We’re more than halfway through hiatus, woo! If the show comes back in early February like last year, that’s only three months! Light at the end of the apocalypse! Can we pause for a moment to talk about why I have not a single new thing to share this month? No casting news, no new juicy tidbits, no episode titles. What even, crew of The 100!?

Anyway. Since it’s been 2,199 days since Praimfaya (feels like it, too!) today we’re going to catch up on whoever the hell is left on/around Earth. They have some bios, à la a dating site profile! Clearly, I am not creative enough to come up with such an awesome idea, this is 100% Greg’s brain child. I am, however, creative enough to make it a thing so…. here you are! (And special thanks to Val for letting me use her Tinder bio for inspiration ?)

Now- we all know that some of these people needn’t be looking for relationships (ah hem, Kabby, Bellarke) but… you never know what has happened in 6 years, 7 days, so we might as well have all the options on the table 😀


These guys have all been in the bunker for wayyy too long. Things have gotten ugly, no doubt. Hopefully they’ll get some happiness upon crawling back to the ground. Also, let’s just assume that Mackson is still together, because anything else would just be rude. (Also because I got tired and wanted to be done, but shh.)


Things have probably been dull and/or uncomfortable in space. Clearly, they’re going to want to see some new faces upon their return to the ground.

On Earth

Poor Clarke. Tbh, I really can’t imagine the levels of lonely- especially before she found Madi. Yikes.

So, like I said, no news this month, SAD. Speaking of dating, which couples would you like to see happen in Season 5?!

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  1. I love this!! I haven’t been able to keep up with watching the episodes since Season 2 but I’m hoping to do a binge watch during Thanksgiving Break and get all caught up. I’ve been hearing about this whole apocalypse separation thing and I really want to watch it happen! This post is seriously awesome and I shall reference it forever 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    • Aw thank you!! I really do hope you get caught up- Thanksgiving is a great time to do so! Season 3 is… well, it’s not the best. I mean- Season 3 of The 100 is better than any season of any other show, but it’s probably my least favorite of the 4. The 4th though, the 4th is fabulous!! So f you roll your eyes a bit in S3… it’ll end 😉

  2. This is the absolute best!! Nice pic of Kane – that is quite the beard- and “master culler” lol. Great Jaha quote!

    “Probably going to dine on her people” kills me. It’s all going down in bunkerkru. And Indra’s quote is amazing as well-really you did top notch work here on the quotes. I feel like potential dates are getting some good info here???

    John as cockroach had me lmao. So true!!! Love Monty ‘s quote, I had forgotten that one. Who’s he gonna smoke a little herb with now??? I hope he gets a good candidate. Echo is a dangerous date for sure. If she shows up in death mask just walk the fuck back out the door, people.

    Nice Harper bio. “Likes to shoot things” ? I feel like there is some potential there for her and Harps. I mean the small pool of possibilities in spacekru does require some creative choices? And Clarke as survivalist mama bear is interesting but alas any suitors are outta luck as long as Bellamy’s around-unless he comes down as
    Becho in which case I will scream. Which let’s face it is probably happening!?

    Still this is an outstanding lineup of dating material considering, you know, apocalypse times. Nicely done ?

    • I seriously cannot even believe that you commented on this! You should be.. Idk, resting? (Though I suppose there’s only so much of that you can even do right now.) I am glad that you did though, I’ve missed it 🙂

      And thank youuu! That picture of Kane is perfect, because not only is it the quintessential beard pic, but it’s when he is making friends at Polis! The quotes were actually harder than I thought- I had to scour my old posts, the Wiki, all kinds of stuff! And let’s be real- you are right, potential dates ARE getting good info, and probably running away as fast as they can with this group ?

      Murphy’s was hard because there were SO MANY Murphy options! I mean, I was torn between that quote and “I creep on myself for the miracle of a horny mistake.” But I figured this one was more… Murphy. And seriously, so sad about Jasper/Monty- but good news is Niylah does still know how to make that Jobi tea! (I was going to add her but I got way too tired hah.)

      Yeah I think unless you’re Azgeda, you just RUN from Echo? I really want Harper to become her personal guard, too. Like I want Echo to cause some trouble up there! What else is she going to do, knit cardigans with Monty? ? I feel like I have resigned myself to Becho too- because really, then they won’t be endgame if they’re a thing now so… might as well let them get it the hell out of their systems. Clarke will be too much in Mom Mode to have a relationship right now anyway. She’ll need to get over that in a hurry!

      • This post is so awesome on my screen!! I read it on my phone in hospital but man it’s tough for me to blog by phone. Now I can see it all it’s glory. 🙂 And I feel like scouring for those quotes would be tough, and time- intensive, so yeah… again nice post. 🙂

        I kinda want Harper/Echo too- either just really good friends or a romance, or both? Lots of possibilities. Echo would toughen Harper up considerably, and what would that be like? And yeah Becho *sigh* get it out of your system, people, so we can move on. Maybe they’re heading toward a Clarke vs Echo decision and Bell has to choose, or save only one, or whatever- especially if we’re going to get one more season (how dare I say that??)

        • Aw thanks! I could not blog by phone either- I have heard of some people ONLY blogging by phone, and honestly, I’d quit hahah.

          I like the idea of Harper and Echo, at least as friends, they’d balance each other out nicely. Becho… it’s like we have all resigned ourselves to the fact that yeah, it’s going to happen. But you KNOW that when the time actually comes, we’re all going to be pissed anyway ? I DO like the “saving one” Clarke/Echo idea though! That could make for some really good episodes. I also wonder what they are going to do with Echo’s character to make her being a regular justified. Has to be more than just sleeping with Bellamy haha. I hope we get at least another season. There are rumors swirling around that S5 isn’t going to start until March, and frankly I am not okay with that. I mean, it could work I guess, because they had that stupid month-long hiatus last season? But… Idk, I think I’d rather them start in February, even if it means taking that dumb break.

          OH! I just realized that I can resume 12 Monkeys now too! I am excited, things have gotten quite intense. I watched like, the first 2 episodes of S3 I think. I might rewatch them, or at least one of them, to catch up.

          • Oh man it was awful. Tiny screen, I misspelled EVERYTHING, some shit didn’t come up. I admire (but don’t understand) anyone who can blog by phone. 🙂

            I really like the “can save only one” scenario too, cause it HAS to be Bellarke. Which would suck for Echo but would fit right in with how this show operates. 🙂 I’ve always wondered that about Echo too, since her promotion- why exactly?? I mean I like her more, as we’ve discussed, but still.

            I do not like a March start either. When I an enveloped in the cold winds of Michigan winter I’m gonna NEED some Vancouver/ ruined Earth scenery to get me through. I think this should just be a forever project and they should just always make this show *settles in comfortably* And yes 12 Monkeys! I need to resume as well, I’m stuck back on S2 yet sigh. Oh I just started Stranger Things 2 tonight. Awesome??!??

            • Yes, and you can’t like, rearrange things in the same way. Plus, how do you use graphics and such? Like I guess it’s *possible*, but I feel like it must take at least ten times as long?

              YEP it would of course be Bellarke! Even if they’re still sticking with this “platonic” bullshit, Bellamy would always choose Clarke. And yeah- I like Echo more too of course but… a lot of shit must have gone down on the Ark for her to have a lead role- especially because Harper and Emori will be there, main cast-less. (Still salty, tbh.)

              YESSS exactly! When you’re stuck in shitty snow and below zero temps, you NEED something to look forward to! And yes- since they started filming in August, I bet the start of the season will be SO pretty and green! I am *hoping* that this is just international people, because I assume different countries have different release dates but… Idk, so often it seems the rumors end up being true. BUT people have said that all the mid-winter schedules will be released in the next couple weeks, so we will know for sure VERY soon! And YES- can it please just be forever!? I think it’s very on the fence at the moment, but with Jason signing that big deal with Warner Brothers or whatever, I think if they DO cancel he’d know way in advance, so at least there’s that.

              Aw well, you’ll have plenty of time to rewatch 12 Monkeys! I watched 3×03 last night! I have questions, though. 1) Why does Hannah look like a Grounder? 2) Why is Ramse being such an epic piece of crap? and 3) When will S4 be starting? Wasn’t it around May last year? Is it supposed to be the same? And Deacon fighting with his dad/figment of his imagination was fabulous. I love that they’re in the future now!

              How is Stranger Things? I have heard SO many good things about this season, I think I will have to try again since basically everyone I know raves about it, I feel like I am missing out!

              • It’s horrible. The few comments I made while in the hospital took FOREVER because I kept squinting lol and misspelling everything, wanted to scream.:)

                That’s the thing- Harper is still not a lead but they promote Echo? I dunno.

                I love the Vancouver lushness. Oh my gosh some of those areas they use are so beautiful. the river, the cliffs… man it’s awesome. I don’t usually go in for “book tourism” or whatever but if they ran tours through the 100 filming sites, I would seriously consider… so Jason signed a deal huh?

                Yes I have nothing but time on my hands for a while, sorta. It’s weird because they don’t let you do much at first, so somedays I’ll feel fine and then later I’m like damn, I overdid it lol. But I haven’t felt like reading so I’ve been watching Stranger things 2 and Riverdale, to catch up Speaking of Stranger Things, here’s the deal. I liked the first one- not apeshit loved it like everyone else, but I liked it, you know? Solid B, maybe even an A. But so far I like ST 2 even more, most of the characters are still irritating/ stupid, but it has an awesome creepy 80’s vibe going and does suspense very well. I highly recommend it if you’re interested. I would ALMOST say you could skip S1 and just start S2, but as a completist I can’t really say that- but again, S1 was good, S2 so far better. There are times it bogs down, as so many Netflix shows do- at eight episodes, they have almost eight HOURS to fill, and that’s a stretch you know?

                Oh Ramse sucks. I hate him by the end. S4 I haven’t seen any dates for yet- I’m gonna guess April/ May again, and hopefully they’ll release them all in one shot. I really like Deacon’s development, although… are you up to where Cole and Cassie are on the run yet? We need to discuss things when you’re there… because I have unresolved thoughts on some of Jones’ and Deacons’ activities. 🙂

                • Hahahha I can imagine! I have tried to comment on my phone, in an attempt to save time, but I can really only do it with short comments because my phone always autocorrects to really dumb stuff. And then there’s all the erasing and just… no. Not worth it!

                  The promotion doesn’t even make sense- unless they’re waiting to promote people (which, it seems they are at this point- they are down two main cast members still, I wonder if the Gagarin people are going to be main cast, UGH I really hope not honestly). OH! Two new episode titles, one of which is REALLLLY ominous! Ready? 5×07 is called “Acceptable Losses” and 5×08 is called “Secret Weapon”. I mean, Secret Weapon sounds cool but Acceptable Losses!?!? It can’t be Jaha at this point so HMMM.

                  I agree about Vancouver! There is this guy on Twitter, not even a fan, but he knows that The 100 fans love his pics from the set, I guess he lives there and hikes through a lot and sends pictures, it’s so amazingly gorgeous. I have always wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest in general, so I’d go, no question! If they didn’t do Unity Days in freaking JANUARY it would be awesome. Like, do it in August when filming starts or something so we could actually, you know, WALK through the place!

                  Jason signed a BIG deal with WB- apparently to continue The 100, but also to develop new shows. So what this means for us.. I have no idea hahha.

                  Awww I am sure it’s hard- you probably feel good, but then it catches up with you? I think that’s probably really common, but it certainly doesn’t make it suck any less for you. Hopefully though the good days will be more often, and the “crap I overdid it” days will start to become fewer and farther between! It is probably kind of a long road though, yeah? Did they give you like, a timetable at all? Like when you’d be able to kind of resume your life? I think sometimes reading seems HARD, even though it isn’t physically taxing, so that makes sense. Definitely just do what you feel up to doing at this point. How often do you have the chance to allow yourself to just take care of YOU, anyway, you know? Plus, I think you’ll probably feel better faster if you do that.

                  I almost started Riverdale one night but then I didn’t. And then I almost restarted Stranger Things, but didn’t. So I am doing awesome 😀 I will probably watch Stranger Things- at least try again, you know? If S2 gets better, as long as I *kind of* like S1 I can get through it (I probably wouldn’t be able to allow myself to skip it either, I feel you haha). I’m glad that you are really liking S2 too!

                  Is… Ramse for real dead now? I mean, I saw Cole kill him, but… you never know with this show. That made me sad, even though Ramse betrayed Cole. I almost felt like it was cowardly for him to make Cole shoot him- Cole still thought of him as a brother, even as he killed him, but Ramse took the selfish way out. OH! And I am at the point where Cassie just splintered back with Deacon. And then when she and Cole were hugging, the looks on Deacon and Jennifer’s faces killed me. I kind of almost want them to get together, as strange a duo as they’d be! OHHH they go on the run!? This sounds very fun! I will be starting episode… 4 or 5 I think tonight, I can’t remember. Got too tired last night and couldn’t watch it ha. I cannot WAIT to discuss questionable activities!!! 😀 (Also, if you couldn’t tell, I freaking LOVE this show and am so pissed that we only get one more season. It’s probably my second favorite show after The 100!)

                  • Acceptable Losses might be why Harper hasn’t been promoted lol. Sorry that’s mean, I’m with you Harper, you’ll make it (shouts as secretly lays odds on her survival). Hey you gotta be tough with this show. 🙂 Those are nice titles, though, and definitely speak of conflict. How bad is this Gagarin thing gonna get??

                    A big deal- that’s awesome! Maybe we WILL get those 7 or 8 seasons???????? Although I’m afraid to jinx it… and the Pacific NW is beautiful, no question. I mean there’s a reason the Sasquatches all live there right? They know what’s going on. Although supposedly there are Squatches everywhere (we have Bigfoot in MI you know?) so yeah I’ll shut up. I don’t even know where that came from, squatches just came to mind. Maybe because I’m on Norco. Weeeee………

                    Like yeah today’s a good day. Feel pretty good. They said three weeks til I can drive, 8 weeks really before I’m “fully” healed in terms of, you know, everything. More or less. But thanks! Great advice, which I’m gonna take *fumbles for Netflix lol* Reading is definitely taking a back seat…

                    You should start Riverdale because it’s getting quite dark. I know, stop. I’m awful. But Stranger Things 2 is getting downright creepy AF right now! Yeesh I just watched episode 5 and it’s like damn. Fuck that. They are killing it (although the characters do a LOT of dumb things).

                    I believe… Ramse is dead. If you’re talking about Cole shooting him in the woods, then yes. He has not come back (unless they pull some shit next season). I didn’t like how that went down either, it was odd, although part of me is glad Ramse gone, he was just irritating the crap out of me by the end, especially after he killed the rando woman who looked like Cassie. I hated him for that! And then he sees her and is like oh shit, that wasn’t Cassie. Um try looking first you asshole! So yea good riddance to him.

                    Shit I spoiled again! Sorry!!! That on the run stuff must come later than I thought. But… it’s fun. There is an element of the whole Witness thing that I’m really curious to see what you think. And YES!!! I’m glad you like it, I’d hate to recommend something and waste your time, you know? That would be the worst. So I’m glad glad glad.

                    • NOOOO not Harper! Or, you know, maybe Harper. Ugh, I really hope not though, I feel like there’s so much more they can do with her. I WILL say, if I had to place a bet right now, my money’s on Emori dying. I feel like they’ll leave Mackson alone (especially after Lexa AND Bryan, they’re going to get hate mail if they don’t). The only way I see Harper’s death furthering the story is if they really want to go Dark Monty. Which would be annoying because they’ve done that, with Jasper, Bellamy, AND O. So like, enough. I think Gagarin IS going to be big- maybe bigger than we want them to be? I think like- they killed SO many people last season that they almost have to bring in a bunch of new ones, but at the same time, we’re already going to be adjusting to the time jump so they may want to calm down a bit.

                      Did you see the new set pics!? Holy crap, it looks amazing! Here, I can kill two birds with one stone- some funny Alternate Indra from Adina, AND the set pics- https://twitter.com/AdinaPorter/status/928772478733754369 Anyway, they are apparently referring to it as “the church” so I am VERY intrigued. They need to give us some real info ASAP. (Though at least we know who’s still alive/shooting scenes by episode 6-7!!) OH! And it actually gets even better: Richard dressed up as Niylah and it is… well, it’s scary good hahah- https://www.instagram.com/p/BbSWIBpnoiN/

                      Bwhahah I had NO idea that Bigfoot lived in Michigan! I mean, I assumed he was somewhere less populated? Like maybe Montana, Idaho, thereabouts? Wait- is he ONE creature, or a whole species of them?
                      Sasquatches sound kind of fun though, I would risk it to hike around Vancouver, tbh. I am not even the kind of person who likes hiking a ton, but when I see Chelsey’s instagram stories of her hiking, I feel like I could become that kind of person ? And hey, if drugs let you think about the equivalent of Pauna… well that’s fun 😀

                      I am so glad you are doing better! Goodness, 3 weeks to even drive, that sucks. I feel like, even if you don’t necessarily *want* to even drive, someone telling you that you can’t feels prohibitive? That was how I felt after surgeries, anyway. (I also didn’t listen, but don’t be like me- I never had any serious surgeries like you, so I am a terrible example.) I suppose 8 weeks isn’t *too* bad, considering. Reading can definitely take a back seat. You’ll probably be inspired to read something eventually, and then you’ll want to get back into it, but until then, meh, who cares, shows are just as good!

                      Okay, so you get to decide! After 12 Monkeys, do I start Riverdale or Stranger Things? I mean, obviously you have better taste in shows than I ever have hahah. I think I am okay with the Stranger Things characters being dumb, because they are kids. And creepy sounds good! But I also like that Riverdale is dark. So yeah, your choice 😀

                      YEP that is what I was talking about, in the woods! I am kind of bummed that he is dead, honestly, because I HATE how they killed him? Like- I hate who he was at the time of death, if that makes sense? I wanted him to be more redeemed than that. But noooo, he tried to kill Cole’s freaking soulmate. And frankly, that is just rude. And YES! OMG yes when he killed that poor girl! And then STILL didn’t stop! Like- had he killed her, then realized “well shit, I am basically a monster now, perhaps I should chill”, then I could have lived with it, but NOPE, he went right back to trying to kill Cassie. What an ass.

                      And nah it’s not really a spoiler, no worries! I have a feeling something like that is going to happen soon, because Cole was whispering to Cassie, basically telling her to lie to Katarina and such. So I figured they were up to SOME kind of shenanigans. I am SO excited that I was RIGHT about The Witness! I don’t think you even had a chance to see my theory that it was Cole’s kid- but I DID and I was RIGHT! (Well- I said either Cole OR his kid, so I was half right, but shhh I’ll take it!) And nah, I trust your recommendations by now, clearly 😀

  3. I agree, my money would be on Emori not making it, althouh the fact that they haven’t upped Chelsey to regular is a bit alarming. And for Gagarin, part of me is wondering if they’re going to go hot war between them and Grounderkru, or if it’s going to be more of a tense standoff kinda thing. I mean Bunkerkru would have the numbers advantage, but it looks like Gagarin will be dealing initially with Clarke/ Spacekru (?) and I’m assuming the advantage THERE will be Gagarin’s. We need plot summaries lol.

    Whoa! What is that place? It looks kinda… sumptuous? they’ve spiffied up nicely. And Richard looks good as Niylah! I love the look of those costumes in the background, the whole vibe of it. If I didn’t know better I’d say they’re not in the bunker at this point? Or do we think they are?

    I feel like Bigfoot is quite widespread, like all those places you mention plus others in the uppr midwest and Canada? Heck PA probably has them. I think I saw something once where all the states that had sightings and it was like, almost all states lol. Have you ever thought though about the deep woods? Like, really deep woods where no one goes? We had a cabin up north (there’s that word again) and if you went way back in the woods, there’s like nothing there but quiet. It’s kinda weird. I think the Pac NW is like a squatch hotbed though? All those lush green forests. And mountains. I feel like Bigfoot is just a squatch, like yetis would be too, maybe they’re all related?

    Thanks! Yes 3 weeks feels so weird. But then there are times when I feel iffy and I’m glad to not be in a car. I just finished Stranger Things 2 and caught up on Riverdale, so I’m feeling good.

    Speaking of… choices! This is honestly a really tough one. I wanna say Riverdale because it’s ongoing and when you’re caught up you can watch live and be up on all the theories. The weird thing is both shows are better in their second seasons, I think. So it’s not like you’re going through “bad” stuff to get to “good” stuff but the payoff for both is better in S2. Riverdale is getting super dark right now. I just wrote a recap of the latest one and it’s like wow. So… IDK! That’s a really tough call… I would say Riverdale first And if you hate Riverdale or like meh, ST is there. 🙂

    That was like no help whatsoever.

    Feel the same about Ramse. They were brothers but bottom line he was gonna kill Cassie, so what can Cole do? Sucks all the way around. And frankly after all this time I’m surprised they went there and had their relationship end like that. Weird. Felt very abrupt. And ooh you pegged the Witness! Nice. 🙂 I remember reading some different Reddit theories but never really had a of my own- but it makes a lot of sense? And finally explains the cabin a bit and why they care about that dump so much lol. Love nest outside of time? How cozy!

    Okay… let’s talk books. So I have this package outside my door today- THANK YOU!!! Book mail is the best. You are so sweet- you didn’t need to do that, but I’m not complaining either lol. Because HUNGER GAMES! Yup I’m gonna read em *happy dance* Those are amazing looking BTW. I’ve never read Patrick Ness either, and the Keep of Ages books- how did you know I loved those covers, and have been curious about them a ll along? You made very nice choices… now the question is, what do I read first? Maybe I should settle in tonight with some Hunger Games :):):):)):):)):):):):)):):)

    • I have seen VERY little of Luisa around, too. Like, much less of any of the rest of Spacekru? There have been tons of pictures of everyone else, so unless they don’t like to associate with her (which hardly seems to be the case)… why is she never around? I saw ONE picture of her on set. Not exactly promising. I do agree about Chelsey though- that IS pretty shady, but then… would they kill two Spacekru people? (It IS The 100, so maybe hahah.)

      VERY good point about Gagarin. If they start fighting with Clarke and Madi (which it looks like, based on S4!) then yeah, they have at LEAST 100 people versus the 2 of them, and at MOST, what, 10 people if Spacekru comes down immediately? I figure there will be some kind of push to dig Bunkerkru out, because yeah, that’s got to be their only chance. OH! Here’s a question- how many Bunkerkru people will even be left!? I mean- they started with 1200, but it’s basically a certainty that they’ve had to cut WAYYY down. My guess is at least 25 per clan? To be culled, I mean. (I am probably so very wrong bwhahah.) But Gagarin is also “hardened criminals” (per Jason) so… I can’t imagine they’re just going to play nice with ANYONE, especially at first.

      They definitely aren’t in the bunker anymore! Which I guess is to be expected by this far in, episode 6-7? I am so excited! It’s great because the whole set is going to be new, I assume, since Praimfaya destroyed everything. I love how completely unexpected basically everything is going to be. I keep seeing stuff about a late premiere though and I am getting really salty. Hiatus was long enough!

      I mean, PA does have a lot of wooded areas, so I am sure that such a thing could exist here! Especially in the middle parts of the state- that’s basically just one big old forest. So this cabin, it was like… really in the middle of the woods? Like- was there electricity? A real road? Because no, I cannot comprehend how people live in that kind of place. Like- off the grid stuff freaks me out! Like isn’t that where all the serial killers hide and stalk their prey? There were woods by the house I lived at when I was young (like, under 12) and my friend and I would go for walks in it, and she and I were like, convinced that this was “off the grid” and we could get lost in there and have to live the rest of our lives foraging for food, but really, it was probably only 10 miles or so, max ?

      I think it’s very good then that you are not allowed to drive! Better to be safe, of course. And wow, you are caught up already!? This is impressive! I have a backlog on my DVR and I have absolutely no excuse for it hah. I will start Riverdale then, when I am done with 12 Monkeys (which is sad, because I don’t *want* to be done!) At least if I watch both of those, it should tide me over until The 100 and 12 Monkeys are back again! And since you are caught up we can talk about them, yay!

      YES I mean, I guess it probably was realistic, that they’d end up like that. Not every ending is neat and tidy and such. But from a viewer’s perspective, it still kind of sucks. I cannot believe how badly Deacon is tormenting Cole about it though! OH! I adored Jennifer and Deacon in that auction house. They win the show. And yeah- I don’t know why I thought it’d be Cole or his kid, but to be fair, it was AFTER he and Cassie were at the cabin, so I knew she was pregnant in the timeline he undid. The cabin WAS really cozy though- I was so glad that they had that little bit of normalcy even if it was outside of time (which is a weird concept in itself, no?)

      Aw yay, that was quick! I wish there was more I could do to help you feel better, but alas, books are the resource I have at my disposal 😀 The Hunger Games are a UK edition! And they’re pretty quick reads, so that’s fun. And I know you have not read Patrick Ness, and IMO, this is his best work, no question. It takes a little bit to get into because the dialogue is a little tough at first, but then it’s like, mind blowing and worth it. And you told me, on my review of the last Vault of Dreamers book, that you were interested and liked the covers! I am very curious to see if you have the same ONE issue with that series that I did though. (It’s probably nitpicky of me, but yeah hah.) And The Diabolic is a good sci-fi one- and it’s all taking place in space! So yeah, I am useless too, because I recommend all of them of course hah. But… yeah, I think The Hunger Games will always be my #1, so if you start there it’s a good choice! Plus it’ll be fun to compare the book to the movie! Plus, of course I want to know what you think of it!

      • To be honest I’m surprised they’ve kept Emori around as long as they have. Yeah Murph needs a love interest (well, doesn’t NEED, but you know) but sending her up to Spacekru… I just don’t know. That’s all such a wild card, seems like. And good point about Gagarin and Bunkerkru that’s a VERY good question as to how many will be left?? And Gagarin, if they’re hardened criminals, I can see them hunting Clarke and she might have to be ninja Grounder chick. That would of course add to her mystique and legendary status.

        I want to see what comes after Bunkerkru too, I LOVE the idea of new sets and a new base or settlement or whatever they do. This late start stuff is concerning though. Are we talking March now, or even later? Man I hope they don’t so that…

        Our cabin was on a lake up north, so no it wasn’t deep in the woods or anything (thank goodness), but there was lots of woods around, snowmobile trails, all that. But if you just started walking back into the woods and kept going yeah you’d be in the middle of nowhere pretty quickly. We had electricity and were right off the road. Yeah off the grid’s not really for me lol, I rather like the grid and all my creature comforts. 🙂 I could totally see squatches wandering around in the deep woods though. Maybe not around here so much, but out west and in the Canadian wilderness. Little squatch communities. But then again I always thought the Loch Ness monster might be real too, so you know… I’m predisposed. 🙂

        I hope you like Riverdale, it’s different and when I think about the premise of the show I don’t even know why I like it? But it’s just campy and somehow works.I think it’s a fun show to fan over because it’s so silly? I mean the names for example, Jughead and Sweet Pea and all that… it’s not even remotely realistic. 🙂

        The auction house was the best! I think Deacon is very underrated and adds a lot to the show, and Jennifer kills it. And I love the idea of a place outside of time- how cool is that??

        I love those Hunger Games books! Yay for the UK! They look awesome. I’m glad to try PAtrick Ness, and ah yes that’s how you knew lol. I can totally see mentioning those covers because I love em. there’s just something about them. And I’ll have to talk Hunger Games as I go through them, and we can compare thoughts. 🙂

        • I sadly agree- she hasn’t really had much of a storyline besides Skaikru skeptic and lover of Murphy? I think she peaked at Fake Baylis tbh. And we’ve been down the “Murphy will do anything to protect her” road, so… And with a 13 episode season, there’s just less time for secondary character arcs, so I just don’t see it.

          Seriously, this season is going to be SO exciting because every single thing is going to be new, basically. So them giving us these scraps tells us nothing, but it at least is fun! I think March/April would be the latest, from what I have read? Apparently, they decided to pick up Dynasty (which I have also heard sucks) for a full 22-episode season, which leaves them short a spot in January. So I guess it’s basically one of 3 shows that will be pushed back- either The 100, Black Lightning, or Life Sentence. Basically, people think that since The 100 is already established, it wouldn’t take as big a hit as these two new shows if it had to be pushed back. Idk, I just want them to tell us!

          Have you rewatched any more of The 100 by the way? You were somewhere around the start of S4, right? I have a question, for whenever you get to episode 10-11, but you maybe can answer it anyway. Actually, i have 2 questions. 1) Why the hell did everyone get so excited over Luna maybe winning the Conclave? I was watching Die All, Die Merrily and I was like… okay, if she wins, just fucking kill her? She’s ONE person, and I am pretty sure tens of thousands of Grounders could kill her. Was it just because the Conclave was so “sacred”? And Question 2) When Bellamy opened the door and let O and the Grounders in against Clarkha’s wishes…. why didn’t they just, you know, re-shut the door? Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they didn’t, but like, they were all just chatting up there! Clarke could have just closed it again! Was it because she couldn’t leave Bellamy? If so, I am here for it.

          AH a cabin on a lake, now that seems more my speed haha. Especially if it has electricity. And indoor plumbing. Basically I don’t understand why anyone would actively choose to sleep on the ground and like, pee in the woods? Hard pass. I won’t lie though, the idea of being able to walk off into the middle of nowhere is kind of appealing- as long as I was back before dark 😀 I find the legends of things like Loch Ness and Sasquatches (it looks weird as a plural ha) fascinating, but I just don’t believe. I almost wish I did. I’d lie and say I did to chase Nessie around Scotland, tbh. I think that the Canadian wilderness HAS to be the home to weird shit we don’t know about. Because like… humans aren’t there? It’s probably nothing as cool as a Yeti or something, but at least some weird ass species of some animal.

          You know, I wondered that about the nicknames! I had seen them, of course, and I know what they’re based on, but I found it funny in context! Interesting that those are supposed to be their actual names! I told Vlora that I wanted to watch it too, because she does recaps as well, and she basically said the exact same thing as you- it’s ridiculous, but she cannot help but like it! So why not? I mean, back in the day, I loved all that ridiculous shit on the WB, like Dawson’s Creek and Felicity hahha, this can’t be worse than that!

          OH speaking of Vlora, she got me obsessed with this really stupid but addicting game, and then I in turn got Val obsessed and basically, if you are bored, it is here- http://www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips/index2.html And also apparently ALIE comes and then takes you to the City of Light at the end or something. (Not actually ALIE, but an AI of some kind takes over the world? It’s like- had Clarke not pulled the lever, but instead of Praimfaya, it’s paperclips hah)

          Deacon is SO underrated. I like him more and more every episode honestly. Because he becomes so damn human, and we get to see past the whole “big bad’ exterior. And you can tell that the others start to have an effect on him- in the last episode I watched, he was all bummed because The Witness didn’t think he was important enough ? And YES- I want to go to a place outside of time! Time travel would be the most fascinating thing ever, can you imagine? Sign me up. Plus the epic romance in the cozy cabin would be a huge bonus- though I may pass on spawning the destroyer of mankind? ?

          OH, speaking of! So. I am certain that this won’t come to fruition (okay well, not *certain*, but you know), but it’s such an amazing morality question- Cole saying he is able to kill his son/Ethan/The Witness/Whatever we’re calling him? And as I watched, I could see both perspectives, but… I gotta say, I side with Cole here over Cassie. Like- I get if you can’t kill your normal human son, but this kid is NOT that. He just straight up murdered all those people in the tent, no remorse. So could I kill him to save humanity? Probably? What do you think? I also can’t wait to find out where they really go with this, but I only have 4 episodes left, sad.

          The UK has the BEST editions of The Hunger Games. Well, maybe second best, Australia has the Luxury Edition and the Camo edition. But UK has the neon ones, so. The covers of Vault of Dreamers are quite nice- I’d like to see finished copies, I bet they look great. And YES I am so excited for you to read THG! And a little scared because what if you don’t like them, that would be tragic? (Fine, not actually tragic, but mildly disappointing perhaps?) You’ve seen all the movies, right?

          • You know, Emori’s funny. I like her but there are so many characters I care about it’s just hard to be into ALL of them, you know, and I think that’s where she falls through the cracks for me sometimes. If that makes sense? And “fake Bayliss”- definitely. We got to see how ruthless she can be, and maybe that’s the takeaway- she’ll do anything to survive, and maybe that becomes an issue on Spacekru. Or afterward when they hit the ground. What if she *gasp* betrays them to Gagarin?

            I totally agree- everything is going to be new and even though the time jump kinda sucks I am also excited to see what Earth looks like now. If there’s only that one green patch left, what is the rest? Raging wilderness, or just dead zone or ?? And sadly no I have not resumed my 100 rewatch yet, although I want to soon. I have the conclusion of S3 to watch yet. Those are… very good questions. I’m not sure about Luna, my understanding was she was kinda hated because she had fled the Conclave years earlier? So yeah it wouldn’t take much for Grounders to turn on her, even if she had just won, seems like. Good point. Plot hole identified! And I thought the same thing at the time! I was like Bellamy wedge that shit open before they lock you out lol!!! Although I don’t think Clarkie could do that to her love man. 🙂

            Yeah Nessie’s a bit much, I mean how could a dinosaur or whatever the fuck it would be live like all those years? And we’d have better sightings, obvs. Still, as a kid… I wanted that shit to be real. And yes Canada is fucking huge, and there’s so much wilderness! There has to be something we don’t know about up there. But same with sasquatches- I mean, we never actually get one. If they were around someone somewhere would get a pic or something. I mean a good one, like real proof. So yeah… it’s like the cougars in Michigan. For years the state has been denying that they’re here, but a couple of years ago they got one on a trail cam and that was it. They’ve definitely wandered back into Michigan, mostly in the UP, so yeah eventually you get a sighting if they’re really there…

            Yup Vlora is right!! 🙂 Sometimes I laugh at myself for recapping that show, but why the hell not? It’s all good fun. As someone who’s never read an Archie comic I don’t know any of the backstories, but you don’t really need to. The atmosphere of the town is the best part. I like the hint that there COULD be something supernatural underneath everything, but they never QUITE go there. I keep hoping they will.

            Okay that game sounds fab but when I go there it just says Welcome to Universal Paperclips. Do I, like, make some? And ooh I wanna see the CoL, so I’ll probably play too. 🙂

            Yes about Deacon. I noticed that too, that he didn’t seem to be “on the board” with the Witness, and that got me thinking- is he some kind of wild card that is not on the timemap but can play a spoiler role? I LOVE that idea. And part of me is leery of the Witness actually turning out to be Athan- I mean I’m conflicted. On the one hand it’s kind of ironic that it’s Cassie and Cole’s child, but at the same time… IDK. As for the choice, I don’t think I could shoot my own kid. IDK, is it different if you’ve just seen them kill a bunch of people? Maybe it is, but it’s tough. Humanity, though- yeah. To save EVERYONE- I just don’t know. I think if he’s just bird nose Witness pyschopath, then maybe yeah. You’re gonna get an episode all about Athan though towards the end so I’ll be curious what you think of that. I had mixed feelings frankly, because you spend all this time building him up as villain and then try to humanize him at the end? It’s like they’re trying to have it both ways. And I like nuanced villains, but just not sure it works.

            Did you catch the reference to Project Charon?

            I have seen all the movies! I just saw the last one recently, although it’s been a while for the others, so I might not be too good at comparing the first two, BUT… I will enjoy sharing my thoughts and you can laugh and say “oh silly newb…” lol I love the UK covers. These look so excellent.

            • I absolutely agree about Emori! It’s sad because I *want* to care more about her, but half the time I forget about her, oops? (Similarly, I do this with Niylah a lot.) But holy CRAP, I love the idea of her betraying Spacekru! Because she *is* the consummate survivor, so… if she thinks they can’t beat Gagarin, YEP, I can see it! And she’d definitely try to get Murphy to join her side. OH! What if MURPHY has to be the one to kill her?! I am so here for THAT storyline.

              I feel the same about the time jump too, almost a love-hate. Because while I hate the idea of skipping over so much important shit…. it also kind of works. I mean, where else can you even go after the second end of the world? I assume that everything that isn’t Eden is mostly Dead Zone-ish? Maybe not desert, but at least unlivable- or maybe more importantly, unfarmable? Like- people CAN live there probably (like Zoran and Garza hah) but there likely are just not enough resources on the small patch of arable land? I guess water would be a concern too. This should be interesting!

              OH so ALIE is even still in the picture where you are, damn. Well, that’s okay, no real rush to rewatch, there’s plenty of time unfortunately! I am halfway through The Chosen so… guess I’ll be restarting again hah. And exactly about Luna! At the Conclave, even Gaia was rude to Luna and Gaia is rude to no one. So I don’t think anyone would have faulted ANY clan who killed her. So YEP, plot hole. And yeah, would have been REALLY easy to reclose that door- good thing Jaha was unconscious, because even though Clarke couldn’t kill Bellamy (which I think you are right, is why she didn’t close the door on him) Jaha definitely would have!

              Agreed about the…. creatures haha. Like, 100 years ago maybe I could have bought it, but now, people have phones and document every damn moment of their lives, clearly a water-dino would be snapped or Instagrammed or something hahah. WHY did Michigan want to deny that there were cougars!? Like…. wouldn’t it be better to be, idk, prepared? Cautious? Why is government made up of so many inept fools, is the real question. I love that someone had to show them a picture before they acknowledged it. ?

              Ohhh I think shows like that are probably the MOST fun to recap! Because you can snark so much. I can’t wait to go back and read yours. Same with 12 Monkeys, as soon as I am done. I’m glad you don’t have to know the backstories because I most definitely do not. Nor do I plan to hahah. I didn’t realize that it was so mysterious, either! Now I am even more curious!

              YES, you just…. make a paperclip. And then you make more paperclips. And money. RIght now, I have 460.2 Octillion paperclips. And no money anymore because I have moved beyond money and am now exploring the universe with my drones. I have also cured cancer, global warming, and interestingly enough AI male pattern baldness, which… didn’t seem quite as important as world peace, but okay. I mean, couldn’t the AI just fix it themselves? I digress. And I apologize in advance because it’s an annoying game but then… you can’t stop. 🙂

              I am loving Deacon’s role! Jennifer was SO PISSED when he killed those people- “they were good!” and Deacon is all “I’m not”. LOOOOVE. I usually hate that kind of “bad guy” but Idk, he appeals to me. I would also love if he had a bigger role that it seems- and I could almost see it going that way since he IS so focused on it!

              SO. I watched the episode where Cole has to decide about Athan (I cannot believe that is actually his name, that’s a dumb name, but then I googled it, and okay fine, the meaning is cool). And I have to admit that you are right. And I was wrong, I couldn’t have shot the damn kid. (I hate admitting I am wrong, this is unfortunate.) Like- even just in this episode, they humanized him. Which… yeah, I couldn’t have done it then. Though I’d be complete garbage at killing anyone, even bad guys, I don’t think I’d last too long haha. I still understand Cassie not being able to, but when he WAS just bird-mask killer, and Cole had never even met him… I can see the appeal. But in hindsight, it really was the “easy” way out, no? Like- instead of trying to kill the people who turn him INTO The Witness, Katarina is just like “kill the kid, easy peasy”. I was so PISSED at Cole shooting the tutor guy though. That was the ONE positive influence that Athan had! See- now that they know so much about it, if they just shot… crap, what even is her name? The bitchy one that Cassie killed? Anyway, they should just go back to before, kill HER, and then try again to grab the kid. And YEP I saw Katarina and Deacon at the end of the episode, figuring that will be where that all comes into play, and then Cassie and Cole are on the run, this should be good! I am so excited!

              HAH I will enjoy being the one who knows ALL the things this time 😀 I have read the series 11 times, which is… probably not healthy? I was thinking of rereading now, because I usually do so in November (because that was when the movies came out!) but… this slump is so evil I am afraid that it will ruin them for me, and that would be really bad.

              • I forget about Niylah too, even though I like her. She sorta fades into the background. And yes me too, give me all the Emori betrayal stories lol. Thus putting the squeeze on poor Murph- what’s more dramatic than divided loyalties? She IS the consummate survivor, and would do it in a heartbeat I think.

                One thing about the time jump is they could, maybe, say some stuff has decided to regrow and play fast and loose with that a bit. I think you’re right, it’s love/hate. Because where COULD they go? Five years in a bunker might get old from a storytelling perspective. But… everything being dead is boring too, so maybe they’ll… cheat and we’ll find out there’s more green than we thought? I mean I doubt it, but who knows? Not that Zoran/ Garza need it- they enjoy wasteland living cause they’re badass that way. 🙂

                I’m starting to get the itch to rewatch, after all I’m right on the cusp of the finale. I had to watch Stranger Things 2 first because they were inconsiderate enough to schedule life- saving heart surgery on the day it came out. Can you believe that? Priorities people! So I had to get that out of my system! And yes keep Jaha away from any open doors that might doom someone!

                I’m not really sure about the cougars except the dept. of natural resources thought the cougars were all gone from MI, and apparently didn’t want to admit they were back without real good proof. Which they eventually got. Lotsa people think they didn’t want to admit they were back because then they’d have to manage them, which takes resources. I remember following the story a but cause I was interested. I mean the UP is a LOT of wilderness, but they’re in the lower peninsula now too. I think they’ve even been reported around Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore, which is a beautiful area up by Traverse City. They have a lot of hiking trails up there and that’s maybe a little too close for comfort, although I don’t think there’s been an encounter yet. That I know of.

                Seriously? You can do all that shit?? Clearly I must take a closer look! `460 octillion???!???!?!???

                There’s something about Deacon. And he and Jennifer make a good pair? Not relationship-wise, just… as a team? Love ’em. And Athan I know *rolls eyes* No you’re right, it’s a dumb name. 🙂 But yeah I totally agree- once he’s a kid standing there, how do you do it? It IS different if he’s freakmaster bird nose (what are those anyway) and all menacing… yup. But a kid? Sigh. And I was mad about the tutor too. 🙁

                It is the easy way out. Go after the organization, not the kid… exactly right. And Jones/ Deacon- I thought they went a little too easily into “kill Cole and Cassie” mode because they’re the enemy now yada yada. What are your thoughts on that? That’s one of my only complaints about the show- allegiances can shift and people that are super tight are all of a sudden just gonna kill their best pal. They’ve done it with Ramse, Cassie, IDK who else but it irritates me! I mean sure Jones/ Deacon hunting them down is kinda fun, but really? Just gonna shoot em, just like that???

                11 times? that is impressive. And yes you are the knowledge master now. 🙂 I started Hunger games today but didn’t get very far, got sidetracked… and I have like three books going, which I never do, but so what? I just wanted to start, and so far her and Gale are in the woods getting ready for the reaping. Good stuff so far!

                • Yes exactly, Niylah does fade! I watched The Chosen and half of Praimfaya last night and I almost forgot how huge Niylah is in The Chosen! “You now have one less spot to fill”. LOVE IT. I reallllly hope she is a big part of S5- as O’s lover, obviously haha. It’s funny, because Emori really hasn’t done a lot to show her loyalty to Skaikru EVER, but they still keep saving her ass. The only time she really seemed to care was when they had to leave Clarke behind (which was quite a redeeming moment for her, but still). You know, the writers probably just did that so we’d give a shit whether she survived in space…. ?

                  They really can do whatever they want with the time jump, and in a way, that’s a good thing. Because I don’t want plot holes, but I also don’t want everyone fighting over one pond or some nonsense either. I wonder how big Eden really is. I mean, Clarke said “one patch” but that is also probably from space, so maybe it’s at least a few miles? I mean, it’s conceivable that they could all live there- there’s what, a thousand people max? But of course, these assholes like to fight over everything.

                  YAY I am glad you want to rewatch again! It’s nice because you don’t like, *have* to watch it all at once since of course you know what happens. That is what I do- if something else (12 Monkeys basically!) catches my attention, then no big deal! And right, how DARE they save your life on the day Stranger Things comes out! They should have a big board right in the OR with all television schedules AND Netflix release dates ? Can you just imagine? A pre-op check of medical conditions, allergies, and if you’ll be able to make it back in time to watch shit on TV hahah. In seriousness though, they could cancel The damn 100 as long as you’re okay 🙂

                  Yeah I feel like those people are probably right- it would be a hassle so they just decided to put their damn heads in the sand until someone was eaten by a cougar. Sounds like government haha. I mean, it’s definitely scary that they’d be hanging around on hiking trails but wouldn’t people rather know? I mean, I would! Also, dunes and lakes sound amazing and I would absolutely risk it 😀

                  Yeah, it gets pretty crazy! There was some space fighting and honestly I don’t even know what was happening half the time! I finished it- with 3000 sexdicilion paperclips, and frankly, I didn’t even know that was a number? (I legit thought the game was messing with me because well, it sounds fake, but apparently it’s real!)

                  I’m a bit mad at Deacon for locking Jennifer up in the damn cage. I mean, he KNOWS her history. And I kind of like them in a relationship way, almost like a Murven situation haha. And Cassie definitely says his name more like “Ethan”- which is why I though it was that to begin with, I suppose- it’s almost like the actress can’t make herself say such a nonsense name. I LOVED the scenes with Cassie and her mom, by the way. Pulled at the heartstrings for sure. I love how many time periods they’ve been in lately too. BUT here’s a question- why, in the older times, do they insist on making the whole story sepia or black and white? It’s so silly. Like, as though actual life then was filtered ?

                  OH. So does the bird nose thingy have a point? Or is it just creepy and they want to freak us out? Because either way, mission accomplished. I agree that it was WAYYY too easy to Katarina to try to kill Cole, especially. Because when they’re dancing, she’s like, calling him her SON, and then she’s holding a gun to him? Like, at least Deacon is believable, because not only was he willing to kill Cole in the past, but I think he’s still really salty about Cole and Cassie. Speaking of which, them practicing dancing in 1899 was about the cutest thing ever. But yeah, I can buy Deacon turning on them, but Katarina? NOPE. There is this small part of me though that wonders if maybe she is just super desperate at this point? Like- she’s sacrificed SO many people for this cause, and I think maybe she is just being selfish? Because she is so determined to “win” at this point?

                  HA yeah- it makes me wonder why there is no show version of Goodreads so I could know how many times I have rewatched The 100. Goodreads is the only reason I know about THG. I also wonder which of the two I have more useless knowledge on at this juncture. I almost think it might be The 100, just because there;s more source material? Damn, 3 books? What are the others? I used to always read two, one Kindle and one physical, but lately I am lucky to read one hah. (Though I am really liking Six Wakes!) AH, I love how the book starts- it pulls you in from the very start! This is exciting, I’m mildly jealous that you get to read them for the first time! 😀

                  • I hope Niylah is huge too. And I could live with her and O- as much as I love Indra, it might be nice to see O in a relationship w/ another Grounder and get another perspective. That would make Niylah really important too as she would have influence. And it might be fun to see the look on Clarke’s face when she sees the two of them together. 🙂 And with Emori, I agree. It almost feels like the character hasn’t “earned” a full time role, even though I do like her and Murph together. At times.

                    I’m really curious about the patch of Eden too. It’s kinda weird and silly that there’s only ONE place, although I guess I should reserve judgment until seeing what their explanation might be. And yeah it doesn’t matter they’ll just fight over something anyway- it may as well be land lol.

                    And right? I mean seriously for like 5 seconds when they said they wanted to do surgery on Friday I was like are you serious? Can’t we just, IDK, schedule this shit for like next week? I mean I actually thought of things like that and blog scheduling and other such priorities as I was waiting for them to finalize the schedule- shows how addicted to blogging I am I guess! Sheesh. And aw thanks! I don’t know though, The 100 is bigger than any one person. 🙂 Show.must.go.on.forever lol.

                    So are there like graphics and stuff? When I went to the site it was just like a screen with some text, I wondered if maybe I was missing a certain driver or something to view it? Because I am quite curious now. And why paperclips? THis has me so curious!!

                    Yeah Deacon and Jones (even though I love em) kinda piss me off at times toward the end. Like I said before, they’re just gonna shoot their allies of the past three seasons?? And Cassie and her mom WAS an awesome scene, no question. I liked it too. IDK why they insist on filtering like that- it’s so annoying. Yes we get it we’re in olden times, but I’m pretty sure that time was not actually like an old photo FFS.

                    I don’t know what the bird nose thing except it looks freaky? And I loved Cassie trying to teach Cole to dance, and him teaching her to pickpocket. Fun times. I kinda agree about Jones, they made it clear earlier that she would basically do ANYTHING to rescue h er daughter, and maybe some of that desperation is still there, like you said, to “win” at this point. She’s very driven after all. But it was incongruous when they danced and they’re obviously very close, but then two seconds later she’ll kill him if she can. Just didn’t work for me.

                    I NEVER read three at a time, and yet… here I am. The others are Barbary Station (just started) and Top Ten (which sadly I just haven’t felt like picking up- I like it but my mood for a contemporary faded). And… Into the Drowning Deep is out and I NEED it becaise vicious killer mermaids are killing everyone and I must be a part of it. So it may end up being four! Somehow it’ll all work out! And I feel like you might be the resident expert on both The 100 and THG (might be? Who am I kidding? You definitely are) which is kinda cool because both franchises frankly are awesome. I am looking forward to experiencing THG for the first time actually, since I liked the movies. Can’t wait to see what the actual Games/ fighting scenes are like in the book. And meeting characters like Finnick and Cressida and so on. Glad you’re liking Six Wakes so far. I liked it a lot, although there were times when some of the flashbacks slowed it down for me a bit. She tries to fit a lot into the book, very ambitious, and I didn’t think it all worked, but when you wake up in a cloning bay with dead clones and blood everywhere, she definitely had me hooked! 🙂

                    • Ooooh LOVE it! I hadn’t even thought of the Clarke angle! I think it will be weirdest for Clarke, because everyone else will have been living their lives, forging new bonds, and she’s basically been trying to save them all, as usual, with only Madi. So yeah, even though I don’t think she’s *in love* with Niylah, I do think it’d be a blow. I love the idea of O with a more… peaceful Grounder, too. She’s really only seen the fighting side of them, this would be epic! And Emori.. yeah, she really hasn’t honestly. I like her and Murphy but not enough to care if they aren’t a thing? Like- it isn’t Emori specifically that I like with Murphy, I just like that Murphy cares about ANYONE that much!

                      I tried to get a good look at the Eden patch when I finished Praimfaya last night- I even paused a few times- and it’s hard to tell. Like- it looks like it does extend a bit in some directions, but it’s clear that they don’t want us to know yet haha.

                      I think it’s probably common for your mind to think of mundane crap like blogging and shows and such even when it’s a serious situation. Like, you figure that it’s kind of your default- the things you think about on most days- so it makes sense even if it seems out of context. Plus it IS stuff you care about! And it might even be a brain coping mechanism- like let’s think about day to day stuff so we don’t think of surgeons cutting open vital organs hah. You sound like Jaha though- sacrificing the few to save the many? And need I remind you that Jaha is pretty much always wrong? Got to ask yourself, what would Clarke do? She’d save Bellamy, screw humankind ?

                      Nope, no graphics! It’s really basic- though there is some VERY weird music and what looks like the first space video game ever made toward the end? It’s really weird- I think it was made to illustrate something about business, but I don’t fully recall. And I have NO idea why paperclips! I mean, they aren’t exactly a necessity! I could live a full, happy life without using paperclips ever again, so… Why would I pay $5 for ONE? I would not, but apparently, everyone does haha.

                      I am a little confused about the whole Deacon/Katarina/Jennifer thing. (P.S.- I am calling their little coup “Deacorina” from now on). Like when Deacon told Jones to stop and let Jennifer go, but at the end he said “sorry” like he was just messing with her? If he betrayed her again, I am going to be PISSED. You know, the biggest irony for me is that Deacorina wants Cole and Cassie to kill their kid, yet ALL Katarina has done is save her own kid. Why does Deacon even CARE at this point?

                      I saw the episode with Eliza! So that explains the bird beak mask anyway. As soon as she popped on the screen I was like “ah, so it was love that made him the way he is” because of COURSE it is. That was really sad though, how he couldn’t save her. She seemed like good people. Of course, in the end, it all boils down to saving ONE person. It got me thinking: Isn’t that how it always works? In these shows, yes, but probably in life, too? Think about it: no one ever saves the flat out largest number of people. They save who they feel is the most “important”, by whatever the hell standards. Like- did O save Wonkru because she was inherently good? No, she just gave zero fucks about Skaikru and did what Lincoln wanted. Clarke, in the end, saved Bellamy over 364 Skaikru. Bellamy saved O and Kane. Abby too. Jaha only saved Skaikru because he cared more about THEM than the Grounders, Kane, and O. So I thought about a real-life scenario when I couldn’t sleep: So there’s a big room, a bunker maybe, filled with say, 20 of your closest family, friends, loved ones, whoever. People you care about. There’s an asteroid coming, no way to get out. But you can shoot it off course. Only problem is, if you do THAT, it’ll hit some other bunker, far away. Europe, maybe. Doesn’t matter. There are 2,000 people that will die. You know nothing about them. Which do you choose? (I think on some level, we’re biologically wired to choose those closer to us. It’s the whole point of making human connections, after all. From an evolutionary standpoint, anyway!)

                      I really liked Top Ten, but yeah, you definitely need to be in a contemporary mood. I am rarely in those, so I get it hah. Curious about Barbary Station- I just looked it up on Goodreads, and people seem very mixed about it. Into the Drowning Deep definitely looks good! And I mean, 4 books is fine, you’ll finish them one day haha.

                      I really am the expert on both- to a possibly unhealthy level, but that’s okay 😀 IMO, the Games scenes are SO much better in the book. There are also small things, things from Katniss’s POV, in the books that you don’t get in the movies that make relationships seem SO much more important. You get to know Finnick a LOT better too, all of them really. It’s the one thing the movies couldn’t do, fully capitalize on the character development. I finished Six Wakes, and I definitely agree with you! Like the plot is awesome, of course. I almost wish that the characters had been more fleshed out, but I get that it’s hard with basically 7 main characters- like you said, quite ambitious. But it was good, and I was definitely excited to keep reading it! I had a feeling that it would all come back to Sallie, but I really liked HOW it did. But I must say, I knew Paul was a part of it from the second he woke up and was acting like a coward haha. And the author did an amazing job with all the tech stuff- like a food processor making clone bodies?! Loved it!

  4. Hahaha I love this! I’d date both Raven and Murphy, which coincidentally is what I would have chosen even without the profiles, so clearly you’ve captured them well. ALTHOUGH I find “proud owner of Markus Kane’s beard™” a pretty convincing argument, because let’s be honest, we’re all here for Kane’s beard. “Always awesome” is an accurate description of Raven and I feel like Murphy’s cooking skills make up for his revenge killing tendencies, but it’s possible my priorities are a little skewed and I’m really hungry right now.

    • YESSS. I do secretly hope that Raven and Murphy are with each OTHER though, so sorry about that hahha. They won’t last forever, no worries. Their chemistry would be AMAZING though. Seriously, Kane’s beard, man. I don’t usually go for facial hair but DAYUM. I won’t lie, I found Murphy/Richard wildly attractive when he was cooking in the mansion! All snarky and culinary, it worked! And Raven of course, goodness! What isn’t to like!? But fair warning, she’d probs try to push you away on the regular hahha. Murphy, oddly, would be better in a relationship I think! (Though Kane trumps them both, let’s be real. Kabby is GOALS.)

  5. Exactly *nods* imagine if Bell comes down with Echo and then later O and Niylah are “together’- it might seem like everyone close to Clarke has moved on. that would be tough and might make her retreat even more into “motherhood” . *rolls eyes* I hate even writing that. And yeah Niylah would sorta ground (ha ha) Octavia and help her have some peace. I must say Niylah seems very well adjusted for a Grounder. I mean Indra and Niylah are about as opposite as you can get. And… Lincoln was quite peaceful for a Grounder as well, so she’s obviously attracted to that.

    Yeah they’re probably being really coy about Eden. 🙂 I’m just curious about the explanation- like does it have something to do with being close to the temple/ bunker, or is it something unrelated? What could deflect a Praimfaya wave in only that one place? Hmm…

    I think you’re right. Even in the midst of terrifying news I still had my coping mechanisms, my interests. It’s amazing how much they can mean to us. Funny too how different we can be from family. Like my mom doesn’t get sci fi at all, so my whole life whenever I want to see this movie or I read this stuff she just doesn’t understand it all. And my dad hardly read. So where did i come from lol? I think she thinks it’s all a waste, but if it makes you happy how can that be a bad thing? I think a lot of us book bloggers find that in the community- okay we’re not weird, there’s lots of people who like this stuff. It’s like the first time I went to GenCon- I was surrounded by a convention of people who loved gaming for four days. Like frickin heaven. 🙂

    Not sure how I got on that tangent! Oh yeah- coping. And Jaha lol- I’m getting all noble now. But I won’t throw anyone overboard, honest! There are limits… and you’re right, screw the many. Save mee……….. 🙂 What would Clarke do? I like that.

    Okay I may need to go back and start making paperclips.

    Good points about Deacorina. I don’t think they’ve “sold” the Deacon thing- you’re right, why does he care? He used to run West 7 and was a total killer- now all of a sudden he’s a good guy? You can argue because of cassie, and maybe so, but it feels… undersold? Same with Katarina- she was all about her daughter and now she’s like out to get Cole/ Cassie no matter what. I’m glad at least that Jennifer stayed true and tried to protect Cole/ Cassie. Did you see the stunt Olivia pulled yet? That blew my mind but in a good way. She’s a player!

    Love that scenario! Um, not because 2,000 people will die, but, you know, apocalyptica in general is fun to think about. Sounds like a Clarke kinda decision. -P But seriously, yeah we’d almost HAVE to pick those closest to us right? I mean maybe someone wouldn’t but I think most of us would. And that’s a really interesting point. Maybe theoretically saving the many at the expense of the few is noble (?)- a lot of these shows we watch like 100 and 12 Monkeys are all about that- but what would WE do when push comes to shove? Reminds me of this scene, which I found really touching when I watched it. Maybe you have to know Star Trek to appreciate it, but here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHAOWLhrxhQ
    That always get me in the feels, especially as the theme of the whole movie is arguably the needs of the many vs the needs of the few .

    Top Ten I really like, but I keep saying… later? Barbary station IS mixed so far, but I love the premise. Into the Drowning Deep is the one I really want to read lol, but I’ve gota finish these other ones first. And THG I’m going to read some more tonight, because… I have them now, thanks to you!!!

    The extra nuance and getting to know the characters better is what I’m looking forward to. It’s what I always say about Game of Thrones, people rah rah about the show but if they haven’t read the books… the characters are SO much deeper, in some cases totally different! So I totally get that. Finnick was really interesting to me in the movies, and some of the other Tributes whose names I don’t remember but they did something heroic or I felt for em- looking forward to all that. And *smiles* about Six Wakes. Definitely a good story, not perfect, but I liked a lot of what Mur Lafferty did there. I remember when she wrote a column in the Knights of the Dinner table magazine and it’s nice seeing her have success now with her books.

    • HA I agree, “motherhood” sounds ridiculous, especially since she’s 24 with a 12 year old ? I think that the whole “mother” role is a stretch even- why can’t it just be a “big sister” thing? She really would feel like everyone has moved on though. And she’d probably be right? I feel like the relationships they’ve forged over the last 6 years are, for the most part, going to be stronger than any that they have with Clarke (hopefully not Bellamy though!). I do agree that Lincoln was peaceful (nice “ground” pun with Niylah, by the way haha) BUT O knew him in more of a combative role. While he WANTED peace, most of the stuff he did while O knew him wasn’t actually peaceful- granted, he was saving HER a lot, but still, in violent ways. But she WAS definitely attracted to the hope of peace, you are quite right. So Niylah could just make O tea and put some easy listening on the radio, and knit them matching blankets or something. OH! She should crochet those ones our grandmas made 😀 I can picture this little Champion penthouse right now…

      I still think Eden is part of the 4%! I will never give up on that, I swear it means something. There are so few throwaways on this showww. Except the Reapers, they quite literally threw the whole damn story arc away. Oopsie woopsie. I seriously don’t understand HOW that 4% happens though? I guess it’s probably just distance from nuclear reactors? And some weren’t hit as hard as others? OH! So Aaron Ginsburg (one of the writers) tweeted that they’re currently making the trailer. And then someone posted screenshots from the past two seasons, where the trailers both premiered in early December. So… we may have one soonish?

      Yeah, I really think your mind uses that stuff to protect you! Like- I am a super anxious person in general, but when ACTUAL bad shit happens, I am creepily calm. I can focus on stuff and somehow manage, and I swear it’s some kind of survival mechanism. Brains are so damn interesting. You are SO right about families, too! Like- my brother does not read. Does he know how even? I don’t know. My parents DO read, but very different stuff. (Though I have gotten my mom hooked on a LOT of the series I love- she was legitimately pissed when her library didn’t have the last Knife of Never Letting Go, and she is super excited for Thunderhead to come out!) But like- my brother is into like, fixing cars and shit, and hunting, and fishing, and my dad could not be less like that. He was always VERY into sports and then more intellectual stuff. I think on some level my interests aligned with theirs more- even though I didn’t think so when I was younger. Like, my parents never swam, but I think just me being really into a sport was enough for my dad to latch onto. My mom was actually really good about my interests- she saw all The Hunger Games movies with me on opening night and stuff, so I think she really does try. I am sorry that your mom doesn’t. Because you’re right- it IS a good thing to have in your life. Anything that makes you happy and doesn’t harm anyone else is a win, in my opinion. Does your mom have interests of her own? I know that sounds weird but like- my mom didn’t, for a long time? Idk if it’s a generational difference or something, but it used to really upset me. Now that she’s older and retired and such, she has found stuff she loves and she seems SO much happier for it.

      Blogging and conventions and stuff really are amazing. I really don’t understand what the hell people did before it! Like- when I was younger, I had a few friends who liked the same stuff I did, but that was it. Now, there are SO many people, and it seems easier that ever to connect with them. I mean, I think most of the people I initially talked to online, I have met in person, even- so it isn’t exclusively an internet thing. (I am giving you “A Look” right now, just an FYI.) OH and of course I will save you. When they ask me if they should sacrifice you or The 100, I’ll sadly explain that The 100 must go. I also won’t shoot at you in a bunker. Or lock you out of a bunker. Actually, come to think of it, that bunker is just a heap of trouble, everyone is best to just stay AWAY from the bunker. (The irony that neither Clarke NOR Bellamy ended up in it just tickles me, too. After all the drama ?)

      I finished 12 Monkeys last night! I am so very sad. And also… a wee bit confused? Okay. SO. I knew that Olivia was up to some bullshit, obviously. But damn, I never expected her to be THAT level of insane. Here’s what I don’t get though: I DO understand her trying to take Athan’s place, but how was she The Witness all along? Athan was the one writing stuff, and telling Jennifer, etc. Right? And is he actually dead? Because that is sad. I was hoping that he and Jennifer could become a thing. I keep trying to play matchmaker with her but it isn’t working out. THOUGH! Deacon DID remember all the stuff she said to him, so maybe there is still hope there! Freaking Katarina though, she was straight up going to let Cassie kill Hannah! And I don’t know if that makes her more or less of a monster even!

      It IS a Clarke decision. Maybe I have uncovered S5’s plot hahha. Seriously though, it’s different when it is abstract I think! Hence why Jaha wanted to save the 464 people that were in HIS physical presence, while O wanted to save those who were in hers. And then add in that it’s people you care about? Yeah, how could you kill them? Your mind would probably tell you that you don’t even know WHO those 2,000 other people are, maybe they kill babies and unicorns or whatever, so you’d better save the people you know hahah. Aw that Spock scene is sad! I was half expecting him to say “Ai gonplei ste odon” or “may we meet again” before whatever incarnation of Praimfaya he’s in killed him. It’s sad that his people had to helplessly watch him die, too. Also, I really never realized how huge this theme is- the whole sacrificing oneself, the few versus the many, the moral decisions. Love it though!

      Ah that makes sense about Game of Thrones! It makes me want to read the books, actually, because at least in those 292938 pages, there is good character development. I will, if George ever finishes. Not until then. Finnick is the BEST. I think in Catching Fire (the movie), they don’t do his character justice. You’ll see- and you’ll love him. You also get a MUCH better look into the other tributes, especially in CF. Like- Katniss really only gets to “know” stuff about Rue and Thresh in THG, but in CF, she interacts with everyone, which you don’t get to see in the movie. Honestly, they should have made CF two movies too- there’s SO much content in the books. IMO, it’s stronger than THG. It IS nice to see the author having success! I saw that Six Wakes was one of the semifinalists in the Goodreads end of the year awards, so that is awesome for her! I have to look her up, add other stuff to my list!

      • I feel really bad for Clarke (fictional character notwithstanding)- she never gets a break. I mean, has to KILL her boyfriend, the lever, then the ALIE thing- would the average person even be able to handle all that? And then to be left behind while everyone else is okay and together? Damn. Including her souldude Bellamy. And you’re so right- after six YEARS how could the relationships not be stronger? Although Bellamy better keep the faith!!!! As for Niylah and O, aw that sounds so damn domestic. And kinda nice. Having some nice tea and doing some crocheting while O… um, practices her fighting skills? What does O do for downtime? Anything non- violent lol?

        The 4% definitely has to mean something. And it could be distance from reactors, but what are the odds that the Eden patch just happens to be both where the temple/ bunker is and the only place Praimfaya doesn’t hit? Or – IS the temple in Eden? Or is Eden like close but not necessarily Polis? Is it closer to the island than to Polis? I guess we don’t know? And I am READY for the trailer, although it’s going to kill me too.

        That is so cool you have that relationship with your mom. Mine’s funny, she has interests I guess but we’re pretty different. Same with my dad. But as different as we are, we’re still close, you know? We just don’t like any of the same stuff lol. She always wants to go see these feel good or Christian movies, and I’m more like into genre stuff, obviously. So if your mom went to see Hunger Games with you, that’s awesome! What’s funny is even though my mom is not into that stuff at all, when I was a kid stuff would come on HBO and she’s like sorta watch it and I think secretly she enjoyed it, even if she thought it was too violent or whatever. And oddly enough she does like action films! I just remembered that- she likes the whole spy/ shoot em up kinda shows. She comes over and has something for me to read, and she looks at my books laying around and I think she’s like WTF is he reading?? She definitely has concerns lol, and doesn’t understand the blog because why would I spend SO much time on it? You just have to roll with it. 🙂 And… I think it may be generational too. My mom’s retired now too and has found her niche, she reads her stuff and volunteers at a Christian radio station, but before that she didn’t have like a LOT of interests?

        I think it’s so interesting though that we turn out sometimes completely unlike our parents, interest wise, even as we invariably carry something over from them, whether personality- wise or whatever. I mean my dad was into hunting and cars, my mom had no interest in genre, and look at me. Had a zillion comics, read voraciously, loved sci fi from an early age- where does that come from? It’s fascinating to think about.

        Same here. I’ve never really been to a book show but I was a faithful GenCon attendee for quite a few years and I loved that feeling. The downtown is transformed into geek-a-rama and you can just wander the halls, the exhibit halls are like effing catnip, and it’s just like nothing else. I’m sure book shows have much of the same feeling. And meeting the peeps! Exactly! I still feel bad I missed you last time around. 🙁 But I will be hitting BEA or the library show or something one of these days, because I MUST. And I totally feel you on the friends thing. I had a small circle of people who liked the same stuff, but you didn’t wear Star Wars shirts to school and Marvel shit wasn’t mainstream, you know? I think it might be the best time ever to be alive if you like genre stuff???????

        I think… the Witness thing has evolved over time in the writers room lol. Because Olivia as the Witness ALL ALONG does not really make sense. I rolled my eyes at that even though I kinda like it- it puts Olivia front and center and frankly I think she’s the best villain the show has, and maybe they realized that too. You can only go so far with Athan now that he’s turned good. It feels like they’re winging it to me, frankly. I love the show, but the writing on that point and also with Katarina chameleon- one minute she’s Cole’s surrogate mom, the next she’s like DIE COLE- I mean, come on. Consistency, people. So I have issues, but the thought of Olivia being the nemesis next season makes me all happy. 🙂 I also love that Jennifer is Primary- to me she’s the heart of the show. Obviously Cole has some critical role, but Jennifer does too I think. Like there’s obviously been other Primaries, but when Athan tells her that she matters, I almost think she’s like a super-Primary??

        That Spock scene gets me every time. I mean it’s an old movie but I thought they nailed that. But then they have such history. Especially the way they tied it into the theme of the movie. It’s hard to hear but Spock asks him what Kirk thought of his solution to the Kobayashi Maru scenario, which is how the movie starts- Kirk is criticised in the beginning of the movie for cheating in a simulation where all appears lost, and his answer is he doesn’t believe in a no-win scenario. There’s always an answer. He reprogrammed the sim so he could win. But Spock’s death maybe means sometimes there isn’t? Or if there is it might entail huge sacrifice. So the Kobayashi Maru test as well as the needs of the few/ many are overarching themes of the movie. Good grief, listen to me. Fanboying over frickin star Trek. 🙂

        Game of Thrones is a winner, but I totally get not wanting to start until he finishes. Because… he may not lol? Realistically. And Finnick appealed to me for some reason- him and cressida and a few others, wish I remembered the names- the cool thing will be if I am drawn to the same characters in the books! I’m so glad to finally be reading these. And cool about Six Wakes! Good for her. I think her Shambler’s Guide books look kinda cool too.

        • Soooo. Bad news first? Sure. The 100 is not in the mid-season lineup. We may have to wait until summer. And because of that little tidbit, speculation of cancellation is rampant, I think because pushing it to summer is basically the kiss kiss of death. I want to cry. I mean, I guess the only potentially “good” thing is that they’d know ahead of time? But either way, this is a bunch of bullshit.

          Erm, okay, trying to move on ? So Clarke, yeah, I really do feel for her. Fictionally speaking hah. She’s really been through a lot- arguably more than anyone else, considering she’s spent 6 years alone. And I assume recovery from those Praimfaya burns was no picnic either ?. I don’t see Bellamy believing that Clarke is still alive after all that time. It’d be way too hard on him mentally, he’d almost have to give up, to mourn. But just think, he’ll be so happy to find out that she is! I hope O finds a hobby! She needs a break from the fighting at this point. Plus, she has people to take care of that for her now!

          That’s a good point about Eden, we don’t have a clue where it is location wise. Clarke never said. I guess it’s definitely within driving distance to Polis since they tried to dig out the bunker? That doesn’t really narrow it down much though. Maybe there’s a REASON they’re being so secretive about it. Maybe the location means something!

          I’m glad that you were able to have close relationships with your parents even though you didn’t really share interests. I still don’t talk to my dad a ton. The extent of our conversations are usually about what stupid political crap is going on. Or “hey Dad, how are you?” “Good, hang on, here’s your mother” ? But Mean, he’s there for me if I need him, so that’s a good thing. That’s funny about your mom and the books and movies and stuff! Maybe she DID like them and just didn’t want to admit it hahah. Maybe because of the violence, she thought she “shouldn’t”? Still, it’s cute! My mom was actually the same way about a LOT of my books- like, I had her read Unwind by Neal Shusterman, and she was convinced that there was something terribly wrong with both me AND Neal hahha. (She did, however, read the rest of the series 😀 ) That is exactly what happened with my mom! She didn’t do much at all before she retired, but now she does classes at a gym, took up piano lessons, sings in her church choir, travels, all kinds of junk. It’s nice, really, to think that they were able to find stuff they enjoy after all those years! And the personality/interest stuff IS fascinating! It’s that great nurture versus nature debate, but I sometimes feel it can be answered by neither! Just a random assortment of genetic code that makes us like the weird crap we like, you know?

          The GenCon thing sounds so fun! What made you stop going? Book stuff is fun- BookCon was a lot like that, I think. Though I was so over the whole thing by the time BookCon rolled around, I went in straight up crappy clothes, took off my shoes, and sat on the floor like a hobo. I did NOT like BookCon. I was actually yelling and ranting into MY phone outside the hotel while a Property Brother (Idk which one, tbh) was ranting into HIS, and I feel a solidarity with those guys now. Like “wow, these celebrities were over it too!” hahha. It skewed VERY young, and i just didn’t have the energy or the patience, especially on the 4th day with a plane to catch. I still want to go to some kind of bigger one, like SDCC. Just for the experience.

          Meeting people is better than even the books, honestly. You see someone’s name tag in a line, and it’s like “oh crap, I know them!”, which is really fun. Eh, no worries about last year! I wasn’t there that long anyway, and I was pretty cranky by the end (um, this seems to be a pattern with me…) because I was so tired. Next time, I will plan a longer trip, without conferences and such! PLUS, then it would have already happened, but instead, it’s something to look forward to! (Especially after you scared the shit out of me when I didn’t know if you were okay- makes it seem MORE important now, you know? 😀 )

          I think Holly, Val, and I plan to go to ALA in June, in New Orleans. Not even because we care about books, but because… it’s New Orleans and we have all wanted to go there. Bucket list stuff. And then you know, pick up books in the process, win-win! I was so PISSED at BEA last year, and how awful they treated bloggers (and how they raised the prices by several hundred dollars) that I didn’t bother even though it isn’t far. And then after hearing how some people were treated, I don’t know if I will go back, unless things revert. But you need to go to one at some point in life, just to see what it’s all about for sure! It really is fun, and also, books.

          It really IS the best time ever to be a fan of basically ANYTHING, I think. Like- I feel like when I was in high school and college, people were more judgy of like, ALL fandoms. Like you said, wearing any kind of merch would be a REAL no-no. Now I think it’s weird if people don’t have SOME thing that they really enjoy, so times have definitely changed for the better.

          OH Olivia is definitely the best villain, no question! And I like that she will have such a central role. It does work. But the way they did it is weird. Is she going to be Cole’s mother somehow? His mom is clearly going to play a big part. And I still am certain that there’s something big with Cole’s eyes. I am glad that Athan did end up as a good guy- it wouldn’t have felt authentic for Cassie and Cole’s kid to be a flat out monster. So now that I am done, I did some googling, as you do, and apparently, they knew they wanted it to be 4 seasons for awhile now, so that makes me happy. They also say they knew the end since the start. Which… better be good, because I am over crappy finales. You’re right about Jennifer, too! I read that they said they could do NOTHING with the show until they cast Cole and Jennifer, because they were *that* important. So… that says a lot! I love her, too. She brings so much to the show. She’s fun, sure, but she also has so much heart! She MUST be some kind of super-Primary! Because why else could she know SO much more than everyone else? Wonder what that means with Olivia at the helm? And Katarina better get her shit together.

          Aww that Star Trek stuff is really nice, I like how they bring the themes full circle like that! It WAS sad to watch, and I only know it on a VERY surface level. I also feel like The 100 stole a lot of its themes ?

          He seriously may not finish! I mean, I get more worried every year that passes- for the fans like you who would be REALLLLY not okay if they were left unfinished. Finnick is just… he’s amazing. He does so much GOOD, and he gets nothing from it all, you know? Such a gut punch. Cressida isn’t *as* developed as Finnick, I think the movie did a pretty good job with her actually. But you get a bit more from the books, of course! I looked up The Shambling Guide, does sound good! The cover is VERY unfortunate though- looks like a middle grade cover gone bad hahah.

          • What??? Oh my gosh seriously? Pushing to summer – I thought ratings were good? That is seriously alarming. I can’t imagine waiting until summer, but to have it be a final season too? Noooooo…

            Poor bellamy. The thought of leaving her behind, then the guilt he might feel if he goes Becho and then finds out Clarke’s alive. Agh they kills us on this show! And yeah IDK where the fuck Eden is lol but I can’t wait to find out, and I’d love it if it has some connection to Becca/ the temple/ whatever.

