Review: The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow

Review: The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow
Published by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) on February 23rd 2016
Pages: 304

Daisy's best friend is missing . . . and not for the reasons she thinks.
Henry Hawking is sixteen years old, brilliant, funny, and sly--and now he's missing. But no one seems worried except his best friend, Daisy Cruz, who knows that Henry's security-obsessed parents would never leave town without taking proper precautions. And Henry would never go away without saying good-bye.

Daisy considers all the obvious explanations for Henry's disappearance (federal witness protection program, alien abduction) before breaking into Henry's house. In his room, she finds a note that pleads, SAVE ME.
Desperate to find Henry, Daisy follows his trail deep into the California wilderness. What she finds there makes her wonder if she ever knew Henry at all . . . and if the world as she knows it will ever be the same.


Let us take a minute and look at how pretty the cover is. And intriguing! Then add in the synopsis, and wow, I am needing answers. 


Now, kindly forget all of those things and open the book. 

Let’s start with Daisy, because I liked Daisy. She’s funny, and relatable. Like, if I were her age, I could see us hanging out on weekends or something. She was a good narrator for the book, because she’s equal parts appropriately freaked out and regular teenaged girl. It worked, because had she somehow turned into a serious faux-adult, it would have seemed ridiculous, but if she had been completely aloof it would have felt even worse. She has a good balance to her personality and I enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed how much she cared about her family, even though they definitely had their share of problems. They weren’t perfect, but there was love and a bond and it was incredibly important to Daisy. Even while they were apart, Daisy thought of them, they never were missing from her mind, which was refreshing and believable.

The book also moved at a quick pace and was easy to read, and was interesting enough to keep me wanting to see the story out. Even when I was wavering on the plot or some of the character’s actions and responses, I still was curious enough to go on.

“So, this ‘wavering on the plot’ stuff you speak of…” may be something you’re curious about. Right. Well, this is kind of a weird story.  Henry is missing and Daisy wants to find him. Okay, I am on board. But then things get… odd. And it’s kind of where the logic ends too. I’m not even sure how much of this would be considered “spoilers”,  so I am treading carefully, but this book isn’t about Henry’s disappearance. It starts out that way, yes. But it definitely turns into something very different. At first, I was okay with that. But how it all played out was just not believable in any way. There were a group of people in the story who I am pretty sure were supposed to be extra-crazy versions of the Duggars? They were instead the Dunkles, and all seventy bagillion kids’ names started with “K”. And they were, as I said, even more off their rockers, and I feel like they were there for sheer entertainment/filler value. If you cut them out of the story, nothing would have really changed, except for a few fewer chapters and names to remember.

Then there’s those pesky character reactions and responses that didn’t work for me. At one point, Daisy is trapped somewhere. And instead of like, losing her shit, she does dishes for awhile. Look, I don’t do the dishes on a good day, so when I am in a place I can’t escape from and have no idea what my fate holds? I am going to skip the housework, mmmkay? And then she starts making crafts. Because of course she does. She is not the only character to do this kind of thing, but this is an early, non-spoilery example.

Okay, so the next part, which incidentally, is the part that annoyed me the most, has to be put into spoiler tags. The first spoiler doesn’t spoil the whole book, but if you want to go in blind, don’t read it. That cute kid GIF from last time worked to stop you people from looking, so let’s try it again.

Do not look if you haven’t read/don’t want to be spoiled! 

View Spoiler »

So yes, I was kind of rolling my eyes at quite a few of these things. But again, I was still curious enough to read on to find out how it all wrapped up. Which brings me to my next spoiler…

Now, this one will spoil the whole book. So seriously, don’t read it unless you have read the book or are like, into being spoiled, which it seems like some of you masochists are 😉 

View Spoiler »

Bottom Line: While I liked the main character and found the book easy to read and relatively entertaining, the implausibility of the plot as well as the character’s actions left me scratching my head.

Would you have gone searching for Henry, or is he on his own?

