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  1. Hey, I’ve very interested in this. I know more info will be put in the Google Doc but at the moment it doesn’t say much yet. Will participants be sending books to each other?

    Looking forward to learning more.

    • Hi! So the way it works is quite simple: People sign up in the linky above, and then at the start of August (or whichever month it happens to be!), they post a giveaway. The only rules are that you have to specify what you’re giving away and how you’ll choose your winner(s), and then add the linky code (which is in the Google doc) to the post- this is so that people who enter the giveaway can “hop” around to everyone else’s giveaways! Or, if you would just rather enter giveaways, that’s fine too- there are usually at least 10 or so!

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