            I think you might be right. There’s nature vs nurture but is there something else as well? I suspect there may be. Why else would I randomly pick a certain genre or interest when neither parent shares that interest or exposes you to it, much? So fascinating to think about. It’s like I walked into a bookstore and SF/F was my jam from like earliest childhood- how does that happen? Glad it did tho. And I had to laugh at “Good. Hang on. Here’s your mother.” Sounds like my dad, he was like that too. 🙂

            I stopped going to GenCon mainly due to finances- things got tight for a few years there and it was a way to save money. Me and some guys would go and split the room but when we all didn’t go or schedules didn’t work, I fell out of the habit. I’m seriously thinking of going next year though, it would be nice to get back. And I don’t game much anymore so that was part of it too. Bookcon sounded fun but I saw a lot of negative feedback, so clearly you weren’t alone. Isn’t that the general public event they tacked onto BEA?

            I can totally see that. It would be awesome. And ha ha yes I feel awful about not keeping updated, it occurred to me that after updating Twitter and then going silent for days that that might not have been good! I can totally see being worn out at the end of a trip like that, it would be exhausting? I remember coming home from Gencon and wanting serious downtime, that first day back at work SUCKED lol.

            ALA sounds nice. I assume there’s separate pricing and whatnot if you’re not a librarian? And yeah BEA did a number on bloggers last year, from what I heard. Sad. Did they just want like “top” bloggers in terms of numbers or visibility, or were they just purging that element of the show in general? Hopefully they do revert because it sounds like inclusiveness would be better, even if there were a few bad apples so to speak with all the knife fights in ARC lines or whatever ha ha. Assuming that’s what they were responding to, or if BEA just decided bloggers weren’t welcome at their posh event? 🙂

            Good point about Cole’s eyes! Why does Jen call him otter eyes all the frickin time? I hope Olivia’s not his mom though, that would be too far for me. And I am hoping for a stellar finale. Orphan Black I felt fumbled a little after a great start, and I hope 12 Monkeys avoids that. I think that Jennifer sometimes disappears for a while from the show, but in the background it’s understood that she’s important. I hope the new season focuses a lot on her and Olivia. If Jennifer could clear her head she probably has all the answers. And ditto on Katarina!

            Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan is a classic. Most of the Star Trek movies were crap, in my view, but that one’s probably the best.

            Didn’t Finnick die from the crazy hunter dogs? I’m trying to remember but being PISSED at his death. The Shambling Guide covers are bad, unfortunately. And Game of Thrones I honestly despair of ever being finished. He MIGHT get the next book out, but the seventh… looks unlikely. And since he’s said he won’t let anyone else finish it from his notes or whatever, it raises the question of whether we would EVER get all the answers. Which is his right, I guess, but after devoting so much time to the books and to theories, it’s be nice to know, you know??

            • The other really disturbing thing is, this is the last year of the Unity Days event in Vancouver. Which… I don’t know what/if anything that means. (I am also actually pausing this so I can check for more news later. This is not the most convenient way to talk, because I have to keep remembering all the things I wanted to say ?) It’s ratings are… CW-good? Like, they *should* keep it around, but there’s this whole… well hold on, I’ll just find the article I read. http://www.tvgrimreaper.com/2017/10/23/week-5-predictions-themayor-likely-canceled/3061/
              Obviously that doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to happen or anything, but this just adds more doubt. But then the fact that there is a trailer, which keeps being teased as “coming soon”… I wonder if they’d really be doing a trailer relatively soon if we had to wait til late March-June? (So much speculation, zero facts hahah.)

              I think Bellamy WILL feel a lot of guilt! Like- no matter what, almost? Since she’s been so alone, and no one has contacted her- no one even thinks she’s alive, etc. I HOPE he feels guilt, honestly. Seems inauthentic if he doesn’t. Ooooh I like the Becca connection theory! I am hoping it’s somewhere we haven’t seen before, but then… I do love the idea of Becca. Hmmmm.

              YES exactly! Like- how do you become interested in stuff even?! Like you said, if NO ONE in your life is interested in it, how does it even cross our radars? I remember with swimming, my dad saw an ad in the newspaper haha. That is the only reason I ever considered it. So who knows, maybe just random dumb luck plays a bit part, too! Did you just somehow naturally gravitate toward SF/F as a kid? It’s so funny how it happens! Speaking of the dad thing, my dad literally answered the phone with “hold on” today. That was it ?Then my mom said hello. She probably made him answer her phone, I can think of NO other reason for it hahha.

              AH, that makes sense about GenCon. Money sucks. And those things basically devour money. Like- even if the admission prices aren’t terrible, it’s still so much for hotels, food, endless coffee (maybe that is just me, I straight up spent more time- and probably money- at Starbucks than at the actual conferences, oops?) getting there, etc. And yeah- BookCon is for any fool off the street who wants to go. They don’t do a ton of ARC drops, and you have to wait in endless lines if you even want a *chance* to see an author. I remember in Chicago, my roommates got up at 6am to get in line. My happy ass slept until 11, and I have NO regrets. I meandered down, saw the complete clusterfuck that was happening in front of me, and went back to Starbucks. The only good part was, the publishers remembered who had been there from BEA, and were a little sympathetic toward us, it seemed. I also heard it was MUCH better in New York, so take my experience for what it’s worth. But no one I talked to who went in Chicago would ever go back.

              I fully recommend ALA though. It’s so chill, so easy to talk to people, just a nice vibe all around. And you actually get to communicate with publishers, as opposed to a mad stampede to grab books. I think the mid-winter one (which I DID actually prefer) is in Denver this year (which… why? Why have a conference in DENVER, in January? Makes no sense to me, but whatever) and then in New Orleans in June. There is separate pricing, but here’s the kicker: It’s actually CHEAPER for non-librarians, because you don’t get access to their private meetings. Which, fine, I don;t need to intrude in someone’s meetings hah. It was $60 at mid-winter, but the annual one was $75. Still very reasonable, IMO. As for BEA, their official line was some bullshit about it wanting to be more “professional”. Do you remember that girl Jessica, from Cr*ssroad Reviews? (Literally don’t trust her to not look herself up, she is seriously a deranged person.) Well- in Chicago in 2016, she and about 4 of her friends (not book people even, just randos that she called her “co-bloggers”) show up with her KIDS in tow. Now, kids are NOT allowed, because who the hell wants kids at a book conference? People DO break the rules, which I think is crappy, but this… this was extra. She had asked for a wheelchair because she was disabled, she claimed. Then she used the wheelchair to stack books on. She, her friends, and HER KIDS would all take copies of the book- it was so gross, they had like, 7 copies of every book. And publishers were pissed, of course, but what could they say? I mostly felt bad for the kids, because who uses their kids as pawns to get ARCs!? Now, Idk if you heard about her, but she is the one who was scamming people on Twitter for books. THEN, as happens after EVERY conference, some jerks sold books on ebay. (I don’t think it was her even, because people do it every year). So I think it was just a perfect storm, and since everyone KNEW she was a blogger, it kind of portrayed all bloggers in a really awful light. I don’t know exactly what happened in regards to “big” bloggers- pretty much everyone I know was denied a press pass, even people who got them before (me included, which I won’t lie, I was salty about because I did exactly what I SAID I would do as Press so… come on!) Then there was a lot of confusion at the actual event, and people were mad, so… who knows. Also, sorry, that was a LONG story ?

              And no no no no no, you have nothing to feel bad about! Your ONLY job was to get better. Mission accomplished 😀 I mean, my logical brain said the right things, like “heart surgery is a big deal, recovery takes time” and “most people don’t jump on Twitter five minutes after having a major operation” but… you know the little asshole part of brains that yells “DOOOOM” at you from the back of your mind? Yeah, that part wouldn’t leave me the hell alone 🙂

              UGH the whole “back to work” after an event like that is the worst! Because all you want/need is a break from the super busy event you just came from! Honestly, that should be built into any and all vacations haha) I think part of it for me was that I drove straight, didn’t stop, then went RIGHT to the conference. And knew I had to drive all the way back super soon, and then right back to the grind. I am NOT planning anything like that agaiN! I’ll have to make sure to implement some recovery time. I am getting the travel itch again- I love to go places so much. I don’t even know why, it just feel so… freeing I guess. And maybe adventurous. Do you enjoy it?

              Okay, I literally just googled otters because… seriously, WHY? I mean, the actual eyes of otters appear to be like most other animal eyes? Round and black? I don’t want to dig *too* much though, because I am afraid of spoilers ha! You know, I now need to rewatch it, because I saw an article about how many little things are noticeable the second time around. Maybe closer to when S4 comes out! I think Orphan Black did too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still really liked it, but it got WAYYY too ambitious for the small number of episodes. I think 12 Monkeys ending after S4 might actually not be a bad thing, considering how the story works. How much can you really tell about this ONE central mystery?

              Um confession time: I had NO IDEA that Star Trek was a movie too? In my head, the only way I differentiated Trek and Wars was that I thought Trek was TV, and Wars was movies, and also William Shatner. I know, I am a disappointment ?

              Finnick died from the lizard mutts! The white ones who walked upright and whispered “Katnisssssss” and then ate people. It was hard to tell what they were in the movie though honestly. Though the movie DID handle his death well, I think the book gives you a little more in terms of the reaction to it. But yeah, if you ask me, his death is the WORST of any in the whole series. I sobbed when he died. Prim’s seemed so much less harsh by comparison, is that awful? DAMN are you serious!? I had always kind of held out hope that even if he didn’t finish, someone else could, but shit. I mean, it IS his right to never finish, but the fans also made his career possible, so… it’s a pretty shitty thing to do to them.

              OH! I started Riverdale! I didn’t watch much because I’ve been sick, but I have some first impressions. So… am I really supposed to believe that these people are 15? They look about as close to 15 as I do ? But I am also intrigued! It feels to me like Dawson’s Creek + Mystery – John Green. Like- the kids on Dawson’s were so damn pretentious like a John Green character, so at least these Riverdale kids seem more…. “normal” hah. But Dawson’s had the rich, mysterious NYC transplant, the male student-female teacher romance, AND the unrequited love storyline so it made me chuckle!

              • I’m kinda stunned. I assumed The 100 was a keeper- this again just irritates the shit out of me, after what SyFy did to Dark Matter. Just when a show gets going, they pull the plug. Especially if ratings aren’t bad? What’s the issue CW? That article though makes it a *gulp* 45% renewal chance?? Likely cancellation?? Ye gads… when people say I’m praying for you and a quick recovery I’m just going to redirect them to pray for the 100 renewal lol. Okay I shouldn’t joke about that but yeesh…

                I DID naturally gravitate towards SF/F. The earliest things I remember reading were stuff like that and mysteries- we used to go to this department store and they had a book section, and I’d go in there and the Agatha Christie’s and SF stuff also drew my attention. Course I read Hardy Boys and some Nancy Drews too. It is funny how that happens! And that’s interesting about your swiming and the newspaper ad . Maybe it is just randomness sometimes!

                That’s a shame about Bookcon. And best avoided, apparently. 🙂 Although I do remember reading bloggers’ thoughts on Chicago and it did sound particularly bad there. That would have been a good show for me to go to since I’m close, NY is a lot farther, but the timing didn’t work. That sucked. And I’m with you on sleeping in. The first GenCon I ever went to I had to be up at like 8am couldn’t wait to get there and see everything. After that I slept in and got there fucking whatever. 🙂

                ALA sounds nice, I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’d go to if it gets close to me. Denver in winter? Yeah crazy. I love the chill sound of it. I do remember her now, yes, I remember the controversy and since I’m sporadic on Twitter I think I missed a lot of it, but that all rings a bell. What a whackjob. Using your kids like that… no. It’s fucking awful that BEA whacked almost all bloggers because of that, but I can kinda see that overreaction if the publishers went ballistic. They want to keep those people happy obviously. I hope they reconsider things- does anyone know if they’re doing the same this year?

                Ha that made me laugh. 🙂 So true- it’s like yeah they’re probably okay after all but WTF update us!!! lol. Human nature. 🙂 I appreciate the sentiment though- I mean seriously, the well wishes from blogger friends has been amazing and even more so given that a few short years ago I didn’t know ANYONE in this community. And people like yourself who are the bomb. 🙂

                I hear you. Towards the end I always requested an extra day off, like the Monday after, because I needed that time to decompress. And I do like the traveling, although maybe not as much as when I was younger. GenCon’s been in Indy for quite a few years now and that’s not bad, a nice little road trip. But I do love seeing new areas. And one of my favorite things about GenCon was the way it takes the city over. It’s a game convention so you see people cosplaying and dressed as elves and shit, and they go to restaurants and bars that way, walking down the street all day mixed in with the usual business people- it’s fucking awesome! Some of the bars adapt their menus to accomodate the gaming themes- pretty cool. Just talking about it makes me want to go back!

                That’s a good point. 4 seasons might be enough, because how much time traveling / changing things can you really do before the timestream is all fucked up? And go out on a creative high, don’t drag it out just to drag it out. That’s what burns me about The 100 if they do cancel- I feel like that show has a LOT of story to tell yet, I mean unlike 12 Monkeys that could go on for a WHILE, there’s no shortage of challenges when repopulating a post apoc world.

                Ha ha that’s funny. Trek was TV but then they did like a dozen or so movies, I don’t know I guess they still are, I haven’t seen the last few. JJ Abrams rebooted the franchise and I was like fuck him. He took that death of Spock scene and redid it I guess with Kirk being the one dying, but otherwise same scene- I heard about it and was like, no. Hard pass. Fucking little twerp. But then he fucked over the Star Wars Force Awakens too, although I may be in the minority on that. Clearly I’m not a fan!

                That’s what I thought, those lizard things. they were nasty! I will dread his death all the way along but will enjoy his character while it lasts! And who knows, Martin may reconsider, or his wife maybe would release some notes in some form or maybe pass along the ending so fans can know, but who knows? It is a concern. And we’ll have some indication of the ending because of the show- the showrunners have been told the ending and we’re coming up on the last season, so even though they’re doing things a lot differently, we’ll get the broad strokes of the ending anyway. And speaking of… if you ever read GoT holy smokes would there be stuff to talk about! Ha ha that series is intense (but oh so fucking long, so I understand).

                Yay Riverdale! Yes the show is ridiculous, let’s get that right out of the way! And I know right, high school age? Please… I never saw Dawson’s Creek but I’ve heard it compared to that before, so it seems appropriate. Archie I’m not a big fan of mostly because of his idiot decisions, but I like Jughead and Betty a lot. And Cheryl’s a riot. I hope you like it. It’s fun in a batshit way. And series 2 right now is getting dark, fuck! Can’t believe where they’re going there. And oh no you’re sick? I hope you feel better! Remember lots of water, chicken noodle soup and lots of Netflix- the three keys to wellness. 🙂 Oh and I’ll send you some Norco, you’ll feel much better *smirk* Although TBH they haven’t really made me feel “happy” at all, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but they do kill pain pretty good…

                • I agree completely. I don’t get it. Like- sure if the ratings were in the toilet, okay, fine. But it’s got to be at least their 3rd most popular show, right? With a pretty die-hard fanbase. Unless there is some other reason behind it but… that doesn’t even seem likely, because they’d planned all along for it to be mid-season, started writing and filming for it to be mid-season. The thing that confuses me the most is that Jason made that huge deal with WB, you’d think they’d want to treat him a little better? At least keep him in the loop? Because over the summer he said there was NO indication that this would be the last season. Who knows, I just wish they’d tell us SOMETHING at this point. It’s kind of rude.

                  I used to have myself convinced that I didn’t like sci-fi, or fantasy, OR mystery. I have no idea why, it isn’t like I ever tried them, I just said I didn’t like them. When I was young, I loved The Baby-Sitters Club, and one of the girls was obsessed with Nancy Drew. So I bought a few old Nancy Drew books at a library sale but I never read them hahah. Ironically enough, The Baby-Sitters Club had a spinoff Mystery Series, and I loved those. That should have been a clue that I was wrong about my supposed preferences. I am starting to think that at least a pretty decent percentage of our interests are products of random circumstance.

                  Yeah, I DID hear that this particular BookCon was the worst it had ever been. And honestly, BEA in Chicago in general wasn’t as good as in New York, which is sad, because I like Chicago as a city- just not as a conference location, I suppose. It just went more smoothly in NYC, which is funny, because it was also much more crowded! It sucks because if you can’t make that ONE week, then you have to wait years before it comes back around again. Or go to New York, I guess hahah. I also that year accidentally slept through everyone leaving- this is straight up something I can NEVER do, but I took a literal fistful of Tylenol PM in the middle of the night, and I guess it just knocked me out? And missed seeing Ann M. Martin (funnily enough, the author of the aforementioned Baby-Sitter’s Club) and was so bummed. Had Val not called me and woke me up, I think I would have missed the whole morninG! WHY do they start this shit so early? I mean, especially a gaming convention, I really don’t feel like gamers have notoriety as morning people? ?I blame all the damn teachers and librarians for the bookish ones- those people are wayyy too damn chipper in the mornings.

                  You wouldn’t go to any of the randomly located ALAs? I seriously think the locations are half the fun- but of course I also get that it’s harder to get to those places, too! I think a city like Atlanta worked so well because it’s an airport hub, I have no idea what the draw of freaking Colorado in the dead of winter is. Even the people IN Denver won’t want to go ? I think that the Jessica thing was such a mess because it was so OBVIOUS, you know? She didn’t try to hide it, she was totally unprofessional. Like, sure they DO see people doing shady stuff with books after the fact, but it’s never been clear who DID that stuff before. She made herself into the perfect scapegoat. It’s good that you missed the drama. It isn’t even entertaining drama, it’s just sad. I mean- I know I am extra salty because I was scammed by her, AND I had been warned. But naive old me, I was like “nooo I am sure no one is THAT awful, why would anyone do that? Maybe she’s changed!” Yeah no she has most definitely NOT changed hahah. OH and as far as I can tell, the publishers actually LIKE having bloggers there! I mean, why else would they have special blogger parties and such? I think some of the book sellers might not like us because we don’t really help THEM? But like… so what? We don’t take spots away from anyone else, it’s not like there are people clamoring to get into BEA, you know? I DO hope that things will revert back, but I also think the group in charge at the moment simply doesn’t care for bloggers, so I guess we’ll have to see!

                  I am so glad that people have been so supportive, that is really nice! And must be a very nice feeling, too, to know that so many people care!! And YES- you basically have to take the Monday after off. I do agree that I want to travel…. differently now than I did years ago? Like, I appreciate flying more I think hahah. The driving takes a bigger toll on me now- like, I used to just be jumping in my car, going wherever. I had a friend from high school who moved to North Carolina, and I would literally just leave on a Friday after class, get there in the middle of the night, stay til Sunday morning, and somehow function again the next week. On my way home from Michigan last year, I couldn’t stay awake and had to just keep pulling over and downing coffee after coffee hah. I even took a nap at a rest stop in Ohio, which is something I have NEVER done before. The GenCon thing DOES sound really fun! I love the idea of people wearing their costumes everywhere, not just to the event itself! Probably creates such a fun feeling of camaraderie. I want to go somewhere where I can be someone from The 100, while it is still a relevant “thing”. I missed my chance with The Hunger Games, and that makes me sad!

                  YES- some shows have stories that CAN be told in 4 seasons (like I think 12 Monkeys can) and some shows just cannot, like The 100. At least, not in the direction they’ve taken it? Maybe before, before the time jump, I could have seen it. But they literally just restarted the whole show! And for what, if it is cancelled?!

                  So wait- this dude basically rewrote the story!? A story that a LOT of people love and wanted to stay true to its canon? WHY? I mean, I know the answer, it’s money. But it seems stupid. What did he do to Star Wars? Honestly, he sounds like a real damn narcissist to go and change these stories that people love because he thinks “his way” his better.

                  HA I bet Martin’s wife thinks he is a real piece of work. She probably pats him on the head and tells him she supports him while thinking “sure, sucker, I am selling this shit the minute you keel over”- not in a malicious way even, just in a “your fans deserve this” way. George doesn’t even seem like a bad dude, just… stubborn maybe hah. I really DO want to read the books- I even think about starting them every so often (I have the first two, actually!) but… I’m afraid.

                  Ah, Dawson’s Creek, the ultimate in teen 90s drama. It was so ridiculous but I loved it. I can’t decide what I think of most of the characters yet, since I am only on S3, but I like Betty so far, her gay friend whose name I swear they rarely mention, and Jughead because he seems levelheaded. I am on the fence about Veronica, because I want to like her but I don’t trust her. And Cheryl seems like a real piece of work, but I LOVE her hair. Also, was she in love with her brother, because it’s creeping me out? As for Archie… Ummm this Archie dude is a REAL piece of work. Like, not only does he reject Betty and break her heart, but he gives her the shittiest excuse of ever. “I’m not good enough for you, Betty”. Fuck you, dude, let BETTY decide who’s good enough for her, or just tell her the damn truth! I have no time for this moron. Plus, like he’s the only person who ever played a sport AND write music? Cry me a river, asshole. And why is Betty’s mom such a piece of crap? Why is her dad with her?! I have so many questions. Damn. You’re right- This is such garbage but I can’t stop watching ? I’m also finally watching The Handmaid’s Tale, and damn, it’s so dark and awful but so good. I have taken your advice and have been basically just reading and watching stuff whenever I can. So thanks, and thanks for the well wishes ? Just a respiratory thing, nothing too bad, it’s just lingering. Do the Norco help you sleep? If so, I will take them 😉 That is my biggest issue at the moment. I am SO glad that they help with the pain though. Sometimes I feel like the shit they give after surgery just doesn’t work. Like the stupid percocet, I’m like… these are literally just glorified Tylenol and I don’t have time for this. So yeah, I am VERY glad yours do work!

                  • Hmm. that’s interesting about the WB thing. I assume then they own the CW? I wonder if his deal was for other stuff and they’re just now hinting that The 100 is going away- but no, that probably doesn’t make sense either. Geez how the fuck is this going to shake out? I am now officially worried. :(:(((

                    I think it happens with interests. And yeah sometimes we just decide later we DO like something, or our tastes change. After reading early mysteries like Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew I didn’t touch mysteries again until recently, now that I’m a blogger and have discovered the psychological thrillers and whatnot. So yeah… and I see the Baby Sitters Club and stuff like that, Box Car Kids, mentioned a LOT by people as early influences. I think it must be the combo of kids having freedom to explore and a mystery to unravel, with minimal parental involvement, gives kids that sense of freedom? IDK.

                    I’ve never been to a show in Chicago although I’ve considered going to C2E2 there, since they have it there every year. Plus I have a buddy in Chicago and thought he’s like it too, but we never made it happen. I guess it’s at McCormick Place in Chicago- is that where BEA was? Also… I see that the organizers have listed Bookcon as one of the other shows they run, among others, so… maybe they suck? lol. Hmm…

                    That’s funny (well, not funny, but you know) about the sleeping too late thing! And you’re so right about gamers- NOT morning people, in my experience. When we used to play in high school or college the birds would be chirping as we finished the game, and we’d crash or call in sick or what have you. Then we’d play more all night again… a very mature bunch we were, let me tell you. And GenCon is like a place where you can literally game all night, the conference center stays open and it’s a 24 hour thing. Plus there are games in hotels and whatnot. It sounds actually a little different from the book shows, but I still think those would be fun too, if not perhaps as geeky. 🙂

                    I would actually go to an ALA if the location was good. Like Indy I would love to see them go there although I’m biased ha ha, but the facilities are nice and I know the area thanks to GenCon. If it’s close I’d definitely go! Atlanta might be kinda far for me but I’ve always wanted to go to DragonCon there. And I’m not a , um, enthusiastic flier? I know, I know. I’ll fly if I have to but if it’s within driving distance Greg is much happier. It’s one of those irrational things. I think I’ll check their website though and look at future locations, because I can totally see doing ALA. Do any of the approximately 42 male book bloggers go lol? I wouldn’t want to be the only guy there people would be like what is that?? Intruder alert *snort*

                    That sucks about BEA, I’m with you- hopefully it changes. Because yeah I think bloggers are important- the authors wouldn’t be thanking bloggers in their acknowledgements if they weren’t having an impact…

                    It IS nice to know that people care, so true! And oh now I see your thoughts on driving vs flying ha ha. I get that though, even though I’m not a happy flier I agree driving can take such a toll. I mean it’s not like when you’re 20 and can function on no sleep for days. Sounds like a tough drive back from Michigan, but you know that’s no picnic, that’s quite a ways, especially after going to the conference, so I can totally relate. Glad you made it back okay, it’s scary when you’re nodding off at the wheel and you.just.need.sleep and you’re in the middle of nowhere! And yes there NEEDS to be a 100 event – all the cosplay would be fabulous!

                    Yeah JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek with new actors playing the old characters (Spock, Kirk, etc) so it’s like an alternate timeline or reality I guess, and then he did his own take with the same villains like Khan. So when it was time for Spock to die it was Kirk instead. Why? No idea. Turned off a lot of fans, but then lotsa people liked it too I guess, so it depends who you talk to. My bigger issue (because even with al the fanboying I’m not THAT into Star Trek) was Star Wars the Force awakens, because that movie… felt a lot like the original SW movie, down to some of the plot beats. Plus I just thought it sucked. But again lots of people liked TFA, and were probably happy Abrams got selected to do Star Wars IX. Not me though…

                    Yeah I like Martin, I met him once at a signing in Detroit, nice guy. He’s just the way he is. *sigh* and I think I (and many fans) forgive a lot because we love the books. I mean most authors I don’t think would get away with the shit he pulls (his publishers must be SO pissed at his years-long delays, but what are they gonna do? Drop him?Not likely, since the books will sell a gajillion copies when they DO come out, eventually). And I actually feel for the guy- I mean imagine the stress he must be under. The biggest series in the world maybe, HBO is passing him so his ending will be revealed first NOT in the books- it’s his own fault but the stress must be tremendous.

                    Jughead’s great, Betty’s kinda awesome too, and I am not a fan of veronica. Just am not. Kevin is the gay guy and he’s cool. Cheryl lol is the BEST and I think they wanted people to think she was in love with Jason- and she may have, they never definitely answer that. At least not as of yet. Archie is a dufus, no doubt. And I have to say I kinda *hides* like Betty’s mom? I mean yeah she’s a wench but I like some of her lines. The one where she jokes about the Blossoms belonging to some pagan cult worshiping strange gods cracked me up, because the showrunner keeps hinting he’ll introduce supernatural elements into the show (and in S2 it’s getting even more that way). Plus her name is Alice Cooper which reminds me of the singer. So I kinda like her. 🙂

                    The Norco’s dull pain but at least for me they haven’t really made me sleepy. they might some people though. And the Norco are basically super Tylenol too from what I can tell, although they have hydrocodone (whatever that is- an opiate I guess?). But they’ve worked for me. The nice thing (if there is one) about this surgery was yeah there’s pain, but it’s like a dull ache, or a super tightness, it hasn’t generally been sharp or shooting pains, the kind where you wanna die, so that at least is a plus. And I hope you feel better soon! I am seriously thinking of getting that Hulu trial, BTW, because I wanna try the new Runaways show.

                    • Yep, Warner Brothers owns The CW. In fact, it used to be called The WB back in the day, like when Dawson’s and 7th Heaven and crap like that were on the air hahah. A lot of people seem to think what you said- that his deal is for new stuff, and The 100 will be ending, hence the need for a new contract- but it still doesn’t make sense. Why all the shadiness if they’re just going to end it? Just… end it. Why the dragging out? I really hope we get news soon. I am not very patient hah.

                      I just googled C2E2, that does sound fun! Yep, all the book events are at McCormick Place, too. It isn’t my fave, honestly. The Javits Center in NY was so much nicer, and better equipped (i.e., more than one coffee place hah). And like, McCormick isn’t a bad place by any means, parking is certainly more convenient than NY, I just have never loved being in that damn building, and I don’t know why? I even liked the conference center in Atlanta better, though protip to those guys: don’t schedule book conventions on the same day as NFL playoff games when the two SHARE the convention center area. And YES- the organizers of BEA are honestly the biggest problem! They are so UNorganized and it’s like…. hi, your WHOLE JOB is to be organized. Like- after they rejected basically everyone for press passes, they sent us all an email the day before the event that told us to pick up our press passes. So someone emailed them back and they were like “no just kidding, oopsie” THEN after the event, they sent us all certificates of attendance… but NO ONE WAS THERE. It was such a mess!

                      I mean, in hindsight the sleeping in thing is kind of funny. Unless Ann M. Martin dies or something before I meet her, then it is no longer funny 😉 I agree about the gaming in the night thing, and I was definitely never a gamer- but the games I DID play were always at night. You can definitely laugh at me, but when I was like, Idk, 12, 13, my friend and I would have sleepovers where we would do nothing but play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ALL NIGHT. Like we slept zero minutes. As you do. And we were AWFUL at it, but my point is, I don;t even think it’s only serious gamers who find nighttime to be the better option hahha. I love that you just didn’t go to class and such after playing games! I used to do that with my best friend in high school. After swim season was over (of course) we would go to our summer team’s morning practice, and then just go back to my house, skip school, and eat brownies all day and watch shitty daytime TV. Then nap. Like literally every Friday of my senior year after regular swim season ended. I mean- at least you were playing games! She and I were just…. being lazy 😀

                      I think the book conferences ARE sadly a little less geeky? I almost wish there was more of that at book conferences, because it sounds really fun! Though I guess reading in a hotel would be infinitely more dull than playing games with people in one!

                      Did you look up the future ALA locations? I did. It seems like they won’t be in your area again until 2020. Idk where BEA 2019 will be, seems like no one knows from my search, but it’s in NY again in 2018. I mean, do you REALLY want to wait 3 years? You could come to New Orleans instead! Just think, they have frozen alcoholic drinks that you can just walk around town with, you can go on like, ghost tours (not that I believe in ghosts, but it sounds fun regardless), and other bloggers will be there (I almost said “MEEE” but then that sounded a bit… egomaniacal. But then I told you anyway so who knows what that says about me ?) I know Holly was afraid to fly the first time she did BEA in NY, so she took a bus. Which sounds awful, but it’s an option I suppose. And trains. HA no, there are definitely plenty of guys there, though I think you are being VERY generous in saying that there’s 42 male book bloggers ? I HAVE seen some of the other ones there though, I recognized their blog names. And there are just a lot of men around in general- like, in publishing booths, librarians, educators, book sellers, booktubers, authors, etc. It’s actually a lot more even than I expected it to be, so no, no one would be spraying you with pepper spray for walking in the door bwhahah.

                      I actually waffle on the driving versus flying thing. Because both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. With bookish stuff, driving IS better simply because you get to drag all your books in your own car rather than trying to figure out how the hell to get them home. Plus there’s just the freedom in general. At ALA in Atlanta, I got stuck at the airport for a full day because of the damn rain. Like, if I drove, that obviously wouldn’t have been an issue. But then flying is weird too. You’re shoved into seats next to some rando, and if you need a bathroom your choice is literally a flying port-a-potty and that is IT. All the baggage restrictions, and the TIME wasted, and it’s expensive! If I do go to New Orleans, I’d have to fly- it’s a 19 hour drive and that would be flat out ridiculous hahah. The nice thing about Chicago was that I had a choice, at least. Honestly, I think my exhaustion on the way back from Michigan was my fault- I barely slept the whole weekend, and then got up REALLY early to go back. That was silly. I should have slept more- especially since I wasted so much time stopping!

                      I googled JJ Abrams just to see if I’d seen any of his shit- since I knew I hadn’t seen the Star Trek OR the Star Wars haha- and fun fact: He created Felicity! You know, the late 90s show about a young woman starting college across the country? I died. Because seriously, how is this guy going from Star Wars to…. weird college love triangle? ? It’s great- you’ve got stuff like Lost, Alias, Mission: Impossible, Armageddon, Revolution, and…. FELICITY bwhahahha. I am getting more of a kick out of this than I should. I just don’t get WHY the Trek/Wars stuff needs to be redone so often? Like- I guess a lot of the fans don’t mind, but it would kind of piss me off? It isn’t like they waited a long time either before redoing everything, right? It’d be perplexing, if we didn’t know that it was ALL in the name of money.

                      I agree with you about Martin being under a lot of pressure. And you know how it works- the more people clamor for the book, the more intense the pressure, so the harder to write. I assume it’s a pretty viscous cycle. And I almost wonder too if the publishers WERE tougher, maybe it would help him to get it together a little faster? But yeah, they definitely won’t, because he can get away with anything.

                      I am a bit worried about Veronica! Will she do something that will make me hate her? Sad. I wanted to like her, mostly because I don’t want her to be the stereotypical “bitchy girl” to Betty’s “nice girl”. I like Kevin, he’s funny! And Cheryl, I still don’t know what to make of her- especially when she was slut-shaming other girls. Not cool, Cheryl. Oh Betty’s mom made me laugh, but I also think she is a little… over the top? I did NOT know that her name was Alice Cooper though, that is funny! The names on this show are beyond ridiculous. Are they all from the comics?

                      Ah yeah, that makes sense. I am just glad they work for you! A dull pain you can probably at least mostly live with, but if you felt like someone was stabbing you on the regular… well then probably not so much! You should get a Hulu trial! I actually kept mine after it expired, despite my saltiness over not being able to find 12 Monkeys. I figure I might as well watch some stuff while I have a cheaper rate (some introductory thing) and then I can always cancel later! I do not know what Runaways is, I will have to look it up!

  6. Ah the WB, I remember that! Never watched it I don’t think. In fact I think The 100 is what turned me on to the CW although I did binge Arrow and Flash briefly when I first got Netflix, before I tired of that nonsense. But I went to the 100 reddit looking for answers and didn’t find much- there was surprisingly little discussion of the renewal thing, although maybe I wasn’t looking in th right places. I hope they tell us something soon…

    C2E2 does sound fun! I’d be geeked if they had 100 programming. And that’s good to know about McCormick. And speaking of sharing the con center- YES! A few years back GenCon was the same weekend as a Colts game, and I guess there were some issues with Colts fans razzing some of the con attendees. I mean cosplay and the NFL probably don’t mix lol. And oh my gosh, seriously?? BEA did that? Wow, that’s pretty… not with it. 🙁

    I think there’s something about nighttime and being young, you’re just wired at that age to stay up late?? IDK. But yes it was hilarious we’d reach a point where we knew fuck it, we’re not getting any sleep and we’re in the middle of a game, we’ll just call in sick lol. Good times. 🙂 And Sonic the Hedgehog sounds pretty damn fun, actually. Just sayin. 🙂

    I did look at ALA locations and was a little bummed to see the same thing. Like I think they’re in Indy in 2020? I can definitely o that, would love for it to be there. But you’re right, it’s a ways off too. New Orleans huh? That would be a rad city to visit, and frozen drinks *ears perk up* plus cool blogger friends? Hmmm I’m tempted. A train to New Orleans? That sounds like a bad YA plot doesn’t it?? But it might be fun, I’ve always wanted to travel by train somewhere fun. I think I have GenCon ( last year was the 50th anniversary and I guess it was HUGE), but man NO does sound like a heckuva good location and then we could actually say hey how are ya *meets in person finally* I’ve never been to NO either, now I’m very tempted… are you guys definitely going?

    lol about the pepper spray. That’s good to know though, and yes 42 might be exaggerating a bit!

    OK I just looked again and it’s 2021 for Indy and Chicago. Yikes too far away. 2020 is Philly though? I guess that’s in your neck of the woods? I imagine Philly’s a good convention town?

    Yeah flying kinda sucks but sometimes the drive is just too damn long. I actually kind of like the train idea, even though that probably has issues too, but I’m going to look into it. And I give you props for making that drive, because I remember going to Cleveland once driving at night and I thought that was far, at the time. I mean loud music and cool air only gets you so far…

    Ha Abrams has done a lot of stuff, and he is really well known for Lost obviously, and Mission: Impossible and all that. I don’t get his reboot mania though when it comes to Trek/ Wars- I think from interviews I get the sense that he thinks franchises that have been around like that need to be “reintroduced” to modern audiences, and I’m like no. If “reintroducing” means copying earlier scenes or plot points, then no. We’re fucking adults FFS you know and if we’re fans we’ve seen the movies and can remember them, so you don’t need to “redo”- give us something new. That’s all I wanted with TFA was something new- Star Wars but not the one I’ve seen a zillion times. He just irks me.

    Martin’s editors definitely need to crack the whip. In fact in the last book some chapters were withheld because his editor thought they would fit better in the next book, which of course we don’t have yet, but they were two battles that are going to be pretty climactic, so basically two HUGE setpieces that were all set up are still out there waiting to be read, and the last book came out in, oh, 2011.Gee thanks editor. Kinda crazy.

    Veronica’s okay, I mean I don’t hate her, I’m just not a fan. Her and Betty actually make a pretty good team. And yeah Cheryl has problems, and clearly she is there to spout off what the writers think are the most caustic lines, but I just think she’s fun. And twisted. I do remember the slut shaming though now that you mention it- she does cross the line sometimes… and Alice is a bit over the top! I think the names do come from the comics? I’ve actually never read an archie comic so I knew nothing going in. They get worse too in S2, with names like Tall Boy, Toni Topaz and Sweet Pea. Seriously. 🙂

    I may seriously get Hulu, just for Runaways. It’s based on a comic too (is everything now?) and it starts in like two days, so I gotta decide quick. It just looks fun. Hopefully it won’t suck. But Hulu keeps sending me stuff…

    • Ah yeah, there wasn’t much on the original WB. I feel like it started in the mid-90s or so, but it mostly was teen dramas like Dawson’s and Felicity I think. Or like, “wholesome” family crap like 7th Heaven. So I can see why you weren’t exactly drawn to it ? I think America’s Next Top Model was on it briefly, because WB merged with UPN to make The CW. And I loved Top Model, such a guilty pleasure hahah. Arrow and Flash… I never tried, but then I heard they were meh, so I never bothered.

      The lack of The 100 news is WEIRD. I think people genuinely have NO idea. I mean, I assume this isn’t even something the cast and crew would know, hence the lack of leaks? It’s probably on a VERY high up level. And you KNOW we aren’t getting even a morsel of info this week because of Thanksgiving. So rude.

      After I looked up C2E2, I was looking up stuff about BEA, and funnily enough, C2E2 is run by ReedPop too bwhahah. I looked at past guests because I was curious about The 100 too, but it doesn’t look like it. Must be a time when they don’t do promo- I feel like the cast has promo “off seasons” which makes sense- they deserve it! OMG I can see all the Colts fans mixing with the gamers in a very… unhealthy way hahah. I imagine fans of an Indiana sports team being a bit… macho/redneck-y? (That is probably unfair of me but… yeah haha.) The Falcons fans were actually REALLY nice! Val and I went to a Chili’s to get dinner before she dropped me off at the airport, and they were so FUN- they were so into it, we got into it too! They were playing against Green Bay and those Packers fans were a whole other story. And that is how the Atlanta Falcons became my favorite NFL team, even though I really don’t care about the NFL at all ?

      I used to think that the whole night owl thing was just because I was young, and I have noticed that *most* people have turned into earlier sleepers as I have gotten older but… apparently my body didn’t get the memo? I hope this means that I won’t be an old lady who wakes up at 4 am though, that could be a fun bonus. Have you never played Sonic!? It is the only old-school game that I have actually beat the whole thing!

      HA I love the idea of a train to New Orleans! My family took a train to Florida when I was younger- I don’t remember a lot of it, but my mom said it wasn’t bad! PLUS, you could have drinks, and read, and it would be so relaxing! We are definitely going- Holly and I for sure! Val is a probably. So yes DO. IT. I have never been to NO either, but have always wanted to- it just sounds so unique and fun! I have never been to a convention in Philly, but it would be pretty easy for me to go. It’s like, the same distance as NYC, but it’s so much EASIER- like, there’s parking, and driving is not a huge deal, etc. It;s also in Washington DC one year coming up, that wouldn’t be horrible either. But you… you have no choice but to come to New Orleans and have drinks and such with us 😀 I also am thinking about renting a car so I could 1) Drive to Mississippi and cross it off my list (also, BEACH) and B) Cart books to the post office before flying out. I mean, I am making this pretty convenient and appealing, right?

      Well, I once drove to Vegas, so the Michigan trip wasn’t exactly bad. Actually, I had made that same trip before, with my parents, so I *knew* it wouldn’t be too terrible. We went to Ann Arbor, to get my brother from football camp, but it was actually oddly fun? How far is Cleveland from you? I always get the Ohio cities mixed up because they ALL start with C. (The biggest ones, anyway!) I like day road trips, but at night, no thank you.

      I agree with you about the Abrams thing! I mean, if someone wants to know what happened… they could just watch the existing movie? It doesn’t even make sense! Plus, it seems like a continuity nightmare. Have you seen Lost? I haven’t, though I was always intrigued. And now I want to like, 99% because of Ian? I heard the ending sucks, so that is sad.

      So WAIT. He already HAD chapters written that would be IN this next book!? THE FUCK? So basically,, he was already ahead of the game, and it has still taken him NINE freaking years!? (I just saw on Goodreads that the estimate for Winds of Winter is 2020. And then someone put the expected pub date for A Dream of Spring at 2021 ? Oh, sweet summer child, he isn’t going to finish it before the 30s, sorry.) He is literally on track for one book a DECADE at this point. That’s sad.

      I DO like the Betty-Veronica team up! OH! Is Betty actually Polly too, and has like, multiple personality disorder? Because why did she tell Chuck that she was Polly and then not remember? Cheryl IS kind of funny in an awful way. I don’t get why Josie and the Pussycats LIKE her. They seem wayyyy too nice for the likes of her! I heard Veronica’s mom chastising Alice last night and it was so funny, like, someone reprimanding Alice Cooper. I just don’t get how one mom can actually be THAT awful to another mom whose son just died. That seems messed up. Also. Someone’s ACTUAL given names are like… first name Tall last name Boy? And first name Sweet last name Pea? Sometimes I laugh when they’re trying to be all serious, and are like “no, Jughead, you can’t!” because… how do you have a serious conversation without cracking up?! Also, what’s the deal with the music teacher? Is she going to be with Archie’s dad too? Because those are the vibes I am getting. And no, I cannot, it’s too gross. You cannot sleep with someone AND their dad! You just CAN’T. Though I guess she shouldn’t be with ANY 15 year old, and she’s clearly doing that, so.

      OOOH I looked up Runaways, and I do actually remember hearing about it! You should! I only pay $5.99 a month now anyway, and you can cancel whenever. (I low key sound like I work for Hulu right now hah.) PLUS you can always get the free trial and if Runaways sucks, then who cares, you didn’t waste anything! And then if it IS good, you can make me watch it eventually 😀 Have you any interest in The Handmaid’s Tale? It is seriously so messed up I am having nightmares, so maybe that is NOT a good advertisement. But wow, it is so relatable in this current society, which is why I think it’s so scary.

      • Arrow and Flash- meh is a good word. And yeah the lack of news is seriously distressing. Don’t they know our Thanksgiving’s would be so much more enjoyable if they ante’d up a bit? Sheesh. So the same company runs C2E2 and BEA? Wow… they seem so different lol. And yes the colts fans were not a shining example of Indiana, from what I heard. I didn’t see the altercations myself but just the fact that they happened… I’m pretty live and let live, so I never understand BS like that. Oh and that’s so cool about the Atlanta fans. I feel like Atlanta’s a more cosmopolitan city so I can totally see that. Plus they have DragonCon so they’re probably used to geekfests!

        I have never played Sonic! And I’ve always been a night owl too, I never seem to outgrow it. And speaking of… case in point! If you look at the time stamp- yes I am typing this at like 5 am. Why? Well I’m not quite THAT bad of a night owl, but I’ve only been sleeping in like 3 or 4 hour chunks lately, so I’m up at weird hours now sometimes. Another wonderful element of my recovery *grumbles*

        A train down there does sound pretty damn good. I’ll have to look at Amtrak and see what their deal is- I hear different things? The only time I’ve taken a train anywhere was as a kid we took this train trip through lower Canada kind of thing- it was very beautiful, as I recall… anyway NO sounds awesome, and I will seriously be considering it. GenCon might make it hard, but then who knows about GenCon lol? I was determined to go last year and then didn’t. And yes you are making it sound very tempting. 🙂

        I think Cleveland is about 300 miles, roughly. Although I was living in Lansing at the time I went so that was probably about 80 miles less. Not bad of a trip, but at night… yeah. Vegas? You are a road warrior and totally have me beat- I haven’t taken a road trip that far. Would be awesome though, I would think? To g oat your own pace. And I like Ann Arbor- my kind of town. I found some awesome used bookstores there last time I was in town…

        I did watch Lost a little bit back in the day. Never enough to really know what was happening, and I heard the same thing about the ending, but yeah. And Ian was in it? Ooh color me intrigued! Never noticed I guess. And I could write a book about how I think JJ screwed up Star Wars (won’t even talk Trek)- but I shall spare you. 🙂

        YES he had chapters written that got held back for Winds of Winter. And he’s released about seven sample chapters in various forms, all told. He reads stuff at conventions and whatnot. And see? That’s why I’m so over the idea that he will actually, you know, complete the books. I wish he would just release what he has, it would sell a billion copies and take the pressure off him a bit, and we could get our fix. Ha ha but no he has to have 1000 pages before he’ll release. So frustratin!

        Ooh you got to Dark Betty! No Polly is separate but they have never answered why Betty called herself Polly, the theory is dissociative personaliy disorder? Which maybe is the same thing as multiple personality disorder, IDK. But I liked seeing her go that route, it was kinda creepy, and with everything going on in S2 I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more Dark Betty! As for the names… I don’t know if those are supposed to actually BE their names, like mom and pop named their kid Sweet Pea??? but they seem to go with it, so I think… yeah? And you’re right, when someone calls him Jughead with a straight face it does kinda take me out of the realism! Miss Grundy I can’t say too much, but I guess she’s from the comics too, altough um probably not in that capacity. Which is why I think the show works, improbably- they take something so wholesome and make it kinda dark and twisted? Which let’s face it appeals to 2017 America maybe because everything is dark and twisted now, but not in a fun way lol?

        Okay Hulu customer service agent I may have to sign up (joking :):)) And I think I had a free trial like a year or two ago, so why they keep sending me stuff… IDK? Shouldn’t they know I’ve already had one? But… 5.99’s not bad. And I DO kinda want to try Runaways. Which you can totally get in on the ground floor of! And tell me if it’s good ha ha since I think it starts this week. Or maybe I’ll just get hulu tomorrow. #goals

        Oh and Handmaid’s Tale I AM kinda interested in, I’ve seen bloggers talking about it and the impression I got was it was kinda depressing? But then dystopian (which I think it is?) is not exactly a feel good thing, so yeah. The fact that it’s so relatable IS scary, frankly. If you recommend it then I’ll check it out if I do get Hulu.

        • Did you see that Jason posted a screenshot from the trailer!? I mean- it isn’t much but at least we know the show is like, happening hahha. https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/932996799937126400 I feel like we’re all just fine with taking whatever scraps we get at this point ?I don’t understand people who get into altercations with random strangers unless the rando is somehow threatening someone or something. Especially over what I assume was some really petty shit. I saw the Green Bay altercation at the airport actually- this very obviously drunk fan was just SCREAMING in the face of this Atlanta airport employee. And this dude was keeping his chill SO well, I would have probably smacked the asshole at that point, he was being SO awful. I thought you couldn’t even DO that shit in airports? I also will NEVER understand getting that upset about a game that you didn’t personally play in? That’s so weird.

          I have always been a night owl too! It wasn’t always convenient, either- we had early swim practice and weights and stuff allll the time- but my body never got used to it! And it’s so funny because I had fallen asleep I don’t even know, maybe at like 4, and then I woke up and looked at my phone (as you do) at like, the exact time that the email popped up, and when I read it I chuckled, because I feel you! I honestly don’t fully understand humans who get 8 hours of sleep without waking up. Is that a thing that people can actually do? I have seriously NEVER. I always wake up at some point, even on the best of nights. I am sorry that sleep has been shitty for you though- especially now when you need (and likely want!) it the most. Is it discomfort or meds or just… random? I hope whatever it is ends soon and you can sleep for real again.

          Dooooo it! Really, you must. Trains are fun, safe, not all that expensive. (Now I guess I work for the railroad industry, look at all my new career choices!) You’d be taking a train ride down the Mississippi River! I am sure that is somewhat scenic! And GenCon… well that is there every year, right? So it isn’t like you’d have to wait ages to go again. And there are famous people there, too! Like last year HILLARY was there. I didn’t see her, because I left on Sunday, but still, she was there. PLUS, who even knows how long NOLA will be on the map. Seriously, think about it. All the history, just washed away. (Okay FINE, now I am grasping at straws, but it really would be so very fun! 😀 ) I’m asking my mom for the plane ticket for Christmas, because why not? OH! And think of the BOOKS! You won’t need to buy books for YEARS. I mean, you will still buy them, but you won’t actually *have* to.

          So one day, I want to do a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. But like you said, at like, a nice slow pace. I have a recurring dream about driving to South America, which frankly sounds like a nightmare more than a dream hah. (Oddly, it IS apparently possible, if you ship your car through a 66 mile swampland in Panama? Weird.) Anyway. 300 miles isn’t terrible, but any long night drives suck, I agree.

          Yep, Ian played (pause for Google…) Desmond on Lost.. Hmmm apparently he won an Emmy for that, good for him! The concept always seemed great, I just never got around to watching it, and then the whole ending thing turned me off. I AM sorry that JJ screwed up a bunch of stuff though. I mean, come ON, fans deserve better!

          HA he should just release them! I mean- part of one of his books is a whole novel by anyone else’s standards, right? I was reading this discussion some authors I follow on Twitter were having about how it seems like when an author gets SUPER famous, their editors seem to back off, and the quality of the books suffer, and I immediately thought of this situation. Because if he was just some random guy, no publisher would put up with this. And maybe that would make him a better author! The whole idea that he has complete control and say isn’t really how the process was designed to happen- certainly not the way his first few books became such successes in the first place! I know a lot of people have said that about Sarah J Maas (when people refer to her as “SJM” it makes me mildly stabby because those are my initials, and damn it, I had them first but then I also don’t want to type out her whole name all the time, such “problems” ?) that her later books have suffered a LOT in terms of editing, and I wholly agree. I got to the fourth Throne of Glass book and it’s just so unnecessarily wordy, and some of the dialogue is flat out cringey, and it’s llike no one even bothers to try to get her to pare it down? I don’t know.

          Yep, Dissociative Personality Disorder is just the newest, most PC term for multiple personalities! Because they keep mentioning Polly, but I see no evidence that an actual Polly exists. And if I figured that out by episode 4…. well damn, I am proud of myself 😀 When Jughead was trying to tell the story about the stupid Drive-In, and he’s all serious, talking about his sister Jellybean… I couldn’t. I cracked up. Now, I have googled him (I am googling all OVER the place tonight) and his name is actually Forsythe Pendleton Jones III. I…. don’t honestly know which one is worse? ? OH and the sister’s name is Forsythia. This dad sounds like he had a REAL ego problem. Grundy. Well, she left town. But she’s still shady as fuck if you ask me, and I can’t imagine that we’ve truly seen the last of her? She creeps me out. HA you are so right about 2017 America being dark and twisted! I think that IS why we like that stuff- it’s somehow less creepy and awful than reality. Which… says a lot.

          Just sign up with another email! Then you can have another trial. I actually was considering paring down my cable, because Hulu has a lot of the crap I watch on my current cable anyway. So the free month might even be worth it just for you to browse and see if there’s crap you’d watch. Does Hulu release the whole season at once like Netflix? (I SHOULD know this, as a customer service agent, such a fail ?) The $5.99 is with “limited commercials” and at first I was nervous that it would be annoying but it’s literally like, one minute per show so it hasn’t been an issue and it was worth saving like, $8/month?

          Handmaid’s Tale… it’s depressing as hell. Like no question. It’s extra terrifying because it is quite literally Mike Pence’s dream America. And the thing that is the absolute scariest is that they show you HOW people got to this place. Like how initial lack of resistance and inability to fight back led to this awful complacency. But there’s also (as in every dystopian I suppose) glimmers of hope. It is ROUGH though. I now kind of want to read the book to see how it compares. I really hope that there’s a moderately hopeful ending because otherwise… damn. Some nights I can’t watch it- it’s just too horrifying, but it keeps pulling me back in. I’d say it’s definitely worth a try- it’s incredibly well done, but I totally get if someone can’t handle it.

          • Ooh I like that pic! Anytime Clarke is holding a gun on someone, I’m good. Must.have.more soon. Although the trailer must be coming if he’s doing that?? The comments also, were, interesting… And yeah it was big news for a while, although this was a few years ago, because the Colts players were apparently SUCH assholes to some of the gamers. Sigh. Not hard to imagine I know.

            so the notification woke you? I hope not *feels guilty* but yeah I never sleep 8 uninterrupted hours. Well maybe before the surgery, but now- heck no! I’m good if I get 3 or 4, mainly because you have to lay on your back and I never sleep that way. I cheat though a little and found a way to angle pillows so I can sorta be on my side, althouh technically sleeping on my side is a no-no. *sigh* rules. I’ll be glad to be done with all this nonsense, frankly. But thank you! I think it’s mostly the discomfort and the restrictions, and that will pass with time. I’m impatient though!

            I am considering it actually, which is crazy for me, and even though it is a bit far it does sound fun! No doubt. And you’re right- how long will NOLA even be around? Like climate change/ sea rise might just sweep it away one of these days? Oh wait that doesn’t exist! Silly me. But yes I saw that Hillary was there last year. How cool is THAT? It’s funny when I first looked I thought she was there THIS year, then realized I was looking at last years show. 🙂 A train ride would be a good way for me to go though. And good luck getting your tix for Christmas!

            The Pacific NW would be awesome, especially by car. As long as the super volcano under Yellowstone doesn’t erupt. Seriously, I just watched a documentary (semi- humorous) where the British narrator was extolling the virtues of Yellowstone while at the same time remarking like every 5 minutes about the dormant super volcano. It was kinda funny… but apparently it exists! Yikes my luck I’d be there when volcapocalypse would happen… but discounting that, which let’s face it probably won’t happen soon (knocks on wood!!!) yes the NW would be beautiful.

            YES! He already probably has one r two novels by anyone else’s standards ready! I definitely think from the GRRM situation, and sounds like Sarah Maas (see I didn’t use SJM for her) is the same- the editors totally back off and quality (and release dates lol) suffer. So dumb. I mean there are contracts? I don’t get it. And… he’s notorious for not really liking to be edited anyway. Not that lots of authors do, I’m sure, but he sorta has that reputation. I think though he could really throw his fans a bone though if he released SOMETHING, especially since those battles I mentioned were held back and could have been released years ago????

            Jellybean! I love that. But you’re right, I laughed. And check you out, googling all the Riverdale! Go you!! So Jugs really has a name? I had no idea! I don’t want to spoil anything but the jury is out on Polly yet. And Grundy… you’ll see her again, but not soon. I think. Which episode are you on?

            I am now… on Hulu. lol they sent me ANOTHER email and I said okay, and bam free trial. I almost feel bad, like I’m abusing it. I went with the 5.99 and Runaways immediately popped up on my screen, so … good life choice maybe? I may watch the first one tonight. *settles in happily* IDK if they release all at once, I don’t think so, but not sure? But I’m gonna check some stuff out… 🙂

            Wow that sounds intense. And it seems like there was an earlier adaptation years ago on HBO or somewhere? I remember hearing about it and maybe even seeing it, but it’s fuzzy… IDK. I may check it out tho, although yeah it sounds dark AF.

            • DAMN, it somehow just got MORE intense. Jason is over here giving out Thanksgiving miracles left and right! https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/933367281618370566 Holy shit. She looks desperate and a mess. Which basically bodes incredibly well for a good show ? Oh, and I know, I saw the comments on the first tweet- all the Clexa shippers screaming at him and such. I don’t get it. Like- of course you can enjoy a show or couple or whatever but… calm down, it IS only a show after all. I wonder if they stop to consider that they’re being horrible to real human beings? Speaking of horrible, those Colts fans sound it. I can imagine the type who were the shitty ones too- those “dudebros” who somehow feel that the fact that they like football makes them inherently better than other men ? Because of COURSE a hobby defines your humanity. The irony would be funny if it wasn’t so appalling.

              Noooo no, the notification didn’t wake me! I just randomly woke up, and then just happened to open my email at the same time that it popped up! It’s a terrible habit that I have, looking at email and such when I wake up in the night, because it probably makes it harder to fall back asleep but… oops? Oh NO, sleeping on your back must SUCK. I cannot sleep on my back either- it feels… unnatural. And it creeps me out because I think “oh crap this is how I will have to be when I am dead”. So that’s pleasant. I am glad you were able to find cheats though! Is this one of those 8 week long restrictions? That would be annoying- but you must be close to halfway there by now, yeah?

              You should really do it. Like, no question. And to help you decide for sure to come, I will keep finding very fun things that New Orleans has to offer! AND tempting you with book titles that may be there. Like the third book in Three Dark Crowns, which will almost definitely be there. Okay, today’s fun New Orleans thing: New Orleans Drunk History Tour! I mean, where else can you even go where THAT is a thing? Sadly, I feel like whoever will be there can’t quite top Hillary, but… I didn’t see her anyway so whoever IS there has to be good. And thanks! I mean, my mom will buy it for me, she’s nice like that (I won’t lie, she spoils me a bit hahha). I think she’s honestly just relieved I am flying? She worries, as all moms do 🙂 And I agree- I think a train ride would be AMAZING. Honestly, I have never taken a trip that I regretted. Like, I think an experience is always worth it, you know?

              OH! The super volcano! I am so damn fascinated by that! I kind of want to watch this documentary, not going to lie! There’s a book called Ashfall by Mike Mullin about that exact thing happening! I loved the series. It’s like, creepy realistic, and the author definitely did his homework. Also, volcapocalypse may be my new favorite word. But yeah the whole area really does seem incredible. And then you know, pop over to Vancouver and stalk The 100 set 😉

              Hahahah THANKS, she is such a thief ? But YEAH! Like- I guess there is always a risk that the author could walk, but like… what author work their salt would get pissy over EDITS? Like, it’s a part of the publishing process so… I think you signed up for that! UGH why do some people think they don’t need editors?! Look, I get that it’s got to be a blow to the ego to have someone say “actually, this chapter is kind of messy, let’s redo this part” or whatever, but It. Is. Your. Job. I really hate the diva attitude, kind of sad that GRRM has one. Not shocking, considering the 9 year gap, but still. I really wish I knew if Sarah was a diva, or if her editors just don’t have the guts. I mean, I guess in both cases, it hardly matters since they sell a shit ton of books regardless, but I know I am done with Sarah’s books because there are just better books out there.

              GAH I can’t wait to find out if I am right about Polly! I think I am on episode… 5 maybe? I didn’t watch it last night because The Challenge season finale AND season premiere was on. And I wanted to watch it before I got Twitter spoiled. Which I actually did anyway. HA I knew Grundy couldn;t stay away. I love how she was ogling young dudes as she was driving away. Like you JUST almost went to prison, girl. OH! I meant to ask you- Veronica’s mom said something to Archie’s dad about them both being married- where the hell is Archie’s mom then? I just assumed she was out of the picture?

              YAYY for Hulu! I think it’s a good life choice! And nah, they CLEARLY want you to have their service. I mean, it would have made them feel bad if you kept rejecting their offers ? Did you start Runaways!? I am curious about it now! Let me know if you find any other gems!

              Ooooh I am curious about the other adaptation! Makes sense since it’s an older book. You know, I kind of wonder what it was like to read it back then. Clearly I would not have read it in 1985, as they probably would frown upon 3 year olds reading terrifyingly chilling dystopia, but you know what I mean. Like- remember before the world was THIS messed up? Before 9/11, when the biggest scandal was Bill’s extracurriculars? Before school shootings existed, etc etc? I feel like The Handmaid’s Tale is so extra tough to take because we can now actually see the path to its possibility. Where if you’d have asked me in 2000, I’d have just thought it a creepy cautionary tale, now it’s just…. so much darker, so much scarier.

              • She.is.covered.in.blood. And appears to be in the act of kicking ass. Wow. Are those security dudes behind her? Hard to tell. Such a tease. But this has to mean some news is forthcoming?? I want moreeeee!!!! Seriously though it looks awesome, and I can’t WAIT. And yeah they’re still bitching about Clexa? Geez get over it, I know people get invested but man… she had to leave anyway, right? And yeah I think you nailed it on the “dudebro’s” lol. I mean I think America football is pretty dumb (give me soccer any day) but I don’t sneer at people who love it. But they have to run people down… some things never change.

                Oh good. 🙂 I check my email exactly once a day (can you say OCD ha ha) although sometimes more- so like once a day I have all these notifications and tabs open as I catch up on stuff. I hear you though, sometimes the temptation is there to just check it and see what’s happening lol. And yes sleeping on your back SUCKS. I am all about the cheats if I can find them. I asked the visiting nurse if I could sleep on my side and she said best not to, but when I told her what I was doing with my work- around she was fine w/ it. I have my follow up with the surgeon on the 30th, so I imagine I’ll find out then how long that restriction is for. But yeah at least I’ve tweaked it enough to get by… I can drive I guess after this week, and I just have to be careful of the sternal restrictions.

                I know, it sounds SO fun. And NOLA- drunk history tours would be the best? Plus the third Kendare book?? Ears perk up. Apparently you know how to push my button on THAT book series! Ha ha but yeah that is cool about your mom, and that she spoils you (a little spoiling isn’t so bad, right?). And since you love books and conventions, it’s a pretty cool way for her to support that!

                That volcano is fascinating and terrifying for sure! Although I was reading something that said it’s not going to just blow, it will give of signs and stuff, so no out of the blue volcopocalypse. Which is probably good. And I wasn’t sure if that word worked but I was kinda pleased afterward, so sure. The documentary BTW is the Round Planet series on Netflix- the Yellowstone one obvs. The narrator is hit or miss- he makes a lot of breaking the fourth wall jokes, and while some are funny some are not, or irritating. And it gets old after a while. But it’s a BBC production (I think) and pretty good… oh and I’ll be checking out Ashfall.

                Yeah I think Martin is a pretty nice guy, all things considered, and I agree with his politics a lot so that gets him points in my book, but yeah… diva seems like the word. He’s a smart guy who clearly knows how publishing works, but can resist edits because… he can? And so does. I do wish his editors would show a little more spine? And Sarah Maas- I’ve never read, but I’ve heard mixed things. I don’t think she writes my kinda stuff so I probably won’t ever read her, but sorry to hear that you’re done with her! Although if her books aren’t the greatest yeah there are lots of good books out there!

                I know right about Grundy lol?? Giving those dudes the “come hither” look as she’s leaving the place for inappropriate affairs with a student- has she no shame??? Cracked me up. She does show up again, but not in a huge role. And Polly, I can’t say because of spoiler!!! but you WILL get answers. 🙂 Archie’s mom lives in Chicago and shows up late in the season I think? And it’s Molly Ringwald! Which is a nice touch.

                I did start Runaways, and I liked it. A lot. It’s well done and I recommend you start watching immediately! Okay I’ll stop. The first three episodes are available and I guess it’s on Tuesday’s every week after that- so it would make a good binge after they’re done, although I’ll have to watch live because they’ve got me hooked already… and I might try The Gifted after that, because it is also about kids with powers, based on the X-Men comics, and clearly I’m trash for those. So yeah Hulu is working for me at this point…

                It is creepy how things are now. I keep telling myself things have always been bad, I mean Vietnam and plagues and all that, but still… you’re right, since 9/11 especially. And the fact that terrorism hamstrings everything. Seriously do we talk about anything MORE than terrorism in this country? On average? Instead of building high speed rail like other countries or advancing other technology, we just fight wars all the time. It’s like I mentioned once about Blade Runner- I remember watching that in the 90’s and seeing it was set in 2019, and thinking okay that’s a cool dystopian vision. And now 2019 is like two years away and little has changed. Where are the flying cars? Has cancer been cured yet? Etc- and the answer is always nope. Kind of a bummer.

                Oh and on that happy note- have a super Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!! Hope it’s awesome. The next time I talk to you I will be half dead from overeating probably, but hey… stuffing!!!!!! Mmmm….

                • It’s official. Jason loves us and wants us to be happy. And I mean, happy until he devastates us completely and wholly by killing all our faves. Still, I’ll take it. https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/933756498433343488 They look like they’re going to be sick in their algae bowls ? I love getting to see their new looks, too! I bet Murphy is the one cooking, and I love it so much. I can’t tell who those guys behind O are- they could be some of those security guys, like the ones when she was going to kill all of Skaikru. Or they could be opponents. Either way I need to know, trailer now please! ALSO two new episode titles were released today! (They REALLY love us!) 5×09 is called “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which means “Thus always to tyrants”. Apparently it may have been used at the death of Julius Caesar, but “The phrase has been invoked historically in Europe and other parts of the world as an epithet or rallying cry against abuse of power.” Some people think it might be against O, against the Gagarin leaders… but I suppose we’ll have to see! And 5×10 is called… “The Last”. WHAT. EVEN!? The last WHAT? I swear, if we have to wait until later than February… ugh.

                  Ah and yes, Alycia was never going to be a regular- her FTWD role was always first, and she did The 100 when she could. She was going to be killed off from the moment they brought her on, and it was pretty common knowledge. So why people are SO upset, I don’t think I’ll ever understand. As for football, I mean… if I HAD to watch one of the “major” US sports, it would be football? I used to go to Penn State games a lot as a kid, and it was fun. To me, all professional sports seem a little shady? Like- it’s more a business than a sport at that point. I don’t know how soccer works, but I definitely think that football, basketball, baseball, that sort of pro sport is kind of… a scam, entertainment more than competition?

                  But… HOW do you only check it once a day!? That would drive me insane I think. Though it’s probably MUCH healthier. As opposed to randomly looking at it at 5 am- what exactly do I think is going to BE there!? ? Ooooh the nurse said “best not to”? See, in my language that means “well, sleep is important, so go ahead” (please don’t listen to me, listen to the qualified professional) Meeting with the surgeon will be good, that is SO soon! I bet that as long as you are doing well, (s)he will give you the go-ahead to sleep again! And YAY, driving! I mean- even if you don’t feel up to it, it’s just a relief to know you CAN again, I bet!

                  YES it does sound fun, see? Though I feel like I may have set the bar too high with Drunk History and Kendare Blake, because um, how am I supposed to keep topping THAT every day? ? Okay, here’s what I’ve got: a bar that is located in a for-real blacksmith shop that dates back to the 1720s. Complete with ghost stories: http://www.lafittesblacksmithshop.com/ And here is a book you might like: Contagion by Erin Bowman (A crew investigating an SOS from a distant planet arrives to find a wasteland of dead bodies. Am I right?) Seriously though, you deserve a nice little trip after the shit you’ve been through this year! That’s how I am looking about it- like, I NEED this. And then you can say you’ve been to a bookish event! And then, you know, selfishly I just want you to come 😀 And yes, I agree- I think as long as you can be a little spoiled and still be grateful and understand that it’s a damn lucky thing, it’s all good. Plus, I think she kind of gets how hard the past couple years have been for me, and how much I really could use a little mini-break. Which I appreciate SO much, of course!

                  It IS good that the volcopocalypse won’t just randomly happen but… it does kind of make the potential story less fun. Though hell, we could be seeing signs and the government would just… you know, ignore it and then spew some racial slurs, deport someone, and assault a few women, then brag about it on Twitter. Just added Round Planet to my Netflix list, too, thanks! Ashfall is good- there are 3 books now, and there’s a 4th coming out next year!

                  I agree about Martin’s politics- when I googled him, earlier, I noticed that, and also that he does seem to do a lot of stand up things. So I think he’s a mostly good dude, but just… maybe not the easiest guy in the world to work with? Which is fine, no one is perfect! But yeah, I think that instead of working on that, his editors/publishing team gives him whatever he wants and it just exacerbates it. As for Sarah Maas, I honestly don’t think you would like her books, so it’s probably a good choice. I know you struggled with Leigh’s, and Sarah’s are MUCH more wordy and meandering than Leigh’s. And they’re kind of… what’s a good word… almost cheesy? Some of the romances are just eye-rolling. And at times, cringey. I guess it’s like, if you plan on investing the time into a fantasy series, there are just SO many better choices that aren’t 800 pages long each AND wont make you give it dirty looks, which is what I did with the last one I read. I did like a couple of them, but the last several have been big old misses for me.

                  Okay new Betty theory! I think Polly is the original. Jason fucked her up so badly that Betty… took over. And “got rid” of Polly’s whole existence as a coping mechanism. The glitch in this is… why is Jughead not playing along like everyone else seems to be? Perhaps Juggy is not a fan of this manipulation? ? Also, holy shit, Cheryl’s family explains why she can be a piece of work. Damnnn. I felt so bad for her at Jason’s memorial. Oh. And this is a small thing but it’s been bugging the shit out of me: why would they give another player Jason’s jersey? They would have retired it. Not… rubbed it in! (So funny, after I typed this I watched Archie decide to retire it. Why did no actual adult figure it out? ?) OOOOOH Molly Ringwald!? This makes me so happy. I haven’t seen her since the gloriously bad Secret Life of the American Teenager bwhahah. I am dying here, Luke Perry is his dad, Molly Ringwald is his mom, and somewhere, some 80s-90s children’s heads are exploding. Wait- where IS Riverdale supposed to be, anyway? Veronica is from New York, Mrs Archie is in Chicago… but where is the actual show!?

                  Oh YAY I am so glad that Runaways is good! Perhaps I will watch it after I finish The Handmaid’s Tale! Since I am apparently in the Hulu thing for good now hahah. I really wanted to watch The Gifted too, but then it started and I had forgotten. I guess there’s another one to add to the list.

                  I think you are right about things having always been bad- I mean, I think these things come in cycles? I think maybe the saddest part of this particular round of awfulness is that we clearly have learned NOTHING from the past, from the Vietnams, from the WWIIs, etc. Plagues… yeah, well, no one can help those except maybe Cassie and Cole (ha) but even the way we HANDLE illness is disgusting. There’s an article floating around, and it seems legit, that a 26 year old guy died after rationing his insulin. He was trying to crowdfund it but he was short the money, and his family found him dead. Like… how is that a country that is supposed to be “rich”? What WOULD become of us with a 12 Monkeys-like plague? The rich would live, and everyone else would die. You have SUCH a good point about other countries making progress, too. Because what the hell HAVE we done?! Gone back in time? Become even more racist? I remember when I was growing up, the women in my mom’s generation seemed to be making such strides, you know? I figured by the time I was an adult, things would be so equal. And now… it’s a regression in a lot of instances (Trump, obviously, among others). And I guess a lot of things are just NOT as progressive as we’d thought? But either way, it’s appalling that as a country we seem perfectly content to throw away all our advantages. And what IS the deal with all the wars? Why is that somehow our “thing” as a country? I would have thought the same thing watching Blade Runner- or any future-based show- and yet… here we are. It is saddest because those things could have been accomplished, but we’re all too damn busy fighting over everything. Scary how close to home shit like The 100 really does hit, because it’s kind of true, in a more subtle sense.

                  Stuffing is probably my favorite part too- my mom’s is SO good! And now you have reminded me that I have leftovers waiting for me hahha 😀 Hope that your Thanksgiving was fabulous!! Did you do anything particularly exciting? I just went to my parents’ house, my mom’s whole family goes there, it’s nice to see everyone!

                  • Get.out! I love it- though yeah they don’t look like they’re enjoying their Thanskgiving very much?!? Algae mmm. Is that Monty?? Doesn’t even look like him. And that 5×09 title is a little alarming. Given that they’ve hinted at O having to be drastic, I’m a little afraid- but surely that will all be resolved by the ninth episode right? So maybe it’s Gagarin… hopefully.

                    That’s what I thought about Alycia. And people are still going on about it! Speaking of alycia, she’s SO different on FTWD, it’s funny. Although to be fair I haven’t watched it in a while, so she may have changed. I don’t mind football if it’s on, but yeah I like soccer better I think mainly because it’s faster paced. Although again to be fair sometimes watching a soccer game on TV can be like watching paint dry, so there’s that. Football in a stadium IS a lot of fun, I have to say. The atmosphere. 🙂 And yeah you might be on to something with the business angle of it- I mean they pay these people millions of dollars to play a game, you know?

                    Ha I know, it sounds crazy. I have two email accounts and I just…sorta only look once? I mean usually. There are exceptions. 🙂 But yeah… and then I usually check my bloglovin link and my comments and go form there, visiting back or whatever. Somehow it works… mostly.

                    Okay I am going to nominate you for cultural ambassador for NOLA because you are killing it. And Contagion sounds pretty badass (and so familiar- where have I heard of that one before?) I must have seen it somewhere. And a bookish event like that would certainly set the world to rights, I’m sure, in a lot of ways. And then I too could do a “my time at ALA” post or whatever and feel part of the in crowd lol. Although seriously it would be fabulous and I will swing it if I can.

                    I know, a sudden eruption of volcapocalypse is so much more fun than if there are… warnings??? Unless you’re like there and stuff. But yeah… I agree. And I hope you like Round Planet, just keep in mind that the guy can get a little irritating- or at least I thought so. You might love it! But it was his constant supervolcano comments that made me laugh.

                    It does kinda sound like Sarah’s not for me. I thought I’d like Leigh and I still may, but man Six of crows is killing me. I have like totally sidelined it. But I’m picky about fantasy, which is weird, since it’s my go-to genre, but I like it done a certain way I guess? IDK. I’ll go back to it… maybe. 🙂

                    Nice theory! I like it, actually, repressed personalities can be so fun/ creepy, but I think you will be getting answers… soon? Polly is defintiely addressed. And yes Cheryl’s family are a MESS. And they get worse. It’s gets downright frickin creepy before the end. And I know the jersey thing was silly *rolls eyes* Molly Ringwald :):):) too funny. I don’t know where Riverdale is supposed to be, I think it’s just like this supposedly quintessential mid American town?? But the never really specify? And… I didn’t get a Riverdale fix this week, since they skipped, but I did watch the first three Runaways and.. win! So far. I might do The Gifted and see, I’ve heard mixed things.

                    Yup. I read something a while back that said even if we WANTED to go to the moon, we can’t because all the engineers who accomplished it, and all that institutional knowledge at NASA, has died off and the current people there don’t have the experience. We literally would have to almost re- learn how to do it. Not even saying it’s a good idea- I’m just saying we did that and then forgot. 40 years later??? And why ARE Americans like the only people in the world who think climate change is a hoax? Supposedly less developed countries don’t seem to have the problem. I don’t get that. That we don’t do anything when shooters tear up schools or social gatherings- seriously if I were looking for a better life, I don’t think I’d pick America to go to lol. Maybe once, but not now. And Trump was right about one thing- I can’t believe I’m even saying that- but when he talked about going through airports in China or different places, how they’re advancing, and all the tech stuff. We’re falling behind. I do think it’s a cultural backlash though- all the old white people don’t want their society to change, and it is, and they’re grasping at straws.

                    My Thanksgiving was nice, hope yours was too. It was a small one but we had fun. I ate very sparingly which was kind of nice, since I didn’t die from overeating, but I still ended up falling asleep around 4:00. And I’m not one of these guys who falls asleep on Thanksgiving watching the football game- I HATE taking naps- but IDK I think the recovery thing, after a while I just needed to snooze? So I did and then woke up and everyone was watching some horrible movie, and then we played Monopoly. Fun. Do you have any Thanksgiving stories?

                    And now, yes… leftovers nom nom. 🙂

                    • YEP that is Monty! I love how different they all look! I think Harper looks really different too. And yes- that’s what I was thinking about the 5×09 title too- you’d *think* they’d be out of the bunker by then? Though… I guess she’d still be in charge on the ground? I don’t know, this is going to be SO crazy- there’s no precedent, since she’s the only non-Natblida to be Heda for these people. It could be like, a fight for leadership outside the bunker? Especially with Madi as a born Natblida… hm. But THEN! Then Aaron gifts us with THIS gem: https://twitter.com/DrLawyercop/status/934133348749819905 And I mean…. ????? WHO!? Who else can we even lose!? Jaha will definitely be dead by then, so… looks like we’re losing another main cast member. And probably some new people. Like in Die All, Die Merrily, I presume.

