Welcome to June’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight- plus a little ALA recap! 

 Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review/From Publishers:

Thanks to Harper, The Novl, and Abrams!! (Sorry that these pictures are kind of crappy.)


via Netgalley & Edelweiss, thanks to Simon & Schuster and HarperTeen!!


Not bad, right?


Thanks to Holly, Sabrina, and Emma for the lovely gifted books! You guys are awesome!  And thanks to Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl and Jen @ YA Romantics for the wins! 

I’ll put the ALA books down in the ALA section, break it up a bit? Sure. 

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 14 books this month. The sad part is, I would have read lots more but I barely read anything in the last week. It is unusual but… meh. 😀 

Another strange, strange bookish month. Definitely more good than bad though. And a few that were really good! 

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Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

This… is shorter than usual because I have been a dreadful blogging fail this month. Sorry, friends. But there are still fun posts!


Usually I do “random musings” here, but instead, let’s talk about ALA!

So, I drove to ALA in Chicago and stayed with my lovely friends, Holly and Sabrina. Zoey was with us most of the time too, and I wish I had known she was driving so she could have stayed with us. Silly Zoey.  And since you probably don’t need all the details, I shall share some highlights, because those are fun!

  1. I vowed to take pictures. I did not take any pictures. I did steal a few from my friends though, so yeah. Such a fail.
  2. Books! I was such a good little booknerd this time around– I was more reasonable and selective than I have ever been at any conference, which is both a win and a necessity. These are the lovely books I picked up (well, the ones for me anyway 😉 )
  3. I saw SO. Many. People. This was so fun, and I know I will forget people if I start listing them, but the thing I love the most about ALA (as opposed to BEA, besides the organization) is the fact that it is so chill and you get to actually talk to people. Authors and publishers, but also other bloggers and bookish people! And since it is smaller, you get to run into your people more often, too!I saw Amber @ Du Livre, and we had so much fun having a nice long lunch! And then we had dinner with a whole bunch of lovely humans, like Lauren @ Shooting Stars Mag, Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books, Nicole (and her mom Gay who is awesome!) @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction, Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally, and Katie @ Katie’s Book Blog ! And I have pictures! Thanks to Amber and Lauren  for the photos!!
    My hair in the second photo is inexplicable. Let’s blame the “Windy City”, mmmkay? Instead of the real truth, straight up laziness.
  4. I got to meet some of my author heroes! Namely Louise O’Neill and Cat Winters! Seriously, I have loved their books so much and both women have written about some really hard topics in very different ways. I find them both amazing authors and amazing role models, and I may have even choked up a little when I met Louise. If you haven’t read their books… DO. IT. I did, however, miss out on seeing my third author hero, Neal Shusterman. This was partly my fault, partly the fault of some weird time change. I am sad, but at least I got to meet two of the three!
  5. We ate a lot of burgers. I have no idea why. It was kind of random, I think? Anyway, Val and Rashika recommended Umami Burger, and since we were definitely missing our buddies, we took them up on that idea! And I had a pretty burger- this and some weird ass beer I saw in a Michigan grocery store were the only pictures I took. Again, I failed.
  6. Driving and not sleeping isn’t my fave. I ended up taking a nap in an Ohio rest stop parking lot, as you do. I was fine on the way there, but on the way back? Such a mess.
  7. The next time I go to a bookish event, I am going to need Cait @ Paper Fury to send me a stack of business cards, because I had to tell so many people where I got my tote. Like, I was writing down the address to her Society6 shop, especially in the Starbucks line. Cait, a heads up, people who love your bags love coffee, so you may want to investigate the correlation? 
  8. I listened to my first audiobook! It was First & Then, and I liked it! On the way home, I started The Scorpio Races (after getting to actually talk to Maggie about how I was going to listen to it on the way home, eeep!) but it was longer than the drive, so I will probably just read the rest!

Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

Lots of pretty ones this month!! 😀 Also, the cover of Blood and Sand is so beyond gorgeous in person, I feel like this picture doesn’t even start to do it justice? 

