Welcome to March’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight!

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  Also, covers all link to Goodreads, because I am awesome. 

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

The June Boys by Court Stevens

Being Toffee by Sarah Crossan

The Black Sky by Timothy D. Minneci 

Hugest of thanks to Thomas Nelson, Bloomsbury, and author Timothy Minneci (who, incidentally, pitched this to me as a fellow The 100 fan, and even said that one of the MCs is based on Octavia. Sold, and sold!)


Huge thanks to the publishers, so many most-anticipated books here! 


I had a few tax return dollars and decided to splurge. Look, I didn’t know I’d be unemployed mere weeks later! Also finally put together my book cart, and I bought this random homemade The 100 sign and it’s awesome, no regrets. 

L-R: Hold Back the Tide, Wranglestone, A Sky Painted Gold, Upright Women Wanted& The Mercies


Hugest of thanks to author Anna Bright for The Beholder (I love this book!), Scholastic for The Light in Hidden Placeslovely traders for Agnes at the End of the World and Yes No Maybe So, and Tor for The Princess Will Save You and Trouble the SaintsThese are SO anticipated!! 

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 12 books this month. Which honestly isn’t bad considering the actual world is on fire, right? Right.

This is a pretty good bunch! I have actually reviewed most of them already, but the ones I haven’t are really good (that would be the last four on this list!) so do yourself a favor and grab ’em! 

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month!

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update! OKAY BUT LOOK. There were no new covers so these are just some new BOOKS I have heard about/am excited about since last we chatted. 

New Megan Bannen and Louise O’Neill!? Gosh yes! And okay fine, Crownchasers has been on my TBR for eons but the cover was just released and I kind of dig it, plus the book is on my wishlist so whatever. It’s my blog, I do what I want! 

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • We have a release date for The 100 final season! And a title! From the Ashes, episode 7×01, will premiere on Wednesday May 20th. Which means you absolutely have time to binge the series. I am currently beginning season 3 of my rewatch, but I believe in your ability to watch 84 episodes in 50 days.
  • Scythe Bookish Games is taking place! As of the time I am typing this, your girl is still alive, but that could change at any moment of course! Stalk Follow the game for all kinds of shenanigans! 
  • Okay, let’s chat about the state of the world. The crazy thing about this is, none of us is not impacted. You know I have been wont to bitch about politics, or weather, or what have you, but I think this is the first time I can unequivocally say that this pandemic matters to all of you reading this. And frankly, that is bananas. I hope more than anything that you and your loved ones are all well and safe. But I know that this is so much farther reaching than just the illness itself, horrible as it is. I am currently unemployed, so that’s fun, and of course the kids are out of school. The impact from this will span years, if not decades, and it is just… mind boggling. Also, I didn’t realize that the apocalypse would be so simultaneously anxiety-ridden and mind-numbingly boring, so that’s a fun take.

So, how have you been dealing with Pandemic Life™? I wish you all a healthy April!!

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35 responses to “Monthly Minutes at Midnight: March 2020

  1. Excuse me while I totally pretend I’m not at all jealous that you got an ARC of Elysium Girls … is it working? Do I look not jealous yet? xD

    I have an eARC for The Princess Will Save You, too, and boy am I looking forward to it! It sounds absolutely perfect. Oh myyyy, I absolutely LOVE the cover of Soulswift. I don’t even care what it’s about. I just want it. xD Is that shallow of me? Yeah, sure, probably. I never said I wasn’t.

    Whaaaat? They’re having a Scythe bookish games?! That sounds really neat. I love that series so much. Best of luck! I’m rooting for you. 😉

    • SO fun fact, I was declined on Netgalley, so I signed up for the blog tour. Denying us, so rude 😂 It was good though! Definitely worth reading when it is out (less than 2 weeks I think right?) Hopefully we both enjoy The Princess Will Save you! And Megan Bannen’s first book is an all-time favorite, so I think you will like Soulswift, so go ahead and cover lust haha.