                      Sometimes I think I might like to watch FTWD, but… then I watch something else hahah. I agree about soccer being more fast paced. It’s definitely more exciting than like, baseball, which I think might actually be a cure for insomnia hah. One thing I DO like about soccer is that it also seems like the athletes really do work damn hard. Like, it’s definitely physically grueling. Did you ever play soccer? I didn’t- my dad had this weird thing against it, and I don’t understand why hahah. I also hate running, so there’s that. I did play field hockey for a couple years, I still don’t fully understand why. ? You know, it’s funny that you say TV soccer can be like watching paint dry- people always tell me that about swimming and I mean… they’re probably right, but I still love it hahha. Yeah, I always enjoyed the football stadium atmosphere! And like, unpopular opinion probs, but it was so much more… heartfelt when Joe Paterno was there- I have had no interest in going since, tbh. And YES- like how much of it is even love for the game if you have contracts for multi-millions of dollars?! I don’t blame the players, I’d take it too of course, it’s just… more showy than sporty to me at that point.

                      I am seriously impressed with your ability to reasonably and responsibly use email ? I have two that I use like, regularly (a regular one and a blog one) but then other ones that I used to sign up for shit and whatever. I ALWAYS forget to check my blog one. Like- comments come to my regular one, and so I am the worst at checking the actual one I use for my blog. But I refresh my regular one constantly, I think out of a bored habit or something?

                      Hahha I think I have missed my calling as a travel agent or something. Contagion is coming out in July 2018 (hence why it shall probably be at ALA muhahahha) so… maybe on someone’s Waiting on Wednesday or something? The cover was revealed pretty recently too, so maybe that. YES you could definitely do posts about it, too! I really, really hope you can swing it- this is making me verrrrry happy 😀 I also looked up the prices, and they’re the same as last year, so that’s good, no increases there! I have also now gone down a rabbit hole of travel websites hahah. I should stop for now, since it’s like, almost 7 months away. But it’s exciting!

                      HA yes I imagine being AT the volcapocalypse is probably shitty no matter if you have a warning or not, so at least if there’s a warning perhaps you could be…. NOT there. And thanks for the heads up about the guy being annoying. I can just… fast forward him if he starts to piss me off too badly!

                      I liked Leigh’s Shadow and Bone series more than Six of Crows. SoC just got kind of draggy at times, though I DID really like the characters. I think they were one of the reasons I kept reading. Also, there are all kinds of references to people/places from the Shadow of Bones series, and I think it’s probably a lot more fun to read if they mean something to you. Like you definitely CAN read the series as a standalone but… I can see it being less enjoyable. I am VERY picky about fantasy, I have found. It isn’t my #1 genre, but it’s up there, but only when it’s done WELL. I assume it’s one of the hardest genres to write, so I get why it’s so hit or miss, but I think that is also part of why we have to be picky!

                      I am so confused about Polly now because we DID see her in person, but I also don’t know if that means anything? And then someone lit the car with the evidence on fire, could have even been Betty herself, who knows. Maybe Jughead is helping her just cause he likes her. Betty was so… weird when he kissed her though. Like it didn’t even register? Is Jughead fake too!? I like that it is such a guessing game though! Makes it very fun! I am also kind of over Veronica being so worried about who her mom is kissing. Like- does it even matter? Now we know that Archie’s parents are separated, so that’s fun! And Jughead lives in a janitor’s closet!? And NO ONE noticed?! (Seriously starting to think he’s… a GHOST. Maybe. I have no idea.) Sorry that they didn’t have a new Riverdale this week- but also not sorry because I want to start DVRing it and I forgot hahha.

                      Glad that Runaways is so good! I feel like I have heard mostly good things about The Gifted. There are a lot of fairly famous people in it, right?

                      WAIT. We can’t even go BACK to the damn moon?! That is one of the most depressing things ever. What if we need to get to the Ark in a hurry?! Seriously though, how do you REGRESS to that extent?! Wow. Just wow. And right- why does literally every other country on this planet agree that climate change is real and half of us (present company excluded) are like “nah, fake news”?! I agree with you, I don’t think that this is the best place to live AT ALL. And most studies agree with that. We are notoriously among the lowest developed countries in quality of life, health, mental health, happiness, I could go on and on. And I don’t know what can even be done, since half of the stupid country is apparently cool with it!

                      Aw YAY, I am so glad it was nice! And not dying was a very good choice 🙂 HA that’s funny about you being “that guy” ? It’s totally fine, you are still recovering! So you get to do all that stuff this year- might as well take advantage of it! Plus, taking it easy is definitely a good plan while recovering. Monopoly sounds fun! I feel like board games are so underrated! Mine was… generic? Hah. I mean, I mostly just chased the kids around and begged them to eat, but then they went upstairs and decided to watch a movie in my parents’ bed, so I got a few minutes of peace to speak to other adult humans, so that was good! No one stays all that long though, which is kind of sad- I do wish we did more of that family kind of stuff, but alas! I DID eat my leftovers for dinner tonight though, and that made me quite happy 😀

  7. I’m starting to think Octavia and her leadership struggles are gonna be a huge part of the season? I know they’ve been teasing that, but that pic, and all these hints… man, IDK. WTF are they doing in/ out of the bunker?? And if Madi is a contender for Heda that sets up conflict between Clarke and O nicely- with Bell stuck in the middle. As usual for him lol.

    FTWD is… problematic. I liked how it started, the zombs were here so these survivors got on a frickin boat and said fuck it to the land, because… well, zombs. I thought they had some story possibilities being at sea, but then before long they landed again, lost the boat, and have been on land ever since, and I got kinda bored? But I DO kinda think of resuming it… from time to time. Mainly to see if Alycia’s character gets more badass. Soccer is grueling, and I love how the field is wide open and they just… play. No stops and starts, no bullshit like with American football, and man they have to be in SHAPE. I never played though. And even though I liked it I do get when people say it can be boring- I mean in between the goals there’s a lot of just running around, but I think it’s fun. As for swimming- I LOVE watching swimming on TV. Which I do like- every four years during the Olympics! But I love the races. Swimming and diving… two of my fave events.

    I always do that with my email at work, check it constantly. IDK why I don’t with my home account- again I think it’s an OCD thing. Check once daily- if I check more than that then I probably WOULD be checking it all day!

    I think I did see Contagion on a WoW, or somewhere anyway. Love the title. Nice that prices didn’t go up- GenCon’s have. Used to be $40 for the 4 day pass and now it’s 70 or 75 I think. Still not bad, but still… course I haven’t been there the alst few years and I guess attendance has surged, so they can definitely get away with it.

    I am seriously doubting (don’t tell anyone) if I will go back to SoC. I mean I should give it another try, but my motivation is like… zero. I feel bad, because I won it in a giveaway too, but man I’m having trouble. Maybe eventually… and I am SO picky about fantasy these days. I like it grounded, magic kinda rare and mysterious… if people are throwing fireballs around and it’s just like a teen video game I’m pretty much out. I’ve often said Martin ruined me for most fantasy, because now I sorta look for that similar kind of fantasy and even though there’s a lot of grimdark out there, it’s not just grimdark I want… it’s more of a certain something that just doesn’t come along that often? IDK, hard to explain. Like you just like what you like, right, and can’t always explain it?

    Polly is real and you will get more info soon. And Jugs ha ha that is an awesome theory, but no. He’s real too. Although the janitor’s closet thing was… silly. So what do you think of Bughead? We haven’t discussed ships on this show yet I think. I kinda like them although I don’t think its endgame. But he’s not nearly as annoying as Arch. Speaking of Arch, he and V do not work for me, so I’m curious where that goes. Creepiest characters yet- does anyone have the Blossoms beat? Man they’re whacked. Cheryl’s like schizophrenic- like one minute she’s like fuck her parents and will do what she wants, the next she’s like daddy this or mommy that. Speaking of which, I asked in one of my recaps if teens actually say “daddy” at that age, and I got some interesting responses! Some said no but at least one said yes… hmmm…

    I might start The Gifted. Since Runaways only has the first three out, I’m caught up.

    I know right? Kinda crazy. Like what country goes to the moon and then… forgets how? I mean sure we COULD do it again, but you’d have to re- engineer and relearn, it would take years. I don’t get it. And they talk about Mars *rolls eyes* good luck with THAT one. Not in our lifetime probably- good thing we have science fiction because we’re not going to see the good stuff anytime soon!

    Leftovers are the best. Everything tastes off to me right now but I did have some stuffing tonight and it was quite yummy. 🙂 And green bean casserole heated up made me happy earlier today. Oddly enough I’ve eaten very little turkey though. Oh well. Glad yours was nice! And yes kids don’t always cooperate with the eating plan, do they? But glad you got some adult time after they found a movie! We’ve never played Monopoly before on Thanksgiving so I have no idea where that came from, but it was fun. Although we were all so tired everyone just finally said okay we’re done and crashed. And I do love board games but hardly ever play them? Like sometimes at Barnes and Noble I’ll look at the games section and a lot of them look fun? But I never buy any…

    • Yeah I think the leadership thing is going to be big too- I mean, we knew it would be to some extent, but I think it will definitely last beyond the bunker, from the sound of it? I REALLY hope they don’t try to shove Madi as Heda down our throats- I mean, I think she’s supposed to be 12 or something ridiculous? But Clarke as some kind of Heda proxy… that I could see. Though I reallly kind of hope they do away with the whole damn Heda/nightblood thing? (They won’t though, because well, we have met the Grounders and they love nothing more than to beat a dead horse, so.) I was thinking about how completely disgusting the bunker will be too- can you even imagine!? I hope they really do it justice and make it look as awful as it undoubtedly smells.

      Ooooh now I am REALLY intrigued about FTWD! A BOAT!? That is a really good idea unless there is accidentally a zombie ON the boat and then… well, then everyone is basically screwed hahah. And how the hell do you lose an entire BOAT? That takes a special kind of stupid. I assume it’s a smaller boat than I had first pictured, otherwise… I cannot imagine. Yeah I agree about soccer- it’s basically just non-stop running, but then also having to be coordinated in the process! I feel like I could only focus on one or the other- so I’d run around and just ignore the ball or something hahah. I cannot believe you like watching swimming, so few people seem to! Even other swimmers I know don’t like it, but I love it, it’s so fun that you do too! Diving is crazy- I cannot even begin to wrap my head around how a person does it. Our high school meets had a diving event, and it scared the hell out of me because people would get seriously hurt from time to time. I do wish it was on more often than the Olympics, but it IS exciting when they roll around!

      HA well at work, you probably just want to be doing other stuff, hence the email checking? Or perhaps hoping for something exciting to pop up? I’m serious though, it’s REALLY good that you don’t have that habit at home- it’s nearly impossible to break. The other day I was laying in bed and literally just started opening and closing random apps- like nothing was new on my email or Twitter, and no joke, I opened the CVS app. Like… WHY? The hell did I think I’d find THERE? So yeah, good life choices you’re making 😀

      That really is not bad for a 4 day event at GenCon though! I mean, same as ALA now, and I have a feeling GenCon is a bit more popular hahah. There’s another perk of ALA- the crowds aren’t ridiculous! Speaking of, as I look up stuff on NOLA, I love the ridiculous things that they tell you about too. Like… The Convent Museum. Even if you’re like, super Catholic, it seems an interesting choice? I thought maybe it was something else and I was misunderstanding but… Nope, it’s straight up “tour this place where nuns from yesteryear lived”, so. Today’s “book that will probably be there but if it isn’t oops, not even sorry if it gets you there” is…. The Other Side of Lost by Jessi Kirby! It has a cute cover, and it’s about a girl who heads to the wilderness to get her shit together. And you liked her last book!

      Honestly? If you don’t like SoC don’t push it. Why bother, there are SO many other books out there, you know? And don’t worry about the fact that you won it- I mean, the person wouldn’t care, especially since you tried! And frankly, I don’t even want to know how many giveaway books I still haven’t gotten to, so don’t feel bad 🙂 Damn, now you have me wanting to read GoT even MORE. Because I feel the exact same about fantasy- and I LOVE how you described it because yes, you nailed it- like a teen video game! And that is EXACTLY how Maas’s books are, so yeah, you definitely don’t need those either. The worst part for me is, I can never seem to tell BEFORE I start a book if it’s going to be good fantasy or shitty fantasy, and so it’s very hit or miss for me. I also definitely think you’re right about just liking what you like. One of the biggest things for me in fantasy is also something I can’t quite put my finger on- perhaps a uniqueness? Because after I read a few YA fantasies, they all started to feel very similar, and no thank you. Every so often I’ll come across one that feels refreshing, but it’s few and far between, sadly. I even tried a few adult fantasies, but then they can be a bit formulaic too, just wordier. And I’ll totally give you that Game of Thrones seems NOT like that at all.

      I am so LOST with this Polly business! Now they’re having baby showers?! The hell? Is there a baby? Is Betty real? Is ANYONE REAL? (Maybe I am reading too much into this bwhahah.) So Bughead. Like, it’s super cute, and I like both characters, but I also don’t sense a ton of chemistry? OH! They’re like Marper! We love them both, they’re kind of cute, but something doesn’t quite work. I mean- for now though I think they’re good for each other, but they are definitely NOT endgame. I feel like Archie and Betty will somehow be endgame and that will be annoying. Betty can do better ? I like Archie with literally NO ONE. I think maybe I just don’t like Archie? Which is unfortunate because it’s kind of HIS show, but alas. The Blossoms are SO weird. Like I am more convinced than ever of inbreeding. Something is wrong with those people. I noticed that about Cheryl and her parents, too! She was so mad at her mom, and she was trying to help Polly escape, and then 5 minutes later she’s like, holding arms with her mom, talking up the Blossoms? What? I am laughing so hard about asking if teens say “mommy and daddy”, that is too funny! So story- my cousin STILL calls her dad “daddy” and sits on his lap. She’s 30. So… ?? We all think it’s creepy as hell though, and have since she was in high school, if that helps?

      Ooooh you definitely have to let me know how The Gifted is! Silly Hulu, not just dumping all their episodes at once. This is why they aren’t as popular as Netflix.

      Yeah, sure we could, but like… not only the time and energy it would take to relearn it all, but the MONEY, damn. I was reading this thing today that was like “things people who lived 50 years ago wouldn’t believe happens now” and one of them was that we basically abandoned manned space exploration, which was funny since we were just talking about it, but it’s so true! I mean, think about what a HUGE deal that was! I think you’re right about Mars and such not happening in our lifetime, which is kind of sad? I mean, I didn’t plan on heading over there (ha) but I DID kind of assume we would, when I was younger? Now, you’re likely right. It’s funny too, so much of the sci-fi that has humans on all kinds of different planets isn’t even set *that* far in the future. But from where we are now, there’s no way that will happen!

      I am sad that I am out of leftovers. The one bad part about years where a shit ton of people come is that there are not as many leftovers haha. I am glad that some of it was good! That sucks that things taste off, surgery has such strange effects sometimes! I am sure it’ll get back to the way it was eventually. I wonder what the medical explanation for it is, if there is one? HA no, the kids never cooperate, especially with eating. They were supposed to be eating their little Pizza Lunchables at a special table my mom put up so I could actually like, sit with my family, but they sure put the kibosh on that 😀 I got to talk to my aunt, and my cousin who I hadn’t seen in like almost a year (the one who calls her dad “daddy”, actually!) so that was nice. Have you ever actually finished a game of Monopoly? Like, ever in life? Because I have not. It always ends with “eh, let’s be done with this now” hahah- and I can imagine it’s even harder after a big Thanksgiving meal! I never play board games either, but I always want to when I see them, too! Especially the ones that bring back childhood memories, those are always calling my name when I’m in stores. Sabrina brought Cards Against Humanity to ALA last year, and THAT was fun- we had wine and played the game. I need to obtain them, I think!

  8. I”m kinda sick of all the nightblood crap too- I’d like to move on? And yeah the bunker is fairly large but not THAT large, especially for that many people. Good point. Although I hope there are unknown depths (you know me- must have tunnels). And honestly I imagine Niylah and Indra take up needed space with their storefronts. Although Indra at least no one is going to say anything, I imagine.

    Yeah I liked the idea of FTWD, at first! A yacht is a great idea (I should have specified yacht I guess). The idiots landed it at one point though, and if I remember right it was gone when they got back (dumb???) and they’ve been on land since. As far as I know ha ha since I stopped like a season and a half ago. For all I know they could have reboarded for Tahiti. And swimming- yeah one of my favorite parts of the Olympics. I was all on about Katie Ledecky the last time around- that race she swam where she was like a half a pool length when she finished was frickin awesome! Amazing. And diving is intimidating- the boards are way too high for me lol, but I love watching it. The other event I LOVe is rowing. Sounds boring probably, but I love watching it for some reason! I love how photo finish some of the close finishes are…

    The Other Side of Lost hmm?? I did like the other book I read by her, this is true. You’re evil. 🙂 But a convent museum? Um, okay. I imagine that one would NOT be on the itinerary, but hey something for everyone in NOLA ha ha. I imagine there’s a ton of cool stuff down there. Maybe some cool bookstores?

    Yeah I sadly might just give up on SoC. If it was shorter maybe… but they’re kinda chunksters, and if I push myself I will slump so bad! Nothing kills my enthusiasm for reading as much as pushing a book I’m bored with. And same for Maas probably. I totally agree about Game of Thrones. The thing for me with that series is the chapters aren’t super long, and he’s readable. They just fly (for me anyway). Yeah he talks about food a bit to much, but other than that… 🙂

    Polly! So you’re there and Polly’s having a babyyyyy *sings* Crazy, right? Living with the Blossoms (she’s not the brightest bulb). And Bughead- I just like saying that. One of the better ship names. I feel like archie and Betty are endgame too, maybe because of the comics (although TBH I’ve never read the comics so IDK)? But yeah I’m way ambivalent about Archie, he just does a lot of dumb things (wait til season 2!). And… 30?? Well, okay then. So I guess it DOES happen.

    The Gifted is good so far, two episodes in. Not amazing but solid. I have a few issues but they’re luring me in with some of their comic references, since that was my main draw. Love the Lorna Dane character. But yeah Hulu is irritating me a bit with making me watch Runaways weekly. *sigh*

    Exactly about the future. I always laugh when something is set a few decades out, and I’m like- dude. Seriously? We ain’t doing THAT anytime soon lol. But imagine all the enthusiasm and national pride about the moon thing and space exploration, and now we’re all like nahhh as a country. I think it’s really sad that at least some of the sci-fi futures we might have dreamed about will never happen?

    I am still… eating a bit of stuffing and green bean casserole, I must admit. And it’s mostly tasting good! It might be the medicines, or just a side effect of surgery. Who knows, but it’s irritating! And I don’t even know for sure how Monopoly is SUPPOSED to end- isn’t it the last one with the most money? I think so. That’s how we ended- we all got tired and just quit, and I had the most money. Ha! Which was a shocker since I started with like two properties and a utility. But I got a hotel built after a strategic trade. Slum lord housing. :):) Glad you got some adult time, though. That’s always nice. Cards Against Humanity sounds fun, I think I’ve heard of that? There are some awesome card games out there too…

    • Yeah exactly, like okay, I think we get it now, Becca made herself a nightblood, blah blah blah. Where else can they even go with it at this point? But, it’s also probably no small coincidence that Clarke called Madi “Little Natblida” either, so we’re probably going to be hearing about it forever hahah. I am with you in regards to the tunnels! I really hope that there is some kind of secret area where the REAL shit goes down. (Aka, where they cook their former Chancellors.) Or secret tunnels where the rebellion starts! Secret passages! Hidden caves! I want it all. OOOOH! Maybe Indra and Niylah have an underground shop- like The Hob in The Hunger Games! And they go sell all their wares there on the dl! I love it. LOVE. IT. And then O has to decide whether to punish them! Here for that storyline.

      OOOH a yacht! Like that fancy one that Kellogg had!? Because running for zombies on a fancy yacht would be so wonderfully ironic! So dumb that they LOST it- sounds like the plot of Gilligan’s Island or something ? Now they’re trying to dodge zombies with a coconut radio and a gun made out of a tin can and a pencil. Someday I may give it a try, just to see Alycia and how silly it is. Plus I am speeding through Riverdale, sad.

      GAH I loooove the races where you’re so far ahead! I like Katie Ledecky too, since she is a distance swimmer and that was my thing too. Obviously not anywhere near as good as her bwhaha. But yeah- I know a lot of people like the shorter events because they’re “more exciting” but man, those stress me out! I can’t even tell who wins until I see the clock. And I know some people can be motivated by having to catch up, but literally nothing made me more excited to swim than not having to worry about winning- like, being ahead like Katie. It was like, the pressure was off, and it was just… enjoyable. Lapping people is hands down the best part of being a distance swimmer. One thing I am vowing to do in 2018 is to find somewhere to swim again. And this conversation is making me want to do it even more 🙂 OH! The platforms and shit are so scary in diving, it’s hard for me to even watch them. We only had the low boards in high school meets, but at my summer team’s pool they had one of the higher ones, and the most I’d ever do was jump off it because HELL no hahah. Rowing seems SO HARD. Like my arms hurt just thinking about it. PLUS, if you don’t do it fast enough, Jaha feeds you to the sea monster, so there’s that downside. I like gymnastics too, just because i can’t wrap my head around it, but I also don’t think gymnasts are treated very well, so I have like, moral issues with it hah.

      HA not evil! It may seem so, but really, I am just helping you make good life choices. You’ll thank me someday 😀 Just THINK of all the fun things we could do! OH and I love the bookstore idea! HOW did I overlook this!? That is a fail on my part. So. There is one called… Octavia Books! AND there is a bookstore in William Faulkner’s old house! That is so fun! There is one called Tubby & Coos and its actual slogan is “Your Nerd Mecca” so that has to happen. OOH and you know, there will probably even be some 2019 books at ALA come to think of it… I should expand my search 🙂

      Ohhhh then definitely stop, you do NOT want to be in a slump. The plot of the series isn’t even great. I mean, I liked the characters a lot, and I liked the world from the other series? But I felt that it was draggy too, so definitely not worth it. Short chapters are key! I think I can read longer books MUCH more easily if the chapters are manageable. And if it’s good, I end up “just one more chapter”-ing until I read the whole thing anyway! And…. is there such a thing as talking about food too much? Now I am even more curious!

      Polly really does seem kind of dumb. Is that awful? Like- I know she was hoping to spy on them or whatever, but they’ve got like, a century of experience at being shifty assholes, so they probably can see right though you, Polly! And WHY exactly did Veronica need to have some sort of weird dance battle with Cheryl? Also, I know they aren’t actually 15-16, but it creeps me out that we’re supposed to THINK they are, when they’re clearly playing up a very sexual angle. I like the name Bughead too, it’s fun! I had seen it places before, because it’s hard to miss Riverdale stuff, and I like it! In the first episode Jughead said something about Betty and Archie being endgame. And while I know that doesn’t MEAN anything… it could? I still don’t like them together. I feel like there aren’t enough dudes to choose from on this show. Like- you’ve got Archie and Jughead as the only two heterosexual males who aren’t complete pieces of shit so far. That… isn’t great for the ladies of Riverdale. Also, WHY are all the parents on this show such disasters?! Like not ONE of them has their shit even mildly together. No one! I know Jughead’s dad is a known mess, but to show up at a high school drinking party!? And then Betty’s mom looking out the damn window at it… ugh. And Betty’s dad! (Who is he, by the way? He looks very familiar to me, the actor, but I can’t place him.) I love how they act like 10 year olds, locking each other out, throwing bricks through windows. Good times. Molly Ringwald popped in from Chicago and I cannot take her seriously. I just can’t.

      It is pretty weird to have a streaming service like Hulu and still only put shit out once a week. Maybe that is because they WANT people to not be able to cancel after the trial is over? Either way, rude. I am still moderately curious about The Gifted, too. Is it doing well in the ratings? I feel like I never even want to try stuff now until I know it’s going to be renewed!

      It IS sad- and all the people who worked at NASA- not even just astronauts, but everyone who believed in its usefulness- must be so pissed to see how it all ended up. And why? It’s like if the earlier settlers were like “nah, hard pass on exploring the rest of this landmass, we’re cool here in Massachusetts” and no one ever moved anywhere and such. Like if you don’t find out what else is out there, you’re stuck with what you have, and we’re doing such a bang up job of ruining what we have that it’s probably smart to look elsewhere? Idk.

      GAH I am jealous of your leftovers! I mean, I probably wouldn’t eat the casserole because green beans aren’t my fave, but it reminds me of this amazing potato casserole thing my grandma used to make. And stuffing, of course! Now I have to go back to making my own food, no one wants to do that! I hope that whatever the cause of the weird taste is, it gets itself over with soon! That seems quite annoying for sure. I think Monopoly has two ways to play, technically- you can set a time limit and whoever has the most money wins (so like you did basically) OR the long way (the original way) which is where the winner is the last person with ANY money- so basically they’ve bankrupted everyone else. But I think the long way would take actual days? HA nice job winning! There’s the takeaway from Monopoly: It pays to be a slumlord. Cards Against Humanity is great and also awful, and you end up laughing at stuff while also thinking “shit, does this mean I am a horrible person”? BUt everyone else is doing the same thing so it’s fun hahah. I always see games that look so fun, but then it’s like… ARE they? I need someone to vouch for them before I buy!

      • Same. So over it. I love the idea of rebellions starting in secret passages, or Chancellor cooking areas. Yes to all of that! And tunnels! How about The Reapers somehow survived the fall of Mt. Weather and their tunnels connect to the bunker, so they can cause all kind of trouble. Somehow I sense that is NOT happening but I can dream. 🙂 And I could definitely get behind a secret underground store. A little black market action maybe? Maybe some illicit trading in, um, frozen “former Chancellor ” patties? Food is scarce, you know. 🙂

        Yes a yacht! and they land, leaving it unguarded. I don’t remember how realistic they were regarding fuel, but I wanted more yacht. Although Kellogg’s might have been a smidge nicer- but they were both pretty good. I would basically never land, except for fuel? And you know, food. Oh it might be worth a laugh- I ponder going back to it occasionally.

        Yes you must swim! It’s so easy to lose our passions in life sometimes, so if you love it you definitely should! That’s really interesting about distance swimming- I know virtually nothing about the sport of swimming, but yeah Ledecky was amazing and I just love it every four years when it rolls around. If I were a swimmer I would probably gravitate to the shorter races, since I liked short distance stuff in track (I know they’re totally different, but when I did track I loved the sprints and stuff- the long runs, not so much lol). But it’s all awesome. Lapping people WOULD be a good feeling, I have no doubt. 🙂 Just that feeling of accomplishment.

        Diving I LOVE to watch- all those complicated dives off the top board, I could watch all day. One of my favorite Olympic events. Although I wouldn’t even CLIMB that high. And rowing- yeah I don’t know what it is, but I love seeing those boats go head to head. But yeah you’d probably feel DEAD afterwards. Gymnastics I totally agree. Amazing skill but something seems off in that sport…

        Lol you are definitely a NOLA cultural ambassador now!! I mean, seriously- I’ve learned more about Nawlins from you in the last few days than I ever knew before! “Nerd mecca” does sound like a good one. Octavia Books? Nice.

        Yeah I need to step away from the SoC, sadly. And I am a total short chapters person. Same here- I can totally read more if the chapters are short and punchy. Or even just not super long. I’ve heard people say that Martin can drag a bit, so obviously not everyone agrees, but half the fun (for me anyway) is the combination of his relatively short chapters with a different POV every time- they recur, obviously, but with so may different storylines going on, you never know what you’re getting next.

        Polly is kinda dumb. And Veronica vs Cheryl *laughs* gee ya think they were going for the male audience there lol? I rolled my eyes so hard. I even saw a behind-the-scenes of the dance-off on the website or something, so they clearly have a tin ear when it comes to the supposed-to-be-high-school-but-we’ll dance-all- seductive angle.
        Who thought THAT was a good idea?? Bughead need to stay together just because of their awesome ship name. You’re right, there aren’t enough dudes. I guess there’s Reggie (recognized that actor from 13 Reasons Why, but he had to leave the show and now they have another guy playing Reggie in S2) but he isn’t really developed. Good point. Betty’s dad I don’t recognize. And I know right? Pretty silly there Alice and Betty-dad. Oh yeah Jugs’ dad partying with high schoolers? Weird! I had high hopes for Molly Ringwald showing up but felt like it kinda flopped?

        I think The Gifted is doing well, but I’m not really sure. I’m not good at following the rating stuff, but I think(??) it’s got a S2 coming? I’m still only two in. The last few days have been… just haven’t felt like reading OR watching. A slump perhaps *sigh*. Runaways I genuinely like though. But weekly sucks. Although TBH I would probably binge Runaways and Gifted and then cancel, so they have me figured out I suppose. 🙂

        You know I hate green beans but like green bean casserole? ?? No idea. 🙂 And stuffing oh my gosh I could eat that all day, although I definitely need some yummy gravy t put on it. And I think my appetite is returning? Tonight I ate a whole Jimmy Johns sub (regular size) so yay for me. Heart healthy diet for the win lol. Although I got turkey with tomatoes only so clearly I didn’t go for the TASTIEST item on the menu, but still. I think (hope?) the weird taste thing is gone, I just haven’t felt like anything. Like I get hungry and eat to fill my stomach, but nothing appeals. At least today I enjoyed my sub and wanted the whole thing. A few days ago I would have had like 4 or 5 bites and been done. So that’s progress. And yes the second way to win WOULD take days?? Like I don’t know if I’ve finished a game that way? Or would want to? Ooh a game reviewing feature. There you go! We need more game reviews- board, card, etc. I feel the same way- games ae not exactly cheap now, and who knows if they’re actually fun before you, like, play it? I saw a couple of games I wanted- the Red Dragon Inn (where you basically drink and try to stay sober) and Hobbit Tales: From the Green Dragon Inn where you take turns telling a story and other players try to screw you up). I’m seriously thinking of getting Legacy of Dragonholt too- it looks fun.

        • Oooh that would be AMAZING- tunnels that lead all over the eastern US!? Yes yes I love it! I mean, sure they’d have to be like, hundreds of miles long, but it’s okay. I really do want to see more of the structure of the bunker, how it functions, etc. though. I hope they show us some of the more “mundane” aspects. Because if Second Dawn built it before the bombs, then it’s basically using current technology, and I want to know the details. Oh I LOVE the idea of not just having a black market, but selling Jaha on it ? Talk about irony. And OMG- you know what I realized? All the stuff of the Second Culling victims is probably still in the bunker. I can see some asshole selling THAT at The Hob (we’re just naming it that now) and then Miller like, gets in a fight with the jerk who tries to sell his dad’s shoes or whatever. The storyline possibilities are endless.

          Damn it, now I want to hate-watch this show! Because… WHY? Just why would you walk away from the one damn thing that could save you? I need to see this to understand. Like were they just THAT dumb? Or naive? Or just… cocky? And Idk, if Alycia isnt killing people and ruling the yacht, then frankly it’s just a waste of her talent.

          You are SO right- it’s very easy to kind of get out of the routine of doing things we once loved. Like, when I graduated from college, I was so burned out, so I didn’t miss it right away. But after a year or so, I definitely wanted to get back into it, but it was so HARD because pools aren’t exactly easy to access (or cheap). And then you know, life just gets in the way, it becomes less of a priority, etc. But I DO miss it, though more than anything I wish there was a team around here. Bigger areas have teams, and I would love that! Track and swimming aren’t really that dissimilar! I had friends who did both, and they seemed to like the same type of stuff- short events if they were sprinters, long events if they were distance, in both. I always thought it would be so FUN to be a sprinter! Like- I bet you just got to run quickly and then… be done! And then watch everyone else suffer through the bullshit events ? I WAS that bullshit event that people took bathroom breaks during, so yeah. I had a coach who firmly believed in slow twitch versus fast twitch muscles and claimed that you were quite literally born a sprinter or not- in any sport. Which is a fascinating theory. I think it probably helps determine which type comes more naturally to a person, but I still firmly believe that we can train ourselves to be nearly anything we want, within reason haha. How long did you do track for?

          Bwhahha RIGHT? There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that I would even make it halfway up those platform ladders! And HOW do they do all those complicated dives? While in the damn AIR? I feel like I can barely walk in straight lines, I don’t understand how people manage to do that stuff. Oh and yeah, the gymnasts are incredible athletes but man, that shit is shady. I feel like there’s always some kind of scandal coming out of gymnastics. And figure skating! That’s another one. Impressive, but all kinds of crap happening behind the scenes. This is why I prefer sports with clocks- it’s cut and dry, you don’t have human error involved.

          Ha thanks! To be fair, I also learned more than I had ever known! My prior knowledge of NOLA was: Mardi Gras, frozen drinks, hurricanes, a couple seasons of The Real World… OH and vampires. But the vampire stuff was fictional obviously haha. And like I said, my motives are only partly noble 😀 Some of the pictures I have come across are just gorgeous too- along the river, and just like, happy and bright festivities. Seems like an upbeat kind of place!

          Oooh I did not realize that the POV switched, too! I guess that makes sense, since based on what I know of the show, there seem to be a lot of different groups of people. I feel like I can even handle a bit of long-windedness if the chapters are short and things keep switching up. It’s more when I have ONE narrator yammering on for some 30 page chapter about the decor in every room or some nonsense no one cares about that I want to throw books across the room.

          HA I thought the same thing about the dance-off! Clearly they were hoping to attract more of the male viewers. That even creeps me out in real life though- like when my brother played football and such, and the cheerleaders were so…. risque, and I just thought it seemed wildly inappropriate. But no one asked me hah. It just… who is the audience in this case? Polly IS dumb! ALSO. How the HELL do you not know you are having freaking TWINS? She’s like, at least 6 months pregnant, there is zero percent chance that she would have not known that. I googled Betty’s dad. Didn’t want to because spoilers, but let’s find out who the hell he is. Okay, he was apparently in Charmed and a few crappy movies. But I can place him in Charmed, now that I think about it. I feel like two episodes into Bughead, they’re already super drama, so I don’t know how long it will last. I’d be very okay with them being endgame, though I doubt it. Also, it WAS sad about Molly Ringwald. But also, I think her career peaked in like, 1984. Like- I watched her in Secret Life of the American Teenager, which was SO. BAD. Like one of those shows you had to watch just to make fun of? And she was awful, but like, everyone was awful because the show and the writing were just that much garbage? But she literally plays the exact same role in this show, and you can’t really blame the show in this case. So, it’s Molly, I’m afraid.

          Oh that is funny! I would like, never even try to eat it knowing I didn’t like green beans, so perhaps I’d be missing out! I am still sad that the stuffing is over. My mom will probably make it again during the year at some point but… it’s not quite the same? I am glad your appetite is returning! Maybe it was just like, your body needed to heal so it decided that your interest in food could be secondary hah. I have never been to Jimmy John’s, but I hope it was good- as good as turkey and tomatoes can be, anyway 🙂 That is definitely good progress though, I am glad! It must feel VERY nice to have things slowly going back to normal! That is a GOOD point about game reviews! And no- I don’t think anyone would ever want to play the long way of Monopoly- probably why they threw in the “short” way- which takes an eternity as it is! WAIT. There is a game where you drink and try to stay sober!? Like… that is the whole game?! I must look this up, that is hilarious! OOOOH so you don’t *physically* drink ??? I am seriously picturing this whole game where a bunch of friends get alcohol poisoning but no, the real way seems much more legit and less likely to result in a lawsuit! They all sound really fun, I looked them all up on Amazon, I like the idea of having like, actual stories in the game!

          • Black market Jaha! I love it. “And over here in the meat case…” and yes wasn’t Jaha having already assigned rooms? So after the Cull they have to clean people’s stuff out of those rooms- it’s all gotta go somewhere. I want to know what their waste disposal facilites are like. Like you said, the mundane stuff. 🙂 And the idea of tunnels leading out to other places is way cool. Because let’s face it, we know jack about Second Dawn, right?

            Agreed about Alycia. You see her and you expect LExa and she’s just… not. Although maybe her character is improving? I’ll admit part of me is mulling over picking it up again- IDK. Netflix just kindly informed me tonight that Glitch S2 is now up, so I have that to watch. Glitch is an Australian show about people who come back to life, crawl out of their graves literally, but they’re not zombies. They’re just like they were… sorta. It wasn’t bad. Short seasons too if I remember. So I’ll be Glitch- ing (lol) for a few days… and ooh did you ever see The Returned? The French version, that is. I guess the American remake sucked. Another show about people coming back, but it’s in French and is super creepy (but not violent- it’s like the creepiness without the gore). It may have even inspired Glitch, I don’t know, although the Returned is WAY creepier. I don’t know that I recommend it, because it’s slow, but just wondered if you’d seen it.

            I hope you find a way to swim again. I loved sprinting, and hurdles too, even though I didn’t do it long. I only ran one season but loved it. Did cross country too and hated it lol. I HATED long distance running. And the sprinting/ hurdles are naturally some of my favorite Olmpic events! Interesting theory too about fast vs slow twitch muscles- I do think there is a genetic predisposition to some extent but also like you I think the body can do amazing things through training, so I agree- I think it more is what comes naturally but you can overcoe that. And I DID think sprinting was a blast. Such an adrenaline rush. But then again the long distance (in swimming) can be nail biters because it seems like you wouldn’t be able to tell as well where your opponents are (?), so knowing when to turn it on in the final stretch is like sorta instinctual or guesswork? Or do I have that all wrong?

            Gymnastics has always seemed weird to me because they take these little kids and their whole life becomes about being perfect in these exercises which of course perfection is impossible, and it just seems… unhealthy? IDK, I know ALL the sports at that level require dedication but man… seems like too much? I don’t even like watching all that much.

            Same here about NOLA. I know,literally nothing. I imagine MArdi Gras obviously, the hurricane and yeah the vamps… what is about NOLA that attracts the vamp stuff? Is it just the old French/ Creole creepiness factor, or ? I dunno.

            You know it’s not even that’s long -winded (unless he’s describing a feast- then maybe)but his chapters all convey something. The plot moves (especially in the first three books). After that there is some valid criticism that he slows things down with all the worldbuilding and new characters, but they’re fascinating to me so I give it a pass? But maybe not everyone would? But by then you’re invested (enslaved)? Ha ha all I can say is, if you ever do read them, I will happily listen to any praise/ gripes you have. Speaking of which, I need to pick up THG again. I have literally read NOTHING in a week, have just not felt like reading. But THG is my next one (I actually started it and read a few pages and was like pulled right in, usually a good sign) so don’t think I don’t like it- I just have had zero motivation to read. And I’m on the verge of DNF-ing Barbary Station because borriiinnggg. Haven’t touched that in probably TWO weeks… It’s been a shitty week that way. 🙂 I’m just gonna read THG and maybe I’ll go back to Barbary Station at some point (or perhaps not).

            Lol about Molly. I saw her in exactly two or at most three shows- all 80’s movies (Breakfast Club, etc) so I literally have not seen her in any recent acting role before Riverdale. She was definitely not setting anything on fire though with her acting. And yeah I feel like Polly should never have been introduced because she… does nothing? Even in S2 now she’s mostly an afterthought.

            Why do we only have stuffing like a few times a year? And yeah I didn’t eat green bean casserole for years because yeah green beans. Funny that. I was reading about post surgery stuff and it said your body needs a lot of protein and whatever to heal, so maybe that explains why in the last few days I’ve been HUNGRY. Like my appetite is back even though my appreciation for food is still kinda meh. Jimmy Johns is okay, I used to hate em because you couldn’t get olives or anything- they’re very bare bones on sandwich offerings- but IDK I like em a little more now, their bread isn’t bad and I think their turkey’s better than Subway? May be just me though. And ha yes I should have specified that about Red Dragon Inn, shouldn’t I? It does look fun, but I actually went ahead and ordered Legacy of dragonholt today. Maybe I’ll review it after I play it. I loved the artwork and the sound of it.

            • OMG YES. And Jaha sells better than the randos that O has killed. Like you have to pay more for the better “quality”. Jaha is top tier of course, whereas random Delphikru guy would be cheap, comparatively. This feels wrong but… I’m okay with it ? And then the same thing with personal effects- your Sgt. Miller boots go for WAYYY more than FYODad boots. This is probably when Miller causes a scene and Jackson has to talk him down and then they get married. For reasons. Ooooh waste disposal, good call! THIS is why I think it will be VERY foul in there- they can’t have *that* good of a system with our technology! Maybe it’s fine for a few weeks but come on, after 6 years!? And YES- we know basically nothing about Second Dawn OR Cadogan- just what Jaha told us in The Four Horsemen, which wasn’t much. I feel (hope?) that they’ll come into play. OH! OH. What if Cadogan is ON THE GAGARIN?! Or someone from Second Dawn is? It isn’t an impossibility! Maybe that is how they get the bunker people out- a second entrance!

              I hate that her character is so lame in FTWD. I mean, I know that isn’t fair to expect a Commander but… The 100 trumps everything, so I DO expect her to be a leader and a badass forever. I kind of want to watch it too- but someday haha. I have heard of Glitch, actually! I feel like I may have even watched a few minutes of it but I don’t know why or when or what happened after that? But regardless, it’s on my Netflix watch list. I had not seen The Returned, or heard of it! But I love that it can be creepy without gore- I hate when shows just rely on the gross factor. I am kind of curious about it, I looked it up. I mean, the slowness isn’t appealing of course, but the creepiness kind of is! Have you ever watched Shannara? That’s another one that Netflix keeps trying to get me to watch. I watched like, 2 episodes when it came out, but then was like… meh. But I heard it got better, but also I don’t trust those people.

              Aww what made you stop running? Especially if you loved it, that’s kind of sad! Cross Country always seemed so hard. I hated running- our coach used to make us run in the pre-season before we were allowed in the pool, and I was the WORST, and I also hated it. We’d often run some of the same routes with the Cross Country team, and they made it look so easy, whereas I’d be literally ready to keel over in the street ? Good times. Hurdles must have been HARD! Does it take as much coordination as it appears to? Because it seems like the timing has to be REALLY precise! It’s funny because I think that the adrenaline rush was WHY I didn’t like sprinting- it was too much for my anxious mind hahha. And I think I’d get so nervous that everything else would leave my head, including the ability to actually swim properly bwhahah. As for distance events, I think everyone is different? Like- I knew where everyone was because that was how I did best- but I also knew people who NEVER looked and had no idea. We had counters, too, because hell if I can worry about counting while swimming hahha. Mine would give me messages, we had like, a system! So I’d know how I was doing based on how she’d move the counter. But then some people didn’t want to know even what LAP they were on until the last one, which… more power to them, but I simply don’t understand! And the nail biter races in distance events are mostly only on an elite level- most of the time in high school and college, I was practically swimming by myself, there was just such a huge difference in times. Except for a few close competitors of course!

              YES that is my exact problem with gymnastics! Have you ever seen the movie Stick It? It’s really good, and basically a commentary about all the fucked up stuff behind the scenes in gymnastics. Like- do you remember when they used to let straight up CHILDREN in the Olympics? Like 12 years old! And it stunts their growth and delays puberty, and all kinds of stuff. It is definitely unhealthy, no question. And now all the stuff about the doctor abusing the girls, makes me sick. I agree, it makes me not want to watch it either (I only do during the Olympics anyway but still) because supporting it seems so wrong!

              So I had no idea either about why New Orleans is such a hot spot for the whole paranormal scene. And apparently, there IS no one explanation! The whole NEw Orleans Voodoo stuff comes directly from the African people who ended up there- it’s a unique mix of African culture, but is unique to New Orleans also- so it isn’t found anywhere else, or from anyone else, so that’s fascinating. Also, I guess the ghost thing is because of A) all the disasters throughout history, and B) Graves being washed up on the regular because of all the flooding. But other than that, most of what I have found says that it’s just something that has always flourished there, for whatever reason- no distinguishing event or group of people had anything to do with it, just a collective mood over time? (Another reason that the Drunk History tour would be super fun hah.)

              You really are making some good arguments for these damn books. And I DO have the first two. If George would just give SOME indication that he’d finish the series, I’d start it tonight! But I just don’t trust him, I don’t! But I also don’t want to wait another decade to read them, so… UGH I might, it DOES sound good. Oh wow, a WEEK? That is certainly a slump. I am sorry! I agree though, THG does pull you in quickly! And it’s not at ALL long winded or unnecessary, if that helps? Ohh just DNF Barbary Station. I looked it up and it has a 3.3 rating, that is LOW. And if you don’t like it… eh, why bother? (I should really take my own advice hahha.) Plus it is a series- are you really going to ever want to read the next book?

              It’s… bad. She has like, ONE role she can play, and sorry, but at 49, no one is buying the “innocent 16 year old” act anymore. I feel bad for thinking she’s that bad of an actor but… I really do. Polly, I have no use for Polly. She’s a plot device, nothing more. And I mean, they could have made her a bit more interesting if we had to be stuck with her! Though I am kind of curious about her relationship with Jason. And how old is she supposed to be, anyway? I am so confused.

              RIGHT? My mom said it isn’t even hard to make so why not make it more often!? Maybe it would lose some of its specialness? Ohhh yeah, that makes sense! I am sure your body does use a lot more nutrients and such while recovering- plus you probably didn’t eat much in the beginning because of course, you had just had surgery! It sucks though to now NEED food but still not want it.Hopefully that part of the recovery will catch your appetite back up with your actual hunger! You know, you just made me realize why I don’t love Subway- I find their bread very “meh”. And the fact that I literally just get turkey or chicken on bread with like, cheese or mustard or something means that the bread being decent is kind of important. Honestly I just prefer to make myself a sandwich, since i am so ridiculous with the toppings. I also think it’s funny that Jimmy Johns, a sandwich shop, has limited sandwich toppings! Like come on Jimmy, that’s your WHOLE BUSINESS! Bwhahah I feel like I would fail at my version of Red Dragon Inn, but so would everyone else ? Ohhh I am glad you bought the game you were excited about though! You definitely deserve a splurge after all you’ve been through! I hope it’s fun, and you definitely should review it- that would be such a fun post!

              • Yeah Jaha’s filet mignon and some of these rando assholes are like you know chuck or something. Inferior quality. Although apparently none of them are organic or grass-fed for all hipsters out there. This is the apocalypse- deal with it! lol Ooh and what if Jaha knows more than he’s telling about Second Dawn and/ or cadogan? He’s always got an angle, after all. Cadogan on the Gagarin would be KILLER. Talk about a twist.

                If you ever watch FTWD let me know and I’ll jump back in when you get to mid-season 2 or wherever the crap I left off. I’m two episodes in to Glitch S2 and it’s pretty lame so far. The biggest surprise I got was a guy from Black Sails showed up on it. But now I remember the flaws from S1- too many plot points and storylines and not enough answers. Shannara I thought sucked- sorry! Don’t know how else to say it. I got through 4 episodes or so, I think, but then just couldn’t.

                I just drifted away from running. And TBH I didn’t love it- I did love the sprints because I thought I was pretty good (not great, but decent) but I hated cross country! I just joined because my GF at the time was in it, and I soon saw the error of that- I had to actually run, in crappy weather, and I was like no. I liked track more but only did it one season- I guess when I got my license I was like into other stuff and didn’t want to be at school all the time, so I just let it go. Hurdles aren’t actually too bad because you’re, you know, young and fairly in shape. 🙂 You just have to jump at the right time lol. But I’m in awe of the Olympic- level hurdlers, definitely. Interesting about counters- I had n o idea! And I didn’t know that about high school vs like elite either- but it makes sense I guess. Sounds like you were pretty good!

                I haven’t seen Stick It but I’m not surprised at all. 🙁

                Interesting about New Orleans too. Spooky! I’ve always loved the idea of certain places being “thin” places where the paranormal world intrudes closely on our plane, or places that are just naturally hot spots for that or whatever. NOLA may be one of those, eh? Hee hee.

                Yeah I’m done w/ Barbary Station. they way I’ve been feeling, if a book is boring me I just sit on it and don’t read ANYTHING, and I’m afraid it’s going to turn into a huge slump. Like I haven’t picked up a book in days. And I totally get you on GoT. It’s hard to invest in a series that is floundering like that. Although if it’s any consolation you WILL know the end (or at least a version of it) from the show? Ha ha… *laughs maniacally*

                Polly *nods* I think she’s supposed to be older than Betty, but not sure? But yeah plot device all the way. She basically disappears in S2 (so far) so it’s clear they’re not gonna use her much? Her and Jason are a little creepy though, they could go some places with that if they wanted to.

                I had my visit with the surgeon today and apparently I’m doing well (he pushed really hard on my chest and declared that all was well, my stainless steel wires and titanium chest plate as well as my sternum are doing great (I wonder if I’ll set off an alarm in an airport??). And my X- ray looked good so physically I’m good, it’s just the weird stuff like yeah my appetite sucking. Nothing tastes good, literally. Glad when that’s over. Bread is important. I like how a Subway smells sometimes when I walk in- the bread baking I guess- but yeah the bread itself isn’t always great. And do you ever make a sandwich without, you know, meat? I think I’m weird but sometimes I make a sandwich with mayo, mustard, and cheese (like maybe havarti or provolone) and then heat it up, with a dash of frank RedHot wing sauce on the side. Pretty yummy actually. Or maybe just to me 🙂 IDK, maybe some chopped green olives or a tomato or two also? Does that sound horrible lol?

                Thanks! I’m looking forward to it arriving and will definitely share play notes!

                • Bwhahha yes! Like they wouldn’t even qualify as any discernible cut of meat. The stuff in hot dogs, basically ? Ohhhh I LOVE the idea that Jaha knew more about the bunker/Second Dawn than he let on! Honestly, it would have been a really smart move- he should have withheld a lot of info, he could have had leverage over Octavia. This could be VERY interesting if he did know something. And yeah- I just refuse to believe that Second Dawn and Cadogan were a one-off? This show likes to revisit shit. Though you know what slays me? I was watching Twilight’s Last Gleaming last night and HOW can they not tell us about Hair Clip Girl ever again? It’s rude and upsetting.

                  OH and I read your comment on the November post-which I’ll reply to eventually, but in the meantime hah- shit has gone DOWN in The Sims! There is a LOVE SQUARE in the Bunkerkru house. Featuring Miller, Jackson, Niylah, and JAHA. I don’t know how he got into the mix, but he and Miller were a thing, then he cheated on Miller with Niylah, and now everyone’s pissed but Miller and Jackson hooked up in the meantime! AND over in Randomkru’s house, the weirdest, most unsettling couple ever formed- Wick and Emori. I have no words. ALSO Kabby might be having a baby, fingers crossed. As for the REAL show, nope, NO news whatsoever. There were some weird spoiler accounts around, but no one knows what their deal is. The CW needs to get their shit together, you’re right, it’s December for goodness sake!

                  Oh yay, I will definitely let you know about FTWD! I feel like it might be a fun change up, even if it is kind of stupid? And I am sorry about Glitch, that sucks! I feel like maybe after some of the REALLY amazing shows, it makes sense that there will be a few crappy ones, sadly? I mean, they can’t all be The 100 or 12 Monkeys haha. Ugh then I will continue to stay AWAY from Shannara! I feel like I wanted so badly for it to be good, but it just… wasn’t. When I watched the two episodes that I did watch, I found myself playing with my phone and missing entire chunks of time, which… is a pretty bad sign hahha.

                  Ahhh that makes sense about running. Honestly, no point doing something if your heart isn’t in it- that’s what I always told myself about swimming, if I ever stopped loving it, that’s when I’d be done. Turns out that never happened, but still, I agree with stopping if you aren’t into it. I AM laughing that you joined CC because of a girl ? And NO- I mean, I was young and definitely in shape while I was swimming of course, but I was an uncoordinated mess! I couldn’t really jump, or… actually, maybe I just don’t do well on land, come to think of it ? I am also VERY curious as to these shenanigans you got into after you got your license! I think the difference with high school (and even college) swimming is that there is just such a range of abilities? Like in big events, there are qualifying standards and such, but in high school, any rando can just dive on in hah. I mean… I was… not bad? Like- locally I was good I guess?

                  Ooooh I like that idea about NOLA! I mean, it’s certainly as plausible an explanation as any I’ve read. It’s interesting, because it seems that the city has always been steeped in conflict and destruction. Like more than other early US cities, certainly. So it’s kind of no wonder that the stories linger! I kind of love that it has this dual vibe of like, creepy, but also festive? That seems so unique, I am really excited for it!

                  So okay- is the ending of the show actually going to give for real clues for how the books will end? Because in that case… now I actually want to catch up so I am not spoiled! It’s nearly impossible to avoid spoilers for that damn show! And good call on Barbary Station, it sounds a mess. And not picking up a book in days is not a good sign! I’m reading a book right now (Sea of Strangers) that’s like… it’s not BAD, but it’s a hard book to read- all the language and terms are fantasy-world stuff that the author made up. It’s honestly quite impressive, but it’s exhausting too. I just want to read something easy next hah.

                  Yeah Polly has just been DRUGGED, which seems like an awesome plan for a pregnant person. And then Jughead’s dad was arrested. But I think the sheriff is involved in this cover up. Either that or he’s REALLY stupid, but I think he’s involved. And OMG why the hell is Molly Ringwald going to a high school dance with her ex and Veronica’s mom!? WHY MOLLY? And then she’s like “I’m here to surprise Fred with lunch!” like… aren’t you getting divorced, why are you so damn chipper with him, girl? Tell him to get his own lunch. Can she leave soon, please? Chicago misses her, I bet.

                  Oh YAY I am so glad that everything went well! I… think you would set off an alarm, actually, it sounds like quite a bit of metal! Though maybe with those new creepy scanners that like, look inside your body, they’d not pat you down haha. Or maybe they would just for shits and giggles, who even knows? But seriously, that is such wonderful news! Did he tell you that you don’t have to sleep on your back? Because that would be extra amazing for you. Did he have any answers about the appetite stuff, or is it just one of those shitty things? Wait, you eat sandwiches without meat? I don’t think I have ever done that! I mean with the exception of maybe a grilled cheese? And even those kind of bore me. I think the hot sauce would help a grilled cheese, though, good call on that. But I think we all have some weird eating habits, right? Like- I prefer to break up tacos and eat them with a fork, and that’s weird. Maybe one of those weird sandwiches would help your appetite! 😀

                  • Hot dog quality lol. Yeah they’re just the scraps. Maybe they weren’t stored properly and they have e coli or some other horrible thing. Even the Reapers would have been like *sniff* no sorry not eating this. We have standards. And Jaha as chancellor on the Ark seems like he would have had access to a lot of history- and wouldn’t survival bunkers be something of interest to chancellors?? I’m liking this angle, it makes sense. And oh yeah hair clip girl *sad eyes*

                    A love square- with JAHA? Dayum. That is sparks flying right there. and Niylah in the mix? Well she needs love too if O’s not cooperating *smirk* Wick and Emori?? That is… disturbing. I love how these things just happen though? How awesome!

                    I remember now that FTWD started kinda slow, so if you do try it eventually keep that in mind? One of the characters is like a teen druggie so he’s like in a drug house when it starts, and it takes a while to get going. Sorta picks up then when they finally get on the yacht, but then I got bored again in season 2, so … yeah. But… it does have Alycia. And Shannara yeah… sadly. I wanted it to be good too. But then I’ve seen some bloggers say they like it. I don’t know how ha ha but to each their own. Glitch unfortunately is boring the shit out of me, but Runaways so far is good!

                    I know, joining CC for a reason like that is like a bad YA plot, no? She was really into CC and I totally wasn’t. And the shenanigans probably aren’t as fun as they sound, but it was just like after being at school half the day and being able to drive, hanging at school MORE or going to practice just didn’t appeal, you know? So I decided to keep my schedule free ha ha. Which was a good call, because once you can drive you want to go EVERYWHERE. And swimming- that makes total sense.

                    You’re gonna have to share lots of NOLA pictures. And I do think it’s kinda fascinating how it’s one of the places where the French culture predominated, just like the Spanish in Florida or whatever.

                    I think the show ending will be very similar to the book ending, but the books will have a lot more detail and perhaps some changes. For example the show (this is probably not a spoiler) is gearing down to be Dany and her dragons vs the white walkers (undead basically) and everything else is secondary to that. Same with the books except it’s a LOT more complicated than that. More characters, subplots, etc which the show just doesn’t have time to deal with. So I think the endings will be very similar, but again the road to getting there is way more detailed, certain characters are still alive in the books that they killed on the show, etc. I used to hate that we would get th show ending first, but now, with the books taking so long, I’ve accepted it because I get an ending and then if the books arrive I get the real ending lol.

                    I seriously hope the sheriff is involved, because if he isn’t he’s like the worst sheriff ever? Which I think he is anyway?? And Molly *sigh* you know it’s funny they praised her work when she appeared but I notice she hasn’t been back in S2 yet so that may be proof that they were like publicly gracious but privately were like- um, she didn’t really work out. 🙂 And you must be like close to the end right? If they’re getting into the Polly stuff.

                    Yes I can sleep however I want now. Although it’s funny I slept on my side and had the worst frickin side pain, so I was then like uh did I overdo it? Ha but it’s all good now, I think there are just random pains and tightnesses that come and go in the chest region, and it’s just the healing process. It does feel liberating. He didn’t say much about the appetite but from everything I’ve red online it seems pretty common? Same with sleep problems, so… yeah. And I had a feeling I was an outlier on the whole meatless sandiwch thing… it’s a pretty new development for me. I actually did it once because we were outta meat so that’s how that came about. And found I liked it? Especially since I’m trying to cut back on deli meat (which is apparently not heart healthy- isn’t tha a shock??) And tacos sound kinda good broken up! I’ve eaten that way sorta with a fork and the taco shell plus meat plus hot sauce or taco sauce tastes good that way! Besides tacos always break anyway don’t they so forks are often required?

                    Ooh tha game arrived today and it’s like this huge box and HEAVY. Can’t wait to crack it open… *rubs hands together*

                    • Oh I am DYING at the thought of some savage, filthy Reaper turning down FYODad- “ewww no thank you, he has passed his sell-by date” ? You’re right, it DOES seem like Jaha would know what is up. In The Four Horsemen, he DOES explain why he didn’t look more for bunkers when they were sending The 100 down, so there is some continuity there- and it leaves the storyline open, too! I also found another plot hole! So, I was watching His Sister’s Keeper, and Aurora was giving birth to Octavia (which was so stupid by the way, it took like two seconds, which I don’t think is how any of that works? And isn’t there like… Idk, a process afterward? Not just “you’ve had a baby, now fall asleep while your 6 year old cares for it”? I feel like I am failing femalehood by not knowing this but alas, I have no idea) BUT (got off track ha) remember how in S2 Jackson tells Abby that the women have to have their birth control implants out now that they’re on earth? Where the HELL was Aurora’s birth control implant!? I mean, no one seemed to mind all the random sex-for-trade that was happening on the Ark, so… why is THIS the only random woman without an implant!?

                      The love square is a MESS. Miller was crying in his cereal! And Jackson is super confused, as is Niylah, because she didn’t know Jaha was with Miller when they woohooed, and neither did Jackson when he and Miller did. So… it’s a bad scene over in Bunkerkru. I need to play again (probably tonight because I don’t feel like doing anything else) and I am REALLY trying to get some people in a fight. ALIE has been taunting Riley but all he does is cry and change into his clown costume. The real wild card in that house is Dante, he’s been up to some random shit. I need to get all the houses to mingle, really- that will be when things really heat up!

                      OH and not really news-news, but I was watching Chelsey’s Instagram story last night and she did a live chat, and Chris was there again, and people were asking about spoilers of course, and she was like “well, Chris and I are filming right now so I guess that’s a spoiler” which it kind of is? Harper and Monty make it at LEAST most of the season, since they’re done filming probably in a month or two!

                      Ooh that is good to know about FTWD, I will keep that in mind! And exactly- I see bloggers actually liking Shannara but… I was so bored. And kind of confused, but that was probably because I kept missing large chunks because of my aforementioned boredom ? Are you going to keep going with Glitch, or just stop? At least Runaways is good! Oh, and did you see that Stranger Things was officially renewed for S3?

                      Bwhahah it IS a bad YA plot! But come on, who hasn’t done shit like that at some point, right? I was so scared of driving when I was in high school that I guess I didn’t share the same sense of adventure- at least, at first. Obviously, I got there hahah. But I was like, so unsure of myself I guess? So it’s probably better that I didn’t have a lot of free time to randomly drive around. I got in two accidents in the first month I had my license (both in parking lots, ugh- one in the SCHOOL parking lot!) so… yeah. I was a mess at first! (Again, I must not do well on dry land hah.)

                      No no no no no. I am NOT sharing NOLA pictures because you are supposed to BE THERE TOO. What is this ridiculousness!? Nope nope not okay, unacceptable. And apparently, it was also ruled by Spain for a decent chunk of time, too. I think that’s one of the things that makes it so unique, so many cultural influences!

                      Ahhh that makes sense about the books versus the show. I will admit, the dragons are a bit of hesitation for me too because I don’t know if I like dragons even? And I can imagine it’s hard for the show to condense THAT many pages of book into a few short seasons. I like the idea that you’ll get SOME ending either way, but the book ending is always the “real” one of course! (Except in True Blood, the book ending was somehow more shitty than the show, so I refuse to accept it.)

                      YES exactly the sheriff SUCKS! Or he’s shady. I prefer the latter also, because how can he be THAT incompetent! I watched the rest of S1 last night (now I have to find the first few episodes of S2 that the CW oh so helpfully removed from its website already) and WOW I could not believe that creepy Mr Blossom killed himself! I COULD believe he killed Jason hahah. But not himself! I kind of wonder if he even did, hmmm. And then Fred was shot, damn. And what was with Jughead!? He has Betty in an empty trailer, and he’s more worried about that stupid Serpent jacket!? Betty seemed worried but Idk, I think she should have been pissed. OH and Polly and Jason are COUSINS?! That is so gross. So. Gross. I don’t care that they’re 3rd cousins or whatever, it’s still icky. Glad Molly’s back in Chicago and out of the way of the actual show hahah.

                      Aw yay, I am glad that you can sleep however you want now! That definitely has to be a relief. And I am sure your mind is just like, hyperaware of all the little pains and stuff because of course you’re going to be extra concerned about it. I am sure that will be something that eases over time too. Well that is a good thing then, that you like meatless sandwiches! I am not at all surprised that deli meat isn’t part of a heart healthy diet, sadly. I feel like it’s very full of salt? And that can’t be good. And yes! Tacos end up being a mess anyway, so the fork is just easier- you go with it from the start, and it just makes sense.

                      Oh wow! I am curious as to what is even in there that makes it so heavy! I hope it’s fun! 😀

  9. Right? Even Reapers have standards (sorry FYODad- them’s the breaks). He’s like in with the “Manager’s Special”- you know, the meat that’s about to go bad so it’s super on sale lol. Eat within a day and all that. If at all. Good question about the implant. That is what is called a plot HOLE, yes! Explain, Jason *taps foot impatiently* Oh yeah there is no explanation. Well the whole living under th floor for 16 years has always struck me as nonsensical anyway, and then Bellamy letting her out to go to a masquerade is beyond ridiculous. So yeah…

    “woohooed” that cracks me up. Sounds like you got all kinds of woohooing going on in Bunkerkru! Riley changing into his clown costume… kills me. Clearly Octavia or someone violent needs to off ALIE, she can never play nice. And Dante! That treacherous old man causing trouble? Sigh. Although at least he’s not as bad as his asshat son… oh and I can only IMAGINE what would happen if they ALL mingle!!!

    That is very good news about Chels and Chris *whew*

    Yeah, shannars I just couldn’t anymore. SO cheesy. And I read the books back in the day, so I was a little invested. But… no. I did NOT see the Stranger things news, that’s awesome. As for Glitch… I dunno. right now I have no interest, so it may just have to go away. Runaways is great the only thing is having to wait every week. Ugh.

    Ha ha speaking of accidents I blew a tire in a parking lot soon after getting my license, so… yeah. I gotcha. I was driving to the store and it was kinda dark and you couldn’t really see the islands in the parking lot very well and I sorta swiped one. BOOM there goes that tire. Talk about embarassing…

    I know! But honestly… it’s a long way and I don’t know, what with GenCon and vacations and all, but… maybe? I will certainly try. I would love to go, no question. It’s just a matter of time off and money. I just wish it was a little closer. But I would love to meet up- we will, obviously, at some point, even if I don’t make NOLA.

    I know what you mean about dragons because a lot of times you get shitty fantasy where people ride dragons and there’s a dark lord and oh a chosen one and… yeah enough already. Although with GoT it’s a little more nuanced. 🙂 And the dragons are actually… not really seen much? Although that will change by the end obvs. the thing I like about Martin is tha he views magic (including dragons) like Tolkien did- less is more, you don’t throw fireballs around, instead magic is rare and mysterious and always has a price. In the case of Got, one of the neatest aspects of the world is that when the dragons come back (they’ve been extinct) it ushers back other strange phenomena, so that the hint is that dragons bring magic into the world and if they’re gone magic would be also. So it’s interesting to see the series progress as different parts of the world realize oh shit something is happening here.

    Yes the Blossoms are SO creepy. I loved that Cheryl burned the place down? Kinda anyway. It all seemed a little unclear to me, and TBH a little iffy, but… they switched gears so fast with Fred getting shot, I just don’t know. Yeah I couldn’t believe Jugs didn’t tell the serpents you know thanks for the jacket, but I’m kinda busy right now lol? I mean really. *rolls eyes* And Polly & Jason is definitely ick factor 10.

    I have to admit I kinda like it when my tacos and shit all fall apart, because then I can scoop everything up. Sometimes messy is good! And you know tacos is like one of the few things that sounds good to me right now? That and chili. So clearly I’m an ace in this whole healthy eating thing! Oh well… deli meat, I think it’s the salt, like you said. Heavily processed. Soylent green perhaps. OR just as gross maybe lol. Okay I’ll stop. But I don’t really want to know HOW it’s processed? Some things are better not to know perhaps…

    Okay the game has like seven books plus a map and some other assorted stuff… I read through it last night and can’t WAIT to play. Looks so awesome…

    • HAH FYODad really did get the short end of the stick, didn’t he? I mean, gotta assume that FYOMom died on the Ark or during the trip down, and then they can’t even GIVE his clothes away at The Hob ? Ewww to “manager’s special”. I see those sometimes and cringe. Like I’d just rather NOT eat meat than eat basically expired and/or unwanted pieces? Octavia is basically just one giant plot hole then is what we’re saying? I concur. I mean- Aurora has her, then PASSES OUT, and she somehow doesn’t cry even though she’s never eaten!? It isn’t exactly like 6 year old Bell can go grab a can of formula ? Plus they exaggerate the whole “under the floor” thing- she only was under there when they had inspections, come on.

      SO I hosted a PARTY at Casa Delinquent last night. It was a good one. Monty wouldn’t stop talking in a fan forum on his tablet (I shit you not) and was standing on the bed while Jasper sobbed himself to sleep IN the bed- then, still refusing to stop chatting about video games, Monty PEED HIMSELF all while STILL standing on the bed while Jasper slept. Then Bunkerkru came over, along with some of Deadkru. Raven slapped Jackson and he liked it (?? no idea!) And THEN Octavia cheated on Jasper with MURPHY. (Hence why Jasper was crying himself to sleep bwhaha.) Raven set the grill on fire, then Bellamy and Indra had a dance party. After, he and Clarke got pregnant. So no matter what Jason gives us, we have a Bellarke baby. And O might be pregnant but Idk if it’s Jasper’s or Murphy’s. And Clarke is writing a children’s book, titled “The Only Choice” and the tagline is “Also an oxymoron, by the way”. I am having wayyy too much fun with this. I took screenshots of course but there were too many to go through hah.

      Ugh then I am DEFINITELY not giving Shannara a second chance. Especially if you read the books- that is a big red flag that it sucks. I almost always at least tolerate stuff if I have read the book. I feel like I read somewhere that Stranger Things (ideally, of course, according to the creators) will be 4 seasons. So I am glad that they’re on their way there. I will probably start it (again) when I am caught up on Riverdale. How many more episodes of Glitch are there? Is it worth like, even bothering? And YAY for Runaways! I should try that soon, too. It does suck that you have to wait a week- just like The 100 and Riverdale! (Do you remember though when we HAD to wait for everything- and when you didn’t catch it live, well, you were screwed and missed it until reruns came around? It’s like we were cavepeople!)

      Oh my! Blowing a tire at least could have been an accident when you told other people? ? But I feel you, it IS embarrassing! Especially when you’re young and want everyone to think you can handle it! My worst one was in the parking lot of my school (another YA plot right there ha) and this bus was coming in super fast, and I backed up so it didn’t hit me only… there was a car behind me. And it happened to be this super popular dude and I felt like such an ass. My car was fine (I had a Jeep) but his shitty little Chevy was nearly totaled and my parents had to pay for it out of pocket. And EVERYONE knew what happened. Mortifying. I think one good thing about going to college near Philly was that it made me a much more confident driver, so there’s that haha.

      I knowww, it is really far. And money, and time, and all that. Plus I know you really want to do GenCon and that is MUCH closer. So yeah, I get it, it makes sense. BUT I think then we should make for-real plans, yeah? (Clearly, I am a person who LOVES a plan, hence all the researching for NOLA hahah.) So yes. Plan. Let’s. 🙂

      YESSS! You nailed it, that is EXACTLY the shit I hate about dragons! Like I have read a few books where they DO work, but some are just so eye-rollingly cliche! And I LOVE that the magic is rarer- I don’t mind it as much if it’s a more low key element but if everyone is just throwing magic around, it almost makes me feel like the stakes are LOWER, because if everyone can do it, who even cares? Ooooh I like the idea about the extinction and coming back, because like- that is how it would work in reality, right? Like if dinosaurs popped back in, things would get pretty complicated, even if not in a magical way. Goodness, you really ARE going to convince me to read these! I feel like you sell this series like I sell The 100 😀

      So wait- Mr Blossom didn’t kill himself, right? Mrs Blossom killed him? That is what Cheryl insinuated, it seemed? ALSO Grundy’s dead! YAY. I mean, she was with ANOTHER student, she was NEVER going to learn. Now Archie is doing drugs? ::Rolls eyes:: And YES! That is exactly what Jug should have done! I mean come ON, dude! Meanwhile, Archie’s dad’s on freaking life support and he and V are in the shower ? #Priorities OH and Hiram is hereeee. He is sketchy as hell. I am mostly pissed at whatever he did to Smithers! I liked him! Also, fun fact, Hiram is played by this guy who was like THE good guy on All My Children (both my grandmas AND my mom watched that back in the day, so, I did too by default) so it is really fun seeing him as the bad guy!

      WELL, I think you can probably make heart healthy tacos? I mean- you could use super lean beef OR ground turkey as an alternative? Plus I am sure moderation is key to just about everything. I hope, anyway, because if they forbid you from eating stuff, that sucks and I am sorry. How strict are all the orders and restrictions and such? I laughed at the deli meat having Soylent green. Probs FYODad, you should avoid it just in case. I never, ever want to know how like, 99% of food is made. Ignorance, in this case, IS bliss.

      Whoa, 7 books!? Like… do you need them for game play? This is quite interesting! I must say, I like this far more than regular board games, I like that you actually have to think and strategize and such. And a MAP. Everything is better with a map! I hope you love it, you definitely have to let me know.

      • Yeah FYODad just can’t catch a break. Course he’s dead now so oh well. And the more you think about Octavia’s life the more crazy it sounds, with those tiny living arrangements and seriously no one EVER heard her cry, she was never sick and needed a doctor, etc? Wow okay that’s a lot of suspension of disbelief, but whatever… she rocks so we don’t care. 🙂

        Monty PEED himself?? That actually happens? And pregnancies? Clearly I’m not playing the right games lol. So let me get this straight- Bellarke had their moment, and it just organically happened? Or did you, um, nudge em along? *wink* I mean my understanding of the game is that a lot of this stuff just randomly… happens? It must be fascinating to watch. You should be sharing this in a post, seriously. But I like that they’re all mixing – that’s nice and neighborly. Casa delinquent lol.

        Yeah skip shannara. Trust me. Glitch has 4 eps left I think, so I COULD finish it but not sure I can gut it out? I dunno. Glitch at this point I would say is NOT worth it. there are better shows out there, Stranger Things and Travelers and yeah Runaways. And yes cavetimes- exactly. What a backwards ass system. In an environment like this Netflix gets full props for being forward thinking enough to drop ALL their shit at once, this enabling our binge instincts. Everybody else needs to get with the fricking program! 🙂

        Oh I feel for you in that situation, that must have been awful, although in your defense you WERE trying to avoid getting splattered by a bus. Do buses drive crazy or what? They’re like Chicago taxis FFS. Will run your ass down. Here I’ll embarrass myself even more. So I’d been driving for a couple years maybe, IDK, and I went to pass this older couple on a slippery road. Well genius me slipped and went off the road and quite a ways into an empty field! Those senior citizens must have been laughing their ass off. I was SO embarrassed but also learned a valuable lesson. Although they WERE going slow AF. Glad there wasn’t a ditch O.o

        Exactly. We’ll make it happen. One way or another, I feel like with all the book events and cons and stuff, and you have friends here that we will definitely get together. Which will be all kinds of awesome. 🙂 Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have like a blogger-con, where bloggers set up a convention for the community? Like I remember reading a while back about some gamers who got together and had their own mini- con at the house, and bunch of them (many were game designers) got together for a weekend and just… gamed. And hung out. Sounds like fun. Or it could be a smaller con at a midprice hotel or something… I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened yet, now that I think about it. and there’s a bunch of smaller cons that are more “official” that happen all the time, under the radar- Detroit for example has a few that I’ve seen various bloggers talk about, but I’ve never been to. I’ll have to look into some of these cons and see what their deal is…

        Ha ha I do tend to advocate for GoT, so I’ll stop before I get annoying. 🙂 It’s fun because I read it first in the early 2000’s, long before th HBO thing, so it’s really cool to see it take the world by storm. In a way although it’s gotten SO big. Did you read the Hunger Games before the movies came out? That probably would feel the same way maybe?

        I think Cliff DID kill himself? Although I don’t remember the Cheryl comment, so maybe you’re right? And I KNOW about Arch and V getting it on in the shower- I made a big deal out of that in my recap cause I was just like, no. You cannot have that little class! Sadly they do apparently. I kept thinking what if Fred died while they were- you know- occupied? That would be awkward. Hiram is indeed a bad dude, but that’s awesome about the role reversal! Too funny. And Smithers better be okay!!!!!

        I do usually get lean beef, so that’s good enough. I’m not cut out to be a monk or a vegetarian even, although I’ve thought about it. But what the fuck would I eat? Kale and romaine and broccoli every 5 frickin minutes? IDK how long that would last. Maybe a day. But you’re right, moderation is everything. Pizza every Friday and maybe once during the week, eating out, Chinese food at will, you know… something’s gotta change I guess. 🙂 So yeah… I’ll figure it out. The only real diet restrictions I have are a heart healthy diet- whatever THAT is. Lots of fruits/ vegetables/ whole grains apparently, oh joy. It’ll be an adjustment. The big thing is restricting salt, since apparently salt is bad. why does salt have to be bad?? Oh and I could never give up tacos, because YUM.

        Yes 7 books. It’s like there’s a really thin rule book, a character creation book which is kind of meaty, and then a village book which is like THICK. It details the whole village. Then the other books are scenario guides- one details the journey to the village, the next one details adventures around the village after you get there- you go into forests and mines and stuff, fight monsters, all that. It’s like a Choose Your Own adventure- each character takes turns making the decisions, and whatever choice you make (from the choices provided) determines what happens. So you go from decision point to decision point until the scenario is resolved. I think it’s gonna ROCK.

