The 100 Episode 6×02: Red Sun Rising

My first thought when I sat down to get started on the recap is… How on Earth (or Sanctum) am I supposed to write this in any coherent manner!? Look. This was good. Actually scratch that, because “good” isn’t even enough of a word. Red Sun Rising is why we love this show. Every minute, every action, every word meant something. 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

236 Years Ago…

Backstory time! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think of these people when we first meet them. Josephine seemed to be almost Clarke-like- smart, a natural leader, blonde, only child of two SuperParents™.  She’s got a thing for Gabriel, and since we can assume that guy’s important, that is when my interest was piqued. We catch a few glimpses of Josephine with her parents, having a pretty typical-for-any-century-parent-kid-talk. Still seems pretty Griffinesque but cool. Then she’s fraternizing with Gabriel, also fine if not exactly mind-blowing.

But then! Bugs acting a fool. Something seems shady. Then, they get on motorcycles and okay what is this motorcycle connection!? It has to be a thing, right?  They head back to camp to try to tell the others that something isn’t right, when Josephine’s mom comes staggering out because oh noes! Her seemingly chill dad has savagely murdered her mom!

Mr. Lightbourne didn’t seem the ax-murderer type, so let’s go ahead and conclude that this is out of character.

But hold on, friends! Because as the literal author of the book on Sanctum (yes, our Josephine is the author of Red Sun Rising), we can also surmise that she didn’t die here. (The fact that episode 5 is titled “The Gospel of Josephine” can lead us even further to that conclusion.) Gabriel also clearly gets away- though Mr. Lightbourne seems to take out quite a few other citizens as his psychosis continues.

 Lunar Adventure Team Psychiatric Facility

So, now we have some idea of what is waiting for our faves on the ground. We’ve gotten a glimpse with Emori, but seeing Mr. Lightbourne go Full Eclipse (can we call it that? Great) gives us a real indication that if you don’t nip this thing in the bud… well, there’s no stopping someone once you’re outgunned. So the gang does a preemptive strike, locking themselves up, no weapons within reach. They aren’t even all locked in the same room, just to be safe. Bellamy, Clarke, and Murphy in one place, Emori and Echo in another, and Mackson in a third. It’s a solid plan. It’s obviously not going to work, but good effort, guys!

Bellamy tries hard to be a nice buffer between Clarke and Murphy. Clarke even tries being super extra friendly, but yeah, it’s Murphy, and when he wants to antagonize… well you know. This locked-up psychotic attacking each other thing reminded me of “Nevermore”. On crack. And it was incredible. 

Granted, Murphy didn’t need an eclipse to start shit! 

Only… remember how we talked about how this plan was bound to fail? Miller starts screaming, there’s some incoherent nonsense going on in Mackson headquarters, and Bellamy can’t leave well enough alone. So, he and Clarke traipse on over to see what’s up. Miller and Jackson are apparently sharing a hallucination that Miller’s body has been occupied by bugs and Jackson needs to cut them out. Curiouser and curiouser. They put the kibosh on that, only to come back to find a set of Murphyless shackles. Oopsie?

We don’t know it yet, but here’s Murphy, the voice of reason.

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking that they’d better stop Murphy before he blows everyone away. Clarke and Bellamy seem to think so, and Bellamy tries to get into Echo and Emori’s hidey hole to warn Emori and get their tranqs to “stop Murphy”. Though tbh, I think you can tell at this point that Bellamy is pretty much unhinged. Clarke is a little wary, and Echo and Emori both know they shouldn’t unlock the door. Echo is fighting with the demons telling her that she has to do what Bellamy asks (and is being goaded by Emori to boot) so she does the only thing she can think of: she takes herself out of the game.

Our girl, winning again. 

Then… Bellamy goes completely batshit. Once he realizes that Echo and Emori aren’t opening the door, he turns on Clarke. She’s trying to form a plan of some sort and he’s… well he too has gone Full Eclipse. And as they’re all very clearly battling their demons, he takes aim at his: his incredibly complex feelings for Clarke.

