The 100 Episode 6×06: Memento Mori

This is the episode I needed. Longed for. It’s probably my favorite of the season so far, actually. Lots of character interaction and development, going back to their roots, and also, Clarke.

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Shenanigans with Murphine

Josephine is a literal psychopath, right? Maybe she didn’t start out that way, but somewhere along the line, she became one. I assume it’s one of the side effects of perceived immortality, to no longer see the value in human life. Because let’s face it, she doesn’t. In this episode, Jo uses everyone she can as a pawn in her endgame, without so much as a modicum of concern for how they’ll feel about it. And not just Earthkru! No, she’s willing to use and manipulate (and yes, kill) her own people for her selfish goals.

She starts with Murphy, gathering as much intel as she can on Clarke to fool as many people as possible, naturally. Because she is trying to convince Abby that the only way to save Kane is by making him a Nightblood and uploading his mind to a chip. As you do. You know what I find ironic and irritating? Russell keeps yammering on about how he had a chance to get his daughter back to garner sympathy from everyone who hates him, yet he doesn’t even almost consider that he took someone else’s child away. The level of narcissism you have to have to spin that tale is astounding.

The worst part is, she’s right.

Murphy still has a little compassion for others remaining, so he inquires about Bellamy. Jo seems thrilled with herself that she hasn’t offed him just yet, and Murphy is going to try to get Bellamy on board with this ridiculous plan of Josephine’s while she goes and erases her friends.  He tries to convince Bellamy that Clarke would want them to all live peacefully with these monsters. In a decision that surprises no one, Bellamy basically tells Murphy where he can shove his “plan” for peace.

Are you new here, Murphy? Bellamy doesn’t want peace, he wants Clarke back. Also, Sanctum is killing innocent people, so. Monty would so not be okay with that. 

Meanwhile, Josephine convinces her own mother to delete the Lee family. Well, that is fairly evil. And by fairly, I obviously mean completely. The thing that boggles my mind the most is, what makes Jo and Simone so sure that no one will go ahead and erase their asses? Talk about setting a dangerous precedent, ladies. But the Lightbourne Narcissism™ wins out in the end, and sayonara, Lees. What was the winning argument? That with Nightblood, they’d have “the genetic pick of the litter”, so that’s disgusting and awful.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? 😬

And just as Bellamy seems to have lost any ounce of compassion that Jo has left for him, Murphy pulls out his backup plan: Russell. Russell is not going to let Jo kill Bellamy, at least without a fight. But Jo is always a step ahead of Dead Old Dad, and she frees Bellamy to let him kill Russell. But then its also her words that stop Bellamy: that all Earthkru knows is violence. He agrees to try to come to some kind of peace, which is unlike him, but I also definitely don’t think this is over for him. He is playing a long game, no doubt in my mind. With that, Murphy gets his mind drives, and Bellamy gets to tell all his friends and loved ones that Clarke is dead.

If this doesn’t bring you to tears, you’re as soulless as Josephine.

Adventures with Earthkru

Echo, Raven, and Emori are greeted with some distressing news upon their return. Yep, they have been filled in on the whole “body snatching” culture of their new neighbors, and are none too pleased. Raven and Emori scamper off to figure out how to build a radiation shield with Ryker so they can get the hell out of dodge, while Echo isn’t loving “Clarke”‘s explanation for why Bellamy isn’t around.

Let’s start in Motor City with Raven versus Ryker while Emori stands in the background with uncomfortable looks on her face. Raven is pissed at Ryker, and he cannot possibly figure out why. Okay my dude, let’s recap, shall we?

  1. You have been stealing people’s bodies for over two centuries.
  2. You keep their personal possessions as creepy souvenirs.
  3. You genuinely think they want to sacrifice their lives for you, when the real truth is they have no choice whatsoever.
  4. Your chest hair poking out of your shirt gives me the creeps. (Okay maybe that last one is just me, whatever.)

I could keep going, but you get it. He is trying to explain but she’s having none of it and rightfully so. Then Abby beckons Raven to take her back to the Nightblood factory mothership, so she has to go and not a moment too soon.

I mean, that pretty much sums it all up, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, Echo is traipsing through the forest, Jade creepily following her, realizing that Bellamy is definitely not on a scouting mission. But she does find a dude who has a tree growing in his face, so that’s special! The dude is apparently doing some kind of “penance” for Rose’s death, which is so much bullshit that I can’t even find the words. I guess Jade was supposed to take the fall for that, but she was too “important” and now my eyes are rolling out of my head. Anyway, TreeMan wants Echo to mercy kill him, but Jade won’t let her, because he’s supposed to “be strong” and let this fucking plant eat his liver or whatever. Echo disagrees, and takes out Jade. And then mercy kills TreeMan.

