The 100 Episode 4×06: We Will Rise

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

This was… interesting. Parts of it I loved. A lot of it made me cry, but I generally consider that a win. And things happened that I never thought I would see on this show. Things like….

  • A car chase.
  • Jasper quoting Dr. Seuss.
  • Me being disappointed in Miller’s Dad
  • Me shipping either Raven/Luna or Raven/Murphy and I feel like I really have no business shipping the latter.
  • Pretty sure Monty just became some kind of de facto leader?

The Ark Still Works for Sex and Liquor Consumption

So, looks like there are loads of activities that can still be carried on inside Alpha Station! You can definitely still have sexy times with your best friend-with-benefits while looking at pictures you drew of your dead ex-lover. You can absolutely still run a moonshine bar and drink all the liquor with your ex-Chancellor. You can totes gang up on that one kid who tried to burn down your house, and you can kick him. You can tase the current Chancellor for trying to stop said kicking. You can disown your brother while you turn to not even have to bear the sight of him. You can become besties with the King of Azgeda as you prepare to go on a little errand. You can have super cute step-dad moments, like this one:

“Fine, you can officially be my new Daddy…”

What you cannot do, however, is survive the radiation poisoning. Womp womp. Ilian was all “oopsie, no one told me?”. Even though… who burns down an entire village like it’s no biggie? He seemed to genuinely not understand why everyone wanted him dead. “Who, me? But I just don’t like ‘tech’, that’s all! Hey, remember that time I pulled those two girls from a burning Ark? Too soon?”

So people start talking. About killing Ilian, of course. As you do. Especially this guy, who we’re going to refer to as Five Year Old Dad, or FYOD for short.

But wait, how old is he? I can’t seem to recall… ?

Monty and Niylah tried to calm things down, to no avail. Then Monty had some kind of weird chat with Jaha about Wells which, honestly I didn’t understand. Did they just want us to remember that Wells was a “thing” once? Does Kass Morgan beg them to mention him from time to time, so they throw her a bone? No idea.

“There, that ought to hold her for a few episodes, eh?”

If you can’t land… Crash

If you didn’t think the best part of the episode was Murphy playing with a remote control car… well maybe you should leave. Kidding, kind of. Gosh, Murphy looks so nice and clean. I don’t know what kind of soap Niylah has been making at Niylah’s General Store, but it is on point, the cast looks healthier than ever, probably to remind us that they’re all about to melt.

Anyway, it is Abby, Jackson, and still (perplexingly), Emori and Miller’s naptime in Becca’s lab. So we have Raven working on the rocket while Murphy plays with the aforementioned toy. Raven is… not having an easy time of things. So of course, she yells at Murphy for about fifteen minutes.

There, that should solve the problem!

Then Luna hears the ruckus from her nappy room, and comes to save the day. First she calms Raven by singing some kind of sea lullaby and grabbing her boobs really tight. Sounds reasonable. Then they do a Trigedasleng chant and some kind of breathing, and everything is copacetic.

Then Luna has a little chat with Murphy. But first, she stumbles in on him trying to learn Trigedasleng, which he is doing awesome at. But I find it completely adorbs that he is trying Luna’s sea chant to calm himself. Everyone loves them some Luna, I guess.

So she is explaining that he must forgive himself. She killed her own brother, for fuck’s sake, and she has it more together than him. Only she says it nicer.

There’s our Luna, putting out fires all over the place. Too bad she wasn’t at Arkadia… ?

Anyway, they put their minds together and come up with a solution!  Murphy says some stuff about Raven not being perfect, Luna brings up the sea, of course, since she may actually be the Little Mermaid, and Raven figures out she can land the rocket in the water! Of course, it’ll never work, because it is The 100, but hey, it was a nice bonding moment, right?

Forgiveness Forgone

Remember when I thought that O hugging Bellamy was a step to forgiveness? Hahah just kidding, she hates him exactly as much as she did before. He clearly also thought that a little Eliza/Alexander style forgiveness was underway, he looked like someone kicked a puppy when he realized she was still mad as fuck.

And sure she’s mad at Bellamy, but she is also mad at literally every human being who ever lived. Except maybe Indra, but who knows, because Indra is still “warning Trikru”. There are like, five errant Trikru members still alive, I think Indra should have been back about four weeks ago, but whatever. Anyway, as much as I want her to forgive Bellamy, I can live with it if it leads to more Bellarke scenes like this one where Clarke and Bellamy seem to want to confess their love but don’t because it is only Season 4. But I am pissed that Bellarke will be separated again. Alas, it is The 100 after all.