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

  • It’s been a month without The 100.  I have already rewatched it once. Oops? I am not sorry. And I started the second rewatch, because I have real issues. BUT, it will be going slower this time because Greg told me to start Orphan Black, and so I did! Because I really do need to watch something new, and now I am quite intrigued! That is what I shall resume after finishing this post, in fact. 

    Speaking of The 100 though, my plan is to do a post every month or two. I have a “Where Are They Now?” post in the works! But I also don’t want to completely inundate everyone during the hiatus, so I promise to keep it under control 😉  I also want to do some video edits- someone hold me to that and also give me some tips? Great. 

  • I have been a real mess of a blogger lately. If I am being honest, there’s no real reason for it- though I have been completely MIA since I was so damn exhausted from ALA, and the driving and such. But my plan is to take it easy for the rest of the summer. Because I want to. Because…

  • Still trying to get Shattering Stigmas organized. But as I mentioned, I am an unorganized mess of late, and I would rather push it back if I had to than have it be sloppily done. I shall talk to my cohorts soon- but it will definitely be happening in the fall! 

Happy July, loves!

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  1. Ooh One Dark Throne and Two Roads From Here- nice. Both look great. Throne of course is gonna be so fun to talk about once it’s out and everyone is debating whatever the heck happens in it! I can see discussion posts galore. We should have a Hunger Games of those princesses lol. I liked One Of Us Is Lying. The Secret History of Us has me curious too because memory loss? Why do I always fall for that? 🙂 And what do you think of Saga? I finally read the first few and while they’re good, I wasn’t like blown away.

    ALA!! Nice haul! So much good stuff coming out- seriously this year seems crazy with awesome releases. Ringer I’m hoping will be awesome and There’s Someone in the House- is that an awesome title or what? Glad you got to see so many people. Looks like a blast! And yay for meeting two of your fave authors!

    I’m so glad you’re watching Orphan Black! Cloneclub is the bomb. Felix and Alison kill me. And I think I’m going to do that 100 rewatch (I may start this weekend) between that and Orphan Black (plus Game of Thrones) it’ll be amazing if I read ANYTHING the rest of the summer. But who cares?

    “Where Are They Now” sounds awesome- can’t wait to see those. Keep it alive through the hiatus!!!!

    That’s a long ass drive you had. I crashed at a truck stop once back in college- didn’t want to but you reach that point where you literally have to or you will.fall.asleep. Hope you have a relaxing weekend… and thank you for the link!

    • One Dark Throne is also something that will be coming your way 😀 It had better be good- I have NOT had good luck with sequels this year, so I need it to be as epic as I hope. Did you see it’s like, a 4 book series now? I am actually glad, because series finales and I have NOT gotten along this year hah. I liked The Secret History of Us- for the most part. But I can’t tell you what I didn’t like? Anyway, that is coming to you too hahha.

      As for Saga… I like them a lot, but I agree that I wasn’t blown away- like, they’re good, but maybe since they are so short, they don’t have the impact I was expecting? But either way, I absolutely like them enough to continue! The books at ALA were good! It was more quality over quantity this year, and I liked that! So many of the books I got were absolute must-haves for me. I am going to try REALLY hard to not request ANY books and just read these.

      I REALLY like Orphan Black- like, I didn’t want to stop watching iT! You’ve now got to pick all the shows I watch since you have good taste and also I am indecisive and when left to my own devices, I just watch The 100 😉 Though, I fully admit, I am still watching iit, too 😂 But I LOVE Felix- he just had Alison’s kids dress up as the opposite genders and I was DYING. They loved him too and Alison was beyond horrified! Also- what is with the blonde clone with the scratches?! She is weirddd. I also love Cosima! I am so impressed with the girl who plays the clones- like how she manages to make them all so… different! Not just the clothes and hair, but everything about them!

