The 100 Episode 6×04: The Face Behind the Glass

This episode is so hard for me to fully articulate my thoughts for. On one hand, it was spectacular. So many moments I didn’t even know I was craving. Such amazing character and world development. But I am also scared, going forward. I don’t like that we’re going to have to deal with people thinking Clarke has betrayed them again. So I hope for my sanity, someone catches on sooner than later!

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

It’s Naming Day, Bitches!

Ah, this episode starts off so pleasantly, which of course is the first sign of impending doom just minutes later. But joy of joys (or horror of horrors, depending on who you ask), it’s the naming day of Delilah/Priya! She and Jordan are sharing a little post-coital conversation and wow, did Harper have him doing P90x on the ship or something (cause you know it wasn’t Monty)? Dude is jacked. Anyway, Naming Day is apparently all about atoning for your sins and junk, so Jordan wants to unload some of his (perceived) wrongdoings. He knows how hard it must have been for his parents to know he was just a few feet away, in cryo, seeing him but not being able to reach him. It’s incredibly heartfelt, and I’m glad Jordan has Delilah to open up to for five more minutes or so.

For people who were not still in bed, there were cookies and cakes and pies, oh my! Like I said, the happier the beginning of the episode, the faster and more severe things are going to go downhill. But it was so nice to see our heroes having a few minutes of calm and normalcy. Granted, maybe they should have had a few clues that this was a cult party, but alas. Some of them have probably never even seen a cookie, so we’ll excuse it.

I really enjoy Jae the Cookie Dude as of now. Don’t let me down, brother.

So word on the Sanctum Street is, there’s going to be a big ol’ party! But first, they must make amends and atone for all their sins, so okay that should only take everyone actual months.

Making Amends

Clarke tries to talk to Raven, but Raven is being… well, she’s being unreasonable. Look, Clarke made a mistake. How about all the times she saved you, Raven? Honestly. But Clarke moves onto way better amend-making candidates anyway. You know the one.

See what I mean about the more good we get, the more awfulness we can expect later? Sobs. 

And I seriously held my breath waiting for his response. Because while I think we all knew he wouldn’t be awful to her, would he fully forgive her? Clarke looked terrified, too. But she needn’t have worried.

I honestly live for Bellarke hugs. 

Maybe other people make amends but who cares about them, this is Bellarke’s time. Raven does wander off into a garage and meets Motorbike Mike, the repair guy and also a Prime because of course he is. I think his name is Ryker, which is so cheesy because it is an actual motorcycle brand, so I am going to go ahead and stick with Motorbike Mike. Anyway he’s boring and this story is annoying and I swear to god if Raven ends up with some new rando, I shall scream.

Let’s Check in with The Children of Gabriel

This is a fairly separate storyline from the “main” one, so we might as well use this as an interlude of sorts! So, Gabe’s Kids have O and Rose out in the woods, tied up. They’re arguing among themselves, because some bitch named Tosh wants to just kill them, and Xavier, who I like far more than Tosh, wants to bring them in alive. Xavier wins, and they start to move. Rose is, as you can imagine, more than a little scared, and pleads with Octavia to just tell them whatever they want to know.

Girl please, you are taking a stroll with Blodreina FFS.

There’s more forest shenanigans that ensue when Gabe’s kids turn on each other and shooting starts and such. Rose is too scared to keep running, but Octavia feeds her the same line Bell always did, about closing her eyes and saying “I am not afraid”. (I accidentally deleted my GIF and was too lazy to make another one, but you get the idea.) The takeaway here for me is this: Octavia, despite her feeling as such, is not a monster. There’s humanity underneath, humanity as she tries her damnedest to protect this little, innocent girl who she owes no allegiance to.

Unfortunately, Octavia can’t save Rose. She’s shot by Tosh (Tosh is the worst, right?) and dies. So O does the thing O knows how to do best: Seeks revenge and kills the hell out of Tosh. And then, happily, joins forces with Diyoza to “kill the old man” though who knows if that is actually what they’ll do. I kind of hope not, but I am giddy excited for these two to be partners in crime!

Amen to that, sister.

Party Time!

Let the festivities begin! The start of this is amazing (see video below for the beginning!), there’s dancing, merriment, Bellamy looking salty as fuck that Clarke is dancing with Cillian, good stuff! Then Clarke saunters off with Cillian to continue a more… private party. Even better is when Echo sees how salty Bellamy is, then Bellamy picks a fight with Echo over it. I see the Becho cracks, they are a-formin’!

