Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree This Year


If you’re a fan of this movie, I understand I am not really using this in the context of the movie but I don’t care, okay?

So, it’s holiday season, and that usually means some kind of presents, I hope. And we bookworms want books, right? So here are some books and such that Santa needs to leave under MY tree this year.

1. This Australian Edition of The Hunger Games


Jeann @ Happy Indulgence introduced me to these, and I need. Obviously. 

2. All other unowned editions of The Hunger Games^3

I don’t care if they are in languages I don’t speak, or even recognize. Shiny, boring, who cares? Need them all. 

3. Every single thing that Evie designs.

FireShot Capture 47 - Evie Seo I Society6 - https___society6.com_evieseo

I just got this pillow for Christmas! And I have a lot of art prints. And I want every other thing. And so do you. Off you go.

4. The UK edition of Uprooted


Because pretty.

5. The UK Edition of Night Owls (The Anatomical Shape of a Heart)


For the same reason. Both title and cover are superior, IMO. 

6. Improved versions of all of these:

^2 (1)

See what I did there? Don’t deny that you’d take a couple of these too. 

7.  Space for my books. 


You see, I am running out of shelf space. I have started double-stacking, and still, none of the room. I need one of these built-in situations. 

(Sources: Here and Here)

8.  The ARC Fairy

giphy (20)

This is self-explanatory, no? You all want one.  I’ve been asking her to drop by for ages. Maybe Santa has some power. 

9. Time to read and blog.


I do not have time ever. Some days I wake up feeling like I am in the damn arena. Just a few extra hours? Maybe?

10. All the bookish fun! 



BONUS-  Sleep


Look, this isn’t bookish, but I could really use a nap, okay?

So, that’s what I would like from Santa. Along with all the other things I probably forgot to mention, but that’s okay! What would you like from Santa this year?

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46 responses to “Dear Santa, Leave the Books. Take the Cannoli.

  1. LOL, this is a fabulous post! You put it together with great humor too. The whole space for books? Yes please! And ohmygosh, some of those THG editions are sure pretty! 🙂

  2. Evie’s shop is so full of pretty things! And I would love to have #8 for Christmas too, haha. Hope you’ll have a fantastic holiday season!

  3. I adore the UK cover of Uprooted. It’s really gorgeous. It’s on my list this week too. I love that you’ve wished for more time to read and blog. I’d love that too!

  4. I could totally go for an ARC fairy! Not sure how I feel about the song and dance number about library cards though. On the one hand, I totally want to be Buster in the front and center. On the other hand, I can neither sing nor dance lol. Though maybe, if all the bookworms of the world got together, the song and dance would just spontaneously happen like in a movie because it would be such a magical occurrence.

    I love your Hunger Games obsession lol. You get all those different editions! One day you’re going to have the most epic Hunger Games library ever!

  5. AWK. I didn’t even realise that Aussie edition of THG existed. XD Clearly I am behind on the times… XDXD
    And please may I have my very own ARC fairy tooooo?!?! I NEED ONE LIKE NOTHING ELSE. Actually I need bookshelves and everything from that etsy store too. (Zomg, how is all that stuff is PRETTY!??!? When I am rich and famous [happening any day now I’m SURE] that’s what I’ll spend all my dragon gold on. *nods*)

  6. Bec

    I own the UK hardcover of Uprooted *cackles* It’s gorgeous. Those new Aussie Hunger Games covers are also super gorgeous in real life (I saw them in the store the other week).

    Hope you can get your hands on some of them!

  7. That Australian version of Hunger Games is pretty awesome. In fact all those versions are pretty good! I could use those shelves too… especially that second room. 🙂

  8. Yup the time to read and blog and the more space would be fantastic actually! Hehe I can’t wait for you to get that box set! I think I need to go and buy it now…it’s so pretty and I could just imagine the pretty photos I could take with it!

  9. Oh I love your list! And I want all of it tooo! But sadly my list is not filled with these exciting things that I so need but the books are pretty amazing too!
    New Bloglovin’ follower.
    You have a great list there I so would want Point of Retreat and This girl cause I have the first book, Illuminae, Never never and Six of Crows but I forgot to put them in my list.
    My TTT

  10. As always your list is amazing and unpredictable haha. Up until now I had not seen the Australian edition of The Hunger Games but now I NEED to get my hands on it. Evie’s designs are also so amazing. I could easily spend a fortune on her society6 page. I must say having that cover of Uprooted on display in my room makes me all sorts of happy haha. It’s just so pretty. I have been sacrificing sleep in favour of reading and blogging so a few extra hours in the day would be a great benefit for me haha.

