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Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me (a new book from a certain author,  a reading superpower, a library that is your absolutely #librarygoals, a character to come to life, to met a certain author etc. etc.) YOU DREAM IT AND THE BOOKISH GENIE CAN DO IT.

Ah, this sounds like the Book Fairy (who is I guess the ARC Fairy’s more powerful sister?) is paying me a visit! YAY! Finally. I keep leaving books under my pillow, but she never shows up:/


1. Peeta Mellark. This shouldn’t be too hard, right? But can we, for the purpose of this exercise, make him a legal adult and not in love with Katniss? Fabulous, thanks.


**Sidenote: I am cool if the Book Fairy wants to stop there. This other things would just be like, icing on the cake at that point.**

2. A library. Actually, maybe she can just bring me a new house where I can make a library? Does that qualify as bookish? I think it does. And I mean, here’s just a few nice rooms, for reference. 


bedroomAnd you know, this bedroom if you aren’t too busy? 

3. Unlimited ARC access. Yes, I would like to be one of those people who just have books showing up on their doorstep as though the sky was raining them down. Plus, I could never pick just a few. Come on now, use your head.ezgif-3611203555

4. Bookish accessories. Like, for the house? Yes. I shall make you a collage of some of my favorite bookish things. Clearly, many of them are also Hunger Games related, which should shock no one.w1

None of these images are mine. But some of them are Cait’s. Because she made them. And you can buy them. Here, at her Etsy shop.

5. Speaking of The Hunger Games, could we maybe get some spinoffs? Like, Peeta’s story, an entire prequel of the history of Panem, maybe a quick story about Johanna and Gale and Effie’s futures or something? OH and the names of like, everyone’s kids. And movies about all of that. This isn’t too much to ask, right?12553479

6. For me to sell a successful book. Look, I don’t need a fairy to write the damn thing, but I could use some help to make sure it isn’t complete rubbish.Help-me

7. Extra hours to read/write/blog. I promise, only a fraction of this extra time will be used for procrastination! Just like, add a few hours a day into Shannon Time, and the rest of the world never has to know. It’ll be our secret 🙂mindy-kaling-1

8. A big old bookish conference with all the bloggers and authors and such on like, a tropical island. Part books, part beach, part sleep, and part liquor. But all the fun. And all the books. And everyone can afford to come. Because it is the book fairy after all.No-to-tequila

9. Some relief from adulting. No one likes that shit, and I feel like if they say they do, they’re lying. Oh, and the reason this ties into books is because I would have more time to read. Obviously.unnamed (7)

10. Reading would burn all the calories. We we all be the most fabulous looking ladies and gentlemen on the beach at our conference. In fact, they’ll be insisting that we eat more calories to keep up with all those we burn while reading. And blogging and writing? They use twice the calories. mrw-my-bf-asks-what-happened-to-all-the-fries-and-ive-been-the-only-one-eatting-them-63595

What do you wish for the book fairy to bring you?

*Source for clipart

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95 responses to “The Book Fairy is finally MINE!

  1. Your lists always put a smile on my face! I kind of wish I’d chosen some of these. I probably should have played the “Ask for more wishes” card, cause there’s not a rulebook that says that that’s not allowed. Hahaha. I would definitely love to sell a successful book (one day). Also, I’m only starting to get a real taste of adulting, and you’re right, no one likes that shit. I need a break. Already. Great list, Shannon! 😉

  2. What a fun and creative list. I especially like the calorie one. Wouldn’t that be fun? Everything we eat when we are reading doesn’t count as calories? Ha

    Check out my list…not dearly as creative but then this would be hard to beat.
    My TTT

  3. I’d love more reading time! I just can’t fit all of the books in at the moment! I don’t think I ever will, unless I find a book genie! 🙂 I’d also love a beautiful library!

  4. “Part books, part beach, part sleep, and part liquor. But all the fun. And all the books.” That has got to be the most perfect-sounding vacation I’ve ever read about lol. I love it! And I say a new house totally counts as bookish because you’re inevitably going to end up reading in every room. Boom. Bookish loophole 😛 Great list!

  5. I relate to so much on this list! I especially love where you said “I would like to be one of those people who just have books showing up on their doorstep as though the sky was raining them down.” <–that would be fantastic! I definitely want my own library and to be able to sell my book and be successful!

    Great post!

  6. I love your #10. Like the page count of a book is the number of calories you’ve burned. That might motivate me to read Lord of the Rings. :p

  7. OMG I LOVE YOUR WISHES, esp the reading will burn calories one because omg we would be the tonest BAMF on the planet! I need a break from adulting as well. I also want a monkey that can read my thoughts and write my reviews for me. I also demand to be magic away to BEA and other such conventions at NO COSTS and NO LINES every single year. I am not too greedy, right? right?

    • Aww thanks! And yes, we WOULD! And it would be about time that book nerds got to be on the cover of magazines 😉 OMG I love the monkey idea! I sometimes consider paying someone to do that. Like, I will just dictate a review to them hahah. OOOH NO LINES!!! That really IS the dream!!

  8. OMG THIS POST IS EVERYTHING. Also, you are absolutely too fantastic…thank you for shouting out to my etsy store!! *blushes and flails* :DD I need a library. I also think reading should burn calories. I mean, we’re doing all that running and action scenes MENTALLY right?! So it should do something physically. It should just work that way.
    I also think you should share these extra hours. I WANT SOME TOO. DON’T BE SELFISH NOW.

