Hello, hello! Welcome to Part 2 of my BEA 2016 Recap, where I share some junk that didn’t fit into the first recap, talk about the differences between BEA Chicago and BEA New York, and you know, whatever else I come up with along the way! 

Where do I begin? Okay, let’s talk about some of the best parts of BEA 2016! 

Meeting. Bloggers.

This is always the highlight of any bookish event, no? The good news is, I met a lot more bloggers this year than last year! Of course, there are people I wished I met and didn’t, and people who I wished I got to spend more time with (looking at you, Nicole!) and people I wish I remembered to take pictures with (pretty much everyone), but overall, I feel like this year was a lot more blogger-friendly, and since a lot of people were in the same hotel, it was easy to see them! Some of the wonderful people I met for this first time this year? (Sorry if I forgot you, it’s just because I fail at life, please let me know and I shall remedy!) P.S.- Thanks to Holly, who had to help me remember who I met. Oops?

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ALSO, some of you do not have bl0g buttons! I wanted to include you but… I didn’t know how, other than to say hi to you, Nicole, Zoey, Amanda, Amber, Stefani and of course, encourage the procurement of buttons.

I got books!

Shocking, I know. Go to a book conference, come back with books. I’ll give you a minute to wrap your head around that. Anyway, I have no idea when I got these books. All I know is that I got exactly one book on Saturday. So yeah. Otherwise, no idea. I also got a few kids’ books, but they aren’t pictured because you can’t see the spines because they don’t have spines.


Plus two more that Sabrina is borrowing!

So I was sure that I didn’t get as many books as last year. Even my roommates were sure! But alas, if you count these (plus the two Sabrina has), you’ll find that there are 64… which is the exact same number of books I acquired last year. Oops? I was definitely pickier too!

New York BEA vs. Chicago BEA
  • More crowded in the actual center and the city.
  • More options for food, especially late at night.
  • Definitely more coffee. Coffee everywhere.
  • People more spread out/less personal
  • Seemed more exhausting? It was also 100 degrees, so…
  • Cheaper, oddly- and not just because of the lack of airfare for yours truly!
  • No flying is a huge bonus.
  • Better transportation options
  • I do love Chicago in general.
  • Met wayyyy more people this year, and it was overall less crowded, which is a win for me.
  • Deep dish pizza!
  • Why did the hotel only have feather stuff? Some of us are allergic, Hyatt.
  • Definitely less publisher presence, but still got to meet people!
  • Illinois lets you buy wine at Walgreens. #Winning
  • Good airport popcorn.
  • Cooler weather! I was so, so happy for this, I won’t lie. (Sorry Mishma!)

Is there a verdict? I have no idea. Doesn’t matter, because no one asks me where to hold it, right??  That said, I am pretty glad it’s back in New York next year, just because it’s much cheaper and easier for me, and maybe I’m kind of selfish. Anyway, mark your calendars for May 31-June 2, 2017, so we can see each other! 

Some tips from a now-two-timer:
  • If you take Tylenol PM, take it before like, 3am. Because if you take it then, you won’t wake up and you’ll miss Ann M Martin, who is your childhood hero. Just saying.
  • If you don’t like crowds and early mornings, maybe skip BookCon? Though I hear it will be two days again next year which may make it easier for people.
  • Don’t even bother with a schedule. Bring a pen and a highlighter and a master schedule (Nori will hook you up) and go from there. Make sure someone is stalking Twitter (again, Nori). Actually, just bring along a Nori. Everyone should have one.
  • Speaking of bringing people, make sure that you have a good BEA squad. I’d recommend these people, but you can’t have them because they’re mineBEA16-1
  • Don’t be like me, who progressively got more and more hobo-esque as the conference wore on. I even brought my hair dryer but then… I ended up looking like I do in that picture. So not great. I am going to try the hair dryer again next year, because hashtag GOALS.
  • Be realistic about packing. Otherwise you’ll end up contemplating taking an Uber to Target to buy another suitcase.
  • Meet people! This is the biggest for me- I wish I could have met even more people. This will definitely be my goal for next year- especially publishers and such. I was much better speaking to bloggers and authors this year (I don’t think I embarrassed myself too badly in front of anyone. I hope.), so next year I need to branch out even more!
  • Bring a good camera. My dad took mine to Greece because he said that it was his (which like, it was, but he gave it to me and no take-backsies!) and that Greece had prettier views than Chicago (which fine, it does, but can he stop being reasonable please?) Next year I shall have my camera back because I have banned them from leaving the country during BEA week.
  • Hiatuses really are your new best friend. I wasn’t sure how it would all work out, but I am so glad I did it. I don’t think I could have handled it all, honestly! But now, I am slowly working my way back. Focus on the “slowly” part 😉
Final Thoughts