And in Trig nonetheless. Echo, I love you. 

Then when we swing back around, TreeMan is gone and his replacement is kind of the best. Echo says she appreciates Jade finally telling her the truth about Bellamy.

Slow Clap

Confusion with The Anomaly

So, Octavia’s hand is not doing great. And as it turns out, this shit will travel to her brain and kill her, so that’s bad news. Xavier has an idea! Magic tree sap! Diyoza and Xavier share some truth bombs on the way to Sapland. Xavier tells Diyoza that her baby will not be safe with Russell. To which Diyoza doesn’t seem to care, but I have a feeling she will. And they discuss how maybe Gabriel isn’t the real monster here.

Do you see why I love them so?

And then he pours sap on her cut and it’s magically better because Xavier is actually a wizard maybe. So they take some back and pour it all over O’s Evil Witch Claw. Only, it’s only slowing it down, not stopping it. She wants to cut off her hand, which I thought she should have done a couple episodes ago, but then Xavier has an epiphany! The real cure? Rock doodles.

Kindergarten free time circa 1902 called, it wants its hobbies back.

And this I guess is some major clue that they need to head to the Anomaly. Just like Xavier’s tattoo. And Gabriel I guess. And the weird drawings Diyoza has been making? Look, I have no idea what this is. I am trying to keep an open mind but you’re telling me that meteorological events are speaking to you via deformed old man hands? Okay I guess 🤷‍♀️

This whole Anomaly thing is kinda cheesy, but I adore this trio of randomass warriors so much, I’ll try to suspend my disbelief for a minute. Because I think I would gleefully watch them do just about anything together, so… weird freak of nature/preschool art class it is!

Evildoings with Sheidheda

Okay, I can’t decide if I care about Sheidheda, honestly. I mean, on one hand, yes please to more Grounder culture. But on the other, I give zero fucks about this guy unless he’s come bearing stories about why the hell Second Dawn burned Becca at the damn stake. I guess dealing with Sheidheda is a part of mastering the Flame or some such nonsense, but Madi isn’t really tickled about it. So Gaia does the reasonable thing and handcuffs her to the bed.

Madi wants to know if Clarke okayed this, to which Gaia gets all squirrely. Look Gaia, pretend she did. I promise Jo won’t give a damn if you off Madi, so just.. lie, Gaia. Lie. Sheidheda tells Madi to kill Gaia, and I am pretty sure she’s contemplating it. Idk why this dude is such a mess, but wow, someone did not get enough hugs as a young Natblida.

After Bellamy tells Madi that Clarke is dead, Madi kind of loses it. She banishes Gaia (which admittedly is better than just killing her) and delves back into the dark underworld of Sheidheda.

The only thing I like about Sheidheda so far is the concept of killing Primes. 

Reunited with Clarke

And it feels so good. I knew it would all be worth it the second Clarke showed up again, and thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long. I know it’s not over, but just seeing this glimpse was enough to satisfy. Josephine goes to bed, pleased as punch with herself. She’s seemingly getting everything she wants at the moment, so I get the appeal. The Lees are gone forever, Bellamy didn’t kill her dad, Abby’s off cooking up some Nightblood… things are coming up roses for Josie.

Until she drifts off to sleep. And Clarke comes crashing back. We see all kinds of people/events from her past, Lexa, Bellamy, Abby, etc. And we know this is just the beginning of whatever is to come.

Song of the Week:

Okay they’re officially killing it musically this season too! This week’s perfect song is “Alone” by HÆLOS, playing when we get the first glimpse of Clarke and yes please and thank you! 

Random Thoughts:

  • Okay let’s just get this out of the way first: Holy. Freaking. Beliza! 😱 I am dead. Dead. Look, I was never interested in Beliza as a concept because hi, they’re real people and I sure as hell wasn’t about to get up in anyone’s private business. But then. THEN. Did we see this coming? I honestly did not. Am I happy? Oh a million times yes! Any time two people find their soulmates I am down (and incredibly jealous, but shhh). And in this case, it’s two people who seem to genuinely deserve all the happiness. 
  • Why has no one considered just removing Josephine from Clarke? Like just pop the bitch back out! Idk if it would work, but why has no one even considered it? Jo may be a psychopath, but I think Bellamy and Company could take her down.
  • Kaylee’s full name being Kaylee Lee will never not be both hilarious and ridiculous. 
  • This was what Xavier was eatingThis place just gets curiouser and curiouser.
  • Does the Anomaly increase life spans/slow aging? Maybe Xavier is really like, 200. I mean, we can assume Gabe isn’t into the habit of snatching bodies anymore, so how is he still alive?  
  • Hey maybe Gaia can join the Anomaly Party! Only if her rock doodles are good enough. Obviously.