Yeah sure Bell, and Emori tried to kill Murphy so… Eclipse equals Opposite Day, sorry.

That’s when Murphy starts shooting. Granted, he seems to be shooting more at the ground, but neither Bellamy or Clarke is seeing that, they’re just seeing bullets flying at them. So they run. Clarke starts talking to Fake Abby (Fabby, henceforth) on a nonworking radio. Fabby is RUDE, guys. Fabby tries to get Clarke to slit her own throat which… wow. Clearly, and unsurprisingly, Clarke’s biggest battle is with herself. Luckily, Murphy (yes, John Murphy, that John Murphy) is there to stop her. She snaps out of her haze enough to try to help him gas Bellamy.

Only… she keeps getting drawn back into the Fabby haze, and she’s just not acting fast enough. Bellamy’s over here drowning Murphy, but eventually in the midst of this battle she is able to gas the hell out of all three of them, sending them into sweet, sweet oblivion.

“The Queen is Dead”

Back on Eligius IV, whoever is awake (not Indra, apparently, which is rude) has been detained by the Gagarin thieves. More on those guys later. They’ve all been locked in the mess hall, save Raven. Which means that a bunch of people who really hate each other get to hang out in a lockdown situation. Again.

Ah, memories!

Mostly people are just shooting metaphorical daggers at Octavia, until she pisses them off enough to use real ones. She’s clearly goading them into attacking her, because she loathes herself even more than they loathe her. She’s been hostile and mean to pretty much everyone except Niylah, and obviously hasn’t even come close to accepting any kind of responsibility. She’s still telling everyone she saved them- which she did, until she didn’t anymore and put them at risk, but that’s another issue for another time. People seemed to be genuinely trying to ignore her and take the high road… until she kicked everyone’s favorite puppy.

No one abuses a Jordandoodle and gets away with it. 

Then some redshirt loses it and they engage in fisticuffs. The thing is, O no longer has the warrior’s spirit she did when she fought to make Wonkru survive. So they mostly beat the hell out of her. Niylah and Jordan scream for it to be stopped, but Abby casually watches from the sidelines for a hot second. And look, I don’t think Abby wanted to see Octavia hurt at all. I think she wants O to take some accountability, wants people to have a reason to forgive her so they can begin to heal. But alas, none of that is happening here, so Abby does step in. Redshirt decides against killing O, but she basically begs him to end it. She basically can’t admit that she was wrong;  she legitimately won’t be able to live with what she’s done to get them there. Hence her wanting to die at every damn turn. But she wants someone else to do it, because still, as broken as she is, she cannot quit. Hers is going to be one hell of an arc this season, you can bet on that.

Defending the Mothership

Meanwhile, over in cryo, our lone escapee Raven is going to wake up someone to help her! And oh, if this isn’t my favorite wakeup ever. Charmaine and Baby Diyoza are here to save the dayyyyy! Of course, since the Thieves control the bridge, they know that Raven woke up Diyoza. But girl has a plan, as always. Of course, this plan involves killing the two people sent to retrieve her, but still.

Here’s the first thing we need to note: The Gagarin Thieves have seemingly come relatively peacefully. They gassed everyone and deposited them in the mess. They had weapons, but didn’t use them. Earthkru? Killed the first change they got. For legitimate reasons, but the distinction is absolutely vital to make. The Thieves were, if I had to guess, looking for a way off of Sanctum, and just didn’t want to be trapped in psychotic eclipse hell anymore. Diyoza’s first instinct (and trust that she is not alone) was to shoot first.

Have you missed her as much as I have?

Raven’s not wrong here. But Diyoza didn’t necessarily want to kill, she just couldn’t think of another way. She wasn’t even that scared when the Thieves wanted to vent the mess hall, but luckily, Raven refused to let anyone else die. And you know, more plans ensued.

Look who else is awake and conveniently fits through tight spaces!

They do manage to leave one person alive, and older lady named Taylee, who is none too pleased that her pals were just killed but alas.

Second Wave Lunar Adventure Team

Jordan and the Girl Squad, love it!

