Welcome to Midnight Digest 4!! Which, let’s be real, has turned into a monthly recap. And could be renamed accordingly at any time. But apparently not this month.

I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books

For Review:


thanks to Penguin Teen, Macmillan, and Merit Press!

e-ARCs (Pictures link to Goodreads)


Via Netgalley and Edelweiss, thanks to  Harper, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s, and Carolrhoda Books


Thanks to author Julia Ember and Sabrina @ The Forest of Words and Pages!!





Thanks to YABC and author Everly Frost; and Becca for the Instagram giveaway!!



Thanks so much!! ♥♥♥

Oh and ummm BEA, which you can read about here and here:


No, YOU got too many books in May… ?

Shenanigans Since Last Time:

What have I read? Not as much as I wanted to, but considering it was BEA time and my Kindle didn’t work on the plane ride there.. not so bad I suppose! 

Also not linking, because time.


1st-placeI…. can’t decide. Sorry(ish). I’ll review them all soon enough.

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Random Musings:

Almost forgot to tell you guys that this happened, right at the start of May!

FireShot Capture 155 - Shannon_It Starts At Midnight (@shan_ - https___www.instagram.com_shannonmiz_

I plan to do a post about how I won (and spoiler, it isn’t because I was awesome, it’s because I was the actual worst). Seriously, I came thisclose to blowing the whole damn thing. Also, it was one of the most intense, but funnest things ever. You can see how it all went down here! 

Shiny & New Since Last I Saw You!


I love looking at pretty covers! So here are some new ones that I have fallen in love with since our last update! 

You may think that the fishbowl one is an odd choice, but it speaks to me. ::Shrugs::

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

        • I am back from my little “break” (BEA is not a break, as fun as it may be), and trying to catch up, as usual! So… hopefully I’ll get there 😉 
        • The 100 is over for the season, and my fangirl heart cannot handle it. I need to rewatch the series or something. I do plan to do a recap/fun stuff post within the next week though! (See the finale recap here, if you missed it!)
        • Shattering Stigmas Part TWO is in the works! I am going to be trying to get a form up within the next few days for anyone interesting in participating! 
        • I miss my bookish friends. Is it too late to start planning #BEA17? It’s less than a year away now… 😀 

Have a lovely June, my dears!! 

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31 responses to “Midnight Digest 4: May 2016

  1. AHHH SO MANY PRETTY COVERS!! And ohhh, Shannonk you have so many books.? SHALL I POP OVER FOR A FEW HOURS AND HELP YOU READ SOME??? AKA. GEMINA?? *flails and tries to steal it from you* ? JUUUUST KIDDING. I’m so glad you scored so many epic books!! And I’m so curious to what you think of The Leaving Season and 100 Days of Cake. (I didn’t like the later. 🙁 It had sadly not nearly enough cake and I was creeped out by the romance, ahhaah.a Ahem. But I NEED MORE PEOPLE’S THOUGHTS.) And oh. OH. Three Dark Crowns looks deliciously creepy and splendid. I hope it’s amazing!

    • I seriously DO need help with reading them! You can do what Val does- spend the weekend at my house and read a bunch of my books before I do ? Though I don’t know that the flight would be worth it 😉

      I shall be reviewing those sooooon. 100 Days of Cake… yeah I am with you. The cake like, did not make sense to me. ALSO, I agree with the relationship. Like, it was one thing from HER side, but like… that guy is NOT OKAY. Actually, you have reminded me that I wanted to review that by Friday… so it shall be so!

      I hope Three Dark Crowns is awesome too!

      • Cait @ Paper Fury

        So I just realised I called you “Shannonk” in my original comment. WHOOOOPS. I’M GONNA PRETEND THAT WAS ON PURPOSE AND THAT’S MY NEW NAME FOR YOU. #fail ?

        Yes, I shall just saddle up a dragon and dash over to your house on the weekend to help your TBR. I AM SO NICE I KNOW I KNOW.

  2. SO. MANY. BOOKS! *O* Sounds like May was a pretty fun month! Unfortunately I couldn’t go to BEA because of, well, extreme distance (lol). But it was really nice to read about your experience! Can’t wait for the book reviews you’ll be having for June. <3

  3. I always love your recap/digest because there’s soooo many fantastic links included, I go a little crazy visiting.

    And omg your BEA haul is pretty damn impressive. I can’t even comprehend how you managed to bring all that back home with you. Lots of suitcases?

  4. AHH SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS. Three Dark Crowns, Heartless and Geminia are three of my most anticipated releases of the entire year, so I hope you enjoy them! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous recap! <3

  5. so many really good books. I really want to read 10 days of cake and I am ready for ivory and bone. did you like mayqueen muders. I loved it.

  6. All the pretties! *drool* I didn’t take any breaks, but I feel like it. I have nothing prepared. I’ll be working my tush off this weekend! In between staring at and kissing the man after I pick him up from the airport Saturday. 😀

  7. so many great books! Now you must find the time to read them all. haha Thanks for linking to my BEA post. I really do want people to link up their wrap-ups. It’s fun to see what everyone did, who they met, etc.


  8. Wow, thanks for sharing all your gorgeous acquisitions, and a fascinating list of links. I’m off to check some of those out now. And I’m already planning for BEA 17 – I do not want to be left out of the fun this time!

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