Episode 6×07: Nevermind

Oooh how I am longing for it to be show time, because This. Episode. First, it’s a callback to “Nevermore”, which is absolutely the most awesome Season 3 episode. Because second, it too is written by Kim Shumway, and I generally find her episodes extra full of fabulous, so strap the hell in, friends.

  • Is it Jake Griffin time!?!? Also, have I mentioned that I love flashbacks and callbacks? Because I do, a lot. The brief bit we saw at the end of this episode showed us Lexa and Roan, so wow, here for all of that.
  • There’s talk of Ian not being Kane/some new guy being Kane and no thank you please. Obviously this is a thought I had as soon as this nightblood/Kane thing started, but look. If Ian has to go, just kill Kane. I don’t need some pseudo-Kane parading around. It’s squicky. (Also what a bite in the ass it’d be after the cancellation of The Passage. Would I really have to lose one of my favorite characters and one of my favorite shows all at once? Rude.) 
  • How much of the show will I spend in tears? Obviously some. But maybe all! Who can tell? I’d place my bets on “most”. 
  • Hey, since we’re heading back to space, do we finally get to see Indra? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Indra kom Trikru is the warrior we need in Sanctum.

Okay how shocking is Beliza!? How thrilled are you that Clarke made an appearance? Is Josephine completely unhinged? So much to discuss! 

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9 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×06: Memento Mori

  1. Okay, I had no idea about the #Beliza thing, and you just sent me down a (very deep) rabbit hole that I’ve barely gotten out of because of the whole “Be kind” thing and then the fact that Bob deleted his Twitter account. So, yay for the happy couple and sorry for the drama, I guess? Always a shame when things devolve into namecalling and such.

    Oh, and this was a good episode. But since I honestly read this post like an hour ago, my head is swarming with just Beliza stuff. LOL!

    • Bwhahah sorrrryyy! I missed the WHOLE Bob/Twitter thing! I saw the very tail-end, but didn’t want to bother figuring out what happened ha. People are so rude, how could you be awful to them!? But the good part is, MOST of what I have seen has been very positive.

      Have you watched Nevermind yet? It is SO GOOD. I need to write my post and Idk even HOW ugh.

      • I haven’t watched the latest episode yet. I’m waiting till tomorrow so I can watch it with my mom. Cause I’m nice that way (I was very tempted to watch it today without her after seeing your tweet. LOL!).

        I guess Bob was dating someone else (with a fandom) until very recently, so there was lots of backlash against him. And then there was also some weird complaining that they got married during Pride month and they’re not gay? I honestly don’t get that one—lots of people get married in June. But, yeah. (And I spent WAY too much time trying to figure all that out, so you should just be glad you didn’t bother.)

        • WOWWW you ARE nice! I do not wait for any person hahah.

          Oh yeah, Bob and Arryn were together for quite a long time. Which I think was shocking for a lot of people, considering how quickly he then married Eliza. But I guess if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. And I think the only person allowed to be hurt by it is Arryn herself. Plus who KNOWS why they ended things!? And the Pride thing is completely ridiculous. AND fun fact, they actually got married in May hahaha. I mean, I am of course a huge proponent of all things Pride, and I know you are too, but dictating when people can marry is a bit absurd.

  2. Beth W

    Oh man, no slow or pointless episodes in THIS season. Wow.
    I do wonder why the Lightbourne’s have stayed in power. I mean, the others seem to think they have a cabal of sorts, but it’s pretty obvious it’s Lightbournes being the leaders. Are they the only ones with the guns, or something? Here’s hoping Ryker leads the eventual Prime-on-Prime murder spree that’s gonna happen when the others find out Simone and Josephine deleted the Lees. And as an aside, I’m digging the mathiness of this season. The head immortals are Primes, like prime number. There were 13 to start (I think? Counting Gabriel), which is the number of focus and pragmatism in numerology but also a prime number. The opening sequence lays out the Sanctum settlement on a Fibonacci spiral (which is apparently significant to the anomaly, which may be a thinking organism which is COOL AS HELL). It’s subtle, but I feel like baking the writers cookies for those nods.