      UGH yes, that is how I felt- like I was going to straight up pass out on the highway. Which is unusual for me, but I didn’t sleep very well at ALA, so. At least it was light out! Plus, I was able to stop for coffee. I love coffee, but I don’t think I have ever consumed as much caffeine as I did last weekend! Did you end up going away? I hope it was fun!!

      • Yesss!!! I will be dropping all the shit and reading that one because I HAVE to know what happens next. All these months later and I STILL can’t pick a favorite princess. I keep changing my minds. And it’s not just the princesses- it’s their entourages too. Billy, Jules… and I love that it’s 4 books! Honestly they’ll probably all be out before the next Game of Thrones book too because, you know, she actually works on her books once in a while. 🙂 And she can go in so many directions because there are so many characters, and we know nothing about the island yet really. As for Secret History Of Us- ooh now you have me curious. I don’t know why I’m drawn to that one. You totally rock BTW on this book business… 🙂

        Saga- same. I’ll keep going, it could be my expectations were too high. And thanx- glad you are liking Orphan. Felix is the best. He and Alison have such a dynamic. And the blonde I THINK is Helena- does she have the accent? I can’t remember when she shows up… but she is BADASS. You will love her…

        We did go but the weather was only okay. The water’s still cold in June but it wasn’t too bad, which is why we’d rather go in July or august but the schedule is all screwed up this year. Still traverse is nice anytime. And of course I stopped in a couple bookstores… 🙂 They have two good ones.

        • Hahha GOOD because I want to read it ASAP too, and will want to talk about ALL the spoilers. I can’t pick a favorite either! Which is why I had to buy all the UK editions 🙂 It was seriously one of the best casts of characters ever. Part of me wants to reread book one but… time. And yeah, all 4 will definitely be out before GoT- probably whatever Kendare’s next series is too haha. Poor George, he is such a mess. (I use the term “poor” very loosely.) Secret History of Us is a really quick read too, so even if you don’t like it, who cares, it’ll be over soon. (That is basically my theory about all books?) But I thought it was cute, I just wish a few things had been… better developed. Definitely a great summer vibe thougH!

          Helena is in rough shape at the moment (I’m on episode 5), some random dude has her on a table in what appears to be his dungeon lab. Totally on the up and up, I’m sure. Is it weird that Helena reminds me of Luna? I LOVE Alison and Sarah bonding over Kira, too!

          Ahhh yeah, the weather wasn’t really great for a beach weekend at all- I was downright chilly in Chicago and that NEVER happens. But with the wind, yeah. July or August would be SO much better for swimming and such, I am sorry it didn’t work out that way! It sounds like a really nice town though- especially if it has two good bookstores! As fun as Chicago was, I would basically KILL for a nice, relaxing beach weekend.

          • Yes I can’t wait for all the discussions when it comes out, it’s going to be SO hard not to talk spoilers. I’ll probably do a spoilery discussion pst anyway. And I may need to go back and read Nicole’s post she did on Three Dark because there were a bunch of theories there lol. I love books like that!! And I don’t know what George’s deal is- he’s been writing these books since Clinton was president – imagine how sick he must be of a lot of it ha ha! Course it’s made him rich and taken over the world so he probably doesn’t mind too much. 🙂

            Helena is crazysauce! But I love her craziness… I just watched the new episode tonight. Typical nonsense (in a good way)! Needs more Delphine though- they’re neglecting her a bit this season. And they’re sending Felix to Switzerland?!? I know that’s kinda spoilery but by the time you get to S5 you’ll have forgotten. 🙂

            Traverse is a nice town- very beachy, with dunes close by, wineries. Love it there. I did a spotlight on one of the book stores there once and it turned out a book blogger worked there! You know, everyone in Michigan is a blogger lol.

            • Oh GOOD you should do one! I like spoilery discussions, since you can just avoid them if you don’t want spoilers- and Nicole’s was so awesome last year. I think it is still one of her most viewed posts of all time! I love books like that too, anything that can make you keep thinking and pondering after it is over is always a win for me. Probably part of why I like The 100 so much haha.

