The 100 Episode 5×05: Shifting Sands

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Holy crap, what is with Season 5 hitting it out of the park? I am in love, and I was already pretty in love, so. This episode brings us closer looks at Prisonkru, a taste of Octavia’s loyalties, and some new desert menaces, so let’s dive in! 

“If this is the last living valley on Earth, then it should be ours.”

That quote basically sums up everything Octavia stands for at this point: Wonkru is all that matters. Bellamy helpfully points out that Diyoza feels the same way about her people, but O dismisses this with a simple “then we fight”. Because of course she thinks every damn problem can be solved with bloodshed at this point. So… off through the desert they go, completely ignoring the only person who’s been on the planet for the last 6+ years. Sure, what would Clarke know, she’s only lived it while you look at a crappy map and take advice from Kara, but sounds like a solid plan.

It’s like he’s reading my mind. 

And things are going… I mean, not terrible? They have no idea that Diyoza can keep tabs on them, but other than that. They have a nice little dinner around the campfire which may or may not be made up of their fallen friends. They say a prayer before they eat “all of me for all of us”, which Clarke kind of digs. I do too, in theory, but they’ve lost their damn minds in the meantime, so the beauty is dampened a bit. Indra tries to talk some sense into Octavia, tries to get her to see that Bellamy loves her. And of course, the one piece of Heda bullshit Gaia clings to is “Love is weakness”. Thanks Gaia, that’s helpful. So Indra poses a question.

It’s a valid point that makes O look like an ass either way she answers, so love it extra, Indra!

Clarke and Bellamy sit off to the side because they’re probably shunned by Wonkru but I feel like I’d be okay with that? Who wants to dine with Kara? She’d stab you just for chewing too loudly. “You have consumed your Andrew patty too loudly, you are an enemy of Wonkru.”  Clarke gives Bellamy her Andrew patty because she’s no fool, and probably just wants five minutes of non-lunacy. Until Miller and some dude come back chock full of Desert Worm. And do I see a sandstorm coming? I hope Clarke got a few “told you so”s in. Oh yeah, and Diyoza’s going to send some missiles down, so good luck with all that.

Murven in Lockup

Hasn’t Raven been tortured enough in the nearly 7 years we’ve known her? Guess not, because she’s on the prison ship with a shock collar. And why, you ask? Well, our pal Zeke (look, I tried “Miles” and I tried “Shaw” and I can’t, so he’s Zeke, fight me) didn’t want Diyoza to bomb the hell out of Wonkru (yay!) so he let Raven take the fall (boo!) and they want to know how she managed to take the missiles down. Only she didn’t, so she can’t tell them what they want to hear. McCreary would be all too happy to electrocute the shit out of her though, because he’s nice and psycho.

But Zeke stops him as only Zeke or Diyoza can, and hauls in Murphy. Murphy is fucking horrified when he sees that they’ve tortured Raven, and again, I am 100% here for this match. I know they’re going to make me suffer through Zaven before it happens, but come on. Look at these two and tell me there’s not love there.

Since when does Murphy fight like that for anyone who is not Murphy?

But as mad as both Raven and Murphy are that Zeke deemed them expendable, they do sort of realize that they need his help. So Raven, being awesome, devises a plan. One that allows Murphy to escape, so off he heads to the woods. And how Spacekru knows to find him, I haven’t a clue, maybe I missed something, but Echo grabs him and tells him off for being loud. I love these two, and I actually like Echo when she’s not trying to ingest Bellamy’s face, but that’s another story for another time. Murphy also gets the pleasure of meeting Madi!

Can we please have all the scenes with these two? I love everything about their interaction. Sadly, we don’t get a lot of time with them, because it only takes a few miles in the Rover to realize that Murphy is on a short leash- quite literally. If he goes too far, he gets shocked. This leaves Roverkru in quite a conundrum: Stay with Murphy and be tracked; or leave him and get to the desert to warn the others about the missiles. Murphy makes the choice easy by hopping out of the Rover of his own volition, and can I please take a second to just scream about how much I freaking love Season 5 Murphy so far?

Welcome to the desert, we’ve got worms and bombs

Dr. Griffin Jr is there to help with looking aghast at the thing in that Wonkru dude’s torso. I mean, she tries, but what even could she do? As she tends to her patient, she and Bellamy have a lovely chat about “the heart and the head”, and I am here for it. Will always be here for it. It’s extra fun because okay, do you remember a conversation you had with literally anyone six years ago? No, you don’t. But because this conversation, this person, is so important to each of them…. remember they do.

Anyway, the patient explodes, shooting Desert Worms all over the place, and one latches onto Octavia’s arm before Indra can burn that shit down. And Clarke thinks that she can probably save Octavia even if she couldn’t save that other guy, I guess because O is more important to the plot.

Oh look, it’s the worst death ever!

As that shit is hitting the fan, Monty radios with some fan-hitting shit of his own: The missiles, they are a-coming, and so it would be great if Wonkru could get the hell out of dodge. Only… there’s a sandstorm and explosive worms out there, and they’re probably trying to not die. While trying to devise a plan to get out of the missile path, Clarke comments that they should be okay if the winds don’t change, which seems like a real concern. Octavia, on the other hand,  thinks that Wonkru is somehow impervious to the effects of nature, so there’s that “strategy”.

Look, I know you probably missed a lot of science classes hiding under the floor, but that isn’t how weather works.

But it’s fine, because Wonkru would straight up die for Octavia any day of the week, so they huddle in the desert, glass shards be damned! Indra gets hurt in the storm, a bunch of people die, and they basically look a mess. Octavia and Bellamy share a super cute sibling moment where Bellamy praises O for surviving and helping all the people survive, and Octavia in turn threatens Bellamy telling him he’ll be an enemy of Wonkru if he crosses her again. Sure O, he’s only spent literally his whole life protecting you, let’s just kill him over a disagreement.

Here’s the thing: I have had some conversations with people who think it’s over the top/out of character for O ::cough:: Holly ::cough:: and I see their points, but…. I respectfully disagree and here’s why:

  1. Homegirl has been in that bunker for six years and thought she’d never make it out. Which means Bellamy wasn’t a thing in her life anymore. She likely closed off that part of her brain as a coping mechanism. Worrying about him wouldn’t help her, and it wouldn’t help her people. Nor would it have helped Bellamy, so it made sense while she was trapped.
  2. In general, she’s clearly tried to shut off her feelings. We can tell she has them; little glimpses of her humanity have shone through quite a few times this season. It’ll go one of two ways- either she’ll shut everyone out for good, or she’ll come around, and I honestly don’t know which is more likely.
  3. Imagine for a moment that you have spent more than half a decade in your own tiny, underground society. It’s brutal as fuck, you’re hungry, you’ve resigned yourself that this is how you’ll live out your days. Now, imagine that in one moment, that is all undone. You see the sunlight, you see your brother, your friends… Do you just hug them and return to before? Of course not. Their heads, all of their heads must be spinning, but Octavia’s more than anyone.
  4. She still has to keep them alive. This battle isn’t over, not by a long shot. Even if O did the unthinkable and played nice with Prisonkru… where would that leave Wonkru? In the ruins of Polis? She’s still fighting, and she is so used to fighting in this certain, brutal way that she can’t just turn it off.

But yeah, after that warm, fuzzy family moment, the Rover gets to “town”. It’s time for more reunions, y’all! Clarke and Madi are so happy to see each other, Monty and Octavia exchange an adorably awkward and sweet wave.

He can make even the most vicious dictators feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

And then the other shoe drops as Echo gets out of the Rover to give her snookums a smooch. Seriously, when did she get so sappy? I am not a fan. Neither are Clarke or Octavia, by the looks on their faces, and I don’t care if it makes me petty and a hypocrite, I am here for Octavia’s rage in this particular case.

I mean, same though?

I almost feel like the powers that be know how much we all hate Becho and are using it to… lead our emotions in a particular direction? Maybe to feel sympathy for O, or to feel like now Clarke is the one realizing her feelings are more that just pals… I don’t know. But I do know that the one thing I am not loving so far this season is how Echo has become all… 50’s housewife welcoming her man back home, and I hope that changes now that everyone is back together. Echo is way too badass to be swooning over dudes, even dudes as precious as Bellamy.

Tea Tequila Time with Charmaine & Kane

In the beginning of the episode, we find out that Abby has a new patient, and his name is Vinson. From the looks of Vinson, he’s just a middle-aged dude, but his shock collar gives him away as someone a bit more unsettling. He is super chill as he tells Kane and Abby that he is usually a nice guy, and please don’t hesitate to shock him if necessary. As Kabby stands there wondering if they’re being Punk’d, Diyoza catches him getting handsy with some medical tools.