        • HA maybe FYOKid will end up taking up where his dad left off and cause trouble in the bunker! And seriously, do you notice that pretty much ALL the unbelievable storylines center around Octavia? The non-crying, non-sick, non-hungry baby, the falling off a cliff AFTER being stabbed and then riding her horse home, etc? They are really lucky we love her, no one would have put up with such a storyline from pretty much any other character!

          Oh yes, Sims can pee themselves. I mean, it usually happens if the bathroom is occupied, but apparently can also happen because Monty won’t put his freaking tablet down for a hot second. He was literally ONE room away from the bathroom too. YEP pregnancies happen! In fact, both Abby AND O might be pregnant, they just haven’t taken tests yet. And Raven actually! And maybe Emori? Apparently, birth control isn’t a thing though ? And no, it wasn’t *quite* organic- though I did find them kissing on the patio with no prompts from me! But I sent them to try for a baby. Because of course I did. It DOES randomly happen- but you can kind of… help things along. Or prevent them! Like- at the start, Bellamy was flirting with Harper and I shut that DOWN. You can also set it to like, keep playing without you, but I play rather infrequently, so who knows what would happen if I did that! I’d miss all the things! OH and I am sharing it in a post! Soon, in fact! 😀

          I do trust you, I shall be skipping! And ugh. Will there be another season of Glitch? Because if so, DEFINITELY skip it. Because no one has time for that. Ohhh Travelers, that is another one I want to watch! I started it once for like 5 minutes but then The 100 dragged me back in hah. I have a love-hate relationship with the bingeing, tbh. On one hand, yes it’s great because you get to watch all the things at once. But then… it also kind of spoils me, because then I get salty when I don’t have ALL the immediate gratification ?

          YES I do half blame the bus! There wasn’t enough room for two cars, let alone a car and bus, to get through, and I had pulled out just to see around this other car. Oooh my goodness! In YOUR defense, the elderly people should not have been going ridiculously slow- sometimes it’s just as dangerous to drive that slow, too. HA kind of wonder if they even noticed you flying off into the field! OH here’s a snowy one for you (it’s like a game of who can embarrass themselves more here ?) so I was in college, it was snowing a LOT, and I was too lazy to clean off my car. I was on my way to swim practice (our pool was like, a half mile away, and again, lazy). So I stop to pick up my friend, pull to the side… and right into a stop sign, which proceeds to take the side mirror completely off my car. That one might have been the flat out stupidest one I have done- I knew the stop sign was there even!

          Yes, I concur. It is definitely something that needs to happen and would in fact be awesome 😀 I mean, if there are no decent events, screw it, who needs an event? I’ll just take a drive in the spring or summer, when we’re both free! Holly would probably be up for me stopping by hah. And if she isn’t, that’s okay too, I’ll see her in NOLA, no big deal there! A blogger event would definitely be fun. I feel like someone did one in like, Florida maybe? A year or two ago? But then I never heard much about it, so Idk how it went. That’s a good point about smaller cons, too! You should definitely look into some, share your findings!

          And NOOO it is not annoying! I am actually quite glad that you’re such an advocate because you cleared up a lot of the hesitation I was having about the series- and I don’t want to miss out on things just because I am focused on ridiculousness I made up in my head! Oh wow, you have been a fan of them for a LONG time! That is pretty fabulous, to kind of be able to follow it from close to its inception! I DID read The Hunger Games before the movies came out but not a LOT before? Like- they had started casting, I think, when I read them, but I didn’t know anything about the movies. Speaking of, have you made any progress, or still slumping?

          YEAH that Cheryl comment was just like, a one-off, but in her mom’s hospital room, and it made her mom keep quiet about the fire so… maybe it’ll come back around? I kind of hope her mom DID kill him, because I hate that guy. OH I have to read your recap! I should start doing that, now that I am almost caught up. Because RIGHT? Like- I can’t even imagine WANTING to be doing that while your dad might be literally dying? And like… wouldn’t you ONLY be thinking of your dad, and then EW? And what the hell made Veronica think it was a good idea!? OMG I love your point about Fred dying- Archie would have become a priest or something because he’d have thought that him having sex killed his dad ? Is Jughead going to cheat on Betty with this Toni Topaz person? Because I will be SO pissed. And WHY do the Lodges think it’s just FINE to have rum and mimosas with teenagers!? These people are all so fundamentally fucked up!

          I feel the same way about vegetarianism. Like- I’ll see a cute pig or some such animal, and I will feel like a REAL asshole, you know? Because sure, I CAN live without bacon or beef or whatever. But I don’t *want* to? And then veganism, what even? Like you can’t eat cheese or eggs, or like ICE CREAM, so yeah, you’re literally gnawing on lettuce and I don’t even like lettuce. Because it tastes like what I imagine my backyard would taste like. I like broccoli, but I’d certainly not want it at every meal. Sadly, Chinese is probably one of the bigger salt-offenders. I mean- I think like, if you just make small changes, maybe it won’t feel like such a huge life alteration? You know, nothing OFF-limits, because why do that to yourself? Maybe less noticeable swaps, stuff like that. I’m glad they weren’t overly strict- I think it almost sets people up to fail when you made ANY food “bad”. Because as humans, we just want it MORE when someone tells us we can’t have it hah. I feel you with tacos- I think that’d be my limit on change, tacos are where I’d draw the line. FINE, more veggies, less sodium, but tacos are key.

          Oh that sounds SO fun! I love that idea- like a way to physically Choose Your Own Adventure! But with other people choosing too, that has to add a lot of mayhem to the mix! Because maybe you didn’t WANT to go that way, but the asshole on your left chose it and now you’re screwed and a gnome ate you. I like it!

          • That is such a good point about Octavia. Never quite thought about it like that, but yes her storyline is crazy. And she became a badass warrior pretty fast! But the cliff and surviving- yeah that was the craziest. *shakes head*

            That… is funny. I don’t even. “help things along”. And “sent them to try” for a baby. You are killing me. This sounds so fun! And 4 possible pregnancies?? Damn I can’t even imagine what life would be like when babies show up. Oh, and obviously I cannot WAIT for that post.

            I don’t know about Glitch but I think I’m done with it. But… I just saw that Netflix has S4 of TURN: Washington’s Spies, which is a very fictional accounting of a spy ring during the revolutionary War. Very good acting and I like the show quite a bit. So I watched the first two eps of S4 tonight- good stuff. I have too many shows…Travelers is good and the second season should be coming soon, I hope. Netflix keeps adding original shows I kinda wanna try too, but there’s too many. Good grief.

            Ooh the stop sign! That IS a good one, but I’m sorry flying off into a field makes me a much worse driver lol. But I have done that thing where you don’t feel like freezing your ass off so you just kinda go, but the shit’s all fogged up so you can’t really see. Ha ha. Yeah I’m dumb. 🙂 Still the side mirror though- that IS a good one ** I just about ripped my mirror off once backing out and misjudging how close to the wall of the garage I was… talk about embarrassing. 🙂

            Definitely. Michigan’s a fun summer destination. You might even be able to time it with a fun author event, maybe- we occasionally get some nice author events coming through. Lots of possibilities!! I think a blogger event would be so cool. And I will definitely check out some cons, and share what I find!

            I haven’t read ANYTHING. In days. I just haven’t felt like reading? It’s weird. And I LIKE the beginning of THG, that’s definitely my next read, in fact I was hoping to have it done in time to review this Thursday, but since that’s the day after tomorrow THAT’s not going to happen. It’s not THG, it’s just reading in general. Do you ever go through that where you don’t feel like reading ANYTHING? I usually think of slumps as not being able to find the right book, but this one is just reading in general. I’ve even been slacking off on blogging, a bit. Like my scheduled posts are dwindling and where I would normally be like, ooh I need to write stuff, I’m just ah whatever. Maybe it’s the dreary weather doldrums.

            Cheryl and the Blossoms are a mess, and honestly I think it’s a weak link of the writing that we’re not entirely sure. Like they played a little fast and loose. Like I said before, it seemed like Cheryl was taking charge but then a few episodes later she’s like all submissive to her mom again. Oh my gosh I watched the most recent episode tonight (a few days late) and it was AWESOME. S2 episode 7 if you’re getting close. What a trip! I frickin LOVE how dark this show is getting. We’re gonna get Greendale and sabrina the witch soon and the supernatural stuff is coming more to the fore. Love it!!

            Jughead and Toni- I won’t say much because they sorta address that. You’re probably almost there. And Jugs and Betty were in bed in this episode- aww so cute. Gotta love Bughead. But this show is getting SERIOUSLY dark…

            Tacos ARE key. Something about Mexican food- there’s a new place that went in and I’m like wanting to try it big time. I could eat Mexican food all the time. So yeah I’m not cut out to be a food monk. I don’t get veganism either, because I get the animal cruelty thing but they lay eggs and shit and cheese is made without hurting the animal, right? Or do I just not know shit about food production lol? I mean killing animals in slaughterhouses is one thing, I get that, but I think cheese and stuff is okay. And about chinese- yeah. That makes me REALLY sad- one of the nutritionists told me chinese was very bad (which is not a big surprise, but still- when they tell you not to eat it it’s like a dagger blow) because I want ALL the Chinese. I will have to let myself have it once in a while because otherwise what’s the point?? 🙂

            Ha ha exactly. I’m looking forward to playing the game and seeing how it goes in practice. It is basically a huge Choose Your Own Adventure… and I think the village will be fun to explore. Different places have different results depending on the TIME of day you visit, I guess, so there’s that random element too. The village is pretty huge. And I think the players taking turns will make it pretty interactive, since… one player makes the call but you all consult, so it will be a real party making the decisions and not everyone may agree? Ooh the possibilities!

            • You have a point about the warrior stuff. I mean, she went from chasing butterflies, to very novice self-defense in Lincoln’s cave, to… basically stabbing Grounders left and right in the S1 finale. Someone should have hired Lincoln as a combat teacher, considering that he saw O like, 4 times tops before the finale and spent half the time bedding her, and like, 3 minutes teaching her how to fight. ?

              I think they might make me move the new families into another house, because you can only have 8 Sims per household. There are mods to get around it though, so I could look into them! I didn’t expect people to be popping out babies so soon- I mean, there are ZERO babies on The 100 itself, so. I kind of want Monty to have a baby just so he can neglect it and I can see what happens. The Sims makes you curious about the most awful stuff!

              You DO have a lot of shows, my goodness. I don’t know how you keep them all straight. Glad you decided to cull Glitch. It needed to happen, especially with so many actual good shows. The Washington spy thing sounds VERY good, I am going to look that one up. I love historical stuff, I never seem to watch enough of it. Maybe I’ll wait for the second season of Travelers, watch it all at once.

              Okay, I WILL give you that driving through a field is worse than the stop sign thing. Based on sheer levels of danger alone hah. I umm also once knocked the mirror (just the glass part) out of my parents’ brand new Jeep because I uhhhh hit the side of the bank. Like, the drive-thru ATM? Yeah. My mom and I were talking about it the other day because I drove her home, and she said she used to flinch in terror on the regular. Looking back, I can’t say I blame her hah.

              Yes, I agree, Michigan in warmer weather is certainly preferable. Seems like there’s a ton of outdoor stuff to do then, too. Like lake beaches, which are the best. Plus, it just doesn’t seem like a great plan to drive that far in potentially bad weather, plus I am buying my mom’s (much newer) car from her with tax return money, and my current one gets like, 12 miles to the gallon (no exaggeration!) , while hers gets like, 34. So if I drove my current car there, it would cost me some really insane amount of money on gas. The author event is a really good idea too! You guys do get all kinds of great authors stopping through! I’ll have to be on the lookout for those, too (I am trying to think if any books I *need* will be coming out in the spring/summer with authors who could be touring hah). I’m getting so excited about 2018 (fine, cautiously optimistic?), I love having fun things to look forward to! Between this, NOLA, and my parents deciding that in lieu of a birthday present we’d go see Hamilton… lots of great things!! 😀

              Oh that is the WORST kind of slump. Because I think if you just weren’t loving anything, you could kind of push through it? But if you just don’t feel like reading… that’s hard to force. Maybe it’s just because your whole life has kind of been upended? Like- I know when my schedule changes or I come home from a trip, or even when I had my minor surgery, I sometimes feel just out of sorts with reading? Maybe that’s what this is for you. I mean, you figure you probably didn’t read for like, two weeks? And even know you’re still recovering, so maybe it’s just that, and as things go back to normal in general, reading will follow suit? Same with blogging- I noticed that when I took a short hiatus, the only thing I wanted was… more hiatus hah. I think it’s just easier to fall OUT of a schedule, you know? But I really think it’ll come back around soon enough for you. And for now, try not to stress about it- that’ll probably just make it seem like a chore, and you definitely won’t be wanting to pick up a book or write a post! But also, I think if it IS starting to get to you, it’s okay to try to force yourself to read a little? I know i have done that. (Incidentally, for me personally, this is why ARCs come in handy- there were definitely times when they “forced” me to read, and I probably needed the prodding. But I was just feeling blah, you have a much more legitimate reason!)

              I AM getting close to being fully caught up! I think I am on S2E5, or will be tonight at least. I have been DVRing them too so I don’t have to watch them on whatever shady site I found them on hah. I think you’re right about the writing- sometimes I have to yell at some of the continuity errors, or in some cases, the outright ridiculousness. Luckily, I knew that going in so I don’t have to get *too* stabby with it 😀 The Archie “Red Circle” thing is REALLLLY stupid though, that could die forever, please and thank you. I don’t like the little jabs that Toni keeps throwing at Betty. I WAS glad that Jughead stood up for her though. I’m glad things are finally happening for Bughead though- seemed like every time they tried to get together, someone would burst in at the most inopportune times. I had NO idea that Sabrina was a part of the Archie comics! That is so fun! They should absolutely have Melissa Joan Hart reprise her role. Where is Salem the cat? (Have you ever seen the show? I loved it! Cheesy, of course, but still very fun.) I LOVE that it is getting dark, honestly. The darker the better! How many episodes is this season going to be? 13 like S1, or more?

              Ah tacos. I had them for dinner tonight hah. Jealous that there’s a new Mexican place there! There used to be one here, it was SO good, and then it closed- I think the whole chain may have, actually. Now there’s one in like, a 50 mile radius and I hate it because they put onions in everything. And YES- it doesn’t hurt the animal! In fact, I think they HAVE to be milked either way, because it would be physically painful for them otherwise? And eggs, same. They HAVE to lay them! Lena (she’s 6) just figured out tonight that tacos are made from cows. And she said “but do we have to eat cows? What if we just put Donald Trump in there instead?” and i am not sure if I should be proud, horrified, or both? And then she too ate the tacos because who can resist, really? YES you totally have to allow yourself to get Chinese sometimes! You can’t totally deprive yourself, goodness. Especially if it’s a favorite!

              Oh wow, so it can be basically a whole different game depending on whether you’re playing in the afternoon or at night or whatever? That is so fun! Do you need a lot of people to play? And wow, the consulting bit will be rough! It makes me think of Family Feud when they have to steal and everyone just starts shouting random things at the poor bastard who has to decide which to use. And then if they say the wrong thing, the whole rest of the family gives them the death stare ? Except a wrong decision in the village, and BAM, your pub gets burned down and you have died of dysentery. (Fine, I may be confusing it with the Oregon Trail, but that’s okay.)

              • EXactly. It’s SO ridiculous but we overlook it because, well, we love O. Although… that whole cliff scene, I still think when they were reviewing the episode it amazes me no one said uh, guys, this doesn’t work cause she’s not, you know, superhuman? It’s like hundreds of feet down to some rapids?? After a gut stabbing. You know, kinda problematic?

                8 per household seems reasonable since it sounds like more than that would be even MORE chaotic? And yes Monty doesn’t sound like dad material if he’s peeing the bed because he can’t put his tablet down. Poor monty. And I bet there are some amazingly crazy mods out there!

                TURN is awesome, it’s like a soap opera in the Revolutionary War times. S4 is fucking awesome so far, probably my favorite. I forgot how good this show is. But I think it gets better as it goes, so if you’re underwhelmed at first it might pay to stick with it. Travelers I think is good for waiting, I mean I like the show but it’s not oh my gosh watch it now it’s the bestttt squeeee… you know? It’s solid though. It’s time travel again and the deal is they come back and inhabit bodies of people who’ve just died- and there’s an episode where these travelers from the future have inhabited senior citizens bodies and they’re all packing assault rifles and they’re on this bus like it’s a senior citizen outing, it was so funny. It has its moments, but yeah waiting I would say you’re not missing THAT much.

                I feel like ATM’s and such are inconveniently placed such that if you hit one, it’s the ATM’s fault? I mean, really. What I hate is when I think I have it figured out but then I’m too far to reach the buttons so I have to lean my ass out the window… ugh. Ridiculous. That is funny though. 🙂

                Michigan is SO much better in the summer, agree. Winter pretty much sucks. And I have to say for not being a “big” literary state we get some good events- Bardugo and Maas were just through here. I’ll keep an eye on the local bookstores and let you know if anything cool pops up. And yay for a newer car? Also… Hamilton?? Wow, nice. 🙂

                Thanks, I think you’re totally right. Reading has just been off like everything else- sleeping, eating. But… *blows trumpet* I read today. 2 chapters of THG (ooh wow I know) but I’m hooked. I like Katniss and ooh Peeta was the baker’s kid (was that in the movie?). anyway it does flow well and I’m hoping I’m back on track. But I think you were right, it was just the whole life change thing. Everything was out of whack, why would reading be different?

                Yes Riverdale is like a guilty pleasure ha. The silliness is part of the charm. er, usually. Agree about Red Circle *sigh*. That was so dumb. What I’m really curious to see is how the silliness/ humor factor goes with the darker horror element they’re starting to intro. So far I think it’s working, but ??? And Sabrina, I don’t know much about, but I’ve heard she’s a witch and witches live in Greendale, which is the next town over. I don’t know if it’s the same sabrina cause I’ve never seen that show- I don’t think? Melissa Joan Hart does sound familiar, though… oh and I think I read there’s gonna be 22 episodes, so woot!!!! Lots of time for dark developments. 🙂

                Dammit! Now I want tacos lol. What is it with Mexican places going out? I mean they’re always packed and then bam it’s gone. We’ve had that happen here too. Several chains have closed. And I’m not a fan of onions either, I’m okay with them mixed in with fajita stuff but other than that… no. Not in tacos or on pizza or… anything else really. Oh my gosh that is SO funny what your daughter said! And see that’s the thing- I feel bad for cows but if you put tacos or a plate of nachos with beef in front of me… I’m sorry cow.

                Yeah there’s a random element with the whole town thing, things change based on prior decisions and time of day, etc. I’m not sure how much replayability value it will have- once you’ve played through all the books it would be the same story basically, granted with some different options that you pick along the way- but by and large for one or two playthroughs I think it will be a blast. You can play with up to six people or even play solo. And yes the party dynamics might be the best! Like you get to pick skills at character creation, and certain choices are different or better if you have the requisite skill. So if you have a wide range of skills amonsgt your group it could be a ot of fun?

                • Ha it IS because we love O and don’t want her to die! Though I DEFINITELY wish I could have been a fly on the wall of the writing room for that scene, I agree. How did they get to that point? “Eh, fans will just be glad she didn’t die, let’s not give them *too* much credit. They aren’t doctors, right?” “Well no but they passed like, second grade, presumably?” “Psh, semantics.”

                  8 people is already too many probably haha. But since I am trying for chaos, it works. There are a TON of mods out there, but very few of them seem to fit with my purposes? Though I suppose not many people are trying to recreate a post-apocalyptic space show in a suburban neighborhood, so I get it! Monty makes me sad- I kept trying to MAKE him go to the damn bathroom but… nope. I also tried to get him to at least SIT on the bed instead of stand, but nope, wouldn’t do that either. I think Monty is broken ?

                  I added TURN to my list! It’s exciting that this season is the best, I always love when shows get better over time. Travelers sounds interesting enough, and I will probably need a time travel fix soon hah. I saw part of the first episode, but I was kind of confused? Which is why I think I didn’t stick with it (though back then I was apparently not sticking with anything, hence Stranger Things, too). The senior citizen thing sounds hilarious though! Plus, why not try again? I still need to continue Handmaid’s Tale, too. It got too rough for me there for a few days- like I seriously need to be in the right mood for it or it’s just too gritty.

                  HA thanks, I agree, ATMs are SO ridiculously placed! I do the same thing- have to basically get out of the damn car because I end up too far away- because they now have it at the one by me where you have to insert your card ALL the way in, and you just can’t do that AND keep your mirror attached to your car. Can’t.

                  YES definitely let me know if you see/hear about anything good! I was wondering if Richelle Mead would do a tour for her last book in The Glittering Court series. Mary E Pearson has a new series coming out… There will probably be someone! And yeah- it’s SO much nicer in the summer. Life is just nicer in the summer hah. Like- no one wants to drive in the winter, with coats, and snow, and it being a pain in the ass just to get in and out of the rest stops for endless coffee. (Okay maybe that last one is just me 🙂 ) I’m definitely glad to be getting a newer car- or at this point, one that doesn’t gas guzzle hah. And yeah, I am excited about Hamilton! My parents got the tickets right at the box office, and I didn’t even know that was an option- I know online they get sold out in literally seconds, it’s insane!

                  Oh YAYYY I am happy about The Hunger Games! I mean… I guess Peeta IS shown at the bakery in the movie, but only for a few seconds? The significance does NOT translate on film, that’s for sure- unless you read the books before. And I’m glad you’re reading again in general, just because I am sure you’ll feel better as things go back to normal!

                  Oh WOW 22 episodes! I am so mad at Jughead right now. Idk what exactly happened with him and Toni, but she spent the night and he’s a Serpent and I am NOT amused. And the whole Betty being the killer’s bestie!? That is WEIRD. I mean, it’s intriguing of course, and I love that I have no idea who it is. LOVED Veronica and the Pussycats kicking the crap out of that “friend” of hers who tried to rape Cheryl, that was amazing… until Cheryl’s shitty mom ruined it. I also LOVE that Polly is on a farm… like isn’t that where people tell kids their dead pets are? I think they have their lies confused. Pregnant girls “help take care of their sickly aunt”, right? Just a farm with a bunch of pregnant cows, sheep, pigs, and a human girl ? Sabrina MUST be the same- Sabrina the Teenage Witch is, of course, a witch. In the show, she had two aunts who were witches and she lived with them, and Salem the talking cat. They’re also doing a Sabrina show on Netflix, Idk if you’ve seen that. I think it’s animated though? (And apparently, yes, the Melissa Joan Hart version WAS based on a character from Archie comics, so I guess it’s the same general idea?)

                  YES that is exactly how this place was- people were always there, so I didn’t understand how it closed! Onions are my nemesis, I swear I can just… sense them in stuff and I am never okay with them. I guess I can just pick their smell out easily? I hate when they are mixed into stuff like pizza sauce too, because you can’t exactly ask a restaurant to make new sauce, you know? YEP that is how I am with the cows- I feel awful when thinking about it, but then when the moment comes… food wins. And I always tell myself “well, THIS cow is already dead, so me not eating the meat is not actually helping the cow” ?

                  I kind of wondered about replaying it too- like would you know all the secrets and such? If there is THAT much world you might be able to get a couple more plays out of it at least? That is so fun that you can even play alone! I hate party games where you NEED like 2837 people to play. It’s like I don’t always have tons of people on hand, what do you think this is, gamemaker? I think it definitely would be fun with a group, especially a competitive and/or opinionated group. I mean, maybe you won’t be friends with those people anymore, but at least you’d have had one really fun game ?

                  • Right? Unless they were trying, even then, to set her up as some mythical hero almost, knowing that they were going to present her as Heda down the line. But even so… that was pushing it. 🙂

                    Sounds like Monty is broken, sadly. And “trying for chaos”. That seems like a good approach. Speaking of mods, I’d be scared a mod would break my game or something, I’m always super careful with stuff like that because who knows what rando created it??

                    I have heard that about Handmaid’s Tale- that it can be tough to watch! Sounds ike a brutal story. I’m glad you added TURN- if you like historical fiction I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s one of those shows I could just keep watching since I enjoy watching the characters. It got a little criticism for not being entirely historically accurate- they took some liberties with some of the real characters- but it’s based on a book and I think it’s really entertaining.

                    Speaking of winter- it’s snowing here! Okay not heavily snowing, but there’s already white on the ground and we’re supposed to get a few inches through tomorrow. It’s also like 27 degrees FFS. Colder than shit. Yesterday we had high winds and the waves on Lake Michigan were all riled up, I was just watching video on Youtube. So lovely weather here! Although I have to say I LOVED it yesterday, it was so blustery but in a cool December-ish kinda way, if that makes sense? And I love seeing a little snow, just not driving in it. 🙁

                    Yes! It’s been so long since I’ve seen that first movie that honestly, I’ll remember very little. And I’m sure the book is better. 🙂 I don’t even remember the battles from the first one. I do remember the one where they are dropped off in a lake- that was the second one right? And some poison gas. I;m really looking forward to seeing how she handles teens fighting teens.

                    I am so here for 22 episodes! And Betty saying “can you feel me” to the killer- ooh are we gonna get Dark Betty bringing the hammer down on his ass? Woot! I agree about V and the PCats working over Nick- I even rewound and watched it again. Fun. Plus that whole montage- they do those well. It’s also hilarious how they play with the fans- like there’s a theory out there that Sheriff Keller is the killer, so in last weeks episode they totally delve into that. As for sabrina, I did hear they’re doing a spin off for her from Riverdale, I wonder if that’s the animated one? I thought the spin off was gonna be live action. Could be different projects, or maybe not. And cool that the earlier show was Archie- based. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

                    I never thoguht about cows much until I saw one of those videos where the workers were like forklifting one that had fallen down (they call em “downer” cows or something?) and one was like hitting a cow with like a prod or something? It was one of those leaked animal welfare stings. It was crazy. And the poor thing was all like moooo as it was being abused. I guess that’s where farm-to-table and organic and all that comes from- it’s one thing to raise an animal for meat (Charlotte’s web notwithstanding lol) but to mass produce enough meat for all of our McDonald’s and shit animals have to go through the assembly line, and it becomes harder to accept that. But… I’m still eating meat so I guess I’m not a moral authority, you know? It is hard. We’re raised to eat a certain way, and I really admire people who have the conviction to go vegetarian and stay with it. But no veganism- I need my cheese. 🙂

                    Ha no doubt! Start as friends, leave as enemies. I really like the idea of having a group and seeing what choices people make, not only in character creation but yeah just in the choices that re presented. Like you might have a skill that is needed, but you already took your turn and you’re not the active player, so someone else has to make the most of it. Fun times I’m sure! Probably not a good drinking game tho. O.o

                    • Hmmm I hadn’t thought of that, it’s a good point. But then they should have like, made it more of a “thing”. I think even MORE unbelievable perhaps was that she was able to, while about 30 second post-op, literally RUN through the Ark with Niylah and then somehow escape a goddamn inferno. Like- you just had surgery AND you didn’t fall off a cliff, can you even imagine? And then the very next day she’s leading execution riots. Come on, writers, this was VERY sloppy work.

                      As for the mods, it IS a concern! When there was a recent update, one of my mods made the whole game crash. So they tell you to delete them all (which made most of my characters naked and hairless, which is a strange look) and then add them back a few at a time. It was a LONG process. So right now I am trying to only add the ones I really need. And I try to use creators whose stuff hasn’t broken my game in the past haha. I need to get ALIE and Riley over to Casa Delinquent. And Dante, he’s a real wildcard!

                      Handmaid’s Tale is SO brutal. I had a really weird dream about it last night- like I was IN that world? And so was Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. I don’t understand my brain hahah. I DO like historical fiction (I mean, Hamilton, remember? 😀 ) I just don’t seem to find enough GOOD historical fiction. So I am looking forward to it. I think that’s why I like Timeless so much- they go to so many real historical events. And I think it’s FINE when a show or book or whatever takes liberties- I mean, that’s why it’s called historical FICTION, right? Otherwise it’d be non-fiction, or a biography or documentary or whatever!

                      Ewww it’s snowing!? I am so sorry. I mean, a few inches is enough to be disgusting- especially if it’s that cold, because it won’t go away. And sure, I know it’s December and we live in the north but STILL, that doesn’t mean anyone wants it to happen. EW I just looked at the weather here and it’s going to be 18 for a HIGH next Wednesday with snow, and I am not okay with that. I mean- I get what you’re saying about it being pretty to look at and I suppose that’s true, but only in the sense of “I want to look at it briefly and then make fun the poor bastards stuck in it while in a nice, moderate climate” ? I will admit, I liked it as a kid, because snow days and such. But now? It’s just a pain in the ass.

                      Yep, the second one takes place in the ocean-like arena. The water is salt water, and that is important to note because well, thirst. The fights and such are MUCH better in the books. Because the whole emotional gravity of the situation is in the mix too. The poison fog is also in Catching Fire- I like Catching Fire better, honestly. We get to see more of the characters, more of the world. And the arena is definitely more exciting, because it’s the Quarter Quell after all! Now I am really wishing I was rereading these!

                      OOH I love that they listen to the fans! YES Betty was awesome in the last episode I watched (6!) where she tells the killer that now SHE is in charge. LOVE. Also how STUPID was the car race thing? I kept saying to myself “please do not do this, it is so random and lame” but then… they went there. I was kind of impressed that the random teacher was the Sugar Man, though! It could just be that the posters I saw were animated for Sabrina? I am not sure, I didn’t really look into it enough, mostly because animated isn’t really my fave so I’d probably not bother if it was. Now I will look it up again because I am curious!

                      I know- I have seen some of those awful videos too. And I don’t WANT to eat meat. But I also don’t last very long when trying not to, either. Like, a day or two, max hah. Can’t we just… create fake meat by now? Like, 3D printer meat? Like in Six Wakes! We need one of those machines. It can just print us a pig! And then apparently a full size human , but we can deal with that later, after we’ve eaten tacos and bacon and shit. And I do agree- so much of it is how we’re raised. Maybe if we didn’t grow up eating meat like, every day basically, it wouldn’t be so hard to do without it now? But veganism is a thing that could never happen. Because yeah, cheese. And then all KINDS of baked goods- like how could you never eat a brownie or cookie again!? And sushi! I need it in my life. Sorry, animals.

                      HA I love that. I can imagine the invitation to play: “Hey, want to come over and play this game? By the by, we probably will never speak again after, but it looks SUPER fun” ? OOH I like the twist about the skills! Seriously, you are making me want to play this game! I love a good strategy game, even though I never make the right calls hahha. OH! Have you ever played mafia? I played the bookish version, the last time they did it at Oh the Books. It was AMAZING and it also messed up my mind in ways I cannot describe. And I don’t know, I kind of feel like anything can be made…. maybe not better, but more entertaining as a drinking game 😀

  10. Yeah why didn’t I get to fall off a cliff and have like Helios the wonder horse just show up and literally carry me to salvation? Good point. Speaking of, I assume due to Praimfaya that Helios bit the dust? Assuming they didn’t stuff a horse into a bunker?? Sad day. And yeah I wasn’t running anywhere after surgery lol so I’m with you, calling bullshit. But even the fall itself, before everything else- you just don’t survive that, sorry. Grabbing some roots- bullshit. Not after Echo practically gutted her.

    ALIE and Riley at Casa delinquent sounds… chaotic. Which of course is all the fun. I can’t wait for updates. 🙂

    I used to read some historical fiction, but not so much anymore. Still love it though. You’ll like TURN probably. The acting is really good and even though some of the characters can be maddening, it keeps you watching. Or at least that was my experience.

    It DID snow, and man were the roads bad today! It is pretty though, when it’s first fallen, and even though it was a pain I did enjoy it, kinda? Like looking out the window and seeing the quiet cold whiteness. That’ll go away soon. 18 next week? Yikes. It was 20’s today and COLD. Ergh. And I totally hear ya- hope you don’t get dumped on too bad. It IS a pain in the ass.

    Ah yes Catching Fire- I remember that one a lot more than the first one. Maybe the uniqueness of the setting. Anyway I read a little more today and I like the sense that Haymitch has just been waiting for maybe serious contenders to come along? Which makes me feel REALLY bad for previous contenders who he felt sucked and maybe didn’t go to bat for, in terms of sponsors or training and whatnot? Looking forward to seeing more of that angle. Her early doubts about Peeta are interesting too, considering it comes down to one survivor, not two. Although we know that changes…

    Betty is the bomb. And the car race- oh my gosh was stupid but then (yes, laugh at me) I liked it? The cheesiness, Cheryl being the flag girl (I love how she can hate everything but then also interject into everything at the same time), the whole 50’s/ Grease vibe almost. This show is showing it can do crazy ass stuff and get away with it. But yeah that scene where FP suggested they have a race? I was like, really??? And I can’t wait to see what you think of 7. SO quirky, different… and that makes sense about Sabrina. I think it’s live action. Can you imagine when we have TWO of these frickin shows???

    “Sorry, animals.” Ha pretty much yup. Good point about cookies. See it goes deep. And sushi- I don’t think you’d make it without sushi?? How would I never get tacos without beef again, or a pizza with pepperoni on it? Am I sad or what? Oh well. That 3D printer stuff is an amazing concept, because yeah. That totally needs to happen. Problem solved!

    Mafia I have never played, but now I’m intrigued?? Is this like a blog game? And the drinking part is what got me thinking that Red Dragon Inn game might be fun, even if it’s fictional drinking. Because it doesn’t have to be, right? Just because the game characters are trying to stay sober doesn’t mean the PLAYERS have to lol. Although yeah that element might increase the likelihood of, like you said, being on speaking terms after the game. 🙂 “What do you mean we all got drunk and burned the inn down? Couldn’t we at least have gotten out first?”

    • Bwhahah I am DYING- seriously, that is so unfair. AND Clarke Griffin didn’t preform the surgery that she had no business/knowledge to preform. You should demand a redo. And no Helios, I bet you had to just go home in a regular car, NOT an apocalypse horse, and frankly, you shouldn’t have to stand for this level of care. I assume Helios IS dead, sadly. But in that “Where Are They Now?” post I did, I put him in the bunker with Garza, Wick, and the kid from Stranger Things, so maybe he made it after all 😉

      I am VOWING to play The Sims again tonight. I was going to last night, but then when we talked about mods… well, I went back down the mod rabbit hole, oopsie! I wish I had time to play this weekend because I need to get the post done soon, but I have to go to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow, which… blah. Tbh, The Sims seems more appealing ?

      YAY I am looking forward to TURN. I am *trying* Stranger Things again, but… Idk. I’m going to really give it a shot though. I feel like I should read more historical fiction because I generally do like it? Cat Winters does some great 19th and early 20th century stuff. But I definitely need to read more.

      Nooo, I am sorry, that sucks that the roads were bad! Val said it was snowing in North Carolina too, and I am so confused because no snow here! Like- from a purely aesthetic perspective, yes, it is pretty. And the whole “sitting by a nice warm fire drinking hot chocolate” is a nice thought too. But then the reality is more like… “shoveling and falling”, so. I mean, I’m kind of being a downer about it BUT we could also just say I’m being a realist 😀

      YESSS yes you will understand Haymitch SO much more in the books. Like- yes, you’re right, he WAS basically getting drunk and phoning it in for the other 23 years. Because like, how could he have poured his heart into 46 kids to watch them die, you know? So it was basically self-preservation, but still, absolutely shitty for all those kids. And in the later books (and I don’t think the movies show ANY of this) you’ll see a lot of things that made Haymitch NEED the self preservation. And you’ll see his relationship with Katniss in ways you never do in the movies. It’s kind of fabulous! Good point about her and Peeta, too- in a sense, I think THAT was self-preservation, too. Because if she thinks he’s the good guy, how does she kill him? There’s a lot of really interesting psychology involved in the books, especially. (I seriously might reread them now that you are reading them, so I can be on my A game 🙂 )

      The car race low key reminded me of Roan/Bellamy/Clarke’s little car chase because also random and weird. I mean- I liked how Archie handled it, honestly. I think you’re right, the FP stuff bothered me WAY more than the race itself. Because it was SO out of left field? Like had we seen it ANYWHERE else in the story, great, sign me up. But just an offhanded jail comment? Lazy writing, tbh. I watched episodes 7 AND 8! Have you watched 8 yet!? I don’t want to say anything if you haven’t ? 8 was… wow. I loved the way they did 7 though, with the three separate stories, that was a nice twist. Also it sucks because next week is the mid-season finale and I have been SO used to bingeing it, this is sad. I love this trash way too much hahah.

      I would NOT make it without sushi, let’s be real. And it DOES go deep! If you’re a vegan, I think you just eat like… lettuce, kale, and maybe beans? And then you probably wish you were dead, or at the very least, your taste buds do. And no, you are not sad, because I am right there with you hahah. I mean- look, I could probably do without *some* things if I had to? But if you’re a vegan, you’re giving up ALLLLL the things and nope. Call Mur Lafferty up, explain that we need her to fashion us some cows to eat. Done and done.

      So, mafia apparently started as an actual like, in person game? I think maybe even a card/board game, Idk. But then people found that it worked well as an online game, and that is how Bookish Games started. Here’s a link to the one I did, if you’re curious, but they had done a BUNCH before- http://www.ohthebooks.com/the-bookish-games/bookish-games-the-knife-of-never-letting-go-edition/ It was somehow the most fun ever while simultaneously destroying my mind ? I won’t lie, I am *almost* glad they stopped, because I would have made myself play it again hahha.

      YES I like this thought process about Red Dragon Inn! No one said it had to be fictional! Hell, I thought it WASN’T fictional! And actually, maybe being drunk would help everyone to stay friends? I feel like I am probably less competitive after a few drinks? Perhaps more agreeable to listen to the suggestions of others? Unless you have a crowd of VERY volatile drunks, in which case, may I suggest new friends? ? HA I can just imagine the bad decisions made by these drunken crowds of inn-goers ?

      OH! Jason gave us.. well, he told us something and also nothing, but at least there’s a picture: https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/939149289271394304 And now the fandom is yelling at him like “then give us a date!” Too funny.

      • I like to think Helios has found shelter somewhere with Garza, that gives me hope. And just think how swift my recovery would have been if I had had surgery in the Arkadia med bay- a day or two tops and I’d be running around ready for Concalves. Or maybe not- Octavia clearly is a superior fighting specimen. 🙂 But still…

        Have fun at the wedding! Ah the SIMS will wait… although that update post is widely anticipated (ha ha – no pressure). Seriously though, take your time. I hate blog post stress.

        Stranger Things still not working for you? I will say I think the second one is better, but I know what you mean about shows that don’t take off. I hope it gets better for you? I personally thought it was good but I didn’t buy into all the hype about it being the best show since sliced bread and all that. So if you don’t like it scrap that baby! Life’s too short…

        You’re being a realist. It’s nice for approx 1.58 seconds before yes the reality of shoveling sinks in. I like it if I don’t have to go anywhere. The falling part is no good either. I fell on my ass once and was so embarrassed- like I looked around at all the neighbors’ houses to see if anyone was laughing their ass off at me. If no one saw, it didn’t happen right???

        I am looking forward to learning more about Haymitch, because yes while his previous behavior was shitty for those other kids (23 yrs– wow) I can sorta see why there may be more going on. Like why does the Capitol tolerate him if he’s so drunk and disrespectful all the time? I’m thinking they do it to keep the image of the Seam alive as a bunch of bumpkins? Effie clearly can’t stand him. Nice to see the nuances that aren’t in the movies. And yes maybe you should!! 🙂

        I DID watch 8- just today. Wow. Is Bughead over? Again lol. Arch and Betts looking through the window at each other *rolls eyes*. Are they going there already with those two? Arch loves V but she can’t say it (aww poor arch- snickers). Get over it buddy, that’s high school. Alice went to the Wyrm to drink tequila?? And they’re throwing red herrings left and right, with the janitor thing (he’s a creep) and what’s up with Cheryl rubbing lotion into Josie’s shoulders? Are they going there with her as J’s stalker?? Oh and did Alice and FP have a spark there, just for a sec? And that comment about not everything being a mistake?? I’m convinced they had a kid or something. 7 was pretty awesome too- I liked the whole crate business, although V down in the basement with Sheriff Keller was… kinda awkward and weird.

        That is… very interesting, and I see you were one of two survivors? Go you! I think I may have seen something about that, now that you mention it. I remember seeing something about bookish games going around. Looks fun! And Red Dragon Inn *nods* maybe drunkenness would help the game go more smoothly?? I’ll have to go watch one of those boring Youtube vids where they show “in-game play” to see how it really rolls. Because it could have possibilities?

        Wow Octavia looks different. And it looks like they’re in some kind of ruined structure? But what really gets me is his Twitter feed header- that looks like Clarke looking out over the ocean, maybe after Praimfaya?

        • HA well that is because Not-Dr-Griffin didn’t do your surgery. If you’d had Clarke, a few bendy straws, and 100 year old super glue, you’d have been up and about immediately. I hear her surgeries don’t even leave scars. You WOULD be required to tell your sister that you hate her, I think that’s part of the protocol? And then maybe almost shoot some kid, the details are fuzzy.

          And thanks! The wedding was nice. It snowed like crazy though. AND I found out (this is great) that not only is the groom my cousin, BUT the bride is like, a second cousin on my dad’s side. Honestly it sounds like some kind of West Virginian soap opera, but hey, at least they aren’t related to each other? I did end up having to leave early though so that was kind of crappy, but alas. I did try to play last night a bit, but the game keeps glitching and Monty and Bellamy keep getting stuck standing on the beds, and I think it’s going to kill Monty if he doesn’t eat soon. So I need to fix that somehow. AND Bellamy cheated on Clarke, but I can’t figure out with who? Extra shitty because Clarke is pregnant.

          In fairness, I only watched half of the second episode of Stranger Things, so it’s probably not NOT working, I am just not getting far enough. I so badly want to like it! I am at least going to try to get to episode 4-5 before deciding for sure, that just seems fair. Also, Zoran. I do like Winona Ryder’s role- she’s really quite talented, I don’t think I’ve seen anything with her in it since like, The Heathers ?

          UGH yes- that’s it, the novelty wears off in a hurry! My mom and I were wearing sandals and dresses trudging through like, 3 inches of snow and ice, and I was like “NOPE over it”. And this is literally the first snow we’ve had haha. Oh it definitely didn’t happen if no one saw 😀 You know- I once fell on ice walking into work, and people saw me and no one even… acknowledged it? I went from embarrassed to confused VERY quickly hah.

          OOOOH I like your theory about keeping District 12 seeming so backward and such! That is such a good point! And everything Snow does has a reason, so it actually makes a lot of sense! I bet Snow did spin it like that on purpose- because he almost *had* to keep him around as D12’s only living Victor. Effie definitely grows a LOT during the series. It’s interesting because her role in the movies is one of the only ones that IS different than in the books- at least in the second half of the series. Probs because they had to justify paying Elizabeth Banks? I am going to start rereading it, I have to! Because you have just noticed something I never have, which means that obviously there is more to learn about these books! 😀 AND Rashika just sent me the German editions for my birthday so really, there are a lot of signs pointing to me rereading.

          YESS Bughead appears to be over again. AND Archie- what a moron. I love how Jughead narrated that he was “seeing her for the first time”. Like come ON. You don’t live next door to this amazing girl who already confessed having feelings for you and never NOTICED her! That isn’t… a thing. Especially 2.5 seconds after Veronica dumps you. ? That was all so silly. Like how long has Archie even known her, 3 weeks? And he loves her? Wasn’t he sleeping with (and having ALLLLL the feelings for) dead Grundy like, Idk, 2 weeks ago? (Come to think of it, they don’t really tell us much about the passage of time on this show.) OH what if the brother is really FP’s kid!? Or Polly! (Let’s say NOT Betty because that would be really gross.) I like the idea of an Alice-FP connection. Honestly, they work better than Alice-Boring Mr Cooper. FP is more her speed. The janitor thing IS weird, I mean, please don’t make it be THAT obvious. And I don’t know WHAT the deal with Cheryl and Josie is, but Josie seems suuuuuper uncomfortable by it? And therefore it makes me feel all skeevy?

          YES I won! And I mean, you probably did see it somewhere because I mention it literally every chance I get ? Like Patrick Ness has a new book? Great, remember that time I won Bookish Games? Oh, they cast Hildy in The Knife of Never Letting Go movie? Remember when I was Hildy and survived!? Yeah, I can’t let it go bwhahah. OH you should watch them, see how it is! And THEN in your mind, add in allll the alcohol and visualize- would it make it funnier, OR would it make you disown all your friendships? OH! There should BE a drunken-game-playing YouTube channel. If there isn’t one already. Frankly, this could be a gold mine. I’d tune in, especially if the people were fun.

          I love that O looks so different, it’s fabulous! Do you see Adina with reading glasses in the background? Priceless. Indra needing glasses would be kind of perfect tbh, though I do assume it was just Adina reading something haha. ALSO. THIS- https://twitter.com/100Fanbase/status/939677653270958080 And then he apparently deleted it!? What even? Oooooh that picture of Clarke, I just assumed it was the new, larger Dead Zone- like more of the world had turned to that? But you could be right, it’s grainy, and when I looked it again I really couldn’t tell if it was waves or rocks!

          • No scars would be awesome! That Clarke, she does good work. You know, as long as she has like 30 seconds to work with and like no margin for error. Super cool under pressure, I like that in a “surgeon”. Ha ha and you’re so right- there are protocols for these things.

            Glad the wedding was nice! Snow huh? Do you have a lot? We got about 5 inches or so and then more the next night, so it’s white here and pretty cold. Bell cheated and Clarke’s preggers? Oh my. Relationship foibles. Not cool Bellamy!! Do they aLL cheat???

            Winona Ryder is pretty awesome, although she’s super spastic in the first one (I mean it’s understandable, her kid is missing) but she’s a lot calmer in the second one, and I liked that better. And yeah Zoran. 🙂

            YES re- read. This will be fun. I’m really curious about Snow too, like will he be more nuanced in the books, since in the movies he’s kinda just bad guy with no redeeming qualities (at least none that I can remember?) I mean is there a REASON that he keeps the Hunger games status quo going, the Capitol is clearly prosperous and if he wanted to he could maybe make life better for the provinces, but is there a deeper reason he doesn’t other than maintaining an iron fist and punishing the provinces for eternity? I’m curious. 🙂

            I liked Bughead but they need to be over now, because the yo-yo thing aggravates the crap out of me. And I do like Arch and Betty together, even though I’m not Archie’s biggest fan. It just feels natural? But I hope they do it right, and I agree with you- so far it has NOT been handled properly. That “seeing her for the first time” thing- yeah because rebound lol. Watch out Betty for horndog Archie making a play! I forgot about Grundy! So true. Oh and if Betty was FP and Alice’s kid I would FREAK. That would be out there. Ha ha and yes gross! Alice and FP though could be all kinds of awesome, either in the past or even *gasp* now?!? I’d love to see Alice getting pulled back into that world…

            So is anyone still doing the bookish games? And I had never heard of that mafia game so clearly I am too sheltered in the internets? That totally rules though.Musta been fun. And dude a drunken game- related Youtube channel would be the best. Did you ever see The Tipsy reader’s videos? It’s basically author Jadah McCoy’s book reviews where she’s wasted, and they’re kind of a riot. I don’t think she does em anymore, haven’t seen a new one in a while, but here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5E9pwTLetE

            That is awesome- Adina with glasses. And a prequel book? He seems to like floating trial balloons- like oh I might write a prequel book, oops I shouldn’t have said, DELETE *wink wink*. Yeah right Jason. 🙂 And I looked at that pic of Clarke again, I think it’s the OCEAN, you can see a ship out there? and Clarkie has a backpack on, like she’s been traveling? Maybe she went to find the ocean to see if anyone survived?

            • You’d have to be sure to schedule the surgery RIGHT as Azgeda is coming to attack you and take your home/makeshift hospital. That’s when she does her best work. With Monty in the background channeling the late, not-great Charles Pike. That episode really is the WORST. Considering it starred Riley, I’d expect nothing less.

              We got probably like, 3 inches or so of snow? But it was weird because it was literally just supposed to be passing flurries, and since no one was prepared, the roads were a mess, and accidents were everywhere. 5 inches is basically a legit storm, so I can imagine it looks quite “White Christmas”-y there! Here it’s mostly melted already, which… not going to complain 😀 They DO all cheat, it seems! I didn’t know this would happen! I mean- they get in a relationship, they seem happy, then literally while their partner is asleep, they’re flirting with whoever else is awake! It’s quite alarming. They have a terrible sense of morality, or loyalty, or Idk, being a decent human being? Also, Murphy will NOT stop doing stand-up. Like, he is telling jokes, with a microphone and everything, and no one is even there?

              And yes, Winona is a MESS, but I think I like that about her? Hah. How involved are these high school kids? I also can’t remember anyone’s names. I might take a little break and then get back to it.

              I am going to start rereading tonight because frankly I don’t feel like reading anything else hah. Snow… it’s complicated. He IS a terrible dude, don’t get me wrong. But I think the question always lingers whether he really understands just how awful he is or if he really thinks he is doing the right thing. One thing Snow IS known for is being truthful- he’s not out to deceive people, even if he’s being cruel. The books are much better about fleshing him out a bit more- BUT the movies have those little snippets from his POV which I think were great.

              I feel like Archie and Betty shouldn’t get together yet? Because it’s so early in the series, and I don’t want THAT to turn into a similar will-they-won’t-they thing? Because yeah, the Bughead yo-yo was definitely annoying. Wonder who Veronica will be after now? I can’t imagine they’d keep her single for long. But again, not a ton of choices, so who knows? I like the idea of Alice and FP now AND then. Then, of course for context, and now because it would be hilarious to watch. I agree, her going back into that world- and then someone obviously calling her out on her hypocrisy- would be fabulous. You think Car Accident Nick will be back? Seems like there was a reason they didn’t straight up kill him, right?

              No, I don’t think they’re happening anymore, sadly. The last one was REALLY stressful apparently- if you go to the Dead Player Chat, things got REALLY heated- I wasn’t there obviously since I was never dead, but there were a lot of hurt feelings. People actually yelled at me for being indecisive (I only saw it after the fact of course) but honestly I thought it was hilarious because it was TRUE. But the mods had some personal stuff going on, and then all the fighting and hurt feelings… they just decided to call it for now- though they said they might do it again in the future, if their lives settled down. It was fun, but it was also the biggest mindfuck I have ever encountered!

              Umm. Is the Tipsy Reader drunk BEFORE she starts? Because if she is sober… I am scared for when the drunkenness happens. She is being WAY too serious when she reviews it though- she should have done less review, more drinking hahah. She seemed drunker BEFORE she was at the park, basically ?

              RIGHT? Like what even? Does he mean just flashbacks of like, Gagarin and such? Or an *actual* prequel show? Maybe he should worry less about a NEW show/books and instead figure out some kind of details about the CURRENT show we’re dying to know about? He is SO transparent though, I agree- obviously nothing he does is a mistake! I could definitely see her going to the ocean- especially since technically she WAS on an island, right? I mean, she had to get to land somehow, so yeah, you definitely could be right! And it DOES look like a ship, I agree, but we never saw ships EVER, so that’s kind of weird too? There was that one janky boat, Jaha’s now-dead canoe or whatever, and that was it- though that doesn’t mean there isn’t one, of course!

              • It totally looks like White christmas around here! The road looks like a sheet of ice and it’s cold. But I love it in a stark, wintry kind of way- and the Christmas lights don’t hurt (I think Christmas lights and snow go well together). I’ll be tired of it at some point, granted, but for now I’m enjoying it (although that probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t have to go out in it much lol). And that’s deeply disturbing about the sims’ lack of personal morality, although I suppose it IS more entertaining that way. Murphy, I don’t even *shakes head* but at least he’s not the one peeing in a bed s he’s got that going for him.

                I don’t remember the kids’ names after TWO seasons! Just that they’re kinda idiots??

                I am loving THG by the way. Kat just blew up the supplies and is looking for Rue (I sadly feel that’s not going to end well?). The only beef I have with Kat is she really doesn’t seem to realize that Peeta is trying to help her- it seems like she would have realized when he said “run” that he meant well- but other than that I love it. The tracker jackers were kind of a trip. And I’d love to see a running commentary by Haymitch and Cinna as they watch the action, that would be fun!

                I feel like Arch and Betty are endgame so you may be right? Is it too soon? It definitely is if they’re going to play games with it. TBH I thought they were going to get more mileage out of Bughead. The twists and turns on this show can be a little dizzying, and they seem a little arbitrary too. I don’t know about V! And I used to hate FP but now the possiblities there are intriguing… 🙂

                I can… see that happening. It would almost be impossible NOT to have hard feelings maybe, in a game like that? Which is why (off topic here) I love books or movies that play with that- do you want to play a game *insert evil laugh* And then of course the game goes haywire. Hey speaking of- did you ever see the movie The Game with Michael Douglas? Dude I LOVE that movie, it’s a mindfuck too. watch it!!!! okay back on topic. I feel like a Dead Player chat would have the potential to go off the rails, perhaps??

                I’m not sure if she’s ever sober but yes the park is kind of a mess, I agree. I think her first few reviews were the better ones. But then is she trying to be drunker than she really is? That thought crossed my mind.

                I keep forgetting she’s on an island! Or was, presumably before she leaves and goes to Green PAtch or whatever they’re gonna call it. And I’d love to see ruined ships. I even wondered if that thing on the right side sorta was the rig? Alas I am probably stretching a bit. 🙂 I’m blown away though that we know NOTHING yet- here in mid december? That’s actually kinda weird.

                • I agree, the lights and snow DO look nice together. Again, from inside of a house hah. I DO think I’d like it more if, like you said, there wasn’t a lot of coming and going happening. I think my biggest reason for hating it is just because around here, everything is far from everything else? Like- if it wasn’t already such a hassle to go places, then maybe it wouldn’t be so irritating? Or maybe I am just a terrible Scrooge-type, who knows ?

                  Monty really is a mess. I feel bad now that I am pretty sure it’s a glitch, I perhaps could have prevented him from soiling himself? I’m more disappointed in Bellamy, though. Murphy at least wasn’t hurting anyone with his incessant stand-up. Actually- now I kind of wonder if he is glitching too? I should really try to straighten them all out. Now it’s like- do I be responsible and return comments, or do I do what I want and play? Decisions.

                  HA I know the girl’s name is Eleven! And one of them is called Mike, I think? But I couldn’t tell you which one. Maybe I’ll give them their own names. The curly haired one is now called Seamus. And Henry is the young black fellow. Zoran is Zoran, obviously. And let’s call the other one Timmy. Like from Lassie, you know? My names are so much better than whatever their actual names are anyway.

                  YAY I am so glad you’re loving it!! This makes me so happy! I mean, no, Rue doesn’t end well of course. But I also love their relationship in the book SO much more than in the movie. Also, NOPE Katniss has NO idea that Peeta is helping her- she thinks he’s with the careers, and she DID think he said “run”, but she also isn’t sure she didn’t hallucinate it. The tracker jackers are SO awful, but so amazingly described! I think they could have done that better in the movie too, but maybe it was because of the PG-13 rating? I also think the first movie was by FAR the worst, so there’s that. I wish Haymitch and Cinna could have had a proper bromance, I agree! It IS kind of sad that we don’t get to see that angle in the books.

                  YES I am shocked that Bughead (and Varchie, I guess) ended SO quickly. Like I could see if there was a larger cast, but what the hell are they going to do now? Maybe Archie needs to be single for awhile. I mean- he has been with Grundy, Val, and Veronica in the span of… well, who knows, let’s say a month. Maybe you need a little breather, my dude. Who am I kidding, by next week HE may be sleeping with Alice Cooper.

                  I mean, I DO understand some of the hard feelings, I guess? Some of the stuff WAS a little over the top. But also, Jeann and I are good friends and she lied to me for 10 weeks and I knew it was part of the game, you know? She was worried I’d be mad and I’m like… uhh NO, that was what you’re supposed to do! But apparently there were some low-blows behind the scenes, which is NOT cool. I have not seen The Game (because me and movies, ha) but it does sound quite interesting! I read the synopsis, and I DO love a psychological mind game sort of story. I definitely will watch it!

                  YES I was thinking that, too! That maybe she’s playing up the drunkenness for camera, which I do kind of get (because how drunk does she really want to be in public in the middle of the day). I feel like it would have been funnier if she had like- Drunken Book Club. Where she and a few friends got together and drunkenly chatted about books.

                  Yeah, I kind of wonder how the hell she even gets OFF of ALIE Island? I mean- did the boat survive? Did she MacGyver one herself? And Green Patch is called Eden! Aka, the title of Episode 1! But yeah- did she just search until she found it? Where did she find food, water, shelter, etc until then? I have so many questions. How the hell did Madi survive? I feel like the thing that looks like the Rig is actually a part of a bridge? So you could very well be right about the water. ALSO. We still have almost nothing in terms of info (WHY do they hate us? No idea. But it IS weird that it’s mid-December and we have nothing. They’re done filming in about 5 weeks and we don’t even have a DATE.) BUT Jason clearly feels bad for us, and gave us this precious gift: https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/940667701055197184
                  ALL the questions. Who is that with Miller? And also who cares because BELLARKE in POLIS. Wonder if this means Indra is hard at work on Indrabees, the new Polis post-Praimfaya restaurant chain…. ?

                  • No, you’re perfectly normal. I think I’m in the minority for LIKING the snow, although like I said that may change at any moment. Our road was an ice sheet again this morning and still mostly is, but the main road are fine. But I love the cold air, how crisp it is, not that I want to stay out in it long lol. And watching it out the window.

                    Yeah that is a tough call. I can see the advantages of both. 🙂 Is it fun to play the SIMS after a while or does it get old? I’ve never played a SIM game so I have no idea. I did used to play RPG’s that had a lot of role playing options (even romances- that was kinda, um, weird but lots of people love em and I think the Bioware games like MAss Effect and whatever still do those) and those were a BLAST. And oh my gosh such a time sink. They just eat up the hours… but that was pre- blogging.

                    Oh yeah Mike. And Dustin I think (or justin?)- whatever. Idiot basically, especially in S2. I think your names are appropriate. 🙂

                    So I finished THG- loved it- and tomorrow I start Catching Fire. Which I’m super pumped for. The muttations were nasty- and they’re the dead tributes? Even Rue??? Gah fuck that Collins. Damn. Oh and the Gamemakers are assholes lol. But such a good book- you’re right it just flows and I had so much fun. 🙂

                    Riverdale has a habit of writing whatever the fuck they need for that week, seems like, way worse than the 100 could ever be. Oh this week Bughead. Oh this week no Bughead. Merry go round, now the whole show’s about gangs, ooh a street race, now cold case murders… I love it but yeah it’s got no internal consistency because…. whatever!! lol

                    That would be difficult. Even knowing it’s a game but having to lie as part of it, if the two people are mature and it’s in good fun no big deal, but I can see with more personalities involved… yeah it’s bound to go bad. And oh my gosh yes you have to see The Game, that’s like of my faves of ever. Here’s one of my fave scenes, cause, you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0ZnN4mivGw “You want to know how a camera got into your home?” LOVE that movie.

                    Drunken Book Club actually sounds like a good idea!

                    Bellarke in Polis! Yes fucking yes. Love that pic. And Jason teasing lack of food as a possible storyline? Or maybe it’s just a one- off comment. I’m down for an Indrabees, absolutely. All the memorabilia and Americana takes on a whole new meaning in the aftermath of multiple apocalypti? And where else are people gonna eat? Indra will clean up. But lots of questions there. Wonder if that one dude is a Gagarin person? I wonder if after the initial hostility the Gagarin crew breaks into factions, some working with the Arkadians and others not. Man we need info…

                    • I feel like I might hate it more than most people though? And the older I get the crankier I seem to be at it- probably because there are no such thing as “snow days” in adulthood and frankly, that’s rude. Today was the third snowy day and I was so salty, which I know is ridiculous because it’s December in Pennsylvania but… I can’t help it, it makes me mad!

                      I decided to play The Sims and give zero fucks about my blog. Well, I DID comment on a few other blogs so I didn’t feel totally useless, but that’s about it. And then I knocked up Octavia. With Murphy’s baby. And then Raven finally got Monty to woo-hoo instead of being in his gaming forums, but then she got a negative pregnancy test and she’s currently crying. It’s been a rough day at Casa Delinquent. Also, Octavia refused to go to work so she’s probably going to be fired. Oh it gets VERY old honestly. Like now it’s still kind of funny because I don’t play it very often, but after the first few babies and marriages and deaths… it’s meh. I feel like a RPG would be fun- but definitely a time suck like you said. So wait- they had romances!? How does that work!? I am so curious!

                      Oh YAY I am excited for you to start Catching Fire! I seriously loved that one even more. It’s probably my favorite if I *had* to choose. Yeah the mutts… no one ever really knew if they were actually the dead tributes, or just made to LOOK like the dead tributes. I assume the latter, but hell, you never know in that series! I do love how compulsively readable it is- I was “just one more chapter”-ing it last night, and it’s my 12th time reading it hahah.

                      I think one of the reasons I am loving Riverdale so much is that it IS kind of easy? I mean, after shows like The 100 and 12 Monkeys and Continuum that kind of mess with your head, it’s nice to not have to worry about anything making sense ever ? And I think they don’t give timelines and locations almost so they CAN play fast and loose with continuity. Which again, works for the type of show I suppose. Though I don’t think I could watch a lot of shows like it? It would start to drive me insane. I think that during tonight’s episode, they should premiere The 100 trailer with a date. Please and thank you. (It isn’t happening, is it?)

                      Yeah I mean- I think it was almost helpful that we were friends because I would never be mad? Val played too, and I kept joking that I was going to be so pissed if she lied to me (I wouldn’t have been!) but she died in the first week and I knew she was on my team hahha. There were a few people who took it WAYYYY too seriously and then started to attack on a personal level, and I guess that is where things got ugly. Ooooh that looks so creepy! The clown, why is it always a clown? Hah. I loved how the guy was like making fun of him for thinking a tiny camera was impossible and he’s like “you’re right, impossible. You’re having a conversation with your television” ? I really am going to have to watch it because I am very curious as to what the point of the game is!

                      OH nice catch on the potential “no food” storyline! I feel like that kind of WILL be a part of it? I mean- if everyone is fighting over that stupid green space, it isn’t just for the scenery! HA can you even imagine the decor at Indrabees? The sigil of the late Flokru, an arrow from Ilian’s neck, a Pauna tooth… the possibilities are endless! (Also “apocalypti” may be my new favorite word!) Oh good call on that being a Gagarin person- because you’re right, Jason even said that they’ll be hostile “at first”, which means that by this point, some of them are probably friendly. I also wonder if we’ll have a few new characters from Bunkerkru. It makes sense that a few would become closer with our characters during the 6+ years.

                      We still have NOTHING in the way of details, but Jason threw us a Kabby scrap today! https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/941025887855583232 There are theories floating around that Bellamy and Spacekru will find Bunkerkru BEFORE they find Clarke, Madi, and Gagarin, and Bellamy will tell Abby that Clarke is dead. I actually don’t hate this theory? Because I think in my mind I was sure they’d find Clarke and/or Gagarin, THEN dig out Bunkerkru, so this is… different. And high emotional fodder 😀

  11. Yeah we got a snowstorm here today, more snow and the roads are crappy again. Cold too! Man it was freezing. Snow days definitely need to be a thing, why should kids get all the fun?

    “knocked up Octavia” lol. Nice. But at least relationships are happening, which is good. Okay in the RPG’s I played it’s like you have a character and you can meet other characters, they can join up, whatever, and some have romance storylines, so if you choose certain dialogue options or whatever you initiate a romance. They go in all kinds of directions. I haven’t played one lately so stuff like Dragon Age or Mass effect or whatever might have more developed ones now? Bioware is known for having romances in their RPG’s, all kinds of genders/ combos. I’m kinda out of the loop though, I wonder if shipping is a thing now in RPG’s??

    Catching Fire is your favorite? Good to know. I’m wondering if Snow finagles Katniss back in the Games because he’s pissed about her berries stunt, or the growing rebellion? Or both. I probably knew once after seeing the movie but it’s been a while. The mutts thing was so creepy- it must have been awful to see Rue’s face on something trying to kill her. Yikes.

    I think you’re right about Riverdale. I mean fans like us tend to hash all the theories out, and sometimes it’s nice just to watch a show and not give a fuck. That’s what I’m doing with Runaways too, just going with it. And oh shit tonight was Riverdale wasn’t it??? Totally missed it. Shit! Oh well I’ll watch it tomorrow I guess *sigh* I did watch the new Runaways today, and I went back and finished Glitch since it was bugging me that I didn’t finish it (it redeemed itself somewhat). So yeah… Riverdale totally slipped by me.

    The Game is amazing because the point of it is to… fuck with people. Like if you’re jaded and want something that will take over your life, it will totally do that. And he is totally not ready for it. I mean they break into his house to place cameras! And actually they do a lot worse than that. It’s so good. 🙂 And yes I loved the way the guy in the TV set talked to him. “Do you know how dangerous that is?” cracks me up every time.

    An arrow from Ilian’s neck- damn. Good one! A Pauna tooth- you’re killing me. Maybe one of hose weird ass skulls they never explained. And true story I almost deleted apocalypti because I thought is that even a word and maybe it sounds stupid, but then I left it. And I do feel like someone or someones will emerge from Bunkerkru… gah I want to know and they’re not telling us!!

    Cute Kabby pic! I wonder if that background behind them is any kind of clue. Looks like some kind of facility? At least they look like they’re having fun. That theory is interesting, although I don’t know if I like it- I kinda want Bellarke reunited early on, and I don’t relish seeing Abby grieve if she thinks Clarke’s gone. You’re right though, for that same reason it would be good emotional fodder. And it would certainly juggle things up a bit? Hmmm…

    • I feel like kids don’t even like snow days that much? Like- there’s nothing to do since you can’t really go anywhere, and I personally would have rather had the days off in the summer. BUT, as an adult, there is also no summer vacation, so I would absolutely take a snow day! I remember this one snow day when I was in high school where there was literally no snow- and it never came, either. We’d been at morning weights and they cancelled school while we were there but it wasn’t snowing so we went to breakfast. Still wasn’t snowing, so we went to the mall. Still no snow, went to a friend’s house. The stupidest snow day, but the most fun hah.

      I agree, I feel like at LEAST half the fun of The 100 Sims is getting them all into ridiculous relationships? So okay- here’s my question: so the romantic storyline characters, they’re like, computer-generated, yeah? And then you can decide if your main game character wants to have a romance with the character or not? Or am I totally wrong? It sounds oddly enjoyable, like you can REALLY mess up the characters’ “lives” ? I really kind of want to try one but also…. time. One day!

      So I am the weirdo who likes The Hunger Games the LEAST of the three. I feel like most people seem to like Catching Fire the most. I loved Mockingjay, but it has a different vibe than the first two- much more political and somehow even darker. Also, I was thinking about it last night, and “The Hunger Games” is actually a REALLY stupid title? Like- that is why I almost never read them! I feel like they should have been called something more… Roman, actually. I digress. The answer to your question is both. Snow is PISSED, and he figures this is a good way to kill Katniss for her stunt AND kill the rebellion all at once. And, as if he needed a third reason, talk about a Games where everyone would be on the edge of their seats. He also tells you the “official” reason for using the Victors, too, during the announcement of the Quell 🙂 And yeah, I think that Snow loved the psychological torment of the mutts the most. What a sicko.

      YESSS Riverdale was on last night. It was… interesting. Part of it I felt was quite anticlimactic? And then this other part was… surprising I think. So I will be very curious to hear what you think of it! I agree, I love that I don’t have to think (overthink, let’s be real hah) with Riverdale. Is Runaways still good? And Netflix keeps suggesting Glitch to me, I felt okay about refusing, but it kind of redeemed itself? I can’t decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing hah.

      I am salty because of COURSE The Game is not available on any of the 129 different services I subscribe to. Amazon wants me to pay $4 just to RENT it, which is not happening. I will find a way though 😀 Is ANYONE ready for it? Like, are there people who think it’s a good idea? I am excited to watch it now! I loved the guy in the TV, I hope he is back for more fun during this game. And I loved how freaked out the maid was bwhahah.

      OOOOH yes, the skulls that did not look human or animal, perfect! A preserved Trishana butterfly! I feel like they should probably throw a famous painting in there from Mt Weather, if any escaped. Something from Skaikru but what even do they have with them? OH! I know, that silly ass little tree that Kane’s mom was obsessed with! I am glad you didn’t delete apocalypti hahha. I think maybe there was never a word for it because one would assume that there’d only be ONE apocalypse, because then that is the end. But NOPE, not on The 100. So you needed to invent one, it’s just good sense!

      It DOES look like a facility- certainly full of tech. I kind of wondered if maybe that was just the behind the scenes and is tech for production, not a set? But who can ever tell with this show! I wouldn’t put it past them hah. That’s the thing- I mean, I don’t *want* Abby to suffer but… actually, no, maybe I do, is that awful? I mean, knowing that it’s only temporary? Because like- it’d be an interesting departure for her. Every other time when everyone thought Clarke was dead, Abby was the only one whose faith held strong. But now… this would be an interesting dynamic, because this is the one time Abby actually did doubt that Clarke would survive? I DO agree that I don’t want to have to wait a long time for a Bellarke reunion. Maybe we won’t have to either way? I hope? Though we still have to wait for even a damn premiere date apparently. Some sleuths on Twitter (who have too much time on their hands, tbh) recalled that the trailers for the past two seasons came out on December 14, and here were are, and alas, no news.

      • They don’t call snow days here unless it’s really bad- which let’s face it, it’s Michigan right?, so I guess we’re expected to suck it up a bit. That does sound like a crazy snow day though! they were forecasting a ton of snow and it just never came? I bet you guys laughed your asses off about that

        Yes the NPC characters are run by the computer, and you can usually form a party by accepting a certain number into your group. Some romances will only be activated if you fit certain criteria, like there are hetero ones and M/M or F/F or whatever. They ARE kinda fun I guess, although I think I only did one or two, I bet they’re more involved now. And yes you can definitely!! mess people up lol.

        So I started CF today and I’m at the point where they just got to District 11 and PEacekeepers shot that dude. Damn! I’m a little disappointed that it’s been what 6 months and Kat and Peeta/ Gale have not really talked things out? Like Kat and Peeta live next door to each other now and they have this thing between them, and they seriously haven’t discussed it… once? Urgh. Or her and Gale either? I can see why people agonized over Peeta/ Gale because at this point they both seem good for her, in different ways. Although if I remember from the movies doesn’t Gale get involved in the rebellion, and make choices that turns her off a bit? I guess I’ll see. Also I can see where Mockingjay might feel different, since the first book had almost no mention of rebellion, and now we’re seeing the seeds of it. I imagine it’s a whole different story when war breaks out!

        I watched Riverdale, and I have thoughts. First of all I think it’s hilarious Archie’s mom booked a singles cruise- clearly they do not want Molly Ringwald back on the show! Oh and can I have that school lounge? Looks so cozy! I’d never go to class. Nana Rose was creepy AF, and Jugs- seriously? Did he CUT Penny? Dayum. He’s all in w/ the Serpents I guess, which seems silly. And Greendale fucking again. I’m tellin ya, they’re namedropping that town every 5 minutes, must be priming the pump for Sabrina. And man we’ve said it before but this show is so dark now. I love it though.

        So the killer was Svenson after all? I’m kinda doubting it but maybe that storyline’s done? And what’s with all the foreshadowing there on Betty? Sheesh. Archie and Betty kiss, then Archie lets Veronica kiss him and doesn’t tell her he’s into Betty now? That won’t go well. I was just starting to like arch more, but that was douchey. Runaways IS still good- not excellent but good. Intriguing enough to keep me watching. 🙂 Glitch I have a hard time recommending because even though the seasons are only 6 episodes each, they kinda meander and take forever to get anywhere? But it’s set in Australia so that’s interesting. I mean it wrap things up sorta and explain stuff, so it redeemed itself that way, but I just didn’t love it?

        You can probably watch the greatest hits of the movie on Youtube, since they have those movieclip snippets, but it’s worth waiting to see the whole thing. It’s so moody and atmospheric, and the premise of the Game is amazing because it’s so involved, you sign a waiver and they can do ANYTHING. It’s totally open ended and can appear in your life at any time, in any form. I’m surprised it doesn’t exist in RL! Maybe it does in some form…

        Ooh yeah Mt. Weather stuff! Like a drill (ow). And maybe some space junk from the Ark since everything was junked . I want to see that radioactively fucked up deer ha ha. Oh the decor would be the best, fuck the food. Although I don’t know, I imagine Indra cooks a mean steak?

        Hmmm… Dec 14? What if we get a trailer *gasp* before Christmas, or better yet a release date? Best christmas present ever lol? I’d take it! Seriously is this show going to come out in late spring now or even into summer, I wonder? Gah this could be weird.

        • Oh wow, really? That means that Michigan is sensible, then! Here… it’s dumb because it IS Pennsylvania and it does kind of come with the territory. So basically, at the start of the winter, there are snow days for any insignificant amount of snow. It’s really stupid. THEN, as the winter goes on, they realize “aw crap we’ve used too many days and now we need to calm down” and so when school SHOULD be off, it isn’t. And this has happened as long as I can remember, so clearly they don’t learn from their mistakes. And YEP- there was snow in the forecast, and then… it just didn’t happen. It was hilarious!

          Oh that sounds interesting. I can”t decide if I like the idea, or am weirded out by it, or maybe a little of both hahah. Like- I think if it’s just a low key part of a game, it would be fun, but if it got *too* involved/complicated, it would be a little skeevy, since it’s you know, not an actual human?

          GAH that scene is AWFUL, I hate it, and then in the movie they show the sweet old man who is just like, trying to stand up for Katniss and Peeta, it kills me. I agree that it IS a mess that they don’t even speak. But I guess it’s probably easy enough not to- it isn’t like they ever really ran in the same circles, plus Katniss is a mess of a human being when communication is involved. And Peeta was just so heartbroken, and probably kind of embarrassed? Gale…. ugh. I never knew what to think about those two. I was always Team Peeta, just because he was SUCH a good guy. Gale cared for her of course, but yeah, there is a BIG reason why she and Gale won’t work in the end- the books do it FAR more justice than the movies. In fact, I don’t even think the movie addresses it fully? That part is actually VERY different, I think partly because Phillip Seymour Hoffman died before filming most of MJ2, so they reworked quite a bit of the ending.

          I LOVED Molly Ringwald going on a singles cruise! That was perfect, that is EXACTLY where I want her for the rest of the series ? Seriously, what public school lounge LOOKS like that? Or even HAS a lounge? No school I was in had such a thing! Nana Rose is my new fave. She was so delightfully creepy! I thought Jughead burned the tattoo off, but no matter, he was pretty damn vicious. Why the hell didn’t they just kill her, honestly? I have been wondering that since she first started blackmailing Jug- like, get RID of her, you’re a damn gang! You’re right about the Greendale name drops- must be in preparation!

          The whole love… square? I guess it’s a square, between that group is infuriating. You KNOW how this will go, too. He won’t tell Veronica, Betty will let it slip or something, everyone will be mad. My eyes will be rolling right out of my head. Archie IS being douchey, I am not a fan. The whole “dark Betty” thing was weird- definitely foreshadowing, and definitely letting us know that they won’t let this dumb janitor storyline die. I was so bummed it was him, too. I was hoping it would be Betty’s dad, I have no idea why, but I did. Glitch sounds… frustrating, because it would almost be easier if it was just NOT good at all, and then you could move on? Maybe everyone else will hate it and it will be canceled and you will no longer have to worry about it. Weird thing to hope for, but..