              I can’t decide what George’s issue is! I mean, obviously only he knows, but like you said, how SICK must he be of thinking about this world? And yeah, he is crazy rich and that has to help but… also, imagine the pressure. In some ways, I really feel for the guy because imagine he is just an anxious dude, and the whole world is clamoring for him to finish and he is so afraid to fuck it up, you know? Either that or he is laughing at everyone and doing whatever he wants.

              I have just started with Delphine- she was just… being caressed by that old guy? And liking it? And now I am yelling at Cosima because NO stay away from Delphine! And I am very curious as to why Felix needs to go to Switzerland. I don’t know if I approve.

              HA I am shocked that a book blogger was in Michigan 😂😂 No one told me when I started a blog that I would need to relocate ha. Beachy and dunes would have sold me, but now you add wine and books? I am seriously in the wrong place! No beaches, no wine, no books, and definitely no dunes. What kind of nonsense landlocked state is this!? 🙂 (To be fair, it IS close to big cities, so I guess there’s that? But I’d take the beach any day- and NOT the Jersey Shore because ew.)

              • Oh you’d love Traverse then. It’s not nearly as pretty in southern Michigan- although to be fair we do have nice beaches and stuff on the western side- but there’s a reason a lot of Michigan people vacation in Traverse city, or up north in general. It’s just beautiful there.

                I feel bad for George too, even as I gnash my teeth waiting for him to finish lol. I mean he’s a person and even if it has made him rich the pressure must be ENORMOUS. I mean the books were bad enough, but now HBO and all that? That’s a lot of stress. What I wish he’d do is release what he has, more or less, work out something with his editors and release a 500 page book, say, instead of having to “finish” his 1100 page manuscripts before publishing. Get some of it out there, to buy himself some time and give fans a taste. I mean it would sell lol.

                I think Delphine was iffy at first, where you’re not sure about her? trying to remember. She grew on me though. And Alison and Felix are a riot! There’s an episode too where Donnie and felix have to work together- you can probably imagine how that goes. 🙂

                • It sounds really lovely! I feel like all beach towns are probably at least kind of fun, but it does sound like the northern ones are extra nice. I want to see it someday- I shall add it to my bucket list. 🙂

                  George is such a mess haha. I also don’t understand why he insists on writing such ridiculously long books. It’s probably something he can’t really fix at this point, but this is why you have your first book be like, 350 pages, and then go on from there. Because now people expect these massive books. Maybe he WANTS to calm down, but cannot.

                  All I know about Delphine at this point (at episode 7) has taken Cosima to that talk, and Cosima things she’s supposed to be her monitor. Which made sense to me, but then she ended up with the guy from the conference and I was so confused! But then Cosima tells Sarah that she wants to keep seeing Delphine anyway. Seems like a terrible life choice. Oh my goodness, Donnie and Felix existing together sounds too funny!

  2. Ah, so glad you had a fun time at ALA! I’m hoping some of those 2018 ARCs will be at Yallfest this year! 😂 You got so many amazing books! 😍

    Also, hey, I wasn’t expecting to see one of my posts here, so thank you so much for sharing it! 😄

  3. AWWWW YOU’RE SO LOVELY AND I’M FLAILING SO BAD RIGHT NOW. 😂😂I’m going to have to hire you omg. <3 <3

    And YAY for a lovely time at ALA!!! And so many gorgeous books omg now is the perfect time to adopt me, I am just sayin'. And I think you deserve a break after all the travel and book collecting, so don't be too hard on yourself. 😉 Also yesss for meeting author heroes and tons of friends!


    I also want to read They Both Die At The End so bad but I also don't want them both to die at the end???? So I'm having a problem here.

    • Bwwhahha right!? This woman was legit writing down your info! I felt like a proud employee, which I *think* means you may have succeeded at world domination. I am also going to need to adopt you because I will never be able to read all the books- so I need a helper 😉

      I am definitely looking forward to ODD- especially after I saw your review for it! I have been having awful luck with series finales and sequels, so I am really hoping this one ends that little slump! And YES- I feel like same way about They Both Die! I mean, RUDE. We know we’ll need ALL the tissues before this even starts!

