Sometimes, series end. Well, they always end, unless you’re talking about some series that rhymes with Name of Drones, in which case, good luck, fans. (Incidentally, Name of Drones doesn’t sound half bad…) But do they end well? That is the question- and the scariest part of the final book for most fans. I have talked about this before, because clearly, I have an obsession with it.

I finished a series recently. I won’t tell you which one it is, but it is not the one I am probably going to finish tonight- we don’t know how that one ends yet because, well, I haven’t finished it. So don’t panic when you see this post and see on Twitter or Goodreads which series I just finished tonight- it isn’t the same thing, for I am not a time traveler, though how cool would that be? Sorry, tangent. Anyway. The ending of this book wasn’t my favorite. At all. In fact, I rather despised it. It was pretty, shall we say, dramatic. And certainly not something I expected. And it made me stabby and now I kind of hate the whole series because of it (which I also have talked about before, because I must be actually obsessed with this topic?), so I am just angry at it. 

But then I thought back to another series I had finished. And it was… meh. I didn’t hate it like the other one, but it just didn’t “wow” me. It was not totally predictable or anything, like I hadnt guessed the whole plot, but I pretty much knew how it would end. It wasn’t bad. But I wasn’t like, having some kind of amazing bookish experience either.

So what is the deal? I went back and looked at series enders that I loved. There were not many. Mockingjay (unpopular opinion, I know), Monsters of MenIgnite Me, and Haven were the only final books that I can say either outdid or equaled the rest of the series for me.


That is a short freaking list. So uhhh, it has to be me, right? 


So, what do these books have in common?

  • Not all rainbows and unicorns. It didn’t go from hellish dystopia to 1950s Suburbia. Everyone didn’t prance off into the sunset to their Happily Ever After. It felt far more real.
  • It wasn’t all doom and gloom either. There was some kind of hope in these books, somewhere. It didn’t feel like I invested all my time only to feel like my soul was now an empty and barren wasteland. They left me with at least some modicum of hope/soul.
  • Not predictable. I didn’t really know how any of these would turn out. I was guessing and excited the whole way through.

So, what about the ones I really did not love, you ask?

  • Somehow everything ties up in a happy perfect little bow– and it doesn’t make sense to the story. Sure, there are contemporaries, and even some fantasies that it kind of makes sense for characters to get a HEA. I get it, I love that sometimes! But when your main characters have just been fighting Warlocks to the death for eighteen books or something, you probably aren’t just like “The warlocks vanished, and Joe and Sally went home to make babies. The end.” Just… no.
  • Everything sucks and then you die. No really, this happens. Everyone in the whole damn book can just up and die- including the main characters! And if it makes sense to the story, I am shattered, but I get it. But if it seems like “wait, WHY!?”, then I am mad. Because now you have made me sad and there wasn’t any reason for it.
  • Loose ends galore! Sure, maybe we know that Sally and Joe have that house in the country and the baby on the way, but what the hell happened to every other thing in the book?!?! When side characters just don’t get discussed anymore, plot points are randomly abandoned… my mind cannot handle this.
  • Completely open endings. Look, maybe some people want to imagine their own ending. But if I wanted to come up with my own ending, I would stop procrastinating on my WIPs and end a book myself. I don’t, I want the author to tell me what happens! I don’t need to know every last detail. But please, none of this: “In the midst of the battle, Sally and Joe shared a look that  meant they both knew this would be it- either death or peace.” And then… NO MORE WORDS! Where is the end of the story, friend!? Did they die?! Is there peace!? DAMN IT, ARE JOE AND SALLY OKAY? The world will never know.

Me, after those books. Imagine that poodle is Nori. Because I said so. 

So, how do you guys feel about this? What kind of endings do you like? Anything you positively cannot tolerate? Let me know! And do you think I am just too freaking picky?

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  1. Totally agree with you! I despise open endings with a passion! I recently read a book and it was so god and then it had an pen ending and I was like: BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! YOU CAN’T LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! *wails* Same as you I do not lie the happy endings that are just way to convenient for it’s own good. Whenever this happens I’m just like: Hmmmm..nuh uh this ain’t working for me.
    Lovely post Shannon! 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I love a good happy ending most of the time. But I also love a real ending. I do understand not everything is sunshine and roses and not all books should end like that. I think if the book or the series is good then some times the ending doesn’t matter, or rather sometimes the BAD ending doesn’t matter b/c the wore as a whole was brilliant and written well enough.

