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Remember that time like a month ago, when everyone was making New Year’s resolutions, and thinking about the direction they wanted their blog and/or reading goals to go in for 2016? Sure you do, like I said, it was like, mere days ago basically. I’ve noticed that so, so many people’s lists included either scaling back on ARCs, or even ditching them altogether. 

But wait! These bookish folks had some awesome points! Things like:

  • Reading all the backlist titles they have sitting on their shelves. (I know a thing or two about that….)
  • Mood reading whatever and whenever they damn well feel like it.
  • Variety! They can include lots of different genres, publication dates, whatever on their blogs.
  • No pressure. Who cares if it takes them two weeks to read a chapter? They can be done whenever they damn well please!

So what is my malfunction? Why I am saying that I don’t even care and I still plan to read all the ARCs in 2016? I figured I’d let you all know- because no one wants to feel like the only one who isn’t jumping on the ARCless Airplane! 

1. I Need the Structure

If you’ve been here a time or two, you probably know that I am the worst at organization and decision making and things of that nature. Back when I was too afraid to request books, I used to stand at look at my bookcase- this is a true story- and/or my Kindle, and just stare. For like, a long time. Everything looked appealing, but nothing looked appealing enough. It was too overwhelming. I tried the TBR Jar, but I just got mad at whatever I picked and then kept picking again until I was back at square one looking at the shelf.

Now, I have a system! And I kind of love it. Yes, I am overwhelmed at times, but that is my own fault. I give myself a few books to choose from in a particular date range, and it’s much easier to narrow down. And the knowing that I already chose it when I requested it gives me more confidence in the decision.

Also, I am pretty sure that picking books should not be this difficult? Like, if I were normal? 

2. They’re SHINY!


Look, there’s something about new things that make them more exciting than existing things. I don’t know why, it probably has something to do with cave people or evolution or something, I don’t know, I am not exactly Charles Darwin over here. But the point is, for some reason, a newly published book is somehow inherently more exciting than a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for two years. I cannot help it, it’s science.

3. I Do My Homework

I was pretty used to buying all the books. I didn’t even really check into them that much, if it looked kind of good, I bought it. That left me feeling… meh. But when I request a book, I take it seriously. Yes, I probably over-request, but, I can also say with certainty that I never request on a whim. I kind of agonize over it, to be honest. (See #1 for “poor decision making ability”.) 

There are reasons for this. I don’t like sending negative reviews to publishers, or authors, or whoever, so I want to pick books I am pretty sure I’ll like. Also, who actively tries to read crappy books? I don’t think that’s a thing…. Plus, let’s be real: I want all the books, so I have to narrow it down. The ones I end up requesting are the elite picks, basically. Which means there’s actually a better chance that I will like them than the ones I have bought in the past.

4. At the Same Time, I Get to Go in Blind

See, after I request a book, I literally do not look at the synopsis again. I want to not know anything, because I feel it works better for me. So by reading a book before it’s being talked about in all the places, I don’t have to worry too much about things being spoiled- I’d have to actively look at reviews and such. In fact, some of the backlist books that I am hesitant to read is because they were spoiled. 

5. I know I am going to read them

See, I have pre-orders from 2013 that I haven’t read. Oops? Goes back to that “new and shiny” business, I guess. But with an ARC, I know I am going to read it- there’s really no other option. I am not saying I won’t DNF it, although historically I am an awful DNFer, but I am going to give it a go, 99% of the time (an exception being if I heard awful things about it- something I knew was a deal breaker- because no one needs me to read and hate it and give it a crappy review.) So basically, it’s the perfect way to be sure that I will actually read my most anticipated books!

6. Because… Books

That’s kind of what it all comes down to, right? What works best for each of us. I mean, certainly it would not be great if every single bookperson stopped reading advanced copies cold turkey, right? Nor would it be good if no one read books published before 2015. So… you do you!

I like reading ARCs- and I feel like I am super respectful of the process, too- so I am going to do it, as long as it works for me. And if one New Year’s Eve, I find myself thinking “meh, over it”, I’ll let you know 🙂

Question Time! Do you enjoy reading advanced copies of books? Or would you rather just stick to backlist? Have your preferences changed over time?