          NO, I shall find the full movie somewhere. Hell, I’d rather buy it than pay Amazon $4 MORE to watch it. I don’t know why I have been so salty lately about paying extra for media, but I really am hahha. Like- I think if I didn’t pay a shit ton for stuff already, it’d be fine? But I don’t even get to keep it! Like, at least I own/can rewatch 12 Monkeys! I bet the DVD is like, cheaper than renting it even. I WILL find it. WAIT, so there is… no end point!? That is creepy! I am curious as to what makes someone agree to join the game, it must have a pretty amazing prize if people are willing to play. I always wonder if shady shit like that goes on in the real world. Probably does, somewhere. With like, super rich people of course.

          GAH the drill would be the worst. Or the Reaper drug injectors hah. I feel like nearly everything from the Ark is either in space, or lost at this point, which is sad. Maybe Niylah hung onto the wristband they used to save Raven! And Indra absolutely serves the best two-headed-deer burger in town, that’s for sure.

          I am seriously worried about the date/trailer thing. Like, I feel like last year we had a date at LEAST a month before the trailer. So yeah, my guess is March or later, which really sucks. They’re officially done writing S5 though! And Jason tweeted that he was hopeful about a S6, which makes one of us hahha.

          • Wow so they call school off for fairly light amounts? Kinda like the South almost sounds like. Although the south is probably worse. And yeah I guess it is sensible, in the sense that if they call too many days off the kids have to go longer in summer- but there have been days when it’s been like an ice sheet and I’m like really, you’re running school today??

            Exactly. I always thought it was a little weird too, because hello? Not an actual human lol. You’re interacting with some code. Although in the future with virtual reality and who knows what else will people take virtual lovers? As part of the game or just- cause? That would be a good YA sci fi plot maybe. “I ditched my girlfriend because I have a new one in the game” or some nonsense like it.

            It’s hard not to be Team Peeta, he’s such a good guy. I’m really interested in seeing what happens with Gale, cause I kinda like him? It’s a tough one!

            Enjoy your cruise Molly! Sayonara, auf wiedersehn, all that. Good riddance. that was rather fun. And yes that lounge= awesome. We never had anything like that either, although the high school here has a coffee shop in it. Can you believe that? It’s right off the library and the kids can go in there and get coffee and shit! I was like, really???

            The janitor thing is shit. I was thinking Betty’s dad too. Who cuts their own finger off? Fuck that. I bet we’ll find out he wasn’t really the Hood. And just how dark is Betty going to go? I mean there’s only so far before it’s ridiculous, right? And it wrapped up awfully fast. But then again I didn’t really LIKE the storyline so maybe it’s good if they’re moving on. Clearly there are subplots in play, especially at the Blossom residence. And yeah, I probably won’t watch Glitch if they do a S3. I feel like I’m done. I am waiting for Doctor Foster S2 to hit though, it’s a Brit show about a woman who finds out her husband is cheating with a young chick. I like some of those Brit shows.

            The DVD probably is cheap. And there is an end point, sort of… if you survive lol. It’s more for like the rich person who’s done everything and wants the ultimate thrill. I mean if you say stop they don’t just stop, they take you right to your limit. I can’t really say anything else for spoilers. But they do extensive psych profiling of the person beforehand, and learn a lot from that…

            I agree about Indra’s burgers. A little radioactivity just, you know, sears the meat a bit, locks in the juices, as they say. As long as the meat doesn’t sprout legs and try to get away, or glow.

            Well if Jason is hopeful for a S6 then that must mean they haven’t been shut down after S5, at least not yet. That’s something, I guess. I’ve been pretty worried about it actually. It is SO weird how nothing has been announced yet. To think we were hoping for January, we’d only be a month away or so?????????

            • YES! I mean, obviously not as ridiculous as the south, nothing is hah, but still! Especially because we STILL have those days where the roads are wayyy too bad and no one should be in school but they wasted too many days! Like- when I was 10, I was in a school bus accident (everyone was pretty much fine but it made national news which was kind of fun when you’re 10 ha) and it was because they didn’t close school even though there was SO much ice. So basically, my area is just stupid- too alarmist OR too negligent, never just appropriate hah.

              YES! In my mind it was like… if Jaha wanted to start something up with ALIE ? Like, obviously the idea of virtual reality is fun, but it brings up SO many questions. Namely, what is “real”, not even just in romances, but experiences across the board. But romantic relationships bring even more questions to the table. I guess I would never want someone to be told they *couldn’t* be in love with computer code but… could you, really? I mean, personally, I would prefer the company of actual human beings a million times over, but I suppose it could work for some people? I kind of love that as an idea for a book! It’s fascinating because the human partner would of course have flaws and such, where the game partner could be manufactured to the user’s specifications, so I actually see people doing that, ending real life relationships and seeking computerized ones, but I feel like it’s a GOOD thing to actually love someone flaws and all? Like.. character building or something? (Now we have an ending to the book too- the dude realizes that the computer girlfriend may be “perfect” but maybe perfect is boring as sin!)

              I liked Gale for the first half of the first time I read THG. I think because he was her friend and took care of Prim and all that stuff. But it’s so clear that she and Peeta are a far better fit. I think Gale is too much like Katniss sometimes for it to have worked? And I really like the dynamics of their relationship too- it’s like, SHE is the one who physically saves HIM, and I think that’s the first time I read that in a book, and it was so refreshing.

              WAIT, the high school has a COFFEE SHOP!? What the hell kind of place is this!? I mean, I am jealous, of course. We had… nowhere, you just saw your friends in like, the cafeteria or the parking lot like normal kids! I feel SUPER old saying this but… I didn’t even know high school kids DRANK coffee?! ? There wasn’t even a legit coffee shop at my COLLEGE. Goodness, I went to the wrong places.

              Her dad would have been PERFECT- especially with the connection with her random-ass grandfather popping in at the end there- I was SURE that meant something. But nope, just meant… the janitor is chopping off extremities? That might have been the funnest part of the whole storyline though because talk about desperate. I really hope this Dark Betty stuff doesn’t drag out too long. Maybe it wasn’t him, and now Betty will think it’s… her? I don’t even know, why would anyone keep a damn serial killer’s head-wear!? I agree though, I am glad it ended- IF it ended, that is. I want more of the creepy old Blossom grandma’s stories. That is a spinoff I’d watch, no question. Just Nana Blossom, telling creepy and awful old stories about Riverdale, and any other Dale she happens to know.

              Good call on Glitch, be done! Doctor Foster, huh? I feel like that show could have ended very quickly, with the woman… Idk, castrating her shitty husband and riding off into the sunset? I assume it goes way beyond the cheating? I am trying to get my post about shows together- but I am so lazy about blogging right now. And shows, actually. I still haven’t gone back to Stranger Things, even though I do want to. Or The Handmaid’s Tale because goodness, everything has been to gross in the world to delve into that again. I should pick it back up soon, it really is worth it, but it’s tough to get into the right mindset (you know, the mindset of “shit, actually, being eaten by a bear would be more pleasant than this world”).

              GAH this movie sounds really good- I love that they do psychological profiles and such and I want to know why and how. Hmmm actually, Amazon says I can rent it in SD for $3. I think I can live with that. But what I don’t like is that you only have 24 hours to watch it. With my luck, my internet or power or something would go out right after I started ?

              HA that’s the special sauce on the burger, the radioactive glow. Perfect. The real question is, can you cook the radiation out of the meat? Does it work like bacteria? And if Murphy is the chef, will he even bother to check?

              I agree, I think Jason just wouldn’t have said anything if he wasn’t hopeful. But it worries me too. I mean, I guess we’ve lasted this long, I *can* wait until March or whatever if I must, but I really do not want to. Now I just hope that it isn’t even longer. Or that it isn’t the end. I feel like they’re being really shitty to Jason, the writers, etc, too- because they are the ones who have to deal with the crazy fans yelling and bitching about it, and The CW says nothing, that just seems awful. GAH it would have only been a month. Sobs. There is basically zero percent chance of that happening at this point. I think March is actually the BEST we can hope for, honestly.

              • I would think a bus accident at that age would be pretty traumatic! And yeah there’s debate here too sometimes about their decisions- why didn’t they call this day off, why DID they call that one? Who knows.

                And yes virtual lovers- there are so many possibilities there. Ex Machina (the movie) explored that a bit, and it was freaky. the end of that movie is a trip, BTW. But yes I love it! Dude realizes virtual GF is “too” perfect, so he ditches her and she goes berserk and seeks revenge. I’m down for that. Oh and I can totally see people doing that, picking a “manufactured” partner lol. You know it’s coming. Although I agree, a real/ flawed partner is best? I mean, really. Still talk about ethical conundrums.

                I know, I didn’t know anybody in high school who drank coffee? Beer maybe lol. We just had a shitty cafeteria too. But no this high schol has one and it’s nice, I mean it looks like any small to medium sized little coffee shop you’d wander into. I was shocked when I saw it! What’s next a fucking Applebee’s in there???

                I really wanted it to be Betty’s dad too. then Alice would be free to shack up with FP and be Serpent woman again and let the good times roll! Sadly, she’ll have to stay a prim Northsider apparently for a bit yet. and who was Mama Blossom shacking up with on Christmas morning (poor Cheryl)? That put a dent in opening presents! Nana Blossom is just evil, with that eye and shit.

                Doctor Foster was pretty good, you know the Brit shows. They do things differently. She actually knows the girl’s parents so they’re all having dinner one night and she unloads about the fooling around, and it’s so awesome. I guess S2 got a bit controversial but it hasn’t hit Netflix yet. And I totally know what you mean- sometimes shows are hard t go back to, and why force it? That’s how I was w/ Glitch- I had to take a break and when I was in the mood for it again (sorta), I finished it. But some shows I just won’t go back to.

                Ha ha no doubt. You’ll have to tell me what you think! And if you hate it- sorry lol. 🙂

                I don’t think you CAN get the radioactivity out? Hope so because yeah Murph won’t give a shit, he’ll just microwave the shit to “warm” it and slap it on a plate. Here ya go a $10 burger. Prime meat *snicker*. Glowing food might be the next food trend in Indraworld.

                I agree, the CW are being assholes about it. What is their deal? It would be hard to be almost done filming and not even know when you’re premiering or anything. Merry fucking Christmas CW! If it wasn’t for the 100 and Riverdale I wouldn’t even watch that f’ing network…

                • Oh it WAS traumatic. After the novelty of it wore off and I realized I’d have to, you know, get on the bus again, it was a real shitshow. Though I think my parents took it the hardest- it happened on a Friday, and the following Monday our house had a for sale sign on the lawn, no joke. They’d talked about it from time to time, but I guess that was their impetus to move once and for all.

                  OOOH I had not thought about it from the perspective of the computerized.. thing? What do we call them? But whatever it is going nuts sounds quite entertaining. I mean, not for that guy, but screw him. I think the ethical part fascinates me the most- that and the psychological components of who’d pick the computer over the human and why. I think maybe part of my distaste for it is that it is SO manufactured- could it ever feel authentic and real? Or would you feel like you basically paid for a glorified, computerized escort service? Like on the list of reasons I’d want to hear from someone who wanted to be with me, “because I was programmed to” is NOT on there. It’s kind of depressing.

                  I didn’t either! Every so often my friends and I would get half cappuccino, half hot chocolate from those gas station coffee machines, but at that point it was about 2% coffee, let’s be real. We had a shitty cafeteria too. And a little “shop” that was actually just a storage closet that some nun sold candy and crap out of for charity. And a Snapple machine , which I am pretty sure cost my parents more than the actual tuition ?

                  OOoh yeah, I hadn’t thought about how that would free up Alice in this story. Fake-Prim Alice is so BORING. Damn, that would have been extra good. And just the emotional fallout would have been fabulous. They really robbed us. OH! I was wondering who that was too, that Cheryl walked in on her mom with! Were we supposed to know? Because I did not. It IS a sad Christmas morning for Cheryl, but not for her mom I suppose. Talk about a Christmas present for Mama Blossom ? Nana IS evil, but in that really fun way. She’s the kind of villain I like.

                  I googled Doctor Foster. Only 5 episodes per season? That is quite short! Damn the girl really is young, too- 23!? I can see from the description why it could be controversial- “The storyline was inspired by the ancient myth of Medea, a wronged wife who poisons her husband’s new bride and kills their children.” WELL THEN. I wonder how closely that ends up being followed ? I feel like I try so hard to finish shows, unless they reallly start to bore me. Especially one as beloved as Stranger Things! But I am struggling. I did watch two more episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale though- once I start watching, I can’t stop, but it’s hard to start. There was actually a super tiny glimmer of hope in one of the episodes finally! But then no, our MC was forced to have sex with some dude again to try to get pregnant, so back to hopeless hell.

                  I am sure I will like it, it sounds interesting! Plus you really haven’t steered me wrong yet, so.

                  HA I could see Murphy doing that. “Sure, I ‘washed’ the veggies”. He probably would sell all the good meat to some shady Grounder in a back alley, and then cook up squirrel and rat and shit for Indrabees. He and Emori could just BUY Becca’s mansion after a few weeks of double dipping. I love the glowing food trend. OH! Indra can start her own nightclub, and the whole decor theme could be Trishanakru world. I’d go.

                  Seriously, I feel like the CW are basically assholes. That’s the thing- they are literally finishing up, the writers are done, etc, and yet no one has any idea if/when it’ll even be on. I mean, it WILL be, because they’d not spend all that money for nothing, but if it were my job, I’d be freaking the hell out. They seriously need to give their employees AND their fans some news before Christmas. Like- they obviously know by now, it’s not even a matter of them not being able to tell us, it’s just them being shitty about it.

                  • Wow so that did have a big impact on your life! I can see it though, that’s a huge deal. It would certainly be hard to get back on the bus after something like that.

                    “because I was programmed to” lol. No doubt, that’d be a bit of a relationship killer. You should check out Alex and Ada, it’s a graphic novel that explores that very thing. Guy gets an artificial girlfriend from his grandma (who has her own artificial lover) and he finds out that there’s an underground movement of artificials who are sentient, so he unlocks her sentience so she can make her own choices. They fall in love, and… yeah I won’t spoil the rest. Good stuff. Or the Ex Machina movie, because FREAKY!!!

                    I don’t have any idea who Mama Blossom was shacking with, but poor Cheryl. she looked crushed. Mama Blossom is a strange bird though. And Nana… I think she likes fucking with people. Telling Archie and Betty just enough to freak them out, then she’s all like oh I’m tired take me to my room. Yeah right evil witch lol.

                    Yes I love those Brit shows with their short seasons! And I love that Medea reference- awesome! No she doesn’t poison anyone (at least not in S1- I think) but the dinner party where she goes off on the affair with her husband and the floozy right there- amazing scene. Floozy- I just wanted to use that word. The Handmaid’s Tale actually sounds really hard to watch, I can see where the unrelenting shittiness towards women would be hard to take?

                    Ooh good so far, although that just means the law of averages that something I recommend is really going to suck! Hopefully not for a while yet lol.

                    Murph selling the good stuff in an alley- I love that imagery. Wouldn’t he have fit right into that Polis marketplace where they were selling God knows what? Rat meat and whatever else. I feel like Indra would catch him though, and then watch out Murph. I would absolutely go to Indra’s nightclub. That would be amazing decor. She could even do a Rainforest Cafe 100-style. Instead of a periodic rainstorm she could have a periodic Praimfaya to scare the living bejeebers out of everyone…

                    Yeah the CW… makes you wonder what they’re doing. I agree. TV would be shitty to work in, from a showrunner perspective maybe… I think back to Dark Matter, and Joseph Mallozzi’s blog- he was the showrunner- he seemed like such a cool guy, and the cast and crew were awesome, and they tried to save that show but nope, it didn’t work out. Tough business, it’s amazing we get good shows at all!

                    • Yeah, it really did. It’s funny, we went to Disney World about a week after, and my mom took us to school for the week in between, but even after 3 weeks, I was so paranoid- especially every time we went around the turn that we flew off of into the woods. Even though logically, I knew even at 10 that the likelihood of it happening again in the same spot were ridiculously low. And the school tried to fire the bus driver even though it was not his fault! How awful. Poor guy was stuck in the bus for hours, too- we all crawled out the little windows that half-open, but he was you know, a grown adult, and couldn’t fit. Ah, memories ?

                      I looked up Alex and Ada, it looks really good! I like that she can make her own choices. I feel like that adds a whole extra element to the AI-human relationship debate. I read a book where that was kind of a “thing” (Defy the Stars, which you should definitely read) and it wasn’t as weird because the AI had the ability to have feelings and opinions and stuff. I mean, there’s still the whole “this isn’t a real person” thing but… I can’t decide how much that matters? Though I think this is a problem for people much farther in the future than we’ll ever be ? I do like the sound of Ex Machina too. I looked it up and apparently it has quite good reviews. Another one for me to add to my constantly growing list of movies 😀

                      Seriously, Cheryl DID look upset. Probably means she knows the guy? And doesn’t like him, clearly. Because she kind of hated her dad, so I don’t think she’d really care if her mom had a new love interest? Honestly though, if you had Betty and Archie showing up at your house and you had creepy ass stories… wouldn’t it be super fun to mess with them? She must get so bored sitting around there, I feel like the old bat could use a few chuckles.

                      Heh floozy is a fabulous word. Sorely underused. I want to watch it just to see the reaction on the girl’s parents’ faces bwhaahah. Can you even imagine? She won’t be able to look them in the eye again for decades, at least. Handmaid’s Tale, ugh. Like- I’m legit going to watch Spacewalker tonight because it’s easier to watch Clarke kill Finn than watch The Handmaid’s Tale. I feel like I am not doing a very good job of endorsing this show ? But it IS good- just so scary. And like- even men aren’t safe, they constantly show the bodies of men who tried to like, NOT rape women being carted away, so it isn’t even like you’d be off the hook hah.

                      Well. Maybe something will suck, but… I doubt it? I mean, it’ll be hard for anything to live up to 12 Monkeys, that’s for sure, but flat out sucking… well I hope not. Even if it does though, you’re already forgiven because of all the fabulous stuff I’d never have watched if left to my own devices 😀

                      Oh YES I loved the Polis marketplace! It was like… Idk if you have them there, but random places around here have flea markets in huge parking lots and old drive-ins? It’s like that! Only instead of weird crafts or whatever, they sell rats at Polis. Or um, did. Those people are probably all dead. Oh Indra would SO catch Murphy! Like- Murphy is sneaky, but not sneaky enough to outsmart Indra. I LOVE the idea of random Praimfayas to really mess with the patrons. And if she gets them messed up enough on moonshine and Jobi tea, they’d probably freak out and think it was real, and she would have such a good laugh at their expense. I feel like Indra would never partake in any kind of mind altering beverages…

                      That is really sad about Dark Matter. Like- when you think about it, it isn’t even just the shows we love, it’s people’s careers, so it’s extra shitty. Jason tweeted today that we won’t be getting the trailer before the winter break- which I think starts after this week for them. So… guess we’re not going to know anything for a long time. I hope that doesn’t mean nothing until AFTER the break, because they don;t come back til almost February! (We’re waiting until February for information, aren’t we?)

  12. Waitaminnit!!!! You had to crawl out the fucking half windows??? Holy $%^&- that’s pretty serious. I mean I know a bus crash is serious, but… wow. Man that would scare the shit out of anybody who had to get back on.

    Alex and Ada is really good. I’m gonna look around and if I still have the comics I’ll send em your way. It’s interesting because the whole is she really just artificial or- if she has feelings/emotions/sentience- is she a person?? I guess that’s the same thing they examine in Ex Machina, which is totally a trip. Defy the Stars sounds like something I’d like (did Claudia Gray write that)? I’ve read her two Star Wars books and liked her writing.

    Yes Nana Blossom needs some fun, and dumbass kids like Betty and Arch would be SO easy to manipulate. With the more supernatural tone they’re taking they should use Nana a lot more, she could be like the resident expert on everything batshit in Riverdale (and Greendale for that matter). Seriously how long do we gotta wait for the Sabrina series I wonder? I need more….. and now I’m really curious about who Mama was with. Dammit I should have looked closer or rewound.

    Floozy *nods* wondrful word. I highly approve. And I think I’m going to try Handmaid’s Tale because… well even though it’s clearly hard to watch, if you’re liking it I’m curious to see how it is. And in Trump’s America we’re going down a shithole anyway so might as well prepare myself right?

    Aw thank you. Saw your shows post today, BTW, and loved it. Totally awesome scenes you picked. Garza *happy face* lol. And Donnie!!! I am really glad you liked 12 Monkeys though, because that could be a tough one- I do feel like hardly anyone talks about it, and I think the movie turns some people off (I’ve never seen the movie, believe it or not) which is a shame because Jennifer! lol it’s worth watching for her antics alone. 🙂 And shit at the rate we’re going the next 12 Monkeys season will be here before the 100!

    We have those too, like Saturday morning flea markets and shit? I wonder how much hot sauce or questionable condiments one must put on a rat skewer to make it palatable. I guess if you’re hungry enough… and clearly people in Polis were. Not everyone can eat like the Heda. Oh and random Praimfayas- you could have some of the wait staff stagger through the restaurant with horrible sores on their faces, that would be fun, but intersperse it with random glowing butterfly effects or something, so it’s not all gloom and doom. Let’s have some positive radioactive activity as well, after all. And you know how you walk under an aquarium tunnel thing at Rainforest? At Indra’s place it would have that horrible sea monster in it.

    I saw that tweet. I was thinking about the 100 and checked his feed, but I didn’t know what winter break meant. So we’re looking at february? Oh my gosh that’s forever, we were supposed to have the SHOW back in January! What is even the deal?? This totally sucks. Even if they’d give us the date, I can wait on the trailer. How can they not know??? Could it seriously be like summer??

    • Yep! It had ended up on its side, and the back emergency door was blocked by trees. I guess it WAS pretty serious- I mean, we all landed in heaps on one side, so… yeah hah. We all were taken to hospitals on stretchers too because the first responders were scared. I guess when it involves kids and potential neck injuries, they’re always going to err on the side of caution! (In hindsight, it really IS a fun story hahah.)

      Aww that is so sweet of you, thanks!! I definitely do want to read them- I saw that a LOT of my Goodreads friends added them and I am like… how did I miss this!? And that is the thing- does the fact that she can feel make her an actual human? How do you draw that line? I mean- even if her “feelings” stem from codes… ours stem from chemicals and such so are we *that* unique? Now I am going to have to watch Ex Machina too, because I LOVE that kind of thought-provoking stuff. Stuff that we may never really have clear answers to, I suppose. And YEP! Claudia Gray is the author! She wrote a time travel series that I haven;t finished yet, but the first book was decent. But Defy the Stars blew me away completely, I think you’d really like it. It opens with the MC being totally cool with dying for her planet, so you know the stakes will be high! I have the sequel, but I refuse to read it til 2018 because I don’t trust 2017 anymore.

      I Googled the Cheryl’s mom thing- and watched the clip AND paused it on the dude trying to figure out who he is. Some people say he is “Vic from the Christmas Tree store” which… who even is that!? And then some people say that Penelope is now prostituting herself. So… one of those, both of those, I have no idea. And seriously, they are NOT utilizing Nana very well, are they? She should be wheeling herself out there with them for goodness sake! She needs a to-go flask and a motorized scooter, and I bet you she’d have every crime solved before the rest of those assholes. As for Sabrina, you are right about it being live action- I guess those graphic posters are just for the promo. And it isn’t premiering until NEXT season- like, 2018-2019. There’s also some speculation that Alice will be related to Sabrina, but I don’t really know why/how.

      HA yes, you do need to prepare yourself! I mean, I would never last in that world. I think that’s the hardest part about watching it. The main character is just… an everyday woman, you know? She was living her life, not bothering anyone, and then BAM, she’s now owned as some kind of baby factory and has to wear a fucking bonnet and say shit like “blessed be the fruit”. No no no. And they show lots of flashbacks to how society became that way, and it is terrifying. But also REALLY quality stuff.

      Aw thanks! I will respond to those comments… someday probably 😀 I love 12 Monkeys so much. I think I even convinced Val and Holly to try it because I gushed about it so much haha. I think you’re right about the movie, too- several people in the comments said they didn’t want to watch it because they didn’t like the movie. I actually want to see the movie at some point because like… HOW did they condense such a story into a movie!? The show HAS to be far better. It is SO underrated, and that is really a shame, it deserves better! Sadly, I wouldn’t doubt if we saw the finale of 12 Monkeys before the premiere of The 100 at this point.

      YES! They just open up on weekends and people sell shit on tables out of the back of their cars and such! They always confused me because do people actually buy stuff? I guess so if they keep doing them! You know, I didn’t see ANY kind of sauce being served with Stick of Rat. Kane is a good sport, I’d have been like Abby, all “hard pass on the rodent, weirdos”. I love the line where Emori is complaining about there not even being bugs, and Murphy says “fortunately I’m not hungry enough for that to be upsetting yet” ? OH I love the idea of having sea monsters and such! I am picturing it, like the awful, Halloween version of Rainforest Cafe. It’s just every day is apocalypse day! (Sidenote about Indra: In The Sims, she came over to Casa Delinquent, walked in, and took out their trash. And I feel like that totally sums her up as a person.)

      That’s how I feel, I don’t *need* the trailer, I just want to know when we can expect this stuff. I hadn’t known about the winter break thing either, but someone that I follow RTed some crap about them being on winter break the day before, so it was in my head. It’s crazy! They HAVE to know, don’t they? Unless there’s some show on the fence that they’re waiting to see if they should keep airing? I can’t think of any other reason that they wouldn’t know! I really, REALLY hope we don’t have to wait til summer. Why would they do that to such a well liked show!? OH did you see that there is a new guy cast? http://deadline.com/2017/12/yellowstone-cast-heather-hemmens-mike-dopud-the-100-1202228097/ This Vinson guy is apparently a serial killer in our time which… is insane.

      • That is an amazing story, and I’m glad everyone was okay?. But I can imagine a bus turning over and kids landing in a heap all on one side- musta been terrifying. Yikes. Glad you guys got out and were okay.

        If you get a chance DM me on Twitter with your address, if you don’t mind. I thought I had it from when you sent me the books but I musta thrown the envelope away- sorry! I’ll try to get some good stuff out to you. 🙂 And yes that’s exactly it. When do they become “human”, if they ever do? There are so many takes o that. Obviously Alex and Ada is one, ex Machina is another, even the BBC show Humans explored that . Another good show, with short seasons. But… I just got an email from Netflix today that Travelers S2 is coming on Dec. 26! Woot! I had no idea it had already aired but now I can binge it right after Christmas. Yesss!!! But yes I’m not sure what the answer is about that- should they have rights? If they can feel emotions, seems like they should? Ex Machina is awesome and a little creepy, but I love that movie. I might send you that too. 🙂

        I think Vic might be the guy that Arch told to help Cheryl when she came looking for a tree? It was like a blink and you miss it moment, and I’m not even sure… but maybe? Kind of a dufus looking guy if I recall, but not really sure. Whats going on there??? And a go-to flask! Love it. Nana’s on the move, watch out supernaturals. I guess we’ll be waiting a while for Sabrina, that’s too bad, but Alice related to her? That’s intriguing!

        I kinda wondered about the whole bonnet thing, all the promo stuff I see are these women wearing bonnets and I’m like WTF? Now it makes sense. I may start it tonight, or tomorrow. My Hulu trial is coming up soon and I was gonna cancel but I may hang on, so I can watch Handmaid and whatever else is on there. I need to explore Hulu more, I’ve only been using it for Runaways.

        Ooh I hope they like 12 Monkeys if they try it. Watch they’ll think it sucks lol. And I can see where it wouldn’t be for everyone- it’s kinda dark, and Jennifer’s a riot but it takes a long time to get her going? And maybe it is watched, I don’t know anything about its ratings, but I’ve references to the fanbase being pretty rabid, so… yeah. Just flies under the radar I guess! And the movie- same here. I’ve seen snippets of it and it looked- boring? Like they play up the mental institution angle I guess, which in the show they thankfully dispensed with in like one episode? I suspect it’s not NEARLY as good as the show… and yes I think 12 Monkeys will return well before the 100, the way things are going.

        “Stick of Rat” lolol. Yeah props to Kane for chewing the rat up and going mmm, good. That was a great Murphy line, BTW. I have to admit he and Emori play off each other very well. He did well with Jaha too, the guy has range and can play off a lot of the characters really well, like raven too. I hope we get a lot of Murph in S5. And Indra came over to CD? I can see it too, all no- nonsense and clearing house. They better all get straightened out 🙂

        That new guy- a serial killer? That’s creepy. But I guess it’s good news that we get little dribbles of info like this, new casting news, rather than cancelation speculation, so maybe we’re okay. Jason seems to be careful what he says so there must be something going on with the CW. Maybe you’re right and they’re debating where to place the show, and he can’t comment. But this long wait keeps getting longer… argh. I did like the Octavia face of death he tweeted. 🙂

        • Aw thanks! Yeah, I mean, I feel like it sounds scary- and had the potential to BE scary, really, but luckily everyone was okay. There WAS this one girl whose family was super shady, and she kept like, wearing the neck brace in public but then taking it off when no adults were looking. Gotta love those people ?

          And I will DM you after I respond here! That is seriously so, so sweet of you. Also, I cannot BELIEVE you didn’t save old garbage, I am deeply offended ? (Obviously kidding- but I actually used to do that, save envelopes, or at least, rip off the address part? But then I realized that I would just misplace the damn thing, so I gave that up hah.) But I am looking forward to it and I will obviously be sharing my thoughts with you 😀 OH and I am excited to hear this about Travelers! I am going to start that soon too, I feel like I have been jonesing for some time travel. 12 Monkeys withdrawal or something haha. And I think I have heard of Humans! I just saw that it was on Amazon Prime, too. Do you kind of feel like the whole “do AIs get rights?” thing will be such a huge deal in the future? I mean, you know, if Trump doesn’t kill us all, several generations from now could be having literal civil-war level arguments about this. Because apparently as humans, we LOVE when things are the “same” as us, and have no time for differences.

          HA yes, he is definitely a dufus-looking guy, perfect way to describe him! I vaguely remember him, now that you mention it, but I wasn’t paying full attention at that point because they were boring me with their stupid trees ? Bwhaha I am just picturing Nana in a Jazzy, flask full, sunglasses on like that dude from CSI: Miami, just putting out fires all over the place- and obviously creating new ones! I wonder if Alice’s son is going to play into the Greendale storyline… Maybe that’s how there’s a connection?

          Yeah the Handmaids have to wear these bonnets and ugly dresses- I guess to both distinguish them, and to squelch any sense of like, sexual appeal? They’re literally just supposed to be… vessels, for lack of a better term. Less than human, they just happen to be the only women who can birth children. It’s truly horrifying. And like, the MC is called Offred, and it took me a minute to realize that her name is literally OF FRED- she’s Fred’s possession. I will be SO curious to hear your thoughts! It’s definitely the kind of show that merits discussion, no question. I need to investigate Hulu more too. I am just so used to Netflix that I sometimes forget it exists, which is a shame. I feel like there have been a lot more shows that migrated to Hulu lately too. AND I want to try Runaways!

          WELL, if they think it sucks, then we just know that they have terrible taste ?Actually, Val decided she wanted to watch it on her own, while she was here I was struggling to find S3, and so she was helping me Google umm less legal ways to find it. We came up empty of course, but she read about it and was intrigued! I wonder if part of the reason that 12 Monkeys flew under the radar is that it appeals to a bit of an older range? Like- the characters are supposed to be in their late 30s, early 40s, so it isn’t like some of the teen shows that then have all the teens (and adults!) clamoring on social media? OH you haven’t watched the movie either? We should watch it, once the show is over (so it doesn’t somehow taint our perception hah) and then judge it! I agree- I am glad they dropped the mental institution thing. I suppose that shows the cultural shift in the time between the movie and the show, which is a positive thing. I’ve seen a few clips of the movie, and the characters look so much duller? I bet that has a lot to do with it.

          Seriously, how did Kane make himself eat that!? Especially since there was obviously no meat in space, even getting used to “typical” food-animals would be hard, nevermind rat! I’d have to be, idk, Katniss-level desperate to eat a damn rat. OH! Speaking of, how is Catching Fire going!?

          I agree about Murphy and Emori. Murphy and everyone. Richard Harmon is just a tremendous actor. I hope he has a BIG role too this season. And YEP. Bellamy invited Indra, and a bunch of other people, to hang out, and Indra comes over, mace in hand, and just starts taking out their trash! Jaha waltzed it and went to lay down in their beds, so Idk, clearly these people have never been guests in someone’s house before!

          Yeah, it’s weird to get casting news so late, isn’t it? Like- the season is done filming in a month! So why are we just seeing this guy now? It’s got to mean something! I love the idea of him being an actual modern-day serial killer. Because EVERYONE else on the show has killed, sure, but in the midst of wars and trying to save their people, etc. This guy just killed… Idk, for shits and giggles? And YEP Jason has been VEEEERY careful. Definitely for a reason! Did you see the picture of Bob from the trailer that he tweeted for Bob’s birthday? It didn’t really tell us anything, but still, I’ll take whatever scraps he hands out at this point! And YES, the Octavia face was fabulous! And it also kind of makes it seem like he gets that we’re getting impatient and he doesn’t like it either. He’s kind of been killing it this hiatus.

          • I know, why didn’t I save that?? I thought I did, actually, but I can’t find. I’m so organized lol. But yeah I don’t know if it will get there before Christmas but it will arrive at some point. Hopefully you like. 🙂 And yes Travelers- I hope you like it! It’s pretty different from 12 Monkeys, I don’t think it’s as good, but it has its moments. I think the AI rights thing could be big in the future, if we really do get synths or sentient androids or whatever. Sometimes I think there are so many shows that explore this and why don’t I get tired of the concept, but I think it’s becaus there never really is an answer? I mean it can go either way, depending on what actually happens? And I love it when I see a cool take on it.

            Hey good call on the possible Alice conection. I just saw today that casting calls are out for Sabrina, and they’re looking for all ethnicities for the 3 leads- SAbrina and her two aunts I guess they are? Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

            So I started Handmaid’s Tale last night and- damn! You weren’t kidding. That show is effing depressing. What a messed up world- Mike Pence’s America maybe lol? I can see where you have to take it in small doses- I think I’m going to watch occasionally because binging might be too depressing! But I’m really curious how the world got that way. And I see that Hulu has Fear the Walking Dead through S2- so I could pick up where I left off if I’m so inclined. Just for shits and giggles. I don’t know yet… I don’t really care that much, but it does Alycia and I’m curious if her character gets better. Most of the charatcers were pretty dumb or boring up to where I stopped…

            Ha ha I hope they like it. Otherwise they’ll look side eye whenever the topic comes up lol. But yeah I think you’re right about the ages- good point. And I think the movie does have an outsize influence- like people see the name and think oh that weird 90’s movie with Bruce Willis. Probably doesn’t help. And yeah that would be fun! I bet the movie is soooooo different…

            Catching Fire is going great, Kat just found out her and Haymitch/ Peeta are going into the Quarter Quell. They just loaded her and Haymitch onto the train. Man that new PEacekeeper dude is an ass! But I like that so many provinces are rebelling- it adds a lot to the story. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

            Sounds like Jaha’s being a creeper, I’m not sure about the Sims version of him ha ha. And Indra with a mace- are we talking like a weapon mace, or the spray stuff? Because if she started spraying people with mace I would laugh my ass off. Indra goes berserk! I’d be down for it.

            I didn’t see the Bob pic! But I agree- Jason seems care about the fans and this horrible wait. Someday we’ll get the whole story probably. I feel like in this age of social media it really helps if the showrunner is good at social media- Dark Matters’ showrunner was like that and so is 12 Monkeys Terry Matalas. It just adds a little especially since the actual networks are so ruthless about cutting shows and all that. I feel for the showrunners and cast who pour their hearts into these shows, only to get canceled.

            • I do that ALL the time- tell myself i am saving something and then put it “somewhere safe” and then never see it again. OR find it after I no longer have use for it. Because of course haha. And I definitely will like it! It’s so sweet of you to send it, and who doesn’t love mail, right? 😀 I feel like Travelers looks a bit more… what’s the word I am looking for? Stuffy? Businesslike? Whereas 12 Monkeys was so gritty. But if it’s decent, it’s worth a try!

              I agree that there will be a LOT of questions about AI rights- and it so many different ways! Like, can they vote? Work? It’s all very interesting, and you’re right, there IS no concrete answer, at least not now. I think it almost reminds me a bit of the cloning debate because it’s literally humans manufacturing people to their own specifications? And that is a suuuuper slippery slope, because think about it- who will be making these AIs? The wealthy. So you’re only going to have ONE group of people’s interests represented, and I can see why a lot of the population would NOT be okay with that. OH so I have a story idea! A group of AIs built like shitty old white rich people, but who HATE being like that, so they rise up against it. Because the shitty old white rich people were too stupid to take their sentience into account ?

              OH! That is so fun about Sabrina! Her aunts on the 90s version were so quirky, I hope they make them like, dark and quirky. But definitely with secrets and crap. I feel like this version has a lot of potential. I do wonder how they’re going to parlay the witchcraft stuff into regular Riverdale though ?

              RIGHT? It legitimately is Pence’s America- they get REALLY into slut shaming and homophobia and such as it progresses too. There’s one scene- it was so hard to watch, I don’t even have words. You’ll know it when you get there. It’s basically some kind of “religion”-based thing, but what the hell religion condones RAPE!? (I suppose the answer, sadly, is STILL Mike Pence’s America, so yeah.) There is a really uplifting scene at the end of episode 4, I think though, so it does have a FEW bright spots to look forward to (keyword few though haha). I think I am going to try to watch it again tonight- I had been just watching Chelsea and The 100 on Netflix, but Chelsea is over (sobs) and The 100 is getting to that annoying part in S2 where Clarke buys into Lexa’s “love is weakness” bullshit and makes Creepy Ghost Eyed Finn get a case of the sads and wander into the woods. SO I am going to do Hulu tonight! And now that I know FTWD is on there, I am going to start that too I think, just when I have time. Unless it is, in fact, too stupid haha.

              Well, Val doesn’t like The 100, so we already know she has terrible taste. Maybe there’s still hope for Holly? Yeah, I think it’s definitely the whole 90s tone of the movie, and the cast, and like, Brad Pitt instead of Jennifer? Hard pass. But we will judge it and then know for sure 🙂

              OH that is such a tough moment, when she realizes that she has to go back into the arena! You know, thinking about it now, it almost reminds me of the Second Culling- because she thought that at least she was safe, you know? That was one thing she’d never have to worry about. And then BAM, back in she goes. I am almost finished with THG, I am excited to start CF again!! The peacekeepers are the worst- like in book one, it’s just a quaint little district, and then by CF, you have Thread making their lives hell. I love the slow start of the rebellion, too- it seems pretty real, that most people would be scared and such, but a brave few would stand up. And who knows, maybe they’re giving us pointers for our shitty country hah.

              OH SIms Jaha is SO creepy! I need to get back to Bunkerkru as soon as O has her baby (I need to name it- I missed the Kabby baby and they named him for me and I was pissed!) because Jaha had that ridiculous love square with Niylah, Miller, and Jackson going on. He is so shady. We are talking the weapon mace, but I DO wish she had the spray mace, that would be really fun. I need to make more of them fight- I think I spent too long trying to make them all hook up hah- and I want this post to be ready for next week!

              YES I agree with you that we WILL find out the whole story someday. I don’t even really understand why The CW doesn’t just say SOMETHING to appease the fans? Like- “hey guys, sorry for the holdup, but we’re working on it!” would go a LONG way. Idiots. I looked up Terry’s Twitter, and found out that there’s going to be a scene of Jennifer singing a song she recorded on Abbey Road bwhah. Definitely here for that! And seriously, it must be so, so awful when something you have worked so hard on, and very obviously love, just gets axed without warning. Even the crew and such, they’re all out of jobs too! And fans get reluctant to keep trusting the networks, really. I know a few people commented on my post about shows how they don’t even like watching stuff anymore because they’ve been burned so many times!

              • Travelers is definitely a bit more grounded, no question. You never see the future, for example, whereas in 12 Monkeys I’m used to going back and forth. Amd some of the team are iffy- but it’s worth a shot, and from what I’ve seen S2 looks great!

                Ha I love your story idea! And your comment about the wealthy making the clones resonated a little since I just read an article about the new tax bill lol. Talk about the wealthy having their way! Oh well whatever. I love the idea of clones going berserk too, or rebelling- and they look just like us, so what if they replaced their makers? Spooky!!

                Sabrina will be the bomb I suspect. How dark will it go?? And I think Riverdale is trying to walk that fine line between going there and not getting too batshit crazy. Like last season when the showrunner was hinting about dark cults and strange gods I was like are they really gonna do that? But they didn’t, I think they know too much will turn off or baffle the audience.

                Fear the Walking Dead is tough because the characters are SO stupid at times, and some of them I hate. But it gets better, sorta. I decided to watch a couple episodes today and I really like the Madison character (the mom) and Alycia’s character (named Alicia, oddly enough). The rest are idiots. But you’ll see… and since Hulu has ’em I figured I might as well get up to at least S3. You might have to really hang on though because if I remember the first few episodes of FTWD were not exactly gripping. It starts slow?

                Exactly! We shall turn our most discerning critical gaze on 12 Monkeys (the probably sucky movie ha ha) at some point, but yeah not expecting much. 🙂

                So I finished Catching Fire and damn! I loved the team of six they had, but poor Mags. I remember that gutting me in the movie too. Finnick rocks and it’s such a cool moment when you realize the rebellion is on and they’re taking her away. I’m pretty much Team Peeta now, I like Gale and feel for the guy but Peeta just… grows on you? He’s just so frickin nice. And devoted to Kat. I was sorry to see Seeder die. For someone wh only has like one interaction with Kat I was hoping they’d team up. I liked that some Tributes were in on the plan and some weren’t.

                Yes more fighting! 🙂 Indra w/ a mace- yikes! Maybe you could set up like a Hunger games style tournament- so many go in, only one leaves ha ha. Survival of the fittest! I am definitely looking forward to the next update. That sounds like a pretty unruly crew actually. How is Murphy doing? He’s not still peeing the bed one hopes?

                I am SO ready for 12 Monkeys S4. Give me all the Jennifer (and Olivia!) shenanigans. I feel like Jennifer is gonna have a big role this time, with them positioning her as a Primary and Olivia as the big bad. I hope they release the whole season at once like they did last year.

                • We never get to see the future!? That is sad. That’s been one of the best parts about 12 Monkeys- even Continuum, we saw the future! But yeah I agree, definitely worth a shot! I mean, different isn’t always bad, right?

                  The new tax bill makes me stabby, and is actually why I was extra salty with old rich white people! It’s so stupid because all these incentives for the wealthy mean nothing to them in the grand scheme of things, and now I get to worry about healthcare and shit for the next however the hell many years this bullshit continues. I’m just so OVER it. It cuts so many things, too- all KINDS of services. Because of course it does, only wealthy people should be allowed to live ? Erm anyway, yes I want to have clones and AIs rise up against all the assholes. THEN we will respect them, because they obviously care about humans more than OTHER humans, so yeah. And then the shitty rich people try to pay them off but the AIs trick them because the AIs are smarter. I love this idea.

                  Damn, I want Riverdale cults, actually hahah. I love cults. I mean- I don;t love them as in I want to join one, I just find them fascinating ? I agree though, having a show like that go *too* dark would probably not work out very well. I think they’d lose some of their audience for sure. But with Sabrina, they can probably go darker, since that’s how they’re marketing it?

                  How even does a zombie show start SLOW? I mean, you’d think that would be one of the more exciting parts, the whole “oh shit, look, there’s zombies!” realization? I feel like they wasted some opportunity with this show. I was going to start it last night but then I got REALLY wrapped up in Handmaid’s Tale and watched it for like 2.5 hours, oops? It was getting SO good- and oddly, very steamy? And then there were a few more slightly hopeful things, so yayyy!

                  I don’t expect much from the 12 Monkeys movie either, but it’s also fun to just snark on things sometimes too, I figure. They can’t all be winners! I got this random Amazon movie credit (it’s like it KNEW I was pissed at it, so weird) so I am going to rent The Game soon!

                  MAGS. That is such a sad moment- and definitely better handled in the book, because you really understand what it cost for Finnick to let her go. She was like his damn grandma! And Annie’s mentor, and just ugh. So awful. I love how Katniss and Peeta’s relationship progresses too- that might be my favorite part hah. Peeta DOES grow on you. I can even see how some people start out as Gale fans but… Peeta is just a better human being, AND he’s better for Katniss so it’s a double win. And seriously, the devotion just kills me- sometimes it irked me a bit that Katniss didn’t appreciate him as much as she should have. Like- not that she had to know her feelings or whatever, but just… Idk. I think she gets better as CF goes on, but in THG, man, she is so selfish. And I get it, she grows so much during the series but sometimes I wanted to yell at her a little hah. I agree about Seeder- and a lot of the tributes actually- like Cecelia with her 3 kids, etc. Those were hard deaths, since we “knew” them all so much more.

                  I WISH I could set up a Hunger Games-style situation for these Sims! Monty was the one peeing the bed, luckily I think it was just a glitch hahah. Monty is sad because he cannot seem to get Raven pregnant though. Murphy just had a baby with Octavia, AND is doing really well in his career as a thief. Bad news though- Kane died. Jaha was playing a prank on him with a buzzer, and the buzzer electrocuted him. It’s super sad, especially since Kane is the only reasonable one in the house. And now his baby has to grow up fatherless, so tragic. Apparently Emori and Wick had a baby too. Wick is being an asshole though, I don’t know how I feel about him. Roan and Luna are in a relationship apparently, too. I tried to get them to fight, but instead they…. enjoyed slapping each other? This game is messed up.

                  I think Jennifer will be big in S4 too- at least I certainly hope so! And Olivia will too, no doubt. I bet they will release it all at once. Why do it once and then not again? Why will none of these networks give us any release info!? Jason gave us a small nugget of what most people presume is a flashback scene. I am quite curious! https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/944294932231077889

                  • I think you’ll like Travelers, it is diferent enough that it’s interesting. But yeah at least in S1 we don’t see the future, they just come back to the present. S2 looks like it’s going in an interesting direction, almost like they have to go rogue? The trailer looks very promising.

                    Yeah it’ll be interesting to see how long ye olde stupid white voter can go before they realize that their guy Trump is basically a rich tool. As if they shouldn’t already. But they’re watching FOX News probably which fawns all over him so they’ll probably never get it. Losers. Anyway… clearly we need the clones to take over!

                    Exactly. And I’m down with cults too, cults definitely work for me. In fact if it had been revealed that the Blossoms were secret cultists I would have been ecstatic. Can you see human sacrifice or the like in Riverdale? I can. And if not there, then Greendale is creepy AF and should be able to accomodate our cultish needs.

                    I’m trying to remember how FTWD starts, I don’t remember being super impressed but by S2 I was a bit more. And I watched two more episodes today and even though the characters do frustrating things, I’m oddly into it now. Be prepared to be grossed out though- I don’t know if you’ve ever watched The Walking dead, that’s usually grosser than this one, but today I watched an episode late in S2 and damn. Gross as all get out. But I’m basically watching for Madison and Alicia now (and Victor a bit, he becomes very cool). So I’m probably going to finish S2 on Hulu and then buy S3 because I heard S3 gets pretty good? And that’s good to know about Handmaid’s Tale I’ll have to keep watching that too, good to know it gets good. that first one was dark…

                    Oh I sent you The Game, just an FYI if you want to use your credit for something else. 🙂 I think you’ll like it. The rest is a surprise. Speaking of which, I hope you have a great Christmas! I’ll be outta town visiting family so I might be a little sketchy online, but I’m going to try and log in because let’s face it- family gets boring after a while lol. Plus there’s some family drama this year so basically I’m looking forward to Tuesday when I’ll be home and it’ll all be over! Nice huh? 🙂

                    Yes I’m a Peeta fan now for sure. And Haymitch plays both sides of the street doesn’t he? I kinda like him but if I were KAtniss I would probably partially hate him too. It’s hard to be manipulated like that, even for a good purpose. Cecelia- that was another one. Just like Seeder. The idea of her three kids losing her- that was tough. I wanted her and Seeder and Chaff to make it. I started Mockingjay today and I’m just a little ways in but Peeta’s interview w/ Caesar was interesting, and KAt’s just decided to embrace the Mockingjay. I’m loving this series. 🙂

                    Kane died?? Oh my. Why am I not surprised Jaha is involved??? And Wick/ Emori- that’s an interesting combo. Roan and Luna slapping each other- that seems oddly appropriate. Murph and Octavia is also intriguing as a couple- and Murph is a thief? How does this game know him so well??!? I wish there was like an online MMO version of this game- would that be cool or what??

                    I don’t know why these networks do that! Like all these shows I’m waiting for, it’s all “sometime in 2018” and I’m like come on, you know when it’s coming. I mean roughly anyway. So aggravating. That is an interesting clue- I am hoping for some good Clarke flashbacks actually. AS long as they don’t go too crazy. But they are gonna have to show us something of the last few years, so yeah. The only thing keeping me from going completely batty is that I have so many shows to watch lol. Speaking of, was there a Riverdale this week? I just realized I never watched on Wednesday- ack I better check.

                    • I think I’ll like it too. I mean, I remember watching like the first 10 minutes of it and being intrigued but back then I was extra bad at watching stuff haha. And then Netflix removed it from my “Continue Watching” which is kind of rude, but I need to start soon. Especially since S2 is going to be out!

                      It still baffles me- I feel like I keep expecting people to be smarter than they are or something. I find the whole FOX news thing extra strange because like- if I was watching the news, and CNN started telling me stuff that was totally different from any other news source, I’d think the problem was CNN, right? But no, these people are so delusional that they think everyone else is wrong? That doesn’t make any sense! How do you become that much in denial? If it wasn’t so gross, it would be kind of fascinating.

                      OOOH I like the idea of the Blossoms as a cult! Some weird maple syrup/drug cult bwhahahah. I like the Greendale angle. Maybe people are in Sabrina’s aunts’ cult or something. Like, maybe Alice’s son is in it! That would be perfect, Betty trying to break her brother out of a cult in Greendale!

                      I haven’t watched The Walking Dead either, though again, I have wanted to. I guess I can live with gross stuff, as long as I keep reminding myself it is fake ? Are they on S3 now? I don’t want to Google too much of course, because spoilers. Glad the first two are on Hulu, at least! I was going to start last night AGAIN but then AGAIN couldn’t stop watching Handmaid’s Tale. I figure I might as well just finish Handmaid’s Tale now, since I only have 2 episodes left, then start FTWD. Speaking of, it has gotten SO GOOD. Like- still incredibly dark, don’t get me wrong, but so much more stuff is involved now that it feels a little easier to watch. So I would say if it does interest you to keep watching- like it took me a month to watch the first 4 episodes and 2 days to watch the next 4!

                      You are seriously THE best! I am so excited, I love surprises!! 😀 And thanks! I hope you have a great Christmas too! Hopefully the family stuff isn’t *too* messy. (And thanks for letting me know so I didn’t worry 🙂 ) And yes, being online is a fabulous escape, I highly recommend talking to me when your family gets boring ? I feel like basically everyone I know is dreading some aspect of the holidays- and most of it involves family crap. I don’t mind the family stuff because I see them for a few hours and then leave- if I had to stay with them, that would be a whole different story! I hope Tuesday comes quickly for you, but also that it is as decent a time as it can be!

                      UGH Haymitch made me SO MAD. Like- I do get why he did it, but damn, Katniss trusted him, and she doesn’t exactly trust easily! So yeah, I get her anger completely. That’s how I felt about Cecilia- and Katniss did too, which was hard. I wanted more of them to make it too- but I think the reason that Collins couldn’t have more of them survive will be clear by the end of the book. And yeah, Mockingjay Peeta is such a mess- again, it’s handled much better in the books, and it’s extra hard because of course, everyone LOVES him by this point. I am SO happy that you are loving the series, too!

                      YEP Kane died. I have a mod that lets you bring them back to life, but I think I needed to do it right when he died, and I was too busy trying to decide if I should revive him or not, so, he’s super dead ?I am not even almost surprised it was Jaha! He probably just wanted to be Chancellor again. Wick and Emori is WEIRD. I don’t like it. Roan and Luna is strange, I am going to play them again before I post, hopefully it’ll be funnier. I also want more people to die I think. And I made Murphy a thief, and gave him some shady personality traits, but I think it’s so funny that he and O gravitated toward each other. I LOVE the idea of an online MMO game- everyone could be one character and just mess with them, yesss.

                      YES! They HAVE to know. Maybe not the exact date, but like you said, roughly for sure! I looked up Handmaid’s Tale S2 and it said the same thing- “sometime in 2018”. Like fools, it is a LONG year, pick a damn season at least! I agree, we NEED Clarke flashbacks. I do kind of wonder how she got all the way to Shallow Valley- you think she just traveled all over looking for survivors? Shallow Valley seems to be in like, North Carolina. So that’s a hike! And NOPE, no Riverdale until January 13th, I believe, so you have a break. The last one was the mid-season finale (also, why are those a thing?) I agree, usually I have nothing to watch, and now I have ALL the things. But it’s not enough to make The 100 perma-hiatus okay.

  13. I think you’ll like Travelers, we’ll have to compare notes. I’m pretty stoked for Tuesday when I get home so I can binge S2 lol. And that is rude! I feel like Netflix is kinda sketchy with their recs and “continue watching” notifications sometimes, because yes sometimes shows disappear!

    I don’t get the FOX News thing, the only thing I can think of is some people are predisposed to their bullshit and think everyone else is too “liberal”. It’s like such a different worldview I can’t even…

    Is maple syrup and drugs a great combo or what? And with Sabrina taking place in Greendale I feel like the crossover opportunities are tremendous. Imagine Cheryl and the rest of the Riverdale crew interacting with Sabrina- I’m totally here for that. Alice, the Southside gang… man I can’t wait.

    Fear the Walking Dead just finished S3, they’ll be starting S4 in 2018. I just finished S2 on Hulu yesterday and bought the first two episodes of S3 and watched em- pretty intense. I’m liking the show more although some of the characters are so aggravating.BUT the good news is they just killed off a few regulars, including the WORST character ever, so that’s a plus. Now Madison and Alicia are even more the main protagonists now, which is good. And good to know about Handmaid’s Tale- I will defibitely stick with it, so thanks for letting me know.

    Aw thanks but no prob! I hope you like! And I’m sure family won’t be TOO bad lol- although as I type this I’m already ready to go home ha ha! Family is like 2 hours away so it’s not like I can visit and go home, I’m stuck for a few days until all the requisite parties are completed. But I’m online now so I can decompress a bit! And it is funny how lots of people seem to find something about the holiday stressful, family is awesome of course but after 2-3 days yeah it’s nice to go home. 🙂 I think I envy those a bit who are just vegging at home or only have short distances to travel…

    I’m really curious where Mockingjay goes, even though I mostly know from the movie, I’m sure the book will handle it so much better. We’re in wartime now I guess so it’s such a different story now!

    “want more people to die” ha ha see you need a CULLING. I’m sure Jaha would be happy to participate. Or convince Indra to go to WAR, which let’s face it may not be hard? It does sound like that’s a lot of people to manage? It would be really interesting to see who formed alliances with whom, and who would survive. Maybe they need a zombie apocalypse… and a Sims MMO would be the bomb. We need that.

    If Clarke hiked to NC maybe that’s why she looks like she’s by the sea in that pic? Maybe the flashbacks will show her journeys… and oh good I didn’t miss an episode! I don’t know what midseason finales even are either, I mean obviously I do but they’re rude frankly, interrupting our seasons. What is the deal with networks? not fan friendly at all. But you’re right- as much as I love some of these shows, if The 100 came back tomorrow everything else would go on the back burner. Can you imagine if they released the entire 100 season at once? Binge partyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh yes, of course we will have to discuss! I think I might start it tonight! OMG. How is Maya’s dad/Alec’s son in this one too!!? DYING. And BETTY? Did they just take the whole damn Continuum cast for this? Perhaps we shall get the ending for that series that we deserve, via this series ? Right now Val, Holly, and Rashika are making me watch A Christmas Inheritance with them- the shitty Netflix movie that Eliza Taylor is in? (Hence why I am talking to you, instead- I think this is akin to family driving a person insane?) Eliza… well let’s just say that crappy rom-com is not her jam ? Though is it anyone’s really? Goodness, she has a 90s “valley girl” accent and I CANNOT ?

      Maple syrup and drugs is my favorite combo of all time, I think. And the fact that it is called “jingle jangle” makes it even more fabulous. I agree, introducing a new character, and a new town will be good. I feel like they need more characters, actually. Certainly more love interests, because I swear if it’s just Barchie and Bughead and Varchie til the end of time then… no. And you KNOW that Penny or whatever her name is that Jug maimed will pop back up when they start traipsing around Greendale! That will be a treat.

      Oooh good to know about FTWD! I can use my Amazon promotional thingy to watch S3 if i like it. Glad they killed off the shitty character, too! I always wonder if they name the characters the same name as the actor on purpose or if it is a coincidence. I feel like it happens too often to be a total coincidence, though in this particular case of Alicia/Alycia, I assume it IS just a coincidence. Definitely stick with Handmaid’s Tale- I finished it last night and am now DYING for the next season. It ends on a HUGE cliffhanger, so you know, but it’s also REALLY uplifting at times- I think they made the first few episodes extra depressing so that when they throw in tiny bits of hope, it feels extra significant. If so, it worked.

      HA I don’t blame you! I mean- I don’t think it’s even necessarily the family itself that is annoying, it’s probably a combination of things, like just not being in your own room with your own shit, and the travel, and the not being able to just do what you want (and then yeah sometimes the family itself of course hah) that makes it just… annoying. I’m glad you were able to take a time-out to be online though 😀 I am supposed to be going to my uncle’s house later, which is about 50 minutes away or so, but now it’s supposed to snow so idkkk. And then tomorrow I will go to my parents’ house, also about 50 minutes away. Basically everything is 50 minutes away hah. My New Year’s resolution is to not live here, basically ? So I mean, I am SUPER happy to be able to be in my own house, but I could also live without 4 hours of cumulative driving in the next 24 hours, ugh. Especially with two small humans hopped up on sugar and visions of Santa hahha.

      The Mockingjay movie and book are a little different at some important parts. And they cut out a LOT. Like, it’s a solid adaptation, but there are so many amazing things in the books that don’t make it into the movie. Some of the changes weren’t my favorite, though I get why they did them, for the sake of time- but let’s just say you’re going to see a LOT more of the side characters than you did in the movie! And less Effie.

      I DO need a culling, you’re right! I should just have Jaha go around killing people at will. I think I can actually do that wth the hand buzzer he killed Kane with? I am bummed that Indra’s weapon (and everyone else’s weapons!) can’t kill people. A zombie apocalypse would be ideal, actually. I think you can kill people better with some of the expansion packs, but this is ridiculous enough ? Apparently Luna and Roan are having a baby. Also, ALIE and Pike have declared war on each other- like officially, they have become enemies, and Riley threw a drink at Echo. They are probably the most amusing house, mostly because I give the fewest fucks about what happens to them haha. I agree about The 100 MMO- except then would we ever do anything else? ?

      The weird part is Shallow Valley seems to be further inland- though she could have feasibly walked along the coast and then ventured further in after? I mean- does she go to ALL the clan villages?! They stretch all the way to the midwest! Mid-season finales are dumb because by definition, MID-season cannot have a finale! I get having a short break for the holidays because I assume their viewership goes down, but to call it a finale is dumb. And to have a whole month off is pretty dumb too- seems to me, especially in the streaming age, people will just get sick of waiting and find other shit to watch? Oh my goodness, I don’t know what I would do if The 100 was available all at once! I think I like the tension of waiting week to week? I mean, I don’t like it at the time obviously, but it amps up the drama factor for sure- and gives us time to talk about it and post about it, too!

  14. Eliza Taylor doing a Valley Girl thang? Oh my. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything else, so I’m intrigued? Um,maybe not enough to watch it lol, but aww… you guys are having a watch party. That’s kinda sweet! 🙂 And yes Maya’s dad and… Betty!! I don’t think she gets shot on this show, at least. Loved seeing her show up! Oh and I think someone from Orphan Black is in it too, trying to remember. It’s either the woman detective from OB or someone who reminds me of her… and I can’t wait to get your first impressions!

    They do need more characters, and love interests- absolutely. And yes Penny is gonna want revenge, and who better to turn to than witches? I am so down for that. Unless she shows back up in Riverdale first- but even if she does, she’d be perfect for Greendale as well, because that drug warehouse and the freaky woman running it would be perfect too. In fact there was a definite Raiders of the Lost Ark feel to that warehouse- the sense that there could be all kinds of weird stuff hidden there. The markings on the crate- the Lovecraft references- would seem toindicate something weird too. Perhaps more than just jingle jangle going on there? The showrunner seems to love dropping references like that just to see if fans will spot them. Even the Serpents’ bar The White Wyrm has that connection, with a name like that. Oh and by the way- I love that name jingle jangle so much. 🙂

    FTWD will be fun to talk about because let’s face it, some fucked up shit happens on that show lol. And I am SO glad they killed off a certain character- you will TOTALLY know what I mean. Good riddance! One thing that show can do is make you HATE characters. But it’s nice to see Alycia in something else, even if it does take them a while to use her properly. Oh and I will definitely stay with Handmaid’s- now you have me VERY curious!!!

    I think you’re so right, partof the problem is just not being at your own place? I mean it’s fine for a while, and then you just want to be home. 🙂 Tomorrow I have another family party and then go home- can’t wait lol which sounds awful, I know, but screw it. It’s snowing here too, which makes it even more shitty frankly. Ha ha aren’t I just Mr. Positive?? Seriosuly though, I hope you have fun at your uncle’s, and your parents, tomorrow. Can you believe tomorrow is frickin Christmas??? I have been able to get online, thankfully- I wasn’t sure how the internet connectivity would work,but luckily it’s not too bad. And I used to hate where Iived too, so I can relate. I like where I am now – it sounds awful but it’s NICE being two hours away, sometimes? I mean my mom is close, but everyone else is on the other side of the state. Which frankly is okay, even though I love em all. 🙂

    I can see that! Effie has prettymuch disappeared. And I’m getting some bad vibes about Coin. Seems fairly ruthless. And life in Thirteen is WAY too regimented- fuck that. I like how Collins is showing that even though the Capitol sucks, Thirteen kinda does too. Poor Kat is just a media symbol for them. I frankly love Buttercup though, and I hope Prim doesn’t die! I think she didin the movie, if I remember, so I’m nervous about it. Also Plutarch Heavensbee- I don’t know about him. He seems to care but at the same time I don’t know if I totally trust him either? Oh and Johanna- she survived the prisoner extraction! Didn’t they kill her in the movies? My memory is fuzzy though…

    We probably would NOT get anything else done! I might as well retire from blogging if that game ever came along ha ha. ALIE and Pike at war-hmmm. ALIE is pretty antagonistic, and let’s face it Pike isn’t actually much better. I look forward to hearing more about that. Riley threw a drink at Echo- do they just naturally do these things? The programmers must have had a field day with this game. And there sure are a lot of babies- apparently they don’t use birth control when they woo-hoo???

    Yup- couldn’t agree more! HATE mid season finales. I just wish they would start releasing everything at once- I love binging- but you have a point. It is nice to be able to process an episode week by week. I loved it when 12 Monkeys released the entire S3 all at once last year, but I binged it in a few days and then it was…over? Which makes the wait super long!! So yeah…

    Anyway… merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh it was a TRIP hahha. I mean- it wasn’t terrible, as far as Netflix Christmas movies go (assuming here, since it is the ONLY Christmas movie I have ever watched)? Honestly had it been any other movie I doubt I’d have watched, but Eliza was in it! So of course hah. Obviously it was corny and silly and such, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It WAS fun to watch together- especially since Rashika is in Israel and it’s not always easy to coordinate. And you know, make fun of shit in the movie. Eliza was also in some movie called Thumper that came out recently- it got some good reviews even.

      I am trying to decide if I should watch Travelers or FTWD first, because it is suddenly clear to me that I absolutely cannot manage two new shows in my head at the same time. So you pick, which should I watch first? I am glad to see Alycia in a big role- I feel like she was very good as Lexa, so she deserves it, sad that they’ve underutilized her though, hopefully that is changing! And Betty hasn’t gotten shot YET, S2 could have her shot in no time- but I do hope she’s not. OH! Speaking of watching stuff, I got the DVDs last night! Thank you SO, so much!! I was so surprised because it was a Sunday, and since when does mail even come then!? So excited to watch them, I must decide which one to watch first, too! I was going to try to do one tonight but I am so tired I don’t think I’d make it hahah. This week for sure!!

      I wonder if jingle jangle is an original name from the comics? Sounds like it, they probably couldn’t even say mundane things like “beer” back then hah. The best part is how serious they are when talking about it- especially the adults- and it sounds so ridiculous! I think you’re right about there being more of a storyline there. Perhaps they should be selling human organs on the black market. I would tune in for that. I just hope it isn’t just Penny versus the Serpents Round 2. And I DO hope that those references mean something- I don’t always trust this show to not just be doing random crap hah.

      Yeah like, unless it’s for a super fun reason, sleeping elsewhere is just not great. Especially with family, I assume. I was SO lucky growing up, I never ever had family staying in my house, nor did we have to go anywhere. Everyone just lives pretty close- definitely close enough for a day trip. I had friends who’d be in sleeping bags on their own living room floors because aunts and grandparents or whatever were sleeping in their beds and I was like, horrified on their behalf! And I know it seems bad that you’re just DONE and want to go home, but it’s not. Cause like- it isn’t like you hate your family, you’re just more comfortable at home, and that’s just normal. Especially after you’ve been there a few days, goodness! Hahah I think 2 hours away IS good, because you can see them if you need/want to and otherwise… you don’t have to feel guilted into stuff! That is the one good thing about being a little distance, it’s easy to decline stuff ha. I didn’t end up going to my uncle’s because it snowed a lot and my mom kept calling me, freaking out about the roads being bad. Not a huge deal because it was basically all the same people I saw today! It was nice, but it’s exhausting too, so I am right there with you being glad it’s over 😀 I do hope you had a nice time, though!

      YEP the Effie thing in the movies was strictly so they had a reason to pay Elizabeth Banks, IMO. Coin IS sketchy. And 13 is such a buzzkill. No coffee!? Come on now. It seems like a full-time prison, basically. Can you even imagine being underground ALL the time and being told when to eat, when to sleep, etc!? Ugh no thank you. In the movies, Prim dies, Johanna lives but you really don’t see a ton of her, and you never really get to see what Plutarch is all about because Phillip Seymour Hoffman died. I won’t say anything about the books though!

      HA seriously, there’d be a bunch of blog posts about people quitting! Especially if other fandoms had this too, that would just be the end in general. YEP they clash so much, ALIE and Pike. Actually ALIE hates pretty much everyone, and she is always being snarky. Pike either hates people or flirts with them, which is weird. I told Riley to throw the drink, but he does a lot of weird shit on his own. Actually, I found out that Lincoln and Emori are enemies and I never even saw them together, which means they did that all on their own! Impressive little creatures. Of course, this also means that I can never get Emori to come hang out at the Deadkru mansion, sad. And NO- they never use birth control! It’s weird. But I think if you tell them to “try for baby” it’s more likely to have one than if they just woo-hoo regularly. But I didn’t tell Emori and Wick to do ANYTHING, they did that allll on their own. So who knows.

      I think that the weekly wait does make the hiatuses more bearable. I mean- can you imagine waiting a year for The 100? Oh wait, we basically are. But USUALLY we don’t have to and that is much better. Plus I feel like if I binged it all super fast and had to wait a full year, I’d forget half the stuff that happened. Which is fine if it’s a show like The 100 that I will watch 3972 times but not if it’s something I only like instead of rabidly love ha. I suppose though that bingeing a finale season, like S4 of 12 Monkeys, would really have no downside!

      Thank youu! Hope you have had a merry Christmas too! 😀

      • Ha I may have to look it up for fun. Although Christmas is now over and I’ve moved on lol? Still though… might be fun to see Eliza in something silly. And it does sound fun to have a watch party like that. I don’t think I hardly watched any Christmas movies this year either…

        Travelers for sure. Because the you can binge S2 on Netflix! And let’s face it FTWD can be a frustrating show, so I would say it’s definitely a lower priority. Alycia is really the only thing it has going for it lol. I mean it has its moments, but… yeah Travelers all the way. And yes you’re right Betty could get shot, who knows what the frick they’ll pull in S2?? I better not get too attached to her character… oh good you got the DVD’s. There’s more stuff coming, in hindsight I should have ordered the other stuff from Amazon too as it would be there, but I used a different site I’ve used before but they’re taking forever to ship! Like I checked status last night and they’re like being “processed.” Whatever the fuck that means. I know it’s Christmas and shit but still. So anyway there’s more coming. 🙂

        Jingle jangle is so silly, and yes the adults acting all serious when they talk about it cracks me up! And I’ve never even read an Archie comic, and frankly have no desire to, but yeah I wonder just how twisted the Riverdale versions of things are. Organ selling would be awesome. Seriously when I saw that Lovecraft reference on the crate I thought they were going to go with some cosmic horror thing, but it may have just been a wink to the fans. Be a shame though if it’s *just* drugs.

        I am home now and I am SO glad. The roads were terrible on this side of the state so it got pretty bad, there were cars off the road. Totally agree. After a few days staying with someone else, even relatives, it gets old. We did have a good time though, most everyone in the family was there so that was nice, some of them I only see once or twice a year. But yes you understand! What is it about visiting that can be exhausting? Some people of course eat that up, but after a few days of it… yeah sign me out! And it sounds like you have crappy weather too? Hope you had a great Christmas today though!

        Oh, and it would freak me out too if friends or whatever were displaced in their own house! That would be kinda weird…

        Coin is a wench! Man I’m at the point where the parachutes just went off after the medics went in- I’m almost done- so I think it’s game over for Prim. 🙁 And Johanna lived in the movies? Okay I forgot that then, but I remember liking what Jena Malone did with that character. I loved the underground scenes but it’s tough reading about so many of them dying, Boggs and Fin and Castor, all of them. Brutal stuff. I remember how the movie ended but I’m curious to see if it’s different in the book, especially with Coin and Plutarch. But Coin sending Peeta in hijacked to kill Kat seriously pissed me off. Wouldn’t cry if someone offed Coin… 🙂

        “Impressive little creatures.” Yes I agree! And kinda scary?!? I’m surprised no one has killed Riley yet, because… Riley. But maybe it will just take time. I wonder how things will go when babies arrive? Like some of these people as parents concerns me somewhat? Wick and Emori? That baby’s fucked…

        Yup. It just wouldn’t work. As it is I have been weirdly tempted to watch those sketchy vids on Youtube- you know, Travelers in 2 minutes or some shit lie that, to catch up, and I even took NOTES on Travelers S1 I am somewhat embarrassed to admit. But you just forget after all these frickin months! And let’s face it, we are shoving copious amounts of show information into our brains at this point. I’ve actually forgotten !! certain shows I’ve watched, until I scroll through Netflix and am like, oh yeah that shit. It’s kinda scary how many hours I have spent on Netflix???

        • Yeah I mean, you can probably watch a two minute clip of it on YouTube and get the entire gist of the story- definitely no need to watch an entire Christmas movie. I mean, they all have the same plot in general I assume? Someone realizes that helping others is better than being selfish, and then someone falls in love, and there’s probably mistletoe because it’s a Christmas movie. I won’t lie, I am a total Grinch when it comes to that stuff. I have no patience for Christmas movies or music or shows. Even as a kid I wasn’t a fan. And I like Christmas itself just fine, I just don’t need special Christmas media? Like, yay let’s celebrate, only I want to listen to regular music while the celebration happens ?

          Okay yay, Travelers it is! I actually am almost done with the first episode but then got too tired to finish- and I didn’t want to not know what was going on. I have coffee now, so I hopefully can watch an episode later! And I don’t even need Alycia right now because she is about to betray Clarke in Mt Weather and I am not amused. You know, maybe that is just going to be Betty’s “thing”- every show she’s on, they’ll just kill her off. I mean, it would be kind of funny, though I doubt the actress would agree hah. It still throws me a bit that the dude from Will & Grace is in it. Oh my goodness, you are seriously too sweet! I don’t even know what to say, except thank you, and that I really appreciate it, and that I am super excited for more mail, and that you are kind of the best 😀 I love when sites say stuff is being “processed”- it makes me think of like, when you order pizza from Dominos and it shows the thing being made? Processing means “fuck it, we’re too tired to ship this right now but we know you ordered it” ?

          That’s exactly how I feel about the comics- there’s not a chance I’ll ever read them, but I still kind of am curious- but also, not curious enough to actively find out hah. I assume that the Riverdale version is pretty twisted, but i think that’s my favorite part about it, that they can be SO true to certain parts (like the ridiculous names and such) but then they can go off the rails with others (murder and maiming and gangs and drug lords). I really want them to traffic human organs. I don’t think there’s enough of that on TV bwhah. I don’t know a *ton* about Lovecraft (though I did a post once where I actually had to research it- a lesson to NOT just randomly accept all offers for blog tours, just saying) but I think that would be a really fun offshoot too- definitely better than just drugs!

          Oh shit, sorry about the bad weather, that must have been awful! Glad you made it home safely!! And I am really glad you had a nice time, that makes it worth the hassle for sure. Especially if you like them hahah. I feel like I am super lucky that I like my extended family, because a lot of people I know don’t like theirs. Like- I LOVE going out and doing stuff, but yeah, only for a couple days, then it’s like okay, need a break. Especially with travel, and hauling gifts and such. Luckily the weather cleared up by the morning, so I was able to go to my parents, and my aunt’s, and to visit my grandma at the hospital. (Actually, no wonder I was tired hah.) It was nice actually! My brother has this really nice girlfriend and she has made him more pleasant (and she’s fun to chat with!), and my aunt always tries to make it fun. Lots of food, of course haha. So I am very glad that the weather cooperated for one of the days at least!

          Yeah, you know I think that this is a thing that happens a lot? Like- do you ever watch House Hunters? Because every time I do, these people are wanting like, 28 guest rooms for ALLLL the “entertaining” they do. And I am like… have people never heard of hotels? The realtor is always like “well Pam, it’ll be at least an extra $50K in this market for a 4th bedroom” and Pam’s like “well I NEED my guests to be happy” and I am sitting there wondering how many the hell people Pam knows that it makes it worth $50k? I wonder if it is a cultural thing about the displacement though- like a respect for elders or something? Because I have had friends who have given up rooms for grandma and grandpa and stuff. But when my grandparents spent the night (which they really only did if my parents were out) they’d just take a couch?

          Coin is AWFUL. Because like… at least Snow agreed to not lie to Katniss. Snow sucks, don’t get me wrong, but Coin is too shifty, too untrustworthy. Ugh, yes, the parachutes. The first time I read that, I had to go back to reread it because I was like… wait WHAT!? I agree, Jena Malone was fabulous in that role! I think she would have been AMAZING in some of the scenes with Katniss in their room, and training for the army and such. I am bummed that we didn’t get those in the movie. I loved the underground stuff too! The whole Capitol was so intriguing in general- I loved how they GOT underground, like imagine having a closet in your house that leads there! But yeah, the deaths were really hard, especially since they were ALL on Katniss’s side. Finnick’s I think is the worst in the whole series, which is saying a lot. And YEP, using Peeta as a weapon, that is just… there’s no coming back from that basically!

          I REALLY want someone to kill Riley. I mean, because it’s Riley, but also because he is extra annoying in the game. I think I actually made him *too* pathetic hahah and all he does is mope around and then cry in his “tragic clown” outfit. OH I hired a nanny for all the babies, I don’t have time for that. BUT Jasper is apparently catching feels for the (male) nanny taking care of Jacoba and Abraham. The nanny is a BIG flirt though- he keeps trying to hit on Clarke, too! And the ONLY person who takes care of Emori and Wick’s baby is Maya. Which isn’t even a shock. I didn’t get to name that baby so I am a little mad. Also, Raven and Monty are finally having one. She couldn’t get pregnant in the bed, but apparently installing an observatory in their yard did the trick? SO weird and random. I need to get this post written ASAP!