    • I think it depends on the kind of books you’re reading too- like if you read mostly contemporary, yes, a happy ending should really be in the cards- at least a mostly happy while still being realistic one 😉 But in a book like Mockingjay, if everything had wrapped up in a nice little bow, everyone would have been rolling their eyes. And I wish I could be more like you and NOT judge the whole series by the end…. but I do, sadly! Even though I really shouldn’t 😉

  3. I’m basically the same as you! I finished The Love That Split The World recently and I was like, “WHAT. WHAT. WHAT HAPPENED TO NATALIE. WHAT DO YOU MEAN. WHY DID IT END LIKE THIS. DO YU MEAN THEY GET A HAPPILY EVER AFTER?” I don’t think I’ve ever loved an open ending before… They just make me fidgety for days from trying to figure out what actually happens myself. >.<

    I also love books that end with a not-so-good-but-still-happy endings. Like, sure, that damn couple is finally happy together, but there's still the aftermath of everything that happened, and the world still needs to recover from the destruction and all that pazzaz. That kind of ending is realistic and it makes me happy. A lot.

  4. You’re not too picky! THIS IS ME TOOOOO. I honestly have come to despise reading series enders because they rarely satisfy me. *shrieks* (But let’s just agree right now, loud and clear, that Mockingjay was ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FANTASTICALLY PERFECT.) *composes self*

    Although I am a fan of open endings? I like to think the book is still going after I finish it, like the characters go on to have lives and purposes and all that. I don’t like it all to be wrapped in a bow because THAT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN AND IT’S UNREALISTIC AND NO. Buuuut at the same time, I hate hate hate when it’s all “and then everyone dies and the entire series is pointless”. I am thinking of a series that we mutually love that starts with Blood and ends with Raging and I am NOT OKAY. *cries piteously* I sometimes feel like the writer maybe doesn’t even know how to end it so just kills everyone??? I mean, that’s never the case, probably, because (as a writer) I know we over think things and do our best. BUT STILL. I think you have to balance staying true to the characters AND satisfying the reader. (That saying, I think Allegiant, also, was perfect.)

    Anyway this is an excellent discussion and I SHALL SHUSH NOW or else I’m going to end up writing a mini post down here. ?

    • UGH SAME. I am like, not even WANTING to read them anymore, which is why I have like, 10 of them on my shelf, in the position of “next up”, but whoopsie, never got to them. Because I CAN’T. They’re going to disappoint me, all of them. I can feel it!

      I HATE the “everyone dies and everything is pointless” trope. I mean, I DID hate Allegiant, but not just because of that (I really thought the entire book was boring as all hell) but at least it DID make sense in Veronica’s head- her explanation of it really made me think about it differently. AND it wasn’t pointless. So there’s that. I feel like naming a series ending with “Raging” sets us up for “wow, this is going to be awful” territory. I’m still mad. ?

        • Now that would be interesting- a book where literally EVERYONE dies and the last page is just like “earth was empty, and the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the wind– that is, if anyone had been alive to hear it”. THE END. And then all the fans need counseling.

  5. Aristotle spoke of storytelling.
    He said that there should be a beginning, a middle, and an END.
    I do not care for cliff-hanger book endings.
    If you do make your reader read three or four books to get to the end, it better be a humdinger of satisfaction.

  6. The endings I like differ on the book. But in general, I like it when they are realistic, not always happy go lucky skipping off to on our unicorns, and open ended. Not wholly open; but enough to where I can THINK about the book/characters later or see some short stories? IDK. I really dislike it when books are completely wrapped up. I think we are in the minority with that, because people like closure ya know? I think one series ending I really liked was Dust Lands. SO MANY PEOPLE DIE LOL

    • BWHAHAHHA right above you Cait and I complain about Dust Lands! I just wanted MORE, Idk. But I kind of like MOSTLY wrapped up. I mean, it doesn’t have to be like, 100% wrapped up and you know every last detail but like… just enough that I can feel that the story is complete I guess?

  7. The ending of series are so hard because the reader has invested so much time into the plot and characters and, might have a notion of how you want it to end. Typically when I finish a series I like lose ends tied up so it doesn’t included a cliffhanger ending but I’m not a big fan of “Joe and Sally went home to make babies” either. I think LOTR did a pretty good job of this, it is a little all’s well that ends well but doesn’t leave a character hanging either. Great discussion!