If you say so, pal. 

Later, we see that Diyoza is content with Abby’s knowledge, so apparently she can live, for now. Also, she gets to have her pills back which obviously pleases Abby, but very much displeases Kane. Not that anyone blames him. But obviously Diyoza wants Abby in top form, so she gives zero fucks about what Kane likes and doesn’t like. But then she summons him, leaving Abby with an apparently sick McCreary (Greg dubbed them McCrabby and I won’t lie, I’d be here for it just for the ship name) while Diyoza and Kane have a nice little chat and a cocktail, as you do.

Is it just me, or do these two have some crazy chemistry? Wow. I mean, I love me some Kabby, but I’m concerned. Especially when Kane so emphatically told Diyoza that Abby wasn’t his wife. That seemed rude and unnecessary. But anyway, Kane is unflinchingly honest with Diyoza, and she seems to dig it, and I am here for whatever nonsense is next with these two!

And I’m still calling it: We’re going to end up liking Diyoza. Hell, I already do.

Song of the Week:

I skipped this last week because I have a perfect song for this week and nothing else could compete so here we are. I mean it says that the singer would rather die than give up the fight and wow, if that doesn’t sound like Octavia “Blodreina” Blake, nothing ever could. It’s called White Flag by Bishop Briggshope you enjoy!

Random Thoughts:

  • Guys seriously is Niylah okay? I’m… starting to think not so much? Has anyone seen her? She busy working the desk at the Polis Marriott? (Jason did say that she is alive because apparently I am not the only one who was fearing for her life. I mean, Niylah doesn’t like killing for funsies, and O only likes people who like to kill for funsies so… talk about an impasse.)
  • Mackson just keeps happening, and I love it. But Miller, remember the last time your relationship ended due to an unstable leader? Tread lightly, my dude.
  • I want to know how Indra has stayed stable and sane in that bunker. Because she is the only one.
  • Looks like Diyoza and McCreary used to be a bit of an item? I am sure that wasn’t violent and unhealthy… 🤔 But good for you girl, get yours!

  • I’m honestly just really happy that tequila survived the apocalypse(s). 

 Episode 5×06: Exit Wounds

A weeklong hiatus. Didn’t we just survive a horrible hiatus? No one asked for this! (Actually, I low key don’t mind because it kind of extends the season? But who doesn’t want to bitch about decisions out of their control, amirite?) So what do we think we’ll see next time? 

  • More late-onset sibling rivalry courtesy of the Blakes. Seriously, this is going to get so, so ugly isn’t it? And now we’ve added Echo into the mix, so good luck with that. Especially since Clarke, who would have played peacemaker, will be tagging out. Don’t blame her.
  • Diyoza claims she’s offering peace. Raise your hand if you believe her. I see everyone’s hands are down, good. I am sure this is some kind of trick of hers, she’s too damn wily to give up.
  • More Zeke/Raven shenanigans, I presume? I just want her to be reunited with Murphy, her rightful lover. 🤷‍♀️
  • More Kane/Diyoza shenanigans, I hope? Ten bucks says he does it all behind Abby’s back, too. Men.
  • Niylah! She’s promised, and I am holding Jason to it. She’s probably going to be checking Wonkru into their rooms at the Polis Marriott because Manager Indra has too much other shit to do.
  • I want lots of stories between Clarke and Spacekru and I really don’t care if it furthers the plot. Can someone please mention Jasper for a hot second too? I miss him.
  • Is Murphy still in the woods? And more importantly, has he pissed off Emori so much that she left him there alone?

Will you be able to last two weeks sans The 100? Did you really feel O and Clarke when Echo got all swoony with Bellamy? And for the love of all that is holy, can we please all just agree to call the dude Zeke? I tried, and I failed with this “Miles Shaw” nonsense. 

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34 responses to “The 100 Episode 5×05: Shifting Sands

  1. Do you think Indra now sees where she went wrong with Octavia? Like, this woman basically raised Octavia into the badass woman she is today, but I don’t think Indra ever could have predicted how cutthroat O would become. Does O even know Clarke didn’t go to space? Is she unaware of Clarke having stayed behind, nearly being the only person who could ever get them out of the bunker? Tsk.

    Wait, Andrew patty? Are they really cannibals now?? WAH.

    Murphy said Raven knew they’d be out there, but yeah…it really makes no sense?? Unless they were sorta watching the area a bit…not that that makes sense, either. I guess it’s supposed to be one of those things you’re just supposed to roll with, even though it makes zero sense whatsoever, but…yeah, I’d love to know, too??

    Wait, so they’ve said, “The heart and the head,” before?!

    O is definitely important, because if she died in Clarke’s care, well…think about MADI. And also?? Clarke’s the leader. Plus, she kinda needs Octavia’s army to get her mom and the valley back.

    In this episode, at “The wind hasn’t met Wonkru”, I started to feel like perhaps O has gone a bit delusional, being stuck in that bunker for so many years, surrounded by more death than she’s ever been in her life. Kane used to be quite ruthless, merciless, etc., but he’s had to have character development—and O seems to now be having to go through that…somehow. But it’s delusional, to me, to think something like what she said, because OH YES THE WEATHER IS SOMETHING HUMANITY CAN JUST WILL INTO OUR CONTROL?! And then there was that ish she said to Bellamy…I really feel like all that power has gone to her head.

    I don’t like Diyoza, but…I respect her, being a female leader who has had to make some tough choices…even though she’s irrational. Her and McCreary? Ugh, barf. But also, I am starting to think my feelings for her are turning…ehhhh. She’s really attractive? And I’m really gay?? So??? I JUST I CAN’T HELP IT, OKAY. Her hair is much, much better than O’s has been looking as of late. Ever since O drenched herself in blood from that battle, I don’t think she’s showered once. But Diyoza? Diyoza looks like she showers. Even if she slept with McCreary. Ugh. He grosses me out, but that could very well be because I’m not into men? I don’t get that whole attraction. But now I’m rambling on a tangent.

    Random thoughts
    – Remember how Niylah gave that Roman book to Octavia? Found another parallel, though I don’t see them kissing and don’t want to.
    – Miller…ah, he seems to be on Bryan’s side now, with Jackson the “Miller” role in the old Miller x Bryan relationship. I don’t see it going well.
    – It seems like “home” for these Eligius guys is definitely Eden. :/ Urgh. Can you get any more presumptuous? But I’m still curious about that lost ship…things are starting to come a bit full circle, and I’m wondering if that might perhaps be the top enemy of next season.

    I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to watch The 100 when it returns from its hiatus, because I’ll be away that week! UGH. Like, why couldn’t they have waited a bit for that week-long hiatus, hm? They totally could have made it be the first week of June instead, js. (They could at least explain their logic, okay.)

    • re: Miles Shaw: I empathize a bit, honestly, which may be why it’s so easy for me. I’m on a mission to change my legal first name to Jane, and a lot of the excuses I get are, eh, the same as yours:
      – It’s too weird.
      – I only know you as [legal first name].
      – Can’t you just accept it?
      – It’s too hard for me.
      – I only see you as [legal first name].
      And so on. So…ah, I guess I get it. I understand it from a personal experience, and I empathize with the character now in that way.

      On the other hand, the network could potentially get into legal trouble for setting off something like that, even if unintentionally, and I don’t want to aid in getting them into trouble and The 100 having to cease existence for that purpose.

      But I call him Shaw because that’s how he’s referred to on the show, so canonly it’s likely what [the character himself] personally prefers as being referred to, so…it’s what I’d want, if people in my life could stop focusing on their selfish desires surrounding my name and just…think about me, instead. Because it’s not about them, other than it being a matter of their inability to accept change and my personal preferences.

      It’s not unlike someone wanting to be referred to as certain pronouns and requesting their preferences be respected, but then being met with, “But I’ve always only known you as a woman. How am I supposed to just start calling you a man?”

      That’s…I understand this is fiction, but the whole situation (and several arguments around it) parallel my own experience in changing my name. I see it differently, and seriously, as a result.

      • Aw I am really sorry that you’ve had such a tough experience- it is definitely NOT okay to do to someone at all, I am mad FOR you that people have been giving you such a hard time, wow.

        And yeah, I think it being not a real person in this case makes it a bit different, but I also see how that can normalize people saying it to you, which is NOT okay.

