel knows that he didn’t have time to communicate. I’d bet on it.

Random Thoughts:

  • The elder statespeople OWNED this episode. They just did, I don’t make the rules! Adina was incredible- every single look on Indra’s face conveyed something during the episode. She was scared, sad, overwhelmed, and then the absolute HBIC, and Adina made me feel every single one of those. Ivana kicks ass and takes names, and I am here for it. And then when she sees her baby, finally? She melts into mama bear. And don’t even get me started on JR Bourne actually making me not cringe to see Sheidheda on my screen! 
  • Why did no one appear cold on Nakara? Be colder. Not a one has a parka, they’re not even shivering for goodness sake! 
  • Second Dawn Theories = Confirmed. I knew it, you knew it, we all knew it. But finally seeing it for real for real is fun! Not only is the Cadogan connection confirmed, there is now a confirmed connection between Becca and the Stone via Madi’s memories. I am here for it!
  • Echo killing adorable old florists crosses a line. I know she did it because O said Levitt’s name, but… did she? Or did Diyoza just give her an excuse? Honestly she is so beyond broken, I don’t know what is going to become of her. Even if she sees Bellamy alive, how will she be able to just put all this ruthlessness behind her?
  • Why is Jackson not worried about Miller? I know we don’t know how Nakara time works, but they’ve been gone at least 24 Sanctum hours so shouldn’t he be a little curious and/or concerned? Ditto Indra and her damn daughter! 🤷‍♀️
  • Murphy grabbing a drink with “Jer” was adorable. It didn’t really fit into the story much, but it was just so nice that Murphy was like, down to be pals with the dad of the kid he saved. Season 7 Murphy is my favorite Murphy, and that’s saying a lot.
  • Does it kind of feel like Season 3 Prayers are answered with this epic Murphy/Indra team up? It does, it really really does.

Episode 7×07: The Queen’s Gambit

Things are getting good, guys. This one looks like it’s going to be exciting and emotional, and it is directed by the glorious Lindsey Morgan, so get ready! 

  • How very dare you hold a gun to dear Emori!? I don’t love how Nikki is now controlling Nelson, and also what the heck did Emori ever do to you people!? Nelson knows she’s not Kaylee, so what is the deal here?!
  • Remember when we used to like Nelson? Seriously if he hurts a single hair on Emori’s head I will end him.
  • Octavia should not have to console Echo. Mutual consoling, sure. But Bellamy was Octavia’s whole family, and here she is having to keep Echo upright, and I won’t lie, I am not liking it. This is just not Octavia’s job. She should be, Idk, drawing hearts with her and Levitt’s initials in it or something. Not this.
  • Please tell me where my former Nakarans areI know they don’t want to show it in a clip because spoilers, but I frankly cannot wait another week to know! I need to know things, not even sorry.

Glad to have seen Nakara and now be off of it? Excited about where/when/what is next? Trust and/or want to slap Gabriel? Let’s chat! 

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 7×06: Nakara

  1. Sheidheda takes his chess very seriously. He even forced Madi to play in his mind space. That whole scene was amazing. Russheda barely broke a sweat and he only had use of one hand. JR Bourne is killing it! Indra’s nickname for the Children of Gabriel (COGs) is apt because Nelson is now a cog in Sheidheda’s grand plan. The COGs’ slogan is now “Death to Clarke”.

    Madi is the thread that’s going to tie Sanctum and Bardo together. I maintain that the Flame is the key and with it destroyed, she has all of the knowledge. I feel bad for her because she really just wants to be a kid. It was nice to see her starting to make new friends. I thought the boy who sat next to her was COG based on how he was dressed. Anyway, Indra has always had it in her to lead but fear and tradition kept her from owning it. Sheidheda being around only dialed up the fear. Taking command in spite of that was such a powerful moment for Indra. I loved that Murphy and Emori were the ones to encourage her. Both of them are stepping up in a big way as well.

