Welcome to January’s Monthly Minutes at Midnight! 

Emma @ Miss Print helped me figure out a few ways to make this easier on myself, so I am giving them a shot this month! Thanks, Emma!  Here’s the deal: I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review:

Nemesis  by Brendan Reichs

Guardian of Secrets by Brenda Drake

Thanks to Penguin & Entangled! 


 Top row via Edelweiss, thanks to HarperCollins;  bottom row via Netgalley, thanks to Random House and Flatiron!


True story, I didn’t buy any books this montH! Well, okay, one, but it was a pre-order. Of Traitor to the ThroneBUT I bought it like two months ago. And frankly, my camera ran out of battery, so all I have is a crappy phone pic. But I will do better next time.

But it is SO pretty, yes?


Thanks to Puput @ Sparkling Letters for A Quiet Kind of Thunder!

Thanks to Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway for completing my collection of Three Dark Crowns! You are the actual best!

Traded for Blood Rose Rebellionand then got a copy at ALAMW so that sounds about right for me bwhaha. But the trade one has a sticker on it, which has become my nemesis, so once I get it off (and I will) I shall rehome it somehow.

And thanks to Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe & Tor Teen for The Rains!! 

And thanks to Val @ The Innocent Smiley for the scarf and candle in this picture- I also got a signed hardcover of Scythe, but that is being held hostage. By Val. I have no leverage. I am also still “growing our friendship”, and I will show these things when I have them. Love youuu Val! ♥


These are just a few of the books I got. But again, Val is booknapping my books. Idk what the ransom is, because I don’t have much. 😉 

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

I read 11 books. Not the best month ever, but considering ALA and the whole “Our president is an actual pile of garbage lit aflame” thing… well it’s probably not terrible in terms of reading. I linked to all the things.


This was an… interesting reading month. I read some really awesome books that will definitely be 5 stars (The Hate U Give, for example), some books that I really did not like (I have already reviewed those, at least, yay!) and then some books that were oddly enjoyable despite the fact that I basically hate-read them (Homecoming, shocking, I know).

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Here are some of the loveliest/most entertaining/super helpful/just plain interesting posts I found this month! 

Random Musings:

I don’t have a ton to share right now, since most of my month was spent hyperventilating over the “government” (I won’t legitimize this shit), at ALAMW, being trapped at ALAMW, my super old car breaking down (followed by more tears and hyperventilating) and umm… OH being crazy excited for The 100! I made my first video clips ever too! They are super basic, but now that I know how, I am going to try to make an edit sooner than later!

My loveliest of lovelies!! Idk what I am looking at, but it makes me look creepy. I do not like. One day, we will get a flattering picture of us all. Maybe. 
Fancy & New Since Last I Saw You!

I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update!

This month picked its game up quite a bit, and I approve!! Also, Breaker in the Sun is an awesome book, just saying. And Satellite sounded really good but also really… The 100-esque. And a new Patrick Ness book? So much yes. 

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

        • The 100 Season 4 HAS BEGUN. I am giddy excited! Who has watched the first episode!? I knew Echoes would have to do with Echo. P.S., I don’t like Echo. Never have. But… anyway, we’ll talk on Wednesday, hmm? (You can see our predictions here,  too!)
        • ALAMW was so. fun. I was actually going to do my recap in this post but then… it got too long and I figured why not save it? Truth was, I was kiiiind of too lazy to make a new graphic, but it seems that is unaviodable at this point. 
        • I am not doing well. Are any of us doing well? Probably not. Unless you have escaped to some kind of beautiful island oasis with no connection to the outside world or something, in which case, you aren’t reading this anyway. What are we going to do, guys? I am trying to not be a total downer here but… my stomach hurts all the time, I have a perma-headache, and the most phone-phobic person in ALL the land actually has (tried) to call her asshole senator whose voicemails (yes, plural) are all full and have been for weeks. We can never give up, but I beg you guys to remember to take care of yourselves too- this is my own reminder, as well. It’s like being on a plane. We can’t help others unless we put our own oxygen masks on first so… put on your masks, my darlings. ♥

Happy February, loves!

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49 responses to “Monthly Minutes at Midnight: January 2017

  1. *sends hugs for the crappiness that is the US government* I mean, frankly it makes me sick and I’m not even American. And it seems he’s determined to ruin the world ASAP??? Like. Just…no. I have zero encouraging things to say except TO SEND HUGS AND CAKE.