I am glad I went, even though I was admittedly more emotional by the end of this one. There was a lot of stress that led up to it, a lot of stress right before I left, and even a lot of stress when I came home- not BEA related for the most part, just… a rough month basically. Will I do it again? Abso-freaking-lutely. Especially in New York. Hopefully Holly and Val just leave their bags packed, because we forgot to get a picture of us this year, so they’re just going to have to come next year. And here’s a few random pictures from BEA 2016!!


thegiv (1)

Literally almost posted this post with out the giveaway! Oopsie? Anyway. So I figured I will do a Twitter giveaway too, but that one will be US Only probs, so let’s make this one international, shall we? Here’s the deal: The winner can choose ANY one of the books I got above! (As long as TBD delivers, up to $17US, you know the drill!) It can be a pre-order, or a book that’s currently out, totally up to you! Ends.. let’s say a month from now. And today seems to be May 28 so… June 28. 11:59pm EDT. May the odds be ever in your favor.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So my dears, did I miss anything exciting while I was gone? Do you think you’ll be at BEA next year? I hope you are!

What do you think you’d like/dislike about it? And if you were here, tell me YOUR story too, share links, or say “hey, we talked for three hours, where am I?!”! 

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78 responses to “BEA 2016 Was a Thing: The Other Stuff (+Giveaway!)

  1. HOLY SHIZZLE that’s quite a haul. O___O So many of those I want. *drool*

    BUT BUT BUT I will probably maybe hopefully be at BEA in NY next year. I will try my hardest and then we can meet! 😀 I want to meet everyone, that’s my biggest reason for wanting to go.

  2. Lily M.

    I’m pretty sad that I didn’t get to go to BEA. It was in my home ton of Chicago. ? I don’t live there anymore. maybe someday i’ll go. Thank you so much for the opportunity ???

  3. I live across the world and I’m too young. I don’t think I would be able to go to BEA next year. Someday in the future though!

  4. *Wow*! you got so many books. I’m so jealous right now (:
    I couldn’t be on BEA (*sigh*). I hope to be able to attend next year.

  5. Vivi M.

    Next BEA? Of course, I’ll go! Well, not really but maybe the one after? Or the next? *sigh* I don’t think I’ll go any time soon because I live miles away and the plane tickets are pretty expensive.
    PS: So many beautiful books, I WANT THEM ALL.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Ok so can I join your squad next year ?I would like to say I would add something but I am new at this and would probably hold you back but I am fun 🙂 Seriously I am excited it is back in NY and want to meet all the peoples. Amazing haul!!

  7. Sam

    I went to BEA to accompany my daughter (her co-bloggers could not make it, since we are in the NYC area and many colleges were still having exams – darn school!). It was fun to meet a lot of the bloggers that I follow (and get a lot of books!), but next year, I will let the kids go it without me. I do love BookCon though. I stay in those panel rooms all day.

  8. I really wish I could go to BEA, but I live across the world so the ticket would make me go broke *sobs* It sounds so fun and amazing tho, I mean, meeting publishers, blogger friends, and getting a lot of books?? It’s basically happiness. One day I really hope I’ll go there. I hope you have an even more amazing experience next year!

