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Welcome, welcome! I am super excited to be hosting author Katie Robison and her upcoming release, Firestorm, which is the conclusion to The Windstorm Series! Today, Katie is sharing with us her Top Ten Magical Experiences… and these are amazing. Basically, I will be asking Katie to adopt me later. (Even though she’s probably like, younger than me. Don’t judge.) Without further ado, I hand this over to Katie!!

Katie’s Top Ten Magical Experiences

I think many people, myself included, love reading because it brings a little magic into our lives. But the “real world” is full of magic too—the kind we humans create, and the kind Mother Nature shares with us. Here are a few of my most magical experiences, found outside the pages of a book. If you get the chance to do any of these things, I highly recommend it!

  1. Snorkeling with bioluminescence in the Cayman Islands.

There are various tour options when it comes to seeing the bioluminescence in Grand Cayman, but I recommend doing one that allows you to get in the water. Not only do your arms and legs glow blue as you swim, but when you peek under the waves, it looks like you’re moving through exploding stars. It’s absolutely magical.

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  1. Exploring glow worm caves in New Zealand. 

Glow worms are another mesmerizing form of bioluminescence. I visited the ones in Te Anau, in the South Island, but there are some in the North Island too. Walking through the caves is really cool, and when you turn off all the lights to see the worms, it feels like you’re drifting in space. Incredible.

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  1. Riding the Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station to Hogsmeade at Universal Orlando.

I’ve never experienced anything quite so magical at any other amusement park. Strolling through Diagon Alley, stepping through Platform 9 ¾, walking off the train in Hogsmeade, seeing the Hogwarts Castle, and drinking butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks—it’s a dream come true for every Harry Potter fan.

  1. Visiting Hobbiton.

Here’s another man-made marvel based on a great book series (and another New Zealand attraction; seriously, I could write a top ten list on New Zealand alone). Seeing the picturesque village and learning about how the movies were filmed was super fun. And it was so exciting to have a drink in the perfectly recreated Green Dragon Inn.
5. Taking a tour of the Bodleian Library (and walking through Oxford).

I’m a medievalist, so I nearly hyperventilated just walking down the High Street. Getting to see the gorgeous Divinity School and Duke Humfrey’s Reading Room was enough to make me keel over. Every bibliophile should visit Oxford.

  1. Kayaking the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada. 

When I was doing research for Downburst (book one in the series), my husband, brother, and I drove to Northern Minnesota and kayaked through Voyageurs National Park. We took our gear with us and set up camp on a random island. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so immersed in nature. It was incredibly beautiful and so peaceful. 

  1. Swimming with stingrays in Stingray City.

Here’s another Cayman one (we lived there for a year, so I could write a lot about the island). It’s hard to explain how surreal it is to be standing in crystal clear water, completely surrounded by gentle stingrays. Pure magic.

  1. Rescuing my Siberian Huskies.

If I were a millionaire, I would want to be like this lady, but with dogs. Or better yet, I’d want an island like this. The love of an animal is the best kind of magic.

  1. Seeing Paris for the first time. 

There are few things as magical as accomplishing a goal. Growing up, it was my dream to go to France, so I saved up my money, and when I was 18, I finally went. I had never left the U.S. before, so when I emerged from the Paris metro and stepped onto the cobblestone streets, I froze in my tracks. I remember thinking the city couldn’t be real. It was too perfect.

  1. Holding the print version of my book.

Speaking of goals, there aren’t words to describe how awesome it feels to see your work in print. It’s something tangible that you have to show for your time and hard work and, even better, something you get to share with others.

About the Books and Author:

Guest Top Ten & Giveaway: Firestorm by Katie Robison Firestorm by Katie Robison
Series: The Windstorm Series #3
Published by Quil Books on June 7th 2016
Pages: 409

"Why did I possibly think I could do anything to end this war? I was a fool, and now I have one week to get the twins out of here, or I may never see them again."

The seven tribal nations are at war, and as a taporo Kit can finally do something to save her people. But Kit can’t shake the feeling she’s playing a game she doesn’t understand, and if she agrees to fight, she’ll lose the ones she loves the most.

Firestorm is the highly anticipated conclusion of the The Windstorm Series, a fast-paced fantasy trilogy that critics are calling a “thrilling head-rush of an adventure” (Kirkus Reviews).


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About Katie Robison

Katie Robison has a Ph.D. in medieval literature from the University of Minnesota and is a registered member of the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe in New Zealand. She currently lives on a lake outside Salt Lake City with her husband, daughter, and Siberian Husky.
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  1. I’m so jealous of all your adventures!! The first three are very high on my travel wish list. Bioluminescent anything is sooo fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Laura! Seeing and interacting with bioluminescence truly is pure magic. You feel like you’re part of something wondrous. I hope you get the chance one day!

  2. danielle hammelef

    I haven’t read the books yet, but I really want to now. Every photo on this post that I scrolled down through, I just kept saying, “Wow!” thanks for sharing!

  3. Penny Olson

    This series sounds amazing. I haven’t read any Katie Robison, but would love to. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Lily M.

    They sounds like interesting books, I think I’ll check them out 😊 Thank you for this opportunity 😊

  5. Tammy V

    I would love to see the Cayman Islands and New Zealand. Australia is another on my list. I haven’t read this series yet but have added them.

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