  4. Kel

    I’m glad you had fun at ALA, and it looks like you picked up some great books! I’m exactly the same with pictures. Chat for 15 minutes with someone awesome; say bye; 10 minutes later, realize I took 0 pictures. To quote my Crim Pro professor, “I live my life. I don’t view it.” (That’s not it at all, but it sounds a lot better than “I’m super forgetful.”) Take it easy, and enjoy your Fourth of July weekend!

    • Aw thanks! And YES! That is my life- I want to take pictures, mean to, but then… NOPE. I think the problem is that my phone was always shoved deep in a bag. And I should use your professor’s motto too! Though mine is definitely forgetfulness too hahaha. Hope you have a great weekend too- I low key forgot it was even the 4th of July, oops!

  5. Glad you had so much fun at ALA. LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS YOU GOT OH MY GOODNESS GIVE ME THEM. (jk, but really). You also read a lot this month too! I didn’t read a whole bunch. Only 4 books. Hopefully July is better for me >.< haha Hope July treats you well!

  6. So much awesome in this post, Shannon! I’ve been seeing ‘Blue Coat’ everywhere, but haven’t really looked into it. I’ll have to remedy this. Love Leah’s cover (the “whimsy” trend is SO winning), and will have to look up more about Ashley’s Poston’s new novel.

    I received “Gunslinger Girl” in the mail, and cannot wait to read that one! It sounds *so* interesting. 🙂

  7. Wow, so many pretty new books! I hope you enjoy Scythe as much as I did! Wasn’t what I was expecting, but I really liked it. And hey, 14 books under your reading belt is awesome! Thanks for the post links – I had missed a few of those. And looks like you had so much fun at ALA! Thanks for sharing, even though you forgot to take pictures. I’m the same way! Hope you have a great July!

    • GAH I LOOOOOOVED Scythe. SO. MUCH. I have like, every edition of it- my friend Sabrina got hold of one of those manuscripts and thought of me and I am DYING. Neal Shusterman is one of my all-time author heroes, so it was exciting. ALA was really nice- and it was so, so great to get to talk to so many people, see so many bloggers, etc. Thanks so much, I hope you have a great July too! 😀

  8. Yay for One Dark Throne! I only read Three Dark Crowns a few months ago, but I’ve even so excited for the sequel ever since, so that’s one release I’m really looking forward to. And I still need to get a copy of Our Dark Duet, although for some reason I can’t for the life of me remember what happened at the end of This Savage Song…I really need to go back and read the last few chapters or something!
    I’m glad you had such a good time at ALA, and that you got to meet some of your author heroes! That’s so exciting! There are so many authors I always think I would like to meet, but knowing my terrible social skills I would just freak out and not be able to say anything 🙂
    Enjoy your books and have a great month! 🙂

    • YES! I looooved TDC, and I am almost halfway through ODT and really enjoying it! That series is so epic. And OMG! I do not remember the end of This Savage SOng either! I need to go to one of those spoiler sites and have them tell me hahah.

      And yes, ALA was quite fun! I get a bit awkward too- but like, in a different way. I word vomit and then feel like I am going to cry! When I left Louise O’Neill’s signing, I DID cry. No idea why, it was just like… overwhelming? Hahh. I am bummed about Neal Shusterman, BUT my mom is a huge fan of his too so I feel like if he ever comes to the east coast, I can just drag her with me 😀

      And thanks so much, I hope you have a great month too!

  9. Wow, that is an insane number of books which you got at ALA. I am very jealous. Just glimpsing at it I can see that there are a few books in there I have been interested in reading. Sounds like you had a great time at ALA though so really the books are well deserved (how will you find time for them all, though?). Don’t feel bad about being disorganised as a blogger. We all have that from time to time and I agree that Shattering Stigmas will be better for being delayed so you can really organise it right. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on that as it was brilliant last time.