And then who wanders out from the Gagarin? Everyone’s (least) favorite Red Queen herself! This of course complicates things, but she is there to save her brother and no one is going to stop her. No. One.

I mean. He’s not wrong! 

Taylee, for her part, still shows the group kindness even after they killed all her friends. Which again, says a lot. She doesn’t let them die in the radiation field, and even seems genuinely concerned when she stumbles upon Shaw’s grave. Speaking of which, Raven is pretty much gutted. I, however, was really touched that the Lunar Adventure Team stopped to bury him and make a marker. That too says a lot.

When they find Bellamy, Clarke, and Murphy, they’re still passed out from the gassing. Clarke and Bellamy quickly wake. Clarke is so happy to see her mom, but Bellamy is none too happy about seeing Octavia, which kills her spirit even more than it was, which I did not think was possible at this point but here we are. They can’t seem to wake Murphy though, and no one can figure out why. And then Clarke notices even more weirdness.

Has he become a nightblood? I am honestly so confused and cannot wait to figure out what his immunity means!

But that is going to have to wait, because a literal gaggle of children comes parading over the hill! The look on every single Earthkru person’s face is so amusing, probably because they haven’t seen children in ages, or in Jordan’s case, ever. So it’s cute and all, except when they open their mouths (much like children in the real world, no?)

Whatchu talkin’ about, Rose?

Random Thoughts:

  • Speaking of kids, whatever happened to all those kids who got to stay in the bunker? I mean. Kane was pretty insistent. And aside from Ethan… I’ve seen zero of them, just saying.
  • No one seems in a particular hurry to grab Mackson, Emori, or Echo from their chains. I’d be pissed to find out that my friends had left me chained up as they’re outside having family reunions and encountering actual human children. Just saying.
  • Where. Is. Indra? Someone better get my girl moonside before I get angry. You know who else I miss? Brell! Where’s Brell!? 
  • Love how Murphy’s attacks on Clarke are ridiculous at best. He actually tried to blame her for his hanging, when she’s the one who tried to stop it? And how is anything Ontari did Clarke’s fault!? Come on Murphy, you’re grasping at straws, my dude.
  • Octavia thinking she can kick and punch through steel was only like, her 3rd most delusional moment of the episode. The first had to be telling anyone that Monty was a coward. Please.

Song of the Week:

This is me, waiting to use Mumford & Sons’ Broken Crown until Blodreina had completely fallen, and here the eff we are. 

Episode 6×03: The Children of Gabriel

Is it just me, or is anyone else loving these shorter promos? Like- obviously my impatient side wants MOAR immediately, but I know that it’s a much more epic show day when I don’t get it, so I am down.

  • Do the people on Sanctum think they can go back to Earth? I mean, is Earthkru the “saviors” they’ve been waiting for? Wow I do not envy whoever has to break that bit of news (Clarke, it will obviously be Clarke). 
  • Is it NuReaper™ time!?  I have been waiting for this since the regular Reapers disappeared and never came back which made no sense and I am still pretty salty. Does Octavia become a NuReaper™? Because here for it. 
  • I mean, I do not blame the Sanctum folks for not trusting Earthkru.  They killed without hesitation, or really, provocation. And sure, you could argue that they feared for their lives. Because they did. But only because of how freaking violent Earth had become, of course that’s how their minds are programmed. So yeah Sanctum, be wary as fuck because Earthkru will do anything to survive. 
  • Gabriel backstory! And probs some intel on Josephine too! I feel like this backstory will somehow get even more bananas. 

What are your thoughts on “Red Sun Rising”? Did you find it as epic as I did? Let’s share theories and such!

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×02: Red Sun Rising

  1. Yes to all of this. Except I kinda sorta wanted to scream at Bellamy and Clarke in frustration when they went to check on a screaming Miller. Like, the whole point of handcuffing themselves was because they knew they were going to go crazy, so when one of them goes crazy, their response is to … unhandcuff themselves? Really, guys? Let’s put our thinking caps on here. But, of course, we needed them out so that true madness would ensue. I sort of loved that Murphy was the only one who didn’t go insane. And Clarke’s breed of insanity was SO completely on-brand. Perfection!

