Remember how I told you guys that I was kiiind of being a blogging fail and couldn’t get my shit together for Shattering Stigmas (which is the apparently now annual bookish mental health event we do around here)? Yeah, that was a thing. Hell, it probably still would be a thing if the lovely Inge hadn’t pushed me along! (So, major shout out to Inge!) Anyway, after asking around last year, we decided to postpone until the fall, when people seem to have a bit more time. And as it turns out, there are a lot of mental health awareness events in October, so… might as well join them, eh? And fine, maybe it helped me procrastinate longer?

-Me, every single day of life.

But, now I must start organizing! We’re still working out the host situations, seeing who is available and so forth, but I know that for sure Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway, Of Wonderland, and myself will be back again! And we have a few new people on board too- including a booktuber! So, suffice it so say, we’re expanding again, yay!

And as always, I need YOUR help to make this thing happen! There will of course be a giveaway, and participants will get extra entries just like last year! But of course you don’t have to feel any pressure. Now, since I am lazier and give fewer fucks than ever at the moment, instead of designing a little form, I am just going to ask that you comment with the following, if you want to participate: 

  1. That you DO want to participate (as this will distinguish you from the other commenters, you see)
  2. A way to contact you- just let me know what works best- an email, a Twitter DM, whatever. OR, if you prefer, you can contact ME directly via EMAIL  or Twitter (my DMs are open!) 

That is it. See how easy I am making things this year? As for the content, as usual, pretty much anything goes- a personal story, a discussion, review(s), a Top 10 list, whatever. Have fun with it! And feel free to check out last year’s posts for inspiration! 

So… are you excited for Shattering Stigmas Three? 

Posted July 24, 2017 by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight in #ShatteringStigmas / 30 Comments

30 responses to “Shattering Stigmas 3.0: Call to Action!

  1. Nice. I remember being really inspired by some of the posts last year, glad to see this returning. Can’t wait to see it again this year. Best of luck to you guys hosting it!

  2. I love this yearly feature, and makes me feel not as alone in my issues. Definitely an important dialogue, and I hope that someday, when I share my “stuff”, I will just get a look of understanding versus a look of pity.

  3. So pleased to see this is coming back and that it’s expanding, Shannon! It’s so important.

    I’d love to participate, if I may. =) Twitter’s probably the best place to speak to me (@JGofton). I’m very lucky to have never struggled with mental health the way some people have, but I’d love to join in and blog about what friends of people struggling with their mental health can do to make things easier.

  4. Oh my gosh, glad that you’re doing this! Always important to shatter stigmas – we’ve made some progress, in my opinion, but yeah, there are so many mental illnesses/disabilities that I would love to cover!
    Best way to contact me about participating would be via Twitter DM – @corrallingbooks! <3

  5. I’m not compleeetely sure what to write about at this moment in time (though I have a vague direction maybe), but I’d be happy to host if that helps! And possibly come up with something myself at some point in the future haha. Glad you’re doing this event again. You have my contact details obvi, so let me know if you need me by email or twitter. 🙂

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