The 100 Episode 7×01: From the Ashes

The seventh (and final) season premiere is upon us! And it is out of this world- literally, and pun totally intended. So strap in, and see what is in store for our faves from Earth! 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

The Divisions of Sanctum

Sanctum is a hot mess at the moment. All but I guess four Primes (if you count Gabriel) are fully, irreversibly dead.  Which of course is quite the bummer to the believers. By the end of the episode, that number will be halved. I still wholly believe that Ryker will be back in the picture, but that’s a problem for another day. Between the Believers, The Children of Gabriel, Wonkru and Eligius IV who have been woken from cryo, and our Farmhouse team… it’s a powder keg, no doubt. And the crux of it is, most of these people want their shot at either taking Russell Prime out for good, or beatifying him even more.


Is there anything better than seeing our faves having a slightly dysfunctional picnic outside a lovely farmhouse whilst a dog and child frolic in the background? No, unless you want to count Indra sipping soup in said farmhouse kitchen, which I do. Look, it is both jarring and fabulous to see these war-torn creatures living what we’d consider “normally”.

“Hi honey I’m home (from the war)!”

They settle down for lunch, and it’s sweet. To see Madi running in the grass with Picasso, talking about attending school. Watching Murphy and Clarke mock-bicker over who gets the bigger bedroom. Everyone is clean and healthy and fed. And I can only hope that it is a glimpse of what they could be working toward, and we’ll see its fruition at the end.

My eyes are leaking, excuse me.

Jackson is not handling Abby’s death well. We can see the pain, plain on his face. But the truth is, there are several people whose pain is palpable, including Murphy’s. Especially Murphy’s. I feel like Abby is the only parental figure Murphy has had since he lost his father (whose death he also blames himself for of course), and one of the few people in the world(s) who believed in him. Jackson, it seems, is not among those who believe in Murphy.

Two men, so much pain. 

The thing is, these folks are still kind of in charge of what they think is the last outpost of humanity. As Clarke tells Murphy, “to the victor go the spoils” and she’s taking them for better and for worse. Sure, she gets the master bedroom, but she also gets the responsibility of guiding and rebuilding Sanctum. So, off they go, to mediate among all the factions. Indra is confident because Wonkru is on the case.

He’s not wrong.

Murphy is still reeling from the interaction with Jackson and the blame he puts on himself when Raven approaches, telling Murphy that he and Emori should probably keep on being Kaylee and Daniel. She thinks it will stabilize the Believers, which is probably true. But Murphy is beyond disgusted by these people, he wants no part of it. Emori can look past her emotions (and Murphy’s) and see the merit.


And it comes in handy! While they get ready to move back into the palace (the only reason I think Murphy agrees, really), Emori uses knowledge from Kaylee’s journal to break up a spat between the Believers and the CoG. And it works, so point for Raven and the Fake Primes!

The Children of Gabriel

I find Nelson and the CoG hilarious at this point because actual Gabriel is out of fucks to give about Russell and the Primes, but here we are. The CoG wants to see Russell burned at the stake, but Clarke refuses (much to Indra’s chagrin) because she is trying to fight for a world in which people are not burned at the stake à la the middle ages. Seems legit, tbh.

But Nelson and his merry band of followers aren’t giving up that easily. They straight up skulk around Sanctum, following the Believers wherever they go. It’s kind of hilarious, especially because the Believers are just so… ugh.  They’re exhausting, I assume even more so to Nelson and company who have been trying to scream the truth at them for like, centuries. They arrive just in time to break up a ridiculous fight between the Believers and Eligius.

I feel you, my dude. 

They just keep randomly popping in, thwarting whatever the Believers try. They’re like a bad rash the Believers can’t seem to get rid of and it’s actually quite funny.