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  1. Hahaha I’m cracking up at so many things. That is definitely what would happen to me if I tried to use a TBR jar. I also love your comment about how no one would try to read crappy books. I’m SUPER picky with ARCs and review copies. I’ve seen like every blogger ever talk about how, when they started using Netgalley, they requested a thousand books and now have terrible feedback percentages, but I never did that. I hate writing negative reviews period, so I choose as wisely as I can, and I take every review copy seriously too. And I’m a mood reader, so having too many ARCs would make reading not fun for me. So while I do like them, I stick to only a couple at a time and still read mostly backlisted books 🙂

    • YESSSS! I never did that either, the Netgalley thing. I was SOOOO scared at first, I’d only request like, ONE book. Now I DO over request, but they ARE books I really want to read. So I still feel like I am picky, just… maybe I have grabby hands 😉

  2. I also really like having the structure of an ARC. I have got a lot better and sticking to reading them before they are published (I don’t request nearly as much as I used to!) and I tend to spend the last week in the month reading my ARCs for the next month. It’s something that works really well for me. I don’t think I could give up reading them, because I’ve found so many gems that way which I can then get really excited for everyone else to enjoy once it’s published! Great post! 🙂

    • Thanks! And yep, I am the same way, I like to keep on top of it, and make sure I am ahead. And I agree- it’s really a great way to find books, and then share how much you love them (or you know… not 😉 ) and I definitely love that aspect too!

  3. GO YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU WANT I SAY!! EEEEP. I honestly think to ARC or not to ARC is absolutely up to each blogger and it really doesn’t matter which a person chooses, right?!? So long as they’re happy with their decision. *nods sagely* I often feel overwhelmed by ARCs…. buuuut, I get a lot of unsolicited ones? And I KNOW I don’t have to review them BUT I STILL WANT TO BECAUS THEY’RE A PRESENT OMG. So I kind of have to scale back on the requests to make room for them, but blahhhh. Last year I DIDN’T request a lot. And did I catch up on my TBR? NOPE. So I figure…eh, what even. I’m never gonna catch up. MIGHT AS WELL ARC.
    (I also like the knowing what’s happening structure thing…like if I get an ARC, I’m forcefully (goodly) organised and know when to read/review it and that does help me too. 😛 WE ARE TWINS IN THIS, SHANNON.)

    • Thank you, dear! I agree- being happy and doing what’s best for you is absolutely the way to go! The unsolicited ones are HARD. I don’t get a *lot* of them, but I do get them from time to time and I feel SO bad not reading them but then… I have a lot that I DID request, and those come first. Unless it’s a book I REALLY wanted to read anyway, and then I will make time (looking at you, Shadow Queen. You shall be my victim soon.)

      I am so glad I found a twin who needs ARCs to guide them! I seriously would never get a thing done if there weren’t SOME kind of bookish deadline. Thanks, ARCs 😉

  4. Love this. I am one who wanted to not focus that much on ARCs this year. Well, I have done a shit job and my list, especially for March and April is quite long! I have been trying to fit in 2 non-ARCs a month though. But yeah ARCs are great. I mean I am easily distracted with shiny new things. I also love going into books blind. I try not to read the synopsis either after initially reading it. I think you just have to decide for yourself what works for you. I still am trying to show restraint when requesting ARCs but it doesn’t always work!! Enjoy all your ARCs!!

    • Awww I am sorry that it isn’t going well! I feel you on March and April (and on February hahha). And you are so right- you DO just have to do whatever works best for you. I hope that your attempt at restraint goes well (or, that you just say “screw restraint” and are happy with that haha) 😀

  5. I think a bit of both is good? It’s impossible to read all the books as soon as they came out so there will always be backlisted ones. On the other hand, it’s also exciting to receive new books. When I receive a book written by my fave author or my fave series, it just instantly jumps up the queue because I’m so biased and it makes me happy to read them, which in the end is what reading should be about. It shouldn’t come to a point when reading is a chore or something that stresses me out.
    With regards to ARCs, I do agree to just request what I’m absolutely sure I would read. I’m always conscious of how many books are waiting for me to be read and when they’re supposed to be published. So I do try not to get overboard and when I know I don’t have the time, I just don’t request since someone else might have more time and desire the ARC XD

    • I agree that a happy medium is probably the way to go. Unfortunately, I have very little restraint 😉 And it is SO good that you don’t let the “required” stuff take over your reading life. That is one of the things I really DO have to work on. Because I have some absolute favorite authors/series just sitting on my shelf. That isn’t okay.