          Catching up is probably a good idea for some of these! Haha that is too funny that you took notes, but I can understand it! I mean, I take notes when I watch The 100. Well, I used to, now I just rewatch the episodes several times because I have gotten even more ridiculous. I have realized that I think I can tell which scenes are from which episodes even- and the name of episodes that certain songs are in and stuff. It’s gotten bad. So no need to feel weird about taking notes 😀 WOW, you have forgotten the whole show!? I mean, at least you’re getting your money’s worth on Netflix ? I get that way with books and sequels, to the point where I have to check Goodreads to remember if I’ve even read stuff, what characters’ names are, etc. It’s hard, and you are very right, there is a LOT of information swirling around in our brains at this point!!

          • So I watched the first two episodes of Travelers S2 today and guess who’s in it? Fucking Kellogg!!! Yes I know. So that’s him, Betty and Maya’s dad on the show. Blew my mind. Okay back to regular programming. Ha ha I totally get that- although I am a fan of Christmas music. But I see all these bloggers or people talking about Christmas movies and curling up with hot chocolate to watch some sappy movie, and I think oh that sounds fun and relaxing, and then I watch one and I’m like borriinngg lol. So yeah…

            Yay Travelers. I forgot how much I liked this show, the first episode especially of S2 started with a bang. Good stuff. I hope you like S1. It does take a bit to get going, I think, but then really pick s up speed towards the end. Carly’s not always my favorite, same with heroin addict dude (although I think it’s a neat twist to have a guy come back in time to a body that’s addicted), and I’ve never seen Will & Grace but I’ve seen people remark that this is a departure for him! And I like his character- he’s got a dry humor quality I like. And yes that is not Alycia’s finest moment *frowns at her*

            Ha ha I think that’s EXACTLY what “processing” means. Kind of their way of saying eff you, why are you looking up status??? We’ll send it when we want. 🙂 Which apparently they’re doing, assholes. Hope you get it soon tho. And don’t mention it. :):)

            I think that’s the best thing about Riverdale- we can have characters like Sweet Pea and Tall Boy and have freaky murders and shit too. I like how a lot of it is set at night. I mean sure we get daytime scenes, but a lot of stuff happens at night? And Lovecraft I think is frickin weird (and apparently he was quite racist), but the whole cosmic horror thijg is kinda cool, the idea that there are THINGS out there that we can’t understand, and you can lose your sanity just learning about em. I’d like to see some of that show up (and the showrunner must be a fan to include that reference). Still whenever I’ve tried to read the guy the stuff was a little too out there…

            Thanks! It’s nice to be home. Especially since it’s snowpocalypse around here. Seriously this side of the state is SO much worse. And I do like my extended fam, I have to say. There were some issues this year but nothing to do with me, and I loved seeing em, but when it was time to come home I was ready. 🙂 Glad you had a good time at yours, and hope your grandma is okay!

            I don’t understand House Hunters. Mainly when their budget is 500k or more and I’m like- what is their job exactly? Do they fucking own a tech company or some such? 50k more for an extra bedroom? Um, no. I haven’t watched it in ages but it always killed me- especially on the internatl version- when someone would be looking in the caribbean for something and they work from home. I’m like, doing what lol?? And you may be right about the cultural thing- my grandparents never stayed with us but I can see that being a thing.

            Yes Jena has that snarkiness, I TOTALLY agree those scenes with Kat would have been amazing! And the underground *nods* I would be freaked out if you could get there from your closet- what if something mutated comes up *gulp* but at the same time, I’d be tempted to explore a bit?? Maybe? I remember Finnick’s death in the movie being tough, and it was in the book too. Although it happened so fast in the book, and in the movie they actually made a big deal of his heroic sacrifice, which I liked. I’m tempted to watch Mockingjay again after I finish. I really like how Collins is showing that war sucks, even if you’re on the “good” side, and innocent people suffer- so relevant to our times? I saw in her blurb that she wanted to explore the effects of war, and damn she sure is.

            A nanny definitely sounds appropriate, managing a bunch of Sims babies sounds… not fun? Too much work maybe? I’m sure there are other shenanigans to attend to, after all. Jasper is being a bit shifty, sounds like. 🙂 And bad nanny! You’re there to watch the squalling kids, not move on Clarke. Naughty… Glad to hear though that the observatory (what even lol) worked, ha ha. Whatever it takes I guess for those two…

            Travelers S2 I thought I was ready for, thanks to the notes, but I still had a little bit of wait, what happened again. I almost decided to rewatch the finale of S1, but then said fuck it and just rolled on. I’ll look at the wiki and catch ups. I’m not huge on rewatching stuff although both The 100 (I still need to do S4) and 12 Monkeys were quite fun to revisit. But yeah there are some shows I’ve forgotten I watched until I see em on Netflix and the light bulb goes off. I guess they just weren’t that good. Luther w/ Idris Elba comes to mind, I liked that show (especially because of Ruth Wilson’s character) but totally forgot about it. Actually that one was good, if occasionally creepy. But other stuff like Marco Polo or whatever I binged when I was bored, and thinking back… totally forgettable. 🙂

            • Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous! I swear, the next episode you watch is going to just have the whole gang back! You have to wonder if they have this VERY finite pool of Canadian sci-fi actors they pull from? Like- when you’ve been in basically EVERY sci-fi show filmed in Canada, you may be being typecast hah. And YES, in theory it sounds nice to watch Christmas movies and be cozy, but in practice I am just bored out of my mind. Because they’re so predictable maybe? They don’t hold my attention, that’s for sure. I mean, I only half paid attention to Eliza for goodness sake!

              I am glad to hear that S2 has started off strong! I bet it’s because of Kellogg hah. I like it so far, I am a little confused though? Like- do they explain HOW these people’s brains or whatever end up just… hopping into almost-dead bodies? That’s the part I don’t understand basically. I DO love how they have to learn to like, LIVE in these random people’s bodies. Thought provoking, for sure. And how they have to pretend to live their lives, that has to be REALLY difficult, especially Grant with the wife, talk about awkward! Especially since it seems like he and Carly are/were a thing? Damn, that’s complicated! AND- doesn’t the fact that these people are kind of all having their histories rewritten impact the future too? Like, if they were supposed to die, but then keep living (even if it isn’t technically “them”) doesn’t that mess stuff up? I hope they answer all my questions hah.

              You’re right, a lot of the stuff in Riverdale takes place at night- especially the important stuff. Guess they want it to feel dark figuratively AND literally hah. I think it would be amazing to see some of that Lovecraftian stuff in the show, definitely would widen the scope, that’s for sure! He DOES seem like he was a weird dude. Is it wrong to say he kind of looked a little racist? Like- some people just have that intolerant look to them, which is probably unfair of me, but he was so I am not saying anything untrue hahah. The book I was on the blog tour for had to do with Cthulhu I think and I was SO confused my eyes started to glaze over. Like, some of the concepts of the cosmic horror thing are very interesting, but I don’t think I could read *actual* Lovecraft, just like, other takes on the genre. It’s funny, the book I am reading now (Honor Among Thieves) has a lot of elements of cosmic horror- and I didn’t even realize it until I was looking at a site with a checklist! But I AM enjoying it, so there’s that!

              Ugh, is it still snowing there!? That is gross. It isn’t snowing here (yet, I suppose) but it is so cold- supposed to be 3 tonight. No one likes that, I don’t care how much a fan of winter they are. HA I am glad that their drama didn’t have to do with you either- much more fun to just sit back and watch ? Mine mostly gets along, though people give my aunt a hard time about like, playing games and doing stuff. Idk what else they want her to do! It’s mostly my dad, brother, and uncle, they’re like, insistent on pretending that they’re too “macho” or whatever. Which is stupid, because men play games? But other than that, it’s usually drama-free, knock on wood. Unless my dad and brother get into a political debate (and in those cases, I fully admit that I cannot keep my mouth shut, not even sorry!) And thanks so much- unfortunately, I don’t think she will be, but I appreciate it 🙂

              GAH right with House Hunters!? I HATE watching the really rich people ones because they bitch about the most inconsequential bullshit! Like “this granite doesn’t have the right color flecks in it”, well, cry me a river, Susan. Some people just want like, heat and windows from this century or whatever. And I will NOT watch the vacation home ones, those just make me stabby. Because yeah, what the HELL is your job, and why can I not have this job if I’d get to spend half my damn time in Barbados or whatever? I love the REALLY shady ones where they don’t even say what exactly their job is, and you just have to go ahead and assume they traffic in jingle jangle, obviously. Tiny House Hunters, now THAT is great. I once saw a family of SIX buying a 200-300 square foot home. And you know what they chose? A BUS. A school bus, refurbished to look like a trailer, with six actual human beings in it. I felt like it was low key child abuse?

              I think that the mutants were only in there because the Capitol was at war though, so they wouldn’t be there on the regular. Though it would be a waste because no one from The Capitol would ever venture down there anyway. I agree about Finnick’s death actually! The movie version WAS better, but the book aftermath was better- like how Katniss saw his life flash, and then she ruminated on it. I am glad we got a bit more from the movie since they couldn’t really show the inner thoughts of Katniss! I was thinking about rewatching the movies too, actually. It’s been ages since I watched them. And YES- I think she does a fabulous job, and I like how even in the aftermath, it isn’t just sunshine and happiness, there is a LOT of rebuilding, and lasting trauma and such. She really did do an amazing job, I think. Have you finished it?

              Yeah the nanny basically takes care of everything, and I can ignore the babies. (That actually makes me sound awful ?) And then if not, there are 8 people in each house to change a diaper if the nanny is busy. Well, Jasper spent a LOT of time crying because he loved Octavia but she cheated on him with Murphy and now she and Murphy are a “thing”. But Lincoln won’t stop trying to flirt with her, so who knows. And RIGHT!? I couldn’t believe that was even an OPTION for the observatory! Like- they won’t even let them woo hoo on the couch for goodness sake, but the observatory? SURE! So random hahah

              I agree, a quick wiki read-through is best. I don’t usually rewatch shows either (which I know sounds weird considering how many times I have rewatched The 100 hah), so yeah, I don’t think it’d be worth it to bother. I DO want to rewatch 12 Monkeys I think, just because I liked it enough to and I don’t want to miss anything when I watch the end- and I read somewhere that there are TONS of clues that you can see when you rewatch? And so I want to! Yeah, I think especially with bingeing it’s super easy to forget if it didn’t make a big impact. Because probably there are hundreds of shows I watched a few episodes of and didn’t continue, but maybe I would have had the next episode been immediately available? Whereas with bingeing you probably are able to just watch more mediocre yet moderately enjoyable in the moment stuff.

              Also, STILL no news from The 100 makes me sad. The only thing happening lately is that Devon apparently accused Dean White (one of the directors/producers) of inappropriate behavior with female cast members. Ricky RTed them. Then Devon deleted the tweets. And now of course tons of people are all over Twitter wanting an investigation. Which I mean, I suppose there should be if cast members are speaking out. But maybe an investigation with a side of a premiere date? Is that awful?

              • I know, right? When I saw him I was like really???????? I would not be surprised at this point if Travis showed up lol, or Garza! So Kellogg is called Wakefield in this one, and he’s only been in episode 1 (boo) although they mentioned him in episode 5 (yes I’m binging) so maybe he’ll come back? And Grace (that’s Betty from Continuum) has an ongoing role and she’s funny in S2. Seriously they are giving her the best lines.

                They may not, um, answer all those questions ha ha- so far some of that is still unexplained, although you do learn a lot . S2 so far is really pushing the “rules” thing- you know how they’re supposed to follow the Protocols and not do certain things, and by S2 here they’re definitely breaking rules left and right. And examining the effects of that, the consequences. Loving it! And it’s super unfair to Kat to not know her husband is not actually her husband, so even though I like Grant it’s pretty awful for her to not know. Those kinds of things are mind bendy. Oh and Kellogg/ Wakefield was AWESOME in S2E1. 🙂 It’s intriguing too how becasue we never see the future, we never really know who the good guys are? Like there are hints that maybe the Director is fucked, but then other times he seems to save their ass? S2 is even more like that so far.

                It’s funny but I’m the same way. I like the cosmic horror-esque thing but actually reading Lovecraft… no thanks! So I’m with ya there! And he does look like a whackjob frankly.

                It’s not snowing here yet but we’re supposed to get 4-5 more inches tomorrow I guess, and it ‘s supposed to be colder than shit. The whole week basically through New Year’s is going to be snowy and cold. I’m staying in a s much as possible! Family stuff *sigh* always fun, right? And I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. *hugs*

                Okay this whole paragraph made me laugh. Because yeah. Cry me a river is right. Must be nice “working from home” in fucking Bahamas or whatever. The internat’l ones are SO bad. Clearly jingle jangle IS involved. And I have never seen Tiny House Hunters, but oh my gosh seriously? A bus?? I’ve heard of downsizing but FFS that seems a little ass backward…

                I might rewatch, especially Catching Fire with the whole water thing, and Finnick/ Mags and Johanna. And Mockingjay because the book is so familiar to me right now, obvs since I’m reading it, and now I want to see it on screen! And I haven’t finished yet- I have like 40 pages to go but I’ve been all Travelers all the time for the last two days lol. And TBH I kinda don’t want it to be over, because maybe book slump?

                No that doesn’t sound awful, considering some of these people maybe the kids are gonna be a mess? Best to let the nanny handle that/ take the blame. Poor Jasper- always the tears with him. He seems destined to never have the HEA w/ Octavia. And O and Murphy- that is interesting.

                I’m glad I rewatched 12 Monkeys although I still need to rewatch the latest season. That and The 100 I need to get back to after Travelers and whatever. I still remember the last 100 season pretty well so I thought about maybe NOT rewatching, since it’s kinda depressing all the pre- Praimfaya stuff, but I probably will anyway since I don’t want to forget anything. And yes I think 12 Monkeys is FULL of clues a second time around. I mean all that red forest/ weird tea/ Olivia bullshit makes SO much more sense the second time around!

                Man more inappropriate behavior? I’m glad this shit is all hitting the fan though, because dammit if it’s this widespread every single one of these MF’ers needs to be identified and fired. I really feel for these actresses who are working their ass off on these shows and they have that going on? I mean I feel bad if someone is accused wrongly, and they need to be clarified, but if they’re doing it, that’s bullshit. Crazy. Anyway… yeah still no news is quite irritating. I can’t believe we’re going into 2018 with no news of a release date???

                Oh and I checked status on my other order and it’s still being “processed.” Fuck. So I emailed them to cancel and will reorder w/ Amazon, should have in the first place and it would have been there by now. so annoying. Anyway it’s coming… eventually!!

                • How the hell are you on episode 5 already!? I am impressed and jealous. And seriously, I won’t be at all surprised if Garza and Travis pop up, they’re clearly on the list of Canadian Sci-Fi Guest Stars hahha. I hope Kellogg comes back around, I hated how his character ended up in Continuum, so I’d be happy to see him around again! And hopefully Betty gets a better end too hah.

                  I mean, I figured that they weren’t going to answer all the things immediately, but I do want to learn things! Idk if they address this, but what happens if someone dies i the body? Like- I am on episode 3, and some dude was going to shoot himself, but then a Traveler jumped in but the guy had already ODed on pills, unbeknownst to the new guy… so what happens to them then? Are they just both actually dead then? I kind of like the rule breaking, because I feel like I wouldn’t want to follow these stupid rules either? Especially when no one is helping them! And OH! The kids? The kids are SO CREEPY! And I do feel bad for Kat, but also for Grant too, like it must be so awful for everyone involved. I want to meet whoever did this, whoever thought this was a good plan hah. I DO like the idea of not knowing who the good guys/bad guys are though! That’s a pretty unique concept!

                  UGH same here with the cold! It’s going to be -5 by next week. And snow this weekend, yuck. That is not okay! I feel like it usually isn’t this cold this long most winters? Especially this early in the winter. Probably just another sign of the apocalypse or something ? I agree with staying in. It’s such a pain, especially going from cold to heat back to cold again when you go places. I feel like I need wardrobe changes ? Not worth the hassle basically ever. (See why I am so anti-winter!? Hah) And thanks, I appreciate it ♥ She was moved to a nursing home tonight, so she’s stable I guess, so that’s something?

                  I don’t mind the international ones where it’s like, they have a normal -people amount of money and are moving to an actual house, not a vacation home. I like the ones in Europe and Asia especially. But the jingle jangle ones have to be stopped. I also don’t fully get the point of having a vacation home? Like- if I was rich and could travel a lot, would I want to go to the same one island all the time? NO, I would want to experience new places. If you have to fly there, it’s probably not worth owning property there. As for the Tiny House ones… look, adults can do whatever they want, and if that is live in a fucking box, whatever, I don’t have to live there. But when they put kids and pets in these little huts? Not cool. I even kind of see the point to people living alone wanting to downsize, and some of the houses aren’t *that* bad? But a family of 6 in a school bus is asinine and I feel like people like that just want to be special snowflakes or some nonsense. In watching that show though, I have come to the determination that I would likely murder a tiny housemate. It’s like… dorm-room bad!

                  I agree with a CF rewatch too! It’s funny, THG was definitely the worst movie, I usually skip it or just have it on in the background when rewatching haha. I didn’t hate it when it first came out, but when compared to CF and MJ1 and 2, it’s a mess. The shaky camera does it no favors either! Now I want to watch them tooooo. I need more time to read and watch ALL the things! I don’t blame you for not finishing- and I really hope it doesn’t lead to a slump. And Travelers is an acceptable substitute, I suppose 😀

                  Raven had her baby finally. Bellarke got married and Raven went into labor at the wedding. It was splendid! So now there are 3 babies in Casa Delinquent, and the poor nanny never gets a break. Jasper spends at LEAST half the day crying- and he is the only one without a job. Because let’s face it, he wouldn’t have a job hahha.

                  Yeah butttttt, S4 of The 100 is so good, so you really should! Maybe whenever the hell we get a premiere date, you’ll know when to start S4. I mean, it IS depressing but there are a ton of uplifting parts too! I will definitely want to rewatch 12 Monkeys before S4 too. I want to try to find clues I missed for sure.

                  I agree, it IS good that it’s coming out- and honestly, why the hell would Devon, of all people, lie? It doesn’t help him in any way. It is awful for the actresses- and I am sure scary, because they probably worry that their careers are going to end if they go public. Or that they finally get the courage to speak out, and then no one cares. I had a situation like that in college, there was this assistant coach who wouldn’t stop harassing me (long unpleasant story), and I told my head coach. He believed me, even said other girls had complained about him, and promised he’d take care of it. Well, when I showed up at the airport for our training trip, there the asshole was. I spent 10 days basically holed up in my hotel room, avoiding him, and my coach was like “well, I didnt want to ruin his career over it”. Like… WHAT!? THIS is why women don’t speak up. And I think like- there ARE false allegations that happen too, you’re right. It just SUCKS because they’re probably rare, but DO happen, and then they make every story doubted.

                  ERM anyway. YES 2018 with no freaking date, trailer, ANYTHING is unacceptable. I don’t understand why they don’t just say SOMETHING at this point. They’re kind of being assholes. And awww, thank you! You know, it’s funny because everyone bitches about Amazon having a monopoly, but look what happens when you try to order from other places! It’s happened to me, too! And if Amazon is late with stuff, they usually reimburse you, too. Added bonus!

                  • Okay I shit you not- guess who showed up on episode 8 today. Tasya Teles! Yes fucking Echo is now on Travelers. I just about fell off my chair. And she was kinda badass. I don’t know if she’ll be a recurring role tho. And wakefield (Kellogg) showed back up, although only briefly. And episode 8 is a Betty-centric one. Yes 8! I’m like, totally binging lol.

                    I’m not sure what happens if they transfer into a body that is literally dying or just died- I assume they would die too? Hmm. In S2 they are “over-writing” a lot of people- like there is a rival faction (called the Faction- very original) and they are against the Director, so the Director occasionally sends a Traveler into that body to “over-write” the Faction person. Very cutthroat, this time travel business. And episode 7 was a TRIP- like what happens when you send a Traveler and the mission fails over and over? Do you keep sending? Episode 7 is all about that. Seriously S2 is rocking- I think it feels a lot more put together than S1? IDK. And yes- Messenger kids are CREEPY!!!

                    Yeah it’s been a nasty December so far, weather- wise. I am totally planning on vegging this weekend ha ha. No New Year’s outing for me- I’m gonna stay in and just chill. Which let’s face it, I’ve been doing this week anyway- and loving every minute of it! 🙂

                    “the jingle jangle ones have t be stopped” . No doubt. And I would totally move to Europe at this point, I think, if I could. Or at least strongly consider it. I like seeing Asia too. such a fascinating region. But yeah 6 people in a bus? Do they have a shower? How would that even work? Seems like everyone would hate each other because… squish. Where would all the books go lol? Move ya frickin kids, you’re knocking the books over. Ha priorities

                    I finished Mockingjay and it was bittersweet. So sad about Prim, but I forgot Katniss shot Coin- yay!- and it was nice to g et the epilogue, with her and Peeta having kids and getting older. Nice. I liked too that Buttercup stayed with KAt. Funny how you can care that much about a fictional cat in a story! Such an amazing story.

                    Aww congrats to Raven! And Bellarke are married! See clearly the Sims has figured out something that Jason hasn’t – that we want Bellarke NOW! I know, Jason’s playing the long game, but we need more immediate gratification. So that warms my heart to hear that. And 3 babies- woo that sounds like nanny has her work cut out for her. And yeah I need to watch S4. I mean frickin Travelers is reminding me that even with notes, there’s a lot of stuff I forgot!

                    Wow that’s crazy. Didn’t want to ruin his career? Fuck his career, preying on high school girls? Man I can’t believe that. Or sadly yes I can. I think it’s so more widespread than many of us (including guys especially because maybe we don’t see it unless it happens to someone close to home?) ever realized, I saw somewhere that a 1/3 of college women will be assaulted or harassed in some way. 1/3????? Damn. I’m sorry you had to go through that!

                    I got an email back confirming my cancellation, so they can asnwer their email but can’t fill an order I placed almost a week ago. So I’m reordering thru Amazon so you can expect to actually, you know, receive it in a timely manner lol. And I agree- I know Amazon is a problem in a lot of ways, but I love Amazon!

                    • STOP, that is RIDICULOUS especially because she was ALSO on Continuum! You know who should probably show up next? Alessandro Juliani. He’s like, the only member of Team Hat-trick to not show up so far hah! Oh and Nyko and Gustus, I suppose! I am so excited to see all of these people! Episode EIGHT!?! Goodness, you are going to be finished with the whole damn season by the time you read this ?

                      So I think they die-die, because in the last episode, that guy who looked like a mobster was having a real case of the sads because his buddy was going to die, but then they saved his other partner. And I don’t think he’d be that upset if the guy didn’t actually die. Oooooh the over-writing thing is CREEPY! So they can just plop a new person in there?! What the hell happens to the old one!? That is so messed up. The whole body-that-doesn’t-belong-to-you think is kind of weird in general. Like Grant and Carly are quasi-flirting but it’s so weird because it isn’t their bodies?! And then Kat is trying to get Grant to sleep with her, and how messed up is that!? It seems so… invasive, to be inhabiting the body of someone who is no longer there to control it. The one where Heroin Harry (seriously what even is his name?) saves the kid, damn, that was really good. Like I don’t even blame him!

                      I kiiiind of wish I had some kind of grand New Year’s plans but… I also have no real desire to be out somewhere in the cold, so it’s probably for the best hah. I read somewhere that Times Square’s NYE temp is supposed to be 40 degrees colder than normal. That is not okay. (Also, I feel like Time’s Square on NYE sounds hellish under the best of weather conditions- I assume you’d feel like cattle or something?)

                      UGH I would move to Europe too. No question. I just watched one in Valencia, Spain, and I was just basically drooling at the TV. These were not jingle-jangle types either, they ended up buying a nice place for $150k! They were teaching English, and had 3 kids, and didn’t appear to be selling meth out of their new apartment, so I was happy for them. The Asian ones are fabulous because they are so different- and I love watching the ignorant Americans get all salty because of differing customs ? In the bus, there WAS a small bathroom (emphasis on small- airplane size, really) with a fold-down sink. Which… I don’t want my sink to have to fold, thanks. The whole thing was called a “wet bath” so basically it was just a drain in the floor. I would die. Or want to, at least? And YES- you would hate everyone in your family because of COURSE, you’re living in a closet with 5 other humans! Idk WHERE you’d put books, because I swear I have bookshelves bigger than this whole freaking bus, so. And what about like, toys and clothes and shit? Weird, some people are too weird. Imagine being in high school and inviting your friends back to your bus? So wrong!

                      YES Buttercup was so amazing somehow– I didn’t cry when Prim died but I DID cry when Katniss told Buttercup! I loved the Coin part, and I even loved Snow realizing it before HE died- not that I loved Snow or anything, but it felt right! The epilogue was awesome- in the movie it annoyed me because the GIRL WAS BORN FIRST. They describe the kids so vividly! And, if you look at the movie baby, she looks Asian? And I mean, that’s weird. I am so, so glad you enjoyed it though!! 😀

                      I was going to rush through to get the post about The Sims up before January but… why? It will be more fun the more I mess them up anyway hah. But it HAS to be done before S5- though at this rate, that gives me a good 9-10 years. Now, Jason says trailer in January. Which means… show in March maybe? I sure hope. Why are they being so rude? But here- he even gives us the EPISODE (Shifting Sands, Ep 5!!!) https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/946872651900887040 And the nanny (it’s a guy, by the way) also has time to become friends with everyone and flirt with half the house. The game kept trying to get me to invite him to the wedding, but with only 15 guests, I said hell no. And definitely rewatch!

                      Yeah, it was a mess. It’s been on my mind because the creeper started following me on Twitter recently which… is weird. Like why would you follow someone you barely knew 15 years ago, and how did he even find me!? And then he started liking my tweets so I blocked him of course. I think it’s awful because it wasn’t even just me who said something, and then it was like… WHY are you okay with this? Though, my head coach was a bit inappropriate himself, so I guess he may not have even cared? (He actually ended up getting fired years later for some kind of inappropriateness, which came as a shock to basically no one.) But it makes me feel so bad for women who like, can NEVER speak out about this stuff, and have to endure it. Like, I got to graduate college, and the guy actually ended up leaving to get another job anyway, but imagine if it’s your employer and you CAN’T leave! That is the thing that I find hardest about The 100 situation, and these other situations. I have seen the 1/3 statistic too, how awful is that? And I think that like, hopefully now it’s tolerated less? But I still think about that poor woman in the Stanford case- there were witnesses, men who literally saved her life and spoke out against the attacker, and what did that guy get, time served? It’s so messed up, and we clearly have a VERY long way to go.

                      HA I love that they email you back about the cancellation but not the actual order- like had they just emailed you back the first time, maybe you’d have not canceled it! Idiots. I love Amazon too. Like, I’m never going to pay $20 for a book when I can pay $9. Sorry, not sorry. Some day if I am ever rich, I’ll buy overpriced crap from smaller stores, but until then… Amazon it is.

  15. I know!!! And it gets worse- Lucas from Continuum showed up last night. Small role, but I was like damn he looks familiar too, it took me a minute and then I was like… Lucas!! There’s clearly something going on in Vancouver.

    The over writing is WAY outta hand in S2, the Director is replacing people left and right. They’re all bad guys though mostly. And yup whoever gets over written is just- bam. Dead. And yeah it’s just creepy in general to inhabit someone else’s body and then just, you know, take over their life! Weeeeiiird… are you liking S1? I think the show really took off for me towards the end, I always think of those episodes where the old people are toting around assault rifles, it cracked me up and that’s when I think I got really invested in the show. Even if it’s not grabbing you, if you make it to S2 I think you’ll love it, because I am totally loving S2 right now. I have two more to go and I’m starting to get bummed…

    I have never wanted to do Time Square because yeah… like cattle in a pen? I mean you know it’s gonna be freakishly cold and crowded, and ugh no thanks. Now NYC sounds good t ome any other time, of course, but not on New Year’s. And I hear you on having plans, it’s good to have something fun to do but other times, IDK, staying in on New Year’s is kinda fun too? Just to relax. Maybe after Christmas I’m all socialized out lol.

    I can’t even imagine. You couldn’t even invite friends back to the bus because where would you play, or hang out? How would you have, like, a kitchen? A stove? I don’t get it. Privacy? What do they do, run sheets up? And beds? No way. I can’t see the attraction of that. Spain though… I always think of France or Italy or somewhere but I never think of Spain, really, but Spain is supposed to be beautiful I guess and so culturally diverse and interesting. I bet Spain has a lot to recommend it…

    I kinda wanted to hug Buttercut, because bitch cat or not, she loved Prim and… yeah. I hate it when they kill kids in books so Prim was not cool, but *sigh* it is what it is. And I didn’t remember that about the kids but now if I rewatch Mockingjay 2 I’ll keep an eye out. It will probably irritate me too. 🙂

    Ah take your time. The more messed- up it gets the better, you’re so right. 🙂 And yeah you’ve got time lol. Although I AM dying to see it! And trailer in January? YES!!! Bout frickin time. There is hope?!? And the nanny is flirting with half the house? Clearly I didn’t need to worry overmuch about his workload!

    Seriously? WTAF? That is ridiculous. And no wonder nothnig was done if the head coach was skeevy too. *shakes head* Unbelievable.

    And yeah. Amazon has already shipped part of the order (they broke it into two shipments, must have not all been in the same facility) so that’s goes to show how they have their shit together. I totally agree, I’ll take Amazon because a) discounts and b) they get their shit out. 🙂

    So… do I finish Travelers tonight or watch Handmaid’s Tale? Hey, I know- both!!!!

    • Why am I not even surprised that Lucas showed up? I feel like I’d be more surprised if he *didn’t* at this point ? And the show is still young, who knows who we’ll stumble upon in S3! I was watching The 100 Bodyguard of Lies last night, the one where Maya’s dad helps everyone hide? And I was laughing so hard because he was also just in Travelers that I was watching 5 minutes before!

      I do not trust the director AT ALL. Especially after the episodes I watched last night (I watched 4-6, basically hah) So the Director is in the future? I am a little confused about him/her at this point, they haven’t been clear (which I assume is purposeful!) but how else would the Director know what worked and such? And YES! The episode with the old people on the bus? I DIED. That was so fabulous! They were just all about to drink the kool-aid, then bam, they’re toting guns across the border. I really do like it! I was a little confused at first, but now that I am into the middle of S1, I think I am getting the hang of it! I even learned that Heroin Harry’s name is Phillip! Though I may prefer Harry because that is what I have been calling him in my head hah.

      Yeah exactly, it doesn’t look very fun, even on TV! And like- I hate to be morbid, but talk about an opportunity for someone to attack a bunch of people in a small space. Scares the hell out of me. And yes definitely, I am down to be in New York basically any other time, just…. not NYE. You know, I think you have a point about NYE- like, I DO like to go out and be social and such, but I feel like NYE in general is always underwhelming and crowded and such? I think ideally, a small gathering of friends at someone’s home would be best.

      I tried to find a video of this tiny bus because I wish you could see it- it is RIDICULOUS. The beds doubled as THE TABLE. The bed like, folded into seats, and then there was a pop up table- unreal. And yeah, there was NO privacy, forget that. But I suppose with four freaking kids in a school bus, maybe those people shouldn’t be allowed to have any more privacy ? The whole thing made me feel claustrophobic. Ten bucks says one or two of the kids ends up living in a tent outside of the bus. And YES, Spain is so, so lovely! I have only been to Barcelona, and only for a short time, but I absolutely MUST go back- it was just so pretty, and laid back, and the food was amazing, and ugh. And Barcelona is right on the beach! I mean, I don’t think you can really go wrong with ANY western European country. Especially when THIS is the alternative hah.

      I agree, not a fan of kids dying in books. I guess in a sense, Rue’s death was worse than Prim’s because she was even younger, but it was so sad. And the cat, that cat survived a bombing to be near Prim, and then she’s dead!? I wish we got to see more of Peeta’s response to his family’s death, now that I think about it. So many people died, but I feel like there was so much death, we didn’t get to see a lot of that.

      So last night, I LOST all the babies in Casa Delinquent! I have no idea where they went, they just… vanished! Their little bassinets were there still, but no babies! So I had to knock ’em all up again and start over. I think the nanny murdered them. He won’t leave either, even though there’s no more babies! He just watches TV, eats their food, and flirts. Creepy! I also killed Riley, just because I wanted to see if the hand-buzzer always killed people. And it does, apparently. OH and ALIE is in love with the Grim Reaper, which is my favorite thing that has happened in this game so far.

      SO Jason fed us again today!! https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/947209368180629504 https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/947209590411706368 And then I read that The CW is going to be part of some kind of TV panel thingy on January 7th, so people are hoping they’ll announce then. Also, people speculate that Jason is pissed about this too, hence all the still-dropping. Which… I don’t blame him. I am too hah. OH and here are some set pics, too- https://twitter.com/The100S5/status/947076402846883841

      I got one of them today!! Vol 1 & 3 of Alex + Ada, thank you SO much!!! ??? I am so excited to read them- and I am going to do it SOON because I mean, talk about getting my 2018 Goodreads Challenge off to a good start hahha. I assume you finished Travelers? Now you are going to have to wait a full year, that IS sad. Was it good!? I am sure it was. I hope it wasn’t *too* cliffhanger-y. I was going to start The Game last night but I got too caught up in Travelers- I mean, how could I turn it off when old people on a bus were saving humanity? I couldn’t. Did you end up watching Handmaid’s Tale too? How far have you made it on that? I need to know when S2 of that is happening too, because that does end on a hell of a cliffhanger!!

  16. Maya’s dad showed up in the season finale too. Yes I am done with Travelers *wails* now WTF do I watch? Although I did watch Handmaid’s Tale episode 2 today. That fucking show… those giving birth scenes where the “mom” pretends she’s in labor too while the real mom gives birth- oh my gosh it’s ludicrous. Those people… and that old bitty who runs the Handmaids, can someone just please shoot her now? I live for whenever she gets killed, because clearly she must. But back to travelers for a sec- no Travis or Garza, sadly. The season finale though- wow. It’s like they find whatever would hurt the Travelers the most and that’s what they do. Second season in a row where the cliffhanger is HUGE.

    The Director is iffy. Early in S2 I was like nope he’s fucked, they need to stop listening to him, but by the end of S2 the other factions are SO bad I think the Director actually is not. Will be curious to see what you think. Definitely ambiguous. I think by the end of S1 (if I remember) you’ll have a much more clear view of the Director. The old people with the guns killed me. I think it feels weird sometimes because they’ll send lots of people back, and I’m used to Continuum and Monkeys where only one or a few people go. Travelers is different since they’re everywhere! But Wakefield (Keloogg) and Maya’s dad were both in the finale, so life is good. 🙂 And oh yeah Philip. TBH I think I only learned his name in S2 lol.

    I agree, I’ve had fun at small social gatherings for NYE but whenever I’ve been to a bigger party or whatever it’s always been kinda lame. I think it’s just one of those occasions I like to be home? Although in Michigan the weather is frequently shitty on NYE so there’s that too! So yeah I’m with you on that.

    Sleeping on the table?? Um, no those people are whacked. I’ve heard of downsizing but fuck what’s even the point of that? Four kids?? *sputter* Ooh you’ve been to Barcelona. I can only imagine it must be a beautiful city. And the food too… I’m sure! Yeah these days anything European looks like paradise compared to this shithole we’re living in lol. Although I will say it seems like a miracle we’ve survived? He’s been in for almost a year and we’re… still here? Amazing. Which probably only means 2018 will be a dumpster fire too. My biggest fear is that he’s normalized lying so much that even if the Mueller investigation or whatever finds stuff, it may not be enough. Will he just lie his way through? This is why the whole GOP is complicit- any other politician would have been shamed/ driven out of the race or out of office with any of these scandals, but he just bullshits through and they let him. They’re as bad as he is

    So true. Buttercup came all the way from 13 to get back to Prim- that was tough. And I thought that about Peeta’s family too. Also for Madge- we got a mention but I really felt for her.

    Waitamiinit- the Grim Reaper is in the game? Does he like show up when there’s a death?? Oh my this is killing me. ALIE would be a good match tho, since she apparently sends lots of people his way! Missing kids and a creepy nanny? That’s… weird. Something not right about the nanny. And knocking them up again- you say that so matter of factly, cracks me up. 🙂 Good call on Riley!!!

    Nice. what do you think of those set phots? Is that maybe Clarke’s little camp in the woods or something? I’m trying to figure out what that’s a pic of. I think Jason is trying, he mist know how pissed/ impatient we all are. Frickin CW *grumble grumble* On the bright side, tho, Bell and Murph look good in that shot!

    Yay! Clearly Vol 2 is still coming, lol, I think it said delivery shceduled for Tuesday? Ish? But at least they’re shipping- that other fucking place would still be sitting on them probably. I hope you like ’em. 🙂 And yes Travelers S2 went by TOO fast. I guess a lot rides on Netflix numbers, if they do well hopefully we get a S3. Story of our lives huh? I think the characters came a long way in S2 though. And I loved the shoot out with the oldsters- S2 has an epsidoe like that where they’re holed up in a farmhouse protecting a little girl and all these people are moving in, it’s a great shootout. Carly is a badass with that sniper rifle. 🙂 Okay Handmaid’s Tale- what is the deal with Commander wanting her to come play Scrabble?? I assume he has a thing for her. And what’s with the driver? And oh my gosh what happened to Olfgren? Did they kill her? I may need to binge this too.

    • Always here for Maya’s dad! He just died on The 100 again, so I’ll take him however I can get him haha. I am sorry you’re done! I do kind of wish it was a longer season, especially since it’s got to last a whole year- and it lasted you what, three days? ? And NOOOO a cliffhanger?! And now I will have to wait a year too, rude. Just wait, Garza and Travis will pop up in S3 hahah. It really freaks me out that they can just be… overwritten at any time. I was thinking about it when I was watching last night, like, what is to stop this Director from just doing whatever the hell he wants? And hijacking any current human he wants! I was sad because like, ALL the old people with the guns died. I cannot imagine just volunteering to go die in the past! OH! I thought of another question, too- what happens to the bodies when the Travelers come back? Like, now they’re in the 21st century bodies, but where are their original bodies?! And it IS interesting that they’re everywhere- almost seems like *too* many sometimes? OH and David, the social worker- why is he preforming surgeries like he went to med school!? I like their dynamic, but that was a stretch!

      As for Handmaid’s Tale… Yes they have the wives “pretend” to give birth and it is so WEIRD. And then the whole women pretending they’re having sex with the husbands is weird too. I honestly don’t understand why they don’t just use artificial insemination? Even when the book was written, that was a “thing”, so it kind of confuses me. You will see… different sides of Aunt Lydia, actually. It’s like Pike- you want to just hate her, but then she shows humanity and you’re like “well crap, now what!?” So, the Commander is skeezy as hell. So yeah, you’re right, he does. But he kind of seems like a decent dude for awhile, “only” playing Scrabble? Treating her like a human? The driver, Nick… well, I will just say that you’ll go back and forth on Nick a bit 😉 Ofglen isn’t dead but… it might actually be worse? I will prepare you, it is quite possibly the WORST scene in a show full of horror. But by the end of episode 4, there are teeny, tiny rays of hope, so you won’t like, want to scream in terror *all* the time hahah.

      I have such mixed feelings about NYE, honestly. I’ve only had a handful that were actually really fun, and like you said, they were just small gatherings. I like the day in theory, because it seems like all… hopeful, you know? But then the pessimist part of me is like “no asshole, it’s just a man-made day” hah. PLUS there’s always pressure and high expectations and all that bullshit. Dressing up in the cold. Feeling awkward and alone at midnight. ? But either way, wine and blogging and Travelers and Thunderhead it is! (Pretty thankful for the wine, tbh!)

      Yeah! I mean, there was a “mattress” but I use the term VERY loosely. I dont’ understand how it’s even legal. Aren’t there fire codes and shit!? And YES going back to Spain is very high on my bucket list. It’s so pretty, so full of amazing buildings (Gaudí is like, the big thing there, and they’re amazing!) and seriously, I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say it was the best food ever! And YES- how the hell are we still here!? There’s like… what, 3 hours to go, and it looks like we *might* actually make it? I worry about 2018 too, honestly. You’re so right- he HAS normalized the lying and the bullshit. I think that might have been his game plan all along, so that when he does awful shit, no one will even bat an eye. I think the GOP is *worse* than he is, honestly- because he is clearly deranged, and they are not- they’re just cowards. I really don’t know what the breaking point will be- or if there even is one anymore. It’s like, as long as the majority of the country is still comfortable, I don’t see people making any big moves, and that is SAD.

      YES Madge was another big death that I don’t think really got worked through. And seriously, how did a damn cat make it from a whole other district? That might have been a reach hahah.

      YEP the Grim Reaper shows up when someone dies. When he took Kane he came and went pretty quickly, but he lingered a bit for Riley- so I made him a friend! And he was like- bashful when ALIE was trying to charm him, so funny. It took quite a few woo-hoos to get the job done, but I can’t have all my kids vanishing! Seems bad? The nanny is NOT okay- I kind of want to kill him off. OH! I WILL. That is my plan for later, kill off the Nanny!

      The symbol in the one picture is from Louwoda Kliron (which is Shallow Valley) so I assume that is where Clarke sets up her home base? Maybe even where she found Madi? Though I also bet that the symbol on that last structure means something, too- there’s no way a corporate logo doesn’t mean something at this point! I kind of love the little camp though! It’s really homey, for the end of the world. I think Jason is trying too, which is really quite nice of him. I agree, they look so much OLDER, too! It’s funny because they’re obviously only a year older, but damn, they did a good job with that.

      Aw thank you SO much!! I am excited to read them, they look really good- and the topic is obviously fascinating! I hope that there is a S3 of Travelers, especially since it ended on a cliffhanger! You’d think they’d have to start filming kind of soon though, yeah? Apparently last year it was renewed in February, so I guess we’ll know soon! I hope they renew it, I don;t need another show ending! Apparently, it has less to do with Netflix numbers, and more to do with Showcase, since it runs there first, so they use those more heavily for decision making? Weird.

      Happy New Year, I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing evening!! 😀

      • I know right? Three days and now the long wait begins. In a way binging sucks. 🙂 But yes Maya’s dad- he’s such a shyster on Travelers, it’s kind of a fun different kind of role for him. And yeah I wanted some of the oldsters to survive, for sure. I mean really, cannon fodder much?? You know I’m not sure what happens to the Travelers in the future? But there have been a few comments in S2 that lead me to believe that maybe they die when they go back? Not sure, but comments like “they volunteered to sacrifice themselves” kinda make me think that.

        The overwriting thing is part of why I think the Director is the lesser of the evils? Like he could just do whatever he wants but he does seem to follow certain rules. Like in S2 there’s a big debate about why he doesn’t just kill any and all bad guys, but he doesn’t… and I love David. He’s so funny in S2, him and Grace are both great. They have awesome lines!

        So I watched episodes three and four and I’m hooked. Even if it’s horrible. Oh my gosh did they do what I think they did to Ofgren? Fuckkkk… I liked her too, I hope she gets away? Although what they did to her, plus I’m assuming they took her tongue? Damn. I think the Commander so far is an ass, he acts like everything is okay and Offred has no agency at all. Although he must have said something because at the end of four Offred can go outside again?? I fucking hate Serena at this point. And Nick- not sure about him. I love their music choices though- that weird slow motion Heart of Glass during the riot was AMAZING. And the Simple Minds one too- awesome! It’s very well put together. And Lydia at this point- if they can redeem her at all I will be impressed. I am hating her right now…

        I hear you on NYE. Not really a big deal for me either. But Travelers is a good way to spend it. 🙂 And wine and blogging. I was sitting around watching New Years Rockin Eve (boring) and now I’m online lol. NYE is whatever. although people are shooting fireworks off outside and it’s like 12 degrees here, so not sure what THAT’s all about.

        Yup. The scary part is I think he believes himself, so it’s not like he’s even TRYING to be dishonest, he actually thinks he’s RIGHT. So if he’s caught he doesn’t fess up cause he doesn’t even know he committed a crime? Like the collusion thing. From the evidence out there we already pretty much know it happened, but he doesn’t THINK he did anything wrong. That’s the scary part- he’s divorced from reality. And he’s always quoting FOX and Friends, his favorite show- so they are enabling him. They’re worse than he is!

        Buttercup the super cat. 🙂

        Kill the nanny! Yes sounds like he deserves it. 🙂 Send the Grim Reaper after him ha. Happy New Year lol.

        I like the camp too. I guess all the mutants are gone (?) due to Praimfaya so maybe it’s safe too? Suitable for raising young Madi. But yes those symbols definitely have to meet something. And I have so many questions! Where does Clarke get gas for her Jeep five years later? But I’m getting ahead of myself. And frankly who cares about details, give us the show!!!!!!

        You are welcome!!! And no S3 of Travelers would suck- after the way they left off S2. Gah I would die. Plus the cast… they are hitting on all cylinders now. Grace, Wakefield, even officer Boyd who shows up occasionally… love the cast and the supporting characters. And I so wish I got Showcase! Would love to watch this show weekly. I don’t really know what the Canadian numbers are, but I hope they were good…

        You too!! Happy New Year! I am totally relaxing, Rockin Eve is on but I’m thinking of watching something on Netflix (or hulu)- the network stuff bores the crap out of me. Ha ha hope you’re having a great evening! Talk to you in 2018 lol :):): although if we were in Australia it already would be…

        • Bingeing kind of can suck. I mean, I definitely am not as quick at it as you are, so it sucks a little less, but still. It’s so fun at the time because you don’t have to wait, but then the wait ends up being even worse! I did catch the bit about “sacrificing themselves” but I didn’t know if that just referred to the life they left behind, or like, life in general. I suppose maybe it’s either/or, depending? I just feel like a pile of random dead future-bodies would be…. unsettling. I saw my first overwriting, speaking of! I want to know how the hell Grant arranged ALL those people to be Travelers in the room with the shitty Traveler? It was kind of impressive, and not where I saw that going at all. David… I like David, but sometimes I want to smack him. Like- Marcy clearly was trying to tell him that she didn’t want to just be platonic friends, and dumbass basically takes it as she doesn’t want to be EVEN friends. Come on dude. No one goes around kissing people they only want to be platonic friends with! I loved how Marcy stood up to his shitty boss too ? I agree that the side characters DO add a lot of comic relief- Grace, David, Maya’s Dad. He really DOES play a shifty guy VERY well, I am impressed!

          YES they did THAT to Ofglen. And killed her girlfriend while she watched. ANd then did… that. I don’t even have words. You’ll actually see one of the first signs of kindness as a result of that though. They didn’t take her tongue though! She can still talk. She’s now Ofsteven I think? New Ofglen is a real treat ? GAH there are some amazing points that I cannot wait until you get to! YES- that is how the Commander is, you hate him because you can tell he’s a pompous piece of shit, but then he *does* do some decent things for her? I think he might be delusional and egotistic enough to think she actually likes him? That was kind of my read on him. Nick… yeah, I have gone back and forth on him a LOT, and you’ll see why. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on him by the end! Same with Serena actually. She SUCKS, but like- she’s also a victim, so it’s hard to hate her as much as I want to. I still do hate her though. Totally agree about the music! It gave me chills! And YEP, you think that Lydia has to be THE most despicable human being but… well, she’s another one who I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on! I am SO excited that you’re watching it, because I am dying to talk about it 😀

          Um WHY are people idiots with the fireworks? I mean, sure, if you’re in Hawaii or the southern hemisphere or something, have at it. But HERE? Come on. It was -5 here last night and it wasn’t a ton warmer there. So… WHY? What’s the appeal of literally freezing and/or blowing off your damn fingers? I haven’t watched any of the NYE shows in years- and actually (this is so dorky and lame, but I will tell you anyway) I missed the actual new year because my Sims had all gone into labor ?

          HA yes exactly! And he is so unconcerned with actual facts that it doesn’t bother him if they’re true, because in his head, he has made them up so they must be. I think he has an actual, diagnosable mental illness, or mental handicap or something, not even kidding. And yet, all these other able-minded Republicans just agree with it and defend it! When you think back on a scandal like Nixon, at least he KNEW enough to know that he was wrong, and he was getting caught. Like, he tried to hide it and then acted like an actual human after he was found out. This is just… sociopathic. At best.

          I did kill the Nanny! I think only certain Sims can befriend the Grim Reaper, because he wouldn’t talk to Bellamy or Monty. Maybe you have to be crazy? Idk, it worked for ALIE hahha. They sent a new Nanny, an older lady, hopefully she’ll be less of a problem.

          SAD, I want the mutants back. I just watched Jaha throw Craig to the sea monster, and I really miss that sort of thing! I wonder if Gagarin/Eligius/Becca/Cadogan have something to do with the symbol. And I think the Rovers are solar powered? I remember them talking about that when they were going to find Luna. That’s really the only way it could work at this point, right? Obviously gas is long gone.

          I will also be sad if there is no S3, even though I am still on S1- I definitely think it’s good enough to keep going, no question. It also doesn’t seem super expensive to film? They don’t use as much tech and effects and such that other shows like The 100, 12 Monkeys, Continuum, etc used. Showcase seems to be a pretty good channel, honestly! I don’t really want to move to Canada, but if I had to flee, I guess there would be a perk ?

          I am glad that you had a relaxing evening! I agree, the crap on the networks SUCKS, especially on holidays. Like do I really need to watch bands on TV? No, no I do not. Is Jenny McCarthy still around on those? Because that is when I had to stop watching them, she irks me. I read Alex + Ada though! It was good! I love that he was so skeeved out by the whole thing from the start. And I think that the human girl in the beginning had feelings for him and Idk if that will be part of the story but it felt like it would be? I loved the whole argument about their rights, too! Excited for the next one! And I read some of Thunderhead. OH have you read Scythe (the first book, by Neal Shusterman)? It’s all kinds of awesome!

          • Binging is fun while it lasts but like The 100, for example- I’m kinda glad I’m caught up with it because when it comes back it’s nice to have it last. Even though the weekly wait is awful. 🙂 It sucks waiting either way! And yeah David’s kind of a dufus. I like him better in S2, he’s like funny but not as dumb? Maybe… Grace is nice in S2 too, she gets quite snarky! But they need to use her even more than they do…

            Oh my gosh Donnie showed up!! You probably mentioned that at some point but I forgot .When he stuck his head around the curtain I was like no way!!! Oh man Ofglen (er Ofsteven) is probably dead now, they hauled her away after she went driving lol. Damn she ran over that guy’s head! I rather enjoyed it though. You can only take so much fucking horror before you want em to start fighting back! And Nick! When Offred went up to sleep with him at the end of 5 I thought she was going to kill him for being an Eye- but I guess she just wanted some. that surprised me. She looked pissed going up those steps! Anyway I’m glad they didn’t take Ofstevens’ tongue. And her mistress seems nice? I’m hoping she’s stil alive- somehow? New Ofglen seems like a real bitch. The Commander I was hoping would be a good guy, but he’s shit. At this point anyways. I HATE Serena. I mean yeah it sucks to be her but the way she treats Offred… fuck her. And Lydia- I can’t wait to see what you mean! Yes as soon as I finish we will have lots to discuss, I imagine.

            Oh oh did you see that the Young Queens novella is out? It’s a Three Dark crowns prequel I guess? Just got it at amazon, was gonna ask you yesterday if you got it and I forgot. I’m gonna read it soon. More Queens!!!

            *Nods* I was like- fireworks in this snowscape? Whatever. And you know what? I think the ball coming down is lame, they do the same thing every year, so I don’t think it’s dorky at all! You might as well be playing a game or doing something fun. New Year’s is kinda overrated, frankly. Although Australia always looks fun with their fireworks over the Sydney bridge or whatever. You know, it’s not 0 degrees there FFS. But hereabouts- meh.

            I think there is mental illness there. Who would ever have thought we’d have WORSE than Nixon?

            Yay! So long, bad nanny. Although “they” sent another? That sounds somewhat ominous. 🙂 But an older lady… maybe she’ll be nice and grandmotherly or something. If SHE flirts with the Delinquents then I’m REALLY worried… O.o

            I want more mutants too! So sad to not have them around. All the sparkly butterflies and freakish deer and shit… what were they thinking? In some ways Praimfaya was a bad idea. I was thinking about it the other day- how do power plants failing cause a global firestorm? I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time! Although maybe they’ll just bring stuff back? And I feel like Jaha throwing Craig over is a high water mark (no pun intended *smirk*) because it showed how ruthless he could be, and it’s just cool. I love it. 🙂 We need more o that. And oh that makes sense about the Rovers.

            Showcase does seem like a good channel. Plus you probably get better Olympic coverage, because I think CBC streams it all like the BBC does (and like NBC doesn’t). Every 4 years (or 2 I guess) I hate NBC for their shitty coverage- last time I almost got a VPN even though I know shit about how they work, just so I could get *cough* other countries’ coverage. This year will be the same. I’ll either be on Twitter bitching about NBC constantly or I’ll be conspicuously quiet which means I got a VPN or something lol. Although the summer games are a bigger deal for me… so yeah Canada has advantages. Plus they’re not all gun crazy and health care stupid like we are. I could do Canada…

            Ugh yes Jenny McCarthy was on. I’m almost embarrassed that I know that , because it means I did watch some of it, although not because it was any good. I did see Florida/ Georgia Line who I kinda like, but that’s about it. And I am NOT a country person. But they’re okay. I’m glad you liked Alex and Ada. Hopefully vol 2 arrives tomorrow. I think the girl has feelings for him too, and she definitely shows up again. There are some fun twists, and I like the whole androids’ rights thing- especially that secret chat room they find. I’ll be really curious what you think of the end because I ave thoughts about how it ended, and I’m looking forward to what you think. And no I have never read scythe? But I will have to look into- I feel like I’ve heard of Shusterman, pretty sure I’ve seen reviews…

            • I agree, I am actually glad that we can’t just binge The 100. Because how the hell would I ever do recaps? Or actually, get anything else done, because I literally would not stop watching for all 13 hours or whatever haha. The weekly wait is kind of fun too because we get to talk theories, and speculate and such! Though now, we have waited almost a damn year anyway, and we’ll STILL have the weekly wait, so this is basically the *worst* of both worlds ?

              Ah, David and Marcy finally got their acts together. I mean, no thanks to David really, but still. He definitely can’t still question the platonism (or clear lack thereof) in their relationship. Unless he really IS dumb, but I don’t think he is. I didn’t realize Marcy was so like, unhealthy though! That was hard to watch. And the PLANE, my goodness. I don’t even understand how MacLaren was even able to leave those KIDS, that was the part that gutted me. I get saving Kat, but honestly, I don’t know if I could have let the crying baby and the little boy die? Even if it *was* the mission? And I saw him looking at the little boy, GAH. This show can be brutal (in the good way of course)! OH and could Carly’s “husband” be any more of a piece of shit? If they don’t kill him and replace him with a Traveler, I’m going to revolt.

              DUDE yes! Donnie as the horrible, creepy doctor who wanted to impregnate June!? NO NO NO. Donnie is supposed to be doofy but kindhearted unless he’s killing baddies! I don’t know if you’ve watched to see about Ofglen/Ofsteven/Rory from Gilmore Girls (that’s what I called her in my head, Rory. And I didn’t even watch that show ha.) But that was EPIC when she ran them over. And still… she’s got a starring role in S2, so yeah. I am honestly not sure why they keep her alive- I think because she hasn’t produced a baby yet? And YES, the whole thing with Nick is… so interesting. Because I think there is some actual feeling there on both June and Nick’s part? But… it’s so complicated. They do seem to have some kind of chemistry, too. Ofseteven’s mistress IS really nice- you can see how much it all pains her. I wish we saw more of her, maybe next season? And YEP Fred gets worse and worse as it goes on, honestly. He’s almost Trumpian- he can’t even see WHY he is wrong? And he legit thinks that HE is one of the “good guys” which is of course laughable. Did you get to any of the Serena/Fred flashbacks? I think while it doesn’t at ALL excuse Serena’s behavior, it does explain it a little? And Lydia… I hate that I don’t hate her ?

              OH yes, I did see that about The Young Queens! I actually pre-ordered THIS instead: https://www.bookdepository.com/Queens-Fennbirn-Kendare-Blake/9780062748287 Because it was basically the same price as buying both novellas? And I have been collecting the UK covers, so might as well hah. I AM sad that I have to wait, but eh, maybe I’ll read it before book 3 to be caught up or something! But you must let me know how it is!! I hope you like it 🙂

              The ball IS stupid. What is even the point? At least fireworks are pretty! I mean, not in January in the north, but in Australia? Hell yes, I would be there no question. I bet people in the Nixon era thought that it was the most ridiculous thing that EVER happened. And then Trump came along and was like “hold my beer”. Did you see the bullshit tweets from like, earlier tonight? Where he basically is taunting N Korea with fucking nukes? Like… 2018 was fun for 2 days until we all died ?

              Okay now you have made me want to hook the nanny up with someone! She even wears one of those grandma-style knitted vests! I might give her blue hair or something (I didn’t make her, so I might change her up a little. OH maybe I should make her move in so I can control her!)

              I agree, Praimfaya works in some ways, but drops the ball in others. I did see this special on National Geographic, years ago, something about what would happen to the world without humans? And Idk if it was exactly like Praimfaya, but there would be widespread nuclear devastation, so I mean, I guess it’s somewhat based in science? I just don’t think it would have been literal storms, but who knows? I still think 4% of crap survived, so I am expecting some mutants! PLUS- won’t the same thing happen that happened in the first Praimfaya? Like, reproduction will be affected by the radiation, leading to two-headed deer and Zorans and stuff? The difference this season is, instead of Jaha throwing people overboard to be eaten by monsters, JAHA is the one who’s going to be eaten ?

              ALSO. Jason delivered AGAIN. I liked this tweet because I kind of wonder if that IS what is happening? https://twitter.com/LifeIsBellarke/status/948349288630902784 (The Kabby pic is from today, eeeeep!) And then THIS which is so freaking foreboding! https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/948319001637081088 I am so excited for this season, I need an AIR DATE, damn it!

              HA, I agree, the Olympic coverage is such crap. They never actually tell you when the good stuff is on, so you’re watching like, women’s backgammon for three hours until the actual sports come on. I remember in 2004 NBC actually streamed it, because I watched it in class- it was my last semester (and an extra one at that, sad) and I was so DONE so I would just mute the computer and pretend I gave a shit about the classes. But now it’s all bullshit. My brother has a VPN but I have NO idea how it works. I don’t really care about the winter Olympics though so I’ll be just fine to read an article here and there. Canada IS just better. Honestly, I think everywhere is just better at this point? Like fine, give me more snow, I’ll drink Tim Horton’s if I have to, anything is better than Trumpmerica.

              Jenny McCarthy makes me twitchy. She’s annoying, but she’s also irresponsible and uses her platform poorly, giving people outdated and false advice about autism and vaccines and such. She’s so stupid. I am not a country person either. At all. I can do *some* mainstream stuff (like, I do have one or two Florida-Georgia Line songs on my playlist, but does it even count as country anymore if they’re singing with Nelly? I think not.) Vol 2 did arrive today! Thank you again!! 😀 I LOVE the chat room thing- especially because there are AIs in there too! Though I feel like they maybe trusted Alex a little *too* easily? I am now trying to decide if I read it tonight, or read more Thunderhead because both are really good. I think I might go with Thunderhead mostly because I have to do a blog post about it in less than 2 weeks hahah. But oh my goodness, you MUST read Neal Shusterman. Must must must, he is like, my all-time favorite author, really. Unwind, or Scythe, you can start with either. I might have an extra copy of Unwind actually, I will check! He is an absolute genius.

  17. Agree. It is MUCH easier to do recaps this way! Although I’m thinking of not doing them this year? Or maybe just doing shorter reaction pieces, since you know recapping takes time. I don’t want it to feel like a chore. Same with Riverdale, which I was recapping but have kinda stepped back from. IDK. But there’s so much to talk about!

    The plane thing was crazy! I’m like are they really going there? That stretched my plausibility threshold just a bit, but whatever. I hear you though, leaving kids like that… and yeah Carly’s BF is a dick, no doubt. Hated him. He’s still around in S2 though…

    Donnie is so typecast for me now, there’s no way he’ll ever be anything but Donnie to me. That’s partly why it was so shocking! What’s next, Helena showing up with that fucking music that always came on when she arrived? Actually I would like that, she could take care of Gilead for us. But I digress… I’m glad to see that Ofsteven will be in S2, I like her. And yes those flashbacks! I hate Serena even more now, because she was totally supportive of it! Like he told her in the theater about the impending takeover, and she was like ok. WTF? Why would a woman voluntarily give up her rights?? Her and fred are both trash at this point, I hate em both. And I didn’t realize they were like at the very top- I was just thinking they were mid to high level but per the flashback they appear like they were primary planners of the whole thing? Also- the flashbacks with husband (what’s his name) escaping with the other escapees- I liked that one. I like seeing how it all went wrong, it speeds up the pace a bit.

    I am going to read it next, hope it’s good (cross your fingers ha ha) although I don’t think she can let me down at this point. I did see that novella preorder, I may get it too- those UK covers are the bomb. I will definitely let you know! It will be fun to talk Queens again.

    2018 is officially dumpster fire 2.0 now. Yup I saw it. What did we expect? We got like one day! One day of normalcy! But you know what, Americans need to know what they got so fuck it. So many people voted for him that it’s not just him, it’s every asshole that voted for him as far as I’m concerned. It’s just too bad for everyone else…

    Oh my gosh you’re right= poetic justice! Yes I am down for cannibalistic retribution! And yes after two Praimfayas reproduction should be REALLY whacked now! I don’t know if apocalypses stack in terms of genetic disorders but I’m voting for yes. Although poor Zoran, would hate to see more of that. Oh well. I love those shows though! I think I saw one of those after humans shows- everything was vegetated and overgrown, it was cool. and like what if the great Lakes drained or the oceans.

    Oh my that tweet is… alarming. Kabby look SO emotional there, you might be right about them thinking Clarke is dead. And Jason’s little warning there- shit what is happening in THAT pic? Fuckkkk…

    Well, Vancouver clearly has it going on lol. And they say Toronto is nice. Montreal too although I don’t speak French. Colder than shit though… Michigan’s bad enough. But seriously when they were trying for Canada on Handmaid’s Tale last night I was kinda like… mmm yeah?? 🙂

    I’m glad Vol 2 arrived! I feel like, finally the shit’s all there! Gotta love Amazon. Anyway like I said we’ll have to talk the ending when you get there because it did NOT end the way I thought it would. The chat room thing was cool, I liked the whole resistance angle thing because they were like what’s it like for one person to maybe fall in love with a synthetic, and then it becomes a whole societal thing, like should they have rights? And how Alex and Ada got sucked into all that? Anyway Shusterman huh? Your favorite author? Wow I’ll definitely have to check him out then, that’s a pretty good recommendation! Happy reading. 🙂

    • GASP, no recaps!? I mean… They are pretty time consuming, so I get it. But still! I suppose as long as we still beat each episode to death here, I can live with it 😀 They really do take a lot of time and effort- and like, two people read them hahah. But they’re also my favorite thing I do on the blog, so I won’t be stopping. But if it isn’t fun for you, I agree, no need! I feel like Riverdale recaps are probably harder to do though, because it’s less… analytical? You don’t have a ton to guess about or make sense of. So maybe it’s easier actually, but less fun? That’s how I’d feel anyway hah.

      UGH I hoped that the (hopefully ex)-husband would be… Idk, what is the term they use to the people who Travelers inhabit? The.. Traveled? I wanted him to be Traveled upon. Boo. Yeah the airplane thing itself was implausible, but then the whole makeshift operating room!? REALLY? I had to roll my eyes at that. And did they have Trevor grow a second heart? Is that actually what happened?! Speaking of, I am having a LOT of trouble believing that Trevor is a high school kid. I looked it up and he’s 30. And an obvious 30, tbh. (And he has the same birthday as me, so that’s fun. Of course, he gets to be younger, but alas.) Dude who plays Phillip is 37, which kind of blows my mind. The scenes with MacLaran actually remembering some of “his” past with Kat was a nice touch though. BUT I am going to be plenty pissed if he just ditches Carly. She clearly loves him, and that is not cool to do to her. She’s got the shittiest lot in this new life, IMO.

      HA I am down for Helena popping in, too. She could be the “kooky nurse” ? But seriously, it was awful. He was like, a little Donnie-ish too, at first? But then he was so awful that NOPE, it made my head spin! My thoughts on Serena are like- she absolutely SUCKS because she clearly didn’t think of all the other women who would be wayyyy worse off than she would. I think she wholly regrets her decision now, though. I think she was game at first, but then it kept getting more and more awful, and by the time she realizes it and tries to stop it, she no longer has any power. Which makes her selfish, and kind of stupid. I agree, they ARE trash, but I still can’t help feel just a tiny bit of empathy for Serena? (This is my fatal flaw, clearly- and why I still love Jaha ?) I LOVED the episode where Luke (the husband) gets away! GAH, that made me so damn hopeful for the rest of the series. You saw the flashbacks of the start of their relationship already, right? That was rough, because of course you’re Team June, but yikes.

      YAY I hope it’s good! I bet it will be too- plus I have been so curious about the backstory of the whole damn island, that I think it’ll be worth it.

      I love the tweets I am seeing that say “can’t wait for 2018 to be over” already. It’s half funny, but it’s wholly tragic. Like, are we ever just going to be “normal” again? TOTALLY agree about every asshole who voted for him. I was talking to my mom about it, and I was like “do you think even as they are literally in the midst of Praimfaya they will be pretending he was a good decision?” and she was like “yeah, probably”. Because you know, Hillary’s emails ? I feel bad that those of us who KNEW he was shit have to deal with the ramifications. But I also wouldn’t blame the rest of the world from Polaris-ing our asses.

      I bet they do! I mean- genetic stuff can be caused by the most random crap? Or just… total flukes? So of COURSE double-radiation would mean double the harm, I assume. Because you figure, the parents were born with high levels of radiation, and now they just got a double dose! I mean, Zoran seemed happy enough, tbh? That episode was interesting for me- I have mentioned it on the blog a few times, but not a ton, but my son was born with a craniofacial defect from a genetic condition, but it was a de novo mutation- meaning his was the first in his genetic line, no one knows where it came from. I mean, I assume it wasn’t Praimfaya, but who can tell ?. ANyway, I find the whole thing fascinating, and definitely want to see more of it- especially how the Skaikru folks would handle it. OH! Imagine THAT fight. Like, a Kabby baby is born messed up and Indra wants to kick it out of the bunker! I bet that would cause a LOT of fighting among clans, because I dont think Skaikru, or probably even Gagarin, would take kindly to the concept of Frikdreinas. And YES- that is exactly what the show was like! And they showed animals scavenging for food and stuff, among the new overgrown forests. It was like, a mini-series I think, bet it was the same one. I love that stuff.

      Is it awful that I *really* want it to be that they think Clarke is dead? I want to see everyone freak out haha. Or something equally awful, I won’t be picky! OH and did you see this incredible exchange between Jason and William Shatner? The whole thread is epic, tbh- https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/948625125892489217 Jason also publicly admitted that he is salty too about the lack of trailer, so everyone adores him hahh.

      SO true about Vancouver, though logistically, if we were on the run, I doubt we’d end up there. Ontario is big, and I assume that’s where we’d land. And it’s not very exciting, unless you’re in Toronto I suppose. But I guess if we’re going to be dealing with zero degree weather anyway, might as well do it in a country that isn’t a shitshow. This reminds me that I should renew my passport before The Handmaid’s Tale becomes reality… ?

      Aww yay! Thanks so much again, really, I appreciate it! 😀 And now I am extra excited about the ending! Within the next few days I’ll have them read for sure! The whole rights issue IS very interesting, and I am not even sure WHAT I think about it yet. And YES- if I had to pick just ONE favorite author, it’s him, no question. Like- have you read books where you’re like “this author’s level of genius is so high that there is no actual way my mind could replicate it”? And I’m generally of the school of thought that most people can do pretty much anything they set their minds to with enough work, but his writing is next-level. His story concepts are next level. My mom has my extra copy of Unwind, but she doesn’t like to keep books anyway, so I am sending it to you. It is so incredibly disturbing, I don’t even know how to explain it.

      • I know, it feels almost blasphemous not to do recaps! And they’re so fun in the beginning, when everything is new- it’s towards the end when it feels like a weekly task that they get less fun for me. Although reading people’s reactions and comments does make it all worth it! And you must never stop! lol because while mine are just mostly words yours are like funny and GIF-y and all around awesome. And who knows maybe I’d miss it? I imagine I will start with the new season and see how it goes…? Oh and Riverdale- yeah those are kinda easier, I guess, mainly because it’s not as deep, so yeah… think you’re right there.

        Yes it would be awesome if they overwrote Jeff! I don’t know if “overwrote” is the right word, but… yeah. Just record right over him lol. Although no such luck, alas. And I agree about Carly. Speaking of, there is almost no mention of her former relationship with Mac in S2. Which I guess is a spoiler so I’m sorry! But it just doesn’t even come up- Carly is more focused on her kid (who watches that kid all the time anyway?) and Mac and Kat are going thru their own stuff. just a plot line they decided to drop? Carly doesn’t seem to care much either which is odd. I thought their relationship was going to be a major subplot, but I guess not.

        Trevor as a HS kid is problematic, especially since he has a high school aged girlfriend? Which is creepy since even though he’s in a HS body he’s like the oldest one in the future? Maybe that’s why he seems to have a thing for grace. And Phillip actor is 37? Wow. You know I like him more in S2, he irritated me a bit in S1 with all that drug addiction stuff. Actually I liked everyone more in S2, Carly included. I felt like they were more likable?

        So I finished Handmaid’s and I have… thoughts. Serena I still hate, especially after that stunt she pulled with showing June her daughter but not letting her out of the car. Cruel! I was hoping that at least one of the worst three- Serena, Fred or Lydia- would die, but none of them did, so boo. You know it’s so unremittingly bleak that a little payback would have been cathartic? But no June is taken at the end and that’s it? Argh. Although is Nick saving her? He did tell her to just go. And I thought I was going to like Lydia a little more, but then she promised June there would be retaliation after June stood up for Janine, so I was mad at her too. 🙂 Speaking of Janine, I feel so bad for her. And the Jezebel club? That is so bad because here they espouse this Biblical society (a twisted version) and women lose everything, but then the men all go to this club and it’s like nothing has changed. Serena and the women should rise up and just kill all the men because what have they accomplished? Zippo.

        I loved the Luke flashbacks too. All that running away through the wilderness stuff was great. And yeah even though I liked June I did feel kinda bad for Luke’s previous wife? Since she told him to leave his wife and he was like okay. I kinda hated how they had like no regard for her at all? Which got me thinking at times I don’t like ANYONE on this show ha ha??

        Check THIS out. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/01/michael-wolff-fire-and-fury-book-donald-trump.html It might piss you off though. And even if it’s not all true I imagine a good chunk of it is. Did he really not WANT to win? Hey join the club pal lol. Although you know Hillary is clearly unsuited for the presidency because, you know, those emails. *rolls eyes* But Bannon and Trump are now fighting, so that should be entertaining!

        I’m sorry to hear that about your son, and I apologize if I seemed flippant about the Zoran thing. I hope I didn’t offend. 🙁 If it’s the first time it’s appeared that would make you wonder! I think you’re right about it doesn’t take much- I heard somewhere that just a tiny change in a chromosome or whatever can cause a mutation and therefore some kind of problem. And Zoran did seem happy- I’m glad they portrayed that rather than just going with oh look something happened and he’s sick/miserable/ whatever. Another positive thing they did on this show.

        I bet it was the same show actually about the end of humans! It sounds really familiar.

        Nice to see that Jason is so irritated too. And that exchange was awesome! I did NOT see that- thanx for sharing!

        Lol yes prepping might not be such a bad idea either. Although I think Canada would be better. Their society seems more… inclusive? Less fucked up about guns and all that stuff? Oh and did you notice the guy who screened Moira when she reached Canada was briefly on Orphan Black? He was one of Rachel’s flunkies in the last season I think it was? Anyway yeah hopefully Ottawa or Toronto are nice because yeah otherwise it might just be cold and a bit boring up there? I mean Michigan gets frickin cold enough, I have no idea what Ontarions do!

        Thanks! I will definitely check it out, but ooh it’s disturbing? Now I’m gonna hit Goodreads and check it out so I know what to expect. 🙂 And yes there are some authors who are like, way beyond the normal level of competence, seems like. Most books are more or less “good”, you know depending on taste, but I do firmly believe some authors are just SO talented they’re at a next level. So now you have me VERY intrigued.

        • I think I actually get more excited for them as the season goes on, because the stakes are always higher in the actual show? I think also since it’s only 13 weeks, it isn’t *too* bad. Aw thanks!! 😀 And no worries, I never plan to stop hahah. Even though they seem to get more time consuming every week. I also tell myself I am going to calm down a bit with the GIFs but…. I probably won’t. I feel like I could probably have some snarky fun with Riverdale, but eh. I don’t think I could care enough to keep it up week-to-week.

          HA I honestly don’t care if they just stab Jeff, but it seems like a waste of a body with some power on the police force? But however he needs to die is fine by me! Even though he’s obviously still alive. I am SO confused about Carly and Mac, because like- she was basically about to burn in that plane crash to get him out, they have been together in this time obviously, and then… it’s just GONE!? Why?! I thought it would be a major plot too, or even if it was more minor, that’s kind of a big issue to just drop! The Marcy-David thing broke my heart. And I am MAD at NewGrace for overwriting her without her consent. And I am mad at the Director for taking OldGrace. I do, however, adore the old man in the farmhouse, he made me chuckle several times.

          EW good point about Trevor’s HS girlfriend. And good point about him being super old, too. Like- he isn’t just 30 like IRL, he’s like 130 or whatever. It does make sense that he’d have more in common with Grace than with his high school kleptomaniacal floozy. (Is that wrong of me? I do not like her.) I like Phillip now, so I imagine I’ll like him even more in S2 also. I think he’s actually my favorite. Him or Trevor, they both just seem so… full of heart? Carly is a badass, which I like, but I think it makes it a bit harder for me to relate to her. I also am not understand this issue with the baby. Like the baby is always just an inconvenience to her it seems, and it almost seems like her ego is driving her want to keep the kid more than any actual feelings for the baby. She holds it like it’s going to bite her! (Which incidentally is kind of how I hold babies, they’re scary, especially if they are someone else’s, because can you imagine how pissed someone would be if you broke their baby!?!)

          You FINISHED IT!? How!? Goodness, your binge abilities are impressive. OH that is the worst thing that Serena has ever done. And she has done a LOT of bad shit. I wanted June to run her over with the car, Rory-style. I *think* Nick did save her? It was kind of not 100% clear, but that was how it seemed to me, too. I did like though how much Lydia cared for Janine. That pulled at my heartstrings. And then she even sat with her in the hospital and such. And here’s my take on Lydia, which is part speculation so I am not even sure I’m right, but- I feel like unlike Serena, Lydia isn’t like, protected by anyone in this society? Like, does Lydia want to be doing her job? She VERY often seems like she is doing it under duress, and I wonder if we’ll find out more of her backstory, too. I just feel like there’s way more to Lydia than meets the eye- and she *does* treat the handmaids like they’re special, just in an often messed up way? She definitely cares for them, whatever her situation. And I have a feeling it will come up more later. YEP that is exactly what the Jezebel signified to me too. The men just wanted all the control. It’s so Trumpian it’s scary. It’s literally just some shitty white dudes who decided that women were showing them up. So instead of working harder or whatever, they just decided to be pieces of shit. I would have to kill the men, I think. Or die trying.