      And YES you should play sometime! Or at the very least, be a spectator! It;s so fun! And stressful! 😂 Thank youuu!

  2. Anxiety-ridden and mind-numbingly boring sums it up well. Never would have thought those could go hand in hand but here we are. I’ve been eyeballing Little Universes. I’ve only read one from Demetrios (I’ll Meet You There) but it’s one of my all-time faves.

    • RIGHT!? And you know, I think that it is BECAUSE we are so bored that our anxiety is unchecked! OH how are you liking the Amy Harmon book? I am LOVING it so far! Thanks for putting it on my radar! Also I love me some Heather Demetrios, like you said, I’ll Meet You There is an all-time fave of mine as well! I will keep you posted on how Little Universes is!

      • I’m loving Where the Lost Wander so far! I find that I;m reading it slowly, though. It’s not like the kind of book that I want to fly through. I’m around 38% I think. Things are bleak and it seems there’s more to come… based on that heart wrenching prologue.

  3. These days are something. I feel a lot less anxious, now that I don’t have to commute to work, but I am not sure how long that will last. It sucks that you are unemployed at the moment, but I am glad you get to be safe and home with your little humans. Hopefully those unemployment benefits start rolling out soon. ((HUGS)) And, yes, I am eager to hear your thoughts on Demetrios’ new book. I love a good sister story.

    • Oh absolutely! Those last couple days at work were HELL. We were all trying to like, Lysol all the kids 😂 I am glad that you don’t have to go out to work either. I agree, like, no I don’t want to be unemployed, BUT I would rather that than take a risk! I should be getting the unemployment soon, but it’s only $189/week which is ABSURD. And YES I will definitely keep you posted, I hope to get to it ASAP!

  4. Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    The Gilded Ones. *.* Elysium Girls. *.* You got so many amazing books! Aww, thank you for sharing my post. <3

    The pandemic is affecting everyone (and is going to affect everyone for many years). I'm so sorry you're unemployed and I hope you can get your benefits soon. My job hunting is on hold and my fellowship application is on hold and I have a student loan to pay, so I understand how you're feeling.

    Happy April!
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    • Aw of course! And Elysium Girls was really good, so I hope you enjoy it too!

      You are SO, so right about how the lasting repercussions are going to continue for a LONG, long time. It is terrifying. Ugh I am SO sorry that everyhing is on hold for you. That is such a frustrating feeling, and I will be cheering you on as soon as this passes and you can get back to the search!

  5. Oh I just added Elysium Girls to my TBR. I’m curious what you’ll think of it! I’ll keep an eye out for that review. This coronavirus thing is crazy. I live in California. Our county has been on an official stay at home order for a few weeks now. I’ve left the house to go to the grocery store and thats it. TBH, its not too different for me since I’m already a stay at home mom and a hermit & my husband is still having to go into work. The biggest thing is not being able to see my parents, as my mom has diabetes and lung disease, I can’t risk that.

    • Oh YAY so I REALLY enjoyed Elysium Girls! I hope you do too!

      Yeah it is pretty insane out there right now. I went ot the grocery store yesterday and it was so eerie. I also got in a fight with a lady, but I guess that’s the apocalypse for ya hah. UGH I am so sorry that your husband has to go to work, that must be incredibly stressful. And I am even more sorry about you not being able to see your parents, that must be so, so hard. I think mine may be the only thing keeping me afloat at this point tbh. But you are of course doing the best thing you can for your mom- I hope you are at least getting to talk to them a lot!

  6. “I didn’t realize that the apocalypse would be so simultaneously anxiety-ridden and mind-numbingly boring, so that’s a fun take” 😂😂 this is so funny and so true it makes me want to cry… and laugh. 12 books is SO good during this time!! I can’t read shit right now. My brain is just 🙃.

    • RIGHT!? My goodness, this is some weird shit! Like. I always assumed that in the apocalypse, I’d be too busy staying alive to like, worry about it? I guessed wrong. And seriously, I feel you with the reading. I have been kind of hit or miss- some books I am flying through, and then there are times (no matter how good the book) that my mind just cannot focus enough to read!