MY FEELS are not okay right now.

Mob Scene

Okay, here’s the thing: I do get why this group of random people wanted to kill Ilian. I do. But I also get why Kane tried to stop them. Because he knows what happens when you let that shit start. He tried to stop it with Pike, was unsuccessful, and look what that led to? So instead of being like “hmm, maybe this dude has a point, the same point he had last time that we neglected to listen to and almost got us all killed“, they were like “nah, let’s tase his ass, and grab the kid”. Oh, and who was doing the tasing? That’s right, good ol’ Mr. Miller.

NOT cool, Miller’s Dad. 

But who is leading this mob? Octavia, of course. Which… I will be honest, I don’t totally understand. I mean, she doesn’t even like Skaikru last I checked? I thought she and Indra ran off and formed their own clan at this point. And yet, she is here, with FYOD leading the charge. Can we also please talk about how half the camp is raging, half is concerned for Ilian, and Jasper is just… chillin’ along, hands in his pockets as if he is just waiting in line to get one of those City of Light ice cream cones?

“Hope they still have sprinkles!”

So Kane and Monty start to panic, because holy shit, they’re going to have another Pike-like scene here and no one wants that. So they are literally going to pull out all  the stops. Everyone’s going to give it a go here.

Monty struck out, clearly.

Do they really think people are going to buy this?

Oh… guess so. 

But Octavia doesn’t. So out there, in the cold rainy awfulness, in a puddle of mud… Kane has to be cruel to save her from herself. I get it. He did the right thing. But it hurt so fucking much. You can even see Kane’s hesitation, how much he didn’t want to have to do it. Looking back at the episode, there were a lot of Pike parallels, and I think that is why Kane was so desperate to stop her. This is fucking gut wrenching though.

It’s awful. It is all awful. Octavia runs away as Kane tries to comfort her. Jaha lets Ilian go and tells him to run. Monty nods at them both like he approves, which was cute.

“We Will Rise”

Who wants to hear a story about how I did an actual dance on my bed when I realized that Jaha was still turning over that Cult Soup token in his hand? Because I DID. Guys. GUYS. I knew Cult Soup Bunker was going to be a thing. And every time Jaha references the batshit crazy Cultkru leader, or plays with that token… I know it even more. (I would also bet a lot of money on my being completely wrong and off base here because I suck at predictions, but let me have my moment, okay?)

I’ll never let go, Cultkru. I’ll never let go.

Roan is probably Skaikru now

There are, unsurprisingly, all kinds of obstacles on the way to ALIE Island. I mean, I would have thought that crossing the water would have been a biggie, but hey, who knows. They faced… an old, dead Trikru man, a young, nosy Trikru boy, and some traitorous Azgeda warriors dead folks. I guess they were going to use the… look, I forget what this stupid chemical is called, so I am just going to go ahead and call it BOOM until the end of time/this storyline. So the Azgeda guys figured they’d steal BOOM, Clarke, and a Rover while Bellamy and Roan were… I actually don’t know what they were doing. Bonding, obvs. So Roan kills one, Bellamy kills one, and Clarke somehow doesn’t plow down Bellamy in her Rover. This seems like the biggest deal of them all, honestly. Also, CAR CHASE.

THE SMILES. I can almost forgive post-apocalyptic car chase randomness. 

But alas, a stray Trikru arrow has pierced a barrel of BOOM. And Raven had just said (again, unsurprisingly) that she needed every last drop of BOOM to make her plan work. So then she has a seizure and I think it’s mostly because she is pissed that she doesn’t get to go for a space ride.

“I was going to be a space cowboy”–Raven, probably

Gimme Shelter

I just don’t know. Maybe Jaha will roadtrip it back to Cult Soup Bunker. Maybe that guy with the FIVE YEAR OLD SON will volunteer for Abbycillin. (But tbh, he isn’t as sympathetic as Hair Clip Dad and NEVER WILL BE.) Maybe Roan and Bellamy will go foraging for berries together, with a wicker basket. Maybe Murphy finds some more long lost toys.  Maybe Octavia adopts a Trikru orphan with Indra. I have no idea what is happening anymore. But I assume Raven is okay, since Abby would be way more hysterical if Raven was dead. Plus they aren’t going to kill Raven. Especially in Episode 6/7. Come on now.

So, what did you all think of the episode!? Did you cry all the tears over Octavia/Lincoln/Bellamy like I did? Is Cult Soup Bunker going to be a thing or am I delusional? Let us chat! 