          YEP Luke’s wife, that must have hurt. I hope they show that it was a crappy marriage, or on the brink of divorce or something so we can feel a little better about those two ? I am not even mad at June as much as Luke, because like- Luke was the one who’d made a commitment and clearly broke it before he ended the marriage. He should have been like “hold that thought June, be right back!”, dashed off, ended it, and they could have been back in the hotel by the weekend! I think that showing that WAS so that we know that no one is wholly likable maybe? I really can’t think of any other reason.

          Okay first of all, when I open the link, it’s such a frightening picture of his ugly face I cannot handle it ? I have always believed that Trump didn’t want to win. I figured he wanted to ride the fame for as long as he could, throw himself into the media whenever Hillary did something that the right didn’t like, etc. Basically, guaranteeing himself relevancy as long as she was in office. He didn’t want a JOB out of it, certainly not THIS job. But of course, he is too damn narcissistic to ever admit that, which is why he now pretends he is some kind of leader, when we all know the truth. I also have wondered if he is acting so outlandish because he wants to be forced to leave, since his ego can’t let him step down. I look forward to some point, in the future (if we have one ha) where he’s dead and we can finally get ALL the dirt. Because it WILL all come out, it’s just a matter of time. And with him fighting with those in his inner circle… that could happen sooner than later, especially with a wild card like Bannon, who doesn’t seem to care all that much about loyalty (or anything else non-awful).

          Oh my goodness, no, you’re fine! I think I actually WANT people to be flippant about it, in a sense? Like- with Zoran, he was not his facial defect, just like Emori isn’t her hand, etc etc. And I want it to be a non-issue for Sammy, too. Just like, it’s one part of him, but doesn’t define him. It DOES suck that his kids (if he has any) will all have a 50-50 chance of inheriting it though. It’s weird because a girl I went to high school with had a little girl two weeks after Sam was born, and she had a cleft too- also totally random, no family history. Hers wasn’t a genetic syndrome, but it DOES make me wonder, like- is this kind of thing happening more often? Who knows- because you’re right, it could be ANY small thing- or just… wholly random. And yes, the show DID handle that sort of thing very well- I hope to see more of it, actually. My favorite line is Jaha and Emori in the City of Light: “Emori, you know you can correct your defects.” “I would if I had any.” 😀

          Look, Shawn Mendes survived Praimfaya after all! https://twitter.com/The100S5/status/949015941085614080
          Bwhaha probably not really, but that would be a trip. I have to wonder who in this group is musically inclined, exactly? Maybe Kane and Jackson started a Bunker Band or something ?

          HA yes I feel like Canada IS better. I mean, everywhere is, of course, but at least in Canada you could still live a life comparable to the one you’re leaving behind. You know, without the guns and nazis and such. Though would we be far enough away from the nukes? Idk. YES I knew that guy looked familiar, but I wasn’t able to place him! Like Toronto is nice enough but… not adequate to make up for the cold and having to learn the metric system, basically ?

          Oh VERY disturbing. Neal Shusterman is the KING of disturbing! But there’s also like, happier moments and funnier moments and such, but his stuff is DARK. And YES- that is exactly what I mean! Like, of course most authors are good writers but… If I worked hard, I could be at their level? But some have that extra something special where it’s like “nope, I could write until my fingers fell off and I would never be like THAT”- just something undefinable, I think. And super rare!

          • Oh I hope you don’t stop with the GIF’s cause they’re half the fun. Although I love your analysis too. You just make em fun to read. It’s always nice when you read someone else’s recap and discover something you didn’t catch or whatever. And Riverdale is crying out for some good- natured mockery, oh my gosh- that show. Speaking of- isn’t it back next week??

            The old guy in the farmhouse was great. Sounds like you’re almost to the end ? And yes Grace overwriting Marcy was awful. That comes up a lot in S2 actually. And I always get skeeved out when Trevor’s GF shows up and is like hey baby- I’m like no he’s wayyy older than you! To his credit he seems to resist, um, woo-hoo’ing, but still… and she is a floozy, clearly. I felt the same way about Carly, actually, I didn’t really connect with her, and I also felt like the baby was like just, IDK, not really a priority but at the same time she wanted to keep it just… because? I do feel a lot better about her in S2 though, although again who watches that kid when she’s on her missions is beyond me. Like there’s one time in S2 when Jeff stays home to watch the kid, but all the other times??

            I did! Am I good or what? lol actually it’s that I spend WAY too much time binging Netflix! But I got into it and watched three episodes last night to finish up! Gah. I read somewhere that the show ends right where the book does- with her being taken away- so in the book I guess that’s where the story stops? I was just wondering if the Nick thing is in the book too- like whether he’s helping her or they’re taking her away to kill her. Have you read it? Also I was kinda touched by Lydia’s feelings for Janine too, but then I kept remembering how they took her eye. I’m not sure if that was Lydia specifically, but she was going to stone her too, so… yeah. I’m conflicted on Lydia. 🙂 And she’s a little happy with that stun prod lol. BUT… you may be right, that she’s doing it to survive. I mean if she rebels they’ll just off her and get another Lydia, right? I would love if thy went with that angle, rather than just having her be a bitch for no reason. And the men… good grief. It’s so ridiculously patriarchal and over the top- they just one day take over and everyone rolls over. Even with Trump I feel like if something like that happened it would be more like they would just do a police state almost like what we’re seeing now- you know border walls and deporting people and attacking the media, making up fake news. Although I know this is an adaptation and the central thing is the infertility thing, so I guess that’s where the religious element comes in. Either way it’s fucked up ha ha.

            I agree. Real people do effed up things sometimes and clearly that applies to Luke and June. I would like to see some clarity on that as well. It’s hard to like almost anyone on this show, and I think it’s cool the way they went that route. Again I have no idea about the book, if any of that is in there, but by doing it they made even the protags kinda questionable.

            I totally agree. His ego prevents him from saying I made a mistake I don’t belong here, I’m handing the keys to Pence (which in itself is somewhat horrifying) but meanwhile the country suffers. Sigh. I actually thought there was a good chance he wouldn’t make it through 2017, due to impeachment or whatevs, so the fact that we’re here is surprising to me. And depressing.

            Oh good, I didn’t want to offend. Like going back and reading my comment, I was like- was I being a jerk about Zoran?? But yes they handled it well, and you’re right- that Emori comment was priceless. They didn’t have to throw that in there but they did, and the other thing is Emori- the way she plays her- I never even think about her hand because she just lives like everyone else, and it’s no big deal. So even though took a lot of heat for LExa and all that, they are doing forward thinking things on this show, and I’m not sure they get enough credit for it. I do think sometimes too that things are on the rise- they were saying that autism was way up but then they say it’s just more accurate diagnosing so is it REALLY up or we’re just better at catching it or diagnosing it the right way? – but I’ve read about endocrine disruptors and stuff like that are in the environment and it’s scary. Who knows how we’re being affected by all the chemicals out there? Or whatever it is? I can only imagine what effects Chernobyl had, or the Japanese reactor thing a few years ago.

            Lol what are they doing with frickin drums?? Especially if that’s Clarke’s camp? These pics are really making me wonder where S5 is going… 🙂 Someone in that thread I think mentioned Bellamy playing a guitar around the campfire and I am down for that. Bell, Clarke and Madi… aww.

            Metric system- so true. That just dulled my enthusiasm right there. And I have not been to Toronto so I don’t know from experience… but the idea of winter being WORSE than it is here definitely gives me pause. I mean I feel like I’m snowpocalypsed out??

            I want to try new authors and expand my reading comfort zone a bit in 2018, so maybe Shusterman is a good choice? And I can go dark as long as it’s not gross horror stuff, which I tend not to like, but it sounds like Shusterman’s not like that. More like dark dystopian? Maybe? I’ll definitely try it though, I just looked up his Unwound series and it sounds…chilling and very good.

            • Oh goodness no, I’d never STOP making GIFs! It took so long to learn, it would be a huge waste hah. No, I just want to be a little more… selective perhaps on which scenes I make- like, maybe only make 30 or so instead of 70 per episode? And I agree, it IS fun to read someone else’s analysis of it- I always wonder if people have the same thoughts as I do, or noticed something I didn’t, etc. Speaking of Riverdale, did you see that they cast Sabrina? https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/kiernan-shipka-star-as-sabrina-netflix-riverdale-spinoff-1072044 And no, sadly, it isn’t back until the 17th, ugh. I was hoping it was next week too, but alas.

              YEP finished S1 last night! I basically have NO freaking idea what is happening! Like- I get that they basically fucked up the future so bad that there’s a faction against the Director, who I might start calling ALIE now that I know is an AI, but I digress. And I find it so ironic that in sending people back, the Director literally created its own enemies. Is the Director now in the body of the old guy? I assume I will find out tonight. I cannot believe that MacLaren had that “talk” with Carly, I wanted to hit him so hard. Like now that he has Kat, he throws her to the side?! What an ASS! Seriously, Carly confuses me- especially when Jeff killed that Traveler kid, and she ran away. I know Jeff sucks, but come ON. And then the kid, yeah, she seems to not even WANT to be around him, but then gets pissy if anyone says so! I did kind of love Carly pointing the gun at MacLaren too, I feel like he deserved it 😀

              WOW and those are kind of long episodes- longer than a typical show on a network, anyway! DAMN, that is how the book ends?! I haven’t read it- I keep saying I will (actually, I said I was going to before I watched the show but then gave up hah) but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I agree, I am conflicted about Lydia of course too (the eye thing is AWFUL- like that has to be the worst punishment ever, probably even worse than Rory’s, because at least Rory was unconscious? Idk, the eye thing freaks me out.) but I think she’s like- very replaceable? The Handmaids have a certain protection, at least, their lives, because they can reproduce. But I assume they could just as easily drudge up another Lydia if they don’t like the current one. So she probably has to play it very carefully.

              I agree about the men being abhorrent. I do kind of wonder what would happen. Like you said, it would probably be different because of the infertility, but I could see the whole women not owning property, having jobs, etc. The thing is- people are often too scared to fight. And I think scarily, we see that in Trumpmerica? Like- if someone had asked you even a year ago what the country would do if he pulled some of the shit he has pulled (threatening nuclear war over Twitter, not sending funds to Puerto Rico, blatantly lying, there are just too many to choose from ha), I know I’d have said that there would be some kind of revolt, people wouldn’t stand for it, etc. But… it’s frightening to see that even the upper echelons of government stand by nervously. Do nothing. And it somehow becomes our new “normal”. Like- now him yelling at people is literally no big deal in the news. So I think it’s really easy to see how it could get to that point, and by the time it has, the civilian population is outgunned, out-manned (this is from Hamilton, but that’s okay).

              Oooh yeah, I wonder if the June-Luke relationship happening that way was a thing in the books! I mean, clearly there are changes, since the show has it set in our current time, seemingly, and the book is over 30 years old, but still. Cheating was certainly a thing in the 80s ?I agree though, I really hope we see more about it. Kinda feel bad for Luke’s ex, he didn’t even check to see if she was alive. Oopsie?

              I think a LOT of us thought he wouldn’t make it through 2017. The fact that he has is terrifying. Which goes into what I said above- it’s become normal, and it should never BE normal. Pence is scary. I don’t even know at this point, which would be worse. And we’d suffer either way, I suppose. I still don’t know if there IS a way to come back from this, or is THIS how our empire falls? I feel more and more as though it’s the latter, sadly. And I also feel more and more like we (the collective we, not us specifically because we aren’t the asshats who voted for him) deserve it. Do we deserve to be the global leader? Nope, not if this is who we choose to lead us.

              Nooooo, goodness, definitely no offense at all! I know people can get really… sensitive about shit like that, but I am not one of those people. Nor is Sammy hah. If anything, I just want MORE Zorans and Emoris so that it is seen as no biggie. Because YES- you don’t even think about it with Emori. She’s just herself, and it’s such a small part of her, it doesn’t define her at all. There’s this guy on The Challenge (guilty pleasure hahah) who has only two fingers, and last season, he beat all the full-handed guys and won $500k. And there was mountain climbing and shit on the final challenge! But he just made it such a complete non-issue, which is awesome, and it reminded me of Emori! GAH, you are so right about them not getting enough credit! The Lexa thing wasn’t even their FAULT. I mean, they could have done it differently, but it wouldn’t have felt authentic to the show. They have such a diverse cast, and diverse storylines, and it pains me that they never get anything but hate.

              I think it’s probably a bit of both in regards to the diagnoses and the actual rates of incidents. I mean, especially with stuff like autism where there isn’t a cut-and-dry diagnostic process, certainly the accuracy makes a huge difference. I wonder a lot about the chemical stuff too. Our environment has changed so much in such a short time, there’s basically no way it wouldn’t be somewhat disruptive to our bodies. I wish we could see into the future sometimes, and know what will happen. OH yes, that stuff like Chernobyl, that has to be bad. OH wow you know what is creepy? I was looking up stuff on Chernobyl, and they talk about some of the same shit from The 100, like ARS and such. Goodness, a lot of kids have died of Thyroid Cancer since then. That is horrible. They should bring some kind of weird sickness into The 100 ?

              I am very much here for Bellamy serenading Clarke. And then Madi can go to her own tent so that Bellamy and Clarke can… reconnect.

              HA right? I don’t need to learn how many centimeters tall I am or whatever. Hard pass. I have been to Toronto, and I mean, it’s fine? I don’t need to go back? And seriously, I am trying to get myself a one-way plane ticket to some island right about now. I am so DONE with the snow and the ice and the downright freezing ass temperatures. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 6, the low -6, and I am just like… okay done, no more, where’s spring?

              YESSS he is a great choice! It’s definitely not horror-gross stuff. It can be disturbing, but more in a mental way. Definitely more dystopian/sci-fi. Well, Unwind is more dystopian, and Scythe is more sci-fi/future, and they’re both disturbing and fabulous. OH! Speaking of branching out and reading new authors, I finished Alex + Ada last night! I was just going to read Vol 2 but I got so into it that I needed to know how it ended! And okay, I loved it. I read the reviews on Goodreads, and I know a lot of people were miffed that the end was too “easy” but honestly, after all the went through, I didn’t even care because I wanted them to get some kind of happiness. I mean, dude spent 25 years in prison for her, so yeah. And I had a feeling that the bitchy girl who liked him was behind it! Talk about being the worst “friend” ever. I loved the message too, and I feel like I was completely #TeamRobot by the end, so there’s that!

              • She looks like a good Sabrina. And it sounds like from that article they’re not afraid to go a little dark with it? And it’s getting two seasons right off the bat! cha-ching! I’m down for this. Bummer about the 17th though- I’m getting Riverdale withdrawal??

                I couldn’t remember when they revealed that the Director was an AI so I didn’t want to say much, but… yeah. And TBH I forgot they had that talk, so I guess they did address their relationship at the end of S1? This is why I need to rewatch, because I forget things. *sigh* But I did like how no one really knew what the fuck was happening- some of them were supposed to axe the thingamajob in the barn, others were supposed to take out MacLaren. It’s like who’s in charge???

                Oops I spoiled again, yikes, but yeah I thought I saw on someone’s blog that the show ends right where the book does? The eye thing freaks me out too. And that is very true- the tweets, the Puerto Rico thing (why does no one seem to care???)- you’re absolutely right. He’s normalized so many terrible things, maybe it WOULDN”T take much for the unthinkable to happen. Scary thought…

                I hadn’t thought about Luke’s ex, but yeah seems like he would care a bit. they were married after all. Wonder if that will come up. They better not have him and Moira get together. Ugh. I need some kind of happy ending at the end of all this lol, it’s so bleak. Rory needs to get some revenge too, naturally.

                So true. People have seen that this is tolerated, so how do we go back? I feel like with FOX News and conservative media continuing to lie, all these Trump voters are gonna continue to believe in an alternate reality. I guess the conspiracy theories and weirdness on places like 4chan are getting worse and worse…

                Wow that’s pretty awesome about The Challenge! I’ve never seen the show I’ll have to check it out. And yes sometimes the people bitching about LExa want more, and it’s like waitaminnit, let’s give em credit for what they ARE doing. Alycia was leaving, so what did they want them to do? Just have her disappear? They acted like The 100 dropped the ball on that so much, and I just don’t see it.

                I can’t even imagine what Chernobyl and shit like that did to people. Or the Japan nuclear meltdown with radiation going into the PAcific. That’s lovely! I saw a book a while back somewhere about Chernobly with a horror take and it looked creepy AF, I wish I could remember it… and Praimfaya wouldn’t JUST be fire right, wouldn’t the radiation affect things and cause all kinds of sickness, even after 6 years? Even Nightbloods can’t be immune to everything, can they? Or else Becca really had her shit together. 🙂

                I hear you, the tropics sound good right now? We still have a ton of snow and our low is -5, although it’s supposed to get back in the 20’s or 30’s next week. Oh joy! I need some balmy sea breezes. I feel like I’ve hit my annual winter allotment at this point and it’s only early January. Not good.

                Ooh I’m glad you liked Alex and Ada! I was pissed he spent 25!!! years in prison- I was like seriously??- but thankfully Ada was still in there and they got their HEA. But yeah not what I was expecting! I didn’t think it was EASY at all. And yeah that girl… man that would suck. Talk about betrayal. But I loved the series all in all. One of my favorite parts was the scene where the friends come over to meet Ada, and they want to help, and one of them offers to give her clothes, but when she tells them her measurements they’re like “of course” and “never mind”. That cracked me up… I liked the humor. 🙂

                • Yes, but since it is on Netflix, you will binge each season within a two-day span, and then will have a year to wait ? But yeah, it does sound interesting, I will definitely give it a try! And I am bummed that there isn’t a new one this week too, especially since I will probably have finished Travelers by then!

                  I am still a wee bit confused by the whole thing. I was excited to see Kellogg, but I also have no idea what he is doing? And now someone has taken him over? He looks older, but in an appealing way haha. I look forward to whatever his new personality is. Speaking of new personalities Grace 2.0 is the BEST. I was so sad when the nice one was gone, but this one is freaking hilarious. Her calling out Trevor’s gross little girlfriend made my day ? And YES- half the team wants the machine gone, half doesn’t, some people want MacLaren dead… I still have no freaking clue! I am VERY curious about the FIRST damn Traveler though! He is all sorts of crazy , as I supposed anyone would be. I couldn’t believe they went there with the 9/11 thing though, DAMN. OH! My favorite moment was when Phillip and the random new girl were walking out of the NA meeting… right down the steps where Lexa saved Clarke’s life in the City of Light ???

                  I had read some mixed things about the book, actually, so I am not wholly shocked. Honestly, I think I am glad I know this, because I don’t think I’ll read it if the ending is *that* open. I am SO glad that the show is giving us another season. Does the author work with the show? I should look that up. (Also had to look up if she was, in fact, still alive, oops ?) And yeah, I mean, even if the relationship with Luke’s ex ended horribly (and I assume it did!) you’d think he’d still wonder if she was dead or alive for goodness sake! I *thought* Moira was gay? I could be wrong, but I swore they mentioned it at the very beginning? I too would be very salty if that was a thing. Though, now June and Nick are having a baby, so that’s nice and weird. And it wasn’t even a forced baby, it was a consensual baby (well, maybe not the baby itself, but you know what I mean hah). There better be a hopeful ending- and Rory better get to castrate someone.

                  Like, I wish there was something I could DO to help the Puerto Ricans? Since no one with actual power will? I seriously don’t understand why the country at large is so damn blase about it. And I think at this point, the normalization by the NON-Republicans is even worse. Because we all knew the GOP wouldn’t stop this nonsense, since they created it. But what the hell is OUR party doing exactly? NOTHING. Just… nothing. Like, calling me every night begging for money, sending incessant emails to sign petitions? Yeah, that isn’t working.

                  I have been watching The Challenge for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Like, it started I think in 1998? The best part is that some of the OGs are still on it ? I mean, it’s a reality show so it can be trashy, but I love the challenges, because they can be inspiring too. Like- I am NOT a reality TV fan, but I love this show. Enough to watch it for decades, apparently. UGH yes, I agree with you in regards to Lexa. Maybe they fucked Lincoln/Ricky up somehow (I still wish I knew that whole story) but NOT Alycia/Lexa. It was KNOWN that she wasn’t going to be on forever when she first started! This wasn’t a secret, people!

                  Chernobyl always freaked me out. I mean I don’t remember when it actually happened, but it was still in the news from time to time as I got older, and it was scary! Especially since there was always talk of kids affected. Good call on the Japan thing, I hadn’t even thought of the ocean angle, but you are definitely right. Luna’s rig is not safe anymore hah. And yeah- I think there WOULD be sickness still, even after 5 years, because it literally seeped everywhere. I guess maybe it would be stuff that they could handle? Maybe bodies could metabolize it by then? Not to say there wouldn’t be repercussions, but it wouldn’t outright kill someone, anyway. That is a good point about the nightblood- I don’t think it could, because Clarke and Luna even got really sick, so it’s not a complete cure, and I suppose it wouldn’t make them immune to long-term effects either? I feel like they almost HAVE to address it, but it would also be boring to watch like, Indra die of thyroid cancer or whatever, so who knows how they’ll do it. (Also, that sounds awful- “it’d be boring”, what kind of asshole says that!? ?)

                  Same, why does 20 sound AWESOME? It should never sound awesome! But yet, here we are. I think it’s going to actually be ::gasp:: above freezing next week. And everything is so GRIMY! My white car is now my brown car, and I am over that too. Islands. Very tropical islands are the only course of action. Maybe southern California.

                  Oh I agree, that sentence was bullshit! I suppose they were “making an example” of him but STILL. I was so happy Ada was okay, I was seriously afraid he was going to get out, and see that there was change, but Ada would be dead, and it would be like, bittersweet and I was NOT here for that. OR that she’d have to reboot from scratch and have no memory of their time together. That would have pissed me off too. But I loved the ending! I really loved the second two the best- I mean, I gave the 3rd one 5 stars (and will probably give the second one 5 too), and you know how rare that is these days! I liked the humor too, and the friendships. It all felt very relatable even though I don’t personally have any funny robot friends 😀

                  • Right? I’m gonna binge the shit out of that thing lol! Two days at the MOST! Ha ha no I’ll take it a LITTLE slower, maybe, but not much. 🙂

                    It was nice to see Kellogg again. 🙂 Of all those Continuum alumni I think he was the one that delighted me the most, just to see him in another time travel story! How far are you in S2? Because he doesn’t show up a lot, but more towards the end of the season. I was really intrigued with him and Walt being taken over by Faction people, but then they got overwritten so Kellogg is now a good guy? Grace 2.0 might seriously be the best thing about S2- she’s definitely the funniest. I loved that scene with her in the hospital. 🙂

                    Vincent (the first Traveler) is such an enigma! I’ve seen some debate on the boards about what his deal is- good guy, bad guy, both?- but it seems pretty obvious by mid or late S2 what he is. And yeah the 9/11 thing kinda surprised me too. And are you serious? I totally did NOT catch that. Wow!

                    I’m not reading it. It’s so bleak and I feel like I get the gist from the show? And for some reason I got the impression it was quite an older book, so I assumed the author was dead too, but I don’t really know! You might be right about Moira, I missed that. And June and Nick *sigh* talk about complicating things. I don’t know where they’ll go with that, but if they end up together that would irk me. I just wanna see her get back to Luke, FFS. Although the kid… again, complicated. 🙁 And yes I want Rory to basically go on a rampage.

                    I’m shocked by Puerto Rico. Aren’t they like still without power? The media hardly even covers it. If it was a “state” it would be different, but because it’s Puerto Rico… not a white state?- there’s like no urgency. Doesn’t say much for us as a country.

                    The Japan thing is freaky because you hear reports of like shit washing up on the west coast- basically all the way across the ocean- so that’s fucked up. And while they say oh the radiation’s not tHAT bad I’m like really? Because we have so much experience with THAT. I find it hard to believe the whole ecosystem in that area wasn’t affected. What are the people on the rig supposed to do?? Not eat fish? Oh wait they’re all gone O.o

                    You’re right though, who wants to see the 100 catch cancer? Bo- ringg!! Weird creatures and mutants and yes cannibalism are so much more entertaining. Speaking of which, did you see that thing on Twitter about the trailer dropping soon? I thought I saw that it was a prank? If so that’s just not funny. 🙁

                    Yup. Give me an island. I saw a picture of Key West on TV today and I was like stop!! Have you ever been to the Caribbean? I feel like I need to move that up higher on my list of priorities in life, clearly.

                    Yay for 5 stars! I think #3 was my least favorite because that 25 prison sentence pissed me off to no end- I was like seriously?? And I thought they got caught too easy, I wanted more of a flight. Them against the world. But I will say the HEA made up for it, because yes I would have been pissed too if she had been gone or back to being robotic or whatever. That would not have flown with me! So it ended well. I personally want one of those floating robot things?

                    • WELL. Do you want the good news, or the bad news? I always start with the bad news, to get it out of the way. The very bad, awful, no good news is… we don’t get S5 til April. Twenty. Fourth. Yeah 4/24, what am I supposed to do until then!? I held out hope for March. I did not expect basically May. ALSO they said there will be no trailer til March. Because they hate us and want to watch us suffer, I presume? Now, the good news- “Mark Pedowitz, the president of The CW, says that he is confident and hopeful that The 100 will be renewed for season six.” So… UGH, I guess if we get a S6 for real, I can live with this bullshit? We won’t know about renewal til May though, apparently. But GAH it’s practically going to be SUMMER, how are we supposed to deal!?!

                      I figure if it’s a 22-episode season like Riverdale, you probably can’t binge in 2 days. It may take 3, or even 4 😉

                      UGH I am still on episode 2, because my stupid internet was down last night. I was so mad too because had I not waited for it to come back (in vain, of course) I could have watched one of the movies instead! BUT I was really itching to continue Travelers. So that worked out well. I ended up watching old Friends reruns on Nick at Nite ? Oh YES that’s right Walt was taken over too, that made me really sad. And it seemed a bit interesting that they used the potential explosion of the building as an excuse, because Travelers were the ones who caused it! Grace 2.0 is HILARIOUS. Especially when you watch it all in one go, because the first Grace was so damn sweet, and oh, when Grace 2.0 tried to “counsel” the high school girl? It was perfection.

                      Oooh I like that Vincent is ambiguous at first! I felt the same even from just one episode, like I didn’t really know if he could be trusted. Seems like he doesn’t love the “mission”, I guess? And maybe after all he has seen… Idk. I am glad I’ll know more about him before I am done! And YEP- I wish I could find a clip of it but it’s such a stupid moment, I am just so damn die-hard about The 100 that of course I noticed it ha. Plus, when all these shows film in the same cities, it’s kind of hard for locations not to overlap I guess.

                      I don’t think I am going to read it either, honestly. Especially because in this case, the show might be more pertinent, considering the book IS older. It was written in 1985, and Margaret Atwood IS still very alive hah. I am so confused about what I want to happen with the show. Because I assumed Luke was dead (like June!) I was kind of liking her and Nick, but now… UGH. And of course now she has kids with both dudes, talk about complicated. I just want the daughter to be rescued by someone, soon. Then June can figure out her love life later. Though it does seem like she would choose Luke, certainly. I kind of feel a little bad for Nick though, I guess? OH and I just googled Moira’s situation, and she IS a lesbian, interestingly in both the show AND the book. Hm, this does admittedly make me curious about the book!

                      YEP they still have (in most areas) no power, no water. The hell? Like how can anyone just let that slide!? And you’re right, it is because they aren’t a regular “state” and because they aren’t majority white. It’s disgusting. Like these are human beings who are suffering, how does no one care!? It’s kind of like how rich white kids who go missing get like, a million times the coverage of any other kids. Such bullshit. Every so often, I understand ALIE’s decision for Praimfaya. Why are humans so awful!?

                      Wow, that IS creepy about Japan! And yeah, I don’t believe them either- about anything really, but definitely about the radiation. Because it’s like, why would they tell us even if it WAS a problem. Nothing to be done anyway. Do you ever think about all the stuff they probably hide from the general public? Like I bet it’s way more than we think. And I think with radiation, SO much of the damage is long term, so they get all cocky like “oh, it’s not bad!” and maybe it isn’t killing people NOW, but it will disrupt shit for centuries.

                      OH yeah I got excited for a second and then realized it was a prank, too. Why are people awful? See, another example of people being shitty, albeit on a much smaller level than Puerto Rico hah. I really hope the weird creatures are back- or new weird stuff, I am not picky.

                      I have only ever been to the Bahamas once on a Disney cruise hah. I would LOVE to go- I think the islands would be so, so fun, because they all have such a unique culture. It should definitely be a high life priority, because as far as trips go, it isn’t *too* horribly expensive. I’m picturing being there now, and ahhhhh it would be amazing. Warmth (and not *too* hot either, which is the best part!) and the beach to play at, and fun little shops, and food, and beachy drinks… It would be heaven, basically.

                      Oooh I loved 3! 2 was probably my favorite, but I loved them both. I actually liked that they got caught easily (weird, I know) because she got away the first time, what were the chances that she could do it again? I think had it been a longer series though, they could have made the escape a bit longer- I DO like the “them against the world” idea, I would have been very happy to see more of that! And while the 25 years thing SUCKED, I did like that he was so damn willing to go to prison for her, willing to do basically anything. Talk about romance! OH yes I think a floating robot would be amazing! I want to send it to get me coffee! Robots would make life so much easier- no annoying chores, just have a robot do it!

  18. What? Are they nuts? Wow that’s a ways out- although to be honest I was afraid it was going to be even worse. Still, that’s three more months. What is their damage? And they might as well not even bother w/ a trailer lol, by the time it comes out the fucking show will be just about here. Still… the S6 news helps a little, I guess *grumble grumble*. But at least we know now…

    Right? 4 days max. 🙂

    Aw internet outages are the WORST. Like if my internet goes down I’m like momentarily paralyzed- like what do I do now? But hey at least you got to watch some Friends… I was a little bummed about Walt at first too, I didn’t really want them being enemies… and yup Grace is the absolute best. She must have had a blast playing that role. I feel like she is the quintessential guidance counselor for our times?

    I’ll be curious to see what you think of Vincent by mid- season. He seems to be anti- Director but then he stands down a bit when the Director tries to get him and Mac from killing each other, so it’s a little confusing. And there are some surprises coming up in his storyline!

    That story is so fucked up I don’t know WHAT I want to happen, so I’m with you on that. Just kill all the frickin Gilead people you know and start over? Yeesh. And the daughter SO needs to be rescued, like yesterday. But then all those kids do. Who’s raising them, I wonder? Are they all kept in that building (would there be too many?) or are they farmed out to new parents? That would be the absolute worst, to know you had to behave because they had your kid, and not be able to do anything. It’s a wonder more of the Handmaid’s don’t snap, frankly. We need more Rory action! 🙂 Oh and did you see Elizabeth Moss won for Handmaid’s Tale at the Golden Globes tonight? I only saw part of it but I did see win. Handmaid’s seems to be getting some recognition. I was glad to see Big Little Lies do okay also…

    I think the media is so fixated on Trump they can’t cover everything? And his tweets and buffoonery get all the attention? Remember all the shit George W Bush got (rightly so) for Hurricane KAtrina? Why isn’t Trump getting roasted over Puerto Rico? It’s so fucking dumb and unbelievable.

    See clearly you are more well- traveled than me. 🙂 I haven’t been to the Caribbean. YET. I say yet because one way or another… ha I need some white sand and balmy waves. Or breezes or whatever. And seafood out of some dumpy crab shack place on the beach lol. As I look out my window and see mounds of snow… 🙁 And give me all the umbrella drinks.

    Yeah I was surprised they were caught so fast, I was expecting their flight to be a little more exciting, but realistically how would they really get away? I would have liked it to last a little longer, maybe one more volume would have been perfect? But then again it did end well, so maybe it was just right. Either way I’m glad you liked it. I was digging around on my blog and found a bunch of old graphic novel reviews I did in the past that I had totally forgotten about, so I have to clean those up and update my archives. Plus I got ComiXology a few months ago but haven’t used it much, and I should because I could really get some GN’s read that way (and it’ll make me look like I’m reading more ha). And I would totally take a robot servant! Not like a person, but the floating guy- yeah. Although I’m not sure about stuff like the shower controls- how he dictated the temp and all that. I can’t keep track of all that! I just want to turn the shit on! But a smart house as a general idea- kinda cool.

    It’ll be interesting to see what you think of Ex Machina’s take vs Alex and Ada. Ex Machina gets a little freaky. 🙂

    • I am MAD. I mean, you are right, it definitely could have been worse, but the more I think about it, the madder I get I think, because that’s practically summer. And I agree about the trailer- I have a very big hunch that Jason is going to have leaked it (or at the very least, as much of it as humanly possible without flat out leaking it) before then. You can tell he is so salty about this! I guess the time slot is apparently really good though? Thursdays at 9 after The Flash? Jason and the writers were super excited about that, so… maybe that’s something. OH and did you see the new poster?! https://twitter.com/cwthe100/status/950454949095227392 Least there’s *something*, I guess.

      Right, what is one supposed to do without internet?! I know you have had it WAY worse, for days on end, but it’s really never any fun. It makes me chuckle because seriously, remember when it wasn’t a “thing”? And somehow we survived? And yet… here we are. It was such a long 12 hours ? And my mobile data was scarily low, too. I kept turning it on for just a few minutes at a time so I didn’t feel disconnected from global events hah. Such first world problems, I suppose. I do NOT like that bitch who got Phillip hooked on future drugs, by the way. I don’t like how she weaseled her way into his bed (and therein, the team’s headquarters) OR how she has him squirting those damn drops every two seconds, OR how she did all her shady business on Clexa’s steps. No respect for the fake dead, I tell you. I am glad Marcy hates her. Marcy is right. EXCEPT I am also pissed at Marcy. And David, for that matter. WHY is David back with some ex who eats cotton balls!? Look, exes are exes for a REASON, Davey. Get your head out of your ass and win Marcy back FFS! I won’t lie to you, I shed a tear. I mean, come on, if even fictional people can’t find love, where’s the hope for the rest of us!? And Kat is PREGNANT!? Okay. Look, first of all, BAD MacLaren, you broke the rules. Second… Idk how old they’re supposed to be on the show, but he’s in his mid-50s IRL. I assume she’s supposed to be younger than that but… by how much? Because I am having trouble with this. OH and I must have missed this, but HOW the hell did Trevor, a young underage man, and Grace, an adult woman, end up in the same hospital room!? Ohhh I will be interested to see more of the Vincent storyline then. But I hope his shrink doesn’t come back, you know, for her own sake.

      Honestly that is how I feel too- how can you even want it to end ANY way? Because however you look at it, someone (and probably MANY someones) is going to end up hurt. EW I bet they ARE shipped off to other parents! I wondered about that too but was too horrified to fully consider where she was, but yeah, I bet that’s exactly what happens. Some shitty Gilead couple gets to “raise” them, blech. I don’t know how more Handmaids don’t just lose their shit! I guess fear is a good motivator, and the ones with loved ones still alive may worry for them but… if it’s just you, rotting in that hell, I don’t know how you;d be able to keep going. I did see that about Elizabeth Moss! I didn’t watch the awards, but read some recaps after. I am glad she won- the show has been doing really well, both critically and ratings-wise. And it deserves it. Goodness, can you even imagine working on that set!? I can’t imagine it can be fun, ever. I want to watch Big Little Lies but I still can’t decide if I want to watch it without reading the book, or if I should read the book. ?

      Oh my goodness, YES, I remember the Katrina debacle! And the irony is, George W wasn’t a complete psychopath. I mean, he was kind of dumb and ill-equipped to be president, but not a psychopath. I think you’re right about there simply being too much to cover. And of course, the media can’t keep spewing the same story every day, which is how Puerto Rico got pushed aside. It’s like- if I didn’t know that Trump was fucking stupid, I’d almost insist this was brilliance. Evil brilliance mind you, but brilliance. Just say so much ridiculous bullshit that the people can’t focus on the REALLY bad shit you’re doing. Fuck it, I’m heading to the lighthouse bunker.

      Yeah but I was 10! So how much of my two days in the Bahamas 2.5 decades ago do I *really* remember? (Spoiler: not much.) It’s definitely high on my to-do list too- not a long plane ride, don’t have to pack any winter shit. Hell, you can even take a cruise if you didn’t want to fly! GAH it sounds so amazing. I want to go to the dumpy crab shack toooo. There are so many choices, too, of islands! And seriously, I feel you, I think I just heard a salt truck go by. ?

      Yeah I mean, it could have probably been just a little longer and still been good, but I also think it worked the way it was. I kind of like that they didn’t drag it out too, made it 6 volumes or something ridiculous. Oooh fun, old reviews! I was looking up some of mine last night too, because Holly and Val and I were discussing the worst book we have ever read (based on some tweet I saw hah) It’s so fun to look at old reviews! OH this is the worst book I have ever read, by the way- https://itstartsatmidnight.com/2014/11/review-frozen-melissa-de-la-cruz/ Tough decision, but in the end… yeah. Do you know what yours is? Also, I remember when I had Blogger and my archives were basically non-existent because who wants to go through that all the time?! I’m sorry you have to do that, there should be an easier way. ComiXology sounds fun! I had never heard of it before, but that is a great idea! They have a lot on Edelweiss that are usually marked “read now” too, if you are ever looking for more!

      The floating robot guy, I need that. Or like, Rosie from The Jetsons! I’ll basically take anything that will clean my house and do my errands, basically. The shower controls thing kind of reminded me of Katniss in the Capitol, trying to get all the shower settings to work hahah. I kind of like the idea, but I would probably start to play with all the settings and NEVER stop- I mean, if every room has stuff like that? Yeah, I’d get wayyyy too into it. I really need to watch Ex Machina ASAP, especially while Alex + Ada is on my mind!

  19. I did see that poster, and loved it! Octavia looks so badass! Yeah that date sucks though, although Thursdays at 9… hmm. Not bad I guess. I saw on Twitter or somewhere today that there were a few other shows along w/ the 100 that were announced, but either way it’s still 3 months away and frankly, that sucks.

    I actually have a hard time remembering an internet- less world, you know, and would have no interest in going back lol! I think we just adjust to whatever we have available, you know? Like all the fandom stuff that we have access to now, thanks to the internets- imagine having to go back to not having all that! Noooooo… and ha ha 12 hours IS a long time. Especially the not knowing WHEN it will come back.That’s the worst I think. 🙂

    Oh yes that bitch is nasty! And frankly you’d think Phillip would be a wee bit smarter than that. Cotton balls! That killed me- is that a thing?? Was it me or was Davey funnier this season? Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen S1 in a while, but Dave kinda cracked me up in S2? Even though the love life travails *sigh* I’m a little over the will they or won’t they thing- just get ’em together! I hate the yo-yo’ing…but I also liked Marcie a LOT more this season. Like, WAY more. And Kat being pregnant just makes me think- how smart can the Director be if he thinks people aren’t gonna, like, woo-hoo? I mean people being people. These travelers don’t just come back for a little while like Cole and Cass, they live in our time, and they’re expected not to go native? I mean look at Vincent ha ha, he REALLY went native!

    Oh my gosh Big Little Lies- read the book. Trust me. 🙂 The book is amazing. And captures the angst of first world suburban living so well, I think. I know it’s called chick lit or whatever but fuck it, I liked it. and the show is amazing too (seriously Reese kills it) but if you’ve read the book then the show, with its changes, just takes on its own thing. I mean if you read the book and hate it, I’ll feel bad lol, but I do think the book is so good and enhances the show so much. Plus the book is set in Australia which I LOVED. Plus calamity is a thing- all I’m saying.

    I wonder if Handmaid’s will explain WHY some women can’t have kids, I mean it seems pretty society-wide? but then again, there are a fair amount of Handmaid’s, so… IDK. Dystopians are funny that way, sometimes they explain the why of things but a lot of times they don’t , and we’re expected to just go with it? Which is fine I guess, since they are trying to make RL points, I get that, but there’s part of me always wants to know why it happened, you know? And I didn’t think about where the kids were being raised either, initially, I just assumed they were all in that building? But then as I typed this last night I was like, are they really all there or are they all over with new families? Ugh this show.

    The lighthouse bunker is looking pretty good right now! And that’s exactly it. I don’t think it’s intentional brilliance either, but it’s almost like an unconsciously evil brilliance where he’s just really good at shmoozing people (his followers) and deflecting attention. And I don’t think any of us ever thought a buffoon like him could get elected, so it’s scary. Although George W did get re- elected, and I couldn’t believe that at the time either. And shit who thought he would look almost normal by comparison? Who the fuck are the GOP gonna give us next, ALIE? I mean I still think Bush was awful, but man… at least he was human?

    Ooh I would take the cruise. Cause you know me and flying. 🙂 And which islands to pick? Such an awesome problem to have, I would think. And the thought of some really fresh fish or seafood- with the surf only a few feet away. Umm, clearly I’m having some kind of winter trauma here psychologically! I need sun!! I’ve never even had crab but so what? I want all the seafood now.

    I do not even know what my worst book is, but now I’ll be thinking about that! I went over and read your review of that, BTW, pretty awesome. Ooh wait, I know, there was an urban fantasy book I tried- maybe two years ago?- and I HATED it so much. Don’t remember the name, I’ll have to dig. Oh my gosh that sucked. Maybe that’s the one. And yes Blogger is so fucking antiquated, but I’m afraid to go through moving? Plus I like to just write stuff, I’m not into all the coding and shit so would I even take full advantage if I did switch? I just dunno. Still it would be nice to spruce up a bit. I don’t know, maybe at some point I will.

    ComiXology is pretty fun! there’s so much stuff there, and sadly I’ve neglected it. I’ll have to check out Edelweiss, I have a NG account (which I never use) but not on EW. But yeah if they “read now” GN’s I definitely need to check that out.

    I heard today they’re doing a live action remake of The Jetsons. Seriously. But yeah Rosie would work! She’s cheery. And do they ever show the ground on the Jetsons? I mean I think I’ve only ever seen parts of it, never even a full episode, but they live in the sky? Which is kinda cool actually? Take a little air car everywhere. I’m down with that. And George goes to work and promplty puts his feet up and takes a nap. Obviously I’m going off the intro here, but I want that job. That show may have been ahead of its time. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulu has the Jetsons- they seem to have a lot of those old shows. I need to look.

    I loved how creepy Ex Machina got. And the synth’s name is Ava – very similar to Ada, actually! Anyway hope you like it!

    • Okay HERE is some great news- https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/950811941483810817 It sounds really, really confident, and I can’t imagine they’d say that and then recant, right? (RIGHT!?) But I think I can wait another 3 months having the assurance that this is NOT the end. PLUS I have ideas for posts! One of course is The Sims, and my new one is… Unanswered Questions of The 100 (including some that we hope are answered in S5!) which is fun because some of them will be legit (The Reapers, for example) and some will be more funny. I basically thought up the entire post instead of sleeping, so there’s that. And then of course before it premieres, I’ll do a preview-type post- which you should join in! It’ll be fun, I always make Holly give predictions, you can tooo! I agree, they all looked badass in the poster, but damn, O is going to be SO next level. I love it. OH and Jason flat out said he’s pissed about the trailer AND he is going to try to get it to us before March! ?

      Haha you really don’t remember pre-internet? Do you recall how old you were when you got it? I remember being 15 when I finally broke my parents’ resolve with the AOL free trial CD ? I was still one of the first among my friends to have it, but I was preeetty much high key obsessed with the concept. Like- since we had our first shitty Tandy PC in 1990 and I knew it could be achieved, basically. (And at 8, was convinced that I could make it happen myself, because clearly an 8 year old and no modem is the key to internet connection bwahahah). So I suppose it shouldn’t shock me that I need it so much now ? Fandoms are infinitely more fun now, I concur. I was such a huge fan of The Baby-Sitters Club when I was young, pre-internet of course, and I would spend SO much time scouring magazines and libraries and such- but I guess I had time because I wasn’t wasting it on the internet, right? ? And YES- it is the not knowing when you can feel like a connected human again that’s the worst part! I was like “well, how the hell will I blog!?” even though it ended up being a non-issue.

      That Jenny bitch just stole the information from her sister/Traveler basically right from Phillip’s head with those damn eye drops, didn’t she? I hate her SO MUCH. And why the fuck did that Abigail chick need to die!? I liked her, I wanted her and Trevor to be together. And I am SO MAD at Darcy right now (that is going to be their ship name bwhaah). He’s pouring his heart out, so she runs off and sleeps with some rando!? And you can tell she regrets it, UGH. Like the things David said about her? Killed me. That is like, goals right there, and she runs off. David is also stupid because of Cottontail. I forget her name, so now it’s Cottontail. UGH the Kat thing. I mean, you’re right about the Director. And it’s probably stupid enough to just be like “oh but birth control” but what the hell is MacLaren going to do when he and his wife were clearly planning on trying for a kid when he took over the body!? They should just… Idk, sterilize all the Travelers if they’re that worried about it. Vincent… yikes, I see what you mean about him! Is he trying to destroy ALL Travelers, or just the Director? I suppose I’ll find out 😀

      Okay, I will read the book! I definitely trust your opinion, so yes, I shall. OH I didn’t know it was set in Australia! Is the show, too? This sounds pretty good! I think you’re right about it being classified as “chick lit”, which is probably why I haven’t been *as* excited to read it (which, tbh, is shitty of me too) so yeah, I added it to my list!

      I assumed that the infertility was perhaps an environmental thing? But I also have no idea why I thought that- like I don’t know if I read it somewhere or just made it up, basically ? Dude, same, I ALWAYS want to know what happened in dystopian worlds! Like what happened in Panem, Katniss? Because no one told me how that shitshow started, except “war, terrible war”. At least The 100 is VERY clear. I feel like there have to be more kids than would fit in that building? PLUS, the kid was super nicely dressed and stuff, and I doubt an orphanage would be that way. Which is why I lean toward private family. WHo I swear, if they abuse that child, I will RAGE. Even though it’s fiction.

      The lighthouse bunker has it all- food, useless cars, lots of liquor, and that one really disturbing movie, so we’d be good to go. YES like somehow, by acting like the most incredible asshat of all time, he got exactly what he wanted. And there is zero percent chance that he *planned* it, we (the collective “we”, of course) are just too damn cowardly to stop him. BECAUSE of the antics. Which is so ridiculous because the fucking antics are WHY we need to stop him! GAH, I was so shocked when George W was reelected. My mind could not compute. Only now, that makes an infinite amount of sense compared to THIS shitshow. I agree, George W is wholly normal by comparison! I mean, at least he was a career politician, had knowledge of Washington, and wasn’t a psychopath. Also, he didn’t have a Twitter account in which to threaten foreign regimes. See all the normalcy? Like when I am beginning for THAT goof, you know it’s bad. And nah, we’d never be lucky enough to get ALIE. I mean, at least ALIE isn’t dumb?

      HA deciding on which islands to vacation on is literally the best problem of all time. I would loooove to take a cruise, just right this minute. There’d be no boots, just flip flops, and my skin wouldn’t be dry, and basically I’d go for just those two things. And while I don’t mind flying, I DO like the idea of not having to worry about luggage restrictions. That is my biggest beef with flying, tbh. I think we’re probably all pretty deep in some winter trauma at this point- it’s been an ugly one so far! And my goodness, this is just another thing we’re adding to the list of junk you have to eat. When we have sushi, we’ll have to make sure there’s some crab, too 😀

      Ha, YESSS dig, because I want to know! Old reviews are so fun, especially old BAD reviews. We all had a really good chuckle with them! Ohhh Urban Fantasy I feel can be VERY hit or miss- and for me, I find it mostly miss? It’s a hard genre to do well, I guess? The thing about WP (self-hosted, anyway) is that it isn’t free. And that sucks- especially because like- if I stopped paying, my blog would literally just vanish. So I get staying with Blogger. I just wish it had more options! I kind of wonder if there *is* a code that could list your reviews though, so you wouldn’t have to manually update them… I am going to google this because it would help a LOT of people if there was a way. Like- even if it just auto-listed on a page anything you tagged “review”… ? The coding stuff is a pain in the ass- but the nice thing about WP is you can do as much or as little as you want- like I actually did *more* coding on Blogger, because it was so basic and I was bored? Now, Ashley has it all perfectly programmed for book bloggers! (I also keep saying I am going to do a blog makeover but… Idk, is it even worth the hassle?)

      YES do EW! Sky Pony Press also has a lot of YA “read now’ titles, too! And there is one GN publisher that has all theirs as “read now”. It’s super easy, too. (And I hate to say this, but it’s true, you never have to actually review them if you don’t want to.)

      STOP, a live action Jetsons!? I cannot. I don’t think they do show the ground, come to think of it. They definitely live in the sky, and have those space cars. I am sure I have seen full episodes- my brother was a cartoon junkie as a kid, though I generally couldn’t be bothered- but I definitely barely remember them, I am mostly thinking of the intro too! I like Rosie though, she looked fun- she was kind of snarky too, if I recall. You might be right about Hulu having it, I have seen a lot of that type of stuff on there.

  20. That IS great news! Finally… and the thing that jumped out at me was this dude has seen 7 or 8 episodes! And the trailer must be done because he said it was good, but they’re holding it til March? Damn them lol! But hey maybe Jason will come through. O.o

    Oh and I would love to participate. Sign me up ha ha! Although I know my predictions will suck. I never know with this show where they’re going! I LOVE the idea of Unanswered Questions- because there are so many. Including the Reapers. 🙂 They may think no one cares but we do, clearly. I feel like there has to be more Reaper love out there too- they were just so creepy. And they were always eating in those tunnels, geez…

    Well I do remember I guess but I prefer not to? Oh my gosh AOL- too funny! Do you remember Prodigy? I think it was early 90’s and someone was talking about how cool it was, and I had no idea. But yeah AOL was where I started too. Good times.

    Jenny IS a bitch but I kinda liked her… in a way? Those eye drops are stupid though. And yeah Darcy *sigh* I don’t know what Marce was thinking with doctor dude, but yeah… not cool. And Cottontail! That’s the best actually. Vincent is an enigma right up til the end, I think. I mean he’s clearly a villain, but why does he stand down when his guys are right there at the hideout and could have killed Mac and crew? I didn’t get that? I sorta think he’s his own thing, separate from both the Faction and obviously the Travelers. I thought initially he might be a good guy doing bad things for the mission, you know, but now… ?

    Big Little Lies is set in Sydney, but for the show they changed it to California. A change I wasn’t keen on, although it worked since the scenery and social scene played a large role in the story. I loved both but the book is the best, for me anyway.

    Yes, EXPLAIN. Not info dumping obviously but dribble the information out please. I was wondering more about Panem’s past too, although at least she gave us something. Some of these dystopians just say world’s fucked up and don’t explain ANYTHING, and I’m like *sputter* WTF? I need some background. And The 100 not only tell us, but they have all these connections to the previous world, like Becca/ ALIE and bunkers and stuff. So yeah… I definitely prefer to have the past still matter in dystopians…

    The lighthouse bunker looked pretty dang luxurious, or am I confusing it with the house where Murphy was cooking? Are those different places? But yes no idiot Grounders around to cause trouble, and you need a boat to get there. And sea monsters apparently patrol the area, so win win! And I feel like crab would be good? It just sounds like something that would be yummy, IDK. Although lobster… no way. Cracking shit like that open doesn’t appeal. 🙂 But give me all the fresh fish and shrimp and whatever…

    Urban fantasy IS hit or miss. For every one I like I read one that sucks or just isn’t for me. Right now I’m reading Three Days to Dead and mostly liking it? I like the variety of the supernatural creatures, for the most part. Will I continue the series? I honestly don’t know, guess it depends on how it ends, but so far it’s good. And honestly, a blog makeover- I have SO back burnered that. I used to think about it all the time, but now… I like where I’m at, mostly, and I like writing reviews and discussions and stuff, and I don’t think about it much anymore? But still, maybe… Ashley does seem to have it all together though, I think a lot of people host through her now?

    I’ll check it out! I’ve heard of Sky Pony (I think) and I’m curious about EW anyway.

    Yes! Right? I need the Jetsons. Well, not really, actually, but I love the idea of living in the sky. And let’s face it, when that show came on it probably seemed like in 50 years or something we’d be living in the sky too, or at least would be farther along than we are? Pretty disappointing that we’re not, actually. I always wondered if the ground was like a post apoc wasteland or something, full of monsters lol. That would be entertaining. and let’s face it, people have to FALL occasionally, right? What happens to em? Guess they’re fucked. 🙂

    • GAH I am so jealous of that guy, seeing almost the whole season! I have dreams from time to time that I am watching the first episode- that it leaked somehow. And it’s always pretty weird haha. I also have no idea what it says about me that I have dreams about this damn show, but there it is. You can tell that Jason wants to. I bet he gets them to meet him halfway and releases it in February. That seems like a good compromise. Oh, speaking of, this talks about what would happen after Praimfaya, or if it is even a possibility- https://sputniknews.com/science/201801071060567481-earth-nuclear-power-plants-apocalypse/

      Um my predictions have historically been 100% wrong, so no need to worry there 😀 It’s all just for fun hah. I mean, remember that time that Erica decided that she wanted Kane and Octavia to get together? That was the ONLY wrong answer ? Because he’s in his mid-40s and she’s 16, and also, I am still not convinced that they aren’t related. I hope that the Unanswered Questions makes people remember the stuff they forgot about because they don’t obsess over the show- and be like “oh YEAH, where did the Reapers go?!” #JusticeForReapers

      Well THAT was an evasive non-answer if ever I saw one ? I had to Google Prodigy actually, but it *does* look familiar? Like, the AOL knockoff? And I DO think I knew people who had the email, it does seem naggingly familiar. I can still hear the AOL welcome guy hahah. Did you ever watch Roseanne? There’s this one episode where David sets Jackie up with AOL and she gets completely addicted and David has to unplug her computer and I was like…. yes, that was basically me hhahah. I think it’s actually a fun thing to have been alive and cognizant of, talk about one of the biggest transitions in human history!

      Oh no I hated Jenny. HATE. Hated, Idk if she is dead yet? So I watched the Jenny episode last night (maybe #5? Idk, the one with the pandemic, but it’s called Jenny) and holy SHIT. That is hands down the best episode so far. Like my mind is blown. First, because pandemics are scary and fascinating, but two, because they can’t send anyone back now!? And the Director is helpless!? And Walt is freaking Faction!?! Holy shit. I felt bad for Marcy with Dr Whatever because she basically hated herself after and I wanted to give her a hug. But Darcy is still looking for each other at the end of the world, so I have high hopes. And I will cry if they don’t happen. They’re my only ship basically. Vincent IS confusing, especially because I don’t think he has malicious intent, even if he DOES want the Travelers dead? Like- I think he thinks he is saving people? I didn’t get why one of them didn’t off the other, either- the Team could have taken him out and vice versa. Plot holes, all of it.

      UGH I mean- I guess California is preferable to a bunch of actors butchering Aussie accents? But STILL. I figure the book probably IS better. Is there going to be another season of it, or did it mostly follow the book and will be done? I really do need to get the book though, I bet my parents would read it too (my mom has been desperate for something decent hah- and can you believe she didn’t like Three Dark Crowns!?)

      Ugh, I’d even prefer an info dump to nothing at all! Okay so I looked up the beginning of the Handmaid’s Tale book, because I was too curious, and this is what I found “The story is told in the first person by a woman called Offred. The character is one of a class of women kept for reproductive purposes and known as “handmaids” by the ruling class in an era of declining births due to sterility from pollution and sexually transmitted diseases.” So I guess yeah, environmental is close enough hah. I bet they will get into it in the show though, they seem to be doing a great job with the backstory!

      OH yes, those are two different places! Murphy was cooking in Becca’s mansion. Here is the lighthouse bunker- https://youtu.be/F3TpEzb4GJU?t=57s And then he and Emori (and I guess Echo, bwhaha) were going to try to stay there during Praimfaya if they had to. Time out. TIME. OUT. You won’t eat LOBSTER!??! I cannot. I mean, I don’t really like the whole pulling animals apart thing myself, but I DO love it if it is in something, or like, as been pulled from its shell for me! This is truly unacceptable, and must be remedied immediately.

      I think I have mostly given up on Urban Fantasy, honestly. I guess the Sookie Stackhouse series would fall into that category, and City of Bones and Beautiful Creatures even? And I just… Idk, none of them really ended up working for me. I kind of liked a few, but that’s about it. I’m glad you are enjoying this one though, that’s something! I agree though, is a revamp worth the effort? I think most times, no. Unless a blog is SO bad it’s painful to look at OR if the makeover is like, the prettiest thing ever, it’s not worth it. I mean, maybe some people will say “hey, nice new look!” and that is the extent of it haha. I had a ton of ideas in my head for where I was going to go with mine and… nope. Too hard, not enough time, and frankly, not even desire. Ashley is amazing, honestly- I don’t know how she does it! I mean, it IS her job (like, she’s made her living doing it at this point) so it makes sense. AND she has the market cornered certainly. But it is pricey- I got lucky and was grandfathered in with her first round of pricing, but now it’s like $20/month or something, which is kind of a lot, I think. I mean- not that I don’t think she’s worth it, but it adds up to a pretty hefty fee per year.

      Sky Pony has some “regular” YA- like stuff that’s been relatively popular- so I think it’d be worth a look, certainly!

      HA the Jetsons probably thought it was SO on point. And here we are right back in the 50s so…. nope, sorry Jetsons. Oh my goodness, you are so RIGHT about people falling from the sky, that is terrifying and I am glad that my child-mind didn’t think of that. Because yeah, technical failures and gravity make it pretty easy to fall hah. I only want this live action thing if it is DARK Jetsons- like, they are in space because like you said, Praimfaya happened, and then some shit happens and robots go rogue, and then like, some people on a spaceship because of… air toxicity. That kills most of the Sky Zone. So much better than the original, and only moderately modeled after The 100…

      Oh wow! There is going to be a The 100 convention in Boston in March!!!! http://conageddon.com/ That is the closest they have EVER been ???

      • I know! And I am NOT surprised you dream of it, lol. 🙂 I’ve had dreams about shows too, and yes they can get bizarre! And that article was super interesting. Like 156 years?? Gah I guess we couldn’t have THAT kind of time jump, so the delinquents are just gonna have to suck it up and deal. But how cool is it that they tested that based on the show? And we were just talking about that!

        Kane and Octavia!! Yeah maybe not that one. 🙂 But otherwise good to know. I’ll have to decide whether to stay realistic or go all out there w/ my predictions. But don’t worry I won’t go too crazy. :):) In fact maybe I better start thinking about this. Or better yet rewatch S4 so I’m ready!

        Was it?? lol I know I was playing computer games, like Civ II, in like 95 or around there? I was in college, my parents never bought one. I remember staying up all night playing Civ and blowing off schoolwork so yeah. Civ was SO addictive- like you literally couldn’t stop playing. Just one more turn would become hours. I mean you could easily lose a whole day to that thing. And yes I can still “Welcome” and “You’ve got mail” in my head- it will NEVER leave I fear. But yeah once I discovered AOL and online fan stuff, plus computer games… that’s when my interest was piqued! Those AOl message boards would be pretty antiquated, I guess, but then again they’re not THAT totally different from today’s boards I guess…. and I don’t think I saw that Roseanne? But I totally agree, between the computer age taking off and now cell phones/social media, we’ve lived through like some of the biggest tech changes ever?

        Episode 5 was great. And I think they get better too? #7 is totally a trip. But yeah I won’t say anything more about Jenny until after you watch #6, since she’s in that too. I think she has potential though. 🙂 And yes evil Walt. I can’t decide if I like him better as good or evil. *shrug* but Vincent is a big huge fricking mystery *cough plot hole, yes cough*

        My understanding is there will be a second season of BLL. They covered the book in the first season so I’m not sure where they’ll go in S2? But I’ll definitely be watching. 🙂 And yeah better to relocate than screw the Aussie thing up. Your mom didn’t like Three Dark Crowns? lol my mom wouldn’t even read it, I know that. So at least you have her reading stuff you like…

        Ah so the book does explain? Cool. Pollution and STD’s- hmm that’s interesting. I would love to see the show go into it more, but maybe they feel it’s not a priority. Nice to know the book did explain it though…

        Okay so THAT’S the bunker! Got it. I was def thinking Becca’s mansion. So yes that place is stocked nicely! Pool table, motorcycles… geez. Lotsa liquor. Not bad. Between that and the mansion I guess the island is the most luxurious place we’ve seen on the show! I still have a thing for Mt. Weather, but the lighthouse bunker is the place to be. Hopefully they have a good DVD collection. And no I have never had lobster! Like no desire to even try? Is it like crab?? Because for some reason I’ll try crab- I think? Why one and not the other? I have no idea, maybe it’s just the whole pulling it apart/ boiling em alive thing. IDK but sushi definitely appeals to me more. 🙂 But who knows???

        I WANT to like urban fantasy- like the idea of creatures living amonsgt us in the modern world fascinates me- but some of it just doesn’t work for me. I finished Three Days last night and mostly liked it- so that’s a win- and I read the first Mercy Thompson last year and liked it, but when I think about reading more I’m kinda ambivalent. It’s almost like I enjoy reading a UF-type story but when it comes to series, I don’t want to like read 8 books you know?? It’s more like an occasional treat… I think I have a certain vision in my head of how a UF world would work, and if it deviates too much from that I lose interest. Like if all the supernaturals are out in the open and running the world it annoys me. I much prefer them hidden in the shadows, with mankind mostly unaware. Picky I guess.

        People would fall left and right, wouldn’t they? Realistically. Unless they take to wearing jet packs or something. That’s be fun… unless it breaks. But I always wanted to know what was on the ground. Maybe the poor ha ha. Dark Jetsons might work- I mean look at Riverdale, you know? I like rogue robots- I mean how terrifying would it be if Rosie went homicidally apeshit? Swinging her broom in a killing stroke- gah… I might jump off the fucking platform too!

        Wow Conageddon in Boston- how far is that for you? Did you see the autograph/ picture prices? lol I’ll just snap a photo from back here, so I can like eat and pay for my hotel O.o

        • HA it really shouldn’t surprise me even that I dream about the damn thing at this point! It’s weird because some of the “premieres” are really plausible, too- like one where Clarke and Madi find Spacekru on Gagarin, but not as prisoners, as like, buddies. Only they don’t see Clarke as an ally. Oh my goodness, can you imagine a 156 year time jump!? And it’s none of the same characters (obviously!) just like, their descendants. That would suck so bad. Guess it puts the 6 years, 7 days thing into perspective! And YES! It is funny that the show is like, garnering legitimate studies!

          Speaking of, Jason tweeted about Adina, Tati, Marie, and Bob filming a violent scene yesterday- https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/951317390863806464 and the amazing news is, we know that ALL of those people are alive by the end of the season! Jason is like… Idk, Santa Claus at this point ? Without him, we’d know zero things. I bet the Spoiler Police are so pissed at him hah.

          YES rewatch S4! I am halfway through S3 again, I usually stall out around this point because PIKE. I won’t post it til probably the date of the premiere, so you have plenty of time! I usually do a combo of legitimate ones and weird shit- but be as out there as you want, it’s all in fun!

          I am laughing at the playing all night thing, because YES, that is exactly how it worked! I think it was the novelty- no matter WHAT I did, I would get so consumed by it, that an hour turned into 10. Though it is probably a VERY good thing that I wasn’t in college- I mean, you at least had SOME level of self-control if you made it to some classes 😀 It’s funny because now it’s basically the same, it’s just… portable devices allow the false appearance of productivity. OHHH yes the AOL boards, they were funny- we all messed around with them, and it was such a time suck! And just the information! I swear, I could lose an entire night just looking up random facts, or people, or whatever, because there was just no way to DO that before! AND the best part was, teachers and professors and such were all so new to it too that it was easy as hell to make assignments SO much easier, and no one knew enough to tell you not to, or have rules yet! It really was pretty fabulous, looking back. And yep- between phones, the internet, and then the merging of them, talk about change. I remember my mom had one of those car phone-in-a-bag things, and we thought it was the coolest thing ever, hahha.

          I watched episode 7 last night! It WAS so good! I was too into it to stop at episode 6 hah. It was really heartbreaking watching them die over and over though. But how exactly does that work? I thought they couldn’t go back to any time before the last Traveler? I mean, it was epic, but I still don’t fully get it- it is because the Travelers in Carrie WERE the last Travelers? Or are they going to explain this to me in a later episode? Vincent’s dude was back killing people, of course. I honestly don’t know how he could kill people, especially innocent bystanders like the truck driver, in cold blood. Asshole. OH and you are so right about Grace and David being hilarious this season- they are such a fun relief from the awfulness, it’s done so well!

          That is really weird about BLL- I mean, especially in a contemporary-type story, I kind of don’t love when those are dragged out? Like okay, obviously there’s a TON to explore in a world like Handmaid’s Tale, but randos in California? I assume the book ended well, and the author had no need for a sequel so… why does the show? (I know that the obvious answer is money, but still.) Yeah, my mom reads quite a few of the books I suggest- I am glad because she liked the ones that I would be super sad if she didn’t like, really. Like- I know Three Dark Crowns was pretty hit or miss with people, so I can live with it!

          Yeah, I feel like the pollution and STDs thing is… vague, and sounds like basically a combination of environmental stressors, but I do wonder how the show would incorporate it, since they’ve so far portrayed June to have been living in basically present-day America before this went down.

          I think the bunker should have been stocked a little more heavily on the food (and fine, liquor) and maybe, Idk, a DVD other than “ALIE kills humanity”, and maybe less with motorcycles you cannot drive because it is a fucking BUNKER. Like is that not THE most useless item to put in a bunker? I would definitely live on that island- did you see the pool at Becca’s place!? I was wondering why exactly no one was throwing a pool party, but I guess the whole “end of days” stuff got in the way. Poor Baylis didn’t even get a swim in before he was roasted. HA I now see that you mentioned DVDs too- EXACTLY, like come on people! And it’s 2052, they could have had a tablet or something loaded with shows and movies. Poor Murphy got a raw deal!

          Lobster… how do I even explain it? I mean, it’s kind of like crab, but also not completely different from shrimp? Like- crab is… softer, I guess, if that makes sense, while lobster has a thicker consistency? This is a very hard thing to describe! I bet if you had lobster IN something, you’d like it. Like, not just pulling it apart yourself. The boiling alive thing kills me though, I agree- and I cannot eat it at a place that has them swimming around all happily in tanks and then literally shows you the murder. Nope, nope, cannot. Sushi is very appealing all around- especially because there are just so many different kinds that you’re basically guaranteed to find one you like! Some have a lot of crap in them (I avoid those, because random crap scares me) and some are basically just fish and rice. I like the spicy ones the best though!

          I want to like Urban Fantasy too, because I have in the past, but I find myself being turned off by pretty much every synopsis I read. If you piled 10 genres in front of me, I think UF would be the last I would pick. I also agree a LOT about the series, because the ones I HAVE liked, I liked the first book or two, and then it was “okay ENOUGH” by the end. Like the Sookie series has 13 books (plus novellas) and it’s like… enough. You know, I think that makes sense then that you wouldn’t like the series as much, because basically ALL the series I have read start with the supernaturals hidden, and then by the end, they’re having some kind of Supernatural Rights Rally in the streets.

          Yeah, you KNOW the tech would malfunction, and BAM, George Jetson is in a gutter somewhere. OMG I bet it IS the poor! Because the Jetsons had Rosie, and the daughter was snobby and the kid had a lot of tech, didn’t he? (I really don’t remember completely, but somehow I feel vaguely aware of this?) so that all has to cost money! So yes, this theory of yours, I like it. And THAT can be part of the dark, evil world in the live action one! HA Rosie would absolutely be evil in the live action, too- she could be super shady, and seem nice until you turn your back, but she’s so good at being conniving! Seriously, why are we not being hired as writers, this is good stuff?!

          Boston is like… 7 hours from me I think? It wouldn’t be too hard, I guess, but I don’t want to go alone, doesn’t seem like much fun, and I’d probably be paralyzed by fear? I don’t think I have ever met a celebrity before! I looked at the prices- at first I had only looked at the actual tickets- but holy SHIT. I feel like I could buy Eliza herself for less than those packages ? Especially since you can just buy like, one picture and call it a day. And also, yes, that is what phones and cameras are for. Can you imagine people who do this all the time? I saw people on Twitter talking about going to like, several a YEAR, and I am like… how rich ARE you!?

          • I can actually see that happening, with Clarke finding Spacekru on Gagarin. That might actually be a cool way to bring em back. Because realistically how the fuck are they gonna get down anyway? That Jaha coming down in a rocket, er missile, whatever was pretty lame, really. So yeah- I could work with that… 🙂

            That tweet. Whadya think Adina is trying to tell us there with her pic?? I would have guessed a nice night under the stars camping, but Jason’s comment about blood has me thinking more violent activities, for sure. And that’s an interesting group- Bell and O are together! Yay.

            I think I will. Let me know when you hit S4 and I’ll start up again. 🙂

            Um, I made it to SOME classes lol. Playing games all night certainly did not help with my attendance. But that game was even worse than the usual ones, as evidenced by this. https://www.engadget.com/2006/08/18/civilization-causes-missed-book-deadline/
            I wasn’t quite THAT bad, thankfully. But yes it was all so fresh back then. 🙂 I’m a little jealous though because today kids have all the tech in high school, and I didn’t! I mean killing time with your phone or texting? Yes please.

            Episode 7 was fun. I think the repeated attempts to go back were all like a few seconds after the previous one, maybe? So the Director must have known from the previous attempts’ failure, and somehow changed up his plans in later attempts- especially after it was clear he was burning Carrie out w/ multiple attempts. Which was quite harsh really. It’s all very sketchy 🙂 Here’s a site that talks about it. https://www.dayofthehuman.com/2017/12/02/travelers-season-2-episode-7-17-minutes-recap-and-analysis/

            Grace is like my MVP of the season, although David might be a close second?

            I honestly don’t think BLL needs a second season. I mean, I’ll watch it but I imagine Reese Witherspoon and or the showrunner are driving this- if I remember right Reese had a lot to do with adapting it in the first place? So she must want to continue developing those characters, and I read somewhere that the author Liane Moriarty is writing the story for the new season. So I’m cautiously optimistic, but yeah it’s not necessary from my standpoint. I mean, they told the story.

            Yeah for Handmaid’s they certainly seemed to emphasize the religious background for the takeover didn’t they? I thought they mentioned the fertility rate had dropped dramatically right before it, but I could be wrong. Doesn’t really matter I guess. I did really enjoy the flashbacks at the tail end of the season though. Nice break from the dreariness of June’s life!

            The pool shit I forgot about that. Maybe would have to shuttle back and forth between bunker and mansion huh? Maybe all the food’s at the mansion, since clearly Murph had things to work with. And Jaha would have to eat while he was there. Baylis lol. Poor sucker. I’m surprised Murphy didn’t make time to sample the pool… and yes DVD’s, or whatever they are in the 2050’s. I mean Jaha had HIS tablet, and we know how sketchy that was, it only stands to reason that they would have stocked some entertainment. And I wonder if there was more to the bunker than we saw, wasn’t Murphy mostly in the living room when we saw him but I wonder how many other rooms there were??

            If lobster is like shrimp then maybe I’d like it? Oh screw it I’d probably like both it and crab… I mean I AM a seafood fan. It must be the way they cook em and the breaking them apart thing that weirds me out. If the plate just showed up I’d probably happily devour it. I must find out, I guess. I’m not really down with the boiling thing though, yeah. Seems so cruel. I mean if you buy them in the store they go home alive? I guess I’ve never thought of that. I mean I don’t brig anything ELSE home alive lol.

            Compared to all that sushi is sounding downright reasonable. No killing involved. At least not by me! Fish and rice plus spicy actually sounds pretty good, and maybe I’d get more adventurous as I go. 🙂 Although are they ever served hot, or are they always cold? Gah I’m such a sushi novice…

            Yeah. I think what I want out of UF and what’s out there are pretty different. Like the first Mercy book is good, and everyone says keep going they get better and better, but do I want to read about her and her next door neighbor wolf guy for 10 books??? I dunno. I mean the werewolf pack is kinda cool. I really liked Three Days to Dead though, on the other hand. THAT is a series I might keep on with. More my style I guess. And even though I like gritty dark stuff, maybe YA UF is more my thing? Like I read The Wanderers and The Pack (YA about shifters) and even Through the Door (which had a Celtic tone and even some badass mermaids in it- they were nasty) so maybe I need more YA stuff? I just don’t think there’s a ton of it that’s not PNR-ish? Oh and yeah the whole supernatural liberation thing- see if the series are going in that direction as they go along I’d probably get even LESS interested. That’s good to know…

            Yup the poor are on the ground, living in squalor. I like it. Maybe the richies in their sky penthouses decided to experiment or do genetic engineering, and the mutations went apeshit so they chucked em down to the ground- you know, let the poor sort em out. Which went really well of course. So now the poor are plotting a revolution to take back the sky- or something. Or better yet Rosie and her robotic kind are killing people and going berserk and it’s people vs robots in the sky! You could have robots chucking people off th platforms and into the abyss. How fun is that?? Even the pets. Didn’t the Jetsons have that stupid dog? Cya Fido! He’s fucking history. Damn we should be writing this shit!

            I imagine the celebrities make pretty good $ so the fact they charge fans those prices for pics and stuff- especially those VIP packages- seems excessive to me. But I’m not a huge celebrity person anyway- I mean don’t get me wrong if I bumped into Bob or Eliza or whoever I’d love to chat with em, but to stand in line and do all that shit. Nah. I’d be going just for the chance to hang with other fans and enjoy the atmosphere, panels, and all that. I don’t really care about having a picture with em. I’d probably much rather have a book signed or chat with an author for a minute than do that. But the fannish element would be fun. And maybe I’m wrong- if I actually went to a 100 or 12 Monkeys con or something maybe I’d get all excited too – after all cons have a certain atmosphere. 🙂 Speaking of, did you know they have Nancy Drew conventions, like every year? I was doing a cover post a while back, looking at old covers, and found a site- they have it in a different city every year, corresponding to one of the books, and they have stops at local bookstores and swaps and Nancy Drew- related stuff. One year they were in Hawaii because one of the books was set there! I was like woah seriously? I’m not a huge ND fan but it was kind of impressive. I’d love to see cons devoted to a certain fandom like that. Can you imagine a Three Dark Crowns con? I’m THERE.

            • Yeah I think there’s probably a 50-50 chance they’re with Gagarin? Though Raven did rebuild that one dropship, maybe she could do it again, so there’s the other 50% hah. I like the Gagarin idea- but I also don’t see them realistically reuniting in episode one, either. Maybe Gagarin hides them for awhile, to use as leverage somehow? And YES, the Jaha thing was lame, I agree. I mean- I liked the emotional perspective, but come on, there is NO way that could have worked.

              I am in love with Adina’s latest #Imaginary100 tweet- https://twitter.com/AdinaPorter/status/951698006700523521/photo/1 But I DO wonder if there are any clues in the other one! I mean, someone is legless, but Adina also wasn’t exactly going for details haha. All I can think is “jeez who the hell is fighting NOW?”, because this damn group cannot seem to chill for 5 minutes!

              I will let you know! I didn’t watch it again last night either because UGH I hate Hakeldama and Bitter Harvest. Plus I have been VERY into Travelers hah. But I figure within the next 2 weeks or so I should be at S4!