    • Thanks! I agree with you, I don’t need every little thing to be rainbows and unicorns or anything, but I need SOME kind of closure, that the story, at least the “big” plot, has been finished. Cliffhanger endings are too evil! 😀

  8. I often find myself being pretty underwhelmed by the ending of series, and I think a lot of the time it’s because I get an idea of how I’d like it all to end as I’m reading, and if that doesn’t happen then I end up disappointed (although if it did I’d probably say it was predictable and not like it either…I’m very picky too where endings are involved!). I don’t mind a sad ending sometimes, as long as it does make sense with the rest of the story, and it wasn’t just like everyone randomly died just for dramatic effect, and I like a happy ending so long as it isn’t cheesy and not absolutely everything is perfect, because that’s totally unbelievable. All loose ends have to be tied up for me too though. I don’t like even one tiny thing to be left open, because if there’s no more books then i’ll never know, and I find that incredibly annoying!
    Endings of series really are so hard to get right. You’ve usually put some effort into getting there, so if you hate the ending it is just so disappointing!
    Great post 🙂

    • YES yes, I agree completely!! Like- I don’t want to know what happens ahead of time, but then I will also be mad if certain things don’t happen, so how can I ever be appeased?! I guess I want like, my ship to sail but with twists along the way? I have no idea hahah.

      And I HATE loose ends. Someone make them disappear, they are RUDE. And yes- that’s the thing, you DO put a lot of time (and usually, emotions) into it so when it is disappointing it is MUCH worse than just a crappy ending of a book! Thanks so much!! 😀

  9. I just hate bad series endings! The Matched series, hunger games, twilight, and divergent are some big ones that I can think of that I hated the last book. It’s tough to find series that end well.

    • I also hated Allegiant. I don’t even remember the end to Matched, so it must have been underwhelming in general? I haven’t read Twilight, and I am one of the few people who freaking LOVE the end of Mockingjay hahhaha. It IS tough to find ones that end well, you are so right!

  10. Ah series endings. They can be tricky. I don’t mind if the last books under-performs slightly. SLIGHTLY. It’s still a bit of a let down but finale books can be really tough to get just right so I try to be understanding. It is totally rare when finales in series manage to blow you completely away. I have to say that the last Harry Potter did that for me! I LOVED Mockingjay too! I also loved the 3rd (and story arc finale) for The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix. Those are my favorite finales. I have to say that Winter delivered as a final book as well! On the other end of the spectrum, Allegiant did completely ruin the series for me. Admittedly, Insurgent already had gone downhill a bit for me but man, Allegiant just cut my love for that series completely off. It’s not just the death of a certain person, it’s HOW it was handled and how the entire book seemed slow, pointless and seriously underwhelming. UGH. For my endings: I prefer the stakes to by high, I can deal with some death but MOST MUST SURVIVE. *glares* Awesome topic Shannon^^ x

    • Aw thanks!! I think you’re right, it IS hard to end a series. I just hate the feeling, I guess- because when you’re so in love with a series and then it falls flat, you almost don’t know how to feel in general. I KNOW! If I ever write a series, I am going to purposely make the first books just a little bit subpar hahah. ? Kidding (ish).

      I agree wholeheartedly with Allegiant! It wasn’t *just* the death, it was ALL of it (granted, the death didn’t do it any favors!), I was so bored I think I cared LESS about the death actually! SO sad. And YES- stakes have to be high, otherwise what’s the point!?

  11. I have a really hard time with endings. I usually don’t like them, something is just not tied up enough, or seemed too easy, or just dragged on too much. Winter had a fantastic ending to a great book. So did With All My Soul. Those are some off the top of my head.

  12. haha Name of Drones! No it doesn’t sound half but IT IS GOING TO END! and part of my soul will be irremediably broken booohooo IT IS RIGHT? or do you know something I don’t? because if you do you HAVE to tell me. ok.. back to your post.. LOVED IT 🙂 I agree with the no daisies and fairies of but not gloomy clouds of eternal damnation either 🙂 good endings have to be well balanced

  13. Tesni

    I’m totally with you on this. Series ending books do sometimes leave me feeling meh. There are some great ones but there are also ones I haven’t got over yet. Eg pandemonium of the delirium series. It can’t just end there!!!! I was furious as a reader as I felt the book was leading somewhere and when it got there it just ended rather than happening. Trying not to spoiler. I really liked it up until the end page and now I feel I can’t recommend the series.