  11. Haha, I loved this. I FINALLY went to see Mockingjay part 2 the other day. I cried like five times. I think it was my least favourite movie from the series, though. I really like that Australian edition of The Hunger Games. Just out of curiosity, how many editions do you own? 😀 I would give anything for an improved version of Dead Ever After. OH! DID YOU SEE THAT ALEXANDER SKARSGARD IS PLAYING TARZAN (although he’ll forever be Eric in my heart) IN THE NEW FILM?! I’m hoping it’s going to be in 3D, just sayin’. I hope you have a great Christmas!

  12. Absolutely LOVE your list, Shannon! I finally saw Mockingjay Part 2 the other nigh and ASDFGHJKL!!!! I’ve actually never seen those shiny new Aussie editions of THG, even though I live in Australia??? After a google search, I’ve determined that I quite like them and want those editions plus the Aussie Luxury editions too. You with THG is like me with Harry Potter…I WANT ALL OF THE EDITIONS. They’re all just so, so pretty. I have 2.5 sets of HP so far covering three editions. Also, Evie’s designs are TO DIE FOR. Already got a few items picked out that I may purchase if I receive any gift money this Christmas. AND I WANT IN-BUILT BOOKSHELVES SO BADLY. I’m finally going to purchase my first new bookshelf after Christmas and eventually they’ll all be matching and all of my books will be in the same house and ugh, it’s going to amazing, I can’t wait. AND UPROOTED. I NEED THAT BOOK SO BADLY. I love the UK cover sooooo much! I would also love an ARC fairy (oh, just imagine!) And time to read and sleep and blog, gosh darnit, that’s the dream. Merry Christmas, Shannon! 😀

  13. AHHAHAH YES YES YES TO ALL. I like how this is ALL HUNGER GAMES, like seriously what was I even expecting. And I love how you focused on the bookish things Shannon! SO UNIQUE. MUCH ORIGINAL. <3

  14. I love that edition of the Hunger Games!!! I absolutely love your list and agree completely more sleep (though difficult for me since I have three toddlers) would be amazing and an ARC Fairy would be neat as well.

    Happy Holidays!

  15. That Australian version of Hunger Games looks BEAUTIFUL!! I only have that series on my Kindle, so I really need a physical copy. That one looks like one for my shelves. Love your wish for the epilogue for Requiem and the re-write for Allegiant. Bahahaha. So funny . . . and necessary!

  16. OMG SHANNON THIS IS HILARIOUS. 😂 All those international editions are so pretty AHH! 😍 And OMG the ARC fairy! I think you’re the only one I’ve seen who has thought of that! But yes. So necessary. 😉 And I’m quite keen on the idea of a revised Allegiant. That would be amazing. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ♥

  17. Oooh, love that Australian version of the Hunger Games! You’ve got some great wishes up there. Love that GIF from Tommy Boy. I may have to find a post to use that in myself! Like you I need more time, and also a better place to keep my books. Or at least more time to organize them and put them up, instead of all over my stairs, and under the tv, etc. Fun post!

  18. omg the library card GIF from Arthur = MY CHILDHOOD. BYE.

    LOL, for a second I thought it was gonna be all Hunger Games everything, which is never really a bad thing. The UK copy of The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is GORG. Mind if I steal the ARC fairy, too? Also, time to read & blog & SLEEP. Thanx again bye. 😉

  19. Yep. I think this is the perfect list. I saw those Aussie THG editions at Big W the other day and they are GORGEOUS! I haven’t seen them before so they must be newish. And yes, to the ARC fairy and Hermione’s Time Turner wouldn’t be so bad either – so I have the time to read everything I want to.

    And can I just add that NIGHT OWLS IS SO GOOD! AHHHHHH! I just want everyone to read it and love it too.

  20. Evie’s design shop is AMAZING. I’m going to have to definitely buy a couple of things from her soon. I want one of those blankets, but it’s too warm where I am at for a blanket now. Maybe, I’ll get a mug!
    I would LOVE for Santa to drop me a fancy library!
    And I laughed at the “improved versions of these”. Haha! 😀
    Hope Santa gets you at least a few of these things! 😉

  21. Fantastic wishlist, Shannon! And I totally want both books and cannoli too! It’s been a while since I’ve had cannoli and I’m salivating at your picture HAHA. Those Hunger Games editions are all so pretty! I had no idea some of them looked like that! Argh and now I’m totally going to buy more goodies from Evie’s store! I am addicted. I hope you get some of these things for Christmas, even if it’s just extra reading and blogging time! Happy holidays 🙂

  22. I hope you get some awesome books this christmas. It’s great to see how different and/or similiar covers in other countries are. Although if I am going to buy books I usually go for books I don’t have yet as it somehow feels like a waste to spend it on books I already have. Although I would really like Harry Potter in english as I’ve only ever read it in dutch and would love to read them in english as well. My grandma got me some christmas money and I alreayd spent some on books.

    Love your improved versions of those books, even though I haven’t read any of those yet as I am afraid of the ending. I do own Allegiant and the last Stookie book, but not in a hurry to read them. And more space for books and more time to read and blog would be wonderfull!

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