    • Seriously, I feel like Indra does feel a sense of responsibility. Like last season when Roan said “They call her Skairipa, death from above”, and Indra sarcastically says “I’m so proud”- you could tell she was none to happy. And I think the same applies here, tenfold. Hence why Indra is so desperate to get O to listen to Bellamy, to let ANYONE in. But alas. I think someone must have told O about Clarke not being in space eventually, because she understands that Clarke has a lot of knowledge about the desert? But she was definitely told off-camera!

      HA there is no direct reference to cannibalism yet, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed- as long as no one ate Niylah, at least!

      Yeah I wonder if since Raven knew that Zeke could see Wonkru, she knew that Zeke could see Spacekru? That is the only thing I can come up with that would make sense! So I have to assume that they are somehow in this plan together- or at least, I hope they are!

      YESSS in Praimfaya! Clarke gave Bellamy that whole talk about using his head along with his heart- here’s the GIFs and a little summary-×13-praimfaya/

      That’s the interesting thing- O and Clarke both need each other, and both definitely do NOT want to need each other hahah. Should make for a ton of interesting dynamics. I am very curious about what will happen when O realizes that Madi is a born Natblida- and that Madi kind of idolizes O…

      Oh, yes, I totally agree with you, Octavia is delusional at this point. And I have to wonder if her overconfidence in Wonkru will have something to ultimately do with their downfall. Not that they’re all going to die, but I don’t think they’ll be “Wonkru” as a unit forever, you know? She has definitely gone too far- she’s almost the opposite of Kane, who was ruthless and then found his humanity, she had hers and lost it.

      I like Diyoza I cannot help it! I mean- I’ll be pissed if she kills any of our faves, but… I like her! She’s so well done as a character- morally gray from the minute they introduced her! And I think the actress has done an amazing job! And she’s definitely a beautiful woman, so I understand that! And I like that she is in charge of ALL these dudes. McCreary doesn’t do it for me either tbh. I don’t get the whole “bad boy” thing in general, so. But when you pair Diyoza with Kane… well I see the sparks! I definitely agree with you that O hasn’t showered hahahha. I guess water was scarce down there, and probably just as scarce in the desert? But I’ll be damned if O doesn’t always look freaking stunning no matter what goop and gore she’s covered in. If I could transform into any woman on earth, it would be Marie I think!

      Oooh you don’t like Niylah and Octavia!??! I have been hoping for it since The Tinder Box last season 😂 I love how Niylah is so calm and chill and centered, and O is so fiery and intense, I think they’d be an awesome match! But I don;t want Niylah to die like Gina, so… fingers crossed there!

      I agree, I don’t see the Mackson situation going great- but I hope I am wrong because I LOVE them together. Frankly, I wanted Jackson to have a bigger role for AGES and I didn’t like Bryan in general and thought Miller deserved better and here we are.

      YEP Eligius definitely decided Eden is home. Which brings up an interesting point: Where are the actual people from Shallow Valley? They had to have been in the bunker- O didn’t kill all 100 of them ha. So… they should be the most vocally pissed since this is their actual home!

      Noooo that sucks, I am sorry! I was thinking the same thing because I am going to be away right after the NEXT hiatus (why are they doing this to us? ONe week on, hiatus, one week on, hiatus. NOPE.) I hope you do get to watch it soon! I think the reason they did it this way is cause of Memorial Day- the other shows I watch aren’t on this week either, it’s so stupid!

  2. Dang tell us what you really think about Octavia’s decision making lol. But- I agree! Completely. She’s nuts. It’ll be interesting to see if the flashbacks make it plausible how she got so bloodthirsty/ unwilling to listen to others. Awesome too that Bellamy refers to Wonkru as a gladiator cult. 🙂

    That quote/ question from Indra is EVERYTHING. And I noticed O was like not knowing how to answer that…

    I wonder if the “all of me for all of us” prayer was inspired by cannibalism during the “dark year”? O.o

    Clarke and Bellamy sitting around a fire was such a tease. Stop Jason.

    “Who’s the hobbit”? *nods* Those two…

    Oh my gosh you GIF’d the worm explosion? Eww…

    Echo vs Octavia II coming? And this time I might actually pull for… *gulp* Echo?? Madness, I know. I absolutely think that’s what they’re doing with Becho, BTW… manipulating our emotions! Jerks. And maybe Monty can bring O back from the edge…

    I am officially shipping Kiyoza and don’t even care. Abbs needs to get her pills sitch under control and then maybe, bit now… yeah we need a change. And besides ole McCreary has taken notice of our damaged doctor, and she seemed to notice him too, hmm?????????

    I may steal that tequila GIF.

    Indra seems to survive all things. she’s so damn STABLE. Clearly O is not…

    You know, Bell had that look on his face last season when Clarke admitted she loved Lexa. Now it’s her turn to be nonplussed (love that word) by Becho? Hopefully Bellamy will dump that shit now that Clarke is alive and they can put away all these distractions and get together! There’s someone else out there for Echo, I’m sure (and I like her nowadays!!)

    • I ummm may have a lot of thoughts about Octavia? Honestly I find this transformation SO fascinating. Also, I love cults. And the psychology behind cults. I think I missed my calling in life 😂 But yeah, I think the flashbacks are going to be incredible- because if I trust this show with anything, it’s the ability to make us understand how a character got to a certain point. Which means… get ready to grab an Andrew Patty and see this Dark Year go down.

      HA right, how DO you answer it? If you tell Indra she’s weak… well fuck, you’ve just told Indra she’s weak! But if you say she’s not, you just negated your own “motto”. And yes- I think “all of me for all of us” does have something to do with cannibalism (fingers crossed!) or at the very least, just people sacrificing their lives for Wonkru in general? (But probably cannibalism.) Especially because the people who were fighting were “enemies of Wonkru” so they probably didn’t give ANY fucks about “all of me for all of us” anymore.

      UGHHH right, the most romantic setting (well, aside from the creepy ass death cult to their left, but you take what you can in an apocalyptic wasteland) and they ruin it with Andrew Patties and no kissing. Rude.

      I liked when Murphy got all faux-insulted when they were making fun of him in the Rover but I couldn’t find a video clip. I think I am going to need to buy the episodes from iTunes so I can have them on my laptop, ugh. Because he and Madi were hilarious!

      WHOA you’d pull for Echo!? I mean- look, logically so would I. But would there be a tiny part of me hoping O kills her? Probably hahah. But yeah, we KNOW Becho isn’t endgame or anything, so while I actually cringe every time they touch… I guess I’ll have to deal for now. HA wouldn’t that be great, Monty to the rescue! I feel like they have a bit of a bond, because they both saw each other at their worst, at their darkest?

      I’m not even going to disagree with you about Kiyoza tbh. I LOVE their dynamic. And Kane was kind of… wilting in the bunker (and even after) with Abby’s situation and his lack of power. I don’t like passive Kane. I mean- I like peacemaker Kane, but not in a passive role. I DO hope that Kabby ends up together in the end though. They’re so perfect for each other, once Abby gets her shit together. The funniest part about McCrabby is that William is dating Eliza so it’d be like… mom stealing her boyfriend!? 😂

      Steal away! And yes- Indra is eerily stable, and I want to know her secrets so I can apply them to my own life hah.

      YES! Yes he did have that look- and all the Bellarke fans swooned. And you are right, it’s Clarke’s turn to realize it. I DO want Echo to stay alive as long as she doesn’t suck. Maybe she could be with Zeke, take him off our hands so that Raven and Murphy can get together. I need them to, very badly, there is zero doubt in my mind that he loves her. I just can’t tell if she reciprocates. (Which is always the hardest part anyway, let’s be real.)

      • You need to be the cult master. Seriously, cults are cool. And clearly Diyoza shares your facination with cultic Octavia, so you’re in good company. And yeah- Andrew Patties all around. Pass the A1.

        You know, cannibalism answers a lot of questions. Not only do you reduce food consumption, you actually increase for PRODUCTION. Sounds like a win-win. Everybody from the surface was like where did 400 people go, and O’s like *shrug* time to eat bitches.

        They have a habit of taking a perfectly romantic fireside opportunity and blowing it. Remember when they were headed to Atlantis, er, the rig and they were on the beach? Perfect oppo there too. Although the frogmen that came ashore might have made it awkward, I have to admit…

        He and Madi could have some serious snarkage I’m thinking. I’d love to see him develop a rapport with her, and that could give him and Clarke some fun scenes together too. Seriously, what if Murph and Madi bonded?? Uncle Murph!!! He could make her pancakes- we know he cooks…

        I might, actually. Because any version of Octavia that threatens Bellamy, AFTER he rescued her ass, is not the Octavis I feel I know? I think they’ve ruined her character with this cult stuff, even tho it’s fun, and if she comes back then great, but if this is the new her forever, I actually probably like Echo better in that situation. I know, I’m surprised myself!