(I’m probably just getting mad at him and planning the silent treatment, tbh.)

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20 responses to “Review: The Last Place on Earth by Carol Snow

  1. Mmm, yeah the cover is beautiful but it does not sound like a book I would like. I chose to view the spoiler because I had already figured your review would deter me from reading it anyway. Yeah, a lot of that stuff just seems so crazy. And I agree about the dishes. I detest doing the dishes. I think it would be much more believable if she chooses to read a book if she’s trapped. I mean, a book could be seen as a way for her to mentally escape, right? Or eating. I would totally pig out. But dishes? Ha. No, no, no.

    • Hahha good choice! And seriously, of ALL the things, DISHES?! And then she uses her FOOD to make crafts. Like, what even? Want to starve to death, asshole? But she was the least frustrating part of the book by far, so that’s saying something. I mean, it was entertaining, and if the ending wasn’t so ridiculous I may have been able to rate it a bit higher but.. nope.

  2. Welll that plot sure sounds crazy and I don’t think this one would be for me.
    THIS THOUGH: “At one point, Daisy is trapped somewhere. And instead of like, losing her shit, she does dishes for awhile.”
    Who does dishes when they are trapped?? That’s just such a strange reaction. At least you liked the character enough? The book really does seem implausible though.
    Sorry this wasn’t all that, Shannon! I hate when that happens with a book with a pretty cover.

  3. The ending still makes me laugh (in a baffled bad way). I tried explaining the plot to a coworker and . . . .let’s just say it didn’t translate well. In retrospect I should have known the book was in trouble when Daisy’s school notes were part of the exposition for the book. Alas! Great review Shannon.

  4. Uh oh! I just won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I see what you are saying, sometimes weird is good. Idk, sometimes I kinda like weird. I’ll try it out. I didn’t read the spoilers, that cuteness stopped me.

    • I really hope you like it! I saw that on your post about winning stuff, and I thought “I hope she likes it more than I did!” ? I am glad that the adorable stopped you 😉 I might go with like, large scary man stopping you next time- maybe it’ll turn into a psychological study hahahah. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

  5. Eek. So I DID read your spoilers and, yeah, that would have totally annoyed me too. I can see why you honestly didn’t love this one. I’ve actually never heard of it before seeing your review, but I have zero interest in reading it now. 🙁 I hope your next read is more enjoyable! ♥

  6. Great review! Also fun fact, this book will be released on my birthday ^_^ *DANCES A BIRTHDAY JIG IN A SOMBRERO* But yeah i probably wouldn’t go searching for Henry unless he was the guy I’m planning my future with. Like if we had plans to get married and have children, and then he’s just GONE… I will find him (sorry if that sounded sinister. Not sure what tone I meant it as xD sinister works tho -_- because like, how dare the jerk just up and leave?? Tell me WHY! You dead? You in trouble somewhere? Did a cult get you?) But other than that, if it was just a friend, I’d be really sad and always wonder where they went. I wouldn’t even know where to start looking, and I have a terrible sense of direction, and I’m not Liam Neeson soo… But anyways, this book SOUNDED interesting, but then I read the spoilers and just no thanks o.O that plot would drive me bonkers

    • Your birthday is basically the day of ALL the books. If it helps, most of the ones I have read have been good ?

      I feel you about Henry. If he’s your soul mate, cool. Otherwise, good luck, friend. (Plus, had she just stayed home she’d have saved herself a LOT of trouble ?

  7. HAHAHAHA I READ YOUR SPOILERS ANYWAYS. What the heck? (Am I the only one bothered by the font on the cover that is layered behind the mountain? I am bothered). Anyways, I’m sorry world, but I don’t think I would like this. And I just spoiled myself because I CAN AND I DO WHAT I WANT AND SHANNON’S GIF WILL NOT STOP MEEEEEE.


  8. When I read that synopsis, I was like, ‘I am so in!’ to this book but DAAAAMN. I didn’t it wouldn’t work like that. Thanks for the warning!

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