      And YES! I love your last point! That is SUCH a good reason to be picky. I think of that too- like, what if by me asking for a book I’m not sure about, someone who REALLY wants it doesn’t get it? That doesn’t seem right. SUCH a good point, thanks for that!

  6. I love this! I am not scaling back on ARCs either. I did plan a month of just reading books I already own, but you know a few ARCs slipped into that month too. I too have a system for reading and I know I will read all of them, eventually. So ARCs work for me. I almost think I NEED the pressure of a release date to read faster, and think more critically about what I am reading. Great post!

  7. This was a fantastic post! I love that you’re taking it easy with ARCs. I am doing the same. The blogging community gets so hung up on ARCs these days and honestly, I want no part in it. I’m going to read what I want to read, when it’s released. That being said, I do have some ALAMW16 ARCs that I have to read and review, but after that, I can only think of one book this year that I’d like to request – I’m beyond excited for the book, and I love the author and want to help spread the word. Also, I prefer finished copies. If the finished copy has been released, I cannot pick up the ARC knowing it’s not the most recently version.

    This year, I’m working on reading all the titles in my bookshelf that I haven’t read yet. I think there are only four or five now. I’m also doing whatever I want. I’ve been a YA blogger for a couple years and that’s exclusively what I read. I used to read adult and middle grade, so I’m going to read those again. I’m not going to get stressed about putting a review out each week, if I do – great, if I don’t- it’s not the end of the world. Reading is enjoyable, we shouldn’t put so much pressure on ourselves that it becomes a chore. Happy Reading, Shannon!

  8. I definitely end up with too many ARCs. My problem is, I’m pre-approved for pretty much everything, so there is no thought that goes into what I get. I’m such a mood reader that I’d rather have a ton of books to choose from than a select few I may not want to read at a certain time. I agree, though, shiny is better. A lot of my ARCs go unread, and I do feel bad, but not bad enough to stop downloading them. If it is a book I really want to read and I don’t get to the ARC, I will buy a copy when it’s released. I end up buying copies of books I HAVE read. I just want all the books.

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

  9. Yes! Yes to is whole area typed right above me! I have NO intention of cgi
    Erring off the arc train. Perhaps cause I feel like I just got on? And you know SHINY! But seri souls my biggest thing is that I can go into a book with untainted thoughts just as you said. I am very easily swayed (also a side effect of my poor descision making skills) and if there are minimal reviews I’m not affected. I rarely read reviews for books I am planning to review anyway unless it’s just a bare skim but who knows. The thing is I get everyone does what’s best for them and I’m purely team ” do whatever the fuck you want” but here’s what I feel has been happening. Arcs have been getting some nasty “feelings” attached to them. Bloggers are claiming that they are changing the community and are backing off to not feed into the negativity so to speak. Well this may sound a bit harsh (by the way my name is Brittant and I like hard truths in case you didn’t relize) but move the fuck over then. There are tons of other Bloggers who WILL HAPPILY take your seat on the blogger train and it just rolls on. They are marketing tools and I am totally okay with using them to market. But seriously I agree with all of these facts and don’t relative they were the same for me u tip you so graciously pointed them out so thank you dear for enlightening me this morning and taking away that tiny kernel of shame I felt for having absolutely NO intentions of stopping my arc flow.

  10. Nope, don’t do ARCs at all (I don’t do any reviews). I did dabble in them with my old blog, but they became too stressful and a hindrance to my reading. When I started my new book blog a few weeks ago I made the decision going into it that I wasn’t going to mess with ARCs this time around, and I haven’t missed them at all 🙂 But, if ARCs work for you then go with it!

  11. I haven’t really been bombarded with ARCs before (though I’ve done a few review request these past four-five months), but I’ve always wanted to try reading ARCs. I’m planning on signing up for NetGalley later this year in preparation for it, and hopefully everything goes well!

    I understand why a lot of book bloggers have an “ARC Ban” resolution for New Year’s too, though I can read two books at the same time, so I’d most probably read one ARC and one TBR Book if ever. 🙂

    Great post, Shannon!

  12. Tammy V.

    I do like my ARCs. They give you that excitement of reading before anyone else. I do binge read also so backlists are important too. Binge reading is my preferred way to read series because I like to be immersed in the story.