Wow, you’re riding the couch tonight, big guy.

It’s finally time for Delilah to be erased named. Ugh, seeing Jordan so happy, wow is this going to destroy him. He knows like, four people and three of them are dead. Anyway, Delilah looks so sad, so it’s certainly no shock that she’s about to die. But she can’t leave Jordan with the hopeful look on his face, knowing she’ll never return.

And then she comes back as Priya VII, or what I like to call “Prililah”. Prililah looks altogether different than D did. She looks older even, so huge props to Ashley LaThrop for pulling that off! Then she gives some cuddles to her “baby boy”, Motorbike Mike who is about a decade older than her and that isn’t creepy at all.

Meanwhile, Clarke realizes that Cillian has been spying on Earthkru and thinks he is going to hurt her for her nightblood. Only she’s got it wrong, and Cillian is a secret Gabe’s Kid, and was just trying to save her. He didn’t act fast enough though, and since he paralyzed Clarke, she couldn’t run. So he kills himself like the coward that he his (seriously you don’t sleep with someone to “protect” them, use your other head, asshole), and Clarke is whisked away.

The Host

Russell and Simone pretend for a hot second like they’re really conflicted whether to use Clarke as a vessel for their daughter, Josephine. They’re not, but they’re trying to shove blame onto the other. Because they’re awful. Anyway, in the end of course they plan to kill Clarke and make her into Clarkephine. Because they are that entitled. And Clarke, paralyzed, can do nothing to stop it.

Why pretend, Russell? You selfish piece of trash. 

The thing that kills me is, Josephine wasn’t going anywhere. They just would have had to wait. Admittedly, upwards of 56 years, but if they’re sort of immortal, why does it matter? They basically killed Clarke because they were impatient piles of garbage and they shall never be forgiven. Bye.

Seriously Josephine, be more vapid, please. That’ll get us to not hate you. 🙄

Song of the Week:

Oh this was an absolute no-brainer! Underwater by RÜFÜS DU SOL is obviously the clear winner, and the perfect song for this episode and this moment. 

Random Thoughts:

  • The only hope I have for Ryker is that he seems over the Prime/Host thing. And maybe he can help Raven to help Clarke? If Raven isn’t too busy being salty, that is.  
  • The last party Bellamy attended wasn’t the one on the Ark. It was Death Party 2150 and I feel like Bree is very insulted that he doesn’t even remember. And hey what about Jasper?! 
  • The Echo backstory was… oddly timed, but I like it. I didn’t even know where to fit it in this recap, so basically those two make up while Clarke is being erased, and Echo lied to Bellamy and said she didn’t remember her parents but whoopsie, she does and they were murdered by Azgeda, which should surprise no one.
  • I am a little impressed that Simone and Russell have stayed together for 236+ years. They’re assholes, sure, but wow that’s a long time. 
  • What if Prililah still likes Jordan?  That’d be so wonderfully squicky!
  • Is O going to have a thing with Xavier?  I can’t believe I am going to say this but… I kind of approve? He’s the only person on this damn moon (other than Earthkru and Jae the Cookie Dude, of course!) who I actually like, so.
  • So, what’s the thing that causes Clarke to survive? The fact that she has the protection of the Flame (that one’s my guess)? Clarke just being extra? Jake Griffin in the back of her dead-head telling her she must go on? Manufactured nightblood makes you more badass? Oh, the options we have! 

Episode 6×05: The Gospel of Josephine

I am so pumped for this but also now I hate Josephine because of course I do so… I do know that I refuse to listen to her gospel, and I have probably already joined The Children of Gabriel. 

  • Is Diyoza ever popping out this kid? Please tell me Octavia will be her midwife. I don’t ask for much, right? Auntie O would be charming, I’m sure.
  • If someone doesn’t realize what happened to Clarke soon, I will cry. I don’t want this whole misunderstanding business to slog on for too long. It makes me anxious. Just figure it out and try to save her okay?
  • I swear if we don’t see my beloved Indra kom Trikru soon…  I need Kane and Niylah and Brell too okay? Who else is left up there that I’m forgetting?
  • Can we get Memori and Mackson back, too? Life is less funny without Murphy in it, okay.

What are your thoughts? Are you as upset as I am about Clarkephine? But as stoked about the Bellarke convo?  So much to discuss! 

