Welcome to the July New Release/Of Books Giveaway Hop, which I co-host with Lonna @ FLYLēF!

I will be giving away a pack of July books! Okay fine, one is from June or maybe May (okay a quick googling says March, shhh) but it seemed rude to only give away two books and sorry, July is slow. This  will be US Only. Because money.

 Please be sure to check the terms and conditions :) 

Ends July 31, 2018 at 11:59pm EDT
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Now hop along to all the other blogs, and thanks for entering! Good luck :)

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26 responses to “July 2018 New Release/Of Books Giveaway Hop

  1. John Smith

    “It’s super hot here. So I want to know, are you the kind of person who is fine with heat? What is your perfect temperature? I’m gonna say I would be super happy with 60°F forever and ever.” My ideal temperature is 55°F, with me walking around in a light rain with an umbrella and wearing a light jacket. It should be overcast, breezy and a bit “crisp” or “chilly.”

  2. Carrie Smith

    My perfect temperature is also about 60 but I do like the heat sometimes. I just like the changing of the seasons. Fall and winter are the best!

  3. SAB edwards

    OK well maybe 18C is fine with me..I work in the dish room as a cleaner and its tiny and its about 30-35C and its hot and there is no respite from it. We’ve got rain right now and havent had a whole lot of really hot days yet and might not

  4. holdenj

    I don’t like anything too hot either, especially when a lot of humidity arrives with it. I have to balance that with an appreciation of having all four seasons in the Midwest. Winters are long and fall is so beautiful.

  5. Penny Olson

    I like 60F too. No higher than 70. I like it cold at night. I like reading in winter with a hot tea. Thanks.

  6. I’ve actually been diagnosed, by a doctor, as “heat intolerant”. Despite growing up in San Diego, the older I get, the less well I’m able to handle heat. I’m fine with 75 degrees. Even 80. 85 is pushing it. Anything about 85 is just a bad, bad time for me. Especially if you add in humidity! I’m a wuss. 😀

  7. It is winter in South Africa and I live near the mountains so it’s freezing – well cold for South Africa anyway. I like summer and the heat so am very grateful our winters are short.

  8. I am super happy in the heat. I’d much rather be warm than cold…

    That said, I’m a Scout Leader and we went to camp over last weekend and it was a nightmare. I was too busy running after the kids with bottles of sun cream that I forgot to put any on myself and now I’m veeeeeery burned!

  9. Lily M.

    I feel like if I’m well hydrated and ate a good meal I’m okay in the heat, or i’ll be getting a headache and feeling weak, I would be melting. My ideal weather is a warm/cool brizzy day maybe at 70°

  10. Abigail Gibson

    I live in Florida and stay indoors during the day due to the heat. 65 degrees is best for me.

  11. Christine S.

    Ugh, I cannot wait for summer to be over! Thank goodness & Willis Carrier for air conditioning!

  12. Kaela K.

    I’m not a fan of heat and I’m also not a fan of cold. Somewhere between 70 and 75 degrees is perfect for me.

  13. Judy Cox

    No, I am getting too old to enjoy the heat at all. It is so hot here in Louisiana. I would also love 60 degree weather!!!!!!

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