Welcome to the second Midnight Digest!! Monthly has been good! Except.. I have all the books to share. So sorry in advance?

I’ll share the books I’ve obtained, posts of interest from others, giveaways I have happening, and just general random shenanigans. You know I love a shenanigan.  

The Books- only linking the review books because otherwise this would take ALL DAY

For Review:


Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova thanks to author Elise Kova!

The Hidden Twin by Adi Rule and The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi thanks to St. Martin’s

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn SkyeThe Outliers by Kimberly McCreightThe Hunt by Megan ShepherdTraitor Angels by Anne Blankman thanks to HarperTeen

The Glittering Court by Richelle MeadThe Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry, and The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh thanks to Penguin Teen!

e-ARCs (Pictures link to Goodreads)


Via Netgalley/Edelweiss, thanks to HarperTeen, Del Rey, Simon & Schuster, and Bloomsbury!!





Thanks to Meredith, Brittany, Jana and author Amy Allgeyer, and AW Teen!



Shenanigans Since Last Time:

What have I read? Lots, since it’s been a whole month!

Also not linking, because time.aprol11

I have already reviewed a few of these, and lots more are coming up! I feel pretty comfortable with awards this time! 

1st-placeWater’s Wrath, which honestly comes as no shock at this point

ck_2nd-placeThe Glittering Court earns a solid and much deserved ribbon- review coming up on Monday!!

Giveaways: Click Here, or on Sidebar

Blogosphere Bulletin

Random Musings:

Oy, March flew by! I don’t know if it was as hectic for you all, but my goodness did the time fly for me! Between Bookish Games, BEA planning, sobbing over The 100, getting super sick with a sinus infection (I’m good now), and just general life craziness, I blinked and the month was over!

Things we need to talk about at this juncture:

        • I miss you guys! Tell me what’s new! 
        • Have you heard any bookish news? I need something new and fun! 
        • ARC APRIL! Yes, this is a thing, yayy! The lovely ladies at Read.Sleep.Repeat have decided that we need more help than just one month can provide, so I am ready to do this! Help! Here’re my goals:ARCApril
          Obviously I need ALL the luck….

Who else is participating in ARC April? DO share! And as always, have a fabulous everything- month, week, day, all of it 😀 

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  1. oh oh Alice and the Fly is really good! And I’m REALLY glad you liked The Glittering Court because I want to read that one, but I’m also scared because I was kind of horrified at Soundless. ? ahem. AND ZOMG SO MUCH READING, SHANNON. GOOD ON YOU!! Also Half Looooost. *pets screen and cries* Apparently mine is being shipped to me now? Except, idek what the post office is doing. Probably just sitting on my packages because they like to see me suffer. CRUEL FIENDS. Hopefully it arrives as soon as I finish NaNo so I can reward myself with trauma and pain. (Idek about that logic but IT IS THE BOOKWORM LIFE APPARENTLY.)

    • True story, I requested Alice based solely on your review ? So I hold you responsible, deal?

      I want you to read Half Lost so we can talk about it so HURRY UP MAIL PEOPLE. I feel like bookpeople are the ONLY ones who actually consider having their souls torn from their bodies to be a good time. Maybe we all need serious group therapy?

  2. That is a lot of books!!! But lots of good ones it looks like. Hope you enjoy them all!! ANd honestly every month has been an ARC challenge month for me since I totally over did it though May. Good luck with official ARC April! Also can’t wait to see what you think of Gena/Finn. Have a great week!

    • Aw thanks! And YESSSS omg yes. Every month HAS been an ARC challenge for me! I haven’t read a book that I bought or won or anything since OCTOBER. How bad is that!? As for Gena/Finn, I loved it- until the “end”. Or non end (I checked to make sure you’d read it before saying this hahah). What even!? I needed more at the end. This was on its way to being amazing, and then…. fizzle.

  3. Omg look at all the glorious books you got!!! I am so so jealous that you have The Rose and The Dagger! And you read so much this month! Much amazingness!! Thank you so much for featuring my post 🙂 🙂

  4. So many books, Shannon! I’m so looking forward to The First Time She Drowned (gorgeous cover) and The Crown’s Game! I hadn’t heard of All In Pieces but it looks pretty cool. I have The Way I Used to Be on audio! As you know, I’ll be reading Flawed this month 🙂 and a few of your ARC April selection as well. I read Dreamology and it was really good. Kind of weird but good.

  5. OH MY GOSH ALL THE BOOKS. (And not the Hunger Games. Was kinda disturbed and I still think I missed a reference somewhere.) I’ve been thinking of reading The Star Touched Queen and of course TRATD is on my TBR! Down with the Shine has such a lovely cover, too. Rachel’s debut event sounds SUPER COOL and I shall be eagerly awaiting your post! Yay! And thank you, of course, for the shout out.