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17 responses to “The 100 Episode 4×06: We Will Rise

  1. I’m still so upset over the death of Lincoln, so when that flashback scene came up on his death, the tears just flowed rivers! I think I’m still in denial, as I’m still hoping somehow he miraculously comes back from the dead, haha. I’m still waiting for Bellamy and Clarke together, hopefully. Do you see any progress in that area? I feel like I do, but at the same time it’s probably wishful thinking. Lovely post 🙂

    • GAH right!? I sobbed so hard that I had to rewatch the episode just to figure out what happened after she dropped the gun! Lincoln is a death that I will NEVER, ever get over. Like others were SUPER sad and I cried, like Lexa, and Finn, and even Sinclair, but Lincoln… I just can’t. It is the worst.

      And Bellarke… GAH. I don’t know what to make of it! I mean, it NEEDS to happen, but I guarantee we will see almost NO progress this season. And unless they plan for Season 5 to be the last season… I just don’t see us getting any Bellarke until the very, VERY end. But they’ll keep throwing us hugs and smiles and stuff so we don’t revolt 😉

      And thank you!! 😀

  2. Okay so my internet has been down since Saturday, so I have not been around. But I’m back, and yay your recaps up. 🙂

    A car chase! No doubt. I – is that the first time we’ve had one- I hadn’t realized that! And is that security dude Miller’s dad??? I never put that together either! I am failing at my 100 lore. And Raven/ Luna? That might work for me. Raven and Murphy? Hmm… and isn’t Alpha Station still bitchin?? Love your rundown… a few explosions, psssh. That ain’t gonna stop Clarkie and Niylah- they got lovin to do! And Jaha’s got drinkin to do!I did kinda like jaded Jaha- I should call him jaded Jaha all the time now. But that was so uncharacteristic- instead of pontificating (which you would expect), he’s just like all fuck it, I’m drinking. Pour me some more bartender (and of COURSE Jasper is the bartender). :):):)

    I was like dang, Raven about beat the shit out of Murphy lol. And he was PISSED. Suck it up buttercup. And yay I wasn’t the ONLY one that noticed that Luna got a little enthusiastic with Raven’s, um, bosom area?? Good grief. And what’s with the fucking lullaby??!? I mean, yeah it worked but… still I liked Luna in this one?! And yeah O is as cold as ice.

    That Bellarke moment… “If I don’t see you again”- I was like no, stop talking that way. Stay together- stop separating all the damn time! They’re killing me here.

    Okay mob scene. I hope they deal w/ Miller’s dad, I mean he’s the chancellor, you can’t just be tasing him all over the place. Miller’s dad needs to have his ass in the brig. I didn’t get why O was so homicidal either at the moment. I mean I know Ilian f’ed up, but she was like gonna be executioner. And Jasper… that look on his face, like “weeh! This is fun.” Best moment ever, And yeah “black rain! Run” and it works. Pretty lame. 🙁

    Cult Soup Bunker HAS to be a thing. And Jaha is always down with these pie-in-the-sky things, first CoL and now this. And BOOM. LOL. That scene with Roan leaping from the Rover was so silly. But fun. They even slo- mo’d it SMH. Combat on moving vehicles always makes me smile. And of course raven has to be frothing at the mouth. What I want to know is- where do they get their gas? I mean did they find a whole shitload and I forgot? Because when they have to go somewhere- they just go.

    All in all I thought this was awesome. And looking at the preview- Abby has to make a decision like Clarke has, oh, 1042 times? I think FYOD guy is a good candidate for the experiment. But seriously though, yeah. Where are they going? It’s like the writers room is stoned when they write these. CANNOT predict these people. But I think it’s a kickass season so far.

    • Oh no, internet downage is the WORST. It’s like… shouldn’t the internet people have figured it out by now? It’s 2017, get there are days I feel like I had better luck with AOL dial-up circa 1998 😉 Glad it is back now thougH!

      YES, I think this is the first car chase! Because really, they have only ever been in THE Rover. Now they have ALL the Rovers? This show sometimes, I side-eye. And YEP, Miller’s DAD was that security guy! I seriously feel you- he NEEDS to be locked up for insubordination. He is the head of the damn security and he is TASING the CHANCELLOR. And all Kane was doing was trying to STOP A MURDER! But they were all totally FINE with Pike killing LINCOLN!? WHAT EVEN, SKAIKRU? I think maybe I am team Grounder, screw Skaikru, they do bring death and also stupidity.