Prime Believers or Whatever

Idk what even these people are actually called, but they consist of Trey, and other folks who would self-immolate in the name of the Primes. OH and Jordan Jasper Green because he clearly takes after his namesake more than either of his parents. You know what Monty and Harper were not? Sheep. Get it together, Jordan. Anyway, these people are going to go down with this ship, and trust me, this ship is sinking faster than the Titanic. When Jordan visits Russell as a sort of go-between for the Believers, he gives him Priya. To which Russell has the following response:


Real talk: Jordan sucks at any kind of human interaction. And I am so glad they wrote him this way! It makes so much sense! Anyway he goes back to Trey, the HBIC (Head Believer in Charge, as it were) and Trey isn’t loving that Russell just wants to throw in the towel. A) Jordan, that is not what you lead with. B) HBIC is exhausting, even Russell is telling you to give it up, but nope. I genuinely don’t get what they’re fighting for anymore, and I imagine they don’t either. But like O with Wonkru, sometimes it’s too hard to acquiesce.

Eligius 36ers

I don’t even know guys. The prisoners were woken up to help build the Earthkru compound, but they have to stay in tents? And I am fairly sure when we first see them, they’re bathing in the ponds? I can actually kind of see why they’re pissed, but okay. We meet the delightful husband and wife duo of Hatch and Nikki, the latter of whom thinks it’s good fun to hold a knife to Jordan’s throat.

They seem fun.

We don’t see any more of them this episode (or rather, any significant interaction with them), but rest assured they will play into things.

Wonkru (at the Farmhouse, mostly)

The remainder of Wonkru seems to be led by Indra and Miller. I think most of them bow to the (non-existent) Flame now, though I can’t imagine Skaikru is about that, but whatever. Madi is still being touted as Heda, as Indra thinks this is what is best not just for Madi, but for Wonkru’s unity. And I guess, sure. Clarke and Madi aren’t thrilled, but they’re going with it. For now. And Gaia seems to be enjoying having a purpose.

Okay maybe not right now. 

Meanwhile, Gaia is concerned that Madi has been drawing some strange images, images that it seems are from past Commanders. Clarke is also concerned since some of them are moments that no one but she and Lexa knew about. Clarke and Madi have a little talk where Clarke absurdly forgets that Madi had an actual mother which is frankly, awkward, but okay. But Madi is (rightfully) pissed that Clarke won’t open up to her, and skulks off. Indra, meanwhile, is being the best Indra she can be and nomming some soup while wearing murder gear in a quaint farmhouse.

There are teacups for crying out loud. This is my favorite Indra moment, nay, moment moment, ever.

Gaia and Clarke have a nice little heart to heart about Madi’s well being, and how appreciative Clarke is to Gaia for saving Madi. I loved it, until I read the script, which you’ll see later in the post. Anyway, killers gotta kill, and shit’s hitting the fan in Sanctum, so the fireside chats will have to wait!



Russell is a mess of a person. That kind of goes without saying, because he literally just lost his whole family. And I imagine that the shock of losing something you genuinely believed to be permanent is even greater than a “typical” death. Regardless, his level of wrong is through the roof, and he killed a bunch of people, so fine. But he is cool with being killed. He reminds me a bit of Emerson here, begging for death, because he’s not really living without his family.

After a fairly useless heart to heart with Jordan, and a nice threat from the COG, Clarke and Indra decide that he’d be safer in the palace, where he could be guarded. So off he goes. Clarke goes in to have a chat with him, and her initial purpose is to try to get him to tell the Believers to calm their tits stand down and leave the palace. Russell is absolutely ready to give up. He wouldn’t let the guards unshackle him, and he sits now alone with his memories waiting for death.

I’d have more empathy had he not just killed Abby. ?‍♀️

But alas, Russell found Abby’s clothes and jewelry, and gives them to Clarke. And the Clarke that has been trying to hold herself together since the fall of Sanctum finally breaks down and beats the hell out of Russell, and knocks over a candle, sending Russell unconscious and the palace aflame. This allows Sheidheda, who was waiting for Russell to lose consciousness, to finally hack into Russell’s body, killing him once and for all, but not in the way anyone expected.

That bodes well for literally no one. 

While Clarke is missing psychopaths taking over war criminals’ bodies, she decides she has had enough of the nonsense going on in Sanctum. Honestly, can’t say that I blame her at this point. These people are exhausting, and Clarke needs a nap and a cocktail.

