This Week at Midnight, it may be the last one! 

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us a chance to share with readers what we bought, borrowed, swapped, won or got for review each week. Because I love books, and you love books, so let’s see the books!

The Books

“Val Does ALA and Gives Shannon Half of the Books”


I am not going to link all these, because frankly, I am tired, and you can see the titles clearly, right? Great. 

I won these from Kelly! Talk about an incredible win!! 


For Review:


Thanks to Atheneum Books for Young Readers (via Edelweiss)

Weekly Shenanigans

I read two books this week. One of them was The Lifeboat Clique. One of them wasn’t.


Posts this Week:


Blogosphere Bulletin

Random Musings:

I might be making my weekly recap not weekly. It’s hard because I love highlighting things that happened during the week, but some weeks it just seems like not enough time has even gone by to do a recap- or, not much has happened! So I am thinking of turning it into just a general recap for… whenever. I will list the dates and basically do all the same stuff- just not necessarily every week, but also, not necessarily not every week. Does that make any sense? I hope so, because I was confusing my own self.

Things we need to talk about this week:

        • See above. 
        • I feel like I need some nice stories after all the ridiculous drama lately. So please, do indulge me with nice and/or funny! 

Have a fabulous week, loves!

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  1. EXCUSE ME BUT THERE IS A BOOK ON THIS POST CALLED 100 DAYS WITHOUT CAKE AND I NEED IT. Although it seems like a torturous book??? Potential devilry with no cake??? Anyway I’m leaving for goodreads like RIGHT NOW.
    Except wait…ahem. I need finish this comment first.
    Omg, I hear you with the recaps. I’m considering just doing monthly ones?! Like I really like them but they seem to be my least liked posts. xD haha. And I either have 9428 books or 0. LIKE WHAT EVEN IS LIFE.
    Also I’m super curious about that mystery book you read. xD

  2. Oh lots of books! So pretty! I am now super curious about you book that was not The Lifeboat Clique. Just do whatever you need to with the recaps – biweekly? monthly? whenever you damn well feel like it? – it’s all good 🙂 Have a great week!

  3. Haha, this is amusing because I just read Cait’s random-time recap as well. I think it’s perfectly fine to just do them any time — I’m trying out monthly recaps personally this year, but we’ll see how it goes and then make a decision? But ooooh your books look lovely this week! Not sure what to think about the coverless book (I’m intrigued though!), but Truthwitch and Passenger EEEEK. Also 100 Days of Cake sounds FABULOUS. Now I want to eat cake. Hmm.

  4. Oh wow, those really are some very cool wins! I’ve had Passenger for a while now, but I didn’t have time to read it yet sadly (or read at all other than listening to audiobooks, hmph) and I’m looking forward to reading Truthwitch at some point as well! I feel ya on the weekly posts, I do my wrap up posts basically whenever I feel like it, which tends to be once a week, but not necessarily if nothing much happened that week and I didn’t get anything interesting. AH SNARK FROM THE ARK IS BACK I AM EXCITED. At the moment I’m resisting watching the show, because I’d rather watch it all without having to wait, but snark from the ark is making me want to watch it now. Be prepared for a comment flood when I finally do get around to watching it!

  5. I got Ask Me How I Got Here and Firstlife a few weeks ago 🙂 I’m excited for both! I saw Harper added Please Don’t Tell on Edelweiss but I’m skeptical on requesting it so I’ll wait for your verdict 🙂
    I hope you enjoy Up to This Pointe!
    A book that’s not The Lifeboat Clique… Um because that does not seem suspicious haha Very curious about it.
    Do what you feel like! I personally like making the weekly recaps. I totally understand your point though. There are weeks I only get one book but then that same week lots of stuff happened in my life. Then again, there are weeks like this one where I got books but nothing interesting happened in my life so I guess they are a bit balanced? I will miss your weekly stuff! But you do you 🙂 And if it gives you less stress, then go ahead and relax! I feel like I tell you to relax a lot haha I hope you have a lovely weekend and week!

  6. what great books and Congrats on the win!! I got some good wins myself-and am thrilled to have. I love Paper Fury’s posts, she just makes me laugh. Enjoy all of your terrific books (most of them I have on my tbr!!) Have a great week!!

  7. Holy amazing books^^ Congrats on winning that sweet giveaway and getting gifted so many ALA books 😀 What a treat! I still need to read Passenger, The Darkest Minds and Something Strange and Deadly but I hope you ADORE ToG ♥ – and ACOTAR as much as I did!! Happy reading^^

  8. That’s an awesome new haul! I absolutely loved Wanderlost. It’s one of my new favorite contemp romances. 🙂 Mirror in the Sky and Rocks Fall sound very intriguing – can’t wait to see what you think!
    Happy reading this week, lady! <3

  9. I moved away from weekly recaps 60+ weeks ago. 🙂 I just wasn’t having fun pulling stuff together every week. Good luck with however you decide to recap your month, your week, your year!

    Have a great week!

  10. Your blog has become one of the blogs that I look forward to every week/month/whatever. Don’t ever feel like you have to post just because it has become a weekly routine. There is no need to force anything. Thanks for being amazing!

  11. Don’t think I didn’t notice that oh-so-sly tease with “a book that’s not Lifeboat Clique.” Well played. 🙂 Consider me intrigued. LOL Dreamy haul from ALA (hooray for friends who share). And that is an awesome win from Kelly! So many good ones! I still excited every time I see ACOTAR. And my husband is actually reading The Darkest Minds right now. Ha! He said he wanted something with zombies or a dystopian. I actually haven’t read TDM yet but I figured it’s dystopian and he said he’s enjoying it so there you go. 🙂 Nice story: saw The 5th Wave last night and thought it was excellent!!