        Wait… the McCreary guy is dating Eliza? Wow. but yeah Kiyoza works. I just think Kane needs something… different? I’m not as big an fan of Abby as you are though, I think? I mean, I like her but I don’t LOVE her, ya know? I do like Kabby together, but if Kiyoza were to happen I’d be more than fine with it. I do feel like Kabby are both les interesting as individuals now that they’re a couple?

        Indra = life #goals for sure. Too bad Gaia is apparently an asshole and not learning more from mommy.

        I think that Raven could… get there. I agree with you, there’s a very good chance Murph IS there w/ Raven. Emori or not. People can love more than one person, I think, in certain ways, and John probably loves emori and Raven both, again in different ways, or at different stages. He could be super conflicted! Zeke needs to go away, I like that he’s not an asshole but I don’t see him with Raven? That can’t last. And I’m liking Ech so much now and I don’t even know why, I hated her last season lol!

        • I think Andrew Patties are only edible with A1 actually? I seriously think cults are soooo morbidly fascinating. Because could ANY of us, under the right set of circumstances, be persuaded? Perhaps not the strongest personalities (ie, Indra). I’d like to think I’m stronger than the pull of a cult, but I’ve also never been in the situation.

          HAHAHHA you are too right about cannibalism- it DOES solve a lot of issues. I mean, even with the farm, they must have been severely lacking in protein. PLUS what else would they do with the bodies of the dead anyway? I bet people started to get sick, and they ran out of options for the bodies, and finally, in the Dark Year… a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

          You KNOW they orchestrate those romantic scenes to fuck with us. Like “oh look, moonlit beach stroll” hahah just kidding, here are some violent Grounders to drug you. “Fireside chat with the love of your life?” NOPE just gonna eat some Wonkru people while Octavia bitches about love.

          OMG Uncle Murphy, I am SO here for Uncle Murphy! I would love that- he’d teach her how to do pranks and mess with people and such. He’d teach her about life. And they’d drive Clarke insane but in a fun way.

          That is a good point about O and Bellamy. I still say it seems legit, but… I also don’t like it so I get what you mean. I think that Spacekru (and Clarke and Madi and Kane I guess) are my “good guys” and Wonkru is going to get everyone fucking killed, so yeah. I suppose to that end, I like Echo better. Echo is obviously more reasonable, that’s for sure, and I cannot even believe I am saying that!

          YEP William and Eliza are apparently a “thing”. Which is a little strange but okay. I kind of agree about Kabby being less interesting individually when they’re together (see why I don’t want Bellarke *too* soon?) but I also think they really work together so… I have mixed feelings. I don’t think I’d want Kiyoza to stroll off into the sunset together, that’s for sure. But to throw some drama into the mix? Hell yes.

          Seriously what the HELL happened to Gaia in there? I need more backstory about her for sure. She was so… peaceful. And now she’s very not. So yeah, more info is needed. Maybe someone ate her best friend 🤔

          Yeah I think Raven loves him, but maybe she isn’t even sure in what way? He definitely loves her though. And I agree, probably a part of him DOES still love Emori, but he basically admitted to Raven in Pandora’s Box that he wasn’t still like, IN love with Emori. Because he is in love with Raven, obviously! Zeke needs to find someone else basically. Maybe, if he likes girls who are into computers, he can make friends with Emori! Or I mean, I hear Abby’s going to be free 😂 He could even take Echo off our hands!

          (Oh, and the reason you didn’t like Echo in S4 is because she tried to kill Clarke like 3 times, killed Ilian, “killed” O then tried to kill her again, drew swords on Bellamy on the reg, cheated at the Conclave, and betrayed Bellamy in both S2 AND S3, killing his plot device, er, girlfriend, turning him into a monster who participated in the Grounder massacre and was Pike’s right hand man…. need I continue? 😀 )

          • I don’t know, the right cult might be kinda fun? And anything is better with A1. Or buffalo wing sauce. I mean if I had to choke down fellow human I have to have SOMETHING to garnish it with, right?? Or some of that Red Robin seasoning??

            Right! the bodies. Disposal issues. I’m telling ya we’re gonna be horrified, and it’s gonna be so good.

            Yes they do, and it’s not right. Remember the cave that Clarke and Roan liked to meet in? Seriously, they walked a fuck of a lot of way just to “talk.” Sopme sexual tension there methinks. Just sayin. For being a post apoic wasteland there are a surprising number of romantic spots? Lexa’s bedroom was kinda cozy with a zillion candles. The love bunker was rather Spartan, though. 🙁

            Madi would be so much more rounded as a person w/ Murph around! He’s give the best gits too, I have no doubt.

            I can’t believe that I feel the same way! You know O’s fucked when Echo seems like the reasonable one! But the one thing I like about ruthlesskru and Octavia is that they are very disciplined and ready to throw down, and they may need that to beat Diyoza’s crew.

            Agreed, and yeah it would be a shame to lose Kabby. But some drama would be good! Abbs has to detox her ass anyway. And I could live with Kiyoza, actually, but if not that’s fine too- maybe they just play around for a while. I think all bets are off though if McCrabby happens! Or if Kane THINKS it’s happening and gets jealous.

            Gaia seems like fuckery… like oh we need her to be ruthless now so BAM she’s ruthless. But maybe they’ll make it plausible…

            I don’t think Zeke would interest Echo, she likes her guys a little rougher around the edges I’m thinking? But Zeke and Emori might be interesting? I don’t really know who he mixes well with, I have to think about this one more. This one’s tough!

            Um, I think you have it covered? That’s a pretty comprehensive list, actually. Even roan was like chill bitch on the regular, she was like Indra before Indra mellowed- always going tor the kill as a solution. WAR. Even on my rewatch, when Echo spoke up every time Roan was considering something, I’d think bitch shut up- she was so annoyingly bloodthirsty! It’s actually quite amazing that I like her now!!! Maybe I just like that she’s on our side and not being a pain in the ass anymore???

            • Hahahha okay YOU could be convinced to join a cult apparently 😂 Oooh yes, buffalo sauce would actually be much better, because I think the A1 might be too… well it would remind people of meat too much. And we’re trying to pretend it’s NOT meat, so.

              It’s probably messed up how excited we are to see our beloved characters devolve into cannibalism and straight up murder hah. But I mean, I am, I can’t help it! They must have had the body disposal problem almost immediately, right? With Jaha? But maybe there was a space that could handle the few deaths you’d assume would have occurred over the course of several years in a bunker, and then when they started killing hundreds of people, things got… complicated?

              That cave really WAS cozy. Out in the woods, just the perfect amount of sunlight… though I almost saw their relationship as like… Roan thought of Clarke as a little sister? Lexa’s room WAS amazing- hell, everywhere in Polis with the candles and the rugs and shit. Very atmospheric. And no, I definitely didn’t get the warm fuzzies from the Art Supply Store ha. Or the Delinquent tents where there was lots of sex happening!

              Murphy would spoil her- but he’d also give her all the gifts a parent wouldn’t want their kid to have. Just to piss off Clarke but to made Madi love him even more 😀

              That’s a good point about the discipline of Wonkru- because it is clear that Prisonkru doesn’t have that. Nor do they have the loyalty that Wonkru has for O. Both things could definitely hurt Diyoza at the end of the day, and she already seems to acknowledge that. And while I do like Echo more, they need to stop making her so damn useless this season!

              Ooooh I can see it, Kane walking in on a shirtless McCreary and Abby, thinking “no way this is medical!” and he’s drunk from all the tequila and runs to Diyoza! I agree that I am fine with whatever- like it’d be entertaining if it happened, but I won’t cry if it doesn’t hah.

              I really hope they make the Gaia thing plausible. I assume they will, because I think that the O-Indra-Gaia dynamics are supposed to be a bigger part of the story this season? So seeing how they got to this point would be great.

              HA I know, I know, I am just trying to get rid of all the couples I don’t like! Zemori I could definitely live with though. She needs a more… calm relationship these days anyway. I think he doesn’t really mix well with anyone BUT Raven which makes it extra annoying, ugh.