  13. I was one of those people that said I was going to cut back on ARCs and focus on backlist titles. Haha. That still hasn’t happened yet…

    Omg, the TBR Jar comment is great “but I just got mad at whatever I picked and then kept picking again”. Haha, that’s the main reason why I don’t do a TBR jar, I would be that person to keep picking a new piece of paper saying, “No, not that one.”

    New books are a bit more exciting than backlist ones.

    Ooh, I need to go blind into books. I only end up doing that rarely it seems like.

    I do enjoy reading advanced copies! But sometimes when I read them, they’re no longer advance. Lolll. I would like to stick to backlist but the ARCs are all so SHINY like you said. They make them that way on purpose. My preferences have changed in that while I’d like to read backlist, I read more ARCs.

  14. I agree with so many of the points you listed. I know that some consider people who mainly read ARCs as elitist somehow, but I think that people should do whatever works best for them. Yes, ARCs can be stressful sometimes because of deadlines. However, participating in tours and getting to help promote books before publication is a great feeling, especially when you get to help debut authors. Wonderful post!


    But really, the truth is truthful. ARCs are pretty and shiny and colorful things. They’re definitely stressful, though. Figuring out whether to post it near the date or before. but blog tours are always oodles of fun and getting to love their book in one gigantic post is super awesome, too. Lovely post! 😀

  16. I WANT THEM ALL! Why settle for just ARCs or backlist books? I think of ARCs as a box of chocolate–you never know what you’re going to get, but you might be pleasantly surprised. And, backlist books are the soft butterscotch chews–constant and enjoyable. Ha ha…books and candy go hand in hand, no?

  17. I AM READING ARCS TOO. But only the ones I really want to read, seeing that I may have picked some up at ALA without really thinking about when I’ll have the time to read them? I could read them a couple months from now though haha! But yeah, I do want to read backlist books as well, but I love reading ARCs because they are shiny, and I guess also because that is all anyone is talking about nowadays? Like on Twitter, I see tons of promo posts on them everywhere! So it is kind of hard to ignore them. However I did preorder Salt to the Sea and I READ IT. And I also have A Gathering of Shadows on the way (hopefully) and I will definitely read it within a week or so!

    Awesome POST SHANOON. You do you! 🙂

  18. AH, I LOVE this discussion. First, I totally understand the bad decision-making skills which is why I don’t make decisions…like ever. So I am one of the people who pretty much decided to give up on ARCs for now and I have reasons but also…I still love ARCs. And I remember before I got into blogging and I thought they were the coolest thing and I still think that most the time. For me it’s mostly a time thing, I know myself and I don’t make time to read ARCs before they come out unless they’re ones I’m really really excited about and I kind of just got so far behind on them that I…gave up. I still request some I’m just way more picky now. I definitely think it’s the whatever works best for you thing, I’m not sure I’ve figured that out yet though!

    As for preferences changing over time, definitely! I used to want all the ARCs and want to read them all right away and now I just want to read whatever I feel like reading whenever I want to. I want to rediscover the excitement of ARCs but a lot of the time they feel like a chore to me and like, that’s not how it should be. I’m kind of a hot mess when it comes to all things reading recently. =)

    I’m glad you have a method that works for you, Shannon! Can you please teach me your ways? =)

  19. Great discussion Shannon and a good counter-point to mine! I do like ARCs and there is nothing wrong with wanting them if you do your research and like the structure! I need to cut back on them for my sanity and mood reading but they offer a whole new world of possibility! So many things to think about! ♥

  20. For me, the ARCs become the backlist. I have so many that I wasn’t able to get to before they came out. There are too many people writing great books and not enough time for me to read them all. So, although I love ARCs, I have to scale back on requesting new ones because I need to get to all the ARCs I already have.

  21. I don’t think I’ll ever give up on ARCs, so I’m right there with you. I do want to try to read more of the random books I own, though, so I’m working on that too. Oh, and this is pretty much unrelated, but I’m reading Air Awakens now because of you and really enjoying it!!

  22. I’ve never given to much thought to ARC’s mainly because of my mood reading tendencies. As a rule, I will always meet my deadlines and in some cases that means forcing myself to read a book I’m not in the mood to read which means I am less likely to enjoy it. Therefore, the only reason I request an ARC is if it’s of a book I’m really excited about and know that I am likely to enjoy. However, you make a lot of valid points here and I love the fact that you can go in blind and be surprised with no fear of spoilers and we do love all things shiny.