    • Aw I know, it was seriously a great event- even though it was exhausting 😉 And I have NO IDEA how I will find time for them all- but I haven’t requested ANY books in a long time, in hopes to read some of the stuff I already have haha.

      And thank you SO MUCH, that really means a lot to me ♥♥ I think I am going to have to… delegate a lot more this time, I am just not in a great headspace. But I think last year went pretty well too, luckily I have had some really fabulous contributors- it’s just a matter of getting the guts to email people 😉

  10. Oh I didn’t know Midnight Jewel was out, that was fast! I’ll have to buy it soon. Sounds like you had an awesome time at ALA! I wish I could meet more other bloggers. There was one event in London I wanted to go to, but it’s too expensive overall and I have a friend staying that weekend. Maybe next year. 😅 i still haven’t watched the new The 100 season, what a fail haha. I will eventually and then I will come to you to talk about it. 😀 I watched the first two season of Orphan Black, hope you enjoy it!

    • It was more than a year, Vlora 😉 You were just busy doing fun things (true story, I wrote “busty” and had to fix it 😂😂😂) It is SO nice to meet other bloggers! I wish I could do it more often, but like you said, MONEY. Money is awful when you don’t have any. I hope you do get to go next year!

      VLORA. I wish I knew your middle name right now so I could properly yell at you. I am on my SECOND SERIES REWATCH since the hiatus. And I KNOW it aired in England already too. So get your shit together, and come back so we can talk! If it helps motivate you, Season 4 was fucking EPIC. Way better than S3! And I am halfway through S2 of Orphan Black- I am liking it so far!!

      • It was?? I think I just read it at the end of last year though, so it felt shorter to me! 😀 But yeah, clearly I need to get on it and catch up on all the books/tv shows I’m missing. It’s been an intense year, but I have a bit more time to read and blog now, so that’s good! Oooh glad to know season 4 was better than season3! I think I just wasn’t super intrigued when I watched the first episode when it was released and that’s why I didn’t keep going, but I’ll try to watch soon. My middle name is Sylvia in case I don’t and you need to yell at me again. 😀

        • Oooh yeah, I had read the first one in like, maybe February of 2016? And the new publicist doesn’t like me, for whatever reason (I thought I was awesome, but whatever 😉 ) so I had to wait until the end of June! DISLIKE. And YAY, I am glad you have more time! I promise that this season is SO epic. And thank you, I can now use your middle name- at least try to get to ONE episode soonish?

  11. Thank you so much for sharing my post about meeting Wes Chu. *laughs* Phoenix ComiCon was a lot of fun. I’ve got another post coming up about it next week. 🙂

    I have a skin for my MacBook that is a Cait design of that exact saying. I get tons of comments on it when I work at coffee shops as well.

  12. It was so great seeing you and having dinner! You got some awesome books at ALA. I’m a slacker too, so I haven’t even WRITTEN anything but soon. Lucky you for getting Bonfire. I’m so curious.

    I’ve seen the first season of Orphan Black and it’s so good. I need to keep watching.


    • It was so great to see you too! I am really glad we were able to meet up- though I wish we’d gotten to talk more! I am so excited about Bonfire- Krysten is actually from my Dad’s hometown so it is kind of fun 🙂 And YES keep watching Orphan Black, I am halfway through Season 2 already!

  13. Wait hold up, YOUR FIRST AUDIOBOOK?! Do you need recs now, cuz I got them! :p

    It was great seeing you at ALA, it looks like you had a lot of fun and met so many other great bloggers at that dinner! I’ve heard great things about Umani Burger, one day I’ll try it I’m sure.

    Also you have to let me know how Midnight Jewel is. I’m like confused about my feelings for the first book.

    • YESSS it was my very first one! I don’t know if/when I will read another- I mean, if I ever do a 10 hour road trip again then DEFINITELY hahahha. It was so nice to see you, too! It was so fun! And Midnight Jewel was pretty good- I liked Mira’s POV, but some of the scenes, we already know the outcome of, so that part was a little underwhelming. But still good!