              YES Roan did want her to calm down like, every day. She was just… fanatical. She WAS annoying- always looking for an opportunity to kill anyone, especially Skaikru. I know Nia messed with her head and such but… come on, girl. I think we DO just like that she’s not being a pain in the ass. But I wonder if she will be? You don’t just STOP being annoying because you’ve been in space- what happens now when war is back in the mix? Will she just be messing up THIS war too? What about now that there’s no Roan to keep her in line?

              • Oh come on, you’re cult- ready too. 🙂 Admit it. I mean if it’s the right cult, right? The cult of the 12 Monkeys is kinda cool- I mean they have Olivia, and she’s devious AF. But then again that cult might not be very fun, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who gets those time traveling vest thingies. Anyway… are we though? About the meat? I mean, maybe we should just embrace… no, you’re right. Best not to think about it I guess?

                I think that’s exactly right. Reasonable corpse storage is one thing, but thing quickly got out of hand? Have to be creative, I suppose. And let’s face it, if you’re gonna resort to cannibalism down there, it probably helps to develop the cult attitudes to make it more… palatable? Pun intended (and I’m kinda proud of that one)?

                The cave was nice. although I’m not sure Roan looked at her as a sister? I think he knew she carried a torch for Bellamy, and if not… he might have been a little interested? I definitely detected some chemistry/ sexual tension there. I think? Also, ye s- the tents. lol Bellamy in particular, I mean can’t you find somewhere better dude? Sheesh.

                Exactly about Murphy. I mean he’s who you’d want for an uncle if you’re Mady, CLEARLY. Heck he can be my uncle. I want fun stuff. He’s probably give you alcohol when you’re like 12.

                Yeah Diyoza definitely seems to realize the threat that O poses. That could be bad for O! And Echo needs to do some badass stuff this season! One of my pet peeves is when a badass villain or bad character turns good and all of a sudden is useless or suddenly not that badass anymore. I hope they don’t go that way with Echo.

                That could happen, and McCreary would do it just to be an ass *smirk*. What I’d like is to see Abby actually be attracted to the rascal, and be conflicted about that- although I have to say it would be painful too, because Kabby is one of the few HEA’s we’ve had so far, and to see them torn apart would be tough.

                Agreed about Zeke, maybe he just needs to have no romance! I can’t slot him in anywhere satisfactory. 🙂

                All good points. And TBH if they’re true to her previous portrayal, the yeah she should be a wench unit again, fucking things up. Which gives them an excuse to break up Becho. 🙂 But like I said before, I do hope she does some badass stuff? And the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe that IS my thing- that she’s on Skaikru’s side now and not a constant fucking irritant lol. Now she can bug the fuck out of Diyozakru… hopefully.

                • I don’t know, I think I am too… stubborn for a cult? I’d end up like Kane, in the damn arena, but refusing to kill people probably. Like- I hate the whole mentality of just blindly following someone, so… yeah I don’t think I’d have lasted too long in Wonkru. Granted, I might have been scared into submission for a period of time. But once you think there’s no escaping the bunker, all bets are off. And I definitely don’t want to be in the 12 Monkey cult, I feel like that’s practically a guaranteed death sentence! Oh, speaking of, remember when we thought we’d rewatch the series? HA funny. And NO I am not embracing it! If I have to eat an Andrew Patty, I’m damn sure going to pretend it’s something else. ANYTHING else!

                  HA that is an awful pun! I mean, cleaver, but… awful. I guess if it accomplishes TWO tasks I can see why it would be easier to swallow (pun NOT intended but I liked it so it stays). I feel like people may have lost their minds because it hurts less if you are actually out of body, if that makes sense? Like- when something really bad happens and people kind of dissociate, maybe it’s like that?

                  Seriously, with Clarke and Roan? Idk, I never got that vibe! I also never got that vibe with Roan and ANYONE, so maybe it was just Roan? I mean, he was a LOT older than her too. Figure, she was 18, in real life he’s double that? So… it would creep me out a little actually. And yes, Bellamy, as the unofficial leader, should have been able to do better than a crappy tent. Shows how much he cared about Roma and Bree, yikes.

                  Sure Murphy would give you alcohol at 12, and alcoholISM by 13 😂

                  I agree, Diyoza is definitely smart- she even I think understands how insane O is, and how Wonkru will stop at nothing. And Idk if she CARES, but she’s at least aware. Because Wonkru may be tough and loyal, but they still can’t win a battle against the kind of weapons that Prisonkru has. I agree- it isn’t Echo’s personality to be chill. I mean- obviously she’s not going to be killing people in space, or she’d find herself alone in a hurry, but back on the ground, especially now that all the reunions have happened and she knows what’s at stake, she’s got to step up her game. Because she IS one of Spacekru’s best weapons, really.

                  Oh McCreary would TOTALLY let Kane think something happened when it didn’t! And Abby is too messed up to even notice what is going on probably, so she’d not even realize that Kane had these suspicions. It WOULD be hard to see the ONE happy couple torn apart- though in this show it wouldn’t even surprise me of course. I just hope they can find their way back to each other eventually. Even if they end up mixing it up with Prisonkru for a bit 😀

                  Yeah maybe Zeke can be our asexual character! Look at that, The 100 just repping all kinds of people. Zeke politely declines the advances of women, men, and desert worms.

                  I think a big part of it is that Echo is on the side of the characters we like instead of the side trying to KILL the characters we like. And yes, if she uses some of her spy tactics and brutality against Prisonkru, I’m all for it! That COULD be a problem for Becho, because Bellamy is trying to use his head, and Echo is just itching to use her sword (i hope). And of course, O is the wildcard in this too- how she reacts to Echo is probably going to (at least partially) define what Echo’s role becomes. Echo could be an antagonist for Wonkru almost immediately, and I don’t know WHAT that means for Spacekru and Clarke…

                  • Didn’t we partly rewatch though? How far did you get? I think I got through to right around the start of S3- I may have watched the first episode of 3. Technically there’s time yet? 🙂 And the 12 Monkey cult might be cool if, you know, you’re in the upper echelons and live in a mansion and all that good stuff. Although I don’t need creeps like the Pallid Man around.

                    That could very well be! I like it. Massive dissociative episode, mob mentality. Oh and did you mean to type “cleaver”? Because if you did, that’s pretty good. Two zingers in one paragraph, nice. 🙂

                    Oh I definitely thought they had chemistry. Not like she does with Bellamy, but they’ve been at it long er too. And yeah Roan’s older but you know I never think of Clarke as 18, even if she IS. I mean I see those actors and if they look 26 or 28 or whatever they are, I sort of subconsciously assume that I guess? I don’t think of any of the main characters as TEENS, even though I guess technically they’re supposed to be. Now I’m dissociating, ha ha! But seriously tho, that’s where I think the time jump now was a stroke of genius- because those people are not kids so why fucking pretend they are, right? It’s like Game of Thrones, where the kids were very young and for HBO they had to age them up since they were having sex in some cases and having to survive bad things, and it wasn’t really realistic (not to mention creepy) for some of that to be happening to twelve year olds? Same with The 100- those characters were too young.

                    Right? Thanks Murph! He’s a bad influence…

                    I agree, Echo should be crucial to the fight. She WAS Roan’s right hand woman, after all, and a good warrior- she beat O after all! Quite convincingly lol. And of O *gasp* dies would she take over as war chief? I would LOVE that. Her in charge of war stuff, w/ Indra as her guide… yes please. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want O to die if she can be redeemed, but… it doesn’t look good for her, maybe? I wonder if the wound she took will get infected or something, and she’ll go out in some grand self sacrifice.

                    Agreed- Kabby can always get back together, right? Kiyoza and McCrabby don’t have to be forever, after all. Just a detour on the road 🙂

                    That works. Desert worms need not apply.

                    Exactly. And I hope Echo does NOT become an antagonist, because we just got her on “our” side, so to speak. They better not drive her into Diyoza’s orbit! That would be devastating if Echo switched sides because O drove her out or something. BUT if on the other hand somehow they bury the hatchet and Echo becomes close to O, that could be powerful- with Indra and Echo at her side, maybe O has a shot against prisonkru?

                    • Nooooo YOU started to rewatch it when I watched it for the first time. And then it took me awhile to find S3 (actually, took me awhile to cave and PAY for S3 hah) and I think you had moved onto something else and said you were going to finish your rewatch and then never did? I, on the other hand, kept claiming I’d rewatch, but… here we are. And I guess there’s technically time but frankly, I’m too tired. I feel like I should just read some quick recaps and move on ha. OH yeah if you’re like, one of the big-wigs, sure it’d be fun! That’s the thing- if you are going to be IN the cult, you might as well be the LEADER of the cult. I mean… Cadogan made it into the bunker, I presume?