  23. I do enjoy reading advanced copies, and when I go places and a book has just come out I can say, “Oh, yeah. I’ve read that one. It is soooo good!” or whatever I have to say. People give me these funny looks, like how in the world is it possible to read a book before it comes out on a bookstore shelf, but they always end up picking it up!

    At the same time, I wish my backlogged TBR mountain would magically disappear. I also have decided I’m going to read whatever I want to. I’m done forcing myself to ignore good books because of some self-imposed schedule.

  24. You go, Shannon! I’m glad that you’re announcing to the world your intentions. ARCs work for some people and they don’t for others. Just like everything else in life when you think about it. Neither side is wrong!
    I’ve personally cut down on ARCs, especially physical ARCs, because with school I was starting to really feel the pressure, but I haven’t cut out e-ARCs from my life because they provide a source of reading material. I think I’m at that point where having a structure has affected my reading enjoyment, so I just pick up anything that I want and it’s working for me. The going in blind is one thing I like about ARCs. In the past, I’ve removed books from my TBR because of early reviews and then when I’ve gone back, I really enjoyed them. I only read reviews from bloggers I trust now.
    Anyways, I digress, but I’m proud of you for standing up to your beliefs and for not being ashamed about it! You do you, girl! 🙂

  25. I’m one of *those people* who cut way back on ARC”s. lol I was getting too overwhelmed and not enjoying reading anymore. I do still accept them though – just in more manageable #’s – @ 2 per month.

    Having said that everyone has to do what works for THEM so good for you!

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

  26. Love this. 🙂 You picking titles from a TBR jar, getting mad about what you chose and picking again had me laughing so hard. 🙂 I can so see it. I’m one of those who made a very conscious decision to scale back on the ARCs. I am not a fast reader. So I feel the need to make the most of my reading time. When sooo much of my time is spent reading ARCS, it’s definitely at the detriment of all the beautiful books on my shelves and on my Kindle. Books that I bought because I was – and still am – truly excited about and *really* want to read. But I would always put the ARCs first because, y’know, there’s a responsibility there. I made a commitment and I have to keep my end of the bargain. And, like you, I know what I like and I’m pretty choosy about what I request. Even so, I was definitely feeling like I was using all my reading time on ARCs and very little on all the yummy backlist titles on my shelves. It hasn’t worked out exactly like I hoped (I’m still trying to finish up all the ARCs I already had) but I’m starting to grab *exactly* what I want to read, when I want to read it and I’m loving it. 🙂 And you summed it up perfectly when you said You Do You. LOL We all have our own way we read, our own preferences and there’s never ever one right way.

  27. Good for you. I am trying to be more sensible about my ARC requests and sticking with requesting books I am genuinely excited for rather than just getting drawn in by a pretty cover, I couldn’t give up on them completely though. I am trying to restrict the number I request as I have so many books on my shelves to read, but a couple a month is reasonable. Everyone should do their own thing, though. You like the structure ARCs give so go for it, keep requesting, you know how many books you can handle. I don’t like always going into books blind, for those I have doubts with I prefer to wait. It means I have to wait a bit longer, but that’s my thing. We’re all individuals aren’t we?

  28. I love reading ARCs. It’s fun to have been able to read something before it was released and maybe your review will entice some people to check it out! At the same time, I get busy and I don’t read THAT fast, so I try not to accept or request too many ARCs (Netgalley is like book lover quicksand though…so many shiny books!!) because I don’t want to submit the review too late or whatever!


  29. I love this Shannon! I ‘said’ I was going to cut back just because I realized I didn’t like the pressure, and I wanted more freedom to pick my reads instead of keeping to a set deadline, but at the same time I’m with you. I need structure. And I’m with you on the shiny part. I love getting new books. And I love that they’re fresh and new. I typically don’t read them as fast as others do, so I still get spoiled which is a bummer, because I’d rather go in blind too. There have been so many books that I am putting off because of poor reviews, but what if I really like them? I still will read them, but their priority has gone down and I don’t like that.

    I do need to cut down on ARCs though. I get more than I can possibly read and that’s just not fair to me or the publisher. I have become more selective and am quite proud of my restraint so far this year. I’ve only gotten the ones I’ve REALLY wanted.