    I feel endings need to be realistic and offer closure to some extent. Ie. If you are leading to a battle – have the battle then end in the aftermath. (Twilight I’m looking at you!!). It doesn’t have to be HEA, I’ll accept bittersweet. I just don’t like totally open ended or zero answers or conclusion.

    • GAH Requiem STILL haunts me. HOW did that happen!??!?! I agree with you 100%! I swore that my book had some kind of misprint! Because where were the rest of the WORDS?!! I swear, we should write SO MANY LETTERS begging for an epilogue or SOMETHING!

      I feel you- I can live with sad MUCH better than I can live with no clue at all as to what happened! It is just not okay with me.

  14. YES! An ending can make me SO MAD. I feel like it won’t necessarily *ruin a story, but it certainly will never make it *good if an author screws up an ending. Great list. I completely relate to all of this *nods vigorously*!

  15. THIS. I feel I’m really picky about my series finales too, mostly because if I’ve stuck through the series the entire time I clearly like it and have high expectations for what I’m going to read. And your points are spot on too – I really dislike when there’s rainbows and unicorns at the end of a series. Obviously, there can be some happiness to it, but not so much that it feels unrealistic. Thanks for sharing Shannon and, as always, fabulous post! <3

  16. I guess my feelings about the endings depend on the series itself. If the characters has been going through sucky things throughout the series, like Katniss and Remus Lupin, of course I wanted them to be happy! (which is why i’m still pissed about remus) I do like open endings, especially if it involves unreliable narrator. It’s really fun to figure out what is real and not real 😀 But I do hate it when the book just ends, without any explanation what happened next. I LOVED Ignite Me, but that ending really ruined it for me (I’m glad you liked it though!). I mean, what happened next??? How’s Juliette going to lead an entire nation?? What about Warner, Adam, and James?? and Kenji? Everyone??? At least an epilogue will do instead of cutting it like that. *sobs*

    • OOoooh no, those HAUNT me- the unreliable narrator/open endings- because I don’t know what happened… EVER! How do I go through life like that!?!? ?

      I feel like with Ignite Me, I felt like I had a decent picture in my head of like… at least the situation as it stood? So I could make conclusions based on that hahaha. Like I need a certain amount of information, maybe? Who knows, I just wanted my ship to sail, let’s be real 😉

  17. I have the most ridiculous hate/fear of endings – you’re seriously not alone, Shannon! I avoid series finales like the plague. It is kind of actually Mockingjay’s fault. I know you love it so I’ll keep this brief, but boy did that book scar me. I hated more than anything. It totally ruined the series for me, and I haven’t been look forward/been able to enjoy endings ever since. I just… there’s so much that could go wrong. And I usually don’t want to say goodbye to characters. I still haven’t read the last book in my fave series of all-time. Or the last VA book or City of Heavenly Fire or… too many too list. I just hate finales.

    But I actually don’t mind open endings too much. Obviously it depends on how open the ending is, and what sort of book it is – mysteries with open endings are the stupidest thing to ever grace this earth. I have no idea why authors would think I’d invest my time in a mystery and then not want to know who the murderer was? It’s ludicrous. But contemporaries with open endings work for me, mostly.

    • I think a lot of people felt that way about Mockingjay, so I understand! I have two books that did the same thing to me: Requiem, where it basically didn’t end at all, and I was SO scared of books not ending, I was like “PLEASE just finish the book”, and Allegiant where I wanted to yell “NO, not like THAT!”. UGH.

      And YES what is that with mysteries and open endings?! Luckily I have only read a few like that but STILL, what was the point of the book even!? Silliness!

      • Ahhh, see you’re a bit of the odd one out with Mockingjay and I”m like that with Allegiant. I actually loved it! It was my fave book of the series, and while the ending broke my heart, I thought it was perfect. Oops? 😉 And oh no, Requiem is one of the finales I haven’t read yet. That bad, eh? Oh no.

        I don’t even know…? There’s actually no point to it at all. And it drives me bonkers.