    I do think it was a bit of a cop-out to show us Bellamy telling Madi from outside a window, with no sound. Because I know the actor can do a good job of summoning pain into his voice and tears to his eyes. I’m sadistic like that- I want to see him hurting. Can we just take a moment and say how badass Echo is? From mercy to stone-cold in 5 seconds, repeatedly.

    I do think Raven, Echo, and Diyoza on a team would be unstoppable both in force and pragmatism. But also while not losing their humanity (because Raven waves the bullshit flag on stuff like nobody else). We can put Indra on that team, too.

    The Sheidheida storyline I could do without, but I get that they want to give Madi her own journey this season. It just feels a bit toothless. But you’re right- why DID Second Dawn burn Becca at the stake? Hrmmm…
    Also, how can one smarmy heda outweigh dozens of good heda? It just seems false and forced, to me. :shrug:

    When Clarke woke, I noticed that Lexa’s face was large and on the bed-side wall, right above her head. Awwww…..Also nice to see Bellamy was there. <3
    But while I was clapping in joy that Clarke was not in fact gone, I was also horrified at how many times this probably happens for the hosts whose bodies have been taken over. And does that mean each time a host gets chipped, it's the consciousness of every previous host who has been chipped, locked in a room, panicking like this? YIKES.

    Wait…who is Beliza? Was there a hookup I missed during this episode?!

    • RIGHT?!?! Oh and the next one! THE NEXT ONE! It’s one of the best EVER although this week’s was almost as awesome, Idk if I can choose actually I am SO EXCITED for you to get to them!

      So, I actually had to look this up because I was a little lost myself but the Primes apparently are the ONLY families that landed on the colony- at first. Everyone else came from embryos that they brought with them which… is weird. Especially because didn’t Russell kill everyone who could have hosted an embryo? Maybe not I guess, we never really see it, but still. So yeah, all the NON-Primes are the embryos and their descendants. All the Primes are the original colonists.

      Also DAMN, I am impressed with your mathematical analysis! Because I do think you’re right, and I NEVER would have picked up on any of it! Yes, there were in fact 13 Primes. Which if you think about it is hilarious because when Gabriel left, their name became kind of stupid 😂 And YES omggg they are going to RAGE when they find out the Lees are gone! Because now NO ONE is safe muahhaha.

      I did wonder what made them choose to do the fade-out when Bellamy was talking to Madi. Obviously Bob has the chops; we saw him cry just a few moments later. And I feel like Lola is pretty good in her own right, so who knows. Maybe it was axed for time? And YESSS Echo was awesome! I am here for that team! Definitely need Indra on it, agreed. Who’s gonna tell O she didn’t make the cut? 😂

      Agree completely about Sheidheda. It was definitely just for Madi to have some kind of agency this season, but it isn’t working for me. I hope it’s over with quickly. Though it gets stupider sadly.

      So NO, it doesn’t mean that this happened to the other hosts! Which is probably good news. You’ll see why in the very beginning of the next episode why.

      Bob and Eliza! Bellamy and Clarke! They got MARRIED. Even though as far as we all knew, they had been seeing other people up until recently and were never linked romantically and then BAM, secret marriage 2 months ago, announced… well, whenever I posted this hahha.

      • Beth W

        OK, it’s odd as hell that they were basically an Ark, carrying human embryos to repopulate the planet. Maybe he grew babies in a lab? Hrm….
        I do wonder how they’re gonna retcon the fact that Russell killed everyone (except Gabriel) during the first Red Sun. I mean, he could start brainwashing the “nulls” and “hosts” with the first generation of them, but if it takes nightblood in your genetic line to be born with nightblood, the first hosts must’ve descended from Primes fertilizing embryos or mating with nulls- so if there weren’t any other Primes left alive during that first Red Sun (when they presumably all went bonkers), Russell has an even bigger god complex than imagined, and the ick factor just rose.

        WAIT WHAT?! OMG I am squeeing! Damn, I’m so happy to see their on-screen chemistry is serious real-life chemistry. And so excited for them! Eeeeee!!!!!

        • I am kind of wondering if they did grow them in a lab? Because how else? Maybe THAT is where they got the lab from in the palace, actually! I assume that most of the embryos (all?) were nightbloods. Also, I am not sure that they ALL died in the first Russell attack. Let me go look that up. Yeah, it isn’t clear how many of them he killed, the only confirmed victims are Jo and Simone. But even so!

          And YEP! Isn’t that bananas!? I am SO happy for them and only completely jealous! 😂😂😂

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