                      OMG I did NOT mean to but of course spellcheck didn’t pick it up cause it’s an actual word hahah. That would have been a great one, had I meant it! I really need more bunker backstory. I miss the bunker.

                      I mean- obviously yes Eliza is less than 10 years younger than Zach, but… it’s weird. Kind of like if you think too hard about O and Lincoln it gets creepy? Idk how old Lincoln was supposed to be, but O is supposed to be one of the youngest Delinquents at 16, so. Even though Marie and Ricky are only like, 4 years apart in reality! The Wiki says mid-20s so Idk still a little messed up but we’ll just not think about it. TOTALLY agree about the time jump being perfect. Because now they’re all actually quite close to their real ages! At least within a decade hah. So okay question about GoT- if HBO aged them up (which like, thank goodness), in the books, are they actually 12 and having sex and fighting wars and such?

                      I don’t know if Echo has what it takes to be a leader? I mean- if you think about everything she’s done so far in life, it’s all been FOR someone else. ANd I don’t know if that is the kind of thing you can just turn off? So could she even MAKE the tough calls all on her own if she had to? Plus Indra would NEVER be able to work with her, tbh. I think that IF O dies, it will be in the finale. Something big and awful is happening in the finale, according to Bob- he says it’s the hardest thing he’s ever filmed! I am scared! But I hope that if she DOES die, it needs to be a redemption death in some capacity? Like I don’t want her to go out as a villain, basically. Like Jaha, I guess?

                      HA yessss they can totally make up down the road! And then we’d get twice the fun- Kiyoza and McCrabby and THEN a Kabby reunion! I like it.

                      I am really kind of excited to see where they take Echo after talking about it- like, there are a lot of possibilities, unless they kill her and then… meh, I can live with that too. I DO like the idea of Echo and O possibly becoming allies though, that would be a very interesting turn. Indra having to bury the Azgeda hatchet, that would be epic in itself!

  3. Oh is that what I did? Ha ha my memory sucks… and I hear ya, who wants to rewatch every damn thing, especially when there’s a zillion shows right now? Although… having said that if it was on Netflix (or maybe even hulu) I might rewatch, or skim through, because I have a feeling my memory will be a little fuzzy when S4 roars into town? IDK…

    I like bunkers. they’re rife w/ possibilities. 🙂 And Mt. Weather, my favorite bunker of ever. why did they have to blow it up? Bitches…

    Well here’s the thing with GoT. The creepiest part for me is Daenerys, a main character, is sold into slavery to a warlord and she’s like, 13, I think? And of course she has to consummate her wedding night, so… they obvs couldn’t do THAT on TV (even HBO) so they aged her up. Other MC’s wre like 9 and 11 and stuff like that (and there are adults too). So yeah…in fact even thinking of writing that sex scene with Dany and her new husband (we don’t know exactly how old he is, but he’s clearly an adult) seems skeevy, I have a lot of respect for George RR Martin but that stuff… IDK what’s he’s on there.

    I think they will redeem O, which is why maybe they’re making her so dark and ruthless. the night before the dawn, so to speak? Which will be sad, because it’s O. But like I’ve said before, I don’t know where she goes from here? Echo though I think COULD be a leader, it feels to me like 6 years in space with Spacekru has probably matured her, she’s not just single minded anymore like she was- kinda like how Indra has mellowed some? I think she HAS to have changed, the old Echo wouldn’t really make it up there because it would be too hard. And she’s 6 years older, we all mature? I’m hoping, anyway. 🙂

    Right? We get the drama and then our HEA back. 🙂

    It would! Those three would be badass! I can see O about to go down and Echo saves her in epic fashion- kinda making up for killing her before lol? Because let’s be real, Echo did kill her ass. At least until Helios intervened

    • It is on Hulu, right? I think? Let me check though because now I think I might be losing my mind too. I feel like Hulu sent me an email like “12 Monkeys Season 3 is now available!” and I was thinking “lot of good it did me 10 months ago”. Yep, it is! I think it was actually why I got Hulu to begin with? Anyway. My memory definitely is a little fuzzy but… meh. Hopefully it’ll be okay when the time comes.

      It was REALLY rude to blow up Mt Weather. Thanks, Echo. That said, I bet they really only damaged part of it? Like obviously it’d be useless for radiation protection (wonder if Jason had it all planned out THAT far in advance, because damn), but they really only destroyed the living quarters probably.

      Wowwww so she’s 13. That is horrifying, really. I mean, I know that stuff like that used to happen all the time, but… it still doesn’t make me want to read about it? And sure as hell would never write about it! Like- do you think it serves the story, or is it just for shock value?

      I wonder though if killing O is too obvious a choice for them at this point? That could be her saving grace, honestly. I am so worried that she’ll somehow get Bellamy killed and then I’ll die I think. I DO agree with you that Echo has matured quite a bit in space. But… I also don’t think, no matter how much I adore Indra, that SHE could be an effective leader either. I think so few people are cut out for that kind of role, you know? And when people who aren’t right for the job get it… well, here we are with Trump. Or in a The 100 example, Pike. Ontari. Jaha half the damn time hah.

      Yessss that is all I want from The 100, actually. Sheer chaos and a 5 minute HEA 😀 (Like the epilogue I needed in The Chalet basically!)

      Oh Echo did basically kill her, O just had too much plot armor to die hah. Helios, man, I hope he’s doing okay. I stumbled upon a tweet that says there’s a promo of Kane and McCreary fighting in this week’s episode and so maybe we got our wish and Kane thinks something sketchy was happening while he was having a tequila party. You know why, because he was having “the thoughts” about Diyoza and now he feels guilty so he’s shifting the suspicion 😂

      • Shit Hulu has 12 Monkeys? Okay maybe I knew that, but as mentioned… my memory. Although I have a half- formed theory that it’s okay to forget some of this stuff, because FFS we watch 1,210 shows or thereabouts, right? I mean if you think about it, it’s amazing we can remember all the plot points and shit that we DO? So we have to be easy on ourselves. 🙂

        I’d love for part of Mt. Weather to still be there, but dang it Jason he never goes back there. Jerk.

        I don’t even know if its 13, I just think it is? Thereabouts anyway. And that’s a really good question- does it serve the story? I get where he’s going, with her being a refugee and her brother selling her to the warlord in exchange for an army (yeah her brother sold her), but he could have made her, IDK, 16? Or 18? Just so it’s less skeevy? But a fucking preteen? And it’s caused him problems too, in that he’s said he’s had to wrestle with how to age the characters up and still tell his story- I’m like dude maybe you shouldn’t have made them all 10 then!

        Ha good point. Ontari oh my gosh she was horrible! I guess I disagree a little, in that I think Indra COULD be a good leader, although yeah it’s iffy because she’s a tad inflexible (always choosing WAR)- although oddly enough that seems to have relaxed somewhat during bunker time, whereas everyone ELSE went batshit nuts. Could go either way. And I do think Echo could be a leader, again it just depends where they go with her character. I mean the writers can do whatever- look at Riverdale *snort*. I don’t recognize some of those characters from episode to episode! And I’m not saying they should be made good leaders willy-nilly- because of their challenges, if they DID go that route they’d have to really earn it? Or… you might be right and they’d be shitty leaders! That’s probably the safer bet 🙂

        Ha I think you may get the chaos part, if Jason’s past decisions are any indication! Which is good news for us! I want that epilogue too…

        Exactly! He’s gonna feel guilty, because Kane, and he gets a whiff of McCrabby… woo! PArty time! And of course Diyoza will be pleased w/ that. Maybe they’ll use Abby’s addiction to drive her into McCreary’s arms?

        • That is a very good point actually! I mean- I remember a LOT of really dumb facts about shows, especially The 100, so if I forget one… meh? I should browse the 12 Monkeys Wiki, I always have fun doing that, good way to catch up. I can’t believe it’s in like 10 days.

          You need to go to one of the cons and ask Jason at a panel if he ever plans to go back to Mt Weather, and if not, can he please tell us what became of it because we KNOW that bomb didn’t total it.

          I definitely agree with you- it could have had the same impact at 16 or whatever, 13 is just too messed up. And if he did it at 18, he would have seemed SO much less gross? I would do that as an author just for my own peace of mind honestly. I have read about forced marriages and shit too, but usually authors age them up to at least non-creepy status!