  18. Thinking about it, you’re totally right haha I’m impossible to please with endings too. Either they’re TOO happy and everything’s sunshine and rainbows or they’re sad and I’m like WELL I COULD HAVE JUST READ A FRICKIN’ NEWSPAPER ARTICLE THEN. 😀 I don’t like reaaaally open endings, but I’m okayish when they’re a little ambiguous. Like, A Gathering of Shadows just cut off mid-action and I was actually mad (but it’s not terrible because there will be another book) and there’s a complete open ending in We All Looked Up, but it soooort of makes sense with the story? Kind of? Not really? IDEK. I’m good with not everything being wrapped up, because life, but if it feels as if there are too many side-plots left abandoned I’m mad again. I’m often rolling my eyes because the protagonists always get away unscathed and alive in most books that deal with really horrible things, but then if the author does kill them off I go WHY YOU CAN’T JUST KILL EVERYONE WHAT IS THIS. So yes, basically I’m hard to please. Oops?

    • Yes, I am also ridiculously hard to please. Too open and I am running for the hills (now, if there is another book, that is a different story of course) but too neatly wrapped up and I am rolling my eyes! Drives me insane, really. And yes, you cannot just kill ALL the people, but you can’t kill NONE of the people, so basically we are authors’ nightmares 😉

  19. I think overall I’m pretty easy to please. I’m generally satisfied with *most* endings. But yeah… there are exceptions. I don’t demand a total HEA. It can be bittersweet. But don’t go rogue and eff it all up by killing off everyone just for shock value. My one deal breaker: open endings. WTH is that madness?! Am I supposed to freaking guess? What was the point if I don’t get a damn ending? I go from zero to enraged with an open ending. Me and the author have an unspoken agreement – I buy your book, you tell me a story. And that includes a damn ending. Without it, they didn’t uphold their end of the bargain. And that is just unacceptable. GAH!!!

    • YES open endings ARE madness! Make it stop! I hate the whole “use your imagination to determine what happened”- NO, if I wanted to do that I’d have written a damn book myself! I am SO WITH YOU on this!! RAGE against the open ending!

  20. I don’t think Mockingjay was the strongest book in THG (hiiii Catching Fire) but I liked that ending too. I recenly finished Quintana of Charyn and The Winner’s Kiss and they were both sort of like what you describe–lots of nail biting and sadness but also a sense that things will be okay and if you trust the author’s vision it will be a good ending. I don’t think I’m that picky about series endings BUT I also only finish about a quarter of the series (serieses?) that I start so I think I self select titles I’m predisposed to enjoy right to the end.

    • No, I don’t think it was the strongest either (CF was also my favorite!) but I think it did quite well, considering! It’s hard because you want things to go a certain way, but then you get mad if it felt lackluster, so yep, I am just too hard to please 😉

  21. YESSSS this is the annoying thing as well! Some of my favourite endings of all time are the Harry Potter series, Champion (the 3rd book in the Legend Series) and also Monsters of Men was done really well. For some reason endings where they all lived happier after feel like a cop out but also when it drags off into another new series (I’m looking at you The Last Sacrifice!)? I like it when it feels like everything is properly tied off with no gaping plotholes, or no perfect endings. I don’t know if that makes sense but I think we feel the same when it comes to this!

  22. Hahaha, I relate to that bottom GIF SO MUCH.

    I think it’s normal to be picky about endings. Especially when it’s a series you’ve been following for years, it’s normal to have pretty high expectations. And people often have strong opinions about what they prefer. My creative writing teacher at uni told us she loves ambiguous endings and hates it when they’re too neat, whereas I crave resolution; I don’t need everything to be tied up with a pretty bow – and often that’s not realistic – but I do get disappointed if I don’t get at least a sense of where the major plotlines are going. If Joe and Sally have been flirting and sharing Significant Glances all series without ever getting together, then I don’t need them to profess their undying love for each other and immediately get married mid-battle, but maybe they could have a conversation about having time for their own personal desires now and wander off holding hands (or maybe they could have that conversation and Sally jets off to get that PhD in Art History from Oxford. I didn’t say it had to be a HAPPY resolution!).

  23. Clearly, we’re soulmates. I was reading this shouting YES! all the way through. Except for the poodle part, because clearly that’s Alvin. Or Charlie. Or Bonny Shelby. Ok, maybe it’s Nori, too.

