Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is:  In honor of Fall Tv, do a tv-themed topic! Top ten favorite tv shows of all time, ten new shows coming out this Fall that are on my radar, tv shows I wish never got cancelled, tv shows I would recommend to book characters, books I wish would be tv shows, ten favorite shows from the late 90’s or early 2000’s, ten tv shows for every fantasy lover, etc.

Look, I am being lazy-ish and telling you all about the shows I adore/have adored in life. Maybe you can adore them too! Coming up with ten was actually kind of hard, which must mean I need to watch more stuff, so recommend away! 

(P.S.- These dumb collages took me over 3 hours to make, so I guess I won’t call myself lazy at the moment. I own none of the pictures, obviously.)

10. American Dreams (2002-2005)


This is one of those shows that was cancelled wayyyyy too soon. I should look and see if I can rewatch it anywhere. My mom and I used to watch this together, it was all about mid 1960s America, and it pulled no punches. So good. There weren’t even enough stills on all of Google for me to make a collage, and this is sad. (This is the DVD Season 1 cover.)

9. Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003)

tv9These guys were in high school when I was, so it kind of makes sense that I was hooked. Plus, their lives were so much more drama than my own boring existence, so of course I was drawn to their particular shenanigans.  Nevermind the fact that James van der Beek looked like he could be my dad.

8. How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)


Every good thing about this show is before the finale, got it? Great. Watch an alternate ending, it will make you feel better about all things. Anyway, this show was freaking hilarious. Stupidly so, sometimes, but that was kind of why I liked it tbh. Plus, they had the best guest stars.

7. Roseanne (1988-1997)


Roseanne was one of the first shows I felt like was just freaking honest on TV. This wasn’t quite wholesome, but it wasn’t crude or anything either- it was just… life. Life was sometimes messy. We won’t talk about most of the last season, do we even know what happened there? Didn’t think so.

6. Full House (1987-1995)


This is legit the first show I was ever obsessed with. I watched it every night on TGIF (you old enough to remember that? I do hope so.) And I still watch it when I am bummed, because it cheers me up, except when they talk about the dead mom, because of course that’s not great. Plus, now I get to relive my childhood with Fuller House, and have confused feelings about John Stamos. 

5. Scrubs (2001-2010)


This is one of those shows that had it all (and please, we are not talking about that crappy “Scrubs: Interns” nonsense that happened the last season, literally no one liked that): Friendships, romance, humor, and brutal moments. And I feel like I should do a rewatch or something now… 

4. True Blood (2008-2014)


This one is kind of a guilty pleasure because there were times when it was so bad, but still so good. You know the type? Plus, the end of the books (the Sookie Stackhouse series) were so bad, that it was better by default. I also loved a lot of what was added to the show. I plan on doing a post about both soon, so stay tuned! (Also, this may not be for anyone who is opposed to sex, nudity, and violence, because this show has it in spades…)

3. Friends (1994-2004)


If you don’t love Friends, I don’t know if we can be friends. Seriously, this show is just freaking fun. Yeah, there were heavier moments, but all in all? It is still my go-to pick me up. After The 100 makes me sob, I watch Friends to cheer up, basically.

2. The Challenge (1998- )


I have been watching this crazy ass show for almost two decades. That is dedication, my friends. I love it- there’s drama, romance, feuds, friendships, and insane challenges. But the thing is, it is these people’s actual lives too, and it can get super sad, like when people die 🙁  I will never stop watching until they stop making it, basically. 

1.The 100 (2014- )


Bwhahah who is shocked? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Listen, if you take nothing else away from this post, just watch this damn show already, mmmkay? Thanks. This is an obsession for me, I won’t lie. The Hunger Games level, if I am being honest. 

I am thinking about starting a new show! Who has suggestions for Shannon? What’s your favorite?

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  1. Dawson’s Creek might be my fave teen drama ever. Probably a lot of that is because my OTP actually got together in the end! That never happens. And YES to The Challenge. I haven’t been watching the last 5 years I’d say bc MTV just sucks now, but up until The Battle of the Exes I was HOOKED!