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×04: The Face Behind the Glass

  1. Yeah th cookies were a bad sign. 🙂 I did like the Clark/ Bellamy convo though. I thinking… now now people, what if echo walks in? 🙂 Rose was sad- can’t believe they SHOT her- dang. I’m here for Octavioza though (not shipping em- just like ’em as a team. Kinda like Kiera and garza?)

    I still think alarm bells should have been going off a LOT sooner.

    Is it possible Clarke is faking?

    Yes- where is Indra?????

    • HA Echo would have been PISSED at that conversation. I can’t help but wonder what she thinks about Clarke. I mean, there is no actual romantic history there so… maybe she is okay with it? Idk but she should probably put on some glasses or something.

      I was surprised they killed Rose too, WOW. They really don’t like kids around here, Madi’s lucky she’s still alive! Oh yeah Octavia and Diyoza working together is pretty much my favorite- especially since Diyoza has saved O’s ass a few times already!

      I agree about the alarm bells but… maybe they were just a little “off” from their 125 year nap?

      So I thought that at first too, that Clarke could be faking, except… there’s no way she could have known that much about Josephine’s mannerisms. Like of course some stuff she could have made up, but the look, the movements, the hair twirling… no way would Clarke have known. So now we get to deal with Clarkephine ugh. BUT- remember when we first saw Josephine and I called her “Basically Clarke”. Wow, talk about foreshadowing without knowing it hah. I figured they’d have some kind of connection but… not THIS connected!

      Well- I thnk Abby is working on a cure for Kane in the next few episodes, and I saw that Ian is credited as appearing in Memento Mori (ep 6) and I mean, Idk how true it is, but mayyyybe we’ll see them all?

  2. I believe one of Miranda’s family members (daughter?) was next in line so she’s not going to be pleased! She was already upset with Russell because he was way too calm about Rose being kidnapped for her tastes. Russell may have really felt bad for a split second but impatience won the day. The crazy thing is that Cillian basically handed the opportunity to Russell! Exactly what the Children of Gabriel didn’t want! I think he was planning to subtly reveal his affiliation but not tucking the drawings away in a drawer ruined that.

    I think Ryker has a problem with Russell and will take the opportunity to take him down if Raven presents it to him. I don’t think Ryker is totally anti-Gabriel either because he did save his life during OG Russell’s rampage. Maybe he’s a double agent. I don’t see him developing a romance with Raven. She doesn’t need a new romance right now. I’m really interested in how she’s going to react when she finds out Clarke is gone.

    It was actually kind of odd not to have Murphy around this episode! He would have really enjoyed the party! I hope Emori, Miller, and Jackson (especially Miller and Jackson) get more to do in the coming episodes.

    • Oooooh YES you are right, I remember them saying that about whoever Miranda is! There’s going to be some infighting, methinks! But you know, Josephine doesn’t seem like she’d make a very good Clarke Griffin hah. Seriously Cillian was useless! (I mean, except to Russell!) He made every mistake possible! And yeah Russell probably did feel bad for a second but it’s not good enough. He kills other people’s kids so his can live an inordinately long time and that is more than a little messed up.

      I definitely think Ryker may join forces with Earthkru! I am so glad you catch these things (like Gabriel saving Ryker’s life!) because I seem to be oblivious haha. Now that you say it, I know exactly who you mean, but I didn’t connect that they were the same person- too many faces to keep track of hah. GOOD I am glad that you don’t think there will be a romance because I will be SO MAD if they just toss Raven into bed with someone new. That ISN’T what she needs right now, you’re totally correct there! I think maybe this is what will finally snap Raven out of her Clarke-hate? I hope, anyway!

      TOTALLY agree, Murphy, Emori, Miller, and Jackson could have used a party! Murphy eating cookies is what we ALL deserve, let’s be real! And Miller and Jackson getting a few minutes to happily dance!? We were ROBBED, I say.

  3. My favorite part of this recap is when you point out that Simone and Russell have stayed together for 236+ years. That is actually pretty mindblowing! And I guess this all explains why we were confused by the ages of Kaylee’s family in that first episode. 🙂

  4. Beth W

    Am I the only one pissed at Mr. Leaderpants on Taylee’s behalf with his Naming Ceremony atonement speech? Like, she just lost her family (I presume a husband, a son, and a daughter) and he glorifies his guilt, essentially forcing her to publicly forgive him, regardless of how she feels or what she’s dealing with. Ohhhhh I hate Mr. Leaderpants so much right now. And the look Simone gives him? Pretty sure she blames him for Josephine’s death. The priceless part of this is the look on the skykru’s faces as they take in all this hippie dippie stuff. Bellamy and Echo, especially, summed it up in a glance.