  9. The part about the camera MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD, I AM JUST SAYIN’. omg you have the best writing ever, Shannon. I must just say that. *nods* ALSO ALL THOSE GORGEOUS BOOKS AHHHHHH.? I mean, i tried to look at all the titles, but all I could see was GEMINA GEMINA GEMINA. So. I hope you read it soon and tell us if it’s as good as Illuminae!! *flails* XD

  10. Oh Shannon! You were so well spoken. I found myself in awe of you with your well timed responses. You sounded like a way normal person, not like me (and some other crazy people who were walking around in gym clothes that I won’t mention, lol).

    I so regret not hanging out more. Next year I want to stay in the same hotel so we can at least catch a meal together. Gah! I feel like I missed out on so much; the bean, I drove by it. The meet-ups; yea so I wasn’t aware or invited. Some of the books I kinda missed out on too, but that was because I was not organized until like, day three. Most of the books I waited way too long for were actually handed out at the blogger conference I skipped out on and the children’s author breakfast I slept through (i am not going to miss that stuff next year, i hope).

    Seriously, I hope we don’t wait a whole year to see each other, we are kinda close ya know. Maybe an end of the summer meet up? Maybe we should plan to do a collaborative review/Q&A on camera for my channel? Pick a book, pick a time, I’ll write out the questions. Also, it would give me an excuse to come see you.

  11. sadly i don’t think i will be able to attend BEA in the near future as i’m taking care of my mother and living across ocean so no time and no money for that sadly because i really hope to attend one day

  12. Kaitlyn A.

    I have never gone to BEA before, but I know I would love it! I live pretty far so it’s hard to make the trip! I do plan on going to ALA when it comes to New Orleans though!

  13. Shannon, your haul is seriously hashtag GOALS (yes, I’m copying you), I’m so excited for you because you got some amazing books, I’m impressed. And ah, maybe I’ll go to BEA someday? But I live in France and we have finals at the beginning of May soooo… It looks like I will only go when I’m done with university, sadly. But BEA seemed so much fun and I love reading all the posts about it. 😀

  14. Ahh!! BEA looks amazing and LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS. THEY LOOK AMAZING. I’m receiving review copies of The Movie Version and The Romantics soon – can’t wait to read them! 😉

  15. Sylvie Bower

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! I didn’t get to go to BEA this year, but I’m hoping to go next year!

  16. Milena

    I wish I could go to BEA but both New york and Chicago are pretty far away. Maybe I will plan my next New York trip around BEA

  17. Jennifer Y.

    It looks like you had so much fun! I hope to get to go to BEA someday so I can meet you and all of the other wonderful people in the book community in person. I get so nervous in person though, that I’m not sure what I’d say or do…which could make it very interesting for those I encounter.

  18. It looks like you had a fantastic time! I wish I could go as well, it must be fabulous. And you got so many cool books. Enjoy reading them and looking at them of course ;).

  19. AHHH BEA sounds so fun! Unfortunately I don’t think I can ever go there, since I live in the other side of the world. xD Though it was really cool to read about your experience! I hope someday there’ll be a bookish event in my country that’ll help me meet some new friends too. (And basically I’ll also just float around the event and savor the thought of being surrounded by books. LOL.)

  20. I am planning to be at BEA next year when it is back in NYC. My sister lives there, and she moved last fall into a place that is only a couple blocks away from the Javitts Center! I miss going and getting all the books. But I’ve never met a ton of bloggers. I’m hoping next year that maybe I can meet a bunch!

  21. Elle

    That is such an amazing haul!!! I’m so jealous that you got to go to two BEAs. I haven’t ever been *sob* but I will someday. Thank you for those tips. I am now plotting to worm my way into your squad. I feel the frustration of not having your camera. Thanks so much for this post and letting me live vicariously.

  22. BEA sounds really awesome! I really want to go there someday, but I’m 100% sure my parents will laugh at me if I ever say that I want to go to BEA (which is sad, since next year BEA will be held at the end of May, which mean school is already over). Maybe someday, when I already have a job and money!

  23. Shannon it sounds like you had an absolute blast at BEA, even though it sounds love it was super hectic, stressful and busy. Overall the Chicago part sounds like it went really smoothly and the crowd really does get bigger every year! I wish I would be able to make it one day!