    I absolutely despise the no-sacrifices, everything-happy ending. I need some suffering. And some hope. And authors: don’t make me cry with dramatic character death only to bring them back to life two chapters later- it’s a cheap emotional manipulation (and now I have a headache, you bastard).

    As always, thanks for the hilarious and totally relatable post!

    • Bwhahahah. It’s totally Nori too, but it can also be those other people (actual dogs?)

      EW I know, the cheap tricks thing is just… so annoying. Now I actually feel blase when characters die because they could just come back 10 minutes later. But then when they don’t, I don;t feel anything. It’s all very bad.

      And thank you!! 😀

  24. I’m with you, Shannon. I thought the Mockingjay ending was perfectly acceptable. I know tons of readers were upset, but I felt that was the only way it could have ended. (I was NOT okay with how the Divergent series ended! Let me know if you want the link to my Feature & Follow post where I fixed it and pointed out the gaping holes.)

    I think the bigger the hype the bigger my expectations for a WOWSER of a series ending.

  25. ♥♥♥

    I am so with you on this — a bad ending can RUIN a series for me. This is the reason I haven’t read the last book in a bunch of series I liked — that fear. I find this particularly to be the case in dystopian series. I also don’t think rainbows and hearts necessarily fits for those types of series. And I am with you on the HG ending — I thought it was perfect and satisfying. Some of my favorite books do not have happy endings

    • GAH I agree SO MUCH. And the worst part is that I LOVE dystopian series, so that makes it an even bigger conundrum! I am glad you loved the ending of THG- I agree, it was satisfying, yet believable. Because would the revolution have ever even ENDED had certain people not died for the cause? Unlikely!

  26. I relate so much to this post. Yes.

    I hate open endings. NO. NO open ending. Stop them, please. People. I literally just finished one & I’m currently hoping for a sequel. I hate endings with a lot of death and/or which allude to it. Like, it’s so depressing. Okay, way too fill the book with hope and rainbows, author. I loved the Mockingjay book ending! I wasn’t pleased by how they showed it in the movie. Especially the Buttercup scene, which also has me BAWLING.

    The poodle GIF omg. hahaha.

    • GAHHHH BUTTERCUP. It is THE moment that the death of the one person becomes SO. REAL. And you can’t not cry unless you are some kind of monster. And open endings can bite me. I don’t want to have to like, plead for sequels! That isn’t nice! And like, I don;t know what is in the author’s head, how can I just make it up!? Nooooo someone has to TELL ME. Damn endings 😉

  27. So for series of books it always takes me forever to finish reading the last one because I don’t want it to end, but also for mostly what you mentioned above I don’t want to be disappointed. If the series doesn’t end the way I want it to or for it to make sense I feel like all the reading I did and devotion to the character was almost for nothing. I feel I shy away from series unless I see a lot of great reviews for this reason I can’t stand a bad ending. Great post and great topic!

    • Aw thank you!! And yes, I totally agree! I almost want to NEVER start a series, until I know that the ending won’t have me throwing things across the room. The irony is, I do love series! But rarely the ends- it’s like I am setting myself up for disappointment! ?

  28. I’m not too satisfied with endings very often either. Because for some reason I want everything to end happily but then I’m also like “noooo it would’ve been so much more dramatic if this character died why didn’t you do it author” and I end up being disgruntled and unsatisfied. You make really good points on what makes a good series ending and what doesn’t — I agree with everything that you said. (Except open endings are okay in short stories. But not in novels or series nope.)

  29. I completely agree with everything on this list! Except possibly the open endings thing. The one you described, yes, that would be terrible. I hate that kind. But the way the final Maze Runner book ended, for example, (I don’t know if you read that) I liked. So basically letting me know whether things turned out good or bad, how they got away, who won the battle, who survived, but then ending it without going into the whole spiel about how they started rebuilding society and John and Mary found a house to fix up and move into and blah blah blah—that’s good to me. I’m actually not a fan of epilogues. I don’t like knowing what the characters are doing 10 years later. So this was a really long way of saying I think I’m more ok with open-ish endings than a lot of people, from what I’ve seen.

    • I DID read the last Maze Runner book, but I feel like I didn’t like it? I honestly remember VERY little about it, which tells me that I was not necessarily angry at it, but it just left no impression in general. And I agree- I just need to know KIND OF what happens, I don’t need every last detail, but SUPER open endings are just never okay. Depending on the book, of course, open-ish can work for me. Super open cannot 😉

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