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Meet the Newbies

Welcome to today’s stop on Meet the Newbies!! I am excited to be hosting Catherine Lo, the author of  How it Ends which releases on June 7!! Her book is on my wishlist as I type this, it sounds so good!

Catherine’s Yearbook Entry!

Author Most Likely To Get Lost on the Way to School

Nickname: Snoops. (Because I’m what I call curious and what some other people call nosy).
First Day of School: June 7
Homeroom: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers
Grade: Contemporary
Extracurricular Activities: Reading, running, online shopping, finding new and creative places to store the bazillion books I buy.
Favorite Class: English
Favorite Quote/Motto: “Fate loves the fearless.”

My Q&A With Catherine!

I figured that since this is called “Meet the Newbies”, it might be fun to go ahead and actually MEET you! But when I was coming up with questions, I thought about how being an author was really just one part of the bigger picture. With that in mind, I want to ask some questions about things that make you you.

As a  Teen

What was your high school experience like?

I was incredibly shy as a teenager, and very studious. I had a small group of close friends, the closest of which was my friend Lynn. I spent a lot of time reading (big surprise, right?) and dreamed of one day becoming an author.
I wasn’t a huge fan of English class back then, though – largely because I always seemed to get the teachers who made people to read their work aloud. I much preferred studying math and science, though I was famously a disaster when it came to labs. I once blew up my chemistry independent study, after which my teacher gently suggested that I do a research project instead.

If you had the chance to go back and do it again, what would you change?

I would definitely challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone more. I’d love to go back and be more outgoing, joining more clubs and teams.

As an Author

What has been the most exciting part of the process so far? The most rewarding?

There are so many exciting parts! A definite highlight was when the finished hardcovers arrived on my doorstep at the beginning of May. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest when I opened the box to see my novel as an actual book.
It’s also been very rewarding to see my students react to the news that I’m becoming a published author. They’re so excited for me, and it’s prompted a lot of discussions about following your dreams and not giving up on your passions, even when the going gets tough.


As an Everyday Woman

What are a few things you simply cannot get through the day without?

My morning coffee, my close friends, and my family.

Describe the absolute perfect day for you- sky’s the limit!  

I love the outdoors, and especially being by the water. My perfect day would be spent on a beach in Hawaii, splitting my time between reading and playing in the water with my family. Throw in some surfing lessons and a gourmet meal, and I’d be in heaven!

Shannon’s Sidenote: This sounds like the actual best day ever. EVER. I suppose you don’t want a random blogger tagging along?

As a  Reader

What book has made the most impact on your life (in any way, really) and how?

I don’t even know how to begin narrowing this one down! My shelves are packed with books I can’t bear to part with because they’ve touched my life in one way or another.

Shannon’s Sidenote: I feel you on a spiritual level. Plus, it sounds better than “book hoarding”, so this is my new stance 😉 

Is there a book that you could read over and over again and never get tired of?

This is kind of a funny one, because I mostly read fiction…but the one book that I can’t seem to stop reading is Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller. It’s a memoir about the author’s childhood in Africa, and I’m completely fascinated by it.

Shannon’s Sidenote:  Adding another book to my TBR! It does sound fascinating!! 

Book & Author Info!

Meet the Newbies: Catherine Lo How It Ends by Catherine Lo
Published by HMH Books for Young Readers on June 7th 2016
Pages: 304

There are two sides to every story.

It’s friends-at-first-sight for Jessie and Annie, proving the old adage that opposites attract. Shy, anxious Jessie would give anything to have Annie’s beauty and confidence. And Annie thinks Jessie has the perfect life, with her close-knit family and killer grades. They're BFFs…until suddenly they're not.

Told through alternating points of view, How It Ends is a wildly fast but deeply moving read about a friendship in crisis. Set against a tumultuous sophomore year of bullying, boys and backstabbing, the novel shows what can happen when friends choose assumptions and fear over each other.

About Catherine Lo

How It Ends is Catherine's first novel. She is incredibly fortunate to be represented by Mackenzie Brady of New Leaf Literary & Media.

When she's not writing, Catherine works as a high school teacher in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

She lives in Mississauga with her husband and two children.

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Who else is super excited to read Catherine’s debut!? Has anyone been lucky enough to do so already? 

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11 responses to “Meet the Newbies: Catherine Lo

  1. I have read How it Ends and I thought it was great! It was nice to read about a realistic friendship between high school girls. There are very few books that focus so much on friendship. And that day in Hawaii sounds AMAZING!! Reading and hanging out on a beach in Hawaii just sounds all kinds of awesome.

  2. Elle

    I love how this interview is structured! Sometimes we forget that authors have a life outside of writing and promoting their books. I find it so interesting how Catherine wasn’t a fan of English class but I totally understand (I once cried when my sixth grade teacher made me read my work out loud). Yeah…good times. Great interview!

  3. I finished reading this one earlier this week! I really enjoyed it. I knew about Anxiety since I had it (still have but it’s under control) but the way Catherine portrayed was even more of an impact to me because it was how bad it can get. I felt so bad for the character. You really need to read this one Shannon!

  4. Kathleen P

    This book hits home. I had a similar experience so i look forward to reading it. Also loved the interview and your range of Q’s. 🙂

  5. I’m really looking forward to How It Ends as I’ve heard a lot of great things about it! Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Agus Z

    This book sounds really great! Can’t wait to read it! I was incredibly shy too as a teenager… okay I’m still shy, but anyway friendship can be complicated, especially if people are opposites. Though my best friends are very different from me 😀
    Great interview! A day in Hawaii sounds amazing *-*

  7. Vivi M.

    This book sounds great! I think I will pick this one up soon, I’m really curious about how it deals with friendship. It’s really sad that this year me and my best friend might be parting ways, too. Thank you for the giveaway!

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