Guess we’re putting the kibosh to that whole “peaceful coexistence” plan?

The problem here is, she’s obviously waited too long. Russell probably would have taken his death in relative stride, since he knows how wrong he was. Nor does he wish to live without his family. But Sheidy? That guy wants to rule the world, any world will do. So I have a feeling that getting Russheda to go gently into that good night will be… damn near impossible.

But best wishes to you! I want Slim Sheidy out of town just as much as you do. Er, will, when you know it’s him.

Meanwhile at the Anomaly….

We pick up where we left off: Bellamy screaming for Octavia as she disappears right the heck into the Anomaly. He doesn’t manage to scream for long though, as he too is dragged away to the misty green beyond. Echo goes after him, but she gets thrown around a little too and doesn’t have much hope of catching up.  Speaking of Hope, Gabriel is back in his tent trying to fix her up since clearly she didn’t come through the Anomaly unscathed. Only she seems to have no idea who or where she is, so that must be terrifying. She takes off, as you do when scared and heads to dig stuff out of her arm.

It’s never a good sign when you have to implant messages to your own self inside your actual body. 

So she decides she should probably give these folks a shot, and catches up with Gabriel and Echo (who, I wholly approve of working together here). Look, I watched this three times and I won’t pretend to know how Echo or Gabriel knew that they could shoot these fools, or what their plan was in general, honestly Gabriel sums it up better than I could:

Exactly, my dude.

And conveniently for Zach McGowan and us Gabriel, he is the only one who took the antitoxin before the shit hit the fan. So Echo and Hope start to see… people. When Echo needs to focus most, Roan and Real Echo pop into her shot line. Roan recounts all her past sins, her flaws. Then Real Echo jumps on board and does the same.

Have I mentioned that I love the ghosts the Anomaly brings us?

Roan reminds her of her loyalty to Queen Nia, at the expense of both himself and Bellamy. He taunts her, who will she follow now that Bellamy is gone? It’s brutal, but it’s clearly the thoughts that Echo has been struggling with. Hope begins to see “Auntie O” telling her not to be afraid. Gabriel pulls them both back together, and Echo is able to shoot at these… apparitions. Who turn out to be less apparition, more “rando from Bardo”, which has a ring to it.

Rando From Bardo™

They now know that Bellamy is captured, and Gabriel realizes that they are about to close the Anomaly, which is something no one knew they could do until this very moment o’clock. So off they go, figuring if they miss this chance, they may never figure out where they took Bell. Off they go, the most random, unlikely trio in existence.

They’re like, whatever is the exact opposite of The Three Musketeers. 

Random Thoughts:

  • I miss Bellamy. I get it completely, and wish Bob only the best, but this is going to be hard without him, no doubt. My hope is, the journey to save Bellamy will be fantastic, and we will get payoff when he returns!
  • Why aren’t we toasting to Marcus Freaking Kane, too? (Wait that isn’t his middle name? Hmm.) Look, I love Abby just as much as the next girl (just kidding, I totally love her more). But why are we not toasting to Kane, without whom we’d have died back in the early Wanheda days?
  • Do the Children of Gabriel care that Gabriel himself is gone? I really can’t quite figure out if they know, care, etc. They might start calling themselves The Children of Nelson and I wouldn’t even be mad.
  • Are there any other dogs for Picasso to mate/make more puppies with? I feel like this is a burning question that we require an answer to.
  • Where is the Flame? Does Gaia still have it? I just wonder if all is as lost as they assume… or if we’ll be seeing more from the past Commanders (I’m gonna go ahead and guess the latter, tbh.)
  • We have to talk about the Gaia/Clarke thing that it seems the writers are trying to force on us. Obviously no one wants such a thing. And I really, really hope they’re just making them friends and caretakers of Madi. I can think of few other things that would make me riot as much as a totally out-of-the-blue, randomass romance and not Bellarke. Let’s hope it’s a diversion. A red herring. Anything but real.

Episode 7×02: The Garden

This looks like such a wonderful mess! Any episode in which I see Diyoza is bound to be good. And any episode with extra Gabriel time is bound to be good. So overall, I am very here for it. Also, new planet!