  12. Thanks for the shout out! And I hear ya on the recap frequency, I’ve decided to join in the It’s Monday! What are You Reading recap link-up, but I think I’m only going to do it twice a month, instead of every week? I like doing recaps, but sometimes I’m stumped on what to put in them 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  13. Wow, Val is a true friend for giving you all those ARCs! i saw the description for 100 days of cake and it looked so yummy! I have too many ARCs from NetGalley, already. So I need to hurry up and read them before I request any more. Have a great week.

  14. I basically just have a monthly recap and “reading recaps” randomly if I feel like I haven’t shared one in a while. I tried to do the Sunday Post as a weekly wrap-up but just never felt like I had enough to say. It’s mostly because I don’t acquire a lot of books. It really would be boring some weeks LOL. Sooooo in other words, do whatever works best! You could always do every other week 🙂

  15. Woah, lots of fun books. Yay for having friends that give you lots of books!! I wish I could have done ALA. Well really, I’d LOVE to do the summer ALA because it’s in Orlando. haha

    I think it’s fine if you don’t do a weekly update every week. I try and do Sunday Post every Sunday but I don’t always; I’ve missed here and there and it’s all good.

    I think I missed some of the drama, but it does seem like a rough week in the bloggy world. Umm…good news. It’s February on Monday and that’s the month of love so yeah, reading books and eating chocolate. Love, right?


  16. Aw, Val is super nice for giving you those! I’m really looking forward to ENTER TITLE HERE, THE CROWN’S GAME, and UPTO THIS POINTE. Congrats on the huge win by the way, that’s amazing! I’m interested on what the other book is.. 😉

  17. I have nightmares of what would have happened if I had to mail you all those books Shannon, good thing I just dropped them off instead! LOL. This would have been a great picture to have my face in it, amirite?

    Love you! Hope you enjoy all the books. And as you know, I support whatever you do, whenever you do it.

  18. I’m mildly obsessed with the cover of 100 Days of Cake. Still contemplating whether I should add it or not, but am OBVS with the cover. It’s so pretty & crazy & there’s cake involved. So whoa. Also: OMG THE HAUL. I have Passenger, too!

    Bloggish drama is becoming so tired, but I did binge-watch a whole season of Degrassi on Netflix, so that was cool, haha & if you’re unsatisfied with your weekly recap, which is one of my fave things btw ;), you can always try a 9-day recap or a monthly recap!

  19. Waaa that is one awesome giveaway win but you are so the most deserving as I know you’ll try and review most of them with justice 😉 I am still battling my way through Passenger due to the slow pace, but I am enjoying it despite it all haha.
    I love your weekly recaps so much Shannon, but if you want to take a break from it I think monthly is also perfect for this feature!

  20. I get why you wouldn’t want to do a weekly recap every week. That is why I only do a monthly recap. It works out much better and I generally have more to say. And 100 days of cake looks kind of awesome. But I may or may not have been attracted by the cake. Yeah, now I’m hungry for cake. D’oh!

  21. Shannon, you’re going to need to read most of these books from Val’s gifts ASAP because I’ll be dyyiiiing for details! JK! (NOT REALLY) I’m excited for a lot of those books too and can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Also, Val is a sweetheart. I seriously ship your friendship! 🙂
    And woah! That is an amazing win! Such pretty covers too!
    I feel you about the not having things to say on recaps sometimes. It’s pretty much why I avoided doing them on my other blog and opted to do a monthly recap instead. Anyways, you do what you have to! 🙂
    Happy reading, Shannon and fingers crossed that our chat group will be all about happy things this week! <3

  22. Wow talk about a good week for books, that’s a nice haul and an incredible win. I heard good thigsg about both Passenger and Truthwitch and I am hoping to read both eventually. Aww that poor cake on the cover of 100 days cake, now I am curious where it’s about.
    And yes that makes sense to just do a recap whenever you feel like it. Have a great week!

  23. Shannon, I feel you on the weekly recaps — I don’t have the energy because they are so time consuming although I always appreciate your discussion round-ups! Whatever works for you! Also that cover for 100 Days of Cake just sings to me ♥

  24. OOH THESE LOOK AMAZING! I’m off to Goodreads so add a billion more books to my wishlist after reading this post XD
    I understand what you mean about the weekly recaps, I’d say if you want to post at a certain time then post it, but if not, don’t. Do what makes you happy! 🙂

  25. AWwww that’s so amazing of Val to share her book haul with you Shannon! And congrats on the win with the new books as well, I can’t wait to read Crown’s Game and to hear your thoughts on this! I totally know what you mean about weekly recaps – they’re time consuming so I do mine every 2 weeks. Have a lovely week and happy reading!

  26. Seems like you hauled in quite a lot of books this year! Especially in that first picture DD: I also see you have Truthwitch and Passenger which are two books I so want to own myself 😀 So glad to know you have these. Do enjoy them <3

  27. Ah! Shannon, I totally meant to come back and comment on this post last weekend. Better late then never, right?
    Congrats on your awesome win! I wanted to tell you that although this post is probably a lot of work for you, I look forward to it every Saturday. I will miss you not posting weekly, but I will look forward to your semi-monthly posts.

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