    • Aww of course! If I had money, I would buy ALL the things. Actually, this just reminded me that I can add stuff from Etsy onto Amazon lists, woo hoo! And YES- think about how your heart races when your beloved characters are in peril!? It is definitely calorie burning! And fine, I will share. Because I am nice like that 😉

  9. Yes I will take all these wishes – well you can keep number 1 🙂 I so want a library o a dedicated reading spot at the very least. ARC access to anything would be amazing. Open up my Kindle and BAM there they all are. All I know is that I saw books, bloggers and tropical island in the same wish so yeah let’s make that happen. And reading burning calories? Like all the calories? YES PLEASE!

    • Hahah thanks! I figure no one else likely asked for Peeta first- so I get first claim 😀 We really need the island for bloggers and authors and bookish types. I mean, we could just pop in and out whenever we wanted, so it would be kind of perfect!

  10. Yes to Peeta Mellark. He’s just the ultimate book boyfriend. I also never realised how much I would LOVE a Hunger Games spin-off, especially if it means I get to spend more time with Peeta.
    Oh how I would love for reading/writing to burn all those calories. Great list. 😀

  11. We actually skipped this week’s topic because we used a freebie back in the Spring to post our biggest Book Genie wishes, so it felt a bit redundant for us. But I’m absolutely loving everyone’s wishes!! And I love how you went with the book fairy. <3 Burning calories while reading?! Uhhhh… SIGN ME UP!!! 😀

  12. Awesome list, Shannon! And I love how your started with Peeta and mine ended with Daemon. LOL Extra time to read and write and blog – yes please! And reading as cardio? Hells yeah! 🙂

  13. Ola

    I love this post! I would totally love for reading to burn calories, although I’d probably not do much else other than eat and read so that could potentially be problematic when looking at the productivity side of things :/ I hope the book fairy grants your wishes!

  14. HAHAHA! Oh, man, #10 would be AMAAAAZING. I would love to shed my calories while reading! I’d be in a sexy bod in no time with the amount of reading I do… I do more reading than legitimate exercising after all 😉 Spin-offs of THE HUNGER GAMES actually ain’t too bad! I would be interested in the history of Panem myself. I’d be more interested in this than more spin-off of the Shadowhunter world, to be honest.

  15. Nice list! The library, and is tha a bedroom with a pool? What a great idea. And extra hours- definitely that one. A reading conference on a tropical island wouldn’t be half bad either! Happy Tuesday. 🙂

  16. Ah more time to read and blog would be amazing. I don’t need all the arcs, but all the books by my favourite authors the moment they release would be nice. And a book convention where everyone can afford to come would be awesome, there are so many aweosme bloggers I would love to meet, but I can’t just jump on a plane and go attend a convention in the USA. In fact I would like a train to bring me to convention as I am afraid of airplanes. I also would like more bookmarks for my bookmark collection. Oh and having Lola’s Blog Tours be more succesfull would be awesome as well. Gah it’s nice to dream.

    • Ohhh see, I am greedy, I need ALL the books 😉 But YES- you will be able to come to the island book convention, it is free with free airfare and free hotel and free food and free cocktails. So it’s perfect for the whole blogosphere! I agree, dreaming is fun indeed 😀

  17. WELL YOU JUST WENT STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. Also I need that swimming pool room holy poopsicle. And EVERYONE ON AN ISLAND WOULD BE GREAT. and no one could leave…I mean. Uh.

    Fantastic list Shannon 🙂

    • Yes I did! Because PEETA (Josh?) And right? How amazing woudl that be? Maybe the pool should also have a swim up bar. There will definitely be one at the conference (you know, the one we’ll hold everyone hostage at- but wait, why would they even WANT to leave?!)


    The Hunger Games spinoffs. Seriously, this needs to become a thing! And unlimited ARC access? YES YES YES. Definitely extra hours to read and blog, too! And a bookish convention on a tropical island! Where’s that darn book genie when we all need her? hahaha

  19. Awesome list! Unlimited access to ARCs would be great. It would be wonderful if I could just automatically get approved for every ARC I request. And if the genie could create the book conference on a tropical island somewhere and make it so I can afford to go, I AM THERE!! The only thing better than books is reading a book while on the beach and sipping a cool drink. That would be sweet!

  20. #3 and #10 YES!!!! Please! Scientists need to think of a way we can burn calories by reading. Something about our brain working being hooked to some way to burn fat? I don’t know. And to have ARCs when I want them? I’m so jealous of the people who get more than I do! Which I don’t get very many. Great post!

  21. I was expecting this to just be 1.)-10.) “More Hunger Games books” 😀 Petition for the island not to LOOK tropical, but actually have a Mediterranean climate? ‘Kay thanks. AND I ALSO WANT A LIBRARY IT’S MY GOAL IN LIFE. The one up looks ok, I’d take that one if I had to.

  22. I knew I had to read your TTT post, they’re the best. It did not disappoint. However, I am disappointed with myself for not realizing that Peeta would be the first thing on your list! But yes, I agree with all these things, I would like them too except I’d like to swap out Peeta (I can’t take your boyfriend!) for Park from Eleanor and Park. =D


  23. I so need the relief from adulting which can be done on the deserted island with liquor and sleep and books and repeat. Peeta well who wouldn’t want him. And yes to the personal library…. I so need that.

  24. Oh my goodness all the YES’S PLEASE’S. I want all of these things to be a thing! I would love a library to be in my house, for starters, and for all the ARCs possible to be there for me to read whenever. I would love to have all the time do all the things and an island that is free for everyone to get to for all the bloggers and writers and readers annually would be perfect!

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