    Diyoza is a boss! She didn’t use those skills for 10 years but there were no signs of rust. An M-Cap operator like Levitt wouldn’t have worked on her. Speaking of Levitt, I really hope he doesn’t turn out to be the bad guy. If he did set them up, I hope it’s because Anders’ found out about his little crush and threatened to kill Octavia if he didn’t go along with setting them up. Levitt was telling the truth about Sanctum so there’s that. Gabriel doesn’t seem to trust Levitt and learning about the rebreathers only made him more suspicious. Even if Levitt was 100% telling the truth, they still didn’t know how long they could hide out up there. Gabriel wasn’t willing to risk it with that unknown.

    Clarke and co are on their way to Bardo. They had the symbol (the Second Dawn confirmation and Levitt better not be Cadogan!) so Raven was able to pick the right planet this time. As for Nakara, everyone’s glad this Magic School Bus field trip is over. Miller is 0 for 2 for planets he likes on this trip and I suspect he’ll be 0 for 3 after Bardo.

    There’s a shot of Murphy with a gun pointed at him in the trailer. I think that scene is in the upcoming episode so maybe he steps in for Emori. The moment with him and “Jer” was nice. It does seem weird that Jackson and Indra aren’t concerned about their loved ones. They don’t know that Gaia was supposed to come back so Indra assumes she’s with Clarke. Maybe they think Clarke has it covered so they don’t’ have to worry?

    • Bwhahah he certainly does! And seriously, JR has been so incredible in this role! Like- I won’t lie I was soooo over Sheidy in S6 and was not looking forward to his return, and not that Dakota Daulby did a bad job because I really think he was great at being creepy and sinister and such, but we just knew nothing about the character! And JR lends a certain presence to the role that is just fun to watch- especially as people figure out he’s not Russell. Also, I now think that Sheidheda being SO secretive is part of the character, because when Nelson asked, Sheids deflected the question completely. Should be fun! (Also good call on the “cog” double entendre! Kind of like how ALIE=A Lie!

      Wholly agree about Madi. She just wanted to play soccer and blush at the Null! (And yeah he probably was COG because he’s a not-dead Null in the days of oblation.) Definitely more to the Flame than we know, without a doubt. I am actually glad that it’s had more of a purpose, even though I know some people are over it. And I LOVE Murphy and Emori and Indra. They are such a perfect trio because they all bring something different to the table!

      I bet Diyoza used to sneak out in the middle of the night on Skyring and stealthily train 😂 ANd YES I hope that whatever Levitt is doing is because of GOOD intentions. I am so worried because my goodness I adore him and O. I think Gabriel probably DID make the right choice- I mean even if they DID get up there, then what? They couldn’t get OFF Bardo without the Stone, so they have a better chance from the inside tbh.

      Ooooh did they? Maybe Raven’s helmet was damaged though and they didn’t get it right? Idk I just feel like it won;t be that easy peasy for them to get to Bardo and reunite with everyone. BUT someone has to be on Earth, right? Because it’s only 2 episodes away, so. Plus they said they;re not releasing much because it’s too spoilery so… Fingers crossed! And YES poor Miller haha. The thing with Indra and Jackson was, the last they knew, Clarke et al were heading to Gabe’s camp to talk to the Disciples. So I’d be VERY alarmed if that trip took more than a few hours!

      OOOOH I think you are right about Murphy and the gun! It is going to get ugly. I am SCARED.

  2. Beth W

    I punched the air and shouted in triumph SO MANY TIMES during this episode. Murphy, Emori, and Indra…that was the pep talk I needed. I love how Indra is like “I’m a soldier” and everyone else is like “Nah, you’re a GENERAL, own it.” And you’re right- the acting was…. *chefkiss* so much emotional vulnerability, throughout her whole speech. Like, not until she kicks Knight’s add with a blunt staff without barely breaking a sweat does she ACTUALLY stand tall and confident. It’s so on point and I needed it.
    And even more than that….Diyoza. My gods, that woman will forever be my hero. And the triumvirate of the Hesperides is golden. Echo is going to need trial membership into Club Redemption. I have a feeling she’s been compartmentalizing everything, and at some point that’s going to fall apart and she’s going to have to emotionally process *everything* all at once. I’m here for it, but I hope O’s comforting her speaks to O’s journey as much as Echo’s.