          Ontari was the WORST because at least Pike had decent intentions? Ontari… no. I think Indra maybe *could* be a leader if there was no other choice? She was kind of the reluctant leader of Trikru after Lexa’s death, so I can see her managing. But she also didn’t always make the best choices, between the war with Azgeda, and then the whole bunker debacle. And had it not been for O, Trikru would have been dead because of the Conclave. And hey, maybe you’re right about Echo! I don’t see it, but maybe if they wrote it a certain way it’d work! I don’t think her character arc will be long enough for us to see her evolve to that point (read: She will be dead first) but you never know! Speaking of, did you see the article where Marie refers to Echo as O’s “sister-in-law”? SO. GROSS. No one wants that! Kabby isn’t even married FFS! And Riverdale… goodness, I cannot with that show. I am really curious to see how that ends the season though- my fingers are crossed for a good setup for next season at least!

          HA soooo true, Jason won’t let it end without a shitton of chaos! BUT I think (or hope anyway) that he cares enough about the characters to make it a… well, like a Hunger Games sort of ending? Hopeful, not HEA, but hopeful and maybe bittersweet? (But with Bellarke TOGETHER damn it.)

          OOOOH like McCreary is the Keeper of the Pills? That could be interesting! I feel like if Diyoza is smart (and I know she is), she’ll put a wedge between Kabby- it’s in her best interests. And you KNOW McCreary is down. He’s all for shiesty ass behavior. And I don’t think he’d turn down canoodling the pretty, smart doctor either 😀 SO glad it’s back tomorrow (you know, for one week before we have to deal with ANOTHER week off, come ON CW!)

          • YES to more 12 Monkeys! This wait has almost been as bad as The 100 (notice I said ALMOST). Nothing was as bad as the Praimfaya break FFS! But still… I need more Cole/ Cassie/ Jennifer/ Olivia. And even whats his name um Deacon! Yeah that’s it. Had to look 🙁

            I agree. I might be borderline rude about it if I don’t get the answer I want? 🙂 Kidding… maybe

            Yes!!! I don’t think I could do that, didn’t he feel skeevy writing it??Just so dam creepy… makes me wonder about him…

            Ontari was psycho. Pure & simple. And you have a point about Indra- she was quick to go to war. And ooh- do you think they’re gonna kill Echo off? Cause I was sorta thinking they were gonna keep her around. didn’t they just promote her (and NOT promote Harper- grr). Although that probably doesn’t mean anything, they can kil anyone on this show! No I did not see that article- WTF? O’s on crack. And Marie too in RL apparently. Whyyy are they doing this???????

            Bittersweet is definitely the ticket. We’re gonna probably lose a few people on the way, but I do think we’ll get Bellarke. Just at the last minute. 🙂

            Keeper of the Pills! I like it. And they’re haitus-ing AGAIN? Gah are they nuts? That’s bullshit lol. But we have tomorrow (today??)

            • Ha seriously I was very unhappy when I finished S3 of 12 Monkeys and realized how long I had to wait, but The 100 wait was actually painful, so. DEACON you can’t ever forget Deacon, he is such a problematic fave! I’m mostly here for Jennifer I think? And an HEA for Cassie and Cole of course. Remember when Ramse was a thing? 😂

              You know, even if the bombs didn’t decimate Mt Weather, I wonder what Praimfaya did to it? Especially the part that was above ground, like with the dam and such?

              RIGHT like how can you write scenes like that in a chill manner? And if you CAN, well… that says a lot too. Like I imagine gagging trying to write that, and then worrying that the FBI was coming to raid my house!

              Ontari really WAS psycho, but we can blame Nia for that I think- stealing her from her parents and basically treating her like a tool for her whole life? Yeah it’s Nia’s fault. I DO think they’re going to kill Echo off at some point! I mean… Zach was promoted to main cast in S4 and look how that turned out for him… 😂 And yeah- I am hoping that Marie just meant it as in like- how it would be in today’s terms? Tonight is going to be so Becho-centric, I am not sure how to handle that.

              Oh definitely going to lose a lot of people- I hope that we don’t lose any more Delinquents though. I feel like they’re such a dying breed, we have to keep the few that we have! All 6 of them.

              Here’s a whole article about The 100 timing and dates and such- I think the time move will be good, if only because we’ll only have to wait until 12:30 instead of 1:30 hah.

              • Oh my gosh Ramse- I’m SO glad he’s gone. You don’t think they’ll *gulp* use some time travel bullshit to bring him back, do you? Please no. And yes Jennifer will shine this season, I think! I’d love to see it come down to her and Olivia.

                Yeah Praimfaya probably did a number on whatever was left of Mt. Weather, at least aboveground. So rude. They mentioned how it passed over Shallow Valley again though in Tuesday’s episode- do you think we’ll find out why? I have a feeling we need to know that!

                Exactly lolol.

                Ooh Zach- oh yeah. Shit. Last season I woulda been all YEAH kill Echo- I hated that bitch. Now… again I think I’m just glad she’s on our side! 🙂 But like we’ve been discussing, they’re going all in with Echo and this solo mission of hers should be VERY interesting.

                I so agree- the Delinquents have been shredded! And the ones we have left- I really can’t imagine any of them being expendable at this point. although I might be able to live with O dying, the way she’s been acting…

                the time move… huh. I like it if we get em at 12:30 ish now. 🙂

                Are you as worried about Niylas as I am???

                • HA Ramse. I didn’t hate him as much as you did, but neither do I need him in S4. If it helps, I googled him and he isn’t scheduled to be in any as far as I can tell! I still like Jennifer with Deacon, in some form. I hope that happens too.

                  I assume that Shallow Valley was part of the 4%? And probably being in a valley helped in some way. I do hope they talk more about the 4%, and the why and how of it.

                  I don’t know how I feel about Echo yet, I am so on the fence. Mostly because I don’t see how she and Bellamy will end if she doesn’t die? But I also don’t want her to die in general, but- look, if I HAD to have a character be killed? Bye Echo.

                  HA I think a lot of people could live without O. I just don’t want her to die a villain, you know? I don’t know how much storyline is left for her anyway, so I understand it, but… ugh, her dying as she is now would be hard to take.

                  And YES definitely worried about Niylah. She’s a MESS. And you know, we still haven’t seen Ethan again! Which would be really quite sad if he was dead- not because I give a shit about him as a character, I do not, but after his dad AND Uncle Theo died… that would just be a gut punch.

                  I am trying to get my shit together to write the next post, I even bought the damn season from iTunes (because you cannot download to a laptop from Amazon ugh) and yet I STILL cannot make GIFs because I cannot get rid of the freaking DRM so I am going to cry.

                  • I could go with Jennifer/ Deacon! And yay no Ramse. 🙂

                    Yeah that 4%- we need more info. 🙂 I think you’re right, I hope they give us answers. I remember thinking it might be Polis area (before we knew about Shallow Valley) due to the Bunker being there or something to do with Becca, but obviously not. So what makes SV special? I hope we find out!

                    Yeah I give Echo 50/50 odds I guess? Before the season I thought Emori more likely to go than Echo, but now I’m not so sure. Although I’m afraid Mccreary’s gonna off her…

                    Yeah that’s a good point. It would be a shame for O to go out that way, for sure. Who knows, maybe they redeem her? After all Clarke’s killed lots of people lol, and while we know she HAD to, they could redeem O. Heck Bellamy did the massacre and he’s fine!

                    Niylah just LOOKED like a mess! They did a good job making her look slightly crazed, I thought?? And yes Ethan- oh my. You promised O!!!!!!!!! lol

                    Aw no… sorry! Hope you’re able to figure it out? Are you watching anything good? 🙂

                    • I definitely think that Shallow Valley’s actual geography has a ton to do with it- but there has to be more. Unless it really just was the georgraphy mixed with luck? Not like the poor Louwoda Kliron couple will be able to give us any insight. That was rude, killing those lovely two young people (I am going to go ahead and assume the girl is dead too?)

                      I’m actually a little scared for Emori myself. I wasn’t, at first, but… they’ve made her so damn likable that it really could be just so they could kill her. And take away Decent Dude Murphy from us, replacing him with Murphy With a Vendetta. Though I also feel similarly about Echo? She’s not Evil Spy, she’s Rational Spaceperson now, so… the odds are not in her favor. Plus we KNOW how long Bellamy’s girlfriends last. Roma, one day. Gina, one day. Echo… well she’s doing great so far hah.

                      Good point about Bellamy and the massacre- that was close to irredeemable and they managed. They can redeem almost anyone honestly. And I don’t think O is EVIL or bad or anything- she’s just really lost and misguided, and I think even if in her dying breath she sees that, it won’t be for nothing.