    I’m pretty sure that Raven and Diyoza actually killed Taylee’s family, not her friends (she said the one guy was her husband, and I sort of assumed the younger girl was her daughter). And did you catch that she and the girl were awfully concerned about the bodies? And that Taylee didn’t want to leave without them? I think something’s going to happen with that–I’m kind of wondering if everybody who stayed onboard is going to be dealing with some sort of zombie situation. (They made a big deal about keeping Madi safe by leaving her behind—I don’t think it’s going to work out that way.)

    Lots to look forward to!!

    • Oh SAME like come on guys. This was literally the whole plan! Of course, neither of them was in their right mind either, so I can see why it all broke down so quickly! I agree, I LOVE that Murphy is the immune one! Especially since he SEEMED unhinged at first, but NOPE, just Murphy Murphying 😂

      I think the OTHER lady (Faye) was talking about her husband? Because when Diyoza said the old guy was dead, but the “young ‘un” was still alive, I can’t imagine Taylee being married to the young one- sounded like Faye, the younger woman who was killed, was the wife? Or at least, that is how I took it. BUT according to the Wiki, the old guy who died first was possibly Taylee’s husband. Plus you have to figure friends in this small of a place basically ARE family at that point, so either way. OMG OMG the bodies! DUDE you are a GENIUS I bet you are right! I DO remember Faye being really concerned about the bodies, but I thought maybe it was akin to a Grounder ritual but omg I bet you’re RIGHT! GAH I cannot wait until tomorrow!

  2. I’m really kinda curious about this Gospel of Josephine stuff- did she somehow get healed (since that blow from her loving dad seemed quite… mortal?) or immortalized somehow? I’m VERY curious where they’re going with this crazy Sanctum place. And I kinda like Clarke being fed up with Murphy and saying fine- i’ll be the bad guy. Yeah! No more apologies Clarkie! 🙂

    Bellamy was entertaining in Crazy mode.

    “We’ve eaten worse” might be the best line.

    Great point about Sanctumkru not killing and Diyoza defaulting to killing right off the bat! I like that from Sanctumkru’s perspective, our heroes are the crazy, violent ones. Although it wasn’t cool of them to steal the Gagarin and try to take over the mothership. Still, they’re probably desperate. Shades of grey, as always! 🙂

    I don’t think Diyoza is capable of panicking or stressing. She’s smooth as silk. I’d love to see her and Octavia be like the wear chiefs of Earthkru. And Indra? They’d be like unstoppable.

    Great episode.

    • Well, they DID show her blinking and such when they panned out so I assumed she was still alive? How the hell she STAYED alive is beyond me. But yeah, I feel like her story will be VERY interesting- do you think she and Gabriel could have become enemies after this whole thing went down? Maybe she refused to leave her dad or something? SO many possibilities!

      I agree, like come ON Murphy those aren’t even legitimate grievances. I am glad Clarke didn’t cave to him too. And Bellamy was NUTS, I bet it was a ton of fun for Bob to play!

      Yeah exactly I mean- the stole the Gagarin, sure, but they did everything in the LEAST violent way possible. And like you said, I imagine they’re VERY desperate, to try to steal a ship when they have NO idea who or what they’re up against. So yeah, I can see why Russel & Company is pissed. Taylee and the Thieves killed ZERO people. Earthkru killed 3 in like, a matter of 5 minutes.

      Omg right!? They’d be RUTHLESS. Though O and Indra have like… emotions bwhahah. I think Diyoza does too, she just has SO much practice at shutting them down. Because she’s had to. Had she not been ruthless, NO ONE would have survived on E IV. So I get it, but still!

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  4. Beth W

    Ah, I *love* reading your synopsis because you always point out things I totally missed, like Josephine being the author of the Red Sun Rising kids’ book! Yikes.