      I LOVED Jasper and Jaha drinking. Especially since Jaha DID come through in the end. They were so freaking FUNNY. Like FYOD is ranting and raving and Monty is waxing poetic about Wells and Jaha is like “fuck this shit, I need some moonshine”. And I was WITH HIM. Like I am pretty sure I would be Team Jasper’s Bar if I actually lived there, tbh.

      Okay now I am glad that I am not the only one who noticed the boob groping either ? I was thinking… people are going to think I am strange if no one else noticed 😉 I like those two together, but damn it, I cannot help LOVING the fire between Raven and Murphy. It’s like… if it were a book, they would hate each other right into bed, you know? BUT I wouldn’t want Murphy to do that to Emori so she’d have to die. (Sorry, not sorry.)

      I feel like they separate Bellarke because they have no way to keep it platonic as long as they have when they are together bwhahah.

      The black rain thing was SO lame- had JAHA said it, maybe. But they all KNEW Kane was trying to stop the execution so…?? But in reality, they probably are just cowards who cared more about their own asses. I mean, most of those assholes from the Ark are just followers. They followed Pike to kill whoever, they followed O to kill whoever… they’re just douchecanoes who have no minds of their own. Damn extras ?

      If Cult Soup Bunker is NOT a part of this, I am legit writing to the damn show writers and asking them WHY they kept taunting me with it. Because come ON. And I feel like- just like you said, Jaha is…. weird with this shit, so people aren’t taking him seriously, but it will end up saving them. And just like that… Jaha will be redeemed completely. It works for the story on so many levels!

      The car chase was so silly, but leave it to The 100 to actually make it somehow work. I had to make GIFs of them trying to pretend Zach McGowan was in some kind of action blockbuster. Like hi, this isn’t part of The Fast and the Furious franchise, nice try though. The gas thing is a GOOD QUESTION. Because the BOOM was only for like… certain stuff, like rockets and maybe blowing up Farm Station or something, right? I don’t really understand BOOM at all. HEY maybe the Rovers are SOLAR powered! I mean, the apocalypse DID happen in what, 2052? That is a lot of time to make solar powered cars. But they should tell us this stuff. I wonder if Jaha can still use his iPad? ?

      I agree, this episode was SO GOOD. And really packed with a LOT of plot. Which is why I had to make over 60 GIFs, which I mean, is probably excessive and obsessive but… eh. I like the plot with Abbycillin for next week! I think that she is going to struggle a lot- but I swear, it had better not be someone important that they kill. FYOD is fine with me, I have had enough of that guy. And I definitely think Raven will be fine, frothing aside 😀

      • I know, right? The same shit keeps happening, and it IS 2017. Why can’t we keep an internet up?? Why does my shit go down for apparently no reason, because- oh, hey it’s back. Ahem.

        Anway yes Skaikru are fucked up. I mean they keep producing these assholes- Pike, now security dick, FYOD guy. Bynre I guess too lol. Total assholes. No wonder the kids gotta run the place. I’m seriously thinking I’m team grounder too- Indra’s clan (can we call it a clan when there’s like, 5 of them)?

        I kinda do like that bar area. they got a nice little tavern going there. I’d be there too having a little sum sum w/ Jasper. 😛 And yeah Luna, way to cop a feel there in a crisis. Dang girl. You’re right about Murph and raven though, they’d be angry sex all the time lol. Didn’t Raven sleep with Bellamy back in S1 because she was pissed about something? Maybe if Emori pissed her off…

        You know, Cult Soup Bunker has to happen. I didn’t really clue in on the coin until you mentioned it… but yeah he’s flipping it around, You KNOW he’s planning something. Will he do something underhanded or will he suggest it after all of Clarke and Bellamy’s and Raven’s plans don’t work? Unless they do work… when will they get back to the bunker? Maybe at the very end?

        I laugh every time I read BOOM! They mention that shit a LOT, I wonder if they’re going to come up with some NEW use for it. Like… maybe blowing deeper into Cult Soup? that’s probably a stretch, but man it comes up every week now. and I do not get where all the fucking gas stations are! I’m sure the Rover’s MPG is for shit. Abbycillin though- I’m looking forward to this one. I think this season is a lot of fun- I mean I have no real complaints. Although two episodes w/o Harper is pushing it… 🙂

        • BWHAHA no, we can no longer call it a clan. It shall henceforth be known as “Indra’s Posse”. Because I am pretty sure that we SAW the entire “clan” on the road to ALIE Island. And that old dude was dead. So it was like, those 3 guys, that little kid, Indra, and Octavia. HEY! Maybe that little kid is the one O and Indra will adopt! ?