                      They did do an awesome job with Niylah- and so did Jess, because she really played damaged WELL. And seriously, I need to know what happened to Ethan- maybe that is THE darkest part of the Dark Year, yikes.

                      I… well, I didn’t figure out the thing with iTunes, but I was able to make some GIFs right from The CW, so at least it;s something? But I NEED to get the DRM removed from the iTunes ones- once I do that it will be easier. And NOPE not watching anything! I was thinking of watching Handmaid’s last night but then I just couldn’t bring myself to so I went to sleep ha. Have you?

  4. Yeah that sucked about the couple- I have no idea how you pronounce that but I wonder who on Jason’s team is responsible for inventing all these names? Kind of a cool job. 🙂 And yes highly rude of Kara to do that. She sucks. But I think it HAS to be more than geography, because… aren’t there lots of valleys that Praimfaya didn’t pass over? At least I want there to be something special about it- some kind of hidden complex that somehow protects the area? That might be a stretch, but I can hope.

    Those are good points, and somewhat frightening. History is NOT on Echo’s side lol! Last year I wanted her dead, and now… when I just start to like her, watch they’ll kill her. Sigh. Same w/ Emori- I considered her expendable and boring, but now… making her Raven’s protege has made her infinitely more interesting! Especially since she has seemed to grow as a person way more than Murph!

    Right. totally agree.

    Oh my gosh I hadn’t considered that! Did Ethan *gulp* give ALL? lol That would be… disturbing.

    I don’t know jack about DRM so… I’ll take your word for it. 🙂 Glad it worked out tho. You did a great job on the post, BTW! Nicely done. 🙂 I watched the first Marcella after I talked to you last night- it was okay. Kinda gritty with the storyline revolving around a serial killer/ pedophile, so not liking that. So far I’m a little iffy, but only one episode in so- not sure yet. And I watched Murder on the Orient express, which surprisingly wasn’t bad! Well I watched part of it before getting sleepy, gotta finish- but so far not bad.

    • DUDE the same guy who made up the GoT language does Trigedasleng! (And it’s kind of like- “low-water-clearing”, if you want to pronounce it, which maybe you should seeing as this is where all the humans must live?) But YES a very fun job, I agree! And yeah- I assume it’s a combo of geography and luck? I could definitely be wrong though! I DO think we’ll get more info soon because they showed the Commander’s symbol on the Eligius ship, so… yeah, we’ll be getting more info I think.

      History definitely isn’t on Echo’s side. And with her only having a small handful of allies in general… it’s extra hard. Like at least O will *try* to negotiate with most of Spacekru, she’s not just going to off Monty for shits and giggles, but Echo? She’d kill her as soon as look at her. Unless she gets in with Diyoza hahah. And totally agree about Emori. Under this speculation, Harper is suuuuper safe because she’s done literally nothing since they landed on Earth except talk to Monty once or twice. Harper got shafted this season.

      HA I reallly hope they’re not going to end up cannibalizing KIDS FFS. I am here for eating each other, but NOT kids, gotta draw the line somewhere haha. I have a feeling he may show up at the whole “novitiate training” O said that Madi is going to do?

      DRM sucks, you see. That’s about all you need to know. And iTunes is a DRM champion, so. And thanks!!! I made fewer GIFs than usual but it took longer, go figure hah. UGH I am sorry that Marcella was only okay. I was curious and DMed you about it too hah. I feel like pedophile stuff is REALLY hard to watch- especially when you have your own kids. Because… no. I hope it’s going to get better! So I googled Murder on the Orient Express, and I assume you are watching the old one? I have seen neither, obviously hah. We need a new show. When you have time, of course. Because ugh. I watched Handmaid’s last night, only one episode because it is so damn depressing.

  5. I’m finally catching up now that the series is on Netflix. I much prefer being able to watch an episode every day (and it’s good motivation to get me on the elliptical!). O is seriously out of control, but I kind of agree that it might not be all that out of character for her? I mean, she’s always been kind of just on the edge of overboard. She just needed a little push.

    • Ha I would probably go on the elliptical too if I could watch The 100 😀 I am also jealous that you get to watch it for the first time- though I would be wayyy too scared of spoilers to make it that long! You are SO right about O too- people who think she’s totally out of character forget ALL the times she has tried to break ANY and all rules- defying Bellamy at every turn, turning Grounder, etc.

  6. Beth W

    So late to this party, but I’m here.
    Honestly, the one constant for me with this show is that I love both Indra and Kane more and more, the more I see of them. I see the dotted line of how O got to this point, but she’s clearly bought into her own bullshit a bit (she’s so trapped into “with us or against us” that she’s emotionally abandoned her own brother, rather than taking this opportunity to step the hell down, since she didn’t want to be a leader to begin with). Indra having to balance on a knife’s edge of “respected advisor” and “mother figure trying to save adopted daughter’s moral sanity” is so beautiful and painful to watch. I’m digging the season so far, but honestly if they do an episode of just Kane and Indra flossing their teeth, I’m still on board.

    I would LOVE to see Murven. It makes sense, given their mutual outcast status. I feel like that had to have been an element in Murphy and Amore’s breakup- she was getting too in with the in-crowd and being a lone wolf is part of his identity. Raven’s, too, although she doesn’t antagonize people to get there. There was a throwaway line in there “Raven knew you’d be watching the camp”, so apparently it’s a result of living together 6 years and all of spacekru knowing how they strategize. I really don’t want a Zaven thing now. I’m fine with Zeke (honestly, “Shaven” just….no) getting a story arc and all, but the dude was heavily complicit in Raven’s torture, and it doesn’t sit right with me that she’d make goo-goo eyes with someone who was directly responsible for damage done to her body.

    On an unrelated note, I do not like Becho (Ellamy?). It feels cheap. Not that I expected anyone on that ring to be celibate, but my gut says Bellamy and Echo developed a deep respect for one another and got physical, but it’s nothing more than that. I’m readying my popcorn for the moment where Bellamy and Clarke get so intimate that Bellamy realizes what he has with Echo is pale and is forced to make a choice and Echo spares him that choice my sacrificing herself in some noble way and blah blah romance trope but at least Bellarke can be a thing. Hopefully not, though, as Echo has some nice agency…or had, before she clearly became useful to the plot mostly/only as Bellamy’s snookums.

    • Oops almost missed this one! I WHOLLY agree about Indra and Kane- I mean, Indra would do nearly anything for O… except lose Kane and I LOVE. IT. And you’ll see even more of how O got to this point- her arc this season is incredible! So many people bitched about this season, but I frankly loved it. It seemed really honest and raw, and kind of what really WOULD happen if this sort of thing went down. (Also, here for the Kane/Indra flossing hour! Sign me up!)

      MURVEN. I need it. I want it. Their relationship has grown so much, and I feel like when he shut everyone else out, she was the one person he wasn’t willing to let go, even more so than Emori. They’re too similar, Murphy and Emori. He needs a level head like Raven to balance him out. And just… Murphy is a survivor. But he was willing to sacrifice himself for Raven and to me that says SO MUCH. I agree 100% about Zaven (and ew Shaven is definitely NOT a good name for NOT a good couple hah) Like- Shaw/Zeke is a good dude, and I am FINE with having him around, but the insta-love is gross. Especially for Raven’s character, she does NOT just open up to people like that. It felt fake, tbh.

      And BECHO SUCKS. Becho is the worst part of this season and just an excuse to keep Bellarke separate again. It DOES feel cheap, I agree 100%. And YES- I could see them hooking up in space a little- clearly there is a tension there and hell, it”s lonely in space I assume. But some kind of endless love? Please. And goodness yes- they take Echo’s badassery away every time they show her longing for Bellamy. It’s beneath her. (Not that she can’t LOVE someone, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like the WAY they’re showing the relationship.) I also definitely was/am expecting it to go down EXACTLY like you predict- though who knows what Clarke’s situation will be. I hope it doesn’t get stupid!

      • Beth W

        Yes! 100% yes about the insta-love. Which I hate. But basically Shaw is declaring love for Raven (and she’s…reciprocating?) and they’ve known each other a week, maybe two. VERY out of character for Raven, and also really juvenile for two characters who, by their choices, are clearly adults.

        • GAH yes! I mean- it’s so NOT Raven (ha pun!) which would be bad enough, but like you said, it DOES seem really juvenile. Raven is like 25 or 26 by that point, and has been through actual hell and has always been super cautious about that stuff in general. So Idk what Shaw’s malfunction is, but it is really very non-Raven to do. And maybe if there was some kind of insane chemistry I could buy it? But alas, there isn’t. At all.

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