  30. Firstly, how have I never been to your blog before!? I just found it through the LoveAThon and it is SHAMEFUL how many blogs I haven’t visited yet!
    I’m sort of mixed. I do still love being able to read books early but it’s not so much about the reading-it-early part for me anymore. I feel like I love to spread the word for these authors and pubs and I’ve grown to build these awesome relationships with them! I like being able to read a book and not be the 100,000th person to share an opinion that’s been seen so many times before. (Okay, and SHINY)
    I am trying to read a lot more ARCs this year in the sense that i stick to the commitments I make when I request them. I had so many from last year that I absolutely do still want to read but haven’t gotten to. I’ve actually been catching up on a lot of backlist books on audio!! I’m trying to read print ARCs but have been more successful this year reading my egalleys which is like unheard of for me because I didn’t ever even want to buy a Kindle and now I love it haha! (But give me paper copies of books or give me death. Still my favs)
    I can totally understand why people are trying to distance themselves from ARCs or catch up on backlist or try to make ARCs not so exclusive… But I will keep on requesting and reading them because I love being able to help do the promotion for them!

  31. Since I am still new when it comes to blogging, I don’t think I have to stress how exciting it is for me to get an ARC, but I don’t want to be in a place where because of them I have no time to read books I actually bought with my own money.
    I think those bloggers who decided to pause from ARC requesting are right, but also I think those who still want to read mostly ARCs are also right.
    To each their own!

  32. I love the structure that ARCs give too! They can be so much easier than spending hours deciding what to read next sometimes. However, I’m not the best at doing my homework before requesting so that is something I’m definitely needing to work on.

  33. I’m actually planning on STARTING to request ARCs this year! So yay! Although emphasis on REQUEST. I’m actually super picky with requesting because I’m just like, hmm, maybe not, hmm, I have no clue, hmm, do I even have time for this? I actually have all the respect for bloggers who read ARCs because oMG, you might not like them! I read at least twenty reviews before even considering getting a book normally. So read all the ARCs, Shannon! If it’s the right goal for you, then it’s the right goal even if no one else has it.

  34. AHHH, YES. I want to give them up, especially sometimes because I feel like it’s a chore (which is why I have been reading backlist more so right now) but then I love them because when I have like 535425436 books of my own to read and not a single one can keep my attention, I just read a review coy because it forces me to read and easier than choosing for myself, if that makes sense, haha. Now I’m doing for every review copy, one of my own (though still annoying because I went through ten books after TWK and still couldn’t decide on one.)

  35. Terrific post and I am glad that you enjoy your ARC’s as much as you do. I enjoy them also but am not a fast reader, I like to enjoy my reads at a slower pace. I really enjoyed this post!!

  36. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to read arcs or not wanting to read arcs. Our blogs are ours and we can blog about whatever the fuck we want, if you want to review only arc’s, then good for you! I have no time to read lately so when I can, I want to read what I feel like reading and not what I feel ‘forced’ to read. But this is because I’m a mood reader 🙂

  37. Amazing discussion Shannon! I’m glad that ARCs help put you into a schedule, and that you’ve had good luck with the ARCs that you read. While I do request, sometimes when negative reviews start rolling in it makes me less inclined to pick up the book sadly, which happens a lot with ARCs. I was one of the ones who said I’ll read less ARCs so I can enjoy reading a bit more and not feel like it’s an obligation. But it sounds love it’s working for you, you take the obligation seriously and new and shiny reads are always fun!

  38. This is such a cute post, love it!! I think we should all do what we want to, and this shows you doing just that so go you!! 😀

    Personally I’m scaling back on ARCs because I go to college next year, and I’ll have no room for all these books!! Plus I can never keep up with/read all the ARCs I receive (mainly because school and life), and I’d rather them go to a source that’ll actually read and review on time!

    You’re an ARC-reading machine though, so you’ve definitely got an awesome system going on. Great post <3

  39. I love this post! The novelty of getting books pushed through my letterbox still hasn’t worn off 🙂 I think every blogger has a different opinion, some don’t like the pressure, personally I don’t mind it. I DO like the structure they give me and I DO enjoy reviewing them. I can DEFINITELY understand why some people are trying to cut back, though – we all have massive TBRs already!

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