  2. WELL I KNEW THE 100 WOULD BE HERE SO GUESS WHO IS NOT SURPRISED AT ALL.😂 And omg I haven’t ever seen Friends…don’t hate me, Shannon. Please. I’ll fix this one day. It sounds really funny and I want to try it! Along with, um, like 93839 other shows. GAH. I read a lot and never have time to watch TV. Seriously what is my life. WHAT ARE MY CHOICES. (Actually they’re awesome choices because my TBR is going to crush me so I really can’t leave it unattended. #parenting)

    Also I just wanted to say I LOVE how you did the collages!!

  3. First off – amazing collages lady. Second I will only ever think if the alternate finale for HIMYM otherwise I get stabby. True Blood I loved until the last couple of seasons. I hated the end to the books too but the show wasn’t much better. Dawsons Creek and Friends are such classics. I used to watch the Challenge until like maybe 2-3 years ago. Is Johnny Bananas still on it?? Scrubs is one my husband and I LOVED. My dog is named after something from it 🙂 Great list!!

  4. FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother are definitely my feel-good show. They always managed to cheer me up, even though I’ve seen and heard the joke so many times!

  5. Ha ha nice work on the collages, if that helps. Why are graphics so amazing and frustrating at the same time?? I remember Dawson’s Creek but only watched it a few times. And True Blood just seems like a show I’d like, even though I haven’t read the books. Wasn’t that on HBO? That’s probably why I didn’t watch, I didn’t have HBO. I should really see if netflix has it.

    And of course- dun dun dun- the 100!! Yay for the #1 spot! We’re in sept. now- getting closer. I need to hear that theme music again and see the map thing on screen…

    If you have Netflix have you watched Stranger Things yet? It’s getting a lot of hype and while I don’t think it’s the BEST thing ever it is pretty good. Also do you watch Orphan Black?

  6. So happy to see the 100 on here – I am addicted to it and can’t wait for season 4 to come out! How I Met Your Mother and Friends are also two of my all-time favourite shows, although I have yet to watch the How I Met Your Mother finale so I’ll have to wait and see how bad that is 🙂

  7. Of these, I’ve only loved Dawson’s Creek (I can remember gathering in the common room my freshman year of college to watch it every week)!

    For you, I would totally recommend: Make It or Break It (gymnastics); Wildfire (horses) or my very favorite Veronica Mars (!!!!!)

  8. I used to watch True Blood, but I stopped when she was revealed to be a fairy. I do love The 100. I recommend From Dusk Till Dawn (it’s based on the movie), Mr. Robot, and The Blacklist.

  9. THE CHALLENGE IS STILL ALIVE?! I thought this show had stopped! OMG Why didn’t I know this?! I need to find it online. I loved Full House so much and now Fuller House! I’m on season..actually I don’t know what season I’m on Friends but maybe halfway? Idk really. I really love it! I’m on season 2 of The 100! I need to catch up.
    Shows I’d recommend would be:
    -Sherlock Holmes (It’s legit the best thing on TV)
    -Firefly (It’s a hilarious sci-fi show. No aliens or anything. Just humans living in space, pretty much and only 14 episodes!)
    -Star-Crossed (Only 1 season but it was good with hot human-aliens!)
    -The Originals (This show is so much better than Vampire Diaries and every time Klaus smirks, I melt completely)

  10. I love how it doesn’t matter WHEN the shows were aired, as long as they’re good ones! 😀

    Great list. I enjoyed Friends and Full House, but can’t say I ever say any episodes of American Dreams (though I wanted to… I remember loving getting to see that era on the screen)!

  11. I’ve watched three of these shows! The 100 (of course) Full House, and the first season on True Blood! Our tv tastes don’t seem much alike, which is weird since we like the same books. I won’t list all of my favorite shows, because that would take too long, but they’re more sci-fi and action.

  12. OMG… major props on those collages, girl! I’m impressed!! You definitely went all out for today’s post!! 🙂

    I totally agree on Full House, Friends, Roseanne and Dawson’s Creek. I swear, we were sooooo lucky to grow up in the 80’s and 90’s. We had the BEST television shows EVER!! 🙂

  13. Larissa Holt

    Girl I’m such a tv fangirl it’s not even funny. Makes me wanna do a post about my tv obsessions- girl you inspire me so much obviously lol.