    I found it really interesting how the psychosis manifests itself differently. Mackson was a shared visual hallucination, Emori and Bellamy were murderous rage against the people they love most, Clarke was an aural hallucination, Echo was a walk down memory lane in her own head (guilt trip?), and Murphy was paranoia but with a solid understanding of the reality of the situation. Which intrigues me, because I put Murphy in for being solidly homicidal. I wonder why the differences?

    Also, I am solidly in the Echo camp. That girl has her shit together.
    Also, “Jordandoodle” made me laugh so hard I spit my drink out. You’re too clever by half, and they ought to hire you for the writer’s room.

    So props again to the actress who plays O, and to whichever writers went “hey, I wonder what happens when someone goes all ‘ends justify the means’ to the nth degree and then the ends get pulled from them?”. I’m guessing there will be 0 lighthearted moments with Blodreina this season. Which…isn’t really a change from last season. But still…darkness abides.

    Good point about the thieves’ behavior vs. our crew’s….how willing they are to kill immediately (even Madi, proving she’s her adoptive mom’s daughter, after all). But to be fair, the thieves’ also did not say “hey all, we’re just hiding out for a day or two and then we’ll be out of here, just sit tight”. So I think it’s fair for a bunch of traumatized muderfolk to assume worst intentions.

    You’re right, though…clearly Sanctumkru have some soul that Wonkru does not. :/
    I am very happy to see Diyoza awake and alive, although yes, still waiting for Indra. It says something that the most interesting, compelling, damaged, and skilled characters (in a variety of ways) in this series are all female. There are some good menfolk, but the proportion of women who drive the plot vs. men is huge and I AM HERE FOR IT.

    Also, good point about the kids. I’m gonna assume they’re left in cryo on the mothership. Because kids are a handful in the best of times, and these clearly are not those.
    Also…once again with mentioning Monty but not Harper. WTF, Skykru?!

    • Oh you have NO idea how happy that makes me! Especially because I watch it at least twice (and usually more, while doing the post) to try to not miss stuff! So it being worth it to you makes it worth it to me!! ♥♥

      I almost wondered if it was BECAUSE Murphy is a little sociopathic that he didn’t have as much of a reaction? Because… come to think of it, did JOSEPHINE have a reaction? Hmmm now this is a topic that I REALLY hope gets revisited! Or maybe it’s just totally random, who knows!?

      Is he not basically the lunar puppy? He just follows Delilah around with his tail wagging, Clarke gives him treats when he doesn’t wander too far… hah. And THANK YOU, tbh I think they’d find that I would be a great addition to their writing team, but apparently they don’t want to hire randos with no experience (how dare?!?) 😂

      Agreed, Marie has been phenomenal! She is even on the Emmy ballot this year which is kind of unheard of for a The 100 actor. (Though I won’t be surprised if Eliza is next year- you’ll see why in episodes to come!) I don’t know if there will be any lighthearted Octavia moments- I still kind of hope there are? Mayyyybe I can see one or two by the end? Depending on what happens I guess!

      Oh I definitely agree that Earthkru had every right to be freaked out by the Thieves- especially knowing the history of the ship they’re on! Though you’ll see that Sanctum as a whole is very different than they appearance they’re trying to portray outwardly. Though I ALSO think that the Thieves are genuinely a bit less awful than some of the other folks we’ll stumble upon. But appearances… well Sanctum (and especially its leaders) are REALLY big on appearances.

      Well get settled in, because Indra isn’t back until Tuesday, so you have 6 more Indra-less episodes. No explanation either, so it’s not a spoiler, she just isn’t around. Rude! Diyoza is going to delight you endlessly though so no worries! And YEP this is a very female-driven show, and I think even more than usual this season. Which, same, I LOVE IT.

      Ah yeah good point, they probably are in cryo. Even so, you’d assume Abby would have woken them for blood? Especially since Skaikru was the ONLY faction who brought kids into the bunker, I think? But this show was never very child-friendly haha which I am fine with because if I wanted to watch kids running around, I’d rent The Baby-Sitters Club or something. (JUst kidding, I absolutely already own it.) Dude RIGHT!? They keep mentioning ONLY Monty and I am NOT OKAY with that!

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