The 100 Episode 3×02: Wanheda (Part 2)


I hope that you have become fully immersed in season 3 by this point.  Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! 

This week, our full chat can be found with Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway!! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: After some analyzing of when people read/comment/watch the show, it seems you guys are basically onto the next episode by the time we get these posts up! We used to do it to give everyone plenty of time to read but basically, you guys don’t seem to need it. SO, starting with Episode 3, we’re moving this to SUNDAYS, so we can converse about it all before the next episode! Olé!

(And, if you are good girls and boys, there may even be an extra fun surprise 😉 )

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking still photos from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show.

Now, let’s do this! 

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old? Not if you’re farm Station

As this episode starts, our little Arkian crew is in their random ass Jeep, and alas, they stumble upon a roadblock, seemingly thanks to the Ice Nation. Clearly, it’s a trap. And they get ambushed and it basically starts looking really ugly.

But wait! Suddenly… it’s family reunion time!

Look guys, it’s Monty’s mom! So call off the killing so these two can catch up!

Well, well, Farm Station is alive. Not all of them (notice that we aren’t having any warm fuzzy reunions with Monty’s Dad. Or apparently a shitton of kids, which makes my heart hurt even though they are fictional and we never once saw them. Farm Station landed in Ice Nation, which is a bit of bad luck for them. They hate all Grounders, even the ones that the Arkians like (Indra was backing away at this point, trying to make herself invisible in a hot second). They’re led by this dude, who I do not remember at all. Was he a thing in Season 1?

His name is Pike. I assume it’s his last name? Let’s give him a good title though. Like umm Archduke Vladimir Pike, of The Farm PeopleYes, he probably has a real name, yes, I am too lazy to look it up.

And then this group realizes that they are insanely close in proximity to the dude who’s captured the great Wanheda!

The Wanheda Rescue Party (of One)

Roan, which is apparently the name of the large, frightening sounding man who has been dragging Clarke all around the mid-Atlantic, is dragging Clarke extra close to our ragtag group of Arkians (farm and non-farm alike). Where’d Indra go? She did a great job of getting out of dodge, that one.

Now, the Arkians sure are glad that they know where Clarke is. But they don’t really seem too terribly ready to jump in front of this behemoth of a man to grab her. Except for one person. One person wants to rescue Clarke, consequences be damned.

And just like that,  Bellarke shippers all over the world cried out in glee. 

Of course, no one is going to make this easy for Bellamy. So he sneaks his ass away to some cave-looking thing, where he finds Clarke, finally, and we all have a collective swoon.

Seriously, be still my heart. 

And what does Bellamy get for his trouble? Well, first Roan finds him. And then he gets a nice bullet wound to the leg. But we Bellarkers? We get this thing of beauty:

I cannot with the feels. 

So, Roan and his captive get away. But he doesn’t take her to her death at the hands of the Ice Queen. Nope. It’s time we had another reunion, albeit a far less happy one.

I mean… ew. 

And that’s where we leave this group. Until next episode, of course. Clarke, so far, isn’t having any of Lexa’s bullshit, and I hope it stays that way. I also can’t wait to get to the next paragraph of typing so I can stop seeing this GIF.

Elsewhere in Arkland….

  • Jasper is still annoying as fuck, but he does have a sweet moment with Octavia, I guess so we hate him less or something. It almost works?
    I’ll give it to Devon Bostick, even if I don’t care about Maya a season later, it’s damn clear that Jasper does.
  • Murphy and Emori are sick of Jaha and A.L.I.E. and the creepy ass dudes that are with them, so they’re getting out of there. I mean, sure, Emori is going to try to steal some shit from the scariest looking “person” of all time, as you do, but after that, they’re running. But oh no. Jaha stops them. Because reasons. (I don’t remember, okay. Jaha inflicts boredom.) So they try to hold Emori hostage, but Murphy looks at his watch and realizes it’s Fuck-That-Shit-o’Clock, and grabs what I assume is A.L.I.E.’s uhhh parts? I don’t know. So they let Emori go in exchange for the case.
    But since Murphy wasn’t born yesterday, he knows they’ll just attack him and Emori if he gives it to him, so he throws it the hell in the lake, runs with Emori, and takes off in the boat. I love Murphy this season. So much love.
  • Jaha and that guy scramble to retrieve it, and then next thing you know, we see the “City of Lights”. And it’s virtual reality. That’s it. Basically, it’s like Sonic the damn Hedgehog, and I am supposed to be impressed. And it’s stupid, stupider than I thought. Like, does anyone, anywhere care about this storyline? (No seriously, I need to know.) Anyway, A.L.I.E. needs Jaha’s people to populate this creepy fake city. So… yeah. I am sure Jaha will be kidnapping Arkians in no time, because Jaha be crazy.City-of-Light

So. Freaking. Stupid. 