  • I have so many questions! Where, when, how? You know, the basics.
  • Diyoza, Diyoza, Diyoza!! Gosh it’s been so long since we’ve seen her! Who’s going to break it to her that Kane died? ?
  • Will Echo, Hope, and Gabriel remember anything from Sanctum? It seems like Gabriel knows he doesn’t belong there, at least. Gives me hope.
  • Is this Bardo? If so, how is everyone strolling around presumably outside, since word on the street is, Bardo is uninhabitable? (Kudos to the folks who see the opening credits and then actively pursue information while my basic ass just looks in awe and wonder.)

What do you guys think of the premiere? I am excited! I cannot wait to see what these other celestial bodies have in store for us! 

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15 responses to “The 100 Episode 7×01: From the Ashes

  1. Loved the farmhouse. Can we just have a whole season of domestic bliss, and lots of picnics?

    I liked the moral quandary Memori find themselves in right off the bat. Especially given Murph’s track record. 🙂 And nice to see Charles Vane er I mean roan show up! Surprise!! Echo is awesome as always 🙂

    Eligius-bad news…

    I hope the Bellamy thing is handled well. It’s a bummer that we’re not gonna have him around a while?


    • NOPE because you know as well as I do, we’d be up in arms about the lack of action! ? You’ll have to settle for unlivable planets and long-dead commanders, sorry!

      YES I agree! And I love that Emori and Murphy had such different reactions to it, too. Usually they’re on the same page, but Murphy actually put his morals above his survival and if THAT isn’t a huge character development, Idk what is!

      HA I love Roan! I kind of wished he had a bigger role, more like Pike did with O, but alas. And hey, maybe this isn’t even the last we see of him!

      I feel though like the Eligius prisoners are kind of right? Like- they have to do all the heavy lifting, but live in tents? Idk, I’d be pissed if I had to shower in a pond too!

      I think, from what I heard, it’ll be at least the first 4 episodes. Beyond that, no idea, but I assume that the plot will be largely about getting him back.

      • Emori and Murphy are so fun because in a lot ways she is more expedient and ruthless than he is- going back to her thief history I guess. It’s not every day Murphy meets someone more morally flexible than he is lol. 🙂

  2. The farmhouse scenes were jarring but I do hope they’ll achieve lasting peace and be able to really enjoy those moments. A big successful effort to rescue Bellamy would be a great exclamation point for the season and the series. It’s one thing not to do Bellarke but killing off Bellamy would just be asking for permanent fan backlash. The Children of Gabriel soured on Gabriel once they found out he had been pretending to be Xavier for the last ten years. Love the Children of Nelson for their new name! Gabriel seems like he’d had enough with the crusade against the Primes. The Anomaly allows him to just be a scientist again. Relatively speaking, he seems happier.

    I somehow missed the part where Jason said Russell is gone for good. Too bad but I think it’ll be a treat to watch JR Bourne play Sheidheda pretending to be Russell!

    • That is my hope too! And yes, I agree about Bellamy wholly. It would never fly. I think it’s about time we saved him, tbh! I mean there’s been so much saving Clarke, saving Octavia, etc, let’s save Bellamy for a change! I think this COULD be handled really well, so my fingers are crossed!

      Oh I agree about Gabriel/Nelson/The Kids. Gabriel is definitely happier and more in his element. I just find it so funny like the Primes are OVER yet neither the Believers nor the Kids can stand to let it drop!

      AH found it! I agree, JR is incredible so as long as he stays, I am down. He is such a genuinely great dude too, I am glad he didn’t leave us too early! (Even though I high key hate Sheidheda!)

  3. Beth W

    Was I the only one confused by how easily Shadheida was able to hijack Russell’s mind? I know the dude was depressed, but when it was Josephine/Clark mind mesh struggle, they were “killing” each other to get temporary control. Shadheida just has to kill Russell once, when he’s unconscious? It just felt a little too convenient to me.