  7. 12 books is awesome. I’m slowly focusing on reading more, but it can be tough. And you’re right, this IS something that affects the world – I just wish more people would take it seriously. I suppose the majority are, but so many are still gathering and doing what they want, and it’s so frustrating!!! I’m glad you’re home and safe though. I’m so sorry to hear you are unemployed. I hope you can get some benefits soon. My dad was temporarily laid off, so we’re waiting for his application to go through. It’s just a crazy time.


    • Goodness, it IS tough isn’t it?! One of my review books is about a pandemic and how poorly it was handled (it’s set 7 years after it began) and I am just like… YEP sounds about right. I agree with you, people DO need to take it seriously, and I cannot comprehend how they aren’t! I did start to get the unemployment, but it’s a whopping $189/week. So… rolling my eyes HARD hah. Hope your dad’s goes through smoothly, and that he gets more than that!

  8. I’ve been a total slug. This month was just awful on a lot of levels and I’m slowly coming out of it and I hope that means I can read soon.

    Congrats on being my first winner and thanks for sharing about the giveaway!

    Hey, no guilt on your purchases – we all need a few bright spots to help us through.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • Aw Karen, you have every reason to just lay low and take care of yourself. You’ve been through a LOT. I am glad you are doing better though ♥♥

      And thank YOU for the giveaway!! It is such an amazingly generous thing to do!

  9. Soulswift reminds me of the Hunger Games for some reason?! 😂I think THG suddenly owns all birds (I doooon’t make the rules). Anyway YAY for reading so much and these beautiful books!! I need to read The Beholder. And also The Gilded Ones sounds so good!! And I also need to read Yes No Maybe So…like yesterday. Story of my life 😂

    Here’s to hoping April is a nicer month to the world… :))))

    • Bwhahah I am FINE with THG owning the birds because I was okay with their birds. Or, their use of birds, I guess. The Beholder is good! I mean- a little tropey, but WILDLY entertaining. At least for me it was! And UGH The Gilded Ones isn’t coming out until MARCH 2021 now, I sob. And that is me with Yes No Maybe So and like, every other book ever published 😂

  10. I think we are all dealing with this pandemic as best as we can. Our goverenors are either helping us or they are not. We need to help each other in this. I hope you and your family stay safe and if you or your family are essenial works well let them know to say Thank you to them.
    Here is my March Wrap up

  11. 12 books is great! I’ve been in a slump for the past few weeks, but I’m hoping April will be better. You’re absolutely right–there’s no one this hasn’t affected. That’s terribly sad, but also strangely comforting, right? Stay well and happy reading!

  12. Ugh I’m sorry to hear you are now unemployed. This whole situations is messing with so many people in different ways 🙁 But at least there are books I guess?

  13. Beth W

    “Also, I didn’t realize that the apocalypse would be so simultaneously anxiety-ridden and mind-numbingly boring, so that’s a fun take.”
    Which is odd because I’m exhausted all the time, and time has become really weirdly fluid. I also keep thinking I’m a normal healthy person until I try to do a thing and end up on my ass…and I’ve turned into a powder keg, too. I think books and movies primed me for either a sudden cataclysm or a slow decline that I didn’t notice until it was too late. None of this “I’m in danger but also paralyzed and no matter what I do I can’t help all my loved ones” crap. 🙁
    But May 20 I am marking on my calendar. Thank. Goodness.

  14. I also got The Gilded Ones for review. Unfortunately, I learned through the author’s Twitter that publication has been delayed a year. I love the title for The Princess Will Save You; that alone makes me want to read it. It’s great that you read a lot in March! I haven’t read as much as I hoped because things have been rough, but I did read some pretty good books! Thanks for sharing my post!

    I love the cover for Crownchasers. Please excuse me while I go look this up on Goodreads.

  15. Danielle Hammelef

    Twelve books is excellent. The Lucky Ones and Elysium Girls are both high on my list. I read my ARC of Agnes at the End of the World and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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