              HEY maybe that is what is taking George RR Martin so damn long to finish HIS books too! This should probably be investigated hahah. I feel like in college there are just so many excuses for not going to class, if it wasn’t games, it would have been something else. I mean, I would use basically anything to reason with myself that it wasn’t worth it. Might rain later, let’s skip it. I have a swim meet later, let’s rest up. Or if a show was on I wanted to watch, or literally ANYTHING. Because classes were stupid and no one was forcing you to go 🙂 I agree though, kids can kill time in SO many better ways. And more productively too, I think? I mean- when I was bored, it was just mindless flipping through the channels or just like, bitching about being bored! But now… endless possibilities. And so easy to like, talk to friends quickly in between classes! I remember having to straight up arrange meetings with my friends based on our schedules, who would be passing who at what time, etc. (I feel like the old grandpas who are like “back in MY day, I walked 10 miles to school uphill in the snow without boots” ? )

              The Carrie thing WAS harsh! I mean, you could tell it was killing her every time, but they still kept going- I suppose under the whole “she’s going to die anyway” thing but STILL. OOH thanks for that post, it was really good! I wish they had described it better on the show, because it was confusing! I read the comments too, and the person who said “why didn’t the Director just overwrite one of the scuba dudes?” and um YES, good question! And I can’t decide if I like Grace or David better! I like them both in different ways- like Grace is hilarious, but David is like, just an all around wonderful human?

              Speaking of those two! Why was Cottontail at a rave!? Are they even still together? And Tasya in the 21st, wooo! She really is very Echo-ish, isn’t she? Man, Grace’s trial was rough. But Grace was so good in the role, holy crap. And damn, the freaking Skype call with the Director/dying hospice patients?! That was freaking rough. Like, can you even imagine, watching all those poor people on their deathbeds!? I was confused for a second until I realized what was happening, and damnnnn. I watched the first couple minutes of the next episode too, and holy shit, Phillip in the historian update, sobbing?! Yikes, that is all kinds of foreboding ?

              Yeah I think you are right about Reese- I know one of her big things is having women-driven movies and such, so that makes sense. I am glad at least that the author is writing, I think that helps a lot. I really want to read/watch it now to see what I think about there being another season!

              Did you see this about Handmaid’s Tale!? https://www.buzzfeed.com/keelyflaherty/ok-the-new-season-of-the-handmaids-tale-looks-terrifying?utm_term=.hb3wP3N9d#.rjy3RBZGV We are going to be VERY busy in April 😀 I also read an article that said that Margaret Atwood is a producer on the show, and has had a lot of input, so at least that’s good, just like BLL! And yeah, I think that the religious thing was the whole catalyst, but just like the evangelicals in our current society, we all know that “religion” just means “oppression”. They did say that the fertility rate dropped, but I don’t think they really went into detail on how? I hope we get more of that this season!!

              Oh I could NEVER cook a lobster myself. Nope nope nope. Like, when I see meat, or fish, or whatever, I need to not be able to recognize that it was ever an animal? So if it looks like it could be swimming along, I’m out. But I mean, if you had a nice lobster bisque, perhaps? Or any other such lobster-in-a-dish situation, I am sure you’d like it! There is a tempura sushi which I know is like, fried? I mean, it is still served coldish, but the fish itself isn’t, if that makes sense. And I think there are specialty rolls that are not cold, because I know Val had one with chicken when we went and obviously the chicken was cooked hah. I actually didn’t try sushi until a few years ago, so it’s not so bad to be a novice 😀 I am still weird about some of the stuff, especially anything green and unidentifiable.

              Yeah, see, it loses me at 10 books. Because nope, don’t care that much about ANY character. I’d be sick of Peeta after 10 books! And yeah, the wolfpack thing might be cool- again, for a FEW books, not ALLLLL the books. I think you’re right about it being VERY limited in YA, because yeah, most of it does enter into either PNR or even downright fantasy territory. Like I can’t even think of ANY that might fit the description of YA UF. Except maybe older stuff, like Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, or Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, .The Iron Fey
              by Julie Kagawa… I have not read these, but I know they are popular? OH! So it isn’t technically UF because it’s like, kind of apocalyptic, but Angelfall by Susan Ee is really amazing (and Amazon does have it listed under UF, so there’s that)!

              MUTATIONS, YESSS. And not only human experiments gone wrong, but robot ones too! And the robots… SOME joined the Resistance. Obviously Rosie did because she’s awesome. But now the richies in the sky can’t tell if they can trust their own robots! So people start indiscriminately killing robots, and then the revolution really kicks into high gear! I had to google the dog because I felt like I should know his name, and I should have, it was Astro. Maybe Astro valiantly takes out one of the Head Richies on his way to his doom- I mean, if the dog’s gonna bite it, it shouldn’t be in vain, I suppose.

              I think they have to pay a LOT to get the celebrities in the door. Like, I don’t think they necessarily make more on the photos, but I think it just costs more to get Eliza in the door than say, Jess, just because Eliza is a big star? But I also would never, ever pay $600 to say hi to anyone. For any reason. It’s crazy. I would want to go mostly to hear them talk about the show, meet other fans, that sort of thing, like you said! I feel like- I don’t get “starstruck”, I just feel weird? Like- when I have met authors, I just kind of freeze, because what the hell do you say?! There’s no time to have an actual conversation, but you have to say something. Especially if it’s an author you’ve never read- I once started talking about the ENDPAGES of Marissa Meyer’s book because I’d never read any of them ? It was a proud, proud moment. But also with celebrities, I would be so nervous because I wouldn’t WANT them to think I was some weirdo who was obsessed?

              They should kill someone at the Nancy Drew conventions and make everyone solve the murder ? (Okay, maybe not *really* but still.) That is REALLY fun, especially since they do it all over the place. I mean, Hawaii!? Yes please! OH have you ever seen Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?! They should have a con for that where it’s like The Amazing Race or something and you have to FIND HER! A Three Dark Crowns con would also have to result in some murder- or at the very least, poisoning and wildlife attacks…

              • That’s true, Raven can do anything. But I like the Gagarin angle a lot more. And yeah I’m really interested in how they do episode one- like will it be all Clarke/ Spacekru, or will we see the bunker too? Man I’m kinda getting excited just talking about it- I wish the premiere date was closer. 🙁 And that first recap/ reaction post is gonna be fun!

                That tweet is awesomeness. I mean cruise wear and Grounder mall? Has she been listening to us re: entrepreneurship? She’s branching out from Subway I guess. And did you see the tweet reply about the stick figure giving the finger? It DOES look like it ha ha. Too funny…

                Cool yeah let me know we’ll be in sync finally w/ the episodes!

                Yeah it was too easy to skip (but glorious of course). The fact that they didn’t CARE if you were there (well sometimes I guess- the one professor whose class I basically skipped the whole thing took a dim view when I showed up for the exam) and the fact that I never had to take friday classes- after high school that was the bomb! So yeah… it’s true though! Texting?? FFS how cool is that? Your friend’s across the school? No prob. I’d be bumping into people or into walls probably lol as I texted away…

                I never thought of the scuba dudes! Yeah just overwrite those fuckers. Problem solved. The Director works in mysterious ways truly (aka plot holes). But I was glad to find a recap site because I haven’t seen much of that for Travelers. I definitely like Grace better only because she’s so fun and snarky, but honestly… David is like the best human ever? I mean the guy is helping the homeless during the pandemic. Pretty selfless.

                I think Cottontail’s history. But yeah she’s a party girl. Tasya WAS tough. This whole we live for the mission stuff and there’s an AI telling us everything to do- they need to examine that more. Like I know the Faction is questioning it, but they’re obviously assholes. But the travelers themselves maybe need to question it. And they have Grace who programmed the damn thing? I hope S3 touches on that a lot. And yes the foreboding with Phillip, because he clearly he saw his teams’ futures, or some of them, in that update. It would suck to be the historian??

                You should watch it if you’re interested, it’s good stuff. Read the book first though O.o

                Wow thanks for sharing that about Handmaid’s. Cool that it’s coming back in April- although yeah it’s gonna be a crowded month. But I’m glad we don’t have to wait a frickin year? Finally!

                See lobster in something? Maybe that’s the trick. Or if the meat is just there without, you know pincers or a head or whatever. Cause yeah recognizing the thing is not good. Alive is not good either. But yeah if they have warm versions that would be my thing probably. Speaking of alive things though, what about in like Thailand where they sell insects or whatever on the street? I mean I don’t think they’re alive, but… insects. They eat them? No. And I didn’t know sushi could have chicken. Again, novice 🙂 But once I try it I’m sure I’ll understand…

                Yeah these longer series are crazy. Especially as a blogger- who’s got time to binge 10 books, I got other shit on my TBR, you know? Which may be why I read Mercy #1 a year ago and haven’t continued? Oops. Vampire academy though is a series I thought about trying, after seeing the movie. The movie SUCKED but it was kinda fun, in a campy way, and so many people said the books are MUCH better (I would hope so lol). So maybe… and Angelfall huh? I’ve heard of that… I’ll take a look. But I did like both The Wanderers and Through The Door and would like to find more like that (not that they were amazing, they were like 3 star reads, but I just liked em).

                Mutations are always the answer. And yes robots joined the resistance. The robot experiments could have yielded half- robots! Cyborgs who are unstable. Even robot animals. Like Muttations, they track down poor humans and shred them. And everything’s automated so what can you trust? Like the robots take over your air car and it crashed into the ground, or ejects you (THAT could be fun). Or the power goes out and your robot servants stalk you in the darkness. why has no one made this?

                I’m the same way with celebs. Not really into that whole thing, it’s more the fandom or the show itself that I love? I mean I appreciate the actors of course, but it’s not like I need a picture or an autograph, you know? I mean if there ws a writers panel I might want to go to that, to maybe get a sense of where they were gonna go on the show, even if it would me more fun maybe to see the stars on a panel just goof around for an hour. 🙂 And hey with Marissa at least you had SOMETHING to talk about! That’s pretty good considering you hadn’t read the books! Nice save… 🙂

                lololol that’s the best. I laughed so hard! But yeah a different location every year, drawn from one of the books? I like it. And I have heard of carmen Sandiego, I never really knew what it was but wasn’t there a computer game for it too? I remember it being huge in the 90’s. But like a missing person theme for a con would be amazing! And can you imagine a TDC con? Poisons, maybe some wild cats walking around… you’d have to sign a liability waiver, clearly. Or you could live roleplay a Quickening or something, where three people have to face off? That could get out of hand in a fun way. there can be only one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J3VeogFUOs

                • Oh I am with you, them being on Gagarin would be such a trip! Especially if they leave the first episode on a cliffhanger of if they’re on the ship as friend or foe! THAT would be perfect. I have a feeling that we’re going to see SOME bunker action- only because we saw none in Praimfaya, so to have none again in Eden would be iffy. I do think we’ll get VERY minimal bunker action though, since the title IS Eden, it’s probably going to be mostly there, but I bet we get a couple scenes, at least of O, maybe in some Jaha-killing aftermath? ?

                  I love Adina! And yes, she must be branching out, before she’d only had a golf resort bwhahah. And it DOES look like that, but I think she’s just… well, about as good an artist as I am 😀 And then… there’s THIS- https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/952039932083802117 HOLY. CRAP. That can’t be good. Guess we’re going to be bidding some people adieu. It sucks because I cannot even think of anyone who it wouldn’t absolutely kill me to lose at this point. Obviously those Gagarin people can go hahah. Though my tune could change I’m sure!

                  HA yes we’ll be in sync for two episodes, and then when I am on episode two, you’ll be on ten 😉

                  I loved the professors who were like “come, don’t come, I don;t care, but don’t come crying to me if you fail”. Because I could teach it to myself just fine, certainly well enough to pass the tests. But the assholes who wanted to pretend we were still in high school? Hated those guys. This one guy almost failed me, and it was the LAST class I needed to graduate, and we only got THREE absences all semester- and two of mine were totally legit, so when I ended up locking my keys inside my car right at the end of the semester… yeah, bad news. He ended up giving me a D because I literally SOBBED. And YES- I don’t even know why they offered class on Fridays, did anyone GO? I didn’t. Once I figured out that I could only take Tuesday/Thursday classes, life improved greatly. HA yes texting would have made life so much easier- hell, cell phones in general! I remember trying to dig for change to call my mom if we ever got out early or whatever, such a pain. I would be walking into shit too- but kids, they’re good at it, very coordinated hah.

                  HA yes, it is ALLLLL plot holes. I mean, I really am loving the show, but there are a ton of plot holes. Like- shouldn’t our team have gotten overwritten by now for all the damn rules they broke? DUDE David is the BEST. He gave away all his lottery money AND accidentally gave away his bike, too ? Who does that!? Damn it Marcy, get your shit together, he’s freaking perfect!

                  Good, I don’t want Cottontail back in my life. Do I have to deal with Jenny 3.0? I mean, I know she probably isn’t as shitty as Jenny 2.0, but I do not like her, and I low key am starting to ship Carly and Phillip? I got vibes that something was up- like when she asked him if he had feelings for her, and she seemed to be joking, but then later…. she was kind of wistful? I like it. Here for it. He’s like, an old soul, and she’s badass, they’d be so fun. Being the Historian would absolutely suck, I don’t know how he does it- i mean, he has to see so much horror, happening to people he loves. Oh! Did he then KNOW about MacLaren and Kat’s baby dying and all that? DAMN, that would be rough. And I agree, the Travelers need to really start to have some kind of autonomous thought processes, because right now, they’re being sheep.

                  I WILL read BLL book first! Mostly because I have no way to watch the show yet, but still 😀 I am SO glad that Handmaid’s wait won’t be terribly awful. AND I have to say, I kind of like the idea of only watching one episode of that a week? I feel like maybe it’s less horrifying somehow, or perhaps my mind will think so. It’s kind of exciting that we have NO idea what it will be about too!

                  YES, there you go! I am sure you’d like it IN stuff, there’s really nothing to not like, it doesn’t taste like, crazy fishy or anything. I wonder if there is such a thing as lobster sushi? That’d kill two birds with one stone hah. I didn’t know sushi could have chicken either! I think it was just a “special” roll, it doesn’t usually, but it was news to me too! I also agree about not knowing what it looks like when it’s alive- even like, turkeys and rotisserie chickens and such freak me out because it looks like a decapitated bird, and I know it IS a decapitated bird, but I don’t want to look at it as such! EW yes I have seen that kind of stuff, selling bugs on the street as “food”. Sorry friends, bugs are never food. Unless you’re Garza in the Dead Zone feeding Jaha, maybe. Anyone eating insects for any reason other than “otherwise I’d starve to death” has serious problems. That isn’t even a cultural thing, that”s just fucking WEIRD.

                  That is such a good point about bloggers and series- I think that might actually be a big part of why I am worse at series now, actually. Because there are 9283 other books, including review books for me, to read. I have heard good things about Vampire Academy, too! And I have liked other books by the author, so it might be worth it! Angelfall is seriously awesome, I don’t know how it didn’t get more love in the blogger community. I read it before I started blogging (well, the first two anyway) and I did see positive reviews, but just not a ton of people reading them at all. Sad. I have heard of The Wanderers, I might even have the first book hah. But I looked up Through the Door, and it looks interesting, and different! It did get a lot of mixed reviews though, so that’s kind of sad. But hey, at least you kind of liked it!

                  Half-robots would be EPIC. I am down for muttations, too. I love the idea about the power cutting out, because none of the rich people would know WHAT to do! HAH the ironic justice would be incredible. And like, the little kid survives because he was the only one who was ever nice to the robot or something? YES this needs to happen. Incidentally, we will hate this live action reboot because it will be FAR less impressive than the one we’ve created.

                  Yeah I mean, people who are like, obsessed with celebrities come off as like.. Idk, kind of silly, honestly? I mean- not to say liking celebrities is weird, or even going to cons and shit to see them! But the people who like, scream and cry and throw their clothes at celebs creep me out. They’re just human beings, you know? I WOULD want to see the goofing around panel though hah. Just because it would be a good time. But a writers one would be equally fabulous! Or even any kind of behind the scenes stuff, like set design or stunts, or anything! I actually mumbled, after the endpage debacle “and the books were really awesome too of course”. So not only did I mortify myself, then I LIED on top of it ? Though the next time I met her, I redeemed myself by… being a normal human being, I suppose?

                  YESSS it was a game and it was FABULOUS! My friend had it and we would spend HOURS at her computer playing it! The show was fun too, but I liked the game because I could actually play too! OH! Speaking of the 90s, I went to see I, Tonya today- please tell me that you remember THAT whole mess? (I told Rashika, and she said “who is that?” and I died a little inside.) I haven’t seen a movie in over a year because I am the worst, but I LOVED this movie. It was so freaking funny. And I figured you’d have to at least be aware of the story and appreciate its existence 😀

                  They really need to do some of these cons! Why was there no Hunger Games con? Where I could… paint myself into a rock, or take a Hovercraft ride?! (DId you see, incidentally, that there is a Hunger Games theme park? If I was rich, I would be there like, tomorrow. Even though people say it;’s in poor taste ?) HA can you imagine a bunch of book people fighting each other to the death TDC-style?! I imagine a bunch of people… well, running the other way, frankly. Make it an easy win for those of us who played 😀 I have NO IDEA what that video is from and it mildly scared me bwhahah.

                  • I think you’re right. Imagine Clarke’s reaction if Bellamy and the rest come off the Gagarin. I kinda hope though they don’t spend half the episode showing Clarke and Madi and how they survived over the last 6 years- I mean that would be cool, in a way, but I want to see Spacekru and of course Bunkerkru too (even if only a bit). Let the speculation begin. And you know what, I think it’s going to go by fast, the 3 months we have left to wait. I mean we’re in mid-
                    January already. As long as Trump doesn’t kill us all.

                    These teasers are gonna kill us. Especially when they joke about killing themselves off! You’re right, who can we lose NOW? I mean last season was already a bloodbath, really.

                    Right? Ha ha that’s okay, I’ll slow down for ya. 🙂

                    No doubt! I had very few professors who were strict about attendance, it was pretty laissez- faire. Not that I skipped everything- I had a semester or two where I was partying a little too hard and missed a lot, but then I kinda got it together and actually went to class. It was just a weird time. But yes I don’t think I ever had a Friday class, and I loved that! That was the best.

                    I have totally wondered why the Director hasn’t overwitten the whole damn team! I mean someone told Carly to shoot Mac, right? Did we ever get an answer as to who sent her that command- the Director or someone else? I feel like compared to, say, 12 Monkeys there may be a little more, um, flexibility in how they handle these plot holes…

                    I don’t think we see Jenny 3.0. Although I’d be up for it hehe. No actually IDK it would depend on what they do with her- like if she became a staunch ally of the team, wouldn’t THAT be interesting .No? Okay *cough* moving on. 🙂 Seriously though, Carly and Phillip- I’d be ok with that. I liked that vibe too. And yes I want them to start questioning the Director big time. We need to see the future too, I think?

                    Can’t wait to see what you think of BLL. And same re: Handmaid’s. Too much horror to binge, although I did sorta binge the last three in a row and it’s a wonder I didn’t have nightmares. But they’re talking about the colonies for S2 so someone must get sent there? Ooh can’t wait!

                    I probably will be one of those “special roll” people. In fact I should google sushi special roll and see what options present themselves. Like can I get kung pao sushi? Somehow I gather not, but I can dream. But now I’m really curious about what options are available.

                    Through the Door I liked- it had some neat concepts. A bar that only supernaturals can find, filled with like Celtic deities (it read better than it sounds), a cool fight between the Celtic beings and mermaids on the English coast, the idea of this little girl being able to open portals to anywhere- it had some neat ideas. And then I tried to read the sequel and didn’t get far at all. So I guess that was it! And I can see why reviews were mixed, frankly. Angelfall I’ll have to seriously look at.

                    Damn right, there’s no WAY they’ll match the ideas we have! I mean robots throwing people to their doom? How are they gonna top that? But you’re right, the little kid scenario would be AWESOME. I love that. And maybe his parents beg him to save them and what can he do? Will the robots cooperate? Ah the possibilities. But maybe he’s pissed about Astro so he secretly sabotages the robots and the kid saves the day?!?

                    I’ve only met a few authors, the biggest one was George RR Martin of course but I also met Terry Brooks and a few others. Jessica Brockmole I met at a signing like a few weeks after I started blogging, and I even asked for an interview (which she graciously granted) so that was kinda cool. But compared to a lot of book bloggers I haven’t met that many. I need to do more bookish cons in general.

                    I do remember Tonya, and it still kills me that girl whacked another skater with a bat (or whatever it was). I mean, damn! Ha ha I’d kinda like to see that movie! And the fact that it’s funny even more so. Is it funny because the whole damn thing was so sordid, or funny in a comedic way? I’m very curious about that movie!

                    Where is the Hunger games theme park? It seems like I heard something about that, and there was a protest about the bad taste- yeah that sounds familiar. And yeah casual fans probably wouldn’t go for actual violence, but if they had a way to keep it safe somehow… I’d pay to see that. I mean they have live action roleplaying (I actually played a vampire LARP at GenCon once, and it was SO fucking boring) so how much of a stretch would it be? But yes imagine the Cornucopia/ initial bloodbath lol.

                    lmao that video was from Highlander (the first movie- I guess the rest all sucked). You haven’t heard “there can be only one”????? Or Princes of the Universe by Queen?? oy 🙂

                    How about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pRfNMAgxYs

                    • Okay I just choked on my Coke Zero because of the Trump thing- is it bad that one of my biggest worries is “this asshole is going to nuke us all before I get to see Bellarke”? Because even if it is bad, it’s true! Because you’re right, it doesn’t seem *that* long now, I suppose. And we’ll probably keep getting news now- we still have the trailer, more cast members I assume, the last 3 episode titles… yeah, we can totally make it! I think they won’t have the beginning ALL Clarke and Madi? Because it seems super boring, I agree. Even though I am sure their story is a big deal, I don’t want to watch Clarke mom her way through an episode. I DO, however, want to see her face if Bellamy is on that damn ship!

                      Damn, last season really was- and it was so funny because up until Die All, Die Merrily, it wasn’t bad! But we KNEW the other shoe would drop- I just didn’t know it would be THAT bad, damn. They could probably get away with offing Emori and Echo. But I swear, if they kill Miller or Jackson after 5 seconds of happiness, I will be PISSED. I still feel like Abby’s days are numbered too. I hope I’m wrong. I also wonder about Indra- and I REALLY hope she doesn’t go!

                      HA thanks 😀 Though, if I can binge anything faster, it would be The 100 I suppose, so I will try to keep up!

                      You NEVER had a Friday class!? HOW!? Ours were either M-W-F or T-TH, even though I always thought they should just do M-W, but no one ever put me in charge. It’s nice that you actually got your shit together- I literally never did. It’s so funny because in high school, I was all about it. But in college, ugh. I went from the homesick phase, to the partying too much phase, then to the “swimming is more important” phase, then right to the “fuck, I don’t care about any of this anymore” phase. But my college was stupid- like, I didn’t know that going in, because I don’t think I’d have gone, but like, I’m pretty sure my pillow could graduate as long as it paid tuition. And a lot of colleges my friends went to seemed like that too- the smaller, private colleges? I guess they really did only care about money. So dumb.

                      Oh wow I don’t think we DID ever find out who gave Carly that command! Not the Director, I presume, since the Faction wouldn’t have gotten in had Mac broken the machine? They should have basically all been rewritten several times over. The one with the kid president was great- is it just me, or did that little girl seem suspiciously Hillary-like? The show understands us ? But the best, the BEST was watching Marcy 1.0-2.5’s lives, OMG. I nearly DIED when she wasn’t always mentally handicapped! FUCKING VINCENT, really!?!? That was so upsetting to watch, but also really done well. And DAVID, holy shit, as if I didn’t love him enough already?!? It was all pretty damn epic. And yeah, they DO play a little fast and loose with the plot holes but… I still like it hah.

                      I mean, I WOULD like if Jenny 3.0 has to be a thing, for her to be on the Team’s side, but I would also just rather her NOT be a thing? Idk, she just rubbed me the wrong way from the start, and I don’t know if she can redeem herself now. Oh man, can you imagine Carly’s ex if she and Phillip got together? Ugh. YES we NEED the future- this isn’t even a question, it’s a necessity! At least maybe a PERSON from the future, something. I’ll even take little bits and pieces! And lots of questioning- especially from the Team, because they like to freaking question everything the way it is, so they might as well.

                      YESS I cannot wait to see these supposed colonies! I feel like it was purposeful that we didn’t see them in S1? Because they must be NOTHING like what they claim. For awhile I thought maybe it was just code for killing people, but now I kind of wonder if it’s like, a place where they force people to work or something? Medical experiments? I am so curious!

                      OH you know, an Asian-infusion place may be the way to go! That’s what the place with the chicken thing was. Here- http://www.bluwasabi.com/ It’s like… not just straight up Japanese or sushi, which is why they have some special kind of stuff that you might not find at a typical sushi place! The chicken thing was a daily special, not on the menu, though. (Also, do you see whatever “quail egg” is? I want to talk to whoever is eating such a thing. Because… no.) I think research is good anyway though, because I mean, you don’t want to end up eating the aforementioned quail egg? So obviously we will have to find a good place 😀

                      I did see that a lot of people thought the Celtic part of Through the Door was cool… but then got a little bored hah. The bar thing… Idk, I think the same thing is in Harry Potter? ? The setting does sound pretty fabulous- especially if mermaids are involved! And Angelfall is one of my faves- so I definitely recommend it! The third book (and last) wasn’t as good as it could have been though, sadly. Like it wasn’t bad, it just… wasn’t as epic as the first two.

                      The kid could take over the whole world with the help of the robots! And imagine the parents and the ditzy daughter trying to beg for their lives!? HA. And he could have a robot glide on in to list off their past sins- like Jasper/ALIE with “Finn Collins, Death by Clarke. Atom, acid fog… then Death by Clarke.” While they all are tortured or something. (Well, that just took a VERY dark turn for a 1960s children’s cartoon…)

                      Meeting George IS like meeting a celebrity though! That is so amazing. And I feel like Terry Brooks is pretty big too. I’ve not heard of Jessica, but that is SO nice of her, my goodness! And so cool that you were able to ask her, too! And not… Idk, cry or talk about cover art ? I’ve met quite a few, just at BEA and ALA, but I’ll be honest, it kind of didn’t live up to the hype for me? Now, when I got to talk to Marissa Meyer at the Macmillan party, THAT was really exciting. But regular author lines? Mehhh. Like- the first few of a conference I get excited about, and by the end, I am mostly worried about coffee, not author lines hah. Also, I somehow have missed ALL of my favorite authors, by some weird circumstance or another, so maybe it isn’t in the cards. That said, you absolutely need to go to more book stuff, no question! I still want to go to NOLA, because that will probably be the only bookish thing I do this year, if I do go. But who even knows!

                      HA so okay, Tonya technically never hit anyone- and no one is even really sure if she knew about it. But her ex-husband and his weirdo friend (I mean, they were both weirdos, don’t get me wrong ha) apparently talked to some (also super weird) dudes about sending Nancy Kerrigan death threats, via mail. And then one of the guys (and it is unknown if they took it into their own hands, or if the ex and friend said to) whacked her in the knee with a police baton. And it was definitely dark humor, but also made funnier by the sheer stupidity of half the people involved? And like- parts of it are even sad, because Tonya had a rough life, but they set it off with just the BEST sarcasm and dark humor that it works. It was incredibly well done.

                      It’s in Dubai! I guess the whole park is not Hunger Games, but it has a section? Honestly, that’s a tad disappointing. But they do have Caesar Flickerman display, so that’s something- https://www.dubaiparksandresorts.com/en/discover/motiongate/attractions That isn’t all of it but I guess some? Idk it’s hard to find, Dubai should be a little more easily searchable. There was supposed to be one in Atlanta, but I think it may have been scrapped. Honestly, as much as I wish it were a “thing”, I don’t think there’s enough interest anymore, sadly.

                      HA I would also pay to see a bunch of book bloggers “kill” each other. I mean, if they can stop fighting on Twitter long enough to poison and bite or whatever haha. I knew this guy who did LARP stuff a lot but also he slept in a coffin that he made himself, and he tried to convince us that he was an heir to the Polish monarchy, and I don’t think there even is one? What I’m saying is, I’d not have gone out into the woods with him at night. Sad that it was boring though- I mean, I can see why it would, since you know it’s not real? I feel like personally, I’d just never be able to pretend THAT much, you know? It would feel like… shitty acting, with other shitty actors, I think? ?

                      ::Googles Highlander:: yes, I am that much of a mess, obviously haha. Even after googling, I’m pretty sure I have never heard of it before, oops! I HAVE seen Gladiator… but only because in college we watched on the bus to a very far away swim meet, not by actual choice ? I had a Queen cassette tape! It was their first Greatest Hits, because I looked it up to make sure hahha. So I mean, I am not the *worst*, but pretty bad 😀

  21. Yes! Let us live long enough to see Bellarke. I mean you gotta have priorities! If he can just hold off long enough to let us get some things done in our shows… it’s like no dude we don’t want you to CAUSE Praimfaya, we just want to watch more of it if you can lay off all the doomsday tweeting lol.

    Indra MUST NOT die. I would seriously revolt. And none of this she died saving Octavia or whatever. Just no. Which surprises me- why do I love Indra so much? It must be that Adina just plays her so well- I mean she’s so tough but then that friendship w/ Kane came out of nowhere, and her relationship w/ O. She’s just awesome. I would miss Abby, and even Echo too now maybe (did I just say that???), but Indra would be where I draw the line. 🙂 Find some randos to kill Rothenberg- no more favorites!

    I never did. Almost all my classes were M/W or T/TH, and if there was a Friday class I never took it. Maybe that’s changed? I loved it tho (obvs). And I think college a lot of times is all about phases, I mean we’re still learning who we are (or aren’t) right? Except for those people who have it all figured out and roll right through and become doctors or something- we won’t talk about them. 🙂 And I think college is great, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t prepare EVERYBODY for careers, you know? I mean the jobs I’ve had were not related to my degree at all! I mean you still learn valuable stuff, how to think critically blah blah, but the work I do doesn’t come from my degree! And if I had it to do over I’d do a lot of things different. I also think that when we were young (wait we’re not?????) college was just assumed- there was never any question about going for many of us. If you were middle class you went. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t go, because absolutely I would. But I think now with millennials or whatever- they go home to live after college cause they can’t find a job? So I think college may be questioned a bit more as we go forward, especially given how expensive it is and the ridiculous student loan debt.

    I loved that episode with little Hillary! The shoot out and the way the girl was pretty cool under pressure. Plus Mac and that one asshole dude sorta came to an understanding. Good stuff. And ooh you got to THAT part, with past Marcy. Yes that motherf$%%^ Vincent I hate him now! lol I SO wanted someone to just kill him. Wait til the finale. Will blow your mind.

    Jenny was kind of a bitch. 🙂 And Carly’s ex- it was weird, it almost seemed like they were trying to redeem him, they had that one scene where he was watching the kid semi- responsibly, but then he kinda seemed like a jerk again towards the end? Although after the finale… yeah. Can’t say much about that til you watch it. But I’m kinda tired of him. And I can’t believe Mac doesn’t question the Director like AT ALL. Imagine if an AI sent us back to screw with time repeatedly, and we never questioned it? Hmm… unless the future is so fucked that they’re like screw it we’ll go!

    Asian fusion may be the place to go. Or one of those places that has Chinese too and I’ll just bail at the last minute and have Chinese! Okay just kidding. I have to try. But yeah Blu Wasabi looks awesome. I have to say the yellowtail jalapeno sounds good. Quail egg *sputter* ???? Gah! Ooh octopus (no). Eel sauce??? But hey the spicy maki combo might have my name on it. 🙂

    Okay I’m looking at specialty rolls now. The red dragon roll sounds good (in spite of the aforementioned eel sauce). Maybe it’s good? The solstice roll sounds good too, although I’m not big on avocado. Seriously though this place looks nice. I’ve seen asian fusion places around here, but haven’t tried ’em. Now I’m kinda looking forward to it? I bet their onion soup is the bomb.

    I’m not sure about the Harry Potter bar, so I don’t know how it compares. As I recall the bar in Through the Door was set in a rough area, off an alley or something, and you had to literally have the Celtic/ fae blood to even find it. Once you went in it was all dark and the Celtic- blooded beings were in there, there were a bunch of them descended from the gods or whatever- it’s kinda fuzzy, I read it probably three or four years ago. Kind of a neat place though. But yeah I couldn’t get into the sequel at all!

    “Death by Clarke” oh my gosh I love that! Totally forgot. One of the best lines ever. Nothing like rubbing salt in the wound. And can you imagine George fucking everything up? Come here Elroy, now tell them this- and Elroy’s all like fuck you dad, they listen to ME now and some robot disintegrates George. Oops. Okay I looked up the JEtsons on Wikipedia and we have some stuff to work with there. It says that Elroy is super smart, so yeah he could lead the robots. Rosie is- wait for it- authoritarian and an older model, so I say she’s ready for a breakdown and/ or a batshit crazy dissociative episode where she murders freely. And George’s work computer RUDI is a member of Society for Preventing Cruelty to Humans (well that’s out the fucking window). We have all the seeds we need for robot uprising. Oh and just a by-the-by. George works an hour a day, two days a week. And the wiki says the robots/ machines do everything for them but they still complain of being exhausted lol. I am *cough thinking of actually watching these now if I can find them cough*

    George was super cool. He liked to joke about how his first book signing no one came (I think he tells that one at every appearance). They were all cool actually. Jessica had like maybe two dozen people tops, it was her debut book, but it was nice small event. Nice that you got to talk to Marissa at a publisher party though! I feel like that’s where you can actually have a conversation- the signing lines, yeah not so much. So true.

    Oh Tonya never did the hitting? I guess I thought she did. That must explain why she was always so indignant that people blamed her, I remember that now. I probably knew it at the time and just forgot. Of course it was some rando weirdos- and a police baton? FFS really? And the dark humor and sarcasm sounds so on point- I can just imagine, because I do remember Tonya kinda came from a hard background? But a police baton? Damn.

    Dubai? My cousin was in Abu Dhabi or thereabouts teaching English the last few years, but he’s in china now. I’ll have to ask if he heard anything about it. I see they have a train ride to the Capitol and an aerial Panem tour. Hmm. And Smurfs too? I kinda like Smurfs.

    What??? Oh my… sleeping in a coffin? Um, no. That would freak me out. But a lot of the LARP’ers were kinda strange? And it was just standing around talking, and they all knew what they were doing because they knew the game rules and all that, and they would just go around the hotel to differen places and like “role play”. Yeah right. Boring as fuck. Never did one of those again. although it was kinda fun to see them on the street corners at night by the convention center- dressed up in cloaks with hoods and you know, being “vampires”- I imagine the locals don’t see that every day. You gotta love a gaming con.

    Highlander ha ha. Such a crappy movie but it has its moments. And you’re not the worst, hey you know who Queen is! Fun band, but they did music for some BAD movies. My personal favorite by them is the so-bad-it’s good Flash Gordon. That theme song is epic.

    Police baton??? Poor Nancy…

    • HA right? Maybe he is a fan of the show and is not content with just watching? Pissed that ALIE got all the glory in 2052? Maybe he thinks it’s REAL, and wants to beat ALIE to it! Seriously though, can you imagine all the shows that would be left hanging in the balance?! (Erm I mean, all the people that would die, I am totally not thinking about TV shows hahah.)

      I think we DO love Indra so much because Adina is so awesome and we do not want to lose her! And O can’t lose anyone else! And Kane and Indra are besties! I feel like Abby is going to die. I always feel this way, I suppose, but I extra feel it maybe? Only because… what the hell are they going to do with her, now that Kabby is a thing? I would miss Echo too, though not as much as the others- unless she’s changed a lot, because I DID love her in the last few episodes. It would be pretty rude if Harper died too, for Monty’s sake. Unless they kill Monty, but that is also rude to Monty ? I feel like Jaha’s death will hopefully be enough for the first couple episodes? Maybe? (Who am I kidding, he’ll have killed half our faves by episode 2.)

      Well, your college was doing things the RIGHT way if you ask me. I actually have always kind of figured that it would be best to work 4 days, have 3 days off, even if the 4 days were longer? But I mean, no one asked me, so alas. Ugh, so true about college! I feel like college was such a mess for me, but maybe you’re right about discovering things- I mean, I definitely learned a lot of what I DON’T want to be, so I suppose that’s a step. Those people who have their shit together, career paths decided, etc? Yeah I hate those people hahah. Not really of course, just SO envious! My best friend in college was kind of like that- at least with the career, she’d always known she wanted to be an engineer, and now she lives in a huge house in Texas, making ALL the money doing engineering crap. I agree that college DOES have value, but it also isn’t as necessary as it’s made out to be, especially for people who don’t want certain careers. I mean, I am glad I went, and would go again (but do SO MANY things differently, no question), but I know a lot of people who really would have been better off saving their money? And YEP, like you said, it was a non-question (and yes, we’re still young, many generations -fine, a couple- still alive and older 🙂 ) It wasn’t “are you going?”, but “Where are you going?”. My brother didn’t want to go, but that was unheard of, so he wasted a shit ton of money and now works on the railroad. Making more than anyone he knows who finished college! I hope it’s questioned! I feel like I was one of the first round of millennials who did the whole move back in with parents after college thing (I mean- I BARELY qualify as a millennial, but I’ll take it ?) because there were NO jobs. I lifeguarded for like, 3 years! But back then it was like “what the hell is wrong with these kids, get a job!” because no one understood that we just… couldn’t, unless it was in a certain field, or you got lucky basically. It took a lot more time than it used to.

      GAH I am watching the finale tonight, which is SAD because now I have to also wait a whole year to see S3. There better be a S3. But if someone doesn’t kill Vincent… ugh. I love how he just kidnaps people and swaps them for other people? Like, takes the therapist, swaps for MacLaren, then takes Kat, probably will try to swap again. Fuck that guy.

      And YES- I thought Jeff was okay too for a hot second, until he comes in and starts basically trying to assault Carly! OMG and Phillip saving her from killing him!? DAMN. Chills. I am so excited to watch it now, I don’t even want to do the post that I know I must haha. I think the future WAS that fucked up? I honestly have no idea how THAT many people would volunteer to come back to a certain death (or at the very least, leave their whole lives behind) if the future wasn’t bleak as hell. I wonder if it will be an upcoming plot point? It almost needs to be, if I am going to buy this constant influx of Travelers!

      NO it cannot be a place where you can bail at the last minute! ? I mean… it can. But you’d be so sad, and jealous of all the amazing sushi, and then feel that you have missed out. No one wants that. The spicy maki combination is the thing I always get! It is the bessttttt. I don’t know if I have ever had octopus? I think once, not in sushi though. Unless we count calamari, in which case, it’s one of my faves. (Oh, and I googled eel sauce, and apparently it doesn’t generally have actual eel in it? It’s just served with eel a lot? Who knew, sounds like it would! I have had eel sushi though, and it’s good!) And yeah, I am not an avocado fan myself either, idk why it’s in so much stuff! I love Blu Wasabi, it’s so, so good. I have never had onion soup because I entirely loathe onions, as they are my least favorite food on the planet, but their miso soup is really good! And um, you should be more than KINDA looking forward to it! 😀

      DUDE that is exactly how the Harry Potter bar is! It’s in some weird alley in a city, and only the wizards can find it! (I only know this because I am reading HP to Lena now, and I just read this part a few days ago hah. I swore I’d never read the rest of HP, yet here I am.) Sucks that the sequel wasn’t good though. That happens entirely too often these days.

      Rosie actually reminds me of Aunt Lydia! So she can totally be the badass- or like, a cross between Lydia and Indra ? And yes Elroy is obviously in charge on the human end. I figure the show can start with some awful bullying happening to Elroy (and whoever else he lets into his coalition) and him overhearing Rosie’s plan to overthrow the human race, and she thinks he’s going to end her, but NO, Elroy wants to join her! And are you SERIOUS with George? That right there is fodder for the resistance! The people on the ground are probably working like, 12 hour days every day just to survive, and this asshat cries over having to put on pants!

      Aw that is cute about George! I mean, I am sure he never expected this, especially after such humble beginnings. It’s kind of nice, really. Hopeful. Jessica’s sounds nice too- it must be so scary to have a debut party. Because yeah, what if no one shows up!? It WAS nice to just… chat. About not even just “OMG I love your book” just like “so, this wine is good” or whatever. So much more laid back. And actually, the wine probably didn’t hurt either ?

      NOPE- and that’s one of the things that pisses her off I think, was how skewed the story became. They have video of the attack, it’s clear to see it was a guy, and Tonya was accounted for on the ice. And yeah, she DID come from a really awful background, which of course the movie goes into- I didn’t know HOW bad it was until then, and you really can’t help but feel for her. I had liked Nancy, at the time, and felt awful for her of course but… Idk, since then, she’s been kind of a whiny pain in the ass about it. And didn’t show good sportsmanship when she didn’t win the gold medal. Yep, a collapsible police baton, which… I mean, in hindsight, it’s hilarious. Now that she’s okay. I remember that so well, too- it’s probably the first big news scandal I ever followed seriously hahha.

      Wowww, jealous of your cousin, that sounds like an amazing experience! And yeah, the Smurfs seem to fit MUCH better than Hunger Games? Like who wouldn’t be down for a Smurfs ride? But do I really want to take a train to the Capitol? Because literally the only reason they let you do that is if they’re throwing you into the arena. And frankly, I don’t trust that I’d make it out alive. Or survive the bloodbath. Or not fall off my explosive pedestal. Or the costumed chariot ride.

      HA this dude was weiiiird. But I think he also tried to get people to think he was weirder than he actually was? I am dying at the “vampires” just chit-chatting on the street! Like… shouldn’t you be biting someone? (Though really, let’s be happy that they didn’t try to bite anyone. Can you imagine THAT headline?) It definitely must be fun to walk around your otherwise mundane town and see people in all kinds of costumes and such! It does sound pretty boring though, in terms of the actual “role playing”. Sad!

      HA that I do. You know, I actually learned who they were FROM a crappy movie! It was D2: The Mighty Ducks, and I bought the soundtrack and they were on it, so I bought the whole tape! Incidentally, I was obsessed with that damn movie. I googled Flash Gordon, and I am dying again. Because that is too much, you are right- it’s ridiculous, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t catchy! The rest of the movie looks… well, same ?

      • Yes I bet the 100 fans in Hawaii were PISSED when they thought missiles were incoming and we don’t have S5 yet! Way to go CW!! But luckily they have a little more time after all.

        I fear for Abby as well. I think Kane thrives when there’s chaos and if Abby lives they’re not going to just let them retreat into married bliss, right? But if Abby gets preggers then it could get interesting! I fear you’r right tho. Harper is another one who doesn’t HAVE to be there, so I always feel like she’s kinda expendable. I think Echo will stick around, they seem to have plans for her? But yeah Jaha may get us through a few episodes. And maybe some Bunkerkru randos because after all we keep seeing Terminator, er Octavia, all blood covered, so she’s clearly killing SOMEBODY. I feel like Emori could go away too, that provides angst for Murphy and frees him up to eventually be with someone else (Raven???)

        See I thought all colleges did that. Hmm. Maybe I was just really lucky? But yeah I would 4 days on/ 3 off in a heartbeat. That extra day would be killer. And yeah it used to be you needed college to make more money than you could as a HS graduate, but not anymore. It just isn’t necessary for some people, true. And college doesn’t guarantee you a job anymore. It’s a scary world now. But yeah a lot of people don’t get it, especially the older generations that had it relatively easier. They think everybody’s a slacker but there’s just not enough jobs now, at least not ones that pay enough to live on.

        Ha I hated Vincent so much after the finale, can’t wait to see what you think. Talk about plot twist. Although I’m not sure how I feel about the very end, because it feels kinda trope-ish. Like after everything they’ve done now THIS happens, in terms of their families/ significant others? Curious your thoughts. And yes I wanted Carly to kill Jeff, even though it was cool that Phillip stopped her. Ooh ooh I gotta tell you- since we’re talking time travel- I just saw today that 12 Monkeys is going to the Middle Ages in S4, and it comes back this summer they said. Yay! Here’s the scoop. http://ew.com/tv/2018/01/13/12-monkeys-finale-season-photos-spoilers/

        Well clearly I made a good choice then in thinking the spicy maki sounded good! Between that and some of those special rolls I think I may be on to something. I love spicy food so that’s a plus. And who knows maybe I’ll like eel sauce? I’m not a fan of onions either, although I like French onion soup (no idea why) and I’ve been eating it on pizza more as I move away from meat toppings. But that’s about it. And TBH I AM looking forward to it, because now I want to try this stuff. Expand my culinary horizons 🙂

        Hmm that bar thing does sound awful similar- I wonder if the author of Through the Door kinda cribbed it unconsciously. And I’ve only ever read the first book- HP didn’t really wow me.

        I know? George needs to get his shit together. Clearly a Republican *smirk* Although his boss Spacely or Sprocket or whatever his name was was an ass if I remember. Probably doesn’t offer health insurance to his employees or something. I love the idea of Elroy and Rosie working together. She goes from put-upon housekeeper to cold blooded enforcer, I’m down for that. I can see her swooping into Elroy’s school like a robotic angel of death and chucking all the bullies off the side to their doom. But with Elroy she’s all gentle and shit.

        “So this wine is good” lol. I know, what do you say sometimes?? Like they haven’t heard “I love your book OMGGGGGGGGG” squeal a million times. I always wonder in a situation like that- what can you say that’s original??

        It is kinda funny, in a horrible way. I can just imagine these dufuses with a police baton going after a skater- they must have been incredibly stupid. And it totally sounds like Tonya got a raw deal. Because she was the “bad girl” no doubt and Nancy was like the golden girl or something. All I remember is WHYYY?? Which is awful I know, I feel bad for laughing (I’m horrible), but then I found this. And it happened in Detroit?????? Gah

        Yeah what’s up with the explosive pedestals FFS? I’d be trying to sabotage those or something- “um mine’s stuck, I’m not gonna be able to make it into the arena, sorry. Technical malfunction.” Of course they’d probably just shoot me or throw my ass in, but hey you gotta try. And I still need to Youtube the Catching Fire bloodbath since now that I’ve read the book I want to see it on screen again. But I’m not sure I’d want to do what my cousins doing, actually. At least not in the UAE. It was hard to date I guess because you know Westerners can’t just ask an Arab woman to date, apparently. All that Muslim bullshit. Although in China he doesn’t have that problem. But fuck the Middle East. He liked UAE okay though, other than that, and there were other expats to hang with or date, and it was WAY better than Saudi Arabia I guess since he was there for a while too and they were, not surprisingly, much stricter than the UAE.

        Here’s a video I found of a LARP at Gencon – although in this one they’re just hanging around a table. Looks more like just a tabletop session to me, but ? The one I was in was people standing around and moving to other locations- I guess they;re all different. Anyway here it is. Oh and what’s with the camera guy zooming in on the blond chick in the last 10 seconds or so? Skeevy fucker lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8_KKWJuofU

        And it’s much more fun to see them in full vampire dress, although I guess that one dude here has wings on?

        Oh my gosh I found this too. Because Youtube is everything. A Vampire: the Masquerade event in NOLA. You will laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTU6Y2q1r6w

        Wow I can’t have that 10 minutes back lol.

        Catchy little tune isn’t it? O.o

        • Bwhahah seriously! Although luckily, they get to live in Hawaii, so I think that helps balance it all out. I feel like I would watch far fewer shows if I lived there- though The 100 would obviously still be priority in times of impending apocalypses.

          I think a pregnant Abby would be her only hope, although she’d be 46 now, which is rather old to be having accidental bunker babies? Not impossible of course, and I would be down, obviously. But yeah, you’re so right about Kane thriving- they need him, and I feel like he has so much more to offer. The only thing *maybe* keeping Abby safe is that Isaiah leaving is a big deal, so maybe they don’t want to get rid of one of their last two “big” adults? OH speaking of Echo- https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/953390356577570817 And also, we finally see one of the new characters, Zeke!! https://twitter.com/JRothenbergTV/status/953368844202061824 Is it awful that I want Murven more than I want Emori to stay alive? Oops? And yes, I think that grieving clans will be some good fodder too. Plus, some of the Gagarin people won’t make it, I’m sure. Just… don”t kill our faves, Jason!

          Ah, no, I think you were lucky! I mean, everyone I knew had class on Friday, I think? Not that I fully remember this, but I feel like I would have been super jealous if people hadn’t, and would have remembered that part ? And yeah- I mean, might as well work extra hours while you’re already there, and then have a full day where you don’t have to like, wear real clothes! There have been studies promoting this, too- that people are more productive that way. And yeah, college is basically the Boomers’ equivalent of a high school diploma. And you nailed the biggest problem- it isn’t even necessarily about finding a job, it’s about finding one that you can live on. Like- I know my parents had EVERYTHING paid for in their jobs: health insurance, retirement, dental, vision, life insurance, the whole thing. Now, most jobs pay for NONE of that, and still have shitty salaries. So yeah, how the hell are people supposed to live, exactly, when the price of all the things has increased, yet salaries have not and benefits have dropped off? It’s just basic math! Liike no one WANTS to work at the fucking mall or a fast food place or whatever after spending a lot of years and money at schooL! But those are the options for a lot of people- and of course, it just leads to them digging further into debt, so the whole cycle can keep on going.

          OOOH do I have feelings about the finale. Some of them good, some of them not. First, Vincent is THE. WORST. Stealing that woman’s body, for real!?!? I hate him more than I thought I even could. Using Simon, lying to the therapist’s daughter, what a monster. But I LOVED the part where they were all in the room together, I kept cracking up every time someone was like “wait, who the hell are you?!” bwhahha. It was an epic use of side characters, no question. But it fell apart for me at the very end. I believed Kat’s reaction, actually. That seemed legit. But the others? I mean, why the fuck would Grace be mad!? Or David!? He KNEW that Marcy’s mind had totally changed- that is why he was down to freaking sleep with her, because she WASN’T the same Marcy that he’d been a social worker for. That was probably the least believable for me, because of all people, David would have been on her side. And why the hell did Maya’s dad care!? Phillip made him plenty of bank, why does it matter?

          Holy shit! Thank you for sharing that, this is so exciting!! I mean, Medieval 12 Monkeys is like, the thing I never knew I always needed ? It is going to be SO epic, but maybe they calm down with the sepia filters, and we’ll be okay. I have so many questions, too! Summer, ugh, I hope by summer they mean “May, like last year”.

          HA yes, indeed! It is so good- and not like, overly spicy or anything (though I always eat it with wasabi because frankly, can things even BE too spicy?) so you can still like, taste it. And yeah, the eel sauce seems relatively benign, at first I had assumed like, “eels in a blender” and no one wants that. But… onions are the devil’s work, and ruin perfectly good food? Sigh. The rest of the world doesn’t understand the struggle of onion hate. (Seriously, they’re in EVERYTHING, whyyyy?) And YAY good, you should be excited. Certainly for expanding your culinary horizons, and also for getting to hang out with meeee 😀

          Oh, I hated HP, I was so BORED. I rated it 2 stars, never bothered with the rest hahah. But… here I am, reading it again. I do like it a little more this time? It still isn’t “OMG amazing” like everyone else thinks, but it’s infinitely better than reading the same Berenstain Bears books I already read 273 times, so there’s that. Also, yeah, she definitely…. borrowed a little, though I suppose the idea isn’t wholly unique? Like- I could see another human coming up with it but also, most people have read HP at this point so who knows!

          EW he is definitely a Republican! Goes to work, makes tons of money for doing nothing, STILL complains about it, and looks down at the people beneath him (in this case, it’s more literal than figurative, but it fits). Oooh yeah, I think you’re right about the boss being an ass! Now that you mention it, that does sound familiar. I always kind of thought that the Jetsons just kind of ripped off the Flintstones, tbh. Same setup, basically. Just… opposite? OH yeah, Rosie basically turns into his surrogate mom! And at the end, when they’ve almost found freedom, the opposition tries to silence Elroy, but Rosie throws herself in the line of fire to save him. Or something along those lines.

          Exactly, I mean, I am sure it’s always awesome to hear that people love your book but like.. I can’t fake enthusiasm for very long, and I was definitely more excited about wine, so there it is. I think you basically can’t be original unless you’re a super fan? Because other than “I loved the book” or “X character is the best” or whatever… what do you say? Here’s one for you: I was trying to tell an author how important I thought her book was, and I started tearing up. So that’s mortifying. Basically, I am sticking to wine 100% of the time from now on 😀

          Oh Nancy was totally the golden girl! And tbh, I thought she was kind of bitchy when I’d see her on TV and such. And I mean… I know it feels awful to laugh, but that video will never NOT be funny. Especially because she was FINE. Also, I am in love with the randos in the video, in all their mid-90s glory of scrunchies and hair spray and old mustaches! And yep, it was some big event in Detroit, National Championships, I think! I didn’t know that until the movie either.

          HA seriously- they’d probably just come down and beat you to death like they did with Cinna. But it would be better than like, Cato’s death, anyway. Can you imagine, all the terrified tributes standing on the pedestals, then BAM, some kid just comes flying out of theirs, landing on their ass in the middle of the Cornucopia? Bwhahah that would be fabulous. Missed opportunity for Suzanne, really. I think UAE would be a fun place to visit, at least? I’d probably give a hard pass to Saudi Arabia- especially as a woman. I mean, to each their own, but I prefer like, driving, and not wearing full body cover or whatever the hell I’d have to do there. Ew, do they have to like, ask a girl’s dad?! That would be awful. Like, I don’t need my dad to know my business! The whole idea of daughters being “property” skeeves me out, honestly. And I don’t buy the whole “it’s culture” argument, because there are plenty of Muslim people who don’t do that shit. Because women aren’t property. (Erm, tangent, sorry.) But China is more relaxed? That’s good! It must be hard to move around so much though, to so many different places, get acclimated with so many different cultures, etc.

          OMG not only did he zoom in on the blond chick, but he zoomed in to try to look at her boobs! What an ASS! What is the crap they keep putting around their necks, the ones standing up? The whole thing…. well I think I’ve seen more exciting paint drying, womp womp. I mean, at least the one you did had… moving. Because vampires… they do move. I have never seen a book or show or whatever that featured vampire…. conferences? That is what it looked like. “Okay, we have the midwest vampire conference at 3pm in room 2B” ? I went back to look at the wings you speak of, and I noticed that the camera guy STARTS the video by zooming OUT from a lady’s ass. So yeah, this guy is the worst, basically. OOOH I see the wings now, I thought it was a backpack!

          Did the girl’s haircolor change during the video? Is it the same girl? More boob zooming, I am dying, what is with these people!? ? I think the most ridiculous part, and most entertaining, is watching the motley assortment of people in the background. Wait stop what happened to her eyes?! Erm okay, momentary distraction while she stole my soul, it’s fine now. Anyyyyway. You’ve got like, Guy on Phone Looking Terrified, Guy Sitting in Middle of Room Alone, Dancing Girl Without Appropriate Skirt Coverage, Drunk Girl Nearly Falling Over While Gyrating on Stage… the whole gang was there. Good times. I won’t lie, it was moderately worth the 10 minutes of my life just to people watch hahah.

          • No shit I’d be on that beach all the time! Oh man Hawaii- that would rock. Except for missiles. But hey other than that… I’d probably have to give up some Netflix too!

            Yeah Abby’s on the bubble, poor thing. Does her medical expertise help her? I mean they’ve got Jackson. I don’t know if he’s a full doctor though? I never could figure that out. And no!! it is not bad that you want Murven more than Emori- I would too. Fuck Emori lol. Okay that’s not nice but really, they;ve already got Echo they’re moving up- what do we need Emori for? She feels like baggage. And Zeke! Cool. He almost looks like a young KArl Urban in that pic…

            Wow I had no idea. No Friday classes was totally a thing at my school. Huh. And oh my gosh right? Remember when people used to get PENSIONS? My grandpa had one. Must be nice! Now you’re lucky to get a 401k FFS. And with the so-called “gig” economy you’re right companies are starting to not even offer benefits now. Fucking America. Shithole country lol.

            Vincent is fucking slime, agreed. Or whatever her name is now ha ha. And yes in the room- Grace and lawyer dude and David and Jeff= priceless. That’s the thing about this show- sometimes it just has those moments. But I’m with you on the very end. I was like fuck you David, you’ve been mooning for her for 2 seasons and now you’re gonna balk at a little truth? It’s not like he didn’t know she was a ninja and working with Mac’s black ops crew for fucking sake. And Maya’s dad too is a fucking shyster so he should be down with a little deception. Lazy writing. 🙂

            Is that awesome or what? But yeah filters *smirk* so true. But I can’t wait for 12 Monkeys! I saw this today, it’s old but I clicked on it and Todd says something about how he knew Railly from before the apocalypse, which was partly why he had a thing for her. I guess I never realized he RECOGNIZED her? I musta missed that?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-9LCC8BQMw

            “eels in a blender”. Wee! I have images now of eels going around and around as they’re like liquefied and it’s making me laugh. Why do I laugh at inappropriate things? Please PETA don’t read this. But I kinda wanna try eel sauce now? And if it was spicy- bonus! I feel like if I had spicy sushi I’m more likely to like it. I mean sometimes I put hot sauce on my fish. But I’m actually pretty sure I’ll like it. And don’t worry, if it wasn’t for you I’d probably NOT be trying it, TBH, so yeah you’re the one making this happen!

            HP *rolls eyes* I dunno I just don’t have the desire to read beyond book 1. It was okay. Berenstain Bears actually sounds better to me although yeah after a while you’d need a break from those. 🙂

            Yes! Rosie finds her humanity due to Elroy! Then dies for him. How freakin cool is that? Maybe Elroy then goes berserk and kills everyone else. But there will be tears for Rosie.

            Tearing up actually sounds pretty original and like you’re a real person (not that anyone who doesn’t tear up isn’t real, but you know) so I’m sure the author respected that! And if a book affected you that much it’s pretty freaking cool! I love it when a book moves me like that. I mean they’re just words on a page right, so the fact that they combine with our personality or whatever to actually affect our emotions? Kind of amazing.

            Another lovely moment for Detroit lol. And Tonya was way more interesting anyway. But yes it looks like a time machine doesn’t it? How can things look so different only 20 years ago? Hilarious. And apparently event security was somewhat lacking…

            He seems to like it, for some reason. I mean he’s been all over, Japan too, and Europe. Sometimes instead of coming home for holidays he travels around Europe, finds cheap places to stay. But I couldn’t do Muslim countries, screw that. Now china maybe… although the Communist thing would make ya nervous. Police state and all that. But I would love to get to know Chinese people and eat real Chinese food (well, maybe). He hates the pollution though- he’s in Beijing and it’s terrible I guess. People wear masks and shit. So he’s thinking of not renewing next year and going back to the Middle east, and I’m like dude are you nuts? I’d take a little (okay, a lot) of pollution over those Muslim countries (no offense to Muslims but living over there-nay).

            That camera guy lol total skank. I noticed that too. 🙂 And I do not know what those neck things were supposed to be. What’s next Mardi Gras beads?? But yeah… boring! I guess Vampire:the Masquerade is all about roleplaying vamps and I guess there’s werewolves too and whatever else, but it doesn’t look very exciting does it? But even the one I did sucked. I mean they were all about talking and acting out their “roles” and I was like wait- we’re vampires? Shouldn’t we be killing and sucking blood? Alas there was very little of that.

            Yes it was moderately entertaining. I loved how they were trying to be all decadent with the upside down chick (although pouring champagne that way is a skill) and some of the people who looked a little too… old, or scary, to be there. When you’re too scary looking for a fucking vampire game that’s something. But yeah I laughed a few times. 🙂 And I don’t know WHAT her hair was doing in that video. But Gencon has some of that- now imagine these people in the middle of Indiana.

            • Definitely worth missing Netflix for- and dare I say, even worth a threat of missiles? I mean- considering your chances are still really low, historically, it would probably be worth the risk. I do kind of wonder if it would be amazing forever, or if it would lose its excitement?

              I *think* Jackson is a full fledged doctor? The Wiki says he is. But yeah, good point that he is basically never referred to as a doctor. I mean- do they even need a doctor when Clarke can perform surgeries with fast food straws and a roll of duct tape? GAH sadly Emori DOES feel like baggage! And I feel bad for thinking so, because I DO like her as a character but… also, is it just me, or is Luisa suspiciously absent from any and all promo? They showed her on set once I think, wayyyy back, it could have easily just been a flashback. Sky rabies, they did her in. I like the idea of Zeke- but some think he is a Raven love interest which… Idk how I feel about that. Feels too… Ilian/O for me I think?

              My parents STILL have a pension! Those two get paid every day to sit at home and hang out or whatever. AND they get social security on top of it AND have retirement accounts AND health care paid for forever. So THIS is why the older generations do not have a CLUE about the struggles of today, because they had the cushiest jobs of ever. I agree about the way companies are moving, too- I worked at a job as a TSS (which, Idk if you have those there, but it’s like, helping kids with autism and/or behavioral issues in school or whatever) and it was basically like, you were forbidden from working more than 39.5 hours, because they didn’t want to have to give anyone benefits. The irony? The company I worked for was a HOSPITAL. So now that I have to search for jobs I am like… tired. Because seriously, fuck this shithole! I’m moving to Haiti.

              I feel so bad for the therapist lady (I need to google her name but I am too lazy at the moment) because she just wanted to see her kid! And now… ugh. I want to stab Vincent. And now I have to wait at LEAST a year for someone to do it for me. I agree, it WAS lazy writing, which is extra sad because I thought the rest of the episode was quite fabulous. But exactly- he knew *everything* about Marcy except that she was a Traveler- and he also knew that there were things she couldn’t tell him, she didn’t even LIE! She told him she couldn’t say! David is on my shit list too. The only one I believe is Jeff and Kat, Jeff because he is a volatile ass, and Kat because she would have 100% felt that way.

              WAAAITTT he KNEW HER before!? (Todd is funny, it’s nice to see him as not-Deacon!) DUDE- did you see Emily’s eyes when he said that he new Cassandra!? Because… I think he wasn’t supposed to say that hahah. So I don’t know if you missed anything- if you did, I missed it too!- I think he was not supposed to say that ? That video was GOLD though- especially the end bit, the host guy couldn’t even hold it together, dying!

              I mean. The eels would have already been dead. So I think the PETA people would be okay… I mean, as okay as they can be 😉 I umm may have had sushi tonight for dinner? Because… well look, all this sushi talk… I needed it. And I did have spicy stuff. There’s a takeout place that isn’t bad- I mean, it’s not Blu Wasabi awesome, but it is good for a cheaper/easier sushi fix 😀

              I never had the desire to read HP either- NEVER. And I mean, to be perfectly honest, still don’t. But… here I am. It could be worse though, it isn’t *bad*, it’s just not my thing? And The Berenstain Bears are AWESOME, but you can only read each one so many times.

              The thing is, I was pretty tired and my books were heavy, and who even knows if I was getting teary at the author or just… I’m freaking exhausted and now I have to find something to say to this stranger whose books I really admire? And the books ARE like, really important and impactful, but I think it was just a combination of ALL those things. You are right though- it IS really interesting that books can cause such emotions! Words in general, I suppose.

              HA seriously, Detroit, of course it would happen in Detroit ? There seriously was VERY little security at all, which is I guess telling of the times too- it was pre-mass shootings, where you didn’t need to worry about that sort of thing. It really is like a time capsule, I used to think I was such a dorky kid, but I look back and am like… nope, not just me, it was literally everyone!

              I think some people just gravitate toward that kind of semi-nomadic lifestyle. Personally, as much as I LOVE to travel, I need home, too. Like, a place that is just familiar, comfortable, etc. Traveling around Europe is awesome, but I think it would be super sad to never see family, either? I kind of wonder how China is in comparison to Russia. Probably less scary, more crowded, better climate? I want to travel to China, but not live there. Basically, I only want to live places where English is spoken really well and they have the same kind of toilets we do. Those are my must haves. So…. he likes the middle east and war and shitty treatment of women better than… smog? That’s weird. To each his own, I suppose! I feel like I wouldn’t love the hot climate in the middle east either…

              HA they kind of did look like Mardi Gras beads! But wait- what WERE their “roles” if not being vampires? Like “this is Chet the Vampire, he’s a businessman by day, but at night he enjoys watching college hockey and baking brownies”!? No. No one cares about vampires if they aren’t going to do vampire shit! Otherwise it could just be… human role playing? I am shaking my head at these people. And NO, I saw nothing of excitement, I saw a handful of people who were participating in an after-school club that does nothing but exist as something to put on college applications.

              OMG I was thinking the same thing about the people who probably didn’t make much sense being there? But then I felt bad because who am I to tell them they’re too old? Or… weird, in some cases ? The champagne thing WAS a skill but it was also trying too hard, probably. And I assume wasting champagne, which is a terrible sin in itself. I am dying at the thought of that happening in Indiana. Have you seen The Middle? It’s set in Indiana and I am legit picturing all those characters at the vampire party, it is beyond amusing. Like the random 50 year old ladies with the mom jeans and the short perms, pouring champagne from a harness? Yep, DEAD. They should sell tickets just to watch some of this shit!

              • I think it might lose its excitement, although I hope I’d be wrong, but it’s like anything else. After a while the beach would get old hat. Or maybe I’m crazy- it is Hawaii after all. I wouldn’t mind testing the proposition. 🙂 No winter, tropics… there’s a lot to like.

                Good point. Clarke is all they need. She’s like raven- if it’s desperate enough she can do ANYTHING. But good to know Jackson is a doc. As for Emori *shrug* I can live without her. I like Murph on the loose. 🙂 And I’m not sure how I feel about a Gagarin love interest for Raven. My gut reaction is noooo but then again she doesn’t seem to really fit with anyone from the delinquents- except of course Murphy, which would be all kinds of fireworks and awesome. So yeah- she’s a hard one to know.

                I’m glad your parents have pensions, that’s cool. My parents didn’t but like I said, my grandpa worked for GM for forever and he had a nice one. If employers had to provide pensions there’s be a lot more security for us in the future, but of course they say they can’t afford it. Well how did the companies afford it a generation or two ago? They should be flush with money now that they’ve shed pensions, are in the process of shedding benefits, and oh yeah they just got a hefty new tax cut. So cry me a frickin river lol.

                Haiti’s probably better. 🙂 Most any place at this point…

                Kat I feel for too because it’s like her husband is a body snatcher, so yeah. Would be creepy AF! Can’t really blame her, but David is being stupid. Or rather the writers are. And yeah I guess we know now that Vincent IS the bad guy ha ha. Not much doubt there. Although I STILL think the Director is kinda skeevy too. Maya’s dad cracks me up. He was like okay we’re gonna take these guys then like 5 guys come in and he’s all like no no change of plans! Ha. I was like waitaminnit, him and Jeff aren’t REALLY gonna break out of there are they?

                I did NOT notice that’s awesome. He gave away the farm! Oops wonder if he got a talking-to by the showrunner heh. But they were fun together. Other than The 100 that’s obvs the show I want back SO bad…

                Sushi takeout? I don’t even know if we have a sushi takeout joint- I mean there probably is, but not in the immediate area, and I don’t who it would be. Hmm. Nice that you had it though, sometimes you just need certain food. There is a cheap stir fry joint down the road, now that I think about it, but I don’t think they do sushi. I should check. I mean I know it wouldn’t be very good, considering, but they have a bunch of other shit. Then again I never go there so- yeah. I’ll wait for the good stuff. 🙂

                The Berenstain Bears ARE awesome, they have that cool treehouse joint. Looks cozy.

                Detroit. Good times, let me tell ya. 🙂 Although Greektown’s not bad

                Yeah I don’t get why he’s want to go back to the Middle East, even if it is relatively more modern UAE. He even said the kids were assholes. But he’s like super health conscious and I really think the pollution is a big thing for him. *shrug* I’d deal with it over the fucking Middle East, but that’s just me. plus China is just cool as hell, you know? I think their culture and everything else is so interesting. I wouldn’t want to live there long term though, probably- I like home too. Or I should say I like Europe lolol since we’re fucked over here right now! But yeah English- speaking preferably, I’m not in the mood to learn more languages.

                I think they WERE supposed to be vampires, but they’re also supposed to be LARP’ing so where are the frickin outfits? Except for the guy with the wings, and the one chick who was… I don’t know what she was but looked like she had face paint? Pretty lame crew if you ask me. and some guy had a cowboy hat on- I’m like dude there aren’t no vampire cowboys so lose the fuckin Stetson and get yourself in character. Sheese fuckin Louise…

                I’ve never seen the Middle but it sounds fun! Yes Indiana and vampire roleplaying are an odd fit, no? But Indy becomes geek central every August for GenCon. There was actually a bit of culture shock I think at first, when GenCon moved to Indy initially the downtown was not… ready. I mean 50,000+ people dressed like wizards and fishnets and you know “vampires”. Restaurants weren’t ready either, some places ran out of food. Some places got into it though, like The Ram Brewery which redoes their whole menu to reflect roleplaying games and stuff like that.

                Ooh the books arrived today- THANK you!!! I am now Shusterman- enabled. But which to read first? I’m leaning towards Unwind (is that bad?) but after you talking about Scythe I’m super curious about that too.

                • That’s how I feel too though, like it would lose the excitement. So the question is basically, are people happier living on the beach, in a nice climate? OR are they more depressed because now going to a nice place is less exciting? I agree, the only way to know for sure is to test it, and I am definitely game for that little experiment!

                  HA seriously, those two really *can* do anything. Kill yourself to restart your brain? Done. Kill all your friends? Sure! Tabletop surgery? On it. Ugh, you’re right about Raven and the Delinquents, honestly, but… I still don’t know how I feel about this. I mean- I shipped her with so many people over the years and NONE have happened, so I am starting to get salty. Rasper, Sea Mechanic… I feel like I am owed Murven at this point! And I definitely agree about Murphy being let loose again haha. He was so…. easily controlled while he was fighting for Emori, maybe it’d be fun to see him go rogue a bit. But not S1-level, because I hated that guy.

                  Yeah, well you KNOW that the elite in basically every company just lines their pockets with all the money they save. The “trickle down” thing is bullshit, because they’re paying the employees the same as they always have, now without benefits, and they just have more money to blow on helicopters and caviar or whatever the hell rich people waste money on. The rich/poor discrepancy is the widest it’s ever been, and that is because of crap like this. It’s nice that GM used to give pensions, and that your grandpa got one- I wonder if they do it anymore? My parents both worked for the state, so they basically HAD no “higher ups”, which is why I guess they got good benefits and such. And Haiti probably IS better- at least it’s not run by Trump, which I think just automatically makes every place better by default?

                  Kat probably feels violated on SO many levels, honestly- I mean, she was basically carrying a stranger’s baby! But the writers better make things right with David ASAP- I don’t need another season of their will-they-won’t-they angst. Enoughhh. If they want to briefly freak us out, fine, but he needs to get his shit together by episode two, at the latest. I kind of hope Vincent is taken care of early on, too- I don’t really need a full season of him being the Big Bad. I agree that the Director is shady- they could have an interesting dynamic with both groups working together to get rid of Vincent, but then realize that they don’t have any other common ground. Maya’s dad and Jeff were hilarious! “There’s two of them, and two of us!” like it was the same thing ?

                  HA I bet he had to go to Spoiler Sensitivity Training or whatever it is they do to actors who spill. I bet Jason has been there many a time! I really hope that both of them make it through til the end, and get at least a semi-HEA. I agree, I need that show back ASAP- not quite as much as The 100 of course, but a very close second. I think I am also pretty sad that it’s the last, too, otherwise I’d be more excited!

                  I was so surprised to find it! I googled it while Rashika was here, and lo and behold, there was one, not too far away! So… we risked it! And it worked out hah. Yeah, I mean- if they have actual hibachi they might have sushi, but if it’s random stuff… well, that does sound sketchy and you absolutely should wait 😀

                  I want to know how the hell they have so many rooms inside one little tree. It’s bugged me the whole series. And a basement? Really? I mean, nevermind the fact that everybear else just lives in a regular house, and these bears need to be fancy or whatever, the logistics don’t work!

                  Is Detroit really as bad as the media would like us to believe? I have even read a couple books set in Detroit that played up on the whole “Detroit is Garbage” mantra, and I have always wondered!

                  EW the kids being assholes is probably the worst damn part! I mean, at least if he felt like he was making a difference or whatever, I could see it. UAE does sound pretty fun, but again, for vacation. I don’t really understand suuuuper health conscious people- like sure, you need to take care of your body, it’s the only one we get, blah blah, but people in China live a long time so he could probably chill a bit. Same with China- like it is absolutely on my bucket list, I would be so fascinated to go, maybe even for a long-ish vacation, but definitely not forever. UGH and right, I would probably DREAD coming back into this shitshow after being out of it for awhile. Europe would be ideal. So much of it speaks some English at least- and even if you go to the Baltic countries, they are basically fluent in English so no one has to start studying Finnish or whatever the hell.

                  I am telling you, they were LARPing Chet, the reasonable Businessman Vampire! I bet he had sweater vests, like Chandler on Friends. And NO there are not vampire cowboys FFS! Vampires EAT cowboys, if anything. Maybe that was his role- Chet’s dinner. They were such a mess. I want to intervene. “Look, I don’t even know anything about LARP, but I do know that you’re all doing it WRONG”.

                  The Middle is fun! And it seems extra funny, I think because Indiana always seems so… quaint, even though I know it really isn’t. WOW GenCon is that big!?! That seems huge! Especially invading one area, wowww. I had no idea it was that big of an event! I love that the place redoes their menu- that’s really fun, and I bet they do amazing business- little things like that really draw a crowd!

                  Aw YAY I hope you love them! So, I think you should read Unwind first too, and the reason is, I think Scythe is a better book? Like, I loved them both, but Scythe is just… everything about it is really well done. And Unwind is actually probably more similar to things you’re used to, like futuristic/sci-fi/dystopia.

                  Did you watch Riverdale!? I was… Idk, underwhelmed a bit. I am curious to hear your thoughts if you watched it!! OH and I started Ex Machina last night- I didnt get far because I was sleepy, but that middle of nowhere bunker thing is epic. And the inventor dude… he’s nuts, right? Because he seems fucking insane.

                  • Yeah if you lived in Hawaii, where would you go for vacation?? Isn’t that like, the pinnacle of tropical goodness? But yeah it would be worth a try. 🙂 Maybe they don’t NEED to go on vacation, they just go to the beach or the volcanos or something? And I’m sure other countries would still be interesting- even if I lived there I’d want to see Greece, France, a few other places…

                    No S1 Murph, I agree. They’ve come too far w/ his character to do that now. And Sea Mechanic… I miss that possibility. 🙁 I could go with Murph going a bit rogue though, it seems in his nature. Murven would be awesome. Between that and Bellarke we need ONE of them anyway. Preferably both. Who’s the worst person you can think of for Murphy? Like maybe Octavia? I mean they’d NEVER click, right? There’s a post idea for ya- the WORST possible 100 ships!

                    I don’t think GM offers pensions anymore (maybe to execs) but I’m not sure. It’s been a while since my grandpa was there. They took care of him though! And lol you know it’s bad here when we’re all like hmmm Haiti *ponders* I mean could any place be worse than here? I know there are, but sheesh we have like one of the top three worst leaders in the world, surely? So much for all that lecturing we do to other countries about human rights and stuff.

                    Yeah Kat’s gonna be hard to fix, because… yeah. she’s basically right! Pretty skeevy thing to do from her perspective. I mean sure Mac can’t go around telling people hey I’m a dude from the future, but still… and David *yup* I have NO patience for them dragging this angst out. He needs to get w/ the program or hit the street. And same w/ Vincent, although I suspect we ARE going to get a whole nother season of him. Ugh. I also feel like if Grace programmed the Director then she knows more about him than anyone, right? So we need to have some definitive answers as to what its deal is. I’d love to see the team go rogue, occupy that gray area between the factions, if they can find a way to survive being overwritten or something. Be kinda like Travis’ group in Continuum, just not so asshole- ish.

                    I’m going to geek out when 12 Monkeys comes back, I’m so excited to see what they do with Olivia as the big bad