    Clarke and Gaia…writers, stop trying to make everything a romance! Both of these women need a female bestie they can trust and open up to, and since they share a maternal concern for Madi, it makes sense to make them heart-sisters. At least do this for Gaia’s sake. She has NO friends or lovers- we never even see her talking to someone other than Madi and Indra.

    I do NOT understand Jordan, at all. Like…is he sympathizing with the least violent bunch? Or does he actually believe in the Primes, even after Delilah? Ugh, poor awkward peace baby.

    Since Picasso is the first dog we’ve seen on the entire planet, I assume she was genetically engineered and lab-created. Ahem. 😀

    • OH so okay. The explanation is, Sheidy had uploaded to Russell’s mind drive back when they were both on EIV. But as we saw with Clarkephine, they were only able to switch consciousnesses when the person using the body LOST consciousness. So, when Jordan says to Russell “you look like you haven’t slept in days” or whatever, it’s because he had not. I guess losing your whole world does that to a guy. ANYWAY, because of that, Sheidy hadn’t had a chance to take over, so he was essentially dormant until Russell went to sleep. THEN, when they were both awake in the mind drive ONLY, Sheidy was able to kill Russell, erasing his consciousness completely, and taking over. How he killed him permanently when Clarke could not kill Josie permanently, I assume will be told later. Clearly Sheidy has hacking skills though, so I would assume that is how.

      I am REALLY hoping that we are all reading too much into it, or that the writers are just trying to throw us off, because I agree with you a million percent of course. I want her to have a bestie, too. She needs one, I fully agree.

      Jordan is a FOOL, Beth. That is the only thing I can think of. And he WAS kind of brainwashed/drugged, so I get it to some extent, but he is just SO socially inept that I don’t even think he understands what he is doing. It’s like having a 5 year old, socially speaking, interacting with adults.

      GOOD then they can clone him, yes? We’ll just keep making Picassos, it’s FINE. I am not even much of a pet person but I am bummed about the lack of pets.

      • Beth W

        OH! Thank you! That makes more sense. I wonder…given Becca (ALLIE?) has some connection to the Flame, if Sheidy learned those elite hacker skills from her somehow, either before taking the flame or after. Hrmmmm…..

        The thing that scares me about Picasso being in the mix is the whole “kick the dog” thing. I don’t think the writers would stoop to that, but it’s basically one more lovable soul in this world that can break my heart. 😀

        • I’d assume he learned from Becca after taking the Flame, and then kept learning as time went on. He’s too close to current show times to have been able to learn from any actual tech- if he was Heda when Indra was a child, that would be at LEAST 60-70 years after the bombs.

          No no Picasso will be FINE, the cast swore up and down at UD!

  4. So funny – I’ve been watching this season wondering why the heck they put Bellamy on the sidelines. I really should have come read your BB blog sooner!! I guess it makes sense now (ish), but it’s still pretty sad.

    I totally didn’t pick up on the Gaia/Clarke vibe. I don’t think that’s happening, but I suppose it’s still possible. And I totally agree with you about Jordan. Poor kid missed out on something major g growing up with just his parents, apparently.

    • Bwhahah yes! It does make sense but it IS sad. And then when they lost the baby, I have a feeling it extended his break, which again, OBVIOUSLY but yeah.

      Well Gaia… I think you have gotten to the point where Gaia is captured (read: was filming Sabrina and had to be whisked away ?) but even in the scripts it’s written in a bizarre way where they wanted us to think something was up there! Seriously, it must have been so ODD to grow up without peers, and ONLY with people who love you unconditionally. For better or worse, Jordan ONLY has their worldviews too, which could have been problematic with different parents!

        • HA yes you do! It was SO sad- she announced that she wouldn’t be directing her episode at Unity Days because she was pregnant and everyone started SCREAMING, but I could tell by her face that there was no happy ending here. Then they like, calmed everyone down and said she’d lost the baby at 11 weeks, and it was obviously like, beyond devastating. But she said that she wanted to be like, open and honest about it because it was such a common thing, but also so taboo to talk about and that she hated the thought of women suffering like she was, but in silence. Honestly it was so freaking brave, and now I am tearing up just thinking about it.

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