    I will trust you instinct on Gabriel. I don’t think he betrayed them, but more like…..his hesitation. I don’t know, I assumed he was still thinking about their friendship with Orlando and how they promised not to kill anyone and here they are, causing a ruckus (mainly Echo). But I hope you’re right- that he figured something out. None of those women are going to be happy to wake up prisoners on Bardo. AGAIN. Ugh.

    I also don’t understand why Clarke is so important to Cadogan’s cult people. How is she the key to anything? It makes no sense to me. :/ And I can’t wait until the next episode! Mostly I need more Murphy, Emori, and Indra.

    • RIGHT!?!?! I agree completely, there were so many awesome moments during this one! Indra was just incredible as Adina always is. Like she is such a phenomenal actress that I don’t even have the WORDS. She’s kind of my hero. She’s a single parent who is hands down one of the best actors out there, I just adore her so much.

      DIYOZA yesss! I loved seeing her back to her fighting ways! Like- I am glad that she wanted (and got) a decade of peace, and I am even more glad that she’s over here willing to fight to get BACK to her well-earned peace.

      Echo… what a mess. I think you are very right that O comforting Echo speaks to O’s progress as a human, but Echo is devolving quite a bit. I mean- at least when she was fighting FOR Azgeda or FOR Spacekru she was actually trying to save her people or accomplish something, but now that she thinks Bellamy is dead, she’s just fighting to fight. Similar to O after Lincoln died honestly. But what makes it less believable is that I don’t find Bellamy and Echo’s relationship even a fraction of as convincing as Linctavia. Like when Lincoln died, Octavia broke, that was it. But we could see how strong their love was BEFORE his death. Whereas with Echo, it felt very one-sided, more like she needed Bellamy as a crutch more than romantic love. And he was too busy saving Clarke to worry about Echo for the most part. Idk it will be interesting to see how they handle her character going forward!

      Well, here’s my thoughts in regards to Gabriel: Say they had escaped, right? And… then what? They’re stuck on Bardo, which is fairly unlivable, for the rest of their lives? Don’t they stand a better chance in closer proximity to the Stone? I feel like Gabriel will be redeemed. BUT I do not want Levitt to have betrayed anyone either. I love him so! Like can I even decide who I love more? No I can’t.

      SO in regards to Clarke, the ONLY thing I can think of is this: She is the only person who has experienced both ALIE 1 and ALIE 2. She has had the knowledge of the Flame. They don’t know that Madi has too, because presumably O never got that far- we never see her Blodreina days before Hope breaks her out. Clearly, the Flame contains some knowledge of The Stone on Earth, as Madi has said knowledge in some capacity. So… that would be my guess, if I had to make one! I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow’s episode!!

      • Beth W

        Oh, snap! I didn’t think about the stone on Bardo! You’re so right! If they left the complex, they’d probably be unable to ever get back inside it. 🙁
        I really couldn’t hate Levitt, if he did betray them. We know they’re a cult that can pull memories out of people’s heads…I assume they can brainwash pretty darn well. We’ve seen how they tortured Diyoza and O with all the mind game stuff, and Levitt was probably born and raised within the fold, thus more susceptible to their pressures.

        Ooooooohhhh OK, thanks. If Cadogan killed Becca (which it seems like yes is what happened) then Clarke really would be the last person with that knowledge BUT how did they find out about Clarke? So many questions!

        • YEP exactly. Then what do they do? Especially since even if one of their people DID come looking for them, no one would be forthcoming that they’re on the unlivable surface!

          I knowwww I agree about Levitt. Like- unless he manipulated her throughout (which I really don’t think is the case) I would feel like he was probably a victim of this shit.

          So, when O did the mind-stuff, she showed Clarke taking the Flame and then the key. This happened 34 Bardo days earlier, so while it LOOKED like it was coinciding with them “needing” Clarke, they had actually found out about her a month ago, and then brought O back for more info on Clarke. THEN after they got O back, Anders sent Captain Meredith and Co to Sanctum. All of this took place in like, one afternoon Sanctum time, but about 1.5 months Bardo time and 15 years on Skyring.

          I am so excited for tonight, I hate knowing that people have watched and I have to wait 😭

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