#ShatteringStigmas Wrap Up & Thanks!

Oh my darlings, how is Shattering Stigmas 3.0 over already? My brain cannot compute the quickness of which it went by. But since itĀ has, I suppose it’s time for me to wrap this up, eh? First, I have a guest post today on Happy Indulgence about mental health in books, so feel free to check that out for a more technical, less gushy post šŸ˜‰

Can I level with you all for a second? This year, I had a really hard time getting my shit together. Things have been in a lot of upheaval lately, and while I am actually doingĀ really well with it, I didn’t quite have enough gumption left for much else.Ā Ā And I have to take a minute (maybe several minutes, Idk how fast you read) to thank the people who helped me put this together. Because without them? This would not have been even a fraction of as fabulous as it was.

First, a huge thanks to Inge for not only being my co-host for all three years, but for helping me develop this from more than an idea in my head into somethingĀ real. And without Inge to prod me along with her endless optimism and positivity, I’d probably be still in a corner muttering about how I couldn’t decide on a date or something.

To Holly, who joined us last year, but let’s be real, has been a huge advocate of it from day one. I appreciate so, so much your ongoing support (not just with this even, just… in life), and am so glad you are now a full-fledged co-host!

Vlora, Taylor, and Taneika, having you this year has been just… there are no words for how much you’ve all added to this event. Vlora has been my buddy for years, and I am so glad she’s joined us! And getting to know Taylor and Taneika has been the absolute highlight of the event for me. They all have so much to bring to the table, and I kind of want to force them to be co-hosts forever. That’s legit, right?

And to my guest posters! My goodness, this would beĀ nothing without you. It would be me sitting at a blank screen after Day 2. You’ve given us your incredibly heartfelt and beautifully written stories and posts, and I cannot thank you enough. Your courage and bravery in sharing your stories is my absolute dream come true, and I know that you have helped so,Ā so many people along the way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

To the readers: Again, this would not be a thing without your unyielding support. The comments, the genuine excitement for this event make my heart happy every day. Seriously, maybe other bloggers think their readers are the best, but spoiler: They’re wrong, you guys are. I really hope that you all got something out of this event, and I hope that we can continue to deliver something vital to you every year.

We have added some new stuff this year, like the Twitter Chat, and I hope to introduce a lot of new stuff next year (yes, yes, my mind is already on next year, but that’s probably a good thing). I want to figure out ways to work with donations/charity, make the Twitter chat even bigger (it was really fun!) and get my act together and reach out to some authors and such. But I have almost a year until Inge reminds me to get my shit together again šŸ˜‰

Me, in September 2018 šŸ˜€Ā 

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Friends! What did you think of this year’s event? Did you learn anything new or perhaps just found something to relate to? Let us know! And thanks so, so much for your support ā™„ā™„

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  1. Awesome again this year! Thanks for doing it, and to all the contributors too. Sharing such personal stories I really think helps people realize they’re not alone.

  2. It was another fantastic year, and you all did a great job. I’m so mad I missed the Twitter chat. Danggit! lol I’m glad it was fun though. Thanks for putting this together, everyone! And for all the people that shared their stories – greatly appreciated.


  3. Congrats on a great Shattering Stigmas run. I’ve learnt new things and enjoyed hearing from a whole variety of people about books and their own experiences. Thanks for putting it all together (even if you did have to get your shit together). Hopefully, next year will be even better.

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