  14. THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO! IT’S SOOOO GOOD, SHANNON. Ahem. That is to say, I really liked it and I think you will too. 😂

    I’m very excited to hear your thoughts on The Reader – I’ve been hearing lots of good, low key buzz about it and I’m thinking I may need to pick it up. And as a major e. lockhart fan, I’m stoked to hear what you thought of Genuine Fraud too. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks remains one of my favourite contemporary YA books ever. ORPHAN BLACK! YES. Tatiana Maslany is my queen. Do you think you’ll be writing recaps on it?

    Being a good blogger in the summer is just way too much work. I want to bask in the sunshine and day drink on my days off, not sit inside at my computer. That’s why I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately! 🙈

    • Oh YAYYYY I must read Genie Lo ASAP then! It does sound good! As for The Reader, it took me a bit of time to get into, but once I did it was quite good- VERY well written with a lot of great little details. It was clear this book was a labor of love! Genuine Fraud… was weird. Really weird. Maybe too weird for me?

      And I am loving Orphan Black! I don’t think I’ll do an episode-by-episode recap, just because I’ve gone too fast to do such, but I do plan on doing a full series recap when it’s over! I am freaking AMAZED at Tatiana Maslany’s talent. Holy CRAP. How the hell does she do it!??!

      And right? Like, even if I am not doing anything exciting, it’s like… nah, I’d rather just hang around than actually be productive. I don’t know if the end of summer will even change that though, maybe I’ll just… hermit up for winter 😉

  15. Epic Crush of Genie Lo is something I’m seeing lots of hype about, and I’m excited to read it and hear your thoughts! OMG you got Scythe, I got that one out from the library! WOAH LOOK AT ALL THOSE ALA BOOKS, THEY LOOK AMAZING! I wish I could attend one one day.

    • I agree, Genie Lo does look great- and I have heard some really good things, so I am excited. DUDE- Scythe is AWESOME. Read it NOW. It is an all-time fave of mine! And I would LOVE for you to be able to come here one day. Actually, if I am wishing for stuff, why don’t I just come to Australia! 😀

  16. WOW, SO MANY PRETTIES I CAN’T DEAL. I don’t even know where to begin – they all look so great! It sounds like you had a wonderful time at ALA. 🙂 I’ve reserved Scythe at my library so I’m looking forward to finally reading it!

  17. Burgers are like my main food group. 🙂 I’m starting to think it’s a Texas thing? I don’t know. ALA sounds like a blast – and tiring! I’ve been a mess lately, too. I just can’t seem to get it together, and then I think “Oh, I should write at least two of those reviews on my list” and it’s 9:30 at night. I’ve just had zero motivation lately, although I am experimenting and cooking a WHOLE lot of stuff…and washing a whole lot of dishes! :/

    • Bwhahha, well, I think it must be a Chicago thing too then 😉 ALA was really fun, but yes, really exhausting too! I still don’t think I have recovered! And YEP- I have been the exact same way, I tell myself I am going to do blogging stuff, and then POOF, motivation is gone! At least you are making good food, I am just… watching shows haha.

  18. Shannon you must let me know how The Belles, Invictus, Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Evaporation of Sofi Snow, Jane Unlimited, That Inevitable Victorian Thing, Hello Sunshine, & Nyxia are! (ALSO YOUR HAUL IS BEAUTIFUL)

  19. ALA sounds absolutely wonderful! I wish I could have gone. Not only is that SO MANY BOOKS but also it must have been great to meet and hang out with all of those bloggers! It’s okay that you’ve been taking a break since then when it comes to being organised with the blog – the whole trip sounds so exhausting!

  20. I love reading about everyone’s time at ALA – sounds like so much fun! I hope to attend someday. Also – yesss to watching Orphan Black. I don’t watch much TV but I absolutely adore that show, haha. Hope your July is going well!

  21. John Smith

    That cover for The Hazel Wood is cool! And there are some fantasy books pictured that I should look into!

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