  24. Well, now that you mention them, I would definitely dislike early mornings and crows. Also walking and standing all day long, because do I look like I don’t need to have a bed in easy reach at all times? No, I do not. I would LOVE to meet all of the other bloggers though!! I wish there was something similar close to where I live (or that I could afford flights to the US ha), but I’m happy you got to meet so many cool people! 🙂

  25. VeronikaDream

    Nice haul! I can’t wait for all the coming up book releases! I have never been to BEA, I live across the ocean, but I wish I could attend one day. It soznds like a book lover’s paradise. 🙂

  26. MJ

    I didn’t get to go to BEA this year as it was in Chicago, but I’m really looking forward to go next year as it’ll be in NYC!

  27. Kathleen P

    While NYC is much more doable, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to BEA because I’m not a professional and/or my blog is not well known . I would love to go though. It looks like so much fun and there’s so many people that I’d love to meet there.


    I thought I loved Chicago more in general too, but I’m so fucking glad it’s back in New York next year. (tbh I think I would’ve enjoyed it more had everything not been so stressful and the planning wasn’t as fun after awhile). I AM glad I met way more people than last year. BEA 17 is going to be even better for me in that way, the socializing, I think. Because it’s another year to get comfortable with people and I’ve already met so many of them!


  29. Ruzaika (@RuzaikaDeen14)

    I live in Sri Lanka, so chances of me getting to go to BEA are practically next to none- but Mishma went this year, so maybe I might be lucky in the future as well? 😀 But it’s definitely on my bucket list. This really looks like so much fun, Shannon- you sure succeeded in making me drool over that gorgeous haul!! Great post, and thanks for the giveaway!

    Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques

  30. Penny Olson

    What a great stash of books. I’ve never been to BEA but I’d love to go. Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

  31. I’ve never had the chance to go to BEA nor have I ever been to NY or Chicago (all which are #lifegoals. I love how you’re so open and friendly and wanting to meet more bloggers! That’s what this community is all about! 🙂 I’m so jealous of all the books and the photos but I REALLY, REALLY hope that I can go next year! I better start saving my money! 😉

  32. I’m sorry, did you ask a question? I’m still in awe at that insane stack o’ books. Day-um. lol Kinda surprised to hear that NYC was cheaper. That seems crazy. But wouldn’t deep dish alone be worth the extra cost? I mean, it’s deep dish. Tbh, I’m not sure I’ll ever venture to BEA. The whole thing just seems incredibly overwhelming to me. All the people, all the lines… all the people. I kind of imagine myself getting super antsy and uncomfortable and just needing to get the hell outta there. I’m probably better off sticking to the smaller conventions. Sorry to hear about all the stress… even when returning home… that sucks. 🙁 I sure hope it’s better now.

  33. Aw, I’m bummed I didn’t meet you but I DID do way better at talking to authors and meeting bloggers this year. The blogger dinner really really helped though as I was able to meet a few bloggers there that I really wanted to meet, so that was awesome. My parents are thinking about going to NYC during BEA next year because they haven’t been in years and would like to visit, so if it works out, I’ll be there next year!!! Whooo!!! I liked Chicago because I could drive there, but NYC does have its benefits. Lots more to do besides BEA related things, which is cool if you want to be a tourist during your trip. haha


  34. Despite the not-so-great parts, it sure sounds like you had a fantastic time!! I’ve wanted to go to BEA since I started blogging five years ago. Maybe some day I will make it. I’m less than 2 hours away from NY, so I really have zero excuses when it’s back in NY. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the recap… it’s so nice getting to experience BEA through others. 🙂 And thanks for the giveaway!