    And really really hope you get to read lots of amazing books this year for distraction!! So awesome that you’re approved for Eliza And Her Monthers. SQUEEE! I’m so excited for that one. <3 And all those pretty covers are the death of me. I'm like adding them all because cover love. ??? (Is it just me or have book covers seemed to be like getting wildly better aLL THE TIME?!!? The designers are on fire.

    Also so so glad you loved The Hate U Give!!! I'm super excited for it.?

    • Thanks love! The support means so much. I feel like… “we” (and I say we but I mean, I sure didn’t vote for his fascist ass) ruined things for the whole WORLD, not just us, and that is SO DAMN UNFAIR.

      I am SO excited for Eliza and Her Monsters! And seriously, what is up with the gorgeous covers? I am not complaining, but wow, impressive! And YESSS The Hate U Give was PHENOMENAL. Like just… so good. I don’t even know how I will be able to review it because I just feel like I need to throw it at people 😉

  2. Oh so many books!! I really need to get my butt to ALA someday. Plus seeing fun blogging people. One day. I am reading The Hate U Give this month so glad to see it was 5 stars! That cover for The Loneliest Girl in the Universe is amazing. Hope you have a wonderful February!

    • Thanks so much! And yes, you definitely should, ALA was so FUN! And yes, The Hate U Give was phenomenal. Like, I had heard good things, but it was even better than I imagined! Tons of feels too, so be prepared! Hope you have a wonderful February too!

  3. Great haul of books! Is your Traitor to the Throne a hardcover? I’m sad they changed the US edition cover 🙁 Oh and so excited for Retribution Rail! The cover is to die for.
    Sounds like you had an awesome time at ALAMW! And thanks for sharing the discussion links. Happy reading, Shannon!

    • Aw thanks! And sadly, no, it is a paperback. I was angry about the cover change too, I LOVE the old covers. But I have an ARC of the first one, so it KIND of matches, though they’re different in size. UGH. I am excited for Retribution Rails too! I love the whole Western thing! Happy reading to you too 😀

    • I agree, it was SO fun, and it was so nice to see you there! I want to go to ALA Annual too, but we will have to see because MONEY hahah. I almost want to drive if I do go, flights are SO expensive and such a pain! I hope you get to go too! And thankS! 😀

  4. Kel

    Yay for less stress! It looks like ALAMW was a lot of fun! I’m surviving, but school/work/all the clubs are kicking my butt. ^^; Hopefully things will even out a bit soon. Hang in there and happy reading!

  5. The Hate U Give is AMAZING and I can’t wait to start Eliza and Her Monsters. I was a bit disappointed with Traitor to the Throne though. Also holy wow that haul. XDD So many great books!

    On a random sidenote, the cover for Mask of Shadows does that weird color thing on your blog too! Ahaha I though my blog was being weird. XD

    THAAAANKYOU for sharing my post. <3

    • I agree, The Hate U Give was PHENOMENAL. I cannot even begin to review it, it was just SO damn good. I am excited about Eliza too! I am sorry that Traitor was a letdown though! Especially since it is SO long, you know?

      OMG that is so weird! I need to delete it and re-upload it. It’s weird, the same thing happened with the cover of Given to the Sea- I had to download the Kindle cover from Goodreads, it was weird! BUT it also shows up totally normal in the preview AND on mobile- does yours? So strange! Hope you have a wonderful montH!

  6. I hope my strategizing helped make this a little easier on you. It was still fun to read. Looks like you got a lot of fun books at ALA–mad jealous about When Dimple Met Rishi. And congrats on completing your Three Dark Crowns collection. Yay!

    I’ve been having a hard time this month too–which makes me sad because January is my birthday month and I love it. But I’ve been fighting off a cold/flu THING since mid January on top of the generalized “is the world ending???” panic. It’s been hard. I have just been trying to take it one day at a time, stay informed without overdosing on the news, and focusing on the things that I can control.

    Take care *hug*

    • Oh it DEFINITELY did! You are a lifesaver, tbh! It was so easy- I just copied and pasted the links from a Google doc- I added them as I found them!- and it took SO much less time. So a MILLION thank yous!

      I am SO sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday! ??? I am also so sorry that you were suck for it, UGH, that is the worst 🙁 But I feel you with the world ending panic, too. It’s just… how do we just keep on going? I read just now something about it being 18 days and I almost died. HOW is it only 18 days, it feels like an eternity!?! I feel you about not overdosing on the news. When I get TOO panicked I know I need to take a step back, because I cannot help ANYONE if I am having a breakdown. BIG hugs to you too, my dear ♥♥

  7. Yeah, I’m not doing so well either. I’m really trying to make time for GOOD things, but all of the craziness is always in the back of my head and it’s just terrifying. Sigh.