          Luna has been stuck on that rig for too long, and all her friends died, so I guess we can allow her to grab a feel 😉 And YES! Raven was mad that Clarke and Finn went hunting together or some shit, so she slept with Bellamy. I see a pattern! And she was ALWAYS pissed off at Wick. So clearly… angry sex is her thing.

          See, I wonder about the underhandedness too! Like- Bellamy and Clarke were open to it but then it was… well, Cult Soup. So will they trust him again? I doubt it. I bet he’s missing for the next 3 episodes and then the next we see him, he’s got some weird ass group of people dragging Cult Soup out of the bunker or some nonsense. Maybe THAT is why he is buddying up to Jasper- the only person loony enough at this point to join him! Because… I don’t think ANY of this other bullshit is going to work. I really don’t. I don’t see how they can make a radiation vaccine. I think Abby is just… going to kill someone basically.

          OOOH I LIKE THAT! They should definitely use BOOM to make a better Cult Soup Bunker! Because at this point, they are just… driving around with explosives in a Rover, in an area of people who… well, would like to kill each other with explosives.

          And seriously. WAIT! I know! Indra runs the local gas station! It’s called like… Indra’s Gas-‘N-Go, the official filling station for all Rovers. (All three Rovers in existence.) She probs also sells some of Niylah’s jerky and shampoo or whatever. Maybe that is where Murphy buys his toys!

          OH yeah, where the hell WAS Harper this episode!? Or like… half the cast? Every damn person was taking a nap, it seemed. I have a feeling this week is going to be naptime for Bellamy and O. Maybe Miller will grace us with his presence. Actually- I wonder if this will be almost completely from Becca’s lab? f that is the case, you won’t have any Harper again. Sorry. Or Indra, who I guess has been busy with the Rovers having to travel up and down the eastern seaboard… ?

          I am loving this season too. BUT. I have heard a rumor that there will be FOUR WEEKS between God Complex (ep 8) and Episode 9. I have no idea why but… I am not a happy camper if it is true.

          • Indra’s posse it is! I like that. And yeah Trikru are hurting… I mean seriously. Some new blood is needed. Fold em into Skaikru along with Roan. Or better yet since most of skaikru are assholes, I think the cool people should go off and have a little commune with Roan and Indra’s people. They could be their own clan. Kane and Indra could run it (not sure what Roan will do). They could take over Becca island and Abby (if she survives) could so science stuff. I can dream…

            LOL about Luna. Yeah she’s only human. 🙂 And yes jaded Jaha they better keep an eye on him. He’s crafty and he’s all about the Soup at this point. I think you’re probably right- nothing is probably going to work and expanding the bunker will be the last resort?

            Indra’s Gas n Go- nice. Between that and Niylah’s store (seriously, have we seen ANY other like stores?) they could have their little village. Cozy arrangement. I’m really liking this idea. Maybe they could have a Subway attached to the gas station. Can you see Murphy as a sandwich artist? He’d have a lot of patience for the clientele I’m sure.

            I thought it was odd that Harper and Miller and whoever weren’t there to back up Kane. I mean it was literally just Kane and Monty- ridiculous. I mean maybe Miller and the ever elusive Bryan were, you know, busy- but what’s Harper’s excuse? they need to get their casting situation under control. And 4 weeks between episodes? That’s… wow, quite the delay…

            • I agree! They need to form a new clan. Of just the non-stupid people. I mean, if Clarke stopped worrying about saving EVERY damn moron on the ground, then maybe she could at least save the people WE want her to save 😉

              Um can we PLEASE have Murphy being a sandwich artist!? He would be PERFECT- disgruntled, surly, not particularly concerned with hygiene. He’s just throw random shit on your sandwich. Some Grounder would walk in asking for like, Jerky and mayo on rye, and he’d just throw some half cooked chicken and some seaweed in a bowl with some croutons. I would pay to watch this.

              I think Miller is (and I still don’t know WHY) at ALE Island. I think… so they have an excuse to not have Bryan on camera, that is literally my ONLY guess. But since Monty was front and center this episode, Harper really should have been around. Even if she was just drinking with Jasper and Jaha and rolling her eyes. Which actually would have been kind of perfect.

              They DO need to get their casting situation under control! Especially in only a 13-episode season, there really should not be a need for THIS many random disappearances. Unless Jaha is going to fix Cult Soup Bunker, then Isaiah can feel free to have a vacation. 😀

              And I really, REALLY hope it is misinformation about the 4 week break but… sadly, it seems legit. What the hell are we supposed to do with that? And WHY in the middle of an (already super short) season? It’s just weird.

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