  35. First of all, love the whole “everyone should bring a Nori” thing. I feel like that’s just good life advice in general though. Second of all, how is it possible to be even more jealous this year than I was last year??? =( I am more happy for you for having such a good time than jealous of you for having such a good time, though. I’m not a completely selfish person. 😉

    64 books!?!?!? Are you sure you were more selective this year??? But I don’t blame you, I would totally come home with the same outrageously high number. You should try to break the record next year though, get at least 65 books! I want to go next year and I want to say that I’m going to try but… I wanted to go this year too and I highly doubt it will work out for me next year. Mainly because New York is so far away from here and I don’t fly! (like ever, I’m incapable of flying especially by myself.) But…one day! One DAY I will make it to BEA and you’ll just have to make sure you’re going that year, which ever year it ends up being. Maybe if I plan now and start saving I can make it in 2018. 😉

    I’m so happy for you, for having what seems like an amazing time at BEA! Sorry for the stress this month was for you though! That’s no fun! <3

  36. Jamie

    I was at BookCon for the first time this year! It was so much fun! I met Jennifer Niven and Sam Maggs! I was a happy camper 🙂

  37. Looks like you had a lot of fun Shannon! I went to two ALA’s and they weren’t my kind of thing, too many people. I’d rather go to Disneyland where there are way more people but I don’t have to talk to any of them 🙂

  38. BEA sounds like so much fun!! If it were me, I totally would have preferred Chicago for the cooler factor alone. I kind of hate the heat and when there are crowds, it feels about a million degrees hotter. Argh. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  39. I still need to make a new blog button. Gah. I’m heeeere for the hauls. hahaha. Replica is so huge! I’m not here for it, though. I love Lauren Oliver like crazy, but I hear it’s about robots and stuff?? Lauren IS awesome, but it sounds kinda meh. D: Heartless and The Movie Version sound so GOOOD.

    Oooh no way! BEA is in June a bit next year?? THE EXCITE. YES IMMA BE THERE. I wonder if BookCon will be in NYC, too. I’ll only go if Meg Cabot is there again or something. Not really a fan of crowds or setting my alarm. I was in an NYC bakery earlier this year with my mom & sis when we went to see the Rockettes, and it was so PACKED. I was shouting “Excuse me! Excuse me!” just to get outside and no one was moving. I swear, people are wild. haha.

  40. Dee

    OK, I get this 2nd half was your wrap up. So how is it you are still interesting?

    Fan-Girling a little since I really wanted to go to BEA and just lived it through your experiences. {hugs} Thanks!

  41. One of my bookish goals is to someday go to BEA.. It sounds so much fun and exciting and just a real haven for all book lovers (dreamy sigh) I really hope it happens. Thanks so much for sharing the experience!!! =)

  42. Ashfa

    Wow, BEA looks amazing!! I don’t think I’ll ever make it there.. not with me living in the other side of the world…

  43. I wish, I wish I could go to BEA but I love in the UK which sucks 🙁 One day I want to go to one of the biggest book conventions and it’ll be amazing. I’d meet so many other book lovers. Every year I’m super jealous of everyone that goes and meets amazing authors. So yeah, I hope one day I’ll attend. Thank you so much for the giveaway. You got so many awesome books!!! :O It’s insane. I’m really excited for Heartless and A Torch Against the Night like, I need them like I need air.

  44. Kendra

    I have a huge book addiction, and I definitely want to go to BEA someday. It would be amazing to meet the authors and explore the book world.

  45. I’ve never been to BEA but I’m definitely thinking about it! I’m super excited for all of these anticipated releases, especially REPLICA and STALKING JACK THE RIPPER! Happy reading! 🙂

  46. holdenj

    I’ve never been, but enjoyed the post so much, sounds like a great adventure. Plus, you can buy wine at Walgreen’s! 🙂

  47. Samantha D

    I have always wanted to go but I don’t think I would be able to in the foreseeable future. I’m moving to China. But it does look fun every year!

  48. Christina Carolin

    BEA sounds so amazing, like the best thing ever. I wish I lived in the US, just all the conventions and book festivals would be reason enough for a move. 🙂
    So, obviously I won’t be there next year (Germany is just too far away) but I will continue to live vicariously through all the book bloggers and booktubers attending and posting about the shenaigans happening there… 😀
    I am immensly looking forward to all your reviews on the books you acquired.

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