    I love that HIMYM made your list cause guess what I’m watching right now on Netflix!? Ahhh girl I’m so addicted to the show. Just recently started and I’m already on season 5 episode seventeen. Ooops. It’s truly an amazing show and has made me burst into genuine laughter so many times.You’re so correct about the guest stars, I love seeing the familiar faces. BUT OH MY GOD I’M SO SCARED TO WATCH THE SERIES FINALE. I know so many people hated it and I may have spoiled myself (oops) AND I TOTALLY GET THE HATRED WTF. Won’t lie Ted is my least favorite character already and I love Barney and Robin together so :s Ugh.

    I have not watched any of the other shows on your list (minus friends which lkjflksjlsd also amazing but ughhh Ross you’re a terrible human sorry. Lol idk if that is an unpopular opinion but Chandler or Joey anyway over Ross) but hmm. I’ll have to give them a try since I trust your opinions 🙂 LOL once I finish HIMYM and adhere myself 100% to the alternate ending.

  14. Scrubs. Love Scrubs (except for that extra season that aired on ABC that sucked).

    I loved HIMYM, but I was not a huge fan of the ending.

    If you liked Scrubs, have you ever watched MASH? That’s one of my favorite older shows.

  15. I like all these shows except the last one.

    Just kidding. I know you’ve mentioned the Challenge but I never knew it existed until this year. ALSO THESE GRAPHICS MUST HAVE TAKEN YOU YEARS.

  16. I love Top Ten Tuesday’s but i skipped yesterday’s post because I rarely watch TV. I guess I could have done my fave show’s from the 80’s but then it either would’ve been crickets or someone commenting “What the heck is Facts of Life? What’s Family Ties?” And then I would feel ancient and go find a cane and an oxygen tank. lol At least I know most of the ones on your list. (Some lists I’m seeing this week have me totally stumped because I’ve never heard of the shows. So out of the loop!) Dawson”s Creek – yes! As much as I rolled my eyes during Every Single Episode (angtsy teens who gave lengthy existential monologues like pretentious 40 year olds) I loved it. I often wanted to throat punch whiny, self-absorbed Dawson but y’know… who didn’t? And I adored Pacey. 🙂

  17. I guess now I can feel better about the fact that I watched all of the seasons of HIMYM and then somehow stopped watching during the final season. I LOVED the show, but I couldn’t quite make it to the end. (I guess I should have seen my issue with finishing series coming, huh?)

  18. I have to admit, I never FULLY watched any of these. I grew up watching some of Full House, and I liked How I Met Your Mother but mostly saw reruns of it. I’m not great at watching thing when they air, besides the show Psych.

  19. Peach @ Rebelle Reads

    I looooove Full House. Fuller House was disappointing tbh. I don’t enjoy talking about it. It was like bad fanfiction. We were literally talking about How I Met Your Mother in Sociology the other day. hahah. And my sister tried to get me into True Blood, but it was a little meh. Even though Joe M. is so hawt &&& Id been such a Twi-Hard, (so unrelated, I know) once upon a time.

  20. I’ve have to think about what others I’d put on my list, but for me I’d know where I’d start: Roswell.

    Have you seen it? If not, you really need to. Great show.

  21. I’ve literally only watched ONE of these shows on this list. What am I doing with my life? I really loved it though, and that’s How I Met Your Mother. Hilarious show. Brilliant characters and dynamics. I loved it <3 And I AM going to watch the 100. I finished the first book and now I just need to read two more before I let myself watch the show xD

  22. The Challenge and 100 are the ONLY shows on this list that I haven’t seen. I have watched and LOVED the others. Gah, I had completely forgotten about American Dreams!! I loved that show so, so, so much! I was devastated when they canceled it. I also need to see if I can rewatch that anywhere. Now I’m feeling nostalgic for it. And How I Met Your Mother was awesome right up until the final season. The final season was just kind of meh and the finale . . . . I don’t even want to talk about the finale. Great list!

  23. How I Met Your Mother and Friends (aka YESSSSS :D) such great shows! I don’t know a lot of these, but the ones I do are simply fantastic. As for me, most of the media I watch these days is Korean or Japanese, but one show I’ve loved in the past is Glee. It’s cheesy, it’s out there, and I love it, especially the first three seasons. On the more serious side, I’ve also enjoyed Person of Interest as of late.

  24. I recently watched the pilot episode of “Dawson’s Creek” and decided against watching it – because who needs another show!? 😉 But I also recently saw the pilot (both for the first time) of “One Tree Hill” and thought, “yeah, I could become addicted to this.” I clearly have a problem.

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