    And…I guess we’re finally getting the whole motorcycle thing? It seems heavy-handed, so I hope it isn’t just “we needed a reason for Raven to end up in the mechanic shop at some crucial plot moment, so we’re going to make Shaw a biker”. And can I just say, as the wife of a motorcycle mechanic, the fact that Raven’s version of diagnosing the problematic bike was to crouch down and look at the frame was hilarious.

    Raven’s speech to Clarke, though…..HARSH. Not undeserved, as I think Clarke has grown a bit of a savior complex, but not entirely fair. I legit rewatched that Bellamy/Clarke hug moment three times. Yay!
    ALSO EFFING FINALLY someone says Harper’s name. And of course it’s Bellamy. I mean, while he’s blaming Echo for not emoting enough (like…dude, you know she’s got the poker face of doom and had to learn to disassociate to survive). Are we thinking that was jealousy over Clarke having a time with Dr. Feelgood (yeah, I went there), and reacting by lashing out?

    AND then the jawdrop. OMG *that* Josephine?! Also, the actress who plays Clarke did a fantastic job changing her entire demeanor, albeit subtly.

    The one thing that caught my ear during the whole “let’s pretend to debate erasing this person in favor of reviving out long-dead, millennia-old daughter” was Simone saying, in her little speech about this is all fate “we’re on the brink of mortality”. And the fact that there are fewer and fewer nightbloods being born in Sanctum. So clearly, the reign of the Super Entitled Assholes is coming to an end, as nature intended. So I get his desperation. EXCEPT. It’s been 236 years of reincarnating these people over and over again….we know at least 7 incarnations for Priya, so I assume about the same for the rest. If you’d just lost your child, sure. But given that Josephine originally died (via Daddy’s close shave) 236 years ago….dude needs to let her go, grieve, and stop this whole “host” nonsense.

    I’m betting a shiny dollar that even if nobody else sees that’s not Clarke in there anymore, Madi will.

    • YEP I agree completely. It’s because Russell sees no value in human life, because he thinks he can cheat death. It’s ridiculous, and Kaylee’s family pays dearly. Not that they’re in the right either, but they are…. a tiny bit less awful than the Lightbournes maybe?

      You basically nailed the motorcycle thing. It’s really stupid, if that is ALL it is. I am still holding out hope for a more badass connection? But so far, it’s underwhelming. And you are so right- like why/how would Raven have ever even SEEN a motorcycle’s components? She would not have. It’s not a spaceship, nor is it a Rover, so.

      I am still very anti-everyone-who-hates-Clarke. I mean, she *does* have a bit of a savior complex, I’ll agree with you, but I also think that she has it because NO ONE else would make the hard choices when it came down to it, you know? And YES Bellamy is absolutely lashing out at Echo because of Dr Feelgood (which omg I LOVE that is his new name forever and ever)! Because I think he realizes that he will NEVER develop that same emotional intimacy with Echo. Not that it’s Echo’s fault- I agree with you that it’s absolutely how she’s survived, and I also think that Bellamy is JUST as guilty here because he isn’t exactly pouring his heart out to her either!

      Oh I cannot WAIT for you to see more of Josephine- how Eliza plays her with a straight face is just. I have NO idea but it cracks me up! And you’ll see more of Josephine I (Hallowed be her name) too- that actress just lights it up, and she’s basically a complete newbie, which is mind-blowing when you see her in action! No matter what you think of the season, the casting is absolutely on FIRE.

      Yeah that’s exactly it- they yammer on about how they can “save their daughter” but they are killing someone ELSE’S daughter to do so. And Jo wouldn’t have been dead, she’d have still been there! So it’s just impatience and selfishness. And again, shows their lack of regard for human life. You’ll see how bananas the whole debate gets too. Because it… somehow gets worse? I am actually kind of surprised that the uprising has been so relatively small up to this point, you know? Especially when you see more of their methods. And seeing Delilah and her mom leading up to the naming ceremony, like- really, you people are totally down for this? I am just really surprised that The Children of Gabriel haven’t made more headway.

      I prefer the way things turn out with the figuring out of Josephine, actually. I am surprisingly REALLY happy with the way they handle that whole situation. 😀

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