  6. ALL THE BOOKS OHMERGOD. Shannon, that is an overwhelmingly beautiful sight, AHHH! This is the first I’ve heard of ARC April, but just hearing the name makes me want to join! Soooo many books.

    March *did* fly by, didn’t it? And ugh – the sinus infections, yuck! I’m dealing with one myself, sitting in front of my laptop with a stuffy nose and watery eyes. Here’s to April showers and plenty of rainy afternoons perfect for reading. 🙂

  7. At this point I feel like I am participating in ARC 2016? Because that’s how I feel at the moment. Hm. Also. YOU GOT A CRAP TON OF BOOKS holy moly. I don’t really post my hauls anymore mostly because I don’t remember if I even bought any books? And I really don’t that much at the moment.

    I would tell you to read Front Lines, but that is a long ass book. Um, let’s see. I read Dreamology and liked it. I am probably going to read Away We Go soon but I’m scared too (because of you), and that’s pretty much it! I have to read a bunch of books but I am taking it one at a time, nbd.

  8. I enjoyed many of the posts in the bulletin. Thanks for putting that list together. That’s a great book haul. But you know what? I have to say it… some links would have been nice Shannon (hehe JK!)

  9. I was thinking about participating in ARC April even though I only have 3-4 arcs to read right now but I’m kind of challenge hungover from the TBR Pile challenge I joined in on in March! Luckily, CaffeinatedBookReviewer has an arc challenge in May!

  10. WHOA. Amazing haul! I just finished Dreamology (it was meh unfortunately) but there were so much food scenery & Lucky Few was so hilarious and cute. Yay. I’ve been tempted to snatch The Glittering Court just for the cover. I saw a bad review on it and it just stuck with me.

    So, so, so so SO jealous I won’t be at BEA. But there’s always next year. Seriously, March flew by & it’s already April 3rd. (Just turned midnight here, haha.)

  11. Ooh sorry about the sinus infection, but glad you are doing all better now! I feel like March was a good month, but it seems to have taken awhile to get through. haha Lots of fun things coming up personal-wise though, so that’s always good! Look at all those wonderful books!!! I NEED to get The Serpent King, among many others.


  12. So cool that you’ve got Half Lost, and I’m super jealous right now!
    Good on you for reading all those books too, that’s amazing :O
    Oh, and thank you for including me in your link-up, that’s awesome *hugs*

  13. Holy you rocked March, Batman!! So many amazing books. You’ll definitely be busy reading this April! 🙂 And yay for ARC April! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Down with the Shine. I’m not sure whether it’s a book for me or not. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Shannon!! 🙂

  14. GIRLLL! All the books here DD: I’m so impressed. Like, I wish I had that many new books. I’ve been on a book buying ban and have gone a whole month without buying books which I am very proud of but sometimes… I just want books like these. I actually finished reading The Wrath and the Dawn today and man do I want the sequel soon!

  15. Oh you have gotten some great books this month! Nora & Kettle, Front Lines and Station Eleven are all amazing and I am sure you will love them! I am also crazy jealous that you have The Rose and the Dagger. I will just have to not so patiently wait until it’s released. 🙂

  16. So. Many. Gorgeous. Books. I feel like I see the Air Awakens books *everywhere.* I mean, every time I turn around I see a review of one or someone hauling one… it’s crazy. You know I don’t read much fantasy (like almost never) but I’m starting to feel like the universe is speaking to me with this one. I just picked up The Serpent King at the library over the weekend. You convinced me. 🙂 And seeing everyone haul The Winner’s Kiss totally makes me want to start the series. I have the first book sitting on my shelf just waiting patiently. (Well, I assume patiently. I’ve never actually asked.) Good luck with all the ARCs this month!

  17. Oooh the Air Awakens series looks good! I should probably try that, yes? Have fun with your ARCs! I just started reading Not Otherwise Specified last night, but then I had to go to work like I’m an adult or something. I feel like adulting is incompatible with my reading life; I should clearly change my lifestyle.

  18. The more I hear about this season of the 100, the less I want to watch it…
    Sorry, that’s all I could focus from your post, but OMG! They better not kill off Octavia! Or Raven…or Bellamy even if he’s an ass this season 🙁

  19. OMG this is a truly epic book haul you’ve got there! I’m so glad that Glittering Court comes highly recommended by you Shannon, I’m a bit nervous especially after the reception of her last book. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on those upcoming books, particularly The Crown’s Game, Rose and the Dagger and Traitor Angels! Have a lovely month Shannon and thanks for sharing my post!

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