Do you hate the Sega Genesis “City of Lights” as much as I do? Did you freak out in joy over Bellarke feels, even though we know they aren’t happening yet? Anyone or anything else you want to chat about? I adore a chat!

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12 responses to “The 100 Episode 3×02: Wanheda (Part 2)

  1. This felt like The 100 after a shaky start. And when Clarke went off on Lexa and started going apeshit I was like YESSS. I had to watch it again. Her fight w/ Roan was awesome too, and when she stabbed him I was like, see you can’t just drag her all over the place because she’s not gonna put u with that shite. And Bellamy- glad they didn’t drag that out, he actually found her, which made it even harder when he lost her again. I hope they don’t take all season to get together again. Pike’s obviously going to be an asshole at some point, you can understand their feelings but of course it will all get out of hand. Can’t wait. 🙂

    Jasper needs to get his shit together and man up. OK I know I’m being hard on him, but just… I don’t know I guess it was a nice scene w/ him and Octavia. I’ll give him that.

    I have no idea what’s going on in the City of Light storyline except yes, it’s dumb. Murphy and Emori are fine but Jaha and Otan- eff them. I hate Jaha. This season is obviously gonna be part awesome (everyone but Jaha) and shitty (Jaha) and I hope they keep the storylines separate as long as possible, because I want to see Grounders not that other bullshit.

    I am glad to see Mt. Weather again, that place is too cool to see it all closed up.

    • TOTALLY agree about Mount Weather. Although now… (we obviously have catching up to do- I am shooting for a double episode recap on Sunday, it was too crazy to get one up by last weekend, since we had just done one!) well, I guess I will find out what happened to it when I go watch the DVRed episode from tonight! And Jaha. UGH. Make him STAHHHHP. Like maybe he goes into his little virtual reality game and Murphy and Emori just like, take it and blow it up and it kills the whole City of Light AND everyone in it? Wishful thinking?

      Also- SO with you, I was afraid they’d drag the Clarke-finding allllll season. So this was good!


    MUTATED DEER, FLUFFY, sad things in the 100. I don’t know what is going on. I do know I wiki’d City of Light. So I guess that’s what this season will be about? Maybe. Look at me talking about the 100 as if I actually watched the show lololol.

    • Because Greg was the only cool person until you came along. Now there’s a few more, but he gets to be the first cool person, and there’s nothing the rest of you can do.

      City of Light is STUPID, Val. If that is what the season is about, I quit. (Just kidding, the show is about killing all kinds of people, along with blatant stupidity and incompetence.)

  3. “Archduke Vladimir Pike, of The Farm People” – haha, that’s great.

    YES, Bellarke! SO MANY FEELS. So many feels. But, um, I mean, come on Bellamy, get your shit together that dude (Roan) snuck up on you and totally wrecked you, shouldn’t you have been a little more on guard? Hm? This is what you get for ruining the ship with your new girlfriend person that no one knows who is.

    Oh man, I love Jasper but I hope he freaking gets over it soon, he’s acting like a moron. I was honestly worried he was going to try to blow up the base or something! While Murphy grows on me more every episode I’m so over their storyline. No, I don’t think anyone cares about the “City of lights”. “Jaha inflicts boredom” – TRUTH!

    Okay, I think I’m out of things to say because I’m commenting on Holly’s post too! =) And I need to actually watch episode 3…

  4. Bellamy is perfection. I’m just not rooting for them right now, well I am, but I’m nervous that if they get together now they won’t be endgame and they need to be endgame.

    Jaha and this whole City of Lights bull shit is annoying. I really am not a fan. I was really hoping to like Jaha because Isaiah Washington, but nope.

  5. OMG, I loved this! You had me laughing xD

    Honestly, that family reunion threw me off. Literally, I was watching them be attacked, looked away for A SECOND, and then people were hugging! I was like “wait, what? what just happened?!” Also, I really wish Jasper would stop crying. Like, dude, they’ve all lost people, shut the fuck up, get your shit together, I’m sick of seeing your slobber all over the place.
    Sorry, had to vent about that.

    Anyways, love your recap! I’ll be reading from now on 🙂

    • Aww thanks so much!! And DUDE- the same thing happened to me! I went to grab my water bottle- like, on the nightstand next to me!- and the next thing you know… no one is killing anyone anymore!? So. Weird. And Jasper… UGH. I hope he is done now that he… well, if you watched this past week’s episode you know what I mean. He needs to calm down NOW.

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