    I’m SO glad you had a good time at ALA. Looks like you got some awesome books, so yay! I’d love to do ALA at some point. I think it would be a lot of fun – plus I’m a librarian, so whoo librarians!!!


    • Yes, I know what you mean- even when something good IS happening, the yuckiness is never too far from the forefront of our minds. I want to scream, you know? Like how can someone- or I suppose, one very small group of assholes- ruin SO MANY people’s lives? It just… it’s so wrong. And then the people whose lives are quite literally being destroyed as we speak.. yeah, I can’t. It’s like, I look all around, and I can see everyone I know who WILL be hurt, if they haven’t been already- including my kids, including me, basically ALL women, let’s be real- and it’s like… I just want to stop it but I don’t know HOW.

      But YES ALA was very fun- and the people there were SO nice, so I will agree, YAY for librarians!! ? You should definitely go if you ever get the chance, I totally recommend!

  8. That cover of Dividing Eden is just the coolest. It gives me such a Game of Thrones vibe. I keep seeing the Iron Throne.
    But who cares about that when you’ve read The Crown’s Fate. OMG, you’ve read The Crown’s Fate! I’m dying. I will be crushed if it did not live up to expectations. Crushed, I say. *wanders off muttering about Vika and Nikolai*

    • I love the cover for that one too! I think that is part of why I wanted to read it so badly bwhaha. But the synopsis sounds really good tooooo!

      I liked The Crown’s Fate. It was very readable, and I definitely was excited to get ALLLLL the answers. A few things did seem a weeeee bit predictable (or rather, “typical”, if that makes sense?) so I didn’t love it *quite* as much as the first, but I did really like it!

  9. Nemesis I want. That description… kinda convinced me right there. And Three Dark Crowns- I’ve only recently discovered there are MULTIPLE covers? I can’t wait to read the Rains! And you got Royal Bastards??

    As for the new stuff I love the cover of Even The Darkest stars.

    It’s amazing to me how different the two Americas are. I mean you could take the blue states and red ones and split em up and culturally, they would be just fine, doing their own thing. As long as you’re not blue in a red state lol. But for those of us horrified by what’s happening there are some that LOVe what he’s doing. That’s… the scary part.

    • I agree, it sounds so good. It is up next, as soon as I finish my current book, so hopefully it is good! Even the Darkest Stars is my favorite too!

      You have SUCH a good point about the red versus blue. I just… to me, it seems like so much MORE than a political issue at this point. Like, okay, when GW Bush won… I wasn’t giddy. In fact, I was pretty displeased, tbh. Especially the second time, because that was the first time I got to vote so I was extra salty. But it was like… okay, politics, we try again. This is just so BEYOND that. That is what is so scary- the red people are not just voting for politics anymore. They’re voting for hate and oppression and HOW did we get here!? You are so right- it IS scary. So scary. Especially when people you thought you knew are like “haha, just kidding, totally for racism and exclusion and hate!” Different political leanings are one thing. Completely different moral compasses? That is something I can’t get past.

  10. I totally forgot about the amazingness of ALAMW, but BOOOKS. *heart-eye emoji* Especiallyyy over Wicked Like A Wildfire && The Crown’s Fate (I told myself not to pursue The Crown’s Game after the last book’s ending annoyed me, but now I’m tempted to read it), but I’m going to be looking after your blog for the reviews of Grit && The Hate U Give because they’re reads I’m also excited for. Same about the presidency dramz. My mom/stepdad are almost always watching CNN these days, and sometimes I join in to comment but sometimes it gets my emotions all jumbled and I get panicky. But as always, BOOOKS. <3 lolz. Love this post!

    • The Hate U Give was FANTASTIC. Idk how to even review it because it was just so good and so important and nothing I say will ever be enough. GaH.

      And seriously, sometimes you just have to turn it off, because it is TOO hard. And it’s like, of course we know how important it all is, but we cannot be consumed by it. Maybe that is what the assface wants to do- make us all so damn panicked and terrified that he can do whatever he wants. But NOPE. We cannot allow that. And thanks, my dear!! ♥

  11. Yay for shenanigans and silver linings! At least you know we’re all in this dumpster fire together. And I’m proud of you for calling your senator (maybe try emailing?), even if he’s ducking calls like a coward. I’m currently trying to determine what else we the people can do (short of storming the capitol with pitchforks, which is Plan B), since Trump is changing rules to enable a total breaking of the system of checks and balances designed to keep this from becoming an oligarchy. I’ll let you know if I can think of anything useful. But I DID hear that Chrome has an extension that turns photos of Trump into kittens, so there’s that.

    Also, thank you for sharing those gorgeous covers. *le sigh*.

    • Aw thanks, love! I did email, multiple times, I just don’t know if the emails are even like, being received or read? (Tbh, probably not, not that they’re listening to the voicemails either apparently.) And DUDE- I feel like we HAVE come pretty close to the Pitchfork Plan (which should be its name, I like it!) Also, I am installing this Chrome extension RIGHT. NOW. Because I swear, if I have to see his orange asshole face ONE MORE TIME…. well, you know! Thanks so much for this comment, I really think that feeling like we are in this together is SO helpful- makes me a little more determined, and a little less panicked ♥♥

  12. Oh, Shannon, I feel for you, my darling. I’d like to pretend that the world isn’t happening, but it is. I’ve been sick this week, so I get to be miserable on multiple levels! AND I feel like I haven’t been to your blog in forever, but that’s because I’m way behind on The 100 and I don’t want to spoil things for myself—I promise to do my best to catch up!!

  13. I usually don’t comment or post about political stuff BUT for someone who is a naturalized American Citizen married to a legal resident….I have some concerns. Really. I’m actually doing my very best to avoid the news.

    I do hope you feel well soon, Shannon! And oh, I have a confession! I stopped watching The 100 after waiting for what seems like forever for season 3 to be available on Netflix that I TOTALLY forgot what happened in the first 2 season! I remember death, killing, death, and then more killing, and death, death, killing but that’s IT! And I don’t really have the time to rewatch the other 2 seasons again! HALP!!!

    Also..for some reason my blog is not connecting to Comment Luv on this blog.. 🙁 Has been for a few weeks…

  14. What a great month in books! I’m sad I missed When Dimple Met Rishi at ALA. I’m so excited about that one! I’m in a constant state of panic these days. What are ‘we going to do’ goes through my head a lot. I’m so outraged but I feel helpless. This is awful.

  15. Look at how cute you guys are in that ALA pic! Your books sound all amazing! Words in Deep Blue, Letters to the Lost and When Dimple Met Rishi were AMAZING, and I think you’ll LOVE them! I’m also really excited for Roar! Politics are absolute garbage, but seeing people resist and protest and fight for everyone has been inspiring. I love people!
    Also, I’m so sorry. Seeing Blood Rose in your haul just now reminds me I was supposed to send it to you in December … You should have reminded me! I’m freaking terrible with remembering things like that. I’m glad you got a copy though.
    Fingers crossed that February won’t suck as January has. I don’t think I can take 4 years of this BS.

  16. Shannon it is not my fault you got 345932874532p4758923074598 books. I literally just sent over Day 2 books, and the rest are all in that box. I plan to buy a new, more appropriate box, but it’s going to be rough. So basically next time I come over you owe me a freaking molten lava cake. Thanks.


  17. I’m excited to read The Hate U Give and When Dimple met Rishi! I’m sorry about your car breaking down and, you know, the general crappiness of US politics at the moment. I’m proud of you for calling though!! In other apocalyptical news, I watched the first episode of The 100! Excited it’s back. 🙂 Although whenever I read your posts about it, there always comes a moment when I’m like WHO the fuck? I think I’m much, MUCH worse at remembering secondary characters’ names (or faces, or storylines…) than you are. 😀

  18. It was so nice seeing you at ALA!! I wish we got to hang out more– I was only there that one day though, so I didn’t get to hangout with barely anybody 🙁 It was still fun though because BOOKS!! I’m super excited to read Grit and Aftercare Instructions– oh and We Are Okay!! I wish I would have seen that in Atlanta. I’m the BIGGEST Nina LaCour fan!

  19. danielle hammelef

    Thanks for sharing all those beautiful covers! I love cover art for my office and these are so worthy of display (after reading them of course!). I have to keep referring to your post for all the books to read this year.

  20. I’m very excited to get my hands on The Hate U Give. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. Eliza and her monsters looks really interesting. I can definitely understand feeling sick about everything happening in our government. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. Thank you so much for sharing other bloggers post, I find that I always stop at the same blogs over and over and this helps me find new ones so thank you so much. I hope February is treating you better.

  21. Wowee girl, that is a whole load of new books! Like SO many. I really hope you’ll be able to enjoy The Rains, as well as The Hate U Give. I have heard a lot of positive things about that one too. From that massive stack of books